The environment of the hotel is good Yes, not bad Director Li, Tian I’ll be upstairs Miss Ruhui You don’t stay in the same room with Miss Sheng She suffers from nervous breakdown I get up frequently at night I’m afraid that we will disturb each other If you don’t mind We can share a room Of course I don’t mind I’m afraid that I’ll disturb you You won’t, I sleep tightly Yes Okay, we will share a room We can talk Okay Miss Tian, I’ve checked with the reception table The room to the south is on the opposite side of the street It’s quieter I changed the room for you Thank you My daughter doesn’t treat me like this You and your student are really close to each other I’ll help you with the luggage No, I can do this You don’t have to do the useless things Miss Tian You always tell me that Nothing is impossible to a willing mind I kept that in mind I believe in your teaching Come on I can do this myself I think the student is right Let’s go Go Go, go, go We rarely have the time to rest and watch a movie at home How long will you stay here Till Qin Qing calls Miss Fang and I will go What if she doesn’t call her Then I will go find her That’s right, go Don’t wait Stop it. Enough Qin Qing doesn’t reply his WeChat and he’s afraid to call Let him stay here Can you stay in there Fine Just stick together So annoying You have to prepare some hot water for an elderly Understand? Okay, I remember Pour some cold water to make it warm and put it on her bedside table Ok´╝ü Aunt, you use this toothbrush as well Zhou Fang sent me Remember everything I told you Be smart Understand? I’ve got it all. Don’t worry Miss Tian Miss Ruhui What are you doing? Let me tell you I just told her that I get up frequently at night She’s so anxious She was afraid that I would affect you I told you I sleep well Don’t listen to her What’re you doing? What’s the hurry? Am I? Kind of I don’t wanna keep you so busy

Not at all Qin Qing I appreciate it for your kindness But I wanna stay share a room with your aunt Li so we can chat tonight You don’t have to worry about it Go and have some rest Miss Tian, I just worry that you can’t get enough rest to enjoy tomorrow’s trip And I really want to have a good talk with you That’s right. You two have a good talk That’s you should do as former teacher with her student I tell you I am a troublesome person I get up a lot at night A lot I agree with the plan I’ll see you out Okay Just be smart Don’t worry Good night I’m telling you behaving like this only make me dislike you more Then you have to let me know what should I do to make you know me better I think I know you well Miss Tian, A dozen years can make a person grow and change Can’t we just get on well with each other as teacher and student Please Miss Fang, is that Qin Qing’s message? Who allows you come out? You don’t need be this worried Pray for me What happened? in the jaws of death Call Qin Qing then Miss Fang What’s the hurry If she could give a call, why did she send the message? She’d call You are too stupid to have a relationship She is awesome My mom made Miss Tian stay in the same room with Qin Qing Really? It’s a good sign, I think Good Get in! You two Miss Tian, are you going to sleep? It’s barely nine o’clock I go to sleep at this time everyday What’s the matter? No I can’t sleep with a tiny bit of light Your phone is too bright I’m sleepy too. Good night The nest spot is a great place I especially find for you It’s a oasis and more importantly it’s not overdeveloped So we can take pictures as many as possible Great! Great! Guide Qin is quite professional Here is so cozy that I wanna sleep Go have a nap We are almost there I think Yes? You have the time to nap Dad We are home Sit down You are playing this again I don’t know you like this You didn’t tell me I’m stuck here You sound like you can play Go there there one grid up I’ve been thinking for ages You saved the game You are good, Song Lin Such a hidden talent It’s totally out of my expectation You are really good at this Not really I just learn a few tricks Good job! We can play together

Ok Let’s play Look how excited you two are Fang’er Hurry up Serve us two cups of tea Hurry up You can’t let me win Bring the best of you on You are too modest I am not that good I can’t I always watch the game of go on TV I really want to learn it again Here we are The hiking may take a long time You may bring as little as possible Ok Let’s get off Ok Let’s get off Miss Ruhui You may go with Miss Shen and others I I wanna rest in the car Are you feeling ill? No I just feel the view here has no difference It bores me It’s good Qin said it’s great Let’s go No, thanks Fine, Miss Tian may get tired Let’s not force her But leaving her alone here will make me worried I’ll stay here with her Fine, Ruhui I am going with you, since we are here You see, how beautiful The pool looks good Let me take pictures of you here Let’s take a picture I don’t like taking pictures You do it I tell you You need something to remind you of where you have been That’s right Let’s sit there Sit here Sit down Miss Tian, sit here Sit And I’ll sit too Hold on Wait a second Something’s missing It’s gorgeous I No, no need Wear it. I’m wearing one too It’s pretty OK, let’s do this Come on Tell us when it’s ready One, two, three Have a look Let me see It looks great, isn’t it? Wonderful Miss Tian, look, your scarf really matches your outfit I tell you You scarf make you look a lot younger You face looks reddish It fits you Wear it. It’s especially for you Look how pretty you are That’s right Look at the view Let me see. This looks great Come on, you sit here Ok, let’s take one No, thanks Come on, sit Come on, we don’t come here often remind you of where you have been Come on Smile everyone One, two, three Miss Tian, have some snacks I’m not hungry You got carsick Now you are not eating anything Your body wouldn’t take it It’s fine I saw they are selling noodles over there How about I get one bowl of noodle? Hot soup may make you feel better No, thanks Never mind. I’ll come back soon Dude We’ve accepted you and Miss Fang’s advice before We have the user portrait and algorithms optimized According to the different places of the user the system can obtain the information of the weather Once detecting, that it’s getting cold the system will recommend to the user warm outfit and also suitable for commuting And according to users’ occupations and different occasions, we can also recommend outfits accordingly For example, a programmer like Xiaofei who is always stay at office and has no time to shopping So all you need to do is to press the bottom of customization, we can push recommendation of one month or even a quarter and also suitable for commuting to him Nice This part is good Taking both differentiation and humanization into account I think we need to release the public beta asap Forecast the new functions first and update later step by step Ok, no problem Miss Ruhui Can you Can you move back? I still want to live with you We can chat Alright What’s wrong? It’s fine My stomach feels funny Have some hot water

It may help Thank you, Miss Tian What you have done these days, I appreciate it But you don’t have to these No need and no use I hope you you’d better go back to work Have a good rest No, Miss Tian I’m not gonna give up I’ll try harder I’m gonna sleep first Good night Good night You didn’t go to the company today? I was too busy Recently we’ve got lots of orders We may need hire someone You’ve missed a good chance to claim your credit My credit for you is just on work? Let me have a look Yes Before you showed up I spent my life in fighting with Luoluo Now I think my life matters more than work You haven’t lost all your conscience So how are you going to award me? All up to you Great Wait a moment I’m gonna get something Open it What day is it today? I was supposed to give it to you on launching day But there were something wrong Today is just fine Do you like it? It’s made by you Of course I like it How come you didn’t make lovers pack? You are so greedy When you accept somebody’s gift, you should be grateful, not picky Do I look good? It’s pretty good You really have a good taste A good taste of clothes or boyfriend? Both Which one is better? You I think I’m better too Thank you Hi, honey you call me finally Where are you? I’m in the hallway Miss Tian slept early So I sneak out to call you It’s been hard for you No, no Don’t worry Keke’s fine. Don’t worry I am a good care-giver who are really doing a great job I come over everyday Keke must be so happy Don’t forget to take antiallergic pills I already took them. Don’t worry I seem to be immunized to Keke recently Even so you can’t be careless I know Darling! I’m so sorry What? Why do you apologize? My mom must have been so hard on you Of course not OK My mom is so stubborn You have been trying so hard Come back I don’t wanna see you doing this to yourself I’m great really feel aggrieved Don’t you worry too much Everything goes well Wait for me Bye Bye She is quite so suddenly

Maybe she’s tired Miss Li, take care Thanks Miss Tian, your suitcase Thank you You’ve done a lot these days No matter it’s fake or you really want to be nice I appreciate it I’ll be honest with you But My decision will not changed For Linlin I made careful plans for his future and I’ll stick to them Of course It’s hard for you to understand the mind of a mother So I hope you stop seeing him and don’t waste your time Mom Miss Ruhui We are leaving Go with me No, thank you My car is here My car is here You may go first Ok, see you See you See your later Good bye! Aunt Go! See you Bye, bye Mom, how was the trip? You didn’t post any picture She hasn’t told you yet? No! You really like her that much? Mom, if you are tired, you may take a nap I’m back Welcome You must be tired Honey It didn’t take so long Are you tired? Not at all Uncle I slept well and ate well It’s Qing who didn’t have a good time No! When have the young ever been taken care of others? What happened? Even the experienced person like you couldn’t handle it? It’s not something easy to resolve No need to hurry Then But we’ve got plenty of time I will help you out eventually Take a rest Have some water. I’ll cook Thank you, uncle Do you want some water? I can help myself I’ve heard everything Sorry for that Do you want to cry? Go to my room No! I deserve it I just didn’t want our mom to work that hard I didn’t I was fine No You kept trying to make chance for us You have to make things look normal You had to think fast as we were in a spy movie It’s an overstatement Stop saying that. Let’s think about the next move Is there a next move? Look at how she treats me I think I’ll never win her over How come? We have to keep fighting Pencil boy said that his mom opens to persuasion but not to coercion You have been so nice to her But she didn’t change a bit Why she can’t be changed no matter how Let’s figure it out Do not be so pessimistic here Miss Tian Hello, Xiaotian Ruhui, have you arrived? Yes, I have That’s great You should have let me send you home Now I can only call you Ruhui, I want to

invite you to dinner in a couple of days Is that all right? Yes, of course Then it’s settled Well Then I will not bother you Rest early Then it’s settled You too Ok See you I didn’t expect Miss Tian likes you so much No one dislike me except you Qing, you see Here’s your chance Rest assured I may figure a way out Don’t worry. My mom can deal with anything Hey Are you upset? Why should I? Leaving me alone out there I’m so sorry You didn’t want this You just have no choice Have you eaten´╝č Yes I am not with you Don’t skip meal Otherwise you may have a stomachache again I know You are still working? I could have been home But I won’t have the chance to call you at home After your mom got home What did she say She didn’t mention you so much She kept talking about how great aunt Li was I think she did that on purpose They two really got along By the way My mom called me again What did she say? What else can she say? She kept asking why we are always not going to dinner I said you are busy recently When you have time we will go back I’m planning to go there Or they may worry Good idea Sorry, honey You have to do everything alone Stop saying that You have to give me an idea Your mom has any weakness? Weakness? I think it’s me How about we elope? In fact the software system of our company has no bug at all I delayed the launch because we wanted to make the software better So that users can have a better experience How do you feel about your opponent´╝č Actually, I think I have no competitors in this respect Let’s wait and see Hope you can create a new business myth Thank you Mr. Su What about the statistics Up to now the user’s satisfaction rate is ninety-five percent And now our daily click rate, is far higher than Song Lin Don’t worry Have you read about Song Lin’s software? Not yet I suggest you have a look The new features are quite interesting Didn’t you say before that little details don’t make a difference and don’t spend time and energy on? Song Lin knows this about me He can’t find the best time to go online Then he found another way Let the Marketing Department increase the promotion efforts I’ll see how long he can hold out Mr. Su Any other questions? These two days it appeared hackers attacking firewall again Isn’t the technical department working on it already? Control the time Don’t affect normal operation Got it Just do that Yes What is so urgent? Nothing at all New leather? Let me guess It must from Miss Zhou Isn’t it? Is it still a guess? Good type and style Is it nice? Good job!

That’s good Nice Did you called me all the way over here is to get your new fur coat? Of cause not There’s some business to discuss How about the project process? The process is I have contacted several portals and mainstream platforms for you But it’s not easy It’s normal I don’t want to do anything easy, right? Su Yushan has been competing with me for resources for so many years I’m used to it What I want to say is about the website I have a new idea If we can talk to them and have cooperation, then we still have a chance I’ll try my best I heard you guys did a new show? Right? Mr. Song is well informed! In addition to the sponsorship, are there any other way of cooperation? I’ve signed up a few new niche brands I want to put them in to help them get noticed You’ve said a lot What else can I say? That’s deal You’re dressed like this today What happened? Did you come by motorcycle? How’s that? British retro style Are you interested in motorcycle? Ok, I’m in retro style, too All right Don’t show me that Go I tell you You should do action right now Weibo of Luna You just watch it for your lifetime It’s no use if you don’t move You tube wear? Who rules that I can only follow you when I register on Weibo? The current trend of e-commerce development is really good However, you are in invest banking so many years You should know that I have a good relationship with Mr. Su Mr. Mo You’ve doing business for so many years You know Investment projects can’t be decided by relationships alone Yes You are right But Now from the market feedback, Chuangpin website has the largest number of users That’s the real deal, right? Well You just keep looking other investment The second round I’m not thinking about right now Then I will leave first Come on! Mr. Mo If you have a chance, you can try our software The important of software is user’s experience, not numbers of person I’ll take a look at it sometime He is right The response we got online really wasn’t as good as expected Is Mr. Mo making a retreat? Reluctance to participate in a second round is also expected Fine Now is not the time for us to throw in the towel Cheer up! Back to the company to do research and development Let’s go Well, I’ll look around if there are any new investors I gotta go. Goodbye Bye Pencil boy Miss Fang Why are you here? I’m looking for Song Lin Lin and Miss Ling are out for business I was hoping to give him a surprise Blame me for not calling in advance How about the company? Is everything OK? So far Registrations and user responses have fallen short of expectations These two days, Lin has been busy expanding the brand and finding resources to promotion I think he’s under a lot of pressure It may spend lot of money If we don’t turn things around soon, it could affect the next round It is not easy to do software development Except for the short term budget Brands and designer are burning a lot of cash But according to long-term planning In fact, this is also the fundamental retention of users We are short of designers like you But don’t worry When our new features come online, it will be a lot better Though now our daily life is not as good as BaiSai, hours the user spend on the APP is still good OK Then I don’t disturb you I will go back first I’ll see you off It’s ok, just do your work She went to see you? Sure enough With all due respect

The reality or experience on Chuangpin website Chuangpin website is not ideal in terms of online fitting I know So we’ve improved We have a very good designer in charge of this area She dominated TKY experience store is our main project If you are interested in, would you like to have a look? Ok I’ll try it out for myself Coffee Come over here Miss Fang, Mr. Mo is here Hello, Mr. Mo Hello, Zhou Fang Nice to meet you Sit down, please I’m so sorry It’s a long way for you to go It’s ok Do you know the relationship between Su and me? I know Ok, I will make it straight Mr. Su has an online fitting software I tried It’s not ideal Neither experience nor reality is not good But I heard the one you recommended is different So I wanna try Ok´╝ü Well, since Mo always wants to have a try I’ll show you around This way, please Come over here Coffee, please Enjoy Thank you Mr. Mo, I am a little surprised that you offered to ask me out today I’ve been studying your software for a few days I found that it worked in the market According to the latest market feedback, users of our app all feel that their experience is much better than Chuangpin website In addition, we are also in talks with several well-known designer to continue to expand our team of designer so that customers have more choice Good job! The user’s experience often depends on the details In recent year of investment, I still have the acuity Aren’t you going to raise a second round? We can talk about Ok Zhou Fang Why are you here? I came unasked Hope you wouldn’t mind What up? busy or not? I’d like to invite you to dinner Ok So Mr. Mo agreed to participate in your second round of financing? Yes, I was asked casually I asked why actively download our app to experience He said because of you So, thank you In fact, I also inadvertently let the Mr. Mo experience the APP Before and after that It’s all the work of you and Song Lin and the team Sure I don’t deny that at all In fact I still envy you Why? Now that you say you admire me I’m telling you the truth I kind of cared about you before Because can I do nothing to help my boyfriend at his worst You’re the one who fights with him We are just partner Just doing our business but I didn’t really think that you even if you could grow up and cheer up with him in different positions

and different fields Best wishes for you Cheers for our work Also for your investment in good taste Cheers Then I’ll listen to your compliments carefully If one day, our products are putting your career at risk, what can you do? I believe I will be able to withstand all storms in the future Thank you for that You are welcome You leave work so early today? It’s not your work style Miss Zhou So I don’t have to be in a relationship? Are we in date? Of course Blow in the cold wind and rain, and watch the scenery of the Bund Isn’t it in a relationship? I only recharge my batteries when I see you Zhou Fang You are so pretty You finally notice that? I’ve always looked good Coming Coming Coming Hello I am the property manager of our community I’ll give you the next notice On this weekend, there will be a person unity to replace the smoke alarm So please keep someone at home then Ok, thank you See you

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