I would love to hear tips for moving to wake up earlier alarms and not disturbing your spouse keep an alert throughout the day you know when you wake up earlier these are yeah is the thing so tips for managing the implications around making that change to get up earlier while keeping the space or that’s keeping the speed or keeping the peace at home and work you put that work yet so uh either made a typo or he’s he’s on the inside yeah what that is not is that’s a homage to the Portuguese accent yes well no it’s it’s a homage to the fake Portuguese accent no it’s the real one worki yeah well anything adding like II like it’ll come out oh yeah yeah it could be exaggerated though by certain people myself included yeah okay so so how to wake up in the morning number one let’s let’s talk about one important piece this how do you do it without disturbing the spouse because we don’t want to we don’t want to make the spouse angry no adversarial relationships with this phone at 4:30 no not at 4:30 so one of the things real real easy one out of the gate get an escalating alarm and so what that means is it starts off quiet sure and he gets louder it gets progressively louder I am a much lighter sleeper than my wife so this is not that big of a deal to me and I can’t answer but I’ve I’ve slept with the roommates that wanted to sleep you know like in the military you know you got you got bunk together or whatever so I’ve dealt with this a little bit but it’s really no factor get an escalating alarm and then when that thing goes off you you wake up before it gets too loud to wake your spouse it should be on your side of the bed so you can make it happen or you can pick a song that starts off nice and mellow and that kind of builds and for a long time for this particular reason I used to have there’s a band called the sword sure is long and they have a song called iron swan and it starts off nice and mellow mmm if you don’t get up in time it’s coming so you got it so it’s like a kind of like a game within the game right there where you gotta beat the clock yes yeah you gotta beat the clock you’ve got to get up and turn that thing because otherwise it’s an ant ant and then you’re too late what is it Black Swan no iron Swan irons what’s the source yeah cuz there’s there’s times in my life where I will put like the ultimate shocker of a tune in my in my playlist that if I need to get up and I need to get up and get on it like there’s a song called repeat repeat process by 100 demons that song will get you out of bed he will get you out of bed when it kicks in it just comes it comes it’s like it’s like forgetting it’s it’s like an explosion happens in your room and it’s a great song by a great band but anyways so if but in this case you don’t want to go with 100 demons no you don’t want to go with repeat process you want to go with the sword iron song or an escalating alarm now once you do that you’ve got to have the gear pre-staged the gear has the morning gear has to be pre-staged so okay so we’re not in a dressing we’re not pulling open drawers I’m not flipping on lights or not searching for stuff no we get up we walk out of the room yeah quietly stealth mode then you get to either the bathroom now if you have the bathroom ensuite maybe you have some stuff staged in the other bathroom in the house so you just walk right out of the room shut the door and you’re good you made your escape you know you know oh and I’ll tell you another thing little heads up make sure that you set off your secondary I mean that you turn off your secondary and your tertiary alarms so if you’re like me and you sleep with multiple alarm clocks if you leave because they go off sequentially right you know you got your first one iPhone then you got your second one battery-powered then you get your third one wind up the wind up is the gnarly last one with the bra right right if you leave that thing if you forget to shut that thing off before you walk out you didn’t hear about it you you can hear right because now when it goes off it’s a startled er because it doesn’t go off I mean most of the you know 50% of time I’m up before the alarms but but if you leave that one on there it’s a start alert and then then your spouse is waking up in a panic mode because now they don’t know where it is there’s effort they’re being attacked it’s it’s a gnarly situation so shut off the secondary and tertiary alarms and then get out of the room and then you know maybe even have your toothbrush and your toothpaste staged and another in the another bathroom or in the kitchen or whatever got your workout gears not in a drawer by the bed where you’re pulling that open making that racket no you just get up and you leave so then

that’s that’s how you do it that’s how I do it and again I have an advantage because my wife is a pretty heavy sleeper mm-hmm she gets mad but when I come home from a trip and late at night I do some unpacking in the night that can be a little frustrating for her but anyways that’s what she do now the next piece of this question was for alertness throughout the day what do you do to stay alert throughout the day I think one of the things you do is check your diet right check the diet make sure in my opinion make sure you’re not ingesting a tonne of carbohydrates because those are gonna make you tired they’re gonna make you excited or make you fire it up for about 20 minutes I don’t know haven’t had them in a long time for like 20 minutes before you eat them like great when you actually that’s really what they’re for yeah you’re currently instant energy yeah yes well and they put you to sleep so when you when you eat it it’s basically a really basic sequence is I’m gonna do some output you know in the wild I’m gonna go hunting I’m not whatever you know I’m gonna gather whatever do some output that expended some energy I’m gonna need some energy and I’m gonna need some rest when you get the energy carbohydrates food in anyway serotonin all these other chemicals that induce you to go rest that’s the sequence that’s the process don’t forget about insulin yeah cuz he also put away there yeah the insulin is gonna make you tired too so check your diet check your Diane I just had a guy on Twitter man he’s like hey man I’m tired during the day I’m draggin I’m sick we’ll check your diet and he’s like well I think it’s ok I’m drinking a lot of energy drinks no not good the energy drinks are addictive you know they’re tasty they’re addictive and they’re they’re filled with sugar most of the time so you’re gonna get a major sugar rush and then you’re gonna crash so you got to be careful that also you don’t want to be on on the crazy amount of caffeine all day and that’s gonna mess up your system as well does the same thing is the sugar the caffeine rush and then the crash that’s that’s the same thing ok oh yeah more than sugar yeah in in well I’ll tell you right now people ask me all the time they’re surprised that I work out without caffeine in the morning but I’m telling you give it a try yeah because it’ll be harder and maybe it’s harder for you to get out of bed maybe it’s harder for you to get ready maybe it’s harder for you to get into the gym with no caffeine and maybe it’s harder for you to start your workout with no caffeine but once you start the workout yeah I don’t think it’s gonna be that big of a deal yeah and if it is good make your workout harder you know I don’t think it’s that big of a deal so don’t become addicted to the caffeine and that’s gonna be because that can get problematic and then power nap talked about this before if you need to you take a little power nap you take six to eight minutes you set your alarm clock you velvet your feet above your heart you lay down and you can black out if you’re really tired you six to eight minutes of your feel like you feel like a rock star after one of those you know in another thing you can do if you’re tired during the day no big deal just find a little corner somewhere go bang some push-ups out go bang out oh ten burpees yeah yeah get the blood flowing like the blood flowing yeah there’s no way it’s it’s it’s physiologically impossible to do burpees and and remain tired whatever burpees you can tell you you you bit since you turned into a physiology major over here and tonight if you want to tell me what that does physiologically I don’t know but I do know this if you knock out ten burpees this small small prescription you will not be tired of for at least a half an hour you’re not gonna be 10 burpees and then feel fired you can’t do it I can tell you laughs physiologically endorphins get released there’s stuff adrenaline like when you know you’re gonna do physical activity when you know it you have it I’m not saying a huge adrenaline just a little bit yeah a little bit part of it so that’s those are some tips I guess for alertness throughout the day that I use and by the way go to bed earlier at night yeah go to bed earlier tonight I go to bed like I’m usually around 11 I don’t recommend that I don’t recommend going to bed at 11 and getting up at 4:30 no I don’t recommend that I recommend going to bed when you get tired shut your computer off the stop looking at the interwebs you know and go to sleep you know what go read an actual book because that make you tired you know that won’t make you time that’s like the opposite of burpees go read go

meet a book you know and just sit there and you will get more tired yeah unless like a real exciting or interesting book then well of course of course you don’t read but and you’re cuz you’re a fast sleeper faster or you need that much sleep but yeah yeah yeah the no sleep thing that’ll get you so quick it’ll promptly put you into a crash the next day yeah I don’t know you can power well I don’t know I if I can go the neck even when you had the latest little baby yeah you came in here on a couple hours sleep yeah you look rolled in here ready to record you sat here you got after it yeah it’s true and there’s all these different doesn’t it make you guys yeah it makes you realize how much more you can do I think a lot of people have like this I don’t want to go into this full subject right now but the other day I did a 72 hour fast right no food for 72 hours and there’s a bunch of reasons we could talk maybe we’ll do it on a later podcast I will say this though what one small thing if you go 72 hours without eating it recalibrates your hunger meter because we just think oh I haven’t had of a doughnut in two hours I’m starving but no you’re not starving yeah you’re not even hungry now I’m close to hungry so recalibrate that thing do a fast even if you just don’t eat for 24 hours you realize that most of your hunger signals that are coming to your brain are lies yeah and I’m not saying they’re lies like oh don’t eat but I’m saying you don’t need to eat and how liberating is it that I was having so much fun I was on this fast and I’m just like don’t even need food I don’t need I don’t need to eat that that’s the ultimate control right what I don’t need food food is the foods for food as if you’re weak you know maybe it’s that type of you get that mentality going and then guess what now you go on a travel day and you go oh man I’m gonna be in the airport all day today and I don’t know what I’m gonna don’t want to eat anything you’re capable you’re you know that you can go 72 hours as a matter of fact you can go like 30 days without food so going three days is not that big of a deal it’s not even that big of a deal yeah I did when I just did this 72 hour fast it was just not like I did everything normal with jujitsu ever I did worked out I did squats I did pull-ups everything was normal mm-hmm everything was almost not that big crazy deal just we just get so accustomed to to just feed in the Machine all the time and you could have a you know you gotta have a mini meal every six hours and it’s so at our fingertips it’s so but it’s also you this is what I realize it’s so inconvenient to have to eat all oh man you know that’s whack right so it’s kind of nice to just eat I know once a day guess I put a big old steak on and get after it yeah I mean and again hey there’s all kinds of people and there’s people that know this isn’t one of the reasons I don’t like talking about this particular topic is because there’s a lot of people that like study this and know much about this and up all these facts so me if I go and do the research well I know the facts too but I don’t I can’t my consider and quote them right I don’t have the in-depth now that Peter Atia has on fasting you know anaemia or Dom D’Agostino those guys there pH they’re doctors I’m not a doctor yeah I’m a knucklehead that was and another things people you know what did you do to prepare for your faster I was like I didn’t eat yeah I was I was with Leif and we were on a trip and we had like a lunch and then we did a gig that night and I don’t like to eat before I do a gig and then after that we stayed up a little bit and did some work and then woke up the morning at an early flight and then they came home when I wanted to train so I worked out and I got done with that and I went and did something else and next thing I knew its 24 hours my god you know what the next day I feel too hungry so I just held on so it wasn’t no preparation just got after it again people don’t do this anecdotal check with a physician or whatever you gotta do don’t listen to me yeah as far as like a recommendation you should do because you know you are different and 70-hour fast okay I dig it man but I think really kind of the point that you’re making or one of them anyway I think is absolutely true so you’re you know a lot of it is like habitual hunger but it goes beyond just like psychological have bitch it’s like physiological it’s like okay I’m used to getting food every four hours so when the four hour mark comes around physiologically your stomach’s gonna be like where my food yeah your mouth where my food and then after a while if you’re like hey you don’t get food this time you’re something here okay sometimes we don’t get food yeah so let’s kind of act right you know and then when the food comes okay we’ll do that when that habit recalibration is real though because then after I started eating again and then the next day I go um I’m feeling hungry I’m gonna eat something I know I’m actually not hungry so why am i eating why am i eating if I’m not hungry mmm yeah that’s my mind is controlling me when I should be controlling my mind yeah you know so and that’s another thing where um your your earth is

nothing new right your mind is so strong or whatever so you can trick yourself and this goes for sleep too so if you think that you got nine hours of sleep you’ll be way less tired then okay let’s say two people exact people they’re identical twin right identical life experience whatever one guy believes the next morning okay they both got eight hours sleep one guy believes he only got four hours sleep and one guy believes he got nurse Lee typical possible scenario yeah but that’s how your mind it knows like basically it’s your mind accommodating what it thinks the stimulus is so so the other twin the four hours sleep believer he’s gonna be way more tired and he’s got dang where’s that nap I was looking forward I need whatever the other imagine if you woke up every day and you were like I only got four hours of sleeping I’m gonna crushed it exactly right I actually believe I work better on less sleep how you like them apples exactly exactly and that’s right that’s was gonna be my point there where you’re like I told you I’ve told you that before yeah after I’ve so I’ve told echo before that when we’re getting ready to record the podcast the day before I record the podcast that night I like to sleep less like four hours because I feel like it sharpens I’ll tell you what to be quite honest with it what I think it does it it brings it it brings my emotions a little closer to the surface so like you feel like work I’m kind of under attack so I better wait like I better like pardon up right now I better like get my that it’s like no this is what it is I can get more like when I’m reading something I’m more focused on it I’m more into it like actively yeah because I think when I’m well-rested I’m like a like a like rock solid right oh yeah when I’m a little when I sleep less I’m a little bit more exposed I’m a little bit more vulnerable right mentally right and I need that because otherwise I just become very detached I become very detached and it’s it’s you know so I want it when I come in here I want to be on though I want to be on the fringe a little bit right right a man that’s I want to be exposed I want to be walking in here me like man this is gonna be this is an intense this ain’t not a walk in the park today no this is gonna be hard to live in so I wanna yes I want to be stressed a little bit when I come in here yeah and I didn’t dig it and I feel I always felt like a blanket the same thing in jiu-jitsu I feel better when I’m stressed and when I’m a little bit more yeah a little bit more stressed a little bit more tension a little bit more pressure on myself I want to be there yeah make it a lot of be the wrong time and I’ll tell you what just so everybody knows there’s some days where I’m tired when I’m just tired and I just sometimes I just need a power nap so bad I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m literally falling asleep you know and I hate that that’s a horrible feeling but you know what elevate your feet set our alarm clock for eight minutes boom you’re gonna wake up feeling like Superman like when people hit themselves before they go lift because it weighed me they like slapped them so much yeah for sure so the surface looks like all he’s getting fired up but yeah why is he getting fired up for the exact same reason that you’re talking about because if it’s like bomb like I’m getting these things where I got to kind of bounce back home right I’m under attack I got a little bit adrenaline rush too right so physiological it’s the same exact sequence right there but you’re just doing it consciously and instead of slaps it’s lack of sleep yes or what have you there you go that’s the answer and everyone’s going to attack me on social media for not sleeping not eating and all that I appreciate your advice I know I should I dunno I should sleep or I dunno I should eat you know better I’m sorry what does that mean even should the work should what does that even mean you should it’s yeah anyway that’s the whole eat chocolate don’t be you any more well it’s great be different than you that’s what that well actually actually the point out the what I was gonna say earlier is just like hey what you’re saying the like you’re not citing all the science and making claims about like well how this is gonna benefit you or nothing like that that’s not what you’re doing it’s it is anecdotal and I think the point is that if you push yourself through certain situations and you prove it to yourself that you can function just fine with I don’t know five hours sleep rather than eight one or two times or or whatever or hammering you know that you can do that like really you know we’d talked about this before where you get kind of dependent on certain things and then to the point where you believe that you can’t function without it whether it be sleep whether it be coffee in the morning you know whatever or eating every four hours like when I was

really into like weightlifting and bodybuilding type stuff I remember thinking man I got a I got a hurry-up Heat it’s four hours or whatever and then kind of later on in life man I’ve got like I haven’t eaten yet today and it’s late in the day mmm I’m fine you’re not but games game whatever yeah so once you prove it to yourself it’s like if you stay up all night when you have work the next day you do your work when you go to bed you can be like hey if I had to I could do that again that is another thing that I enjoy about pushing those envelopes is it feels really good to go to bed when you’ve been awake for a long time it feels really good to eat a meal once you haven’t eaten for for a while you you appreciate it yeah that’s good that’s true but that’s kind of a psycho way of invoking appreciation okay my opinion understood

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