you can see each other in the race of the day I don’t usually cut these are welcome back I retard so usually yeah it’s like so we’re doing that yeah I feel like I have to go I don’t know if people what actually watch mine that I would I had people are probably watching mine exactly honest you watchin line don’t put all these videos was it allowed to mine this line yes here a lot of mobs come on I gotta be diamonds in this cave at the edge of the world oh my god holy lag if I recording to stop oh I don’t I feel a massive likes white that my frames feel better now ooh cold some of that it’s doing good Ocado you god damn it i forgot a weird 1.8 or veins are like before I found like three veins of two but it was like one of minus 6 even though they were all like a block apart it was really weird oh I found the edge of the world i met the bed rock wall darn it oh wait do I need I suppose I need lapis to enchant Donna yeah I’ve 60 I don’t really know I don’t I haven’t gotten a hang of how much you really need though we don’t need to watch for in chat so as long as it more than like 20 per person you shouldn’t need much more unless you’re getting high levels and book shelter yeah but we’re not so she’ll sign a lot so yeah yeah so you I mean it’s long as I’d like 20 but I mean you know just get as much you can cuz why not yeah yeah I don’t have leather though so I don’t know how we’re going to get books I have 27 leather and 12 reads oh nice I have four reads but that’s it well I’ve got all other than the world the cows glower respond it’s raining outside sounds kind of loud I’m in England and it’s actually not ready one side to turn I know like how often doesn’t rain there like every other day there was it more often than that recently it hasn’t rained like kind of consistently but when it does rain been arranged consistently so either like a week of sunshine and then we had a blast because it never rained but admit there was no sun either it’s just pure clouds like the entire week and it was really really cold which is almost worse than right I don’t know but then when it the week before that it like rained for a solid week so doesn’t it doesn’t rain like one every two days but it’ll be like nicer week then arranged a week and then it’s just cloudy cloudy much design like what honestly when there’s Sun it just makes me happy I think this la vie here is yeah probably he’s mine on this gravel at my 11 oh and J&I rags really yeah well they’re

talking to each other uh I think an ex is killed NJ and every season that they both played brilliant yeah the rivalry I can’t wait either found on its head that’s 50 go sometimes I have 11 gold what side of the pastries I’m trying hey I got eight arrows now that’s eight more than I am yeah see I know what I’m doing I’m so proud of getting back stopping case might even worse for me there’s like it the caves are right next to the surface yeah I guess where’s the cave here yeah I guess and honestly for somebody to be near me in a cave would be pretty damn lucky like the board it’s a hundred by 800 800 x 800 and they’re only like 14 people in the world so yeah I’d actually have to pretty unlucky that usually doesn’t happen either it is is where I came from what the is are you saying excuse copies naming around I guess I hear a lot of zombies oh my god the mobs there are so many mobs I might just try to Ono I don’t even know if that’ll work they’re just way too many mobs wretches staircase I don’t know why don’t actually too bad there were a lot worse when I went into the cave initially another fight oh my gosh Oh mentally bluffed a creeper gee gee I think he’s died of your creeper in cynical before too yeah nose again thought that generally puts a smile on my face that’s funny oh my god this cave only goes up oh that I’m back where I started I don’t know how much more caves here can’t leave there were no dive into this entire ravine and like all these lovable that explore whole grains on 7 or grin mere skeleton it just walked away all right fit I’m spleef in skeletor’s all right why 37 gonna staircase your stair casing in the THS world yep gg gg yep too many mobs I just have to Oh like you actually end with your there’s more where I started yeah I’m 50 gold still no diamonds that frames Kelly Kelly said wait you know not yet at the episode marker oh he says it doesn’t work okay wait what is it what is that you because I said ice the ice add pvp it said pvp and on PvP is on so it should be on their skills we’re on an X or fighting according to ginger Thanks scope just took damage find a lava pool the stair casing was a good

idea yes I don’t know they do that oh please accept the cave this way hey here is obviously exciting or cave this way rush is on 34 what it was just love 60 like a second ago what got that goal sneaky creeper here so I came up there oh no oh 1.8 mobs just confused me because I think well like when they freeze when you’re right next to my think I’m lag though it’s actually this one create loves being retarded one time I thought they were being retarded then it turned out actions was lagging like all came at me all at once have I not found items should be diamonds here I’m more gold green yield a we are team you know big one in fairy Oh think other than that yeah we are headed to see me on tab what see me oh yeah Yello I am blind tell mentally I said thanks did you find this oh yeah heads or golden heads are off but maybe head still drop just wait around as a trophy yeah is somebody else’s torches mighta find somebody else’s km let’s hook it is being stupid and they were your torches he walked in a circle yeah they’re kind of weird though I don’t know how they could have gotten there he is on oh I’ve already been here hoping this is just me this is like kind of a weird torch placer the way they did it I’m literally going circles in this cave and it doesn’t go anywhere god damn i saw extra safe should be diamonds in this cave really should so I thought about my game but you know minecraft didn’t agree freaking minecraft alright tend to do the the like Pope cold enough hook colon like putting a lava down against the wall it like little patches what like so it’s like a zigzag in the lava pools you wanna mean if you place it put it on the wall on the ground on the ground next to the lava like in to replace the block yeah so you can see yeah you said oh so I was just kind of know I don’t know what it is a little wall on the ground are you putting lava on the ground around the law oh ok I’m right here I mean you’re right I’m wrong I’m sorry okay no I was just confusing I don’t know what you’re trying to say you know what I mean no I don’t you just said you did like the trick will you put it in the load you put water yeah when you explained I and get it the first time all right what the so I’m there’s like when the world ends it kind of there’s just bedrock nothing above it like you’re right i’m floating fine another planet this is such a good cave is only there was something in it saw a

bad jump in lava I’ve got to the wall again I think I’m gonna have to go up I don’t know found a good part of my cave illies and we really need diamonds before yeah TV but cave until meet up my design think I know to go find a new kitchen honest all right good luck oh wait hmm Walter husband heard oh nice green healed again I have 60 gold actually like that to go this maker and frost or pretty long oh yeah their poodles feria have already got their iron pick this is where i saw the torches I don’t see anyone I’m just going to leave it go this way oh it’s the shittiest feeling when you have to make a new our pic if never smelt iron yep I might have to do that soon I guess I should smoke my gold alum here what is this now I’m just going up this isn’t good like it’s staircase again yeah let’s do that repair took damage Ryan team oh yeah thanks jesús sup I bet you say so now he keep saying hi I don’t know if he’s finding people or why he’s retarded attend a high staircase the gold I thought a new part of the cave Congrats Oh baby and it’s got I’ve done to it also to the episode 3 not the start alright so yeah we do at the end of three yeah okay that is done just for all right it’s yeah it gives us more time I guess yeah that’s not too bad pure water this might be good sorry this way said above me probably just going to somewhere or even if i don’t find diamonds in this cave i’m just going to be so sad on the water if I don’t find diamonds I’m gonna be sad stupid I’ve already been through a while if I love a ravine like tons of love of things around it and I’m in another like really deep cave lava lakes over mango and NJ I Ringo and scope on ice and go on and J you may go o frost the ceiling I was Green State I save up pretty much not very good look it’s just not on my side me neither if this is n gals cape you live in full time right now yeah probably already

does mm-hmm we should ask NJ hello you tell us I still haven’t cooked up my food ry I’m living on Ross day I found over a stack of gold another single diamond I find 22 gold well not too bad considering we haven’t a connect damaged or not they actually use any up oh and I’m episode 2 star episode 3 see you next time Rosa we can see each other in the face of the day forever with see you

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