good evening everybody and thanks for coming some of you don’t know who I am some of you do so I thought I’d uh start with a little introduction after a prayer a simple prayer for you always leading me thank you Yahweh for teaching that to give us in the guidance direction and teaching that you give us and pray that tonight as always we would ask you to help our minds to focus and to concentrate and to open our spirit to your teaching and above all in the areas where we may have disagreement to have peace and to come together in unity in the name Messiah Yahshua we pray hallelujah well when I was asked to talk about New Moon’s I thought well this will be easy I’ve been doing this for a few years and I just give my experiences with people who have been sending the emails and helping me with this New Moon report that I do on my website for four years now and share with you what people tell me what they do why they do it because they certainly tell me if they don’t agree with me I get interesting emails and and that and that’s good you know I mean if I find I’m wrong about something or if I get a different perspective on it then I change it and I’ve done that on my website over the years so I want to say thanks first of all to everybody that has helped and is helping sends me numeron reports because if you don’t send reports then we don’t have a new moon report website so I really appreciate it and it’s a it’s a lot of fun to meet people who I’ve communicated with for years and never met them face to face and they’ll walk up to me and tell me their name and of course that I recognized the name and and we have a good time in fellowship face to face after all those years elder vaca called called me an expert this morning I kind of showed up a little way and you know after all what is an expert and I cut the thinking well you know a good student studies and then works on the subject and as the years go by you learn from doing and if you stick with it long enough you learn a lot more and then you can help other people learn and then they come to you and think you’re an expert but you cost you just a few steps ahead of them so so that’s what it is it’s it’s learning by doing and and getting better at it and and continuing continuing to learn as people give you new information new perspectives and keep an open mind about things and new technologies of course come along then I guess you become an expert I was thinking about I wanted to share with you how I started looking for new moons when when I first came into the name of Yahweh and understood that there they our Creator had a name I was learning so much so fast and the calendar was one of the things that I had to deal with and being someone who’s interested in detail and I decided I would start to try to build my own calendar and that’s kind of what got the new moon sighting started and then people were communicating with me and saying gee you’re out in Arizona and the Sun shines most of the time so you’re going to see the moon a lot more frequently than some of us where it rain and overcast can last for days so I thought gee I almost have an obligation to do this because of the skies being so clear in the southwest so frequently during the year and so I was really motivated to learn how to do this in the beginning I had found some software but I wasn’t confident in the software because I wasn’t familiar with it so I began on what people used to do when there was no software and I would go out and my wife and kids would go with me and we would take some homemade paraphernalia with us and I’ll describe what it was I made a big protractor it’s about this big you know what a protractor is it has the angles on it for about ninety degrees and we would take two folding chairs out into the desert north of us where we could see a

good view of the horizon and I took a four-foot carpenter’s level and I laid it across the two folding chairs when they and then I taped the protractor to the side of the four-foot level and then we’d wait to see the moon and then when we spotted I’d get down low and put my eye on the end of the four foot level and I’d have one of the kids hold a string up to the moon and I’d sighted along the protractor and read the Gries and then I’d write that down and then I’d go back and see if that’s what the computer software was telling us to see if it was correct and then I got a compass out to see if the the azimuth the compass direction was correct and I did this for about two years checking the software until I became confident that the software was accurate and it was amazingly accurate the other thing that the software required was latitude and longitude which I didn’t know how to find that for that particular spot so we just took some place close by and most of the people who give reports are generally going to give you the city they’re in and you can get the latitude and longitude for the city but not the specific site or place where you’re standing so I used a local airport which was a Scottsdale Airport and the software will also required elevation and so I could get the elevation from the airport and the anyway that’s the way I started doing it and became confident that the software was giving me good information so you can cite New Moon’s without computers and you can do a very good job of it and there is lots of the little details that like getting the angles and checking it that you can do you know if you want to you could do it it’s it’s possible well without with just very simple homemade tools so I think we’ll begin with my after that little introduction and we’ll begin with the slides I have at the bottom of this my website the truth of Yahweh org I started that in about 1995 the move the page with the new moon reports of course is the most active part of the of the website and so we spend a lot of time on it I say we my wife of course helps me with this on certain days when I might be stuck at work on the run the highway is the time the moon setting things do get kind of cramped up in schedules in our lives nowadays so it’s great when you have a spouse who can help you do the things that you’ve got yourself involved in so you can keep going because there’s so many people now become so dependent I should say upon us doing this so I thought about what we’ll talk about how why and other questions is just a general topic and I thought since I don’t know how much everybody knows about the moon itself that I go through a little bit of science some new moon science how to site a new moon with without computer software then talk about what did they do centuries ago when they didn’t have technology like we do today then I’ll cover what’s being done currently and that’s basically from what feedback I get from people on how they’re doing things and something some methods that we and probably none of us in here use but it’s they’re still out there I’ll discuss those and the reasons why the people do it or the reasons they give for why they do it and then I’m going to talk about Kalka which is a Hebrew word which means walking it out what that means is figuring out how we’re going to deal with something where there’s not a clear literal direction and thereby gives us different points of view if it was clear there wouldn’t be any disagreement and I’ll talk more about that too at the end of this list of topics so some general mood science the conjunction is when the earth and the moon and the Sun are on a straight line which in this diagram is represented by that horizontal line the Sun isn’t on it right now in this diagram but if it was you would have no way to see the moon because the moon would be black and it would blend with the black sky and that’s called a conjunction that’s when they’re in alignment you’ll notice in this diagram that the Sun on the right side is slightly below that line it’s now not in alignment and it’s more because the moon is moving not the Sun but in this diagram just for a representation of

what creates a crescent you can see that as the Sun moves off that line with the other two objects the earth and the moon that the white part starts to drift over to one side and if it drifts just enough for you’ll be able to see the edge of that white area when you’re standing on the earth then you’re going to see a crescent and that’s our new moon Crescent just a simple understanding but the moon cycles are not simple and that’s what makes it necessary to have complicated tables of data which amazingly were done thousands of years ago they were there were some very patient dedicated men who spent their lives must have spent their whole life writing down the numbers and probably a little homemade devices like I described and then when they died someone else picked up the work and they ended up discovering different nuances and different characteristics of the cycle to find out that this was not a simple orbit the lunar cycle is not simple as it says there it’s it’s called the metonic cycle there was that’s metonic ism a name fellows name was meet on about 400 BC he discovered this so that’s a while ago that there are 235 lunar months in this cycle which is 19 solar years before it begins to repeat itself so even myself with writing down and keeping notes I haven’t done this for 19 years yet maybe about 14 or 15 so I haven’t even seen a complete lunar cycle myself so I have to depend upon information that other people before me wrote down and made available through their writings you can see that this orbit is not a circle on the right side the diagram there that this orbit that the moon makes around the Earth is not a circle it’s an ellipse it’s larger on one side than it is on the other this elliptical orbit if you look at the right side the distance from the earth and the center to the right side of the circle is the shortest portion that called perigee that’s about three hundred sixty three thousand miles and on the left side when the moon is on that part of the elliptical orbit it’s four hundred five 385 so there’s a difference of about forty thousand miles in this orbit being off-center on the earth and that makes it makes it very different from our perspective how we see the moon move compared to for example to having a model on a desk where you can move it around and look at it from the outside when you look when you’re on one of these spheres watching it happen there are some visual differences that occur that aren’t apparent and what they’re making measurements for example we see and everybody knows that we only see one side of the moon it turns and always keeps the same side to us but that technically that’s not true completely that’s not true because is this because of this elliptical orbit there are times when the moon as it goes around is shifting off into into that elliptical orbit where we can peak around the edge just a few degrees and when it comes around the other side the same thing so if someone was starting to look at and study very seriously they’d get shocked and say well oh you know I thought I couldn’t see around that edge and they would discover that they could a little bit this the only reason I mentioned it is to support the statement that this is not a simple orbit relationships are not simple and this is something that I don’t know how if a lot of people know but it’s a shocker the synodic month which is in the second bullet there is – is twenty nine point five days that’s what we see if we look up at the moon and we wait for it to come around again to the next Crescent it’s going to be an average of twenty nine and a half days and we see it this way because of that elliptical orbit if we would to be out in space on a spaceship and we watched and we counted the moon go around the Earth it would only take 27 point three sounds kind of strange doesn’t it that’s called sidereal month you’re off to the side and it’s real what we’re seeing on the earth is affected by this orbit this non circular or elliptical

orbit I only mention this again not to get into detail but just to show you that it’s a complex set of thumb of numbers that make up this orbit this is simple phases of the moon which everybody is aware of the yellow lines on the left of the screen is the sun rays and you can see the earth in the center there is lit up halfway and the moon when it’s to the left is going to be in its new moon phase and when you get down to the lower left you the crescent and we see the new moon crescent and then half in a six o’clock position you’re going to see a a half moon and so on it to get round to the full moon on the opposite side if you want to have some fun and really learn about the moon cycles and some of you have already done this I know because you’ve talked to me about it just go out the same time every night from the time you see the first Crescent so at the new moon you see the crescent and you’ll be out at sunset and then go out the next night at sunset and the next night at sunset and the next night it’s not set and what you’ll see is the moon migrating across the sky and the Crescent will get bigger and bigger and bigger and so it’s about 90 degrees from where it started and looking about south from where I am when I look at it it’ll be a half moon and then it’ll grow and grow and grow until it’s behind you in the east then it’ll be visible finally as a full moon and while it’s doing that the Crescent as you think in your mind what you see it’s always on the right side isn’t it and as it grows it’s on the right side and then a half moon is on the right side and then it gets to be a full moon well then I discovered that an easy way to font now that’s two weeks of the four weeks and I discovered that if you get up in the morning on the second two weeks before Sun Rise and you look to the west you’ll see the full moon still there and then you do the same thing for the next two weeks you go out at the same time just before sunrise and you watch that moon and it’ll do the same thing it’ll migrate across the sky until it’s a half moon but the light is on the other side instead of it being on the right it’s going to be on the left so all the time you’re watching it in the morning as it comes across the lit up side is on the left side of the moon and then finally you’re going to get where you have a thin Crescent on the left side of the moon just before sunrise and you’ll barely be able to see it because the Sun is starting to come up and it’s getting so bright we can barely see the Crescent and then the next day you go out and you can’t see the Crescent because the Sun comes up too soon for you to see that last little bit of the old moon at the end of the fourth week and then that’s when you’ll have about a day or two depending on the season of seeing no moon and then you have your new Crescent and your new moon and you start all over again so that’s basically kind of a fun way to follow if you have the time to follow the moon for a whole month and you get the feel of being kind of connected more connected with Yahweh more connected with his with nature and the way he made the earth and the moon and the things that are part of our world once you do that a couple of times you’ll be able to go out any time of the day or night when there’s a moon look up at it and say well what’s on the light is on the right or the lights on the left and it’s this place in the sky and you’ll know exactly where you are in the month and that’s how familiar these people became with the moon back in those days because they used the truth or agriculture they could look up and they knew what month what week they were in so we don’t do that and today too many people do that today and are in our world but it’s a nice thing to to experience and to really feel close to creation so I suggest you try that now how to cite a new moon without a computer the way was done for thousands of years in this diagram the Sun is on the right and it’s still up above the horizon and the moon is on the left and it’s still up above horizon and so the statement if this if both the Sun and the moon are above the horizon is too bright to see the moon before it sets you just blinded by the Sun and the moon Crescent is pretty faint in the beginning of the month so it’s going to block it out so in that condition you won’t see it at the same time you’re counting if you don’t have a computer and you’re doing it like they did it for thousands of years you’re counting the days on your calendar or a piece of paper however they did it today you

would do it on your calendar just as a learning experience until you get to 29 and you’re going to say well you know I’m going to see it on 29 well I’m going to see it on 30 because it doesn’t go to 31 and you won’t see it on 28 it’s a 29 and a half day cycle so it’s got to be between those two days so you go out and you look until you see it whether you see it on the 29th day or the 30th day and the ideal situation is what you see here in the diagram the Sun is below the horizon it has set the moon is still not set and you can see that little white Crescent that we talked about just a moment ago on the right side because the sun is shining up from behind the horizon and still hitting the moon and we can see it that’s a classic situation where you see it and it’s usually the moon is usually within five degrees horizontally to wherever the Sun set so when I did this early on I would go out there before the Sun set watch where the Sun set and make a mental note with a tree or some mountain or something on the horizon say okay the Sun set just next to this and I get and memorize that spot and then I wait until it gets dark enough and I don’t have to look all over the sky I only have to look within about five degrees of where the Sun set and I will find the moon I just look up and down up and down within that area until it gets dark enough for the Crescent to be visible so the Sun has to set before the moon sets and this is one of the parameters that we’ll talk about a little bit later on how much time has to be between the Sun set and the moon set for the sky to be able to get dark enough so it doesn’t block the light doesn’t blot out the Crescent now what did the new years ago if you had cloudy days that go out look on the 29th day and it’s cloudy can’t see the sky they go out on the thirtieth day and it’s cloudy they can’t see the sky well the tradition and the law of the sanhedrin back in the days of biblical Israel days of Israel was that if they couldn’t see it on the 29th the 30th day would be it whether they saw it or not because they know it’s not going to go to the 31st day so if they didn’t see it on the 29th and they went out on the 30th and it was visible that was the day they might have been visible on the 29th but they don’t know because of the clouds so they would say ok we’ll take the 30 so and Yahweh’s rules there is no rule that says you have to see the new moon exactly when it’s possible to see the new moon in your area or something terrible is going to happen if you can’t see it on the 29th and you see it on the xxx xxx is the day if you don’t see it at all on both days the 30th is the day is the way it was done and so as far as our astronomical accuracy of course that would have been off occasionally but it wasn’t that important now how to predict and I use the word predict rather than to cite or new-mown because you don’t cite a new moon with software you predict it with software you just still have to go out and see it I mean the way we believe that you do you want to be able to be a witness with software many there are a lot of programs out there that will give you the new moon cycles some religious and some strictly astronomy and they all will give you good information some will give you more usable information for our purposes than others so many programs will allow selections of different dates and times so you can go forward you can go backward and see what would have happened on a certain date what will happen on a certain date some Pro some programs go back over a thousand years you can see where a moon was on a certain date and go forward the same way not too many programs on the second statement here not too many programs but a few will allow you to add locations to the database what that means is this you can get a program and it will have 100 cities around the world and that’s it so if you’re not near one of those cities it’s you’re not going to get information that’s that pertinent to your siting because things vary especially with elevation there is one program that we’re going to talk about that most of you have probably heard of and some of

you actually use which does allow you to add new locations to the database and that’s the one I use and that’s fantastic because if someone writes to me and they have saying well I’m out in a rural area of Montana and the nearest city is 50 miles away and I don’t know what my elevation is and and I’m trying to help them by telling them where to look because I’ll do that I’ll get into the software and I’ll put in all the data and get them to give me so that I can tell them exactly where and when to look and what their probabilities are for seeing the new-mown and it’s a lot of fun and a lot of these people are very appreciative and I’ve been I’ve made friends with a lot of people you know currently I have somewhere between 80 and a hundred people that regularly give send me reports some around the world and we don’t talk that much we don’t have to we just send little sentences back and forth but we know each other and feel kind of close after years of doing this together and I can help them in the beginning when they’re first learning by getting the information of their location and this is more currently made possible by people having a GPS talk a little bit more about that now continue with using software the program that I’m using the most and I’ve used three different programs as this moon Cal six six is the current version which is not been edited for now probably four years I think this is about four years old I’m hoping that the fellow that wrote this will come up with a Windows program because this isn’t DOS so you have to run a dos screen on top of your windows to do this which means your mouse doesn’t work they’ve got to use keys and that sort of thing you can add new databases several criteria can be used to adjust for false positives what that means is when you get this program and it’s free you can download it free online when you get this program there or there’s a default setting for everything of course but there are some criteria of different scientists who have put data in there on when you’re going to see this moon there’s actually twelve I think there’s currently twelve different criteria and what that means is this some fellows will say okay well if it’s this many degrees above the horizon and there’s this many minutes from the Sun set the moon set you’ll see it or you won’t see it excuse me some of those programs will give you a false positive and say you’re going to see it won’t see it vice versa the the criteria that defaulted on this program is the best one to use the scientist from Britain named yollop put it together and it will give you the least number of false positive so we if it says you’re going to see it you’re probably going to see it given clear skies if it says you’re not going to see it that you’re probably not going to see it there on the bottom statement there I wrote as few as four values can help give accurate predictions if you have kept records of past sightings and I’m going to give you those numbers the numbers that I spent years getting there are getting my gift to you tonight be as you watch for example the elevation of the moon the night you saw it at Sunset Hill generally run somewhere around 8 degrees above the horizon sometimes more sometimes less and we’ll see that in a moment so what I tried to do was keep records and look for what is the lowest elevation above the horizon that I have spotted the new moon now the hard people tell me years ago all you can’t see it if it’s below 8 degrees you can’t see if it’s below 7 degrees and so on and so forth so I wanted to find out from my location in Arizona what it was and then also how much time do I need from sunset to moon set what agent what’s the youngest moon that I can see the world record is supposed to be 14 hours of 2 sisters in England in the 1800s I kind of doubt that but that’s what’s written in the books and I think most other people doubt it also but you know it doesn’t really matter because so the data is constantly being added to I personally have never seen a moon younger than 21 hours but with the naked eye so I’m going to give you those values in a moment here this is what the screen looks like at the data screen you might if you’ve never seen that before you’re probably going to go oh wow what am I going to do with that you don’t need all of that you know why you don’t right now you should write these numbers down as you think you’re ever going to use this

program important low values from my past citing records moon altitude that’s the height above the horizon at sunset I’ve never seen a moon that was below seven point seven degrees at sunset the next number the arc whiff that has to do with the the size of the Crescent itself how big it is so how much light it reflects that you can see whether it’s a sliver a little more than a sliver the lowest arc with sighting I have ever witnessed was 0.28 minutes that has to do like degrees minutes and seconds so 0.28 minutes that’s the lowest arc with I have ever sighted and that was very difficult that one I mean I was I found I found it first with binoculars so I knew where in the sky it was I mean I knew where to look generally but first I thought oh I don’t see anything let me at least see if it’s there so I cheated and looked at binoculars and said okay now I can see it then I had four people around me as I remember that night and we all strained and three of the four of us could see it depending on how good your eyesight was and that was 0.28 and I already told you moon aged 21 hours personally that’s the youngest moon I’ve ever seen and the and sunset to moon set time 39 minutes that’s the least number of minutes that I’ve ever seen a new moon from the time the Sun set to the time the moon set and in Arizona the skies are very clear a lot of many days of the year and I have actually watched some moons set to the horizon where I’m watching the ball fall below the line so we’re down to zero degrees but that’s that’s not at sunset that’s after the sunset time moves that time so I was able to you know gather the information and write it down over the years now the next thing you can do with this program that’s useful not necessary but it’s it’s helpful and I do use it is what’s called the global scan after you enter all the data on that previous page the software will give you a diagram such as this it’s called a parabola under which wet colored area represents every place the light of the Moon is shining on the earth and so you can look at that and say well any place that’s underneath that is a possible sighting any place outside of that is not possible sighting and as I said I’ve worked with the software for years and it’s it’s very accurate I mean along the edges of that you’re going to get some variation because as you you can see it’s dotted when I’ll run the program itself in a moment and you’ll see how you get some dotted edges so as you get out to the edge of that depending upon the location depending upon how clear the skies are you may or may not see it as you get toward the center and the colors get more dense and less pixelated you’ll see it you’ll see the moon wear out more clearly at this point let me go ahead and run the program for you and show you some interesting things so we’ll go to the DA screen here in just a second I’ve got to drop out of this Windows program now when you first open it up hang on a second don’t change it yet this is what it looks like when you run a DOS program in a Windows environment you’re going to get this screen and everything in that screen can only be run with keys not your mouse it’s kind of small and you go well I can hardly see that so the first thing you do is you hit you hold the Alt key down you press Enter so let’s go ahead and do that and it’ll be and that will bring it to a full screen for you so you can see that on this menu here there’s different choices I’m not going to go into all them now I can go over this with someone at another time maybe an advanced thing if somebody ever wanted to do that I’ve gone over some of this with some of the people in here so first you want to do is is go to that number one and you can either bring the blue up with an arrow key or you can just push number one which is what I do so let’s go ahead and press number one and you’ll notice up at the top it says

Roch pour it you can default this program to the city that you want so every time I’d opens it comes to here I have Scottsdale online and I set this up for roche port on the right-hand side of the cities that come with the software there’s about a hundred and thirty of them but it will hold 1000 so you can put a lot of locations in here so there is a way to get the the latitude and the longitude and the easiest ways to grab a hold of if someone has one of those automobile GPS is you can just push where am I and it will give you the latitude longitude and the elevation and you need all of those and then the other information you’re going to need is whether the locale you have is affected by daylight savings time and one other item that you have to put in there is how far away from Greenwich Mean Time which is your standard time for the earth on the zero Meridian that goes through Greenwich England and right here your minus seven that means you have to adjust at 7 hour 6 hours excuse me and so there’s a little things like that that with this program comes a PDF file a document file that you can open up and have fun spending a couple hours reading all the instructions on how to do what I was just talking about so instructions come with it in a document file that make it easy to do so I’m just saying we already put roads board in there so what I’d like to do is go to last month’s moon so we’re going to enter the data for September so if we push the enter button for Roche board it’s going to at the top it’s going to give us a default we can change it if we want while 2009 is what we’re in so we’ll keep that just press enter the current month we want nine in there so then we’ll hit enter and the date of that moon was the 19th or the conjunctions will put 19 in there and enter and then the hour will put in the six o’clock 1800 and then we’ll put that have 30 minutes after the hour zero zero for the seconds we don’t need that and then we’re going to hit enter and this is what we’re going to get now you’ll notice nipper left it says Road sport it has the latitude and longitude has -6 for the time zone it’s 252 feet above sea level 2 meters by the way I did this in your parking lot down here just on the other side of the dining hall that’s that location which is good for this whole area then on the upper right you’ll see the David’s Saturday the 19th of September now it has time which is the time for all the data here which we have to adjust it has a parent sunset we want to get these two times together so let’s go ahead and change the 18 to a 19 on time and we can do that with some keys by the way along the bottom along the bottom of the screen here now let me turn this on I’ll go over there and point this out you still hear me okay okay along the bottom of the screen here is instructions on hotkeys so in order to change that our you go down here and you can see that in the green here it says if you use the end key in the HOME key you can change the hours up or down so we just change the hours up and down there then the next thing we’ll do is change the minutes there’s hotkeys for that so we’re going to change the 3214 in the upper right and the seconds oh we don’t need to change we don’t need to change the seconds that they don’t affect it that much and the software sometimes will take it okay so now what we’ve just done is we’ve changed all the data on this page to match sunset now if you look on the left side and the second box you’ll see moon altitude what’s it say 1.2 and I had to write those numbers down the lowest elevation I’ve ever seen at 7.7 degrees above horizon so I look at this and I go I’m not going to see that it’s only one degree above the horizon it’s sunset let’s look at the next important item that I look at is in the same section the second from the top right and the bottom line in the middle it says with that’s the arc with and you see it says 0.69 well the smallest one I’ve ever seen is 0.28 so that’s a good number that says I could that’s a positive then we’re going to go over to the moon age which – just to the right of that and up one line and that’s 29 our moon I’ve seen a 21 our moon so I could say I possibly could see that and then the fourth and last item I check on this page is down in the third section from the top on the right side it says sunset moon set and that’s 11 minutes well you have to have at least 39 or 40 minutes so we’ve got two positives and

two negatives and the negatives are big ones so from this data this moon cannot be seen let’s see what the software says we’ll go to page two if you hit enter you see in the second section in blue it says not visible but that’s why I mean you could just go to not visible and trust the software but I like to look at the number is them and say yeah I agree that that’s that’s why now this software will give you several parameters it’ll come up and say easily visible it’ll come up and say visible if conditions are perfect it’ll come up and say possible visibility with but not with the optical aids and it’ll come up and say can be seen with optical aids only and then it’ll come up and we’ll say not visible and I like this criteria not all the other of the other 12 criteria that you can set in your default will allow that so it with five different possible descriptions that you really kind of get used to what what you’re going to see and what you’re not going to see so when it says not visible it’s not visible but I showed you why with those four numbers okay let’s see what the global scan looked like on this so nor do that we exit we escape out of this window Fah number five on the list says global scan so we’ll push number five the data on that page is memorized so we can hit the enter key a couple of times and we’ll just enter the data until it asks us do you want to see this from the day of conjunction number one or from the day after conjunction number two we would we hit on this number two yeah I hate I did both way to go now I’m going to hit the two key and we’ll get it we’ll get it generated done screen on this the laser you see thanks though okay let me come over here and show you this now this is a moon for last month what you can see here is that this this area is well below the equator this is the equator right in the center of the screen here and most of the scan is below the equator and the bottom of this is minus sixty degrees below the equator so that’s pretty far down I have remove reporting people in Australia in this area and down in this area over here in Perth I have people that report to me and they didn’t see it and I’ll go over why in just a minute then I have people that report to me from South Africa and I don’t have anybody that reports to me from South America and I really which I did then of course I’m Israel I can get reports I don’t have any sacred name believers there but that I can get it from the Jewish people and then you can see the United States here is not at all it’s all black and where it is color that’s Mexico the colors the white area here is from 0 to 15 hours so nobody is going to see that I mean historically you’re not going to see that and then the yellow is from 15 hours to 20 hours and the youngest moon I’ve ever seen it is a 21 so probably nobody’s going to see that unless they using binoculars or something and so this is all over water anyway and then you can see what happened on this last month that I got multiple reports on South Africa which probably most of you know about not only is with South Africa in this zone which is from 20 hours to 25 hours this is where most of the New Moon’s are seen 20 hours to 25 hours this area is not only in the grape color but it’s in the it’s not over at the edge where it might be marginal and I have reporters here in Gordon’s Bay gordon’s bay is right on the tip here on the coast and then we have Brethren in Johannesburg and then we have other ciders probably that another four people in the tip there that report to us and and they’ve worked with me for quite a while some of them a couple years or more so they they know what they’re doing you know if communion and I communicate with these people even before the day comes I write to them and say hey this is what’s coming up make sure you’re out there and they write back to me and say yeah okay you know so it’s not just that uh I want once in awhile get a report and make sure I know these people I communicate with them sometimes even by telephone I’ve talked to some of these people on the phone of the folks in Johannesburg I tried all my

website I’ve asked if somebody knows anybody in South America please get in contact but so far nothing I do have one person in Panama but I couldn’t get ahold of them I don’t know if they’re out of town this time but I didn’t get any report from them okay so that’s kind of the way it works on the global scan let’s see where were we going to go from here I thought we’d go to a different time of year you can see this is so far south and this has happened in the last few years as a lot of you are aware of let’s let’s go from September which this was let’s go to the earlier part of the year to March so let’s escape out of this and go back to up to one and let’s go through and put the let’s go to the March 27th date so we’re going to change okay there’s some shortcuts you can do here with the keys the hot keys on the bottom so we’re going to change the month from September to March so you can see June May April we’re back to March and then the date was 27th so I’m going to change the 26 to the 27th there and then we’ve got to adjust the time to be the time of sunset so you can see our numbers change in their 1919 we got to get to 49 to 31 on the time and then all our data will match okay let me come over here now remember the four numbers they gave you will go to the first one if you look up over here a moon moon altitude what do you see 15.4 well that’s well over seven point seven so that’s that’s good thanks that’s that’s a positive we can see see a moon like that let’s go down to the with 0.67 and we’ve seen the lowest I’ve seen is a point two eight that’s good let’s go over to the moon age thirty two hours I’ve seen the Lois’s 21 that’s good let’s go down at the sunset moon set on the lower right third section one hour and over here one hour and thirty two minutes that’s well over 39 or 40 minutes so we’ve got four positives we are going to see this mountain so let’s go ahead and go to the global scan on this yeah it says easily visible that I’m sorry I kind of got ahead of myself right up over here where previously on the other one that said not visible you can see now it’s as easily visible now by the way it also shows you the criteria I know this is probably technical but y’all up is whatever criteria you select on the underlying background it’s going to tell you that’s a gentleman’s name who did some work for the observatory in England okay now let’s look at the scan on this one we’re going to select five for the global scan the data is already in there so we just tipped us and Iran down so we get the number I forget what we had on that go ahead and yeah okay this is what I wanted you to see remember the previous one everything was down here it was September now we’re in March everything’s up here we couldn’t see it up there they could see it down here it came through and clipped a little bit of Australia and South Africa and South America well this month they’re out of the picture we’re in the picture you can see that you’re all across the Soviet Union and Israel and the Caribbean and all sightings we have there in all United States it’s going to be easy to see and this is a way it can change during the seasons of the year and the reason that does this is because of the tilt of the earth I’ll get back to that in a second let’s go to one other time of the year let’s split the difference and go to the summer we were kind of like in the winter in the spring let’s take it to a July July date July 23rd so go to the data page we’ll use our hot teas and we’ll go up to the upper right and change it from March 2 to July and July 23rd to date then we’ll change the

hour I got to get the 22 to a 20 and the 27 to a 32 up here in this corner here I hope you’re all following me on this okay and you can see on the screen up there on the left side moon altitude 10 degrees that’s good it’s more than 7.7 right we look down at the arc with 1.83 first thing you’re going to say to yourself is whoa is this a 2-day moon a lot because 0.28 is as the minimum then we go over to the moon age 46 hours yep it’s almost a 2-day moon now the reason that happens is for this location we’ve put here which is roche port depending on where you are on the earth sometimes you’ll miss some of that beginning part of the moon or sometimes it’s on the other side of the earth and it takes that long to come around at almost one-and-a-half times before you can see it at the location you’re at so someone might see this as a 25 hour moon but you’re not going to see it because of where you on the earth till it comes around again at 46 ok so something to think about and then let’s go down to the sunset moon set third section down on the right sunset moon sets one hour and four minutes well above the 39 or 40 bit minimum so we will see this moon go ahead and move to the the there it is as easily visible in the second section down so that confirms our numbers let’s look at where this is on the global scan okay so we’ll go back to five I just go on through yeah and we were going to do I think one on this one soon is this July good yeah we want the upload let’s back at it okay I’m just giving you different varieties you saw where the scan was low and the folks in South Africa saw it September or we put it in March and so where was up high above above the equator and the scan started way out here and way up here notice something different to things different number one yeah this is more in the center it’s not real high to above a real high below the equator as far as where the middle of this this is where the moon is tracking the first one the moon is tracking down here and then the moon was tracking up here and now the moon is tracking about here but look where this starts it starts right just off the coast of Africa then start all the way over here so what what is this Malcolm what’s going to happen when I want to me I’m looking at this and saying okay I’ve got to give people some guidance here I’m not going to get anything from my friends in Australia I’m not going to get anything from my helpers in South Africa and nobody’s going to see an Israel unless I know somebody in a boat in the ocean the Western is here here the only place that really has a good sighting where it’s dense is right here and if we went out to Hawaii which isn’t on the map I don’t have any ciders in Hawaii I wish I did this is like Peru northern Chile somebody in Peru northern Chile looked up and saw that moon but they didn’t call me they don’t know me so what causes this to happen the earth is tilted 23 degrees 23 and a half degrees and it rotates on that axis and as it goes around the Sun it doesn’t turn and face the Sun it keeps the tilt so if this podium was the Sun and this my thing my finger is the tilt it doesn’t go it doesn’t go around like this constantly facing it the tilt stays like this so when I’m here I’m pointing to the to you out there and when I’m over here when I’m over here I’m pointing to the goes around like that and because it’s tilted where the moon and the Sun it goes across the equator goes above the equator goes a below the equator if the earth was straight up and down it would always the Sun would always be right on the equator as it went around but because it’s like this when I’m over here it’s it’s hitting the top and when I’m over here it’s right on the equator and when I’m over here it’s hitting the bottom below the equator and so that’s why that scan moves like that but that’s

what gives us our seasons if we didn’t have the tilt we wouldn’t have summer we wouldn’t have winter wonderful our wonderful Creator has balanced these things and I believe he didn’t just do it here on earth I think this whole universe is set up to keep this earth in balance and I mean the whole universe is for us not for us personally but for this earth no other planet has oceans that’s a wonderful thing to think about so what this tells us is that below that area the light from the moon is shining on the earth below this area there is a new moon shining on the earth over here there isn’t there’s not another moon new moon here there’s not another new moon here is just one new moon shining on the earth over there let’s go back to the slides now to leave this page you just hit alt enter and minimize it again if you’re playing with this on your computer at home and you can go back to where we began for us here we’re going to pick up our slides so centuries ago what was done all ancient calendars were lunar all ancient Canada because that’s that was the agricultural way he had Anna went to plant seed and when harvest all this was done with a lunar calendar and the biblical calendar is a lunar calendar the Crescent was used to determine the new month by the Hebrews as far back as anybody could record we have records show that the people in Babylon is far back as 1800 before the Common Era used a crescent determine the new month and the same with the Greeks they took experienced men who had been studying and keeping records to cite the new moon to of more witnesses scriptural signal fires were often used to get to outlying areas there’s some stories that say that when they were in the Babylonian captivity they still looked for the new moon in Israel in Jerusalem and use signal fires to call here to Babylon and if they did that’s great there are times when that wouldn’t work or if you didn’t live along the path you wouldn’t have known that if you lived in another area you wouldn’t see the signal fire off his raining you wouldn’t have a signal fire so didn’t always work so there were many areas my bottom statement there where most people were on their own they had to be able to determine the new month they had to know how to do it and I think it’s important for all of us to know how to see a new moon remember you don’t need a computer but what we always give us things and when he gives us things he wants us to use them to his glory doctors he gives us doctors to do medical procedures and you know it’s him working through their hands but we don’t refuse to do certain things without realizing that there’s a connection a always in control of everything so while we have it we use it if we don’t have it we still know how to do it without it this is another subject which I don’t really want to touch on tonight but it’s in my slides many culture you use the first month after the equinox to determine the Mon and I know that people know but the only reason to have this in there is because it has to do with a 23 degree tilt and the moon I mean excuse me in the Sun crossing the equator let’s go to what’s currently being done currently we have people who use the full moon as the new moon I don’t think anybody in here does that but this is now again I want to reiterate this is information that people gave me because I have my website and they’re sending me why are you doing it this way I do it this way and you know I try to be as polite as I can to all the different responses because you know Who am I just gathering information and doing the best I can and and I try to keep a good rapport with people whether they agree with me or don’t agree with me and I learned I learned

I’ve learned a lot of things from other folks when they write to me and I appreciate that some people use the conjunction for the new moon and then of course the Crescent is a new moon as I do and probably everybody in here to us and under the Crescent as a new moon we have three divisions there there are they may be others but I’m just given to what I’m familiar with from people writing to me some people tell me they should only accept the new moon that’s seen in Jerusalem some people say local sightings and some people say global sightings for the reasons that I’ve heard given for each of these the full moon this scripture is used Psalm 81 3 which in the American Standard Version says blow the trumpet at the new moon at the full moon on our feast day well that makes it sound like you’re blowing the trumpet at the new moon that’s the full moon but it says on our feast day if you look in the King James it says blow up the trumpet in the new moon and if you look at the word moon it’s the same word for month’ we talked about that someone mentioned that the other day in the time appointed on our solemn feast day if you look at the context of the scripture it’s at the time of Passover and it’s saying to blow the trumpet in the new month at the time of our solemn feast which kind of tells you that this blowing the trumpet on the 15th which in this case would be a feast of unleavened bread but that’s what they say is a description that they used I tried to come up with pros and cons for these different positions from what I’ve seen I really couldn’t come up for a pro on this one I I do know that it’s hard to tell when the moon is full sometimes although it was pointed out to me from one of the brethren today that these people don’t really look at the full moon to determine it they look at when the full moon is at the horizon at sunset which I wasn’t aware of in other words as we were talking about the moon progressing across the sky eventually it’s going to be a full moon if the just about a little a after the Sun sets but the big thing is the second item here the pill the pilgrim feasts were always under full moon we can see that inscription they yo I provided the light for them to do what they had to do travel to do the things they were doing during the feast time and if you use this method you wouldn’t be you wouldn’t have a full moon to feast obviously because you’d be starting two weeks off so but that’s a that’s a method that’s out there then there’s the folks that talk about the dark moon as the new moon well you know in astronomy the they call it but that’s astronomy when everything’s on that straight line the reasons they give that they want to follow the conjunction is there’s less variable it’s more precise that’s true calculations tell us when well then you have to use calculations rather than going out and seeing it because you can’t see a black moon in a black sky then they mentioned unity yeah that’s true if everybody agreed on one method we all begin unity no matter what the method is and script but see and then they also say well scripture doesn’t say how to determine the new moon that’s true we have some things we can read from it but it doesn’t give us a literal description again I’m giving you what people give me then the pros and cons I tried to come up with well yeah if everybody was in unity phase to be on the same day but on the argument of side of the cons there’s no ancient precedent for for this there are many places in the scripture where it talked about getting getting together at the full moon for the feast so you’ve got to have light that gotta have the ability to see they see the new moon and crescent and identify it so this is not really my second point on the right is it’s not a sighting if you can’t see it and it wouldn’t be easy for all the people to determine then everybody have to have their tables and their books and figure out you know you’re all have to be scientists so I don’t think that that’s very practical then there’s reasons given for the jerusalem only sighting and i have a lot of folks that write to me about this quite a few about I’d say about every other month someone writes to me and says what are you doing you know that only matters if we see the new moon in Jerusalem then you know I might communicate with them depending on if they asked a question of how they wrote

in the early days of Sanhedrin declared the new moon from Jerusalem so on outlook for it they came back and they the clay because they were the men of the law that were in control at the time in the kingdom all Direction will come from Jerusalem is another statement that they give and that’s true and we should look to Yahweh’s set-apart mountain for the witnesses who are there to instruct us that was another statement that was given to me I don’t know who the witness are that are there to instruct us but that’s a statement that was given to me and I’m just passing it on yes again you’d have unity if everyone did the feast that from Jerusalem we’d all wait for Jerusalem to give us a report we’d all be on the same schedule on the argument of side con from what I’ve seen and years of doing this not every new moon can be see from Jerusalem so they would miss a lot of them of course then they’d say well it doesn’t matter if you saw it because that doesn’t count so you know this is the new movement but you know there’s a moon out there and if they don’t see it then they’re not going to call it as far as Kingdom rule kingdom rule is not in Jerusalem right now I have some scriptures that were given to me on this discussion which I can pass along John 421 says believe me woman time is coming when you will worship the father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem jeremiah ‘the 1324 is more of a prophetic statement about the condition of jerusalem it says i will scatter you like chaff during by the desert going down a couple more scriptures it says because you have forgotten me and trusted in false gods I will pull up your skirts over your face that your shame may be seen and that section ends woe to you Jerusalem how long be unclean a good question I don’t believe that Jerusalem today is anything more than a a secular city politically speaking so it’s hard for Jerusalem to be what yellow wants it to be under the conditions that exist there today so I don’t I wouldn’t say kingdom rule right now is in Jerusalem but I you know I’m sure people could argue with me on that and then on the bottom why look elsewhere if only Jerusalem counts which means that you and I wouldn’t be looking from their moans because it wouldn’t matter and I think we should all be looking for no moons there’s a blessing and looking for new moments number one I know that the other day one of the brothers get the message Edgar gotta believe it was talked about the journey of the crescent moon and he wanted these things he said was Yahweh wants us all to look for new moons and it says this is a group project and I agree with that 100% then of local sightings reasons people give me to accept only a local sighting only recently it says can other locations contact us talking about technology someday we may lose this communication ability true we must a provision that sighting new moons all true statements some of the pros and cons I could see in this less difficulty communicating short distances well that’s very limited I mean just if you have to use a telephone you’re still talking to somebody that sees it and you have to take their word for it I don’t know if that matters if they’re twenty five miles away you’re on the phone 100 miles away or on the phone thousand miles away or on home so it’s you know you still have to use the phone or the internet on the other side the arguments con is how local is local some people its regional they might accept a few states around them other it’s the whole continental United States other people write to me it’s a continent United States and the Caribbean other people tell me it’s a continent the United States Caribbean and Hawaii and it goes on and on so how local is local I don’t know it depends on who are you talking to you’re still accepting someone else’s sighting unless you go out and see it yourself it’s just a matter of distance so that’s kind of arbitrary I think the feast will definitely end up on different dates so there’s no unity on the feast dates that’s one of the arguments against this so and this came up in the last few years I don’t know how many of you remember but about three four years ago

thus there was a sighting outside the United States of Brethren who were connected with assemblies inside the United States and they called and said that they had seen it and we’re told that well it’s not the New Moon because we didn’t see it here and I think they got rather upset about that because I went back and forth for a few weeks afterwards there seems to be a u.s dominance of the internet so it’s like you know there probably and we brother associated world set with our assemblies now there’s the global sightings well in relation to what we just said no brethren feel second-class because they’re outside of the state outside of the United States and their sightings are rejected other statements that have been given by folks who want to do it this way there’s no scriptural literalists items are to be done in other words the scripture doesn’t tell us it should be only local or only in Jerusalem and you know really that generally speaking there is not a lot of guidance about this in the scripture we can see what that they saw the New Moon but it doesn’t really say specifically this is the rules for new moon sightings so that’s why we’re having these discussions we have to try to figure it out and in the last item wherever the these the proponents of this would give is wherever the New Moon is first sighted is the New Moon and what they’re referring to there is that pattern that we saw on the screen where it’s underneath that pattern is where the light of the new moon shines on the earth and that’s the new moon to the earth to the earth as a whole less than new moon outside of that there isn’t another new moon that’s a statement for that pros and cons well concerning the statement we just talked about with participation and everybody in the body of Messiah looking for new moons this this one would this global sighting would give you the most participation with unity and what that means is if you have the Jerusalem only sighting there’s no participation because no one else can go look for a new moon matter if you have the conjunction sighting where it’s the Darkmoon you won’t be looking for new moons because it won’t matter because you can’t see it and some scientific tables will tell you so there’s no participation in that either I think it’s the most participation statement here means that at different times of the year at different places on the earth everybody gets to participate at some time because the thing moves around as you saw on that chart everybody gets to participate in seeding new moon getting the blessing of seeing the new and calling it and telling the Brethren that they see the new mon-sol and of course if every as the others if everybody accepted that method there would be unity just as with the others of course everyone do the feasts on the same day and then you wouldn’t have any disparaging possibilities existing between assemblies of course all the assemblies would be equal but that’s just until your actual returns to Jerusalem then he would tell us what the rules really are and how that would go and of course as in the other ones you have to have telephone you have to have the internet unless you do is going to be your own assembly and and and then you’re going to really have a lot of different fee states if every assembly did it just when they saw the new moon and lastly there’s a couple of closing comments I’d like to make one of the brothers here did say to me you know rich he said when Yahshua returns and a lot of people think that might be around trumpets when the new moon is sighted on that first day of the seventh month is he going to come one day in one place and another day in another place I said you know that’s that’s a good thought that’s a really good thought and what hit me when he said that was that pattern that showed that where the moon was showing on the earth and I thought you know when you hear the trumpet for years I thought is that sound going to be heard all around the earth at once you know how it’s got to be something supernatural I don’t think we’re going to hear the trumpet but one part of the earth and then people have to wait the next day to hear the trumpet there or I mean I don’t I mean probably lot of you have thought of the same thing how’s that going to work and I kind of thought when he said this you know that’s that’s a good thought you know when yahwah returns Yahshua returns is he going to return one day here in another day there and that’s that’s interesting interesting thought

and then the last slide here is about the walking it out as I talked about halaqa there is a Jewish story that goes along with this and that was that you probably have heard it some of you that they would do the bris the circumcision on a child on the eighth day and if the eighth day fell on the Sabbath there was some consternation for the priests because if they were to do the circumcision on the on the Sabbath to them that was work and were they to work on the Sabbath or not work on the Sabbath so they had to walk it out that there was no place in the scripture that they could go to that was going to give them the answer to that question the way they wanted it answered sharp and clear they had they had to get together and and and figure out how they were going to handle this and so I have to picture these two gentlemen walking along you know discussing something that they have to work out and that’s where the idiom halaqa comes from in Hebrew you’re going to have to figure this out guys you’re going to have to walk together hand in hand or side-by-side and you’re going to have to make it work and however you come up with it you have to respect each other and and and try to do what you think is is is best in Yahweh’s eyes and and not and try to have unity and not division and above all peace so find out what’s best for the most people and doesn’t violate Scripture that’s basically what it means to walk it out I think scripturally speaking find out what’s best for the most people and doesn’t violate Scripture and if people get along and agree on something in that manner then I think y’all Oh bless us thank you

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