because of pride one is to God or what is too man proverbs the sixth chapter at verse 16 go every day these 16 these six things the Lord he uh huh yay seven are an abomination I may go riola but go ahead read a proud look oh you see the first 11 / love on the list a proud look the first one on the list that is really something he didn’t say thou shalt not steal thou should not lie he said that did he said he’s six days the Lord hey yay 7i abomination unto him a crown look go ahead read a line tongue uh-huh it has that shed innocent blood and hands that shed innocent blood for in a heart that devises wicked imagine they should not have feet that be swift and running to mission going a false witness that speaketh lies and he their song discord among brethren on a false witnessed and speak of life and he would give read all of it he then saw discord among the brother but you see what’s the first one on the list o pride or proud that’s when people say stuff to be like you know try to tag me on the back I just look at it watches walk away or something you know man you show are good man ain’t one good about the Lord are you going on me yeah I knew regarding what good as God if jesus said what one do it that’s goddamn Who am I ain’t nobody let’s go now let’s go let’s go to Romans or 12 of chapter cuz you did this the type of proud a pride and he talked about right here romans 12 and three role is 12 and three romans 12 ish rico you know a person then Sean Rome is 12 and three okay we’ll go back to proverbs 6 go back to prov our city in first uh when we leave off at 18 go ahead second proverbs 6 an 18-point read at 18 yeah I’ll heart that devises wicked imagination on our feet that be swift and run into mischief go ahead a false witness that’s because one of those witness then speak of lies uh-huh and he that sow discord among brethren ahi that saw up this quarter homefront you don’t want it all way you see him when he coming you know when he cometh he’s always got something bad to say always got brothers at odds with each other you know that person that’s because he haven’t humbled himself before the Lord that’s why he’s always got discord going on along brothers misery loves company you know that saying we got misery loves company invincible so anyone make anybody else around a miserable he having humbled himself before the Lord let’s go now let’s go to Roman’s in twelfth chapter Romans 12 Romans 12 and we’re gonna pick it up at verse 3 Romans 12 and three anybody got go ahead read for I say through the grace given unto me ah to every man that is among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to oh this the pride we talk about a man take it off himself more highly than he ought to think the surprise that we talked about just be proud that the Lord hate right here a man think himself more highly than he ought to and you know we gotta you don’t stand it walk by and stuff and looking at you would look down at you no humility at all read out one more time there’s three uh-huh for I say through the grace given unto me to every man that is among you I’m not to think of themselves more highly than he ought to think ah but to think soberly according as God have dealt to every man the measure of faith according to according as God have dealt to every man the measure of faith this is how can you know what you understand what God has given you don’t you and you know not to go beyond that don’t you so

don’t think of yourself oh hi do highly get you all too so when you start thinking like this that means pride is involved now you be prideful and this is one of the things that the Lord hate cuz i will show you some let’s go to Galatians 6 Galatians 6 as you start feeling like this man you’re not going up humble yourself before God and you guys are humble yourself before manner you show not gonna be yourself to fold on 6 and 16 and 1 Galatians Galatians 6 and 1 go ahead read brethren if a man be overtaken in a fault i give which are spiritual restore such as one in the spirit of me is a spear know what the spirit of come up in a blasted him all up in his face and everything you don’t telling them off and all this you come to a person if their fault you come to that you comes it into the spirit of meekness humble that way you’ll a soft answer turneth away wrath don’t discuss somebody talk please tell me you got a real back on them and if somebody’s that far you put to the sound like a brother same man I need to talk to you brother you know that one right what you did what would that do man maybe you don’t even know he got it you come to him and spirit of meekness then he’ll listen to you that sounds out of here if you come to a person in spirit of meekness they will listen to you unless they just you know on sir the Berryhill you understand but most people you call to in the spirit of meekness they will listen to you bring their first one again brethren if a man be overtaken in a fault aha ye which are spiritual restore such a one and the spirit of meekness are not considering thyself let’s now also be tempted go ahead Kyle you know you eat where you go go off on him vehicle go off on you and now y’all going back and forth but get a k2 a bit spirit of meekness and he go off that’s how i live now ain’t you have done the will of God when you come to the P person that spirit of meekness first to go ahead bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of christ go here for if the man think himself to be something haha when he has nothing oh he deceiveth himself you see that so I’ll think of yourself for highly do you all to the man thing that himself to be something when he is nothing he deceiveth himself you walk around on trifle and everything it looking down at everybody and not humbling yourself before God you just like everybody else you gotta breathe eat and sleep and go to washroom just like anybody else but always thought you know of every since I Oh Michael Jordan is said you know I don’t think on veteran nobody on so you know so we save a man think himself to be something when he has nothing he deceiveth himself so you think he’ll start to be something you’re deceiving yourself humble yourself before the siding alone that’s what you need to drop in yourself then God can work with you let’s go now let’s go to son of 138 saw 138 humble yourself before the Lord and God will work with you so 138 and 6 verse see who everyone verse or six go here though the lower behind yet happy respect unto the lowly though the Lord behalf irrespective to whom the lobby that’s the meat person the humble person he got respect to them and that is something when God shows respect to a man though the Lord be high yeah he had respect unto the lowly armor but the proud he knoweth the farm on the prowl you know the far off see this is the state that God wants his service to be in a lowly state not almost saying all they talk about that you don’t talk about humble week where you can be easily talked to where you easily talk to people you understand what I’m saying let’s go now let’s go for decimal nor do we deal with the one here respected to the loan go ahead let’s go to our second quarter for the 34 chatter second

chronicles 34 second chronicles 34 and we’re going to pick it up at verse 14 now look at this King right here don’t stand a one and read a book on the law and understood what God was getting ready what’d he say he was gonna do to people and this guy humbled himself second chronicles 34 and we will pick up in verse 14 second chronicles 34 and 14 go ahead read and when they brought out the money that was brought into the house of the Lord uh-huh el kya the priests found a book of the law of the Lord given by poses haha and you look I answered it sentence shake man safe and described I have found the book of the law at the house of the lord and he will kya delivered the book on to shake book to shake uh-huh and shake fan cares the book to the king and brought the Keen word back again saying all that was committed to thy servants they do it uh-huh and they had gathered together the money that was found in the house of the Lord and have delivered it into the head of overseers and to the hand of the workmen skip down to verse 19 and it came to pass where the King had heard the words of the wall that he rent his clothes oh now you see that now this is king we heard a lot of the Lord he took off he’s ripped off his clothes go and read verse 20 uh-huh and the king commanded he’ll kya and a hike am a son of shaphan and act on the son of Micah and schaeff and described and assiyah a servant of the king saying I go it quite have the Lord for me and for them that are left in Israel and in Judith concerning the words of the book that is found for brain is the wrath of the Lord that is poured out upon enough for great is a wrap on a law poured out upon us go Henry because our fathers have not kept the word of the Lord to do after all that is written in his book whoa all that have written here but not what they say but all that would use his book go ahead read 22 ah and he’ll kya invade that the King had appointed when it’s a holga Democritus hold us all right my sister day he’ll go ahead really that’s not at home and he’ll kya excuse me and he’ll kya and they that the King had appointed with to hold of confidence the Prophet it’s cory the wife of shovel the son of tick bath the son of has wrought keeper of the wardrobe uh-huh now she till she dwelt in Jerusalem in the college and they speak to her to that effect uh-huh and so he told her about what the law was won’t do what he’s gonna come equality rag on the children of Israel so they spoke to her about this going here what’d she say 23 and she answered him thus saith the lord god of israel because she had the properties now she can read a prophesied to the sandy God of Israel go ahead tell you the man that sent you to me uh-huh god save the Lord behold I will bring evil abundance I will bring evil upon this place going every night it’s a prophet is telling them that’s now going awry and upon the inhabitants thereof aha even all the curses that are written in the book which they have read before the king of Judah queen because they have forsaken me and have burned ipsum son to other guys because they have forsaken me and bird is this tough other gods you see ain’t no god but this guy right here you understand so you burn it off in siesta another God need you hold off you smoke be my people and now you are but they are Amish to another guy to other guy offering to deal with y’all go and read them that they might provoke me to anger with all the works of it you see what they did by doing this Oh burner is this underneath for both your bank of what because God is a jealous God a line he will hurt you he will kill you because he is a jealous God go and ring therefore my wrath shall be poured out upon this place haha I shall not be quenched go ahead and as for the king of Judah who sent you to inquire of the Lord so shall you say unto him thus saith the Lord God of Israel aha concerning the words which thou has heard go here because Diane heart was tendered because thou heart was tender uh-huh and out this humble lesson in

that is homo myself before God go ahead without her justice words it gets this place uh-huh and against the inhabitants thereof go ahead and help us thyself before me they say you homo Joseph well you heard what alcohol do and you humble yourself before me and see you know we already know what God don’t do to this earth don’t we we already know what God don’t do to this man are we so what should we do before I God did humble ourselves just like this man his brother being right here he do what ego god you’re a boy ran out of his hurt he went and humbled himself before the Lord when his clothes and humbled himself read that verse again verse 27 127 uh-huh because Diane heart was tendered and now did it humble thyself before guy uh-huh without hurt us his words against this place all right and against evidence thereof and help us thyself before me ah and it is written I clothes and week before me I have even heard the also save the load go he said I am even you we’ve been before me you’re rich or fall and everything so you know what I urge you I were to go ahead and read 28 uh-huh the old I will gather thee to thy father I half and thou shall be gathered to that grave and Pete say you won’t be gathered unto your grave in peace that is really something made go ahead neither shall night I see all the evil that I will bring that’s what I’m gonna do it after you go you don’t even see all evil animal because you Muhammad Yosef and you know sometimes the script I think I said has it the Lord taketh the righteous out in a way so that they don’t see the rap that is to come remove the righteous out of way so they don’t see the wrath to come cuz you might ask you know that that person walking right is why do I take them like that so the hero I have to see the raft that isn’t common go and read and upon the inhabitants of the same uh-huh so they brought the King word again so now this kid home with himself before the Lord loss and you know what i want you o vodeo grade man and I’m not gonna previous wrath you not to do I not gonna see the dragon I’m gonna break up on these upon his people because you offered yourself it for me let’s go to Los in the third chapter Colossians 3 collaging is a third chapter and we won’t pick it up there first will Colossians 3 and 12 then we’ll keep y’all alone Colossians 3 and 12 when you get a brother go ahead and read I just thought you know maybe you know we aren’t we should understand this and we should practice it practice this some humility and I need and showing up practice it myself especially when I’m in my truck drive it but you know I need to practice at home too I mean practices everywhere though but the book talks about being cold and humility cold did it just like you follow your clothes and I feel that this is very important for us to do and plus up the others data we at Colossians 3 and we will pick up in verse 12 Colossians 3 and 12 go and read but all therefore as the elect of God holding in the love haha bowels of mercies let’s stop right there both of mercy in the Lord merciful gracious alone suffering a kindness in abundance read that verse again this will huh put all therefore as the elect of God uh-huh holy Annette elect of God only have been lover heart bowels of mercies going kindness humbleness of mine I’m gonna some bank or hate weakness Oh long-suffering meekness and what love suffer enough alone Eddie’s again cuz God is long-suffering so we should be low suffer additionally I don’t love us have really been long suffering with some people and they still just taking manage that you don’t need and you buy you buy actual said well how much longer you have home suffered with this person yeah yeah go ahead 30 uh-huh forbearing one another and forgiving what it so very one another and forgiving one another

but if you are not in a humble state and you always angry Adrian you not me did you not gonna be so forgiving are you you’re not going to be so quickly ready to forgive like the Lord is asking us to do it are you these things we gotta practice and I know it’s hard especially dealing with all people but God and God notice people to donate forbearing one another forgiving one another go ahead if any bad have a quarrel against any even as Christ forgave you so also Dukey whoo cuz that’s not in laws pray forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors cuz you don’t forgive a man that can be God and the Lord will forgive you he said forbearing one another forgiving one another If any man have a core gets any evens cry forgave you so also do ye go ahead read and above all things put on charity put on what charity we stayed up above all things put on charity we’re gonna deal with this charity a little bit you said above all things fun all charity uh-huh which is the bond of perfectness clean and let the peace of god rule in your hearts i’m not in which also gear called in one body ed and being thankful man he said that the peace of god what how can i how do you get this piece he said a peace of god rule in you well this type of peace I want to know how do you get it like moles of [ __ ] man her how do you give this and a lot a lot of people they want to know how to do this but just don’t know how a lot of people want to have these attributes in these quantities but just don’t know how go and read 16 uh-huh let the world of Christ well then you richly in all wisdom what if it it’s a part of it that’s how you get it right here let the Word of God dwell in you what British sleep it always in all wisdom the word of god what are you richly in all ways go ahead teaching and admonishing one another in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord co hien and whatsoever you do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to God and the father by him now so we say you know what a photo hominis and meekness and long-suffering and charity gig he said let the peace of god rule New York or wish I had that piece I wish I had that humility let’s go and look at this charity for a minute let’s go to first Corinthians the thirteenth chapter first Corinthians 13 first Corinthians 13 because you know I look and told a lot a lot of brothers are those super Hebrews on the internet they don’t have this happening humility and don’t look like they trying to give it neither but then you get to Sunday Christians to they don’t have this type of humility and a lot of ain’t trying to get it and we will leave mention two other religions cuz uh some of these other religious they’re going crazy blowing up stuff at every day but we don’t hang out no humility and them doing it they think my horn blowing up stuff paradise oh you evil paradise you will be blown up and need a lord and wake you up until you did but anyway first Corinthians the 13th chapter first Corinthians 13 and 10 every day so I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and if not charity I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal time and do I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mr. Brown’s like they say and though I have the gift of prophecy prophecy and understand what all mysteries when it comes to with the man I got it comes that you want to know this word okay you be called a later on I got it go ahead read in all knowledge and though I have all faith uh-huh so that I could remove mountains in that and have not charity I am nothing we say if I don’t have cherry although are no prophecy understanding mysteries and

knowledge it i have faith it under remove mountain if I don’t have charity I don’t have nothing and what is cherry look I’m red is cherry I don’t have nothing go everything you have to have charity in love which is love in order to humble yourself don’t you to in order to walk in weakness you got to have a certain of a certain amol of in your heart don’t you go ahead and read history and though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor and do I give my body to be burned ah and have not charity you’re talking to me nothing going charity suffereth long charity in a little suffering again a like the Lord my God he have all suffered merciful and gracious right go Henry it just kind o charity in Vietnam charity vaunteth not self is not puffed up going does not gave itself is not puffed up it is not puffed up you know how some people get a little understand you get pumped up been in a word a month and now they know everything get puffed up and everything can’t tell them nothing go ahead merciful universe finest uh-huh does not behave itself unseemly coed see if not wrong it’s not easily for you not easy for folks why did not even if you make all eternity you’re not easily provoked and I not easily provoked going think if no evil uh-huh rejoice is not in iniquity but rejoices in the true reason and the truth go intercept beareth all things believeth all things hopeth all things endureth o enduring all things give now anniversary let me go in when I was a child I spake as a child Hana I understood as a child so he I thought as a child but when I became a man I put away childish things but you know a child you know they always wonder around it and they get better to look go little temper tantrums and all that stuff right you should know when I was a child I thought I thought of the child speaking the child understood as a child I thought as to but when I became a man I put away childish things and that’s that’s what a lot of us got to do in order to walk around in this week state we got to put away those childish things you understand throwing temper tantrums and all that type stuff get mad at the drop of a hat and I know because I’m guilty of it myself but in order for me to turn and start being me would hold everything I gotta know about this first don’t I gotta start practicing this don’t skip down to verse skip down a burst of 13 skip down to verse 13 3 and now abideth Faith Hope charity these three fully but the greatest of these is charity but the greatest of these is charity and that he is love let’s go to loop the sixth FL oh here we go loose 26 chap I told it’s going to hit a lot of people right here Luke sticks and 27 Luke stick and 27 Luke six and 27 is gonna hear a lot of us when you get a brother Boyett reading but I say it to you which here I love your enemies love your enemies oh no it’s going a lot of us en they food myself but this we got practice this though read again what I said to you which here love your enemies do good to them which hey do good to them which hate you now that is really something you gotta practice right there hey cuz also might do something to you Adam arch I’m gonna get you right back go ahead bring bless them that curse you blast them all lord I told you school hit a lot of us it is hitting only the Lord know what he’s done with my darling he said bless them that curse you are huh and pray for them which despitefully use you know the end of life back there to say things were like today you talk pay to me you don’t think the top pain you think in here for right what he said bless them that curse you were pray for them which despitefully use you go and read and unto him that smite a deal of the blunt cheek offer also the other arm and head the way that cloak forbid not to take

that code also skip down first 31 31 uh-huh and as you would that men should do to you do you also to fit like what haha for if you love them which love you what they kept you got here’s when he is the part right here that I really wanted to get to right here he said uh if you love for eat love them which love you what they have you go and read for sinners also love those that love does he sent us love them that love soon as though also those people that love them so you got to be different from everybody else don’t you but this takes a certain amount of love and humility only in order for you pull this off if you love them which love you what they have you how different I usually you know what’s the big deal through the city he loved those they love him don’t so what makes you different in go ahead verse 33 and if you do good to them which too good to you huh huh what take him if you do good to them it okay why are you different from anybody else go ahead for sinners also deliver the same did they do to say it didn’t people do good to them that you good to help the scent of death so he want you to do good to everybody go ahead read 34 skip down to 30 36 to hear be there for merciful as your father also is mercy be there for merciful and your father is very verse 34 rebirth 34 years 34 huh and if he led to them of whom he hoped to receive maha what they can’t keep going for sinners all soul into sinners to receive as much it keep reading but love you your enemy bus love ye this is really stopped me right hey you gotta love your enemies people that’s trying to do harm to you what is physically or whatever he said bye love you your enemies I mean you don’t let this sit down it can you go I notice hot always able somebody tried to do something you and they use the book the near Jesus telling you love them anyway it’s really rotation practice go ahead and eat the love your enemies and do good and lid hoping for nothing again oh honey you know a lot of us now Mamo you found all over my final we will have a final thing go every and your reward shall be great and he showed me the children of the high he said will you learn don’t expect if we get to get I’ll get your money back cuz you said what and ye shall be the children of the highest at first I said your reward shall be great and you shall be the children of the highest go and read for he is kind unto the unthankful into the evil coin be there for merciful as your father also is merciful be there merciful as your father also is merciful because when we read about that Moses went back there that wasn’t the father that we was dealing with but now the Lord tell you that the father also was merciful Jehovah he was merciful and low suffering and gracious but he came down as Jesus didn’t now he telling you the father also is merciful so what so we should watch it we want these same attributes I know I do but I know it’s going to take some practice especially I want to sit but love he enemies that’s gonna take some practice let’s go to mark the 42nd check up on bart 942 because you know you don’t worry about how people treat you don’t worry about how you treat you come looking what’s the Lord safe what’s going to happen to them a nine and 42 nine and 42 mark for every day and whosoever shall defend one of these little ones also always these number one that’s the service of God whosoever shall bear one of these little ones go ahead that believe in me ah it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck uh-huh and you were cast into the sea you said you know what and whosoever shall or bad when you say put your hands on me just an offender okay one of these little ones then believe in me it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea that is something man

the Lord gets deep doggies so in other word you better not mess with my service that’s what he’s telling you the best that you were dead that you invest with one of my Saturdays let’s go to Zachariah sank Iraq when we’re gonna show you now who you r a company and we will bring this to a close we will show you the right now the greatest feat in humility of all times let’s go first and Zechariah the twelfth chapter we will show you the greatest feat of humility the true essence of humility Zachariah 12 and we’ll pick it up up an adverse naw Zechariah 12 and 9 go ahead Rena and it shall come to pass in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem you st. in here ah we seen it yet he’s helpful to seek to destroy all days to come to against your rule arms and I will pour upon the house of David and the funk inhabitants of Jerusalem the spirit of grace and of supplications uh-huh and they shall look upon me who may appear now look at that was acting Ryan telling you about the Lord he said look they won’t look upon me oh look upon me whom they appear this is a long talk about the mouth of Zechariah in me so now he know that he’s gonna get fierce dear darling he know there you go born across daughter cuz you’re gonna say 22nd chapter oh so he said my god my god why is God forsaken me wonder Jesus sailed across my God my God was not forsaken me so we understand he knows what’s gonna happen to him and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced go ahead read and they shall board for him as one mourns for His only Son I was the only stone that’s the Lord and do a recent issue of porn for his added Asia war for 10 as for one for his only son go here it shall be in bitterness for it uh-huh as one that isn’t goodness for his first board and one is in third and fourth his firstborn who are we dealing with right here we dealing with Alona but you see what he said he said we were a Jehovah and they shall look upon me who they shall peers and he knew this was no happy to let’s go to move the twenty-second chapter and look how much humility there’s the true essence of humility right here move 22 at 39 Luke 22 and 39 it don’t get no more you don’t get no this and no more humble than this right here new 22 and that’s 39 go and read a and he came out and went as he was what to the Mount of Olives and his disciples also follow him ah and when he was at the place he said unto them trade that he injured not into temptation uh-huh and he was withdrawn from them about a stone’s cast and dill down and prayed say father if thou be willing remove this cup from me but stop right there so now that flesh can’t get over you understand he said for good you know it he was fresh and he wasn’t just like any any man you’re say they don’t want that father if thou be willing remove this cup from me uh-huh nevertheless not my will but thine be done oh look I homewood himself this is humility at the fullest extent right here because we all know what’s about to happen to you he understand was about to have to him he had a promise to write about what was going to him and he knew he was getting ready to death so this is the true essence of humility right here I know I’m fixed it up and I can stop this but i will call roll with it anyway this is real humility right here is it I know I’m getting ready to die but I can stop it if i want to but I’m gonna do it anyway 43 go here and there appeared an Angela to him from heaven strengthening him uh-huh and then see where you go ahead and talk and strengthen him but he said not my will but thy will be done God go ahead read and being in an agony he prayed for her to see uh-huh and his sweat was as as it were drops of blood on down to the ground he knew what was about to happen to him hey let’s go now let’s go to John the 19th

chapter John 19 John 19 and we will pick it up ever 28 John 1980 news what time it was he knew it John 19 to 28 balls busting Holly get me down from here I can’t take it no more but he would also in an agony they had already beat him right say his message was worn for than anything you know what visages that she’ll face it beat it beat him up bad first 28 coin agreed after this Jesus knowing that all things were down to accomplish seeing you all things were good why he went upon a frog because he had Zachariah riding they shall look upon me whom they have pierced and after this Jesus knowing it all things now accomplished go ahead that the scripture might be fulfilled yet the scripture might be fulfilled uh-huh say if I thirst uh-huh now there was set a vessel full of vinegar and they filled a sponge with vinegar and put it upon this up and put it to his mouth clean when Jesus there for and received the vinegar he said it is finished he said it is finished and what’d he do and he bowed his head and gave up to go he found his head and gave up the ghost well look look at what he did all the way over to the point that he got put on the cross look at what he did let’s go to Philippians a second chapter from if he is too but if he is the second chapter look at what he did all the weight opportunity even on crossing home okay Fifi’s is two and five in theses two and five Philippians 2 i’m sorry philippians 2 and five going let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God oh hey but made himself of no reputation I’m right there form a dumb stuff of no reputation he’d go about boasting and all that stuff he go around try falling everything cuz you know this is so I’m understudy go around on the Son of God hope you did you understand he told fetal look be to go to the fish’s mouth will be some money you understand he told his out on the caliph Ali about whom I would not tell you the whole harvest manifold is there up when he came down as a man and humbled himself even when he came older if they called it a cave on the Jews right he came on that hole on the donkey right the colca phone on the dog he’s gonna had a Clydesdale if you want to we’re chariot o gold chariot and what’d he do he came on a Colt the foal of an ass kicking why to show humility go ahead and read and took upon in the form of a servant aha it was made and they’d like to submit go ahead and being found in fashion as a bed and being found in fashion as what oh man so you’ve got some people say he was 100 sent men whose 100 Cynthia will you see spirit right here well first you a middle of a free night again and being found in fashion as a vet haha he humbled himself and became obedient to be humble and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became what Toby do today obedient unto death if that’s not the truth as a little humility then you show me what it is the light will be dead helpful and that me and be obedient unto death that’s the true essence of humility isn’t it you don’t get no more humble in this you know get no more than him read that one more test per se uh-huh and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself haha and became obedient unto death going even the death of the payment of death on the cross because he knew what was gonna happen to him first time wherefore God also has highly exalted not right there he then home with himself the law will exalt him you understanding we read that really he then hung himself the Lord will he there are basic self the law will exalt you and that’s what Jesus did he humbled

himself and what happened and given the worst night read again wherefore God also has highly exalted God have highly exalted him cuz he humbled himself and you humble yourself God will exalt chilly he will exalt you go ahead read and given him a name which is above every day ah did at the name of Jesus every knee should bow not every knee shall bow so low Earth at some point go bow to him in RT the whole earth is some point go home with him sell to you Marty that the name of Jesus every knee should bow a half of things in heaven are things that are going and things everybody go volume with aren’t fit to this day go ahead read I’m show you something else to go ahead and then every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father everybody go home with themselves to this God right here and his son everybody let’s go to Matthew 5th chapter Matthew 5 we got three more Matthew 5 we good Matthew 5 and we will pick up at first 03 vacuum 58 and three Matthew 583 not all of us get some understanding from this lesson because I need it to Matthew 5 and 3 green let’s tell the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven st. apart and spirit the Holy the meek theirs is the kingdom of heaven go ahead but are they that mourn for they shall be comforted let’s turn to me uh-huh for they shall inherit the blessed are the meek for they shall inherit here not heaven you just hit her baby not heaven let me go to hair of the earth go and read verse 6 uh-huh blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled queen blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy in God lit up meet up meet and humble and merciful and that’s what he wants us to be he tell you might jesus said blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy you don’t have no mercy God will give you nothing he will show you love go and read blessed are the pure in heart ah how do they shall see God let’s start the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God blessed are the peacemakers don’t be all wit always one Brown start strike or start stuff blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children guy okay blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven that’s how come that come prosecution go come along either will live godly and quite you she’ll suffer persecution that comes all over the territory blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake for there is a kingdom of heaven Percy lemon blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you go ahead and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake they say you’re blessed one man do this to it you are priced let’s go to our verse 12 rebirth 20 rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven

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