Cadê você Danzig? Precisamos tirar aquele selfie porra Watch out the hair, you don’t wanna mess it A lot more cozy, right? Andreas – Did you work at Disney Cruise? TM on radio – Mike? Nope Diga O trailer vai ser levado para o palco agora Derrick – Mike está ocupado agora Mike – Obrigado Derrick – Muito ocupado Mathias! Mathias – Sim?

Mathias bravo Andreas – To-pouco-me-fudendo-Mathias Você não liga para o cisne, Mathias? Você pode ter isso no seu bunk todo dia, mas você prefere o ônibus sujo Eu não disse nada! – De agora em diante – Foi o Eloy, não eu! – …sem cama arrumada nem nada! Não fui eu, foi o Eloy! He didn’t like it Mathias bravo Look at this, dude. For grown ups only! Islay! You what’s Islay? This, look! Nice one, Belgium beer It comes uma an user’s manual O Kid é perigoso! Yeah man Life on the road can be good! Good day to get crazy We’re here in France today

Going to show you what we use everyday Really simple setup We use Fender group guitars EVH, Jackson and Charvel This is a guitar A Eddie Van Halen, with Seymour Duncan We use a Seymour JB This is Jackson Soloist With EMG pick ups God damnit, I told you not to touch my guitars! We’re just showing to the internet, damnit You’re giving away all my secrets. Here’s my secret! Tricolor! I want to show my guitar here first Gianinni, made in Brazil The guitar I use on Iceberg Dances – Excuse me – Thanks – Good work This is a Charvel, tuned in A# With Seymour Duncan Black Winter pick ups This Jackson is a Custom made in USA Specially for this tour With EMG pick ups This one is another Machine Messiah Custom made Are you serious? It’s made in USA by Jackson as well Specially for Andreas We’re using Seymour Duncan on this one too But it’s a JB Trembucker here All guitars in A# are using passive pick ups And all guitars tuned in D are using active pick ups Amplifiers We’re using Orange Rockerverb 100 MK II They’re really really heavy We use 4 everyday 2 for the stereo One with effects and the other clean With a delay between them in the PA, sounding like 2 guitars And the other 2 as backups These are MK III They’ll stop making the MK II, so we’re testing the new ones Pedalboard Dunlop Wah, Andreas Kisser signature This is a very basic FX kit He uses very little effects Maybe one pedal in one song each Harmonist, using stereo for both heads Boss Delay and a Phaser And a tuner, for emergencies Delay he probably uses in 3 or 4 songs And the Harmonist I think he uses on Phantom Self No… What’s the one with the solo? – Kairos, damnit – Sworn Oath – That solo is Kairos – Nah, a different one Phaser he uses on Choke The Kemper we use only on fly in shows Sometimes we go to places where’s there no Oranges So we take the Kemper with an Orange profile as he likes it When we have the heads, I use the Kemper to play rhythm guitar in Machine Messiah I play the second guitar using it Very good. Always saves the day But I still prefer the real heads The AB Box I use to split the signal between two guitars I use it to make the changes between A# and D guitars Just click and change Dunlop picks Tortex, 1mm SG guitar strings Made in Brazil This one is for A# tuning, 013-060 We also use the 010 010-046 for D tuning We also use Tecniforte cables

Made in Brazil We use Right on! Straps, it’s a Spanish company They made custom leather straps We also use IBOX straps Right on! Straps in Europe In Brazil we use IBOX Really good too We leave this kit in Europe They’re really strong On stage, cabinets only All the rest stays here backstage with me. Wherever it fits Sometimes it’s a bit tight We’re in a really small venue today Really small. Cabinets on stage And here I control everything If I need to change anything, I know where everything is That’s it! Eloy – What it I change everything here? It’s locked, no problem You cannot touch the ones on the bottom haha eu não tinha visto seu cabelo Acabou a cola amigo ah.. você não tem idéia de como foi bom sentar aqui fora durante a Iceberg Dances Eu sei! Vai se fuder! haha desculpa Let’s cut one out, right? Eu gostaria Andreas! Andreas, come smoke Andreas! Let’s go! 4 songs only! Which one you want to cut off? Ratamahatta and Roots? Let’s go – Ratamahatta and Roots! – No, play the – Resistant? No.. the Slave New World and Ratamahatta Why? Why? Não sei se vocês repararam.. Mas tá um pouco quente aqui Hot?

Like.. Manaus! When we got to the melodic part in Boycott I almost passed out No air Can’t explain how hot it is in there A headache, can’t open my eyes Vocês tem massagem disponível hoje? Ele é o cara da massagem Cara da massagem Até que horas você tem? – 22:30? – ok! – Nome? Paulo. P-A-U-L – LO – PauLO SBOA 2018, Fanfano Summer Shit, ops, I mean Summer Breeze You just ruined the video haha you can put a BEEP Our friend Dede – Wake up Dede – Still sleeping

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