Last time on Sonic Stop Motion Adventures Blaze and I are actually going into the city to hang out, just us girls I want the Radniks to get experience with normal, every day life. How we live on our off time Do you think you could have these guys hang out with you to learn how? Word on the street is, you’ve got a live feed of the girls talking about who they like Stop talking about my girlfriend like that! -Metal Sonic?! -Metal Sonic?! Spying? How were you spying? You boys should stay here and think about what you’ve done! Blaze and I will see you around Sonic Stop Motion Adventures! Starring, me: Sonic the Hedgehog! Tails! Haha, Knuckles! Hmph, Shadow Silver! Doctor, I have found another emerald, as you have requested Haha, good! That makes five Set it with the others Now I can put this whole plan into action! Ready the equipment, and load up the five Emeralds! As you wish, Doctor Ho ho ho ho ho, now we play the waiting game Okay, I’m headed out, I’ll be back whenever And just where are you going? Where do you think? Over to Amy’s house to apologize for yesterday And I think you should come too! After all, this whole thing is YOUR fault Whoa man, I might have blurted it out, but you guys were watching way before I even showed up Don’t point your finger at me! Yeah, well at least I have fingers Hey, I do too have fingers Just look! [disgusted gargling] You done? I think so. Anyway, try not to trash my house, or burn it down or have a rave or somethin’. Okay? No promises Ugh, that picture’s gonna give me nightmares for weeks [knocking] Come in! Hey Amy, how are you this loveley afternoon? Oh, hi Sonic I’m fine, I guess Heheheh, I see you’re still mad about yesterday, huh? Yeah, kind of How could you do something like that? I’m sorry, it’s just that… well, if you see two chicks talkin’ about who they like, it’s kinda hard to just stop and turn it off, y’know? Hedgehog instinct, or something That doesn’t make it any better. Was spying on us THAT important to you? No, it’s not like we tried to! But, I-I really am sorry about it, Amy There’s one thing that’s still bugging me about it, though If Knuckles hadn’t given you away, would you have kept it from me or told me, instead? Ummm Sonic! Just the man I was looking for! Dash? What’s the problem? Tails woke up this morning and found that the three emeralds were stolen from his lab. Even the one Amy gave you! What? You’re kidding! I wish I was! But both Tails and myself are speculating that Robotnik is behind this After all, Metal Sonic sure seemed to want those emeralds pretty bad yesterday I was on my way to his lab and thought you should tag along. You game? Of course! I’m on it Sonic, wait! *sighs* Men Alright, let’s bust in and crack that Eggman WIDE open! Hrng! Hurgghhh! Hmmrr! It’s stuck Here, let me take a look at it So, what were you talking about with Amy? What’s that? Oh shoot! Problem? Ugh yeah, you pulled me away from her right as I was trying to apologize about yesterday She’s gonna be furious with me now Well, y’know, maybe you shouldn’t have spied on her Oh shut up, it was through your camera in the first place I’m just sayin’, I’m just sayin’ Dude, it’s open Whoa, what happened here? This place looks weirder And that’s saying something Something IS different, although I can’t put my finger on it Well, weird or not, I bet he’s around here somewhere Hey, show your face, Robotnik! Heh, never thought I’d ask him to do that Mwuahahaha, well if it isn’t Sonic! A PA system? What, too coward to face me in person? Figures. Where are you anyway? I’ve simply relocated myself, but that’s none of YOUR business Oh yeah? Well once I find where you are, I’m taking our emeralds back!

Hoho, so you figured it was me, huh? Uh, yeah. A second-grader could’ve debunked that one Ah yes, well, I guess you got me there But since I pulled something like that, there was no doubt in my mind you would show up here in an attempt to reclaim them But first, Sonic: say cheese! Huh? Takin’ a picture of me? Oh, be sure to get my good side Hahahaha, you fool! Yeah, who am I kidding? Every side is my good side Oh, is that the camera? Must be one of those old DSLRs Sonic, watch out! Huh? Sonic! Oh no you don’t! Sonic? Sonic, are you okay? What did you do to him? Well, that’s for me to know and for you to… not I swear, if you killed him Whoa, chill. He isn’t dead At least not yet, anyway But I think you should be worrying about yourself instead Well well well, if it isn’t Metal Sonic Looks like I didn’t have to wait too long to finish our fight I’d say you… won the first round But why don’t you try your luck at round two Uh huh Metal! Dispose of this filthy traitor at once! It’s time to duel! Ugh- Oh, my head Dash, what happened? How long was I out? What in the-? Where the heck am I? This place looks totally strange Hahahahaha, looks like it worked perfectly! Rrr, Robotnik. What did you do to me this time? Where am I? Ah yes, I’d expect you to be a little confused after that I’d explain, but it might be a bit heavy for you to take in all at once I think I’ll take my chances Well, I guess I’ll just be blunt about it, then The cannon that fired at you is linked to a supercomputer, which houses a program I’ve invented myself This program has allowed me to forge the small space you are currently in with my own two hands This essentially means that everything around you is code inside said program The buildings, the ground, the atmosphere Heck, even you! I guess you could say I’ve been playing god So you’re saying that I’m IN a computer program? Yep Wow, this some Code Lyoko shit right here It’s not really all that complicated, either The cannon wasn’t necessarily designed to harm you, but rather cut and paste your mind, body, and intelligent data into this program I’d say it worked just fine, wouldn’t you? I’ll say. I feel perfectly normal in here Wait a minute! Does that mean I’m dead in the real world, or what?! No, you’re not actually dead, but rather in a bit of a coma And, as you can see, there’s not much going on in that head of yours However, your body there and your data here are indeed linked For example, if you were to take damage here, you would take damage in the real world, and vice versa And if you were to die here…. well, I think you can figure that out So you went through all this trouble just to try to kill me? Kind of a lot of bells and whistles to try to do that But then again, this is the same guy who put a swimming pool on an airship, so I guess I could call this typical behavior Oh, I’m not going to TRY, I’m going to SUCCEED, and not long from now, either I still think it’s kind of stupid for you to break the bank just to try to kill me I mean, don’t you have any other life goals? You might not want to talk so much, hedgehog And focus on the challenge at hand Huh? Wow, could that be Metal Sonic? Oh, let me tell you, Robotnik, you are original I hope you realize that there are only a few short steps I need to take in order to kill you, so for your sake, you shouldn’t crack the thin ice as it is Heh, in that case, break out the butter, Eggman! What? I’m gonna make toast! Sonic Wind! Oh, score!

It’s now or never! Robotnik! This will teach you to mess with us! This one’s for Sonic! Repent, motherfucker! Good it’s over I better get him over to Tails, fast Maybe he’ll know what’s up If he isn’t dead, then what?? Take this! Come on! Here we go! So then Sonic came in and he was pretty apologetic, but then rushed out of there with Dash! I still don’t know if I should forgive him or not when he invaded my privacy like that -Question -Yeah? Why are you telling me this? I want to know your opinion! What do you think I should do? Uhh, n-no offense Amy, but this isn’t really my area of expertise But I mean, Sonic’s my friend, and I don’t want him to be sad, or mad, or anything Soo, you’re saying I should forgive him? I didn’t say that! So you’re saying I SHOULDN’T forgive him? I didn’t say that either! Well, this conversation is feeling awfully one-sided Do whatever you feel is right, I guess But, I don’t have much advice other than that Well the last thing I would want to do is hurt- Sonic!! Tails! I need your help right away! Sure, what do you- oh my gosh! What happened to him? We went over to Robotnik’s base to see what was up with him and the Emeralds, but then when we got in, this weird-looking gun appeared and it shot Sonic pretty badly *gasp* How could that happen?? Uhh H-How is he? He’s still breathin, but when I asked Robotnik what happened, he said, “he isn’t dead. Not YET, anyway.” What do you think that means? Hmm, that COULD mean that he was trying to give Sonic a virus of some sort But I can’t be sure. Let me try to run a few tests on him How could you let Sonic get so hurt like that?! What?? I tried to get him away from the gun, but Robotnik shot me away from it before I could Why couldn’t you have tried harder?! Look what happened to my Sonic because of you! I’m sure it wasn’t his fault, okay? Try to calm down! *sighs* I’m sorry, Dash I guess I never expect Sonic to get hurt THIS badly I’m not used to seeing it I mean, what if What if he doesn’t make it?? Please, try not to worry Alrighty, I’ve got some results What does it say? Let’s see… it doesn’t say anything about a virus or an infection, that’s good Everything seems fine, although his pulse is a bit faint What the-… what’s this? This section should show me his brain activity, but It’s blank! There’s nothing here! What?! Are you saying that he doesn’t even have a brain anymore? No, he does, but I don’t know what’s going on here Dash, is Robotnik at his base right now? No, he was talking to us through a PA system because he’s somewhere else We need to get a look at what shot Sonic And if we can, then maybe I can piece this all together What should I do? Can I help at all? Just stay here with Sonic and watch for anything weird that might happen Okay. Please try to find out what’s wrong, Tails I’ll do my best! See you in a bit, and try not to worry Oh, Sonic What happened to you…? No way that’s getting through! Augh, jeez! *laughs* Wahh! You’re not gonna get away with this! Serves you right, Robotnik! You just keep stickin’ to Metal Sonics don’t you? You never learn Perhaps. But then again, that was mainly just to have a little fun Hah! So you finally decided to show your face in here, eh?

More or less. But I’ve given myself a few modifications Like what? Oh Now, Hey, what’re you doing- It’s been fun, Sonic Really, it has But I think our little game of cat and mouse needs to come to an end while the time is right Sayonara No! You can’t just-! Ha ha ha, piece of cake Hey Hey! Wake up What? I said get up W-Who are you? Me? I’m your consciousness, dude So, you’re like my thoughts, right? That’s right And I’m here to get you back into the real world But what’s the point? He just shot me in the chest! I’m DEAD! And he won. Plain and simple So you’re really surrendering that easily? Well, do I have any other options? How am I supposed to beat someone who’s calling all the shots and making the rules? It’s impossible! Yes, you do have other options And no, it’s no impossible Don’t sugar-coat it, okay? I’m done Fine. But let me ask you this: Don’t you think that if you’re out of the picture, a lot of people might be effected? Didn’t you even stop and consider how people’s lives would be different if you bit the dust? Of-Of course I did But how will knowing that help me- Would you shut up?! This isn’t the Sonic the Hedgehog I know! The Sonic I know wouldn’t just accept defeat this easily! He would stand up to Robotnik like he’s done 100 times before, and he wouldn’t lose! But, I- Okay hotshot, still not convinced? What about Amy? Uh- what?! Take a look at this Is-Is that my- That’s your body in the real world And looky here, could that be Amy? Why, I suppose it is *crying* Sonic, please don’t die! She’s… crying Do you get the picture now? You cannot and WILL NOT let yourself die this easily, you got that? If you do, then Robotnik succeeds in everything he wants And we wouldn’t want that now, would we? Get back in there and finish this like the real hero you are, and don’t let me catch you thinking like this again Hm? So, you think it’s really that easy, Robotnik? W-What are you talking about? Killing me! Did you seriously think you were gonna do it this easily? Well let me fill you in on something: You aren’t! And I’m not even gonna let you get close! I’m sick and tired of you always wanting to control everything Always wanting it your way News flash, Eggman: There’s no way in hell I’m gonna let you get what you want, you hear me? What the- What’s going on? Delete code, delete code! [beeping] I-I can’t even delete his code anymore? Rrrr! I’ll make you pay for everything you’ve done This is for making Amy cry Sonic?! What is he doing? Aah! It’s corrupting the data in the program! Ohh Oh Am I.. free? *gasp* S-…S- Sonic! You’re You’re alive! Heh, would you look at that Sonic, I I was so worried about you I didn’t know if you’d make it out or not! Ow! I’m sorry, does that hurt? Aheheheh, it’s worth the pain Oh, Sonic! Oh second thought, maybe it’s not. It feels like there are bruises all over my body I’m I’m just so happy you’re alive! Aw come on, I ain’t goin’ anywhere So are you still mad about yesterday? Oh, just forget about that whole thing, okay? I forgive you Well how are we supposed to find out now? *sigh* I don’t know But maybe we can- Sonic!! You’re… awake! Oh, hey guys. I didn’t worry you, did I? Well, kinda But phew, what a relief We were just at Robotnik’s trying to figure out what happened, and *sigh of relief*

It’s just good to know you’re okay Do you know what happened to you? Actually yeah, *yawns* It’s a long story though, I’ll have to tell ya later Right now, I’m gonna catch a few Z’s Sonic, wai- I guess it’s best to let him rest after all That’s our Sonic! Ah ha ha haha, aha Hah Congrats, dude. You made it out. And with quite the fashionable exit, too! Heheh, well you know what they say: -It’s all in the performance, am I right? -It’s all in the performance, am I right? *gasp* Dude! We’re like the same mind, dude! -Oh my GOOOOOOOOOO- -WHOAAAAAAAAA- Okay, well that plan failed miserably I had him right there, and poof! He’s gone I still don’t understand what went wrong with the software Perhaps you coded it incorrectly Hah! Me? Code something incorrectly? Yes sir Yeah, that does seem pretty likely, now, doesn’t it? Irrelevant! Since Plan A didn’t work, we need to get started on Plan B, right away! -Ready? -Yes, Doctor Then let’s get to worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk

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