though right now we got about 20 miles to South Bend so real quick we’ll go back over this we’ll check the ADA swing you little cluster make sure we have the current information on one 18 point one five about ten miles out or so 15 miles out we’ll call approach on this number here tell him who we are where we are and what we want to do he’s going to give us a squawk code and direct us than what he wants to do when we get closer he’s gonna hand us off to the tower at one 18.9 first gun town we want to touch and go and follow their direction the traffic helicopter uh November 1 100 Mille Alfa clear the pattern class Charlie they recommend normally calling at 20 miles out which is fine but a lot of times in a helicopter we’re low you know as we fly so let’s try okay we got information Charlie he’s talking so fast I can barely okay what I got out of that that we need to know is it sound like the winds out of the South you say won 5-0 the winds out of the south up here well he said won 5-0 so that’s gonna be south east southeast and I caught 1,400 foot ceiling I caught information charlie and that’s about all I caught the rest of it was gobbledygook and he’s talking about Arnav and all that well we’re not that worried about it because he we’re just going to do a touch-and-go he’ll send us where he wants to go so there’s 17 nautical miles let’s wait till we get a little closer so I’m going to tune in for you I’m going to tune in one 18.55 for self been approached so now we have South been approached up to our first radio the call the day is gonna be stopped and approach helicopter November 1 100 mio alpha and stop wait for him to klaris he’ll come back say like after November 1 1 Romeo alpha state your intentions or he may come on to say November 1 1 Romeo a squawk 5 6 to 5 we’ll just to respond to whatever it is that he says ok but he is going to give us a squawk code so the main thing is repeat the squawk code and repeat anything that he says that’s pertinent doesn’t have to be word per word but as long as we repeat the key points of whatever it is he said now we’re about maintain one throw thousand across the muskie at maintain for about another 1 0 thousand L must get for in just one day so after we get their attention number five buck shots here this one might aim for a thousand and we can we ask and they ask us what our intentions are we’re inbound for a touching Foxtrot Sierra volume control for the radio okay thank you so this go slow I’ll walk you through it we’re about 14 miles we can hear her real well let’s just wait another mile or two just because I know from experience four five shots here Roger descend maintain 4014 direct to illu a is a full stop though correct because we’re we should be below the upper shelf right now so we’re not gonna bust their airspace so let’s get ready to call them will call them about twelve we’re at thirteen point seven now so when you’re ready your first call will be something approach helicopter November 1 one Romeo alpha and then just stop away for her to klaris okay and most likely she’s gonna give us a squawk code so whenever you’re ready he doesn’t want to know where we’re at or well how far out right now you can’t if they if they say if they just say go

ahead November tada then report 12 to the South inbound for a touch-and-go and then he might give you the squawk code so it just kind of depends okay but the first time you just want to get their attention gotcha and then because sometimes they’ll just go ahead and throw just go ahead and have you squawk so we’ll just look what does play it by here so whenever you’re ready something approach helicopter November 1 100 mio alpha South Bend approach helicopter November 1 100 mio alpha 101 where my office up a first ring to fear she said what can I do for you so just tell her we’re about 12 miles south 12 miles to the south 1,600 was one one who wrote me all alpha let guard 100 know me off huh squad four two three one four three two one thank you I think it was four two three one asked her if it was if it was for two three one yes okay and then you said inbound for full stop which we can do that if you want but we worry about protection go okay what you can change this we can switch that when we’re at our freak right yeah okay absolutely you just say yeah we change our mind we just want to touch a godown okay so now we’re just listening up she’s gonna come back when she locates us because she’s looking for us she’s checking our altitude that guard one Romeo alpha you read our contact 1-0 miles southwest it’s helping supple summers two nine seven five and I should be for 1600 I’m not receiving any remote II tell her that we are not a lifeguard or not what not lifeguard she called us lifeguard lifeguards yeah we’re not lifeguards aircraft okay so now you’re you are not elect all right Romeo alpha Roger hey altitude I’m not receiving our motif what does it’s 5500 MSL helicopter on November 1 I’ll be off Altarum 1 Romeo alpha Roger do you have two different switches for the mode C or not looks like we just have one we have it on we have one switch it is on I am squawking 42:31 helicopter one one Romeo offer I’m getting off course yep so steer towards cop21 well may also contact our one eight point another number five Foxtrot CRI you can join the approach at Holloway okay so steer a little more back to the right yet and say they should know that you’re calling so I just make the first call remember the first call be November 1 1 Romeo alpha and then if you want after that you can abbreviate and drop off the November okay and just use one Romeo Alfie if you want to okay so sup in tower helicopter November 1 one real Mia alpha power I got the one one row me officer time we’re inbound for a touch-and-go will be inbound for a touch and go with your permission for out 8 miles to the south a helicopter one one row P alpha steer a little bit more to the right the helicopter one Romeo do you want to do it touching you on the runway or on the tax way of being Atlantic time taxiway be melanic would be fine back to where we find a helicopter I want one offer I look up to one arm me out for Roger that sexuality melanic they’re touching go say Claire to touch and go a beam Atlantic taxiway and then I don’t know where he’s having this land I tell you I got Thomas yeah I got it you know yeah Atlantic’s where we had our bed flight base he’s telling us to land on the taxiway for what runway well a taxiway by Atlantic that’s that’s just the text way right by the FBO so we’re just gonna pick a spot that’s in the taxiway and land yeah okay

pretty much apparently they don’t have a lot going on okay if they were bit look up there one row me out but after a touch-and-go uh are you gonna be staying in the pattern or departing tomorrow will be the party back to the south towards Plymouth helicopter one one wrong we offer I look up to one room after Roger there you go okay I just remember I know it’s intimidating when you get one year I mean you have virtually no experience for this I’m over you’re going to do big deal no no that that’s okay you sound confident on the radio and that’s all you got to do if you sound confident they have no idea you’re going what what what so just try to repeat the best that you can isn’t it etiquette to talk fast and mumble back to them it doesn’t sound that bad okay so you know the old timer taught me a long time ago sound confident on the radio even when you’re not it gets you a long ways and then that’s true so basically I’m going to guide you where to do the touch you go because the taxiway of beam Atlantic is where I took open you know took up in okay things and landings for today that’s where they prefer us to go right because they’re used to helicopter coming and going there so you know an our tail number might be close to an EMS ship there used to I see and that’s why she thought we were a lifeguard a lifeguards an EMS helicopter you never said lifeguard she picked that up on her own I see I don’t know where she just heard lifeguard yet you didn’t say it yeah she’s she even got a little smart about it so you’re not a lifeguard now yeah you never said lifeguard cuz I I know better you I was sitting here with you that’s her mistake so don’t worry about it she’s so used to a lifeguard helicopter coming and going that she just assumed your lifeguard so what we’re gonna do is you know he’s just allow stance that you go because obviously there’s nothing going on now if something changes and that aircraft comes in he might give us the different direction so right now we’re cleared for the touch-and-go right cuz he said it he’s not worried about us now we’re helicopter we’re going slow so something could change between here and there so just keep on doing what you’re doing for right now we’re gonna go right past him and we’re doing our approach down to the taxiway so he can see us he knows what we’re doing and you’ll see the tower and we’re down there if you don’t see it already and so it’s all good you know I know it’s new to you and you’re kind of going but all you guys just stop to them and just basically tell them what you what you want to do and in a well you know how to do that you’re calm you’ve been talking already over 20 years you know it’s short sweet to the point and get your point across than the least amount of words you can use and try to repeat the most important things that they say you don’t have to repeat every word but a squawk code of course is very important you know cleared to land cleared for touch-and-go you know anything that’s real pertinent that in their interest of safety I mean if you forgot that they said 29.7 too okay who cares if you forgot that you know long as you’re getting the essence of what it is he’s what you to do but really in it yeah and we do this a couple times you know we come up here and fly the pattern up here if you want I mean but this is good for the first time to see it’s really gets talked to approach they search you to tower you go in what you got to do you take off power switches you to departure you fly away so there is so we’re gonna land on one eight on the taxiway adjacent one eight well if you look right now see the east-west runway def the taxiway beside that is where we’re gonna shoot you so right now you’re on a right base okay put the winds a little bit more out of South well but he said taxiway a beam Atlantic so Atlantic is just down past the tower so I know that’s where he’s they say again that word you’re saying Atlantic Atlantic and landing okay Atlantic do I tell him I’m turn a base for a final yep okay he’s clear Gephart he’s cleared you for touch-and-go so could you see the tower east to the left of the taxiway over there well I’m in line with the right taxiway rest okay yep number nine seven four one three soap and ground runway Niner right taxi via Bravo across from my one eight at problem okay so just be less than in case he gives us some other some other instruction do you see the tower yet yes

that’s not a very big Tower no it’ll look bigger when we get down there Atlantic is just past that well there’s all okay there’s a couple planes sitting on a ramp yes that’s Atlantic okay so that’s where he’s expecting us that general vicinity is where he’s expecting us to shoot an approach to so if you don’t even want to shoot it just kind of a beam the tower so he can see exactly where we’re at worse the we came up here we just wanted to get out is there a pilots clapper well yeah you can go in Atlantic well that he’s in Atlantic that’s the FBO that’s where okay bed flights at that’s where they sauce fuel for one runway off after completion of your touch-and-go while heading to zero-niner-zero maintain VFR at or below 3000 clear on zero nine zero helicopter one one Romeo alpha very good yep let’s shoot it short of Atlantic because I will antics out there trying to direct us in they may already be thinking that we’re coming in there but it’s fine this what do a:hover just bring us down to uh cuz we’re clear to touch and go so just bring us down to hover pre-take-off check in a way we’ll go and then after we take off he wants us on a heading of zero nine zero okay and he’s already cleared just so you don’t have to say nothing else oh wow okay the down to a hover warning caution lights are out we’re good here cages are green when you’re already start a nice takeoff let’s take your time there’s no rush he gave us the taxiway so we’re not in anybody’s way he’s already cleared us the guys out there directing us no or not stop but all right about when you get your forty five start your climb out and let’s use this we didn’t that’s this is wrong here so yeah you zero nine zero right here and then at some point he’s gonna turn you south so for right now just keep the zero nine zero or at zero and I aren’t we yep okay yep he just keeping us out of the approach for that runway yes and want to bad Oh I got the one runway off I turn right heading one eight zero maintain VFR at or below 3,000 clear turning one eight maintain VFR leaving here to south helicopter one one Romeo alpha thank you okay that pretty soon he’s gonna handle something when Romeo alpha do you want to continue on five hauling say that’s affirmative that’s affirmative helicopter one one wrong way off Shirley okay what do you ask me do you want flight following meaning he’s gonna do we want to switch over to departure and keep talking to him so he’s gonna switch in a departure here pretty shortly okay so he gave us the option right he was gonna right here he was ready to cut us loose okay meaning there’s nothing going on there’s no aircraft around so he was prepared to basically we’ve got us loose if we wanted to just continue on her own and so I thought just for a practice right I said yes let’s do the flight balling because he’s just gonna follow us to get us out of the airspace and could give us basically advisories to like flemeth so all we’re doing now is listening for him to call us back and hand us off to departure which most likely will be 132 point zero five okay nice to get out of the pattern go do something Mina thank you no copter one Romeo alpha contact departure on one three two point zero five Roger that will be contacted varchar one three two point zero five helicopter one one Romeo alpha have a good day look it’s you yeah what a professional and I know it’s funny you know even though you’re a cop you think the radio is just like but it doesn’t it’s different so you still struggle even though you’ve been talking on radio for years well yeah one thing is a Romeo alpha instead of Robert Adam exactly I know I got it and then I want to go to the work I’m calling in plate numbers and I’m using the I know the F favorite letters yep and they laugh at maybe intro photo Papa so fing ground okay so now we’re on 132 0 5 so it’s southbend departure helicopter November

1 1 Romeo alpha and then just wait for him to come back ok self bath departure helicopter November 1 100 alpha I just give him a little time helicopter one owner may also stop and departure ident to sit on course to Plymouth maintain VFR is this communal stop there helicopter one I could one or meal for Roger not receiving your mode see altitude Miller 1006 Roger that thank you 1600 MSO my timber I want one broken off I say this is good we know we need to have this checked out on you know what I just changed it to a LT we’ll see if she comes back and says she’s getting us now I had it to arm but I didn’t have it on altitude alt that’s where it should have been so if my buck says she sees us now Isis so that was probably the problem right there you want me to ask her you want to say up for a helicopter November 1 1 are you are you reading our transponder now are you reading now this time like the one Romeo pit yep I just came on altitude it indicates 1500 thank you Roger that operator error not familiar with this helicopter I appreciate your help helicopter one one Romeo alpha there you go that’s our F Delta credit so your first time talking to approach and aperture thank you I appreciate that and we have it on video and we have the audio and I’ll render it and if we if we don’t look like we’re total morons I’ll use it if not I’ll just give it to you and you’ve got it to listen to and watch I think it’ll be totally fine for inside the ground school for people that have never done it they want to hear that yeah they want to hear what it’s like and if we’ve had and we screwed up and they didn’t get all pissed they kind of work through it exactly so you know we know how we feel we sit in here following morons but it might sound it look really pretty good so I’ll edit it all up nice and then well we’ll go from there but and we don’t ever have to meet them exactly so now you just listen for her to cut you loose she’s probably gonna wait till you have limited sight she may come on a little bit and say helicopter November 1 one row me off but do you have plummeted site or she may say helicopter one one row me off but much just off your nose two miles out squawk VFR 8 anything else blah blah blah so bottom line is talk to him as briefly as you can get your point across what it is you want to do I’m a tutor a roommate Charlie felt approached ultimate or 297 for descent of maintain 9000 yeah that’s like one win Romeo Charlie you hear that how close it was come on Anna and I Charlie Bella self-reproach Pendleton there’s two 970 for your stuff on my another aircraft here the weather one forces you like 10 aggression we do have the weather well just find a visual for Charlie Brook nice Charlie Bravo can I try Bella Roger settle maintain 2,500 2,500 brass coaster for departure radar contact turn left on course to the logic sometimes they don’t sometimes they’ll call you out on go do you have the current information and then you would have said yeah that’s affirmative we did get we did get information charlie so the only thing that she was saying that and he said that you may have not caught or understood as they were saying VFR at or below 3000 and they always say that cuz they want you to stay low level they don’t want you get up in the IFR traffic coming and going you know South Bend so they keep you below 3000 that means they’re really not too concerned about you well that’s why they’re saying maintain course at or below 3000 so that’s something common that you’ll you know hear from them sure 9 0 to 0 vectors sub approach on all cylinders to 9 or 74 turn to 0 vector what’s your on course to Winchester one row me off at the airport 12 o’clock five miles o’clock one two zero zero change to advisory frequency approve yeah I’d say squat 1200 or squawk VFR oh thank you very much for your help helicopter one one Romeo Appa I like after one one mile wrote me off Claire Roger will be squawking 1200 have a good day not thanks a lot for 9 cello Bravo occasion I tell you about was funny was there a nine zero zero nine zero nine telephone I’m a four one three the airport 12 o’clock seven miles go up one two zero zero change of other frequency approved there proves to be traffic in the

pattern you

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