and we couldn’t get this working so our apologies and uh yeah so, Welcome! my name is Trevor Millar I am a founding member of the Canadian Psychedelic Association Canadian Psychedelic Association was formed by about 10 people who had all been working with plant medicines for at least the last five years or so in their individual lives and we came together in a way to kind of humbly do what we can to steer this movement within canada in a really good direction we saw that as cannabis became legalized a lot of a lot of the early players kind of got kicked out and uh it wasn’t great so we met for the first time about a year and a half ago and said what can we do and we worked on it from there and in just on december 31st of 2019 the canadian psychedelic association was formed as a non-profit with revenue canada and we’ve been doing all we can ever since then to kind of make sure that this thing has a heartbeat and we feel as though it really does have a great heartbeat now so we’re at a point where we need to kind of set it loose and let it become what the canadian psychedelic community needs it to become so we met a few weeks ago with some leaders from a bunch of different psychedelic societies within canada and i’m gonna let jessica speak to that and introduce herself here in a minute but uh yeah it’s there’s already a really beautiful psychedelic community within canada we don’t feel like there’s any wheel that needs to be invented at all in that regard it’s just the cpa really wants to become an umbrella that everybody can come under or a tent is a cool metaphor as well where everybody can come in and talk about the different unique things that need to be discussed around making these plant medicines lead available part of that is making it legal one of the questions that came up on the crowd cast before we went live there is how is the canadian psychedelic association different from maps canada different from therasil because they’ve all got uh different initiatives that are very similar but not quite the same i’m actually chair of the board for maps canada as well and a quick answer to that i think is maps is really focused on legalization and medicalization at this point they do support the decriminalization initiative but the track that they’re on is around legalization therasil which is bruce tobin’s initiative hopefully rob lori is on here and uh he’s a lawyer for therasil we’ll get him to speak shortly and um they’re really specifically focused towards getting a section 56 which is permission from health canada to okay awesome glad you’re here rob um a section 56 from health canada to give psilocybin to people for end of life anxiety so that’s very important and that’s that’s its own thing so they’re very specifically focused on the health canada initiative and then the canadian psychedelic association we’re like i say we’d like to be the umbrella where everybody comes and meets like we would like maps canada to be a member of the canadian psychedelic association when it opens up we’re i’m a very good buddy of bruce tobin and rob laurie and spencer all these guys who are behind the theracil initiative and we just got back last week uh the board of directors for the cpa met in caslo british columbia at a retreat to discuss specifically strategy moving forward and we sent out a survey from the cpa to anybody who had been in contact with us so far a few weeks ago and asked in that survey what would you like the canadian psychedelic association to become and one of the primary things in fact the primary thing that everybody wanted it to become was uh an advocate to work towards advocacy to work towards decriminalization and that’s really why we’re here today is we are really pushing for decriminalization of all plant medicines uh the the the policy stance for the cpa is we would like every drug decriminalized but right now we’re focused on the low-hanging fruit and perhaps the more palatable political initiative of decriminalizing nature itself so we’ve got a decriminalizednature.ca website which if you haven’t checked it out please do we’re going to be speaking more about that soon but i’m going to introduce a few other people who i’ve asked to step on and uh jessica i’m going to pass it off to

you first while i track down rob and andrew and i need them as well cool thank you trevor i’m just gonna mute you trevor yeah great hi everybody um pleasure to meet you all i’m so sad that we can’t have everyone on this call but i’m happy that you are all here and thank you so much for bearing with us um so my name is jessica i am the executive director of the montreal psychedelic society um and i work in a few other initiatives within psychedelics um i would just like to give to speak for a moment about how this thing kind of got started um somebody in the u.s called mike margulies who hosts the psychedelic seminars he kind of got everybody from um he got all the psychedelic society leaders from around the world in on a call and um and next thing we knew we were speaking with people from denmark and from the uk and um after a little while we decided that we wanted to have some canadian regional calls with leaders from um societies from across canada um and then we started to talk about the cpa and what’s going on with that and that’s kind of what led to this uh very event we really wanted to see how the psychedelic societies across canada can join forces with the cpa um and we thought it would be a really great idea to hear everybody’s voices from the community um that’s i think what the psychedelic societies are trying to do and i think what cpa is trying to do as well is really to um sorry jessica i just could you re-pin your video there we go got it am i pinned okay um yeah so what we’re trying to do is really engage the community that’s what psychedelic societies are are really for is is to offer a space for people to connect with like-minded individuals um and to find um a space where they don’t feel you know so outcasted and they can feel understood a little bit more and we provide we try our best to provide that space for people um so today is really an opportunity to hear everyone’s voices um um everybody’s voices count right now and unfortunately we have a cap at 100 people but i would love to hear the um everybody um everyone’s feedback and try our best to join forces as a as a national community thanks beautiful thank you and i am going to bring andrew rose up next he is another important voice from the montreal community as well and uh i think can you unmute yourself or do i have to do that injury yep great thanks for being here yeah thanks thanks forever um yeah hi everyone my name is andrew um as trevor mentioned i’m also a board member of the montreal psychedelic society uh and i’m the director of programming and psychedelics at mine space well-being which is a clinic in montreal we do harm reduction and integration um i also work with an organization in the u.s called fluence that does training for clinicians around psychedelics um i guess trevor um i’ve i’ve been in touch with trevor and and with what folks are doing at the cpa since i sort of first heard uh wind of it and i think he just invited me to say a couple things in support of of this initiative and just generally uh give context for what’s going on so as i understand this it’s a town hall so uh hopefully we’ll hear from a lot of you um so maybe i’m just one of many more people who are gonna have something to say or questions to ask i think this still cpa is still developing its mandate i i uh popped in a little bit on this strategic meeting trevor alluded to uh last week where they’re continuing to build the mission and the mandate and and having a lot of conversations around uh and trying to move the needle in canada on the decriminalization front knowing that there are others who are you know working to move the medicalization and legalization model forward um and i feel really strongly about decriminalization as being a path uh to these medicines reaching as many people as possible as soon as possible and still a safe and an equitable way um so i really i don’t have much more to say than that other than um this is an important campaign uh and also just to i think keep in mind that no matter what happens with this petition that that trying to get the word out about uh that it’s going to be

a long haul um and that i encourage you all to in addition to sort of supporting the initiative and being vocal to also just continue to educate yourselves about these issues and um and really know know what you’re talking about when you champion uh psychedelics whether it’s to your mp or to family members uh or friends um the more the more you know knowledge um we have the the more compelling our cases are are gonna be so hopefully we can continue to share share that knowledge today beautiful thank you so much andrew and i’m going to bring up robert laurie next robert is a attorney he is part of the therasil initiative he is also a legal advisor for maps canada as well as the canadian psychedelic association and he uh he’s a good buddy of mine so really good to have you on here rob and um you know we’re there’s all these different tracks that are happening towards trying to legitimize these medicines and we’re focused on decriminalizing uh through this petition we’re going to be talking about here shortly which yeah has almost 9 000 signatures about 8 600 and uh that’s really what this call is about is we’ve got about three weeks left on this petition and we’d like you guys the psychedelic community to please help us to try and get as many signatures on this thing as possible but i wanted rob to perhaps speak about again kind of the legitimacy of what we are up to and uh rob i think you can unmute yourself if you’re not already and please please introduce yourself and share what you’ve been up to and what do you think of this all thank you trevor and very grateful to the canadian psychedelic association for having me as a guest this evening and it’s really wonderful to see a great turnout of interest from the community filling the town hall here i wear many hats in the psychedelic community i’m a board advisor to maps i work with dr dennis mckenna and the mckenna academy and more recently over the last about four or five months i’ve been on the litigation team under paul lewin’s direction and also been advising the theracell team with respect to a number of issues in the capacity as a consultant i’ve also been working well i was one of the folks that drafted the petition which i’m so delighted to see that we’re in in excess of 8 000 signatures and i just saw a comment someone had asked about indigenous well uh in one of the later drafts of the petition i i did incorporate um effectively article 34.2 of the 1971 convention on psychotropic substances which does recognize a cultural ceremonial and social use of plant medicines that are wildly growing and well that are that’s the national patrimony laws that uh ecuador and peru rely on and uh well that’s effectively yeah icers have said that and i thought by incorporating those provisions while at the same time recognizing that within canada and the recent federal and provincial declaration of the un uh recognition of the indigenous that perhaps this would give the federal government a i don’t call it a loophole but they already signed up to the un conventions which allow this under those circumstances and well perhaps first nations and indigenous play an even greater role um with respect to where how do we get to decriminalization and where do we go from that but uh yeah there’s a lot going on and i think you’re going to see a lot more happening in the next few weeks just to speak briefly on thericil and the person that you really should have speaking is spencer hawkswell the executive director but i can say that therasal has been representing the interest of medical patients who are suffering from severe ptsd treatment resistant as well as end of life anxiety and well they have been denied now it’ll be a hundred days and uh theracell’s team have sent a letter to the health minister minister haidu effectively saying you know when are you going to exercise discrimination and make a decision now we don’t know what the decision will be but we do know a decision will be made by her department on august 4th which either way you know regardless of what is proposed or offered the litigation team of the pharisee coalition will be proceeding in any event because the initial rejection of dr

tobin’s application as well as the existing restrictions that exist for anthogenic plant medicines are restricted under schedule j of part c of the food and drug act so in order to really get to a place where we’ll be able to do anything let alone businesses and treatments and that whole can of worms before we can even open that there has to be some understanding of the restrictions and and what role these medicines should play and i’ll conclude just by making some basic comparisons to cannabis i mean the tobin case represents the rv parker which in the context of cannabis parker was the case in 2000 which opened the door for medical access so you have the world in pre or post parker post parker 15 years later got us to the allard case and two years after that cannabis act came into play so we’re in the pre-parker days in psychedelics and the parker case effectively that we’re we’re hoping will open access further uh will be the dr bruce tobin and the medical patients that therissal coalition represents including thomas hartle and a number of patients which are well coming to our attention every day and making it harder and harder for government to hide behind a blanket exemption which not to get off topic was brought into place by the conservatives to try to deal with well closing loopholes involving prescribing heroin to treat heroin addicts what a novel concept but in any event there’s multiple groups doing multiple things which are all leading and pulling towards the direction of trying to establish what does decriminalization look like and based on a decriminalized approach that should set the way and the method for fact and evidence-based policies which hopefully will serve everybody better than an exclusive market which is difficult to access and well we’ll just create alternative and illicit markets and give them a place either way at the table so i’m glad to be part of this conversation again my name’s robert laurie if there’s any questions you you probably can figure out how to get in touch with me thanks rob there’s a few questions coming in already and if if anybody does have a question you can either put it in the chat and we might open the floor up a little later now that we’re not i gotta leave at five sharps so okay well we’ve still got a minute then so i’ll give you one of the questions right now is is justin trudeau’s recent response to bc premiere’s request for decrim a bad sign or a really bad sign well i think you have to look how politics work and it usually takes a number of branches working together and well without grassroots initiatives and lobbying efforts by concerned groups and coordination it’ll be very difficult for the executive and the legislative branches of government to i think truly appreciate the complexities of the issues at hand and well our current federal government after all is a minority government cannabis was a big election running point and without opening that can of worms that hasn’t necessarily progressed along the trajectories which got voters interested in the first place so calls for decriminalization are one thing whether or not they materialize at the federal level is another but if john horgan really wanted to decriminalize plant medicines he would stop enforcement by the community safety unit basically taking down unlicensed dispensaries who actually some of them have been around for 27 years and are providing better medicine at a better quality at a better price and government should be talking to them instead of trying to eliminate them so ultimately it takes a community i’m glad to be part of that and let me turn it over to you sure i’ve got enough to answer that question yeah that was that’s good enough we uh there’s questions coming up so what can we do and this is really what this call is all about is um what can we do in order to really really change the conversation because as mark hayden the executive director of

maps canada is always quick to tell me cannabis legalization happened in canada once 51 of people polled said that they were interested in cannabis legalization so these politicians aren’t real risk takers the bureaucrats definitely aren’t big risk takers but if the conversation changes enough then we are going to get what we’re after quite frankly so decriminalize nature.ca and decriminalize nature dot ca slash petition are two websites that i’m asking everybody from this community in canada to please share with every single person on their text and email list the petition is up on august 16th um you know to be honest a petition being read in the house of commons that rarely changes laws but we’re looking at using this as a vehicle and oh is that way for me jessica yeah i just wanted to take a minute just to acknowledge that it’s okay if not everybody has the privilege to be able to sign a petition like this i know a couple people for example who are immigrants to canada and who don’t have the ability to make such moves um on their like personal record and and that’s all right too and i don’t want people to feel like they have to do something that might compromise them in any way of course i’m not saying that you are insinuating that i just want to know that that is something to think about and um to consider that when sharing it to others and that’s really that’s kind of where i was going is like we don’t petitions rarely actually change law but we as the canadian psychedelic association and decriminalized nature we’re using this as the vehicle to get the message out there to start having the conversation around the sensible use of these plant medicines the decriminalizednature.ca website i don’t even think it mentions the word psychedelic so it’s a very easy entry point and speaking of entry points some other tools that we want to resource you with are some talking points so if you go to psychedelicassociation.net slash talking points we have a fabulous journalist named amanda siebert she’s been working with us on this decrim campaign and she’s helped us put together some very specific talking points there’s a 30 second elevator pitch there’s a five minute pitch and there’s a 10 minute pitch that you guys can memorize and you’re armed with all the tools that you need in order to at least start to really kind of well-based conversation around the benefit of these plant medicines so i robert i have another question for you i’m going to pull you up here there was just a question very specifically about when did you say that the minister would be giving a decision it’s i believe it is august the 4th or the 6th there’s been so much happening very quickly that again the person that you should follow up with is spencer huxwell and then perhaps the cpa in conjunction with therasul would be could issue a a statement but that is my understanding okay cool and um yeah like they’re they’ve asked sarasil has asked very specifically for you to use twitter to tweet our health minister to just let let all of our members of parliament know that this is a topic that canadians are very concerned with also on the psychedelic part of me the decriminalizednature.ca website there is a button right there for you to send an email to your member of parliament so please use that and the thing i want to encourage everybody the most today to do if they really want to help us out is to to use your own personal email list to write an email there is actually a spot on the decriminalized nature website where you can put in 10 email addresses and email it out to your friends but this is going to be mean more coming from your personal email account to the people that you love to say look these these medicines have a lot of benefit to them and we’ve got a chance right now to change the law there has been uh we’re obviously doing this initiative at the federal level we as the canadian psychedelic association are going to do a lot to work at the municipal level here in vancouver and we’re going to also do what we can to work at the provincial level as well

so the i’m i see that salome’s on here as well salome is a another member from the canadian psychedelic association on the board of directors and i’m really grateful to see your face here and if it’s all right with you we haven’t planned this at all but i’m gonna i’m gonna bring her up on stage and see if she might have a few words to add you’re up now you just need to unmute okay how’s this can you guys yeah great yeah yeah thank you trev so good to see you guys um yes i i just prefer zoom so much just because we can actually see each other’s faces and connect this way so it always works out for the best the plants know best um yeah so i i’m just trying to answer as many of the questions that we have on the chat thank you so much for everyone who’s saying that they’re going to donate and we’ve gotten so much support this way from the from the community and the u.s community now coming on board too so thank you everyone for all of your support and doing this incredible work that you guys are all individually doing there was also a question regarding the indigenous eldership or who we have as far as support from from those elders and just today i had a conversation with uh one of the wonderful um registered clinicians actually her name is kathy and she’s up in campbell river and she did a project called the village workshop 23 years in the making and it was a lot around the reconciliation um process and so we are definitely um ensuring that this eldership of this advisory board of elders does come on board and that they lead this movement because again we’re we’re honored to be here on this land and we want to ensure that we are guided through spirit and through the wisdom keepers and to do this right you know this isn’t about an agenda this is just all of us hearing the calling and like when we go into medicine further surrendering um so again whatever uh whatever feedback you guys have for us please let us know and this is just so cool that we get to for once just connect on the national front and come together like this so thank you everyone so much and thank you trevor thank you jessica thank you rob and andrew who’s spoken and we also have some representation holly from there so so thank you for being here awesome thanks so much salome um yeah around the indigenous considerations i’ve really been doing what i can in the last few months uh ultimately i came to this work because of my desire to help the downtown east side of vancouver and those communities are inseparable and uh i’ve specifically spent time with a former chief of the lillauet territory within the last month i’m working to speak hopefully with the chief of the tawasan territory later this month and you know i don’t claim to at all have kind of the indigenous knowledge to space gold within that context at all but i do have access to these incredible powerful incredibly powerful medicines and the community that’s so passionate about them so we’re doing all we can to build bridges and we’re putting together an advisory board very quickly with the canadian psychedelic association and that advisory board uh we hope to have indigenous considerations represented absolutely rob i i did want to call you on i’ll let you speak to that and then i gotta go pretty quick but i want to just mention important detail and i guess it’s as good as any but with one of the topics that we’ve been seriously considering that no one has been addressing is well i don’t need to be necessarily on a reserve or in a part of the world why why should i have government dictating what my relationship and my freedom of consciousness looks like and what my relationship should be with something which if used in a responsible manner is perfectly acceptable in my opinion and without further justification by the well at least infringement by the government with an absolute prohibition on psilocybin i see that also as an attack on my section 2b freedom of consciousness and in order to well consider where we go with that i’ve reached out to my friend dr dennis mckenna because i can’t think of a better person to be an expert to deal with the issue of ethnopharmacology and in fact dennis says you can have a symbiotic relationship with plants he says you know i have a symbiotic relationship with

raspberries i eat them i also have a symbiotic relationship with two plants when mixed together create dmt that’s also a symbiotic relationship and it also i think is part of the social cultural and ceremonial traditions that we need to also fight for because legalization and the decriminalization may or may not address the importance of those cultural considerations and when first nations say rob why are you interested in this i answer by saying well i’m scottish the british technically did the same thing to us before they did it to you in some regards and well i lost my connection to my land so i have to live vicariously through people that never lost theirs so perhaps in our dealings with the federal government working together we might be able to accomplish what’s necessary with two sides of the same coin and well i invite everybody who’s involved on this effectively to play a role and play a part and only you can figure out what that role in that part looks like i know you’ve got a five-minute cap here but there’s one more question that you’d be perfect to answer are we leveraging the argument that canada faces considerable liabilities if someone pursues a charter challenge given the data and litigation history it could be argued that canada is in contravention of the canadian charter of rights and freedoms i think i know who wrote that and it’s an excellent argument but the thing is is that maybe an issue for a later stage i mean for right now a charter argument really depends on the individual and their relationship with the state now whether that individual is a medical patient or they’re a medical patient which happens to also own a business providing access i mean in the dispensary uh test case challenge of which i was honored to be one of the many lawyers on that case well we won the private interest and the private public and private interest standing because ultimately the infringement of a recognized section 7 right to life liberty and security of the person can only be interfered with minimally i mean it’s the minimal impairment the section 1 oaks test and constitutional litigation and they tried to say in cannabis that well fire crime and mold were enough to justify medical patients and anybody else not being able to grow their medicine well the aller case and the smith case demonstrated that the rules the government proposed went beyond the minimal impairment again the minimal impairment of the recognized charter right so where does that leave us with psychedelics and psilocybin well there is an absolute prohibition on the access to these substances at present except for very strict strict research purposes so ultimately that along with freedom of consciousness and whether or not that leads and opens a floodgate into product liability as per the question or negligence of the federal government quite frankly that’s their problem the job of the lawyers is to challenge the laws if the government does not do something reasonable without going to the courts the government does do something reasonable well it probably won’t be to the satisfaction of everybody and all the stakeholders and really what i expect we should anticipate is a series of small events that lead to a larger event and those larger small events that become larger events is called litigation or legal jurisprudence and well we’re just at the start really of the jurisprudence of on a long road to legalization what i can say before i lose my voice is that mark hayden does a beautiful job presenting how in cannabis black market we went from corporate gangsterism and without proper policies that really adhered to legalization and public health and public safety well we went right down the curb missing public health and public safety and where did we end up well we’re literally in corporate gangsterism now not black market gangsterism and do we want to see that be the agenda and order of the day when it comes to natural plant medicines and the ability to access those in a manner that and i’m not saying i know what is the right way but in a right way that’s what we’re all fighting for and what that looks like is going to be a synthesis of multiple ideas and participations and viewpoints and i’m honored to be part of that and thank you to the cpa for hosting an event and creating a venue for um views opinions and ideas and

perspectives to be truly considered so thank you and keep up the good work beautiful thanks brother always a pleasure um yeah thanks so much rob there’s you know really this is uh i’m all about the tipping point hopefully we can get to a tipping point where this doesn’t take the rest of our lives to make these medicines available and tipping points really come once enough minds have been filled with the mean that these plant medicines are really positive so again this webinar is all about action some of the action steps that i’m going to ask you participate in is number one consider becoming a friend of the canadian psychedelic association for 50 or 100 bucks you can become a friend of the cpa that helps you support us like the board of directors is all of what volunteer board but we’re doing things like paying for an administrative assistance now we’ve grown to that point where there’s a lot of emails coming in a lot of social media to manage we are paying for advertising for people to learn about the petition to learn about the webinars that we’ve got coming up so um we are going to launch a larger membership campaign fairly soon as well there is going to be a strategic roadmap that’s going to be posted on our website shortly and that’s going to allow you to keep up with everything that we’re going to be up to we’re going to be very very trans uh transparent about everything that we’re doing financially we’re also trying to be incredibly equitable and we are as has been said before you guys might not have heard it though but all the members of the board who are on the board currently none of us is married to these positions none of us is married to the canadian psychedelic association being based in bc if that’s not the best for place for it maybe we need it to be in ottawa for it to be a truly national organization so we’re open to all of that and we want your feedback on that we’re we’re working on putting together kind of a replacement board as we speak like i say we spent some time in casl last week and part of it was how long are each of us planning on being on the board and how do we find really good replacements for us once we leave so all of that is up for grabs right now um we have another strategy that we’re going to be taking and it’s uh it’s a bit of a daunting strategy we’ve uh looked at a bunch of different ways to do this properly and essentially what the strategy is is i spoke to liberal mp nathaniel erskine smith who is a very big fan of decriminalization he has spoke out in favor of decriminalization of all drugs many times and the strategy he said is you need to find somebody in every constituency in canada every political constituency in canada who is an ally of plant medicines and you have them reach out to their members of parliament and everything’s happening over zoom these days so you can arrange a zoom meeting with your mp and we’re going to aim to have a representative from the canadian psychedelic association on that call as well but you reach out to your mp you arrange a meeting we have myself or somebody else from the cpa or our decrim squad tune into this meeting and basically we just pitch the the beauty of plant medicines and how they’re very good at helping us overcome the mental health the potential to overcome the mental health crisis that canada is facing so this petition we stop on august 16th and then it’s going to be i figure at least a month before that petition is going to be read in the house of commons i just heard through the rumor mill that paul manley the mp who sponsored that he’s actually going to have a registered nurse read the petition in the house of commons so i think that’ll go down very well and in the meantime we need to speak to as many members of parliament as possible and let them know some of the the benefits of these plant medicines the the uh nathaniel erskine smith told me that there was one conservative mp in particular that you really don’t even bother wasting your time on and the way i look at it is that’s actually the first guy i want to speak to like if we can win that guy over then the rest will be very easy so if you are interested in helping us with this initiative to speak to members of parliament please email us at hello at psychedelicassociation.net

in the subject line put decrim squad uh and then if you can find out what your constituency is so what political region you lie in i’m in vancouver right here as an example um so find out but just put what city you’re in uh worst case but if you can find out your specific constituency and then we will reach out to everybody who emails again hello at psychedelicassociation.net we’ll have a meeting before you guys reach out to your mps and we’ll do all we can to schedule our availability so that we can be there with you if you don’t feel confident in doing it yourself if you do feel confident in doing it yourself great like i say we put together talking points at dot psychedelicassociation.net slash talking points and uh that’s just going to help us really stick to the message so the canadian psychedelic association also has another event coming up these are all free events we’re trying to keep them all free um so the more you can help us by becoming a friend of the cpa the better because it does take resources to make these kind of things happen but we have another event coming up on thursday at 4 p.m pacific 7 pm eastern and the event is titled the war on drugs the origin and the impact and jillian maxwell a board member for the c cpa is going to host that she’s going to have neil boyd on it he is a professor professor in the school of criminology at simon fraser university and chair of the board of directors for the international center for criminal law reform and criminal justice policy at ubc law and then deborah small is going to be on as well she is a lawyer and social justice activist challenging the inequities of the u.s government so-called war on drugs and executive director of break the chains in the states working to empower communities of color and then we’re going to have a pre-elder phil lirondell phil was actually at the the event that the canadian psychedelic association grew out of it was an event that we called it it took place again in caslo bc there was about 32 members from the plant medicine community here in bc who came together and and to talk about what we can do to steer this in a really good direction this whole movement and phil and his wife were actually there they donated a talking stick to the circle and i i just wanted to reflect once again that um you know we don’t we don’t claim to know the full proper way to hold the indigenous context but the the indigenous uh piece of the puzzle has been on the forefront of our minds since day one of the formation of this this association so phil li rondell is a cree elder who brings a unique blend of aboriginal and eastern tradition to his present day sacred work and teachings he works as an elder to the corrections canada medium security prison in the lower mainland of vancouver bc and like i say jillian is going to host that so again what can you do to help share that share that facebook post get as many people on that call as possible and we’re coming up at 10 past five here i’m gonna do my best to wrap it up at 5 30. in the meantime if uh let’s use the fact that zoom will allow us to raise our hands and if anybody wants to raise their hand and ask a question i think that’s doable on here um i want to see i just see michael oliver’s name on here michael oliver is the volunteer coordinator and uh the assistant to the executive director of maps canada michael and maps canada are doing tremendous work they’ve just done a really great web series and it’s uh i think they’re in the middle of it i think duncan tressel is on tomorrow is he not michael and maps canada is another great place to send your resources if you’re really wanting to help the research specifically within canada so thanks for all your work michael always a pleasure to work with you thanks trevor cool yeah do you want to say a few words and let us know what you’re up to brother sure yeah absolutely i can take a quick moment thanks so much for hosting this and um for sharing everything you guys are sharing i really appreciate that maps is super on board as trevor said uh with with the progress of the cpa and what

we’re doing and what the cpa is doing um it was nice to hear your distinction that you made today at least for me it even kind of helped kind of clarify some things between like decriminalization and medicalization i think that’s a nice uh maybe just a simple way to kind of maybe contrast the cpa with maps can and what they’re doing because there is a lot of overlap as trevor mentioned but yeah there’s different obviously there’s different pathways that are that are emerging and and these are some things that mark hayden talks about a lot so it’s it’s great to have resources being put to these different paths and so just speaking quickly to what we’re doing on our end um we’re you may or may not know but maps canada is mostly an organization that’s composed of volunteers and so most of my my job with maps is organizing the wonderful team of volunteers that we have that make up maps and so we’re at an exciting phase right now because we’re actually revamping a lot of the um the volunteer processes that we have so in terms of onboarding and training so we’re trying to completely revamp that so if you’re out there and you’ve reached out to us to to volunteer you might have been um told to just wait a little bit because yeah we’re hoping to roll up that new platform in a couple weeks which will hopefully streamline a lot of things and yeah so that’s an exciting thing that people can look forward to and then other than that we’re working on a couple projects in the background and mark hayden’s looking to publish a couple documents including a guide for i’m sorry a manual for psychedelic guides which is going to be like a how to do psychedelic therapy type piece of work that has a lot of works already been put into it so it’s we’re really excited to release that we’re just in the stages now of publishing that and same with another document that he’s been working on which is looking at someone using actually microdosing psychedelics to help treat their schizophrenia which is um a really interesting story and it’s told through the the lens of this person and um and yeah we’re also finally we’re at the end of uh we’re approaching the end of our fundraiser so we’ve been trying to raise uh 250 thousand dollars since last november originally we were aiming for 150 ka but we passed that and now our stretch goal is 250 so we have 14 000 left to go we’re hoping to wrap that up towards the end of when the webinar is going to be completed which is what trevor also just mentioned that’s another project we’re working on which is a 14 episode uh webinar series i’m sure quite a lot of you probably have attended and we’re hoping to basically wrap those both both those things up together at the same time so yeah we have all the information on that on our website and we’d really appreciate it if you haven’t shared yeah the fundraiser already please do because yeah we’re we’re really close now to the the final leg of the fundraiser and every donation makes a difference and yeah stay tuned for more awesome speakers on the webinar duncan trussell’s tomorrow we’re really excited for him uh it’s going to be a unique episode and there’s still a bunch more awesome speakers to come so thanks for giving me the time here trevor and thanks everyone thank you michael yeah i’m looking forward to this duncan trestle episode for sure if you haven’t if you haven’t seen the midnight gospel on netflix i highly recommend it so good yeah um and then i s i don’t see the i think people are having issue raising their hands perhaps if there’s anybody that wants to unmute themselves and say a couple of quick words we can make that happen um i see some great medicine carriers and friends of mine that are on here you know who you are if any of you want to say anything anybody wants to say anything go for it we’ve got a few minutes here eric clemson in seattle a long time fan of things happening in canada and i i want to say i would like to try and rally support down here and my own because i think if you guys get your shit together like you appear to have done i think you can move forward fairly quickly and so you could show us how it’s done and so hats off to canada thanks so much eric and that that reminds me like we’ve like i say we’ve really focused recently on the federal level through this petition system and but it really didn’t start that way decriminalizednature.ca that website we registered that when we were working on a municipal motion that was against psilocybin and it through our conversations recently in looking at really what we can do to be effective we’re really going to focus again on the municipal level as well because if we can just get one of those municipalities in canada to say look we’re not going to prosecute people for these plant medicines anymore that would be a massive step forward so again if you want to be on this squad to help decriminalize nature within canada please email us hello at psychedelicassociation.net even if you don’t want to speak to your mp specifically or help facilitate that reach out you can you can still help us in other ways so please please consider joining us in making that happen um i’m just going to

cool anybody else eric if you could just mute yourself again that’d be cool and then is there anybody else who wants to unmute themselves and say a few words before we say mercedes with her with their hand up perfect mercedes go ahead go ahead and unmute yourself mercedes hey everyone this is so lovely so many people from all over um yeah i’m in the middle of i mean trevor knows i’ve been hounding him for an interview for a while i’m working on a story for double blind magazine about uh decriminalized nature movement in canada right now so first i just want to invite because the movement is i’m going it’s like last night i was writing and already it’s been updated um so i keep pushing back my due date but if there’s anyone who feels really called to share anything either their experiences um or just their role in the movement um feel free to get in touch with me i can leave my contact information for you i’m currently on the steering committee for the psychedelic psychotherapy forum which is happening in october um and the question that i have is around just your thoughts on the decriminalization movement um addressing people who are current for so-called drug and will this movement also include an effort to liberate these people as these substances become accessible so are you cut out for me right in the middle of that question if you could just ask the question again okay i’ll try again um um just curious about your thoughts on the decrim movement addressing people who are currently incarcerated for drug charges in this country and will there be an effort with this movement platform to liberate those people as these substances become accessible yeah from my point of view one hundred percent we’ll we’ll be focusing on that um i i think i i’ve got i got to spend some time with liber or with green party mp paul manley a few weekends ago and him and his chief of staff atlan were really really valuable because they they helped kind of spin things properly for me for one they they encourage me to really play up uh almo i need to when i’m when i’m speaking on the public stage they’re like you you need to remain conservative you need to look almost conservative in your approach and keep your hippie in your heart so i’m working on at that but they also talked about just looking at the different spending and and how much money could be saved by decriminalizing these plant medicines like all the money that is being spent in keeping people locked up for whether it’s plant medicines or other drug offenses is just crazy to me so i think these are really sound arguments to make as we’re speaking to our members of parliament and other people that the the war on drugs has just been completely ineffective prohibition hasn’t worked it has not made our communities safer it has not made our kids safer so it’s time to to take a new approach especially in the face of the mental health crisis and the mental health crisis crisis which has led to the addiction crisis and the overdose crisis which is taking lives more than ever in the month of june and i’m sure july is going to be there as well because kovid hasn’t helped that entire situation so we’re looking at any practical approach that we can take to strengthen our argument to making some change happen and i’ll add to that as well so what was kind of messy with cannabis and all the um jail time that people got is that oftentimes it would be under the same umbrella of substances and it wasn’t even separated and so when now people are going through and getting those penalties cleared up it’s it’s a lot of court time it’s a lot of extra money it’s a lot of connecting with the police and getting those records so we just want to be able to just clear that out and decriminalization of these plant medicines ensures safety so that we can actually set up more hubs so that the plant medicines can support the addiction with the other substances like cocaine and heroin and um and uh and so you know it’s very important like trevor said at the beginning it’s the low-hanging fruit but for me it’s actually like they are the fruit the plant medicines are the fruit that’s going to support us but yes we can we can definitely move in that degree first and then looking at you know the webinar on thursday we’ll talk more to this but looking at the different models of harm reduction across the globe and looking at you know portugal and seeing that harm reduction there is actually quite um strict

in they already have treatment centers that allow people to move through so we need to have more conversation that’s why you guys are on here because we need underground facilitators we need our doctors we need everybody to be as strong as possible in doing this medicine work doing this um therapeutic work for people so that once decriminalization actually happens and it’s already kind of taking place that we have really strong structures and that’s why oakland is done doing such a great job because they already they decriminalize and now they’re looking at um the structures of um what i would call clinics of the future so but that’s one part of it and i just wanted to add to before we jump off the call and hear hear more from other friends is that with covid and how our world is changing this is like another edition of trauma that’s coming on board right now and so it’s like it’s so compacted right now and we need to connect in as a as a collective to even be able to move through that and the next piece that’s going to come a lot of times i talk about the mass extinction that we’re facing and so you know how are we going to deal with famine how are we going to structure our communities so that we can prepare with for climate change to come covet is just the beginning of it and so the conversation needs to be expanded where is our community where are the lifelines where do we have the preparational pieces because now it’s becoming real it’s not just something in the future anymore like it’s right in our face so again keep strengthening you guys i had a mushroom ceremony on saturday and it was very deep to say that we’re all doing great keep strengthening yourselves and we will continue to just support each other as much as possible but there’s a lot of love that came through so i want to yeah i want to just express that gratitude um i saw i see fraser’s hand trevor did you see anyone else before did i miss anyone before nell has had their hand up for a while as well and then there’s jay as well can i ask my question let’s get shell up first shall we make sure hi i’ll just say uh michelle is is doing a great job on getting maps canada going in toronto again we’re after national associations here and shel and her team in toronto have done a really good job in that regard so thanks shop awesome hi hey julia hi hi michael um just wanted to say a quick note that the drug policy committee in toronto with maps canada is working on a one-page circular document out of that conversation that i uh finagled my way into with trevor and nathaniel erskine smith that very sympathetic um liberal mp here in toronto who centers drug policy as a part of his platform his recommendation was to create a very brief document basically outlining all of the points that we’ve talked about here so the cost and benefit of or the the cost of the war on drugs potential benefit of decrement or legalization precedent set by cannabis and other other occurrences in the united states and elsewhere um just to condense all of that information in a very easily digestible one-page document so that we can use that for education and advocacy initiatives when it comes to talking to mps or other government officials so that’s our first project we’re working on that um as soon as we get that all set up hopefully soon that’ll be a document that we can share with everyone who’s interested in doing some education or advocacy work just so they can follow up their you know if you have a hop on a 15 20 minute zoom call with an mp in your area you can follow that up with a um a document to kind of guide your talking points but something that’s also concise and digestible that um hopefully we’ll be able to bring some of these points home so i just wanted to add that thanks guys beautiful thanks so much shel uh jay what’s next yes thank you i think my question being uh was answered uh i had two questions first question is um like if i carry like if i purchase like some website in canada let us say five grams of uh magic mushroom and then if police find it out then there is going to be i mean some imprisonment and fine so i want to know how strictly do they impose this and in the recent past where like many people arrested and imprisoned because of carrying few grams of psychedelic mushroom for personal use that’s a really good question and that’s data that i’ve been keen to try and

get a hold of actually is yes we’re working towards decriminalizing these plant medicines but are people truly being persecuted for these plant medicines i don’t think they are i think most plant medicine users uh are kind of discreet enough that it’s not coming up a lot i did have a friend when i was younger who was arrested for magic mushrooms but he was kind of in the deep end of distribution of said mushrooms so does anybody have any insight on that if so just you can quickly unmute yourself but just the fact it’s it’s really it’s it’s a it’s a principle thing for me it’s just you know nobody should be considered a criminal or feel as though they’re a criminal or enjoying substances like these whether quite frankly as far as i’m concerned whether it’s for recreation or therapy so um i think the blessed sacraments i think the the point is they like as i’ve said many times if they grow out of the ground hasn’t nature legitimized them enough like it just frustrates me to no end the arrogance of these man-made laws which say that plants of all things can be made illegal um i see um judith in response to uh people to jay’s question i believe perfect judith my friend come on trevor um our experience in in the kootenays was that the rcmp became aware of some of the work that we were doing with psychedelics and one of our our people went down to the um the office and you know explained what we were doing and they said yes we know exactly what you’re doing you’re doing good work and so we aren’t going to trouble you beautiful yeah i heard about that i heard about the rcmp showing up we got outed and uh right on cool so you know so that’s only one example i don’t you know i’m not sure what would happen if you were you know flying yeah one place with it i tend not to um if i’m driving my car that’s another situation that’s yeah it lets nobody risk anything and i see the point here which is a good point is some folks are more at risk than others for being criminalized for having small amounts of psychedelics because of privilege or lack thereof racial identity it all matters there so nobody risks it we’re gonna do all we can to to make sure they’re all decriminalized soon enough um there’s a question that was just forwarded to me since we’re at this question can you also talk of the legality of psilocybin spores and cultures and mycelium and it’s my understanding that the spores themselves are not illegal that’s why these growing kits you can you can buy psilocybin growing kits and i think the legal loophole there is that uh that the spores themselves are not illegal again speak to a lawyer not me on that advice and then um you know there’s websites that are selling microdoses online in canada right now and i don’t think any of them are legal but kudos to them for doing what they feel is right and good luck to them in making sure that they don’t get prosecuted that’s why extension to my question yeah for the native people if they have like you know um medicinal purpose of this thing then can police go and arrest native people in their native land also um again i think it’s going to be a matter of what they deem important there is uh british columbia has just i think i don’t know if the word is ratified but just there is another motion that has been passed to have indigenous rights to plant medicines and i this is yeah there’s a lot of there’s a lot of murky waters a lot of ins and outs that i quite frankly don’t know i’m working towards understanding more and i’m working to see what can be done to leverage some of these loophole holes so that people can get legal access to these medicines but i don’t know too much about donald j i’m afraid um nellie thank you so much for the talk um i was wondering what you thought about um the fact that some church is using it for spiritual or religious purposes in ontario i think um could that be kind of like a

door opening or out for sure so i’ll speak to again what i know of this and then my my friends from morial might know a bit a little bit more but the only church i know of that actually has permission to work with any psychedelic is the santo daimay in montreal there are other santo daime churches across canada i don’t think any of them has specific health canada permission i’ve spoken with jessica rochester the reverend of that church and got a lot of that story basically she pressed for about 17 years to get that permission and she’s legitimately a church they are legitimately a branch of the santo daime church which is a very well established church we were looking at different ways of working with some of these plant medicines in the past and looking for those legal loopholes and of course freedom of religion came up and i realized after investigating that for a little while that it is not easy to just set up a church so that that no longer appeared to be low hanging fruit to me just have branches everywhere yeah yeah yeah so i think there’s uh you know the freedom of religious angle is a good one i think you know freedom of individual’s ability to seek spirituality however they want is the one that i think the charter and rights of freedoms could lean on exactly yeah yeah um any anyone else geo um hi hi geo cool um quickly back on uh basically charges for having uh large quantities of mushrooms um any of the charges i saw that went through uh like you don’t know you don’t generally get charged for a few grams uh most of the charges were with other drugs like other compounds uh non-plant medicines you know that’s where they like you know slap on an extra fine because uh because they can but generally speaking no they’re not gonna come after you unless you’re operating a big something big or uh sorry a big operation or something like that and also shout out for stickers i call for stickers i want to be able to just plaster everything oh and by the way uh my real name is kristen downham i was at the september 9th meeting of vancouver city hall so nice to see some of you um and i’m from saskatoon saskatchewan i might be the only one from saskatchewan so nice to meet everyone awesome that was thank you for introducing yourself in that context because you had a very compelling story thank you so much for showing up and figuring out how to make it more concise a little a little less like i said i said what i needed to say which was really nice and like nice and healing um i lost myself a bit over the winter but i’m back now so i’m hoping to hoping to help beautiful and again just a beautiful healing story around the magic mushroom and you know the most the safest drug on earth which can have such a beautiful positive impact on people’s lives all right so we’re looking at 5 32 now i think we’ll wrap it up i just want to again i apologize to everybody that’s watching this recording that was hoping to get on this thing live we had a really big technical meltdown at the beginning and then we fired up my zoom account which only allows for 100 people so apologies for that i i think uh crowdcast is they’re gonna have to do a lot to prove themselves again for us to use them again i think the stability of zoom is pretty incredible compared to a lot of the other programs that are out there so i apologize um action steps again get like if if we’ve got 10 000 people that have signed this petition so far if we get each of those people to get 10 people to sign the petition and then those 10 people get another 10 people then we’ve got an exponential growth curve and we’ve got a million signatures which i don’t expect us to get that but if we can get up to ten thousand signatures if you guys can be relentless on sharing this on your social media outlets sharing it with people that you know sharing it with your parents sharing it it’s it’s such a good uh wedge into some people’s closed minds it’s to speak about mental health to show them the decriminalized nature angle again a lot of people can’t argue with the fact that plants shouldn’t be illegal so please do all you can to share the petition over the next little while uh if you are interested in helping us further and becoming a member of the decrim squad please email hello at psychedelicassociation.net

please uh if you’re interested in helping us speak to members of parliament let us know your constituency and maybe include your phone number as well so we can get in touch with you but we’ll schedule a meeting around that shortly um another webinar coming up on thursday presented by the canadian psychedelic association around the war on drugs and i think again it’s so important to get people to understand the roots of where this war on drugs came from especially with the political culture right now where everybody’s calling out racism everywhere it should be called out the war on drugs was a completely racist and is a completely racially oriented piece of garbage and one of the comments that came up about the fact that some people get prosecuted way harder on these drug possession charges that’s that was the name of the game that’s exactly how this drug war started is because of racist policies so we’ve got some people coming on this uh webinar to really share the history and it’s great to arm yourself with that kind of data um please consider becoming a friend of the canadian psychedelic association again psychedelicassociation.net you can click become a friend of the cpa and that’ll help us do this i hope you’re enjoying this um you guys are the canadian psychedelic community and the canadian psychedelic association was set up so that we can find each other it was set up as a beacon we got the beacon burning now you guys are showing up now we need you guys to become this community and help it move forward so one of the things that came up at last week’s strategy meeting is we’re going to do what we can to set up a calendar and have a calendar where everybody all the psychedelic societies from across canada can share when their meetings are and then you guys can find the local community across canada and touch each other at that grassroots level and you know maybe do some medicine together sometime anyway thank you so much for showing up uh thank you again to the people who are gonna watch this recording everything that we say on here applies to you as well please do all you can to share this petition from now until august 16th then we’ve got another month or so before it’s going to be read in the house of commons then you know we’re probably going to start another petition so we’ll need you guys present and uh and able to help us on the next petition as well because we’re not going to stop on this until we get what we want like all i i was saying to my colleagues last week like i don’t want to be an underground therapist it’s i never got into this because i wanted to be an underground therapist i was able to legally work with ibogaine during the time that i was working with it uh at a at a high level with a lot of people coming in my my clinic so i don’t want any of us to have to be underground therapists i don’t want any of us to have to worry about our well-being because of being passionate for these incredibly healing substances that the world needs so desperately right now so again my name is trevor miller you can reach out to me through that psychedelicassociation.net website i’m on facebook um and yeah i love you guys i love this movement i love everybody that i meet through this process thank you all so much let’s switch it back to gallery view here quickly and we can see each other give each other the waves and the vows i honor you all so completely it is such an honor doing this work with you thank you everybody for showing up please share the recording of this once we’ve got that on the canadian psychedelic association facebook page thank you to andrew rose thank you to jessica kadosh thank you to salome tabrizi and of course my my very well-spoken attorney mr robert laurie thanks to him for showing up as well and thanks to pascal yeah pascal trombley who pascal is on the board of directors for the cpa and honestly the cpa would not be a thing if he wasn’t we wouldn’t have a public face at all because he’s designed he’s designed the cpa website he just designed the uh the decriminalized nature website we’ve got a whole bunch of other people from the decrim squab i see lindsey’s on here she’s been helping uh nowhere tyler’s on here as well i saw him so thank you to everybody from the d crim squad so far and and michael all the way from san francisco yeah our other cpa founding member thank you so much for being here so thank you all so so much have a wonderful little monday or whatever day of the week it is thanks everybody hey how about everybody on mute quick and say goodbye

hi noah bye you

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