So what are we doing for the next episode? Lot of trouble! Basically what we can do is We have two options. One second! Hello No. I don’t want it No I don’t want a loan I understand everything, but I don’t need it right now No. I don’t want it Look. I am in a meeting right now I really don’t want to talk now. I I don’t want a loan. Please try to understand Why are you disturbing me? I don’t want it Yes. So what are we doing? Where are we going? Since you kept on saying you don’t want it “Chaina” So let’s take you to China What? Let’s take you to China but Don’t say you don’t want to go to China Let’s go! Let’s! Hungrybaaj Presents Foodka So let’s hop on to our rooftop time machines And let’s go back 150 years into the past In the late 18th century, one One broke businessman landed in Bengal What we know as Icchapur today The gentleman was called Mr. Tom Achew He faced major loss in his business back in Europe and hence landed in this country He was a competent personality Once Governor-general Mr Warren Hastings granted them land For setting up a sugar factory And the first production of refined sugar in Bengal happened like that Can you get the “China-Chini” similarity? However, misfortune again struck him He couldn’t run his business well Naturally, the workers moved towards the nearest big city Yes Kolkata was still a hot hub They got themselves settled near Central Kolkata which is the current Tiretta Bazaar area One of the primary business there, was tannery But misfortune struck them again The British government did not like the fact that in the middle of the city There will be a hub for tanneries So they were moved to the suburbs The second China-Town of the city was thus established Over the years, this place came to be known as Tangra Or rather Topsia and India Was introduced to a new age cuisine – Chinese cuisine So, come, hungry Bengalis , let’s start our journey From the age-old “China-Town” My name is Foodka, And my name is Bhaipo. and this place is called Tung Nam Tung Nam Eating House which is quite famous Foodka’s Chinese Voyage Begins from here. 24 No Chatawala Lane Let’s go Mir sings Tung Nam hai koi Tung Nam hai koi Kisko khabar Chatawala Gali mein Tung Nam hai koi Everybody knows, in Central Calcutta The old China Town One of the most popular Eating House Not restaurant, Eating House is this Chhatawala Lane’s Tung Nam. Just behind Poddar Court There is Chhatawala Lane, and Tung Naam is located here. Very important Lunch hours 12 noon – 3 pm Dinner hours 6 pm – 10 pm And it is closed on Tuesdays So it’s better to not turn up on Tuesdays I should inform you one more thing These people don’t take any kind of debit/credit cards. Only cash. Okay No problem. So today we are in Tung Nam Tung Nam has a heritage There is a history. And today in Tung Nam, We have a special guest as well. But before that Let’s have a look at what we are having today What Foodka Has told me a lot of times about this one I am seeing it for the first time today. Foodka Has been here for 10-12 years. So this one is Chicken Wonton. Yes. Steamed Chicken Wonton But normally the Chicken Wonton that we have In some Chinese restaurants Where this differs from them, I will show you The coating that is here Is akin to the finest of fine coating of a Pathi Shapta It is even thinner. Let’s taste it then! Yes

You have recommended it so many times. Tung Nam’s Chicken Wonton Steamed In Mir’s mouth How’s it? Just like you – totally different. In your house There might be a 1.5 ton AC, or a 2 ton AC This is Wonton AC Sorry, Soup. Let’s taste it The same steamed Wonton, whether it is of Chicken Or of Pork. That is put in a Silky, or rather flavorless soup To make this Wonton Soup One portion of soup suffices for one person’s lunch. More or less So please order carefully I will taste the soup a bit. Please So it’s the same thing. The Wonton I was having a while back That has been soaked in the soup Personally, they provide a red chili sauce here Which is homemade, mix it a bit And the vinegar they provide here It is a different kind of Salted Vinegar Which has a fishy scent Not really fishy, but a particular scent If you mix these two, the soup tastes better The Wonton has the same taste. It obviously changes In the soup The first thing that I will suggest is Ham Choy Rice Ham Choy? Yes Ham Choy is a kind of a salt dried green Which, when being cooked Is mixed with a choice of meat And the sauce is poured over the rice. Like we see Pak Choy Ham Choy is similar And this mixes into A slightly earthy, a rustic scent bearing A different kind of dish It’s a meal in itself. You may not have anything else with it as well What I personally prefer with Ham Choy rice That is the Fried Garlic Pork here Which is just Pork fried with a mixture of Green Chillies and Garlic and served The matter goes to another level Chillies, Garlic and Pork Now we From our side Let’s do a revision. Like what all to order in Tung Nam. Yes. Steamed Chicken Wonton Chicken Wonton Soup, of course the Steamed variety Along with that, we have this Pork dis Which is called Fried Garlic Pork And there is Ham Choy Ham Choy rice Which is served with a meat of choice. There is another interesting dish Which is also of Pork but tastes great with Prawn too Which is Prawn with Hamei sauce Or Pork with Hamei Sauce. Pork with Hamei Sauce In this preparation, a little bit of Probably fish sauce is used. Dried fish sauce Which is why the scent is different. And the dish in my hands is called? Chicken in Black Bean Sauce. It is amazing It is different. Please try. Chicken in Black Bean Sauce I took one You please have as well. Please Excellent We have told you about the location Behind Poddar Court In Chatawala Lane An extremely popular joint – Tung Nam Which is quite famous It is closed on Tuesdays. We have also shown lunch hour and dinner hour But please remember If two people want to eat here then Your pocket pinch will be more or less will be around 500 Yes. For two people it is around 500. It also depends on your appetite But two people like me Can have food within 500 bucks here. The menu card Which is in front of us. If you see this Menu Card properly I will show you Average pricing of each item is about 150-160 rupees. Any Non Veg item Costs around 150-160 bucks So if I consider the average pricing to be 150 bucks The cost for two Should be around 500 bucks A delicious Chinese spread well within 500 bucks At Tung Nam Eating House Chinese food and Chinese culture, Basically Where does it start from? And what relations does Kolkata have with China All these will be presented you interestingly by heritage blogger And my colleague, and my dear friend Famous RJ Deep We are eating in Tung Nam. But we have also heard about Nanking You have written on the same topic Nanking, in fact Is Kolkata’s first Chinese restaurant. It’s not there anymore So let’s start from When Chinese people immigrated to India

Then this Tiretti Bazaar area Was known as “China Town” Now from whatever part of China you belong from You mix from other people from the same region So these people built some clubs Which in Chinese is called Hui-Kuan, Native Place Association So in each of these Hui-Kuang’s, in the Tirreti Bazar area There is one club This club is controlled by a Chinese temple here And in Tangra A cemetery In one of these Chinese Temple’s Ground floor was Nanking Restaurant That was the very first Chinese restaurant It was extremely famous Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and likes had come to dine there Some of which you can see in the film Detective Byomkesh Bakshi A part of which was shot there Nanking’s food Was covered in the Newspapers That authentic Chinese was served there. Not recent time’s Chowmein and Chilli Chicken So Nanking was where the journey started. Unfortunately I think By the late 70’s After the 1962 war Nanking started diminishing By the late 70’s or 80’s it was shut down and it was gone Welcome to Eau Chew. At this point Kolkata’s oldest operating Chinese restaurant That’s over 90 years. Definitely Around 90 years. Soon to be 100 The restaurant which is more than 90 years old What is the meaning of the name of this restaurant? Eau Chew In Chinese means Europe. You can understand To cater to Englishmen, this unique name was kept And the dish I am waiting for with bated breath That is Chimney Soup Rest we will say after we go inside. Let me make the location clear for you Enter through Central Avenue to Ganesh Chandra Avenue and you have Eau Chew My hand is very soft, Foodka’s hand is very warm Since this is quite hot I will request Foodka to lift the lid This is the famous Chimney Soup Inside which Wow! There was an age old concept Cooking on the table All of the family would come to eat They would all chat and have the food Hence, half the cooking include Putting vegetables, meat, prawn in the Chicken broth Eggs etc Everything was put in the broth. Some part was cooked in the kitchen The rest was cooked on the table This part which looks like a Chimney, this includes Live charcoal. Hence it keeps on cooking and it’s hot as well At the same time This is why it is called Chimney Soup And in Kolkata, in Eau Chew The Chimney Soup is extremely famous. You should definitely have it So here’s for Chimney Soup Apart from this, Josephine noodles is very famous as well The Chilli Pork here is quite famous as well And the most important part here which Foodka is highlighting Which is the family culture Having lunch or dinner together This is very highlighted with the Chimney Soup It looks extremely interesting and You can understand it is quite hot as well. It’s great to eat as well Let’s taste this In terms of cooking, wherever you are One culture is very strong which is The family eating together and Those traditional family values That is very evident in the Eau Chew Menu If you take a look at the menu card, You would understand The whole family The kind of preparations we associate with home, comfort That is highlighted In every dish, among which, Chimney Soup is excellent The first thing we will have here is a signature dish Joesphine Noodles Which is The Eau Chew version of Pan Fried Noodles The first owner of this place Josephine, is after whom this noodles is named This has steamed noodles Along with that A beautiful gravy mixed with meat

Prawns and vegetables Next, for my own preference, I will take Roast Chilli Pork And Schezwan Chicken The Schezwan Chicken that we have every day is a red chilli based A very red and spicy looking dish But here it looks different The reason is they use Schezwan Pepper Schezwan Pepper has the scent But not the red look Which is very needed. Hence the Schezwan Chicken here should definitely be tried. So Schezwan Chicken Roast Chilli Pork And of course, Josephine Noodles We should inform you, for those of you who like Fried Rice Instead of having Josephine Noodles they have the option of ordering Josephine Rice So be it noodles or rice, make sure to try The Josephine variety You cannot miss the Chimney Soup And along with that Joesphine Noodles, so Let us begin Whenever you put the noodles in your mouth The flavours, of the chicken Prawn, eggs, the different flavours Each and every distinct flavours If we mix them together A tremendous flavour exactly like that And the noodles are a bit crunchy as well It is a bit crunchy which should be the case of Pan Fried Noodles Right. After making the noodles they are heated a bit So one side is crunchy And above that this soft And silky gravy. Not really a gravy, somewhat a broth which has Meat and vegetables tossed in it Gives a combination of two flavours Tasting the Schezwan Chicken Not too spicy, but generally The flavour we get in Schezwan style of cooking It has the best quality of that flavour The Roast Chilli Pork here doesn’t have any excess sauce Just the meat Tossed with Chilli and Onion A bit of Spring Onion is sprinkled on the top Great to have with Noodles Please be informed In today’s contemporary society Giving prawn And taking prawn is a legit crime Pocket Pinch is 800 bucks For people like the two of us, who have decent portions For similar two people It will cost around 800 bucks for a very good meal One thing which must be mentioned till now this place Doesn’t have the facility of availing payment through debit/credit cards Only cash. So please carry cash with you while coming to Eau Chew Since you were talking about cards, suppose birthday cards Wedding invitation cards, wedding anniversary cards, rice ceremony cards Even funeral have cards, none of them will work here? I want to eat, please I want to eat I was just asking I chew. Eau Chew After having Chinese throughout Kolkata, And roaming here and there, we have finally reached At everyone’s favourite Chinese cuisine location – Tangra Right. Which is Kolkata’s China Town and the place Where we are right now that’s Kafulok Bar and Restaurant. Now, of all the places here Why did Foodka choose Kafulok? The thing is, every one of us has their individual favourites in Tangra There are different types of restaurants, big, medium, small And a lot of people will recommend a lot of things Let’s not discuss which is good, which is bad And it is not possible for us to show them all at once Right. And since partially it is a hidden gem But the food is extremely nice There are drinking facilities as well and it is not crowded as well Hence Kafulok. Let’s find out how to come to Kafulok There is a Kali Mandir you must have spotted while coming Chinese Kali Mandir and in that Chinese Kali Mandir, I have heard They distribute noodles as Prasad

Yes. So if you cross the Kali Mandir from the front You have to walk a bit to reach Kafulok bar and Restaurant Today Foodka favourites, the three dishes that have been ordered here They are highly recommended. Whenever you visit Kafulok Bar and Restaurant, definitely you must try this out Firstly, the most lavish one Steamed Whole Bhetki A bit of ginger is sprinkled, most probably it is in Butter Sauce Yum. Steamed Bhetki It is amazing to eat. Next is Roasted Chicken For people who are a bit calorie-conscious Like Mir Not like me, For them This is an ideal dish. Thank you. Skinned Chicken, roasted And next is Honey Chicken It is a bit on the sweeter side This has both boneless and with bone versions For people who have a sweet tooth Honey chicken is for them. Honey? Have some When the Chinese community shifted To Kolkata, they first came to Central Kolkata The Tiretti Bazar, Poddar Court area From there also British Government did not like That right in the middle of Kolkata There will be a tannery chain so they again got shifted to this place called Topsia.It was then Outside proper Kolkata, but since the city has increased Topsia falls inside the full-fledged city In fact, it is a lot more crowded than a lot of other places in Topsia Definitely So there grew Kolkata’s second Chinese ghetto, second Chinese Zone – Tangra How’s the food? Brilliant. Great Honey Chicken is really good. Let me taste it Chicken Roast is made with Skinned Chicken So that the inner part is juicy The outside is slightly crispy There is a pepper garlic sauce Lovely People who come to dine here For two people, I think, 800 bucks is the cost 800 bucks should be the average price without alcohol 800 without alcohol Is what you will have to pay That’s a minimum slab You can go above or below. But more or less within 800 bucks You can eat. He has already mentioned the drinks That is separate Foodka’s special Chinese voyage This moment is at Kafulok Bar and Restaurant And on behalf of Kafulok, in front of our camera Jonathan Ye He can also be introduced differently. This is Jonathan Or it can be said Jonathan Ye is arriving Jonathan, please join me Hi. Hello. Please have a seat So Jonathan, my friend, is from Kafulok and Since how many years Have you been serving food to My Uncle, My Great Uncle was doing it for 33 years already. 33 years So Kafulok has completed how many years? 35 years A heritage of 35 years Of Kafulok. And you have got such stiff competition Jonathan. You have other restaurants, all around the place. Yes Many of them are your own families and friends So how do you find your space? We do it Our style. They do it their style. Okay And what is Kafulok’s style? I feel that Mostly we do authentic Chinese, Because this is old So most of the old customers come for the Steamed Fish Right, Then the Steamed Chicken which Is not here right now But before we came to Kafulok, when we spoke to our friends they Highly recommended the fish items. So Kafulok is known for fish Yeah because we only serve with Bhetki fish Other restaurants do not serve it. Okay I am very curious to know what do you have for your regular lunch and dinner? We usually have Chinese food, mostly Rice, Steamed items mostly Fry items But we usually like Indian food also. You like Indian food? Indian food What Indian food you like? Like Biryani, curry and all. Lovely Excellent. I like Biryani too Because we get bored eating the same food everytime. So We like Indian We go to other places for Curry and all So when Jonathan gets bored eating the same food He tries Indian. He tried Biryani. He tries curries But we don’t get bored of Tangra Tangra and Tangra’s food Has never bored anyone in the world In fact, this Tangra style cuisine Is very popular across countries and continents for this very reason And I was telling my viewers, that when we go out And we see other cities, other countries you have restaurants Serving you Tangra style food Which actually proves that your style is so popular So you said you like Indian food. Ya Do you like Indian women?

50:50 . What’s 50:50? Means like if there is good one Okay. One Indian woman. One very famous Indian woman that You like? I don’t have anything in mind now Any Hindi movies that you have watched? I have watched Not really much. Recent one was I think the Robot 2. Robot 2? So who is your favourite Indian heroine? I really don’t know many Indian heroines Have you heard of Deepika Padukone? Ya Have you heard of Priyanka Chopra? Ya You don’t like them? Not that much? Not that much. But we love your food We love Kafulok. Thank You. We love Tangra style food Foodka

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