hi oh this is a full guide for the Blackrock depths pet battle dungeon please note you will have needed to complete the four of the pet dungeons to unlock the quest for this one start by picking up the quest shadowy Shore down from tzg adult if your alliance located east of the problem or barracks in Bareilles if your horde talk to Ruddock fuse lock or clear as here and desire a law to get the Blackrock deaths head to the searing gorge or the burning steps and all the to Blackrock Mountain enter the mountain and head into the lava pit in the center go to the platform where you would enter one core here go through the passage on the right and then follow this down to the entrance to Blackrock depths dungeon on the left will be your hand in MPC bert macklin talk to him to receive the quest shadows of Blackrock completing the dungeon on normal mode gives the usual manner poof portal and an ultimate battle training stone having completed the dungeon of normal mode you then unlock the weekly talk and given challenge mode version of the dungeon where you’re unable to heal your pets whilst running it completing a tunnel challenge mode will award one shadowy gem per week these can be used to purchase the following one gem gets you an on or off supply crit two gems get your tiny claw one gem also gets you the wailing Lasher and finally three gems gets you experiment 13 now for the challenge mod of the dungeon check in the description for the tone stumps andrey much strings talk to Burt Macklin to end of the dungeon once inside head forward into the arena all of the fights take place in this arena this activates stage 2 where you fight against or rue cloud watcher for this I used the macabre marionette with makar Baraka definitely care a dead man’s party your second pet is a mechanical scorpion with a speed of both 284 with Windell blinding poison black claw and finally any bugger pet preferably with a speed of both children nearly with a bonus damage to be stability such as missile start with 10 months party once the party is finished customer carb Muraki until Bonner is defeated will usually take two once bomber is defeated beta renders cut deafened eCare the new Steadman’s party until your marionette is defeated once defeated bring in your score bird cussed wind up the charge and then wind up the hit this should finish off beta and alpha renders cast wind up the charge followed by blinding poison then black claw now just spam window until alpha is also defeated if needed use your back oh pet cleaner

once Haru is defeated we enter stage 3 where we fight against one of three pets either Liz Ralph or rampage so listen Ralph I used an EIN starlet with wind of toxic smoke the supercharged and then any two pets with bonus damage to beast abilities I used a blue clockwork Robert bot with missile toxic smoke and a blight breath with slime and toxic smog start would wind up a charge then supercharged and then wind up to hit this will do a nice amount of damage now simply use toxic smoke until if and when your starlet is defeated if Nana’s Etobicoke pets to clean up four run purge I went with a critter pet with a speed of bull 317 with Stampede your second pet is a mechanical ox beef with alpha strike here wire and decoy and then any pet just as backup with a bonus damage to be stability so that we our critter pet and just bump Stampede until defeated I use the critter pet here so we won’t be stoned by bash due to a critter racial you could take advantage of Dodge and scratch or any other abilities your critter may have to maximize damage once your credit is defeated bringing your axe beak and cast here wire you this combined with a shattered defenses debuff from stampede will do a nice amount of damage if this doesn’t defeat rampage use decoy or frontier just bashes off cooldown and alpha-strike the field until the fight is won if you are unlucky with some bad rng use your backup pets to finish up once you’ve defeated the cage creature we enter stage 4 which will be against Tharin sky song your first pet is a ravenous proudly with sieve disruption and life exchange your second pets of course the Sandpiper this one should be a speed speed version with Peck flock and quicksand and finally a Phoenix hatchling with burn immolate and copper grid that we are private Cass disruption this removes the unstable engineering both and thus cuts down much of the rng of this fight follow this with one save then life exchange and now Cassie until your idling is defeated orangy will determine how much health logic has when you’re cradling is defeated so I passed a few rounds here – sure what to do should your pride link be defeated early if this was the case bringing your son paper cut speck little logic endless it’s mechanical round once in the mechanical round cut quick son and then peck until logic is defeated once logic is defeated math endless cast flock math swirling gears will swap you out to your finish hustling on the second round when your hutch thing is swapped in cast Emily it followed by console grit do it the shut defensa table and floss this will do a large amount of damage and finish off

math once you’ve defeated Turin we enter Stage five where you fight against two pets each of the two is from a set of three the one will be either char temptin or Wilbur and the other will be one of ninja shred or splint will start with shred your first pet is an effective squirrel with Stampede created fungus coughs explosion your second pet is a felf limp or similar pet with burn in Malaya conquer grit and finally any Pettus battle it’s unlikely to be used start with creeper fungus followed by stampede well Stampede is finished if your squirrel was in it so dead round cast unpaid again if not in your room dead round cast cream of fungus followed by stampede I just cast on Peter yeah to avoid doing extra damage in case your squirrel ended its own dead round early once your squirrel is defeated bringing your fel flame or similar pet cast Emily it followed by contra great and burn if needed to finish up the fight for ninja your first pet is a long eared owl with savage talent called darkness and nocturnal straight your second pet is at Oracle or hutch new without the straight dodge and Hawkeye your final pet can be anything it’s unlikely to be used that would call darkness followed by nocturnal straight now simply use nocturnal strike and cooldown and savage talent to fill until your owl is defeated what’s your outlets defeated bringing your terrorclaw you dodge when whirlpool has one round remaining otherwise spam alpha-strike until the fight is done the splint your first pet is a sister of temptation with shadow shock cursor dome and low stroke your second pet is any flying pet with flock your final pet is anything it won’t be used pass the first round splint will use burrow and be unattackable now casts cursor do followed by lovestruck now swap the off lock pet because flock once flock is finished swap back to your sister splint will use burrow and hit your sister when she enters now simply cut shadow shock until the fight is done the char your first pet is any rabbit with a speed of bull 324 with scratch dodge and Stampede your second pet is a vile Arthur or similar pet with chomp or a similar hard-hitting ability against them dead your final pet won’t be used start with dodge followed by stampede

when Stumpy’s is finished cust one scratch then stampede until your rabbit is defeated you could try to maximize damage by custom dodge followed by Stampede but I just went with Stampede once your rabbit is defeated bringing your by lava or similar pet due to being faster your Robert will have left two rounds of shuttered defenses of char when it was defeated so with your lava just bump chomp until the fight is done for tempting your first pets are formed or any pet with stampede and head book your second pair is any pet with rampage your third pet is unlikely to be used so that with stampede on the Stampeders finished cast headboard and then if you can’t another stampede once your thorn is defeated bringing your run page pears and cut around page this will finish up the fight for Wilbur all you’ll likely need here is a key with savage talent black cloth and flock but just in case of some bad rng bring any pet but Sanborn establish the beasts abilities as your backup its start with black law followed by flock then savage talent if needed usual baka pets the cleaner having defeated the two kids creatures we enter Stage six where we fight against our run hot now this one can be quite orangey at times so I’ve included two strategies for this one in case one fails like it did for me on this run they’re pretty much identical but use slightly different pets credit goes to Schenk over at Zoo food but coming up with this I altered it slightly but can’t take credit for it for the first strategy you’ll need a fire beetle higher the healthier the better as this will cut down the RNG somewhat with burn caught rise and apocalypse your second pet is a tricorn with scratch poison fan and sniff out and finally an uncle render with hunting party leap and black claw start with apocalypse let’s walk to your tricorn cussin if out to remove the magnet trap sometimes this will hit your beta and removed itself who I hear thrill will use feared and swallowed a roadie with rudy’ in the bottle cast poison fine Rudy will use clover but as our pet as a critter we won’t get stunned after claw has been used as well out your uncle render cast black law followed by hunting party and if needed leaf until rody is defeated once rody is defeated thrilled Rihanna’s spam leap until your uncle

render is defeated once your render is defeated bringing your try code if a magma trap is active cast if out otherwise cast poison fan until forever uses feared swaps out the wanderer with one ruler in the bottle just pass until your tricorn is defeated once defeated you don’t beat all three Enders start with court rise and then pass until apocalypse hits and defeat wanderer once wanderer is defeated for every endless here you’ve caught rise and cooldown and burnt the fill until the fight is won or in this case lost if it all goes by like you did here try this second strategy your first pet will be a lava peel with burn court rise and apocalypse again a health breed to cut down RNG your second pet is a rusty roots neuter with nor buried treasure sniff out and finally a Zandalari knee biter a power power version is recommended with hunting party black war and blood fun that will apocalypse then swallow your snow de cus sniff out to remove the magnet ruff this will stun your snoot if active had removed thrilled will use feared and swirl outlook Rudy with Rudy in the ball cast nor if you can but you’ll likely be stunned if that was the case just past Rudy if we use clover after Kluber has been used swap your knee biter cast black law followed by honey party and then blog file this will give you a small hail and finish off Rudy once Rudy is defeated thrill realness swap out your snow de cast if out to remove magma truck and stun yourself past the stone round thrill of use feared and swapped out the wanderer cast buried treasure and then pass until your snow is defeated once your snow is defeated bring in your bail cast cauterize and then pass until apocalypse hits and defeats wanderer once wonder is defeated freely endless here you have two choices continue with your bill using car tries and killed on burnt the fill or you can swapped your knee Vader and cast black law followed by hunting party please North Mountain a trap can activate at any time and store unusually defeat your knee by this but if it doesn’t it will be a quick finish once you’ve defeated Iran we enter stage 7 come against zouna skull crush your first pet is gars rupee with bite swallow your Hall geyser your second pet is no loose of skimmer more healthier the better to cut down on the RNG with water jet stampede and whirlpool and finally an alpine chipmunk or similar pet again more healthier the better with scratch crouch and stampede start with Kaiser and then swap to your skimmer

here cuts whirlpool followed by stampede you’ll hit crush fish with the first round of stampede and geyser will hit do a nice amount of damage and stunt crush fierce who will then swap out for falling firstly will be hit by the remaining two rounds of stampede the first of which will be when whirlpool hits which will also do a nice amount of damage when stampede is finished cast waterjet the till farthing is defeated will usually take two once fuzzing is defeated crush very honest cuss stampede until your skimmer is defeated once defeated bring back in gaza rupee and cuss wallow your hall until crush fest is also defeated will usually take two once crusher s is defeated tremors Enders cast Kaiser and then bite until defeated this will usually be just the one occasionally your guards really can be defeated before getting to cast bite either way once gars rupees defeated your chipmunk enters if Garza Ruby hit with a bite cast unpaid if Garza rupee was defeated before casting bite start with Crouch followed by stampede once some page is finished cuss scratch until the fight is won should take two one sooner is defeated we enter stare jet and bottle against Tosha Riley for this I use an elusive skimmer more healthier the better with scratch stampede and whirlpool your second pet is little bling with inflation extra plating and make it real and finally Dartmouth chunk or similar pet with a shotgun or an iron cannon start with stampede one Stampede is finished cuss scratch until presto enters it’s all dead round when in the undead round cast whirlpool this will still be active once pressed doors on dead round is finished once presto is defeated fury enters custom paid until defeated which will usually just be the first round once defeated bringing little blame start with extra play followed by mega Rin and then inflation once inflation has finished just repeaters before so that was extra play followed by mega ran and then inflation again repeat until fury is defeated once fury is defeated glitzy Enders custom flash and when they’ll blank until it is defeated

once little bling is defeated your dark moon tongue or similar pet Enders just cast shortened or followed by iron cannon this should finish up the fight once Tasha is defeated we enter the final stage and battle against pixie Wizzle this is by far the easiest fight all you’ll need for this is a crazy carrot with iron bark and blisterin called your remaining two pets your highest health elemental pets start with I’m bar followed by blistering cold now simply use mister and called on cooldown I’m back to fail until the fight is done your carrot will be constantly healed from all the tics from history called when the kicker charged mayhem America uses double top and applies the debuff to itself that will heal you when it takes damage this takes some time to our speed it all once you have defeated pixie the dungeon is complete but before you leave talk to Tasha Riley to join the team via wall at the title minion of mayhem now to slay the dungeon and hunt in the quest to receive your achievements the shadowy disguise and mayhem mindmeldor toys I do like the stones input fail it’s a little too difficult for anyone just having forward pet bottles some of the RNG is frustrating at best and unless they nerf a few fights a little I don’t think many will fail motivators into doing it very often I hope you found this video helpful thanks for watching

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