[Announcer] Coming up next on Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures This week is Personal Hygiene Week You washed your hands 50 times in one day and brushed your teeth ten times? [deep breathing] Today we’re going to visit the Lakeshore Planetarium [all] Cool! ♪ A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 ♪ ♪ It’s kindergarten time for you and me ♪ ♪ So climb aboard and take a seat ♪ ♪ For kindergarten fun with Betsy ♪ ♪ We’ll meet new friends ♪ ♪ Along the way ♪ ♪ And have adventures every day ♪ ♪ It’s Betsy’s ♪ ♪ Kindergarten Adventures ♪ [baby cooing] [laughing] Gracie, I thought you didn’t like baths Oh, Gracie! [laughing] Hey, what’s all the fuss about? [yowl] Are we having breakfast on the floor today? I think I like my cereal in a bowl That’s good Brush up and down How do you like your new toothbrush? I love it Here’s a mini package of tissues and a bottle of hand wash gel that gets rid of germs I knew being clean was important, but what were germs? And why would I want to get rid of them? I was about to find out, and it would completely change the way I looked at the world Okay, class, this week is Personal Hygiene Week Can anyone tell me what the word hygiene means? Yes, Billy? I know It’s how you say hello to someone named Gene Hi, Gene Well, that would be “Hi, Gene.” But what we’re going to learn today is called hygiene Uh, what’s hygiene? Hygiene is how to stay clean and healthy and not get sick Wow I’d really like to learn that Last year I caught a cold, and it was no fun I sneezed and coughed and had to stay in bed Germs are what make you sick, especially colds and flu If someone coughs or sneezes, it can spray tiny bits of germs that other people might breathe or touch That’s how germs are spread Can anyone think of a way to prevent that? My mother taught me to always cover my mouth when I cough Now I understand why But if you cover your mouth, the germs would be in your hand That’s true And that’s one of the reasons why washing your hands is important Who can tell me what this is? Betsy? That’s a bar of soap That’s right Soap comes in bars like this one, and it also comes in liquid form, like this But what if there’s no soap and water around? There are also wipes and gel cleaners Now, who can tell me how long you need to wash your hands? Until they aren’t dirty anymore? Well, yes, but did you know you should wash your hands for 20 seconds? My mom gave me some hand cleaning gel With gel or wipes, it is important to keep rubbing until your hands are dry And don’t touch your eyes or mouth while the gel is still wet Betsy, why don’t you try it? [squirt] Wow It dries all by itself Who can tell me when it’s a good time to wash your hands? When they are dirty? Yes, you should wash your hands when they are dirty, but germs are so tiny that you can’t see them So you also need to wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom, and for those of you who have pets, it is important to wash your hands after playing with your pet You mean germs are invisible creatures? No, not invisible, but they are so tiny, you have to use a special thing called a microscope to see them Can we get one of those things and see them? Okay I’ll see if I can borrow a microscope [ring] Everyone, remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds 1, 2, 3, 4– Betsy, why are you washing your hands again?

You just washed them a minute ago Well, I might have gotten some germs on them After all, you can’t see them Come on Let’s go I’m hungry I’ll meet you in the cafeteria in a minute Billy, did you wash your hands? I was too hungry But you heard what Mrs. O’Connor said You should wash your hands before eating to kill any germs I know, but I don’t have any germs How do you know? I looked I checked out my hands with this Betsy, where have you been? Ugh And what happened to your sandwich? I thought I saw a germ on it, so I had to wash it But germs are so small, you can’t see them Yes And that means they can be anywhere Well, I’m going out to play on the monkey bars Sure Betsy, come join us after you’ve eaten Betsy, where are you going? The bell didn’t ring I have to go wash my hands Kitty, I never knew how smart you were You bathe yourself all the time I guess you knew about those icky germs, huh? Well, from now on, I’m going to be just like you I will be the cleanest germ-free kid ever There you are I’ve been looking all over for you Didn’t you just have a bath this morning? Yes, but I got dirty again How long have you been in the bath? I don’t know I hope long enough Could you please wash my hair? I don’t want any germs hiding there Okay, I’ll wash your hair But then it’s time for bed Hi, Betsy [sniffing] Ooh You smell really clean That’s because I took a bath last night and two this morning Why? Well, I thought that if one bath a day is good, then three would be even better I don’t want any germs on me I don’t know why everyone is so worried about being so clean all the time I don’t really like taking baths But, Billy, what about hygiene? Germy bugs? I’m not afraid of bugs I like bugs Besides, I looked through my magnifying glass, and I didn’t have any germs on me Can you look and see if I have any? Sure Let’s see None here None over here– Oh, no! A big one! Where? Where? Just kidding Ha ha ha ha! Huh Today we will continue to learn about good hygiene with the help of Tony Tooth and his best friend Brushy Toothbrush How many of you brushed your teeth this morning? If you don’t clean all the food out of your teeth after eating, bacteria and plaque can start to grow Not brushing can even cause cavities, or little holes, to form in your teeth I had a cavity once, and I had to go to a special doctor for teeth called a dentist No one wants cavities, but if you brush after meals and don’t eat too much candy or sweet foods, your teeth should be happy and healthy Now, who would like to come up here and show the right way to brush? Kenji Very good, Kenji Kenji has just demonstrated the proper way to brush– up and down That’s the way I do it, too I’m going to give you each a chart to keep track of your personal hygiene Just put the number of times you’ve washed your hands each day in this column under the picture of the bar of soap, and how many times you brush your teeth each day in this column under the picture of Tony Tooth Gracie! You get back here right now! Gracie! Whoa! Oh, no! Gracie, come back here Wow, your dog really hates baths I don’t like baths, either Gracie! Oh, no! Oh, cool Mud is awesome

I’m sorry, Gracie, but even dogs need baths to get clean Hey, Betsy, look at all this mud Want to make mud pies? It sounds like fun, but I’m all dirty now, and I need to take a bath [Betsy, narrating] I missed just playing with my friends, but there was no time to play Being the cleanest germ-free kid took a lot of work [ding] Billy, why are you all muddy? Didn’t you take a bath? Nope Why not? Because I don’t like baths But what about germs? Oh, don’t worry Germs are afraid of me Besides, I washed my hands, just like Mrs. O’Connor told us Well, I don’t know if this is such a good idea, Billy I don’t like taking baths, either, but I do like feeling clean Doesn’t your skin feel icky? Well, maybe a little, but it’s worth it to not have to take a bath Betsy, why do you sit on a tissue? I don’t want to get dirty But the seat is clean It may look clean, but you never know where germs are hiding Where were you at recess yesterday? Oh, I just doing some cleaning, and I didn’t want to get dirty on the playground [scoff] It’s okay to get dirty, Betsy You just take a bath after I know But by the time I get home, the germs might get me Betsy, I think you worry too much Now, let me see how well you’ve done on your hygiene charts Maria, very good Kenji, well done If the other kids are getting a smiley face, then I should get a whole bunch of smiley faces for being the cleanest germ-free kid ever [Mrs. O’Connor] My goodness, Betsy Betsy, could you please stay for a minute so we can talk? Yes, Mrs. O’Connor? Betsy, it says here that you washed your hands 50 times in one day and brushed your teeth ten times? That’s right And I’ve had a bath three to five times every day I think you may have gotten the wrong idea Being clean is a good thing, but you don’t have to overdo it But I’m afraid the germs will get me There’s no need to be afraid Is that why you haven’t been playing at recess? Yes Well, exercise and playing is important for good health, too You only need to take a bath once a day, wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom or playing with your pet, and brush after meals If you do this, the germs won’t have a chance Are you sure? I’m positive Now go play with your friends [sigh] I was able to get a microscope so you can see little tiny things that you would not otherwise be able to see I think we should look at the dirt on Billy’s arm Me, too But there aren’t any germs there They’re afraid of me Okay Oh, no! They’re gonna get me! I have to take a bath now! I learned that germs aren’t anything to worry about as long as you follow the basic rules [Gracie whimpers] And since Gracie is supposed to have a bath tomorrow, there just might be some mud pies in my future One of the things I really like about kindergarten is that you never know what to expect each day Weekends are fun, but I like school better [cooing] [barking] Halt, Spider-Baby, in the name of the Galactic Space Patrol [blows raspberry] Mom, why is Kevin dressed in his Halloween costume?

[sighs] Because it was the only thing I could find this morning that was clean Someone keeps burying Kevin’s clothes in the back yard [whines, barks] [barks] Poor old Gracie Poor old Gracie? What about poor old Mom? You’re not old You’re just the best Mom ever Thank you, sweetheart [laughs] Uh-oh Gracie! Halt, Spider Puppy, in the name of the Galactic Space Patrol I’m afraid we don’t have time for the Galactic Space Patrol to chase Spider Puppy It’s almost time for the Galactic School Bus Very well You have escaped me this time, Spider Puppy But we will meet again Oh, dear [babbling] Good morning, everyone [breathing deeply] Hello, Bus Driver Bob Uh, you okay in there, Betsy? Sure, Bus Driver Bob All right, if you say so Bye-bye, sweetheart Bye, Mom Bye, Kevin [babbling] ♪ La la la la la ♪ [children talking at once] All right, everyone Let’s settle down for morning circle time [talking continues] [talking stops] That’s better Good morning, everyone [all] Good morning, Mrs. O’Connor Well, it looks as though we have someone from outer space visiting us today [giggles] No, Mrs. O’Connor It’s just me [laughing] Betsy Why are you wearing a space helmet, Betsy? Because you said today we were going to another planet Well– [laughs] Almost Today we’re going to visit the Lakeshore Planetarium What’s a planetarium, Mrs. O’Connor? A planetarium is a building with a large, curved ceiling and a very special projector that shows the motions or positions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars [all] Wow So I don’t think you’ll be needing your space helmet [laughing] Now there are eight planets that circle around our sun Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune But for today, we’re only going to talk about the sun, the Earth, and the moon Did you know that our Earth takes 365 days to travel around the sun in its orbit? That’s one whole year [children] Wow That’s so cool And as the Earth circles the sun, the moon circles the Earth A moon isn’t a planet It’s a ball of rock which orbits around a planet But we’ll be learning a lot more about the Earth, sun, and moon at the planetarium today So what are we waiting for? Let’s all go to the planetarium [cheering] Is everyone ready for the Lakeshore Planetarium? [all] Yeah! We certainly are Then climb aboard You know, I once ate dinner at a restaurant on the moon Oh, the food was terrific, but the place had no atmosphere [laughs] [laughs] Oh, Bus Driver Bob [Betsy] We were off for another exciting field trip This time to the Lakeshore Planetarium I couldn’t wait Every night before bed, I always look up at the stars, and I wonder what’s going on up there I had a feeling today I was going to get some answers This way, everyone Follow me What is that? Look at that All right, everyone Take a seat Mrs. O’Connor, how wonderful to see you again

Hello, Professor It’s good to see you, too Children, this is Professor Glick He’s the curator of the planetarium Hello, children [all] Hello, Professor Glick Your teacher tells me you are here to learn about the sun, Earth, and moon Well, to do that, we’ll need to look at the night sky [children] Ooh Does anybody know what this is? Yes, young lady The sun That’s the sun You’re absolutely right The sun is our nearest star, and it’s a huge ball of burning gas It gives us heat and light Professor, if the sun is a star, is it bigger than all the other stars? No The sun is a medium-sized star It only looks big because it’s so close to us The sun is only 93 million miles away That means that if we could drive to the sun, it would take 200 years to get there Cool Wow Neato Here’s an interesting-looking planet Does anybody know what it’s called? [all] Earth [chuckles] That’s right What can any of you tell me about the Earth? It’s really, really round Yes, the Earth is round But so are the other planets What makes our planet special? Oh, um, it has air Okay, and oceans and land Hmm Oh, and some very exclusive shopping malls Right again Earth is the only planet in our solar system that has breathable air and land and oceans And shopping malls Uh, yes And shopping malls Oh, and people Earth has people on it Ah, another good answer Yes, indeed Earth has people What about the moon, Professor? Aren’t there people on the moon? Well, astronauts have visited the moon, but no one lives there The moon is made up of dust and rocks, and there are no signs of life there Yes? Professor, what makes the moon glow? Is there a light bulb inside it? The moon has no light of its own The moon appears bright, because it reflects the light from the sun Then what makes it change shape? The different shapes you see are called the phases of the moon How much we see depends upon the positions of the Earth, moon, and sun From full moon to half moon, to crescent moon to new moon, and then back to full moon, it all depends upon its location Professor Glick was very nice I had no idea that the moon didn’t give off its own light Everyone thought the planetarium was a very unusual place to visit And we all talked about it, all the way back to Lakeshore School All that talk about the moon and outer space sure had everybody thinking, even during recess Boy, I’d sure like to fly to outer space someday Yeah, me, too Not me I like it right here on Earth Wouldn’t you like to see the stars? No, thanks The only stars I’m interested in are professional baseball stars [children laugh] There you go, Sarah Wow! Good one, Sarah Wow! I’m just warming up Ah, that was nothing I’m sending this next one to the moon [children laugh] Okay, ball, say hello to the man in the moon for me Actually, Sarah, there is no man in the moon Professor Glick said no one could live there Uh, Scott, I think she was joking Oh [laughs] [coughing] Hey, what happened? Oh, my goodness, Sarah This wasn’t a baseball That was Mrs. O’Connor’s moon [all] Uh-oh

I guess I better tell her what happened [ring] Anyway, I didn’t know it was your moon, Mrs. O’Connor I thought it was a baseball So that’s what happened to my moon I’ve been looking all over for it Well, I’m really, really sorry That’s all right, Sarah I know it was an accident It must have come loose and landed in the box of playground balls Gracious Looking at this moon reminds me of a story Would you all like to hear it? [all] Yeah! Long, long ago, in ancient China, people didn’t know about the phases of the moon They believed that the moon was a great big cookie [children laugh] and that every night, a dragon would fly across the evening sky and nibble on a little bit of the cookie until there was nothing left, only to be replaced the next month by a brand-new cookie So let’s just all pretend this skinny little sliver of a moon was nibbled on by a dragon [laughing] Everybody liked Mrs. O’Connor’s story about the cookie and the dragon When I got home that night, I even told it to Kevin And every night, a dragon would fly across the evening sky and nibble on a little bit of the cookie until there was nothing left [cooing] I don’t think Kevin understood the story Well, I thought it was a wonderful story Now while I get Kevin ready for bed, would you please bring in Kitty? Okay Kitty Kitty It time to come in Come on, Kitty It’s bedtime Time to come in [purring] [laughs] You silly cat [gasps] Oh, my goodness Looking at that skinny sliver of a moon in the sky, I couldn’t help thinking about hungry dragons And kids who just like to play T-ball [Woman] Visit the Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventure Web site and see how Betsy’s getting ready for school, play games, color pictures, and meet all of Betsy’s friends at [Betsy] My friends and I love to read You can find all kinds of fun and interesting books to read at your local library Visit the library in your town today, to have your own adventures just like me [laughs] Of course, garbage will have to be taken out by somebody strong [Billy] When someone gives you a responsibility, you should always do your very best How about Billy? All right! I get to take out the garbage! Closed-Captioned By J.R. Media Services, Inc Burbank, CA Doink PBS Kids!

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