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our office 5 10 7 4 to 5 8 87 and the website to check is attorney on a calm attorney on a dot-com and it will go into raleigh low so both will work ateneo Nia calm okla Roddy locom will be the same website and ladies and gentlemen I wanted to thank you for for being great listeners and be patient with us and I know sometimes I am not available to do the show life but today it is live today is a March 31st to me tomorrow h1b April Fool as I call it the visa waiver for and just for an information and that USCIS has agreed to give another five business days attached to receiving the h-1b packages and this was confirmed by American Immigration Lawyers Association last week and that means basically as long as your package is received their up to the 7th midnight I think you your package will be counted in the lottery because we are expecting a lottery my estimate this year is on two hun fifty thousand applications so be ready and I’m going to talk a little bit about other options of the of the h1 but we will be taking the course live 4089 125 565 4089 125 565 so today ladies and gentlemen as you know tomorrow is the first day due to send you can send your package basically today it has to reach there tomorrow it cannot wish there there today it will be rejected it has to reach that tomorrow up to the 7th and as long as it reaches there it will be counted in the lottery then they will have a lottery once the lottery is is finalized they will you if you get a cheap is pretty much the chances you are in the lottery and sometimes unfortunately even people getting worse receive they are not really in the lottery so be careful on that and once this is boss we should know about this probably based on last year around beginning by beginning of May everything should be cleared hopefully and now in terms of lottery and then approvals premium is not going to start I think two three weeks later and then premium or not premium we’re going to start seeing approvals as from probably means of May June July and some will go above that so be patient and know a lot of people are really kind of crossing their fingers we are talking here about about the situation with 65,000 plus twenty thousand and even the Masters gap I’m pretty sure will be will be also under the lottery usually we mastered cap few years ago was not under the lottery because they were not having that many applications but this year based on the number of students in the United States we are we are we are expecting that there will be an abundance of applications so be ready for that having said that now I have another topic since h-1b kind of is going to of course Ashwin be transfers will be here labor certification etc but there’s another course that I’m really kind of to the heart right now is au visa because recently we have seen a surge of people being attacked either because of the religion or because of their arms because of their race or be cause of their color of their skin and and i will recommend to look into what we call the u-visa i have started a campaign to increase the cap and the u-visa the good thing with the youth visa is that you can get within a couple of years you get a work permit under the U visa but before that you might be able to get a conditional work permit and after that ultimately after three years of the AED you can get a green card so it goes actually goes faster than the eb-2 in some cases so i recommend that you guys look into that so ladies and gentlemen I think we have a caller let me take a caller this is sharper I 11f hey Jaime social thank you for money my calling taking my collar and really yoga ratio is very good or thank you sir thank you so much what can i do feel i have a question about the money wipes editing i am working for a company a and i go I am I approved I 140 so so we took my spouse ad on my rival party you know now suppose I change to Company B so will my supposed to be continued working on her radio she also need to do a paperwork to make the changes ok this is a little tricky situation what I recommend people to do is to transfer the h4 also when they transfer the h1 that means file the I 539 form and as long as this is done and by that time the transfer is affected and the company doesn’t cancel the i-140 then yes she continues and that same ed but if it gets cancelled I want for the gets

canceled then then she loses the ed if you if it is not done if the approval doesn’t come on time they have not been vertically on that accept the fact that they have been saying is that if the i-140 if your your your shifting and the i-140 is dead in the meantime it for example let’s say you’re transferring h-1b right and you are doing an s 5 5 39 on you h4 and then in the meantime the company finds out and cancel the i-140 and the I 539 that approved yet there is a chance they might cancel the ed but they have not made this clear so just make sure that you do the transfer of the h4 and the ed will follow and as long as I want food is there you you don’t have to worry okay okay sure thank you okay good luck good luck to you and for anybody out there I I wish all the best for the h4 EAD we’re still doing a lot of h4 EAD and we have this special blog for it is called h4 to EA do if you type h4 EAD locom h4 EAD locom you will go on that and for all those who have any question doesn’t have to be on h4 EAD can be on anything h1b you visa family petitions feel free to call the studio today 4089 12 55 65 today we are doing the show life is my march study first and that show will probably be replaying on monday because i’ll be a little bit busy finalising with h1 b’s probably so ladies and gentlemen I apologize we have we have some I was talking about the U visa why I’m talking about it is because a lot of people have started contacting me especially students because they are being victims of crimes or all over the place as you have seen a lot of Indian students and students from Pakistan from other countries have been attacked different different places including in different states and in those situations you need to know that you are eligible you might be eligible for the u-visa the U visa is very powerful because it end up ends up by giving you a green card actually we have a Facebook page now and we have some videos on the U visa and we have a petition also on the U visa please check our blog immigration legal blog where we put all the links there immigration legal blog we have we have different different blogs but this one is it has a lot of issues and we have some good videos under and what we call the u-visa let me take another caller this is sharp rally 11 e shisha froggy is satish her question i recently moved from india to us on h-1b visa while while coming here I have signed a kind of agreement with the company that I would be giving one month notice and there will be how to repay all the relocation charges so is that a kind of valid agreement or it all depends if it is reasonable according to the h-1b rules if the agreement is reasonable for it is in a mod I count it around five six thousand dollars cand Candice is reasonable what is not allowed is what we call penalty clothes when they are asking over asking what is our under liquidated damages if you look at your contract sometimes you will see employers putting like thirty forty thousand dollars $20,000 those are usually not enforceable and in fact by doing that they can get in trouble themselves but if it is just reasonable amount just for the traveling and small sum then the court might hold it depending on your state but the rule and the h1 b’s on the federal so there is a guide for that give me a call at the office i’ll do an assessment for you on that one ok and now usually on those we we do a quick assessment and i can tell you if this reasonable or not if not then if they are kind of harassing you we can kind of take care of it for you ok sure thank you ok the number is 5 10 7 4 to 5 8 87 let me take another color this is sharper I 11m okay hello okay I think I love the color so ladies and gentlemen I was talking about the U visa this is another point that the caller just made a point where where employers is asking for for certain amount of money when they do the h-1b some of that money might be recoverable by the employer I’m not saying no big if it is reasonable there’s a chance that they will get it but when they start becoming really aggressive and they are trying to abuse you then you might get few things actually one you might be able to actually if the employer is acting in bad faith and he’s kind of trying to cheat you and trying to commit labor fraud not only you might be able to recover money even if you don’t recover money and they are abusing you and there’s a complaint with the Department of Labor you can go into a u-visa it depends because this force and the labor of Labor fraud so if it is find

out that we can get the deal because now the dealer signs on the zoo visa and the u-visa actually a bad thing can turn out to be good so give us a call if you have this situation 5107 425 887 let me take another caller this is Abreu 11 you hello hello oh hey hello yes sir yes yes actually healthier so myself and my wife are both in card holders and my life it is US citizen we’re born here and question here is both my wife passport indian passport I’m that my daughter US passport both but expired so am I in trouble no you’re not in trouble but you need to renew it if you want to travel green card holders don’t have this problem even h-1b etc I don’t have this problem but recently what has happened it seems like whenever they are giving extensions for example let’s say you on h-1b brink rd doesn’t apply let’s say UNH won’t be if you are trying to do an extension and your passport and they will stop the extension to the date of the passport so be careful on that but for you it doesn’t matter but i will recommend getting your passport because if anything goes wrong here they will say you don’t have a present but the green carpet image gives you the ability to be in the country so the passport is not important but i will highly recommend to get all your passport renewed as soon as possible okay or even the dataset spiders okay ray yeah but that depends on the Indian counselor do you know because if you’re from India sometimes they don’t issue passport depending how you got your green card for example people who are on asylee sometimes don’t get it so sometimes i’m not saying she always so then it becomes an issue then what you can do if you want to travel you can go ahead and get travel documents from the USCIS and travel on that okay okay thanks good luck to you let me let me take another caller this is sharper I you live in a fire hello my name is husband and my question is on my green card I’m on the h-1b visa and my passport expires in a twenty20 17 and my h1b is valid till 2018 March so when you think i should start the green card process okay yo green card and the passport has no no bearing on that you can start the green card right now you can start later but I’m talking only how about extension of h-1b where they are starting to create problems this was not a problem but I have a video on this you can even file a green card while you’re in India there’s nothing wrong in that you can file a green card even without being on h1 like I i wrote also another article which a lot of people were asking me about people on f1 can file so it has no bearing when you can file but you should fight you should be able to file any time even later but earlier is better but it doesn’t affect it make sure and whenever you’re filing it is good to have the passport but if you don’t have any won’t affect the case okay awesome okay thank you thank you for your answer yeah you’re welcome year ago so ladies and gentlemen I was talking about about few about you important things that that a lot of people not bringing that and actually I did make a an article on this too I mean I’ve been trying to find issues and write articles because that makes it easy for a lot of people to get information and if you subscribe to our youtube channel youtube.com slash sharp rally low sharp rally low I put updates pretty much on a daily basis because we said deed has been easier for me just to do a YouTube takes me five minutes rather than writing an article takes me like one hour two hours so i will recommend that you subscribe to that and also for those who want to get more information our website is attorney on a comp attorney on eircom and now just we were talking about about about the you visa earlier so I’m going to continue in that because a lot of people don’t realize that the U visa is very powerful the only issue we are having with the UV that they have a cap right now of only ten thousand which we are trying to fight enough to increase that gap so I recommend that you help us sign on that petition increase the cap razor it’s called it’s called you visa increase the cab you visa from 10,000 to 30,000 it’s on change.org I’m going to seriously kind of consider pushing this to Congress like we did and others things like h4m ntps etc so please help us support us on this and the thing with the u-visa the amazing things like just like all those people telling us all those abuses that they have been victims of for example from the employer for

example being attacked we had I’ll give you a few examples of people who have gotten you visas with us we had a case um I remember one of the case someone came to me his h1b fell off and he he unfortunately had no choice which is not a good idea but she did it he was working in an install and he was not he was just helping kind of in the store and then ultimately he was a tag there and he was panicking because the police came everything and he gave a declaration and and and he wanted to know when she should leave the country he was too scared because he was not his h1b was he was on h-1b and he was working for how many but doing that kind of part time and I know and and what happens there is because of this situation that person was able to obtain a u-visa having said that I don’t recommend people going working illegally but the thing is that this this thing happens sometimes people are struggling and they do the stuff but ultimately he got a u-visa because he was attacked in that store and and the police doesn’t the USGS doesn’t really look into the fact that this person was working illegally or not because of the attack the u-visa kind of covers for everything so another example we had a student who was was working bye-bye I think um by a leak and he was he was mugged and and and he was uh she was sick she was sexually assaulted and we were able to get au visa for her and for her family and on those does and another one we just got right now signed by the Department of Labor we’re basically that person was mistreated she was working in a store and and she was mistreated there and she was harassed and sexually assaulted two and we we got the labors you we got the US visa certification sign we are not gir than the U visa yet but those are few examples of situation people are very scared to come forward to the police but if you’re in California even outside oftentimes you should go and put the report if you qualify under those crimes of U visas because ultimately a bad thing can turn to be a good thing so call us if you need help on those 507 425 887 let me take another caller this is char broil avenue hi my name is the padishah and i have a question about the edge 40 ATS opening up that body yes yes go ahead I had no feel free I’m talking about different topics but you can ask question in easing immigration so I’m on it I’m on h1 and but I wanted to move on edge for dat because of the lot of options over there so my wife has the island would be accrued with their company and the question only is that because I am there I want to hire me from contract to full-time but the reason is the card from the right one so that’s why was people to go on touch worry Eddie yeah but if I filed a co-current the calls or h4 h4 and the EAD but if my h4 comes earlier and the EAD comes a little later do I have to leave the job that’s the vision dollar question yes I know technically this is the way it works right now they are making a big effort I have to give it to the USCIS they’re pretty much giving those ed within a couple of days of getting the h4 so some people are most people like getting it almost together that’s one thing to one advice I tell people is to just take a break as soon as the edge for gets approved take a break and take some days off until the ED comes three now let’s say for example you don’t know that for was a proof and you still assume in your head that you were on edge one if you work let’s say for those few days you don’t really get affected down the road and I need to 45 k because you get forgiven for that as long as you don’t pass 180 days however having said that the iron it to 45 k is not a enough formative thing you can just go and you say oh I claim that no it’s a defense so bottom line it’s uh it’s partly yes you should stop working but if in case you don’t know the h4 better prove and you continue working and down the road at your you have an issue you might be able to use the irony to 45 k as a defense so that’s the only glitch we have with the edge for 15 20 for right now but most of the cases just for my experience the cases we file for my office get pretty much approve at the same time okay okay thank you okay and if you need help filing it to make it kind of time and give us a call 507 425 887 will take care of it for you let me take another

color this is sharp ryu 11e hi i had a question regarding my wife she’s working she’s gonna be working for a company and they have been running her business like almost six months back so and now she want to get an actual transfer done but then since she doesn’t have the recent basis that’s the issue as other lawyers and they’re going for consular processing I just wanted to know is that a nice position or is that a way that she can still be here and get different transfer done even though she does not have written business yes and no but the way you might not like it if okay this is a question she worked for a company and the company gave her six month check stub but didn’t give her the last month but then she I’m sorry is she still on the h-1b of company a first company she’s already she’s already on external company a however that the company is paying her almost like this was acting in a sense that this is my so he has makes it not being paid as October of religiously you know so she isn’t hiring in the case of some of the work in it now okay so what we are them and I’m really then you have to do counselor processing and you have another issue also because six months seems you want out of status one of the options is your company did beta or you can put a complaint with Department of Labor and get your salary back but many people don’t want this option because if you do that then you can use that to get the h-1b transfer and extraordinary starting your circumstances I’ve done before but usually do that when the employer is really bad but this is the only other option apart from consular processing but i will recommend you check well before you leave to do the stamping because if your wife was out of status for six months what will happen when she put that on her ds-160 to get her visa they will borrow under the two one two three a bar so i will recommend before you leave the country give me a call or talk to the lawyer we will do an assessment before she leave because if she leaves i should get blocked she won’t be able to come back for three years okay all right right so my question was so instead of going for the conscious processing is better way that she can get be a transfer done now even though she doesn’t have a resistance mr yeah that’s the answer you have to put a complaint with the Department of Labor and say the employer didn’t pay you for the month that you want the h-1b and once you get that copy of the complaint you can put that in the application and you will get your transfer but most people don’t want to do that complaint that’s what I’m not only way yeah but I don’t do you head with that campaign like do we need an attorney for it or is it like personally we have to do you don’t need an attorney but it’s good to assess it you do it because you don’t want to do something which will put yours in jeopardy so give me a call at the office let’s not discuss on the radio give me a call at the office and I’ll look into it and i’ll tell you if you need my help or you can do it a new okay all right okay yeah good you can call us 5 10 7 4 to 5 8 87 and schedule an appointment and we will look into it for you okay because there is an issue of over of six month that might be a problem even in Council of processing let me take another caller this is sharp right you 11 you a shout how this is ali hi early hey i have a question about the h1 in general yes i work for a company X who wants my h1 but I one of my friend made me an offer for a start-up saying he’ll give me an equity if I work for him you know on the weekends or something like that is it something durable can someone write me an equity while my h1 is owned by someone else ah yes you have to do a part time it won’t be with that person the question is are you going to be an active owner or with passive owner if you’re an active owner yes you have to do a part-time at one be with that company and then you might be able to get compensated to it to an equity kind of but owning the company becomes a problem but since you already have h-1b with another company you should be fine the entire question is how much involvement you’re going to be in the company so it’s very hard to answer if you’re if you are really kind of really involvement you need to have an h-1b a what we call it a multiple h-1b concurrent h-1b going with a company p then you can take income from that something like okay all right thank you but it is it is do able to see will

click OK let me take another look this is sharper I 11e hello Haifa good morning I have a question regarding my brother-in-law is a student yeah he’s worrying that like he work today one of the store as a part-time but that time there was an incident happened so the cops came and he was a witness but he so is there any way he can get rid of that because it in the cops section C he mentioned that he is a witness not the is working there so how to get occasional about working what I what I was talking about earlier is a u-visa in fact if he was a witness and somehow evict him I might be able to get him a work permit base on that any green card so tell him to give me a call at the office that me access this case and and just being a witness might not get the U visa but sometimes people don’t know they’re both witness and victim and if I get the police because we will do that we will talk to the police and see if we can get them to sign the u-visa don’t worry about being the name there because ultimately this bad thing might turn out to be good for him so I wanting to give me a call at the office I might be able to get him a work permit if he qualifies under the U visa and how to make a green card ok ok well thank you thank you very much good luck to you so let me take another caller this is sharp right you’re live in here ok so ladies and gentlemen just so we we kind of I’m not going to take more callers right now so Franco I’ll ask people to call the office 507 425 887 let me finish my topic on the U visa because this is a good example we we are getting a lot of people are scared because they feel like okay they just work you know these are things that are happening we cannot deny it in America that a lot of people working and documented or working on his side just to make meat to make ends meet and this is something that I pretty much everybody knows about who’s an immigrant in this country and the truth is that the great thing about this is like this law which was enacted and the wawa actually the U visa has helped a lot of people people who are working victims of crimes for no reason like working in a store getting attacked but people who’ve been battered by there doesn’t have to be a spouse under you visa but let’s say for example someone is victim of a domestic violence with a partner and someone gets attacked and finish felonious assault that means basically get attacked for any reason we’re seeing a lot of hate crime especially towers seek and Muslims because they you know what’s happening so all those people might end up by getting a u-visa the good thing with the u-visa even if you entered illegally what we call entered me we you might be able to get it to a waiver and you get your work permit and the deferred action then you get a work permit under the u-visa then after three years you get a green card so don’t let this chance go because I have not really focused on it until recently there in the past few days I started getting a surge of course from student so i say let me start focusing on it even though we have done many of them so i will recommend that if you are in the situation like that or your employer is taking advantage of you like they’re trying to extort money from you blackmailing you there’s a long long number of crimes listed than that and i have put that actually on my on my blog immigration legal blog and this is where an attorney can assess and see and also sometimes when we talk to the police officers we find out that there are other stuff inside the case that can get you your visa you might not know yourself but when we do the u-visa we talked to dr. G’s we talked to the police we talked to the FBI we talked to the the DEA and now the Department of Labor so many people are especially students here I know a lot of them are suffering because they default prey of those employers who just want to take advantage of them so don’t be be taken advantage of because that’s not right and if they have done that to you I don’t mean simple things right so for example tell you work you have to work and you don’t want to work things like that does know what I’m talking about here or extortion people who are telling you or you got to pay me or make force training stuff and claiming that you owe them a lot of money and all the stuff those we are we are good to go because not only I want this the students to be protected but but employers who do that need to actually pay for it because what they are doing is very wrong they are messing the whole system and they are not giving a chance to really immigrants want to work hard and people who are trying to do good stuff are getting blamed because those those those people who are crooks unfortunately they take advantage of people and they are good at it and they feel they’re strong because they think they are still living in and different is but this is America no matter how much we share Donald Trump talking nonsense it’s still America the

law of the rule of law still applies so we can still use that in your favor if we have a good case of course so let us assess it and we will tell you where you stand you can give us a call at 5 10 7 4 to 5 8 87 and so now ladies and gentlemen I’m going to talk about about something different because today I’m going to have amid continuing few minutes because I h-1b I have to to be in to have to be in the office so I’m going to talk a little bit about debt settlement this is another situation where we are seeing people suffering a lot of people have been kind of taking advantage of thinking that oh that ok this is this is a chance you get a credit card you can use it because you have a good job right now but suddenly this day they get laid off or they lose their their their job and define themselves with huge debts so what do they do some of them are struggling to pay and and they are because they’re in good faith trying to pay but some of them just suddenly finds out they cannot pay anymore is either putting food on the table 00 or basically pay the credit card so what we can do we can settle those debts because most of the time those people don’t qualify for bankruptcy and they want to clear their their credit to move forward in life maybe to buy a house down the road and things like that and again here we’re not doing credit fixing here what we are doing here would clear your debt out and let the the credit fix by itself so we can do what we call it debt settlement for you you can check on it yo debt settlement attorney com your debt settlement attorney com and you can also talk to people and and and check the kind of records we have the kind of things we have done for other people on our website you debt settlement attorney com we are being able to to also do a lot of second mortgages with the house underwater in the Bay Area most houses are not under water and the water means for example you have two loans right one lone is the ha1 lon is 300,000 the other loan is 200,000 and the house is worth only 400,000 when you add those two losses 500,000 so $100,000 showed so what we can do we can negotiate for that hundred thousand and get rid of it so these are the situation that but it’s not happening the barrier but we are seeing it starting happening on the on some places in California where basically like like some areas where the house prices are going down so we can still we can still get get this done for you and just please give us a call if you have questions 507 425 887 the other cases that we have a litigation debt many times you see people in the indication for example one of them is all those h-1b cases where employers try to take advantage of people and try to to pin a lot of money under under on their head those we can we can take care of those for you I depending on the situation that’s why it’s a case-by-case basis and just because we get success in some cases doesn’t mean would be successful in your case we have we can do this for litigation that judgment for example you you have a debt and you don’t pay this to you and they get the judgment against you what did you do if you don’t pay once they get a judgment they can garnish your paycheck they can put lien on your property which is bad and they can even put levy your bank accounts so we can negotiate that and get rid of those two we can help you on all those angles and if you need help again 5107 425 887 the website to check is your debt settlement attorney com your debt settlement attorney com so I don’t know if I’m it is already there so but i am going to kind of rock before I’m it takes over so today I was talking about course about h-1b you have up to April 7th to for your package to reach the h-1b on the h-1b cap so I I wish all of you the best good luck to all of you you need luck because this is the lottery my expectation would be 250,000 so the the amount of acceptance will be around thirty to thirty-five percent so I i recommend that you file on time double check all your package etc etc so don’t make sure that everything is done properly because a simple mistake will cost you that’s the first news and the second user you visa we had to date stuff callers of examples of the u-visa take advantage of it because this is something that has been said to protect victims and to help the law enforcement so ultimately I will I recommend people to make sure that if if they have a situation where they are being attacked or they have been victim

of a crime don’t hesitate and don’t get scared talk to a lawyer a lawyer will keep your confidentiality and the U visa is is under strict confidentiality rules just like vava if you’re a victim of domestic violence victim of slavery that too I have a key I had a case before where someone was basically brought here almost as a slave and she run away and things and we were able to get them a if our petition but you can also get the U visa if you have a police complaint on that so ladies and gentlemen I i recommend that that that you always talk to a lawyer before you do any case and now the truth is what happens right now is the to be honest with you there are many many things that we are seeing now what might be not be here next year we are hoping that if who’s good whoever’s going to win the elections if that person will actually reverse all those Obama rules the U visa will not be reversed because this was set up in two thousand and the Devourer arc and it was renewed but the h4 EAD the deferred action dhaka the persecutor discretion all this were issued by Obama executive orders so we hope and we know if every weekend takes power this this is going to really kind of go sour for a lot of people but in the meantime we pray to God and pretty well to everybody that they don’t change their mind and also just to let people know we pray for the world with all those bombings and all the stuff people are people in Pakistan people in Turkey people in Belgium we want to say let’s hope God God have them and I heard also in Oakland Oklahoma they are having this huge storm so all the listeners there please be safe and I will be back on Monday from noon to one and i think i have I meet on the line right now I let a meet finish because I have to take care of h-1b amid are you there all right on your thumb here oh yeah I’m there so I meet today I think you have like 10 15 minutes I think 15 minutes to 20 minutes so I let you close the shirt today and if you can explain a little bit on the debt settlement in Punjabi and also I took about real estate and I thank you all for listening anything I’m telling you today is for educational purposes only you should not a core a friend to act solely and information provided so the air is all yours a bit bye-bye Franco take care and we’ll be back on Monday thank you ah yes thank you sir thank you for having me and

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