Yamy, how many hours did you sleep last night? Four hours Everything is in a rush And now the makeup It’s like preparing for a concert I’m so scared Live broadcast Everyone knows if you make mistakes So I am afraid I hope that I can make more breakthroughs I hope you can all see my progress in the last 3 months Come on Nervous? Head mic Help me with the head mic Vocal, get the head mic Come on! = Names are the preludes to every girl’s performance = = Meng Meiqi = = Lv Xiaoyu = = Lai Meiyun = = Wu Yingxiang = = Li Ziting = = Xu Mengjie = = Wu Xuanyi = = Liu Renyu = = Zining = = Gao Qiuzi = = Li Zixuan = = Yang Chaoyue = = Gao Yingxi = = Sunnee = = Fu Jing = = Qi Yandi = = Yamy = = Xu Jingyun = = Qiang Dongyue = = Duan Aojuan = = Wang Ju = = Chen Yihan = = After tonight, these are not just names = = Xu Jingyun, No. 22 = = Chen Yihan, No. 21 = = Qiang Dongyue, No. 20 = = Wu Yingxiang, No. 19 = = Lv Xiaoyu, No. 18 = = Li Zixuan, No. 17 = = Xu Mengjie, No. 16 = = Qi Yandi, No. 15 = = Gao Yingxi, No. 14 = = Liu Renyu, No. 13 = = Fu Jing, No. 12 = = Yang Yunqing, No. 11 = = Gao Qiuzi, No. 10 = = Lai Meiyun, No. 09 = = Zining, No. 08 = = Yang Chaoyue, No. 07 = = Li Ziting, No. 06 = = Duan Aojuan, No. 05 = = Yamy, No. 4 = = Wu Xuanyi, No. 03 = = Wang Ju, No. 02 = = Meng Meiqi, No. 1 = Welcome to Produce 101

Sorry, but I believe you’re in my spot Battle! Today’s competition is not over yet Hello, dear audience We will be created by you Through your own efforts, you might get the chance to be centers this time! What you are holding in your hands is the right to redefine the No.1 girl group of China Congratulations on becoming the favorite queen today New company! New job! I’ll be a better person Hello, everyone! I am the new intern director Huang Bo Hello, everyone! I’m the “trainee” Patty Hou. I’ve been practicing a long time Welcome to Tencent Video’s Produce 101 Tonight will be our final show I am really honored to be here along with Huang Bo for tonight’s event, and to witness the formation of this group I’m very touched And very nervous You’re nervous, are you? I’m in the same mood as everyone else Because these months I’ve been staring at the screen thinking “What happened today?” “What’ll happen tomorrow?” Watching them get here step by step It’s really not easy I’ve also shed so many tears Yes, it’s exciting In fact, even for me, standing on this stage makes me feel so nervous To say nothing of these young girls How much do they have to face? To challenge themselves, they must face anxiety, and there are a lot of difficulties to overcome But they’ve all made it So today, I really think that no matter what, they’re all huge winners So once again, let’s hear it for the 101 girls Touching I see those familiar faces on this stage again They’ve come to this stage to shed the sweat and tears of their youth Today behind me there are 11 sparkling seats It’s been a difficult road for them I’m really touched Today everyone is here and our final 11 girls are going to sit there Although there can only be one No. 1, I truly believe the first seat is for all of us Yeah Because today is group night Yes Actually everyone who can stand on this stage should be considered first So if these 11 positions are chosen like this, which one would you want? Let me choose? Yes Were it up to me, I’d take No. 1, then take all the other seats away -Just you alone? -Right -Be serious. -For real, which would it be? Ok, then I’ll be serious If you let me choose, can I choose two? OK Then the 8th and 10th The 8th and 10th. Why? Oh Because I’m in a movie named The Island that comes out on August 10th Alright, we all know that What’s coming on August 10th? The Island Thank you Because these days these are the only numbers on my mind August 10th, The Island, we won’t forget Just kidding The most important thing today is our show I want to ask, if it were you, which seat would you choose? In fact, I often think if I were as young as the others, I would have passed out a long time back It’s so scary Really? So which seat would you choose? People have to have goals, right? Of course Then I would choose the second place You’re aiming way too high That spot’s a long way away It’s a long way away, but I think it has some special meanings

Because there’s always room for improvement, but it’s not so far from the bigger goal That makes sense, indeed OK. Well I hope that all our girls tonight can reach the positions that they want I hope you can all make your dreams come true Here on the show today, we have our audience, and 43 guests from media companies, and other guests from the industry Let’s all, with the 101 girls, welcome this exciting moment They are also very nervous Maybe just as nervous as our performers So at this crucial moment, let’s get to the point Welcome the real owner of this stage Welcome the 101 girls Welcome ♪ Hello, hello, hey ♪ ♪ Please give me the stage ♪ ♪ Hello, hello, hey ♪ ♪ Fail or succeed ♪ ♪ Oh hey, hey, baby ♪ ♪ With you I fear nothing ♪ ♪ My dream is waiting for me ♪ ♪ Because of your love ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for you to wake me up ♪ ♪ We are shining because of you ♪ ♪ No one can replace you ♪ ♪ I am the one you love ♪ ♪ Baby you want pick me up ♪ ♪ Call my name aloud ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ I’m thinking of you when I dance ♪ ♪ Pinkie swear, let’s do this together ♪ ♪ Hey yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Hey yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Share myself with you ♪ ♪ Let’s create wonder together ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Your love makes me more lovely ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Your love makes me more lovely ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3, here we go ♪ ♪ However good she is ♪ ♪ I have my merits ♪ ♪ I’ll take what belongs to me ♪ ♪ Create the future with me ♪ ♪ The glory belongs to you and me ♪ ♪ Give me five ♪ ♪ Come on, come on, baby ♪ ♪ Be a star. Be a star. ♪ ♪ Come on, come on, baby ♪ ♪ Your compliment makes me smile ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for you to wake me up ♪ ♪ We are shining because of you ♪ ♪ No one can replace you ♪ ♪ I am the one you love ♪ ♪ Baby you want pick me up ♪ ♪ Call my name aloud ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ I’m thinking of you when I dance ♪ ♪ Pinkie swear, let’s do this together ♪ ♪ Hey yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Hey yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Share myself with you ♪ ♪ Let’s create wonder together ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Your love makes me more lovely ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Your love makes me more lovely ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for you to wake me up ♪ ♪ We are shining because of you ♪ ♪ No one can replace you ♪ ♪ I am the one you love ♪ ♪ Baby you want pick me up ♪ ♪ Call my name aloud ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ I’m thinking of you when I dance ♪ ♪ Pinkie swear, let’s do this together ♪ ♪ Hey yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Hey yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Share myself with you ♪ ♪ Let’s create wonder together ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Your love makes me more lovely ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ Your love makes me more lovely ♪ Thank you 101 girls You girls are the best Call my name aloud After that wonderful performance, I must say, I really liked seeing all of that energy, laughing while gasping, and bowing to the audience Really. You see them, their youthfulness, with their dreams reflected in their faces Right So moving These are the times when I feel the most moved When they perform on this stage, it’s really touching Yes I know that you have always really cared for these girls You are also a loyal fan, right? I’m a very loyal fan indeed To be honest, I already regret getting on this stage Instead of being up here and being the host, I should be down there with all of you, enjoying the show “What will happen next?” “What rank will my favorite girl get?” It’s exciting to imagine Very. And I know that you not only care about them, but also care about the results And before this final, you already gave them a tutorial Actually, it wasn’t a tutorial I just went over to cheer them all on That’s not true You were with them for a while You made them snacks and dumplings, and watched the videos from their families, right? Yeah, right I guess you saw that I did I cried all night I was really touched Me too It also inspired me to keep chasing my dreams It’s true About the dumplings, there is an old saying: “dumplings before leaving, noodles upon return.” And their journey is just starting, I hope that they can work hard Furthermore, frankly speaking, they often remind me of my youth with passion for dreams, recklessness and courageousness It’s not so much about being with them but about being able to be with my younger self Companionship matters Along this journey, lasting three months, they haven’t been alone Although they left home, there have so many audiences, friends and elders by their sides There are many people by their sides We’ve got many audiences here today to cheer them on, as well as the staff behind the stage, and their mentors Yes Of course, there is one important person Someone very close to me We’re both named Huang We’re both from Qingdao Qingdao is widely known for its talented people Right! Before us, we had Huang Xiaoming, then Huang Bo, and then Huang Zitao With cheers like that, let’s give him a grand welcome Because he has a special identity as the producer of Produce 101 So now, let’s welcome our producer: Huang Zitao I am the producer of Produce 101, Huang Zitao Before I came here, I was your predecessor An idol should influence and inspire people with their passion Now that I’m here, I’m your companion How to decide if one is a successful artist? Their work At this moment, I want to be your helper Show your courage and faith to the world = Producer of Produce 101: Huang Zitao = ♪ I always do ♪ ♪ There is no reason ♪ ♪ You must be my girlfriend ♪ ♪ No one gets a chance ♪ ♪ I want all your heart ♪ ♪ You will not refuse me ♪ ♪ So where are you ♪ ♪ Come to my party ♪ ♪ Because I know that you are the focus of the crowd ♪

♪ Uh being picky is not my fault ♪ ♪ I want others see you and say “wow” ♪ ♪ Of course, I aim for more ♪ ♪ I want people who love you to be jealous ♪ ♪ Yes, please accept my confession ♪ ♪ You should know that I’ve never been rejected ♪ ♪ I believe that you and I are made for each other yeah ♪ ♪ I’ll be your beggar, your fool ♪ ♪ When you hear the song ♪ ♪ The monologue in your heart ♪ ♪ I don’t have to guess it, I just know it ♪ ♪ So where are you ♪ ♪ Come to my party ♪ ♪ Because I know that you are the focus of the crowd ♪ ♪ Uh being picky is not my fault ♪ ♪ I want others see you and say “wow” ♪ ♪ Of course, I aim for more ♪ ♪ I want people who love you to be jealous ♪ ♪ Yes, please accept my confession ♪ ♪ You should know that I’ve never been rejected ♪ ♪ I believe that you and I are made for each other yeah ♪ ♪ I’ll be your beggar, your fool ♪ ♪ When you hear the song ♪ ♪ The monologue in your heart ♪ ♪ I don’t have to guess it, I just know it ♪ Huang Zitao, you’re awesome! Thank you all Huang Zitao So amazing -Amazing. -Good evening! That’s what the Huang family name is all about Huang men are the most charming Are you happy today? Very happy Very happy? These three months of hard work will finally be paid off tonight Yeah I’m very excited and nervous I’ve watched the program before We haven’t work together much before, but I really know you from the show You are a very straightforward man With the aim of achieving his goal, he really he lost his temper I was watching and thinking, “Wow, he is so frank.” “This boy is too frank.” He knows what it costs, how long it takes, to realize the dreams He understands this. He knows this That’s why he’s so strict Right In fact, there is one more thing Which is, after you debut, there will be a lot of people praising you You must recognize what praise is good for you and what’s bad for you Basically, when you think you are incredible, those who warn you, yell at you, or slap you with reality are the people who you should cherish the most Indeed Someone come and smack me That’s not what he means Oh really? I really feel that sometimes frustration or injury is what helps us grow So actually in these three months, I can see that Huang Zitao as the producer really cares about these competitors, right? Right As the producer, what does the word mean to you? It means to gather lots of attention and helping hands together, and to bring these girls together in order to build something That’s what being the producer means That is such a down-to-earth and heartfelt sentiment Because in this process, no one feels this more than him Because during this process, from the very beginning, going step by step, culminating with today’s performance on this stage today, it’s really not easy Of course, we are all expecting today to see some miracles We hope to see every flower bloom today with a color and light of its own So really, on behalf of our audience and the girls here I want to say Huang Zitao, you’ve done very well Thank you Actually, I’m not the only one that’s carrying this show We must include the other five mentors

who have been accompanying me and every girl They’ve all put in so many efforts So let’s hear it for the 101 mentors = Three months ago = Hello mentors! = Vocal instructor: Ella = = Dance instructor: Show Lo = = Vocal instructor: Jason Zhang = = Songwriting instructor: Tiger Hu = = Dance instructor: Wang Yibo = I was very impressed whenever a girl would push back and stand up and say “I want to battle.” Battle I didn’t expect these girls would have such great courage and strong willpower = First meeting, joyful and surprised = Tiger Hu = They hide themselves to surprise Tiger Hu = What is this about? Hello Tiger Hu! In fact, for almost four years, I didn’t have a busy schedule I was working as an instructor You can try this: Hey! Hey! Hey! I hoped that by joining this show that I could share my experience with the trainees here Creation is not that simple But those that strive to accomplish this must be the brightest stars in the bunch In the future, you may end up on smaller or larger stages You must be ready to face whatever life throws you I want to share all that I’ve learned, both onstage and backstage, and in the studio, all I’ve experienced in my heart I want to share it all with them ♪ Baby you want to pick me up ♪ ♪ Call my name aloud ♪ Take a moment, then ask yourself: will I leave class F? I will definitely leave class F In this way, I want to let them know not to give up on themselves So I want them to see themselves first, know themselves, know why they’re here Only after knowing failure, can you enjoy the applause of success It’s all about support Because when people are encouraged, they will be confident You give them strength And the confidence they show, the way they shine, will surprise even you The stress, in my opinion, is not really stress It’s like a door for you to step through and grow, or embrace a new world You’re so cool, seriously Congratulations, you have won the talented mentor prize I have a discerning eye! I think it’s good for these girls to experience early It is like a miniature version of life condensed into these three months Goodbye, mentors! Mentors, bye-bye! Thanks, Ella! Good girl This show has no script So I think the show is genuine I hope the audience will act responsibly Because the opportunities you give them can go on forever, not just a short moment = Mentors of Produce 101, thank you for being with us = Thank you, mentors! OK, let’s welcome our mentors to the stage Hello, everyone in the building! They look fantastic! Hello, audience! How are you? Everyone take a look Good job, good job Things are different now With one look you can tell how different the atmosphere is -What do you think? -It’s great You’re really impressed, are you? It’s really amazing You all look amazing I’d say each one of you is an expert in your particular field These guys are incredible But this time, you’ve taken the time and energy for our 101 girls You’ve really spared no efforts You’re really doing all that you can, just to give the 101 girls your complete support You can really see these mentors have been very thoughtful and suggestive And they’ve given the girls so much encouragement Tonight, they are going to embrace the moment on Produce 101

I believe this is the result of your efforts They are also your pride So before the competition begins, do you have any final advice to offer? Yes. What’s on your mind? Your advice is very important at this moment Because tonight is our finale, I want to tell all our girls that you are already the best of 101 So tonight, learn to enjoy the stage, and enjoy the harvest and applause of all your previous efforts I think now you should forget about winning or losing, that way, it can help you to better perform tonight So I hope tonight they can have goods performances And those of you in the audience, do not save your applause, cheers or thumbs-up Cheer for them Yes Tonight on Produce 101, these will be their final performances with us I hope all the girls can clear their thoughts, enjoy the moment, and the sense of accomplishment Because in the past 100 days, you have worked hard I hope all our girls can make Produce 101 the hottest and the most impressive stage show Come on! Everyone here at the show, which girl do you support? I believe that the 101 girls today will put on a fantastic show for you! Thank you I’ve seen Show Lo participate in many shows, he acts the most serious this time Are you paid to say this, Mr. Huang? No, no, no Just as a friend Brotherly love Yeah, right Thank you, thank you Since you’re already here, what are you waiting for? It’s time to enjoy the show, OK? And to our audience, where’s your support? Let’s hear it! Come on! OK, I hope that tonight all our dream chasers will do well Come on, girls Awesome And I think that when the directors elected the mentors, they thought it through very well Talented, good-looking Able to sing and dance All aspects are covered As I just said, Yibo’s participation this time was a good decision Breaking a sweat in practice every day, being stressed out every day, but when Yibo went and showed up, girl saw him and said “so handsome” Suddenly, they feel relaxed, right? Really good. Nice These mentors are really hardworking On behalf of the trainees, thank you Thank you for your dedication Before the competition formally starts, we still have to clarify the voting rules for tonight Welcome back

This is Tencent Video’s Produce 101 And tonight is the big finale Our performance is about to begin We can already see our 22 girls are assembled and ready to go Which 11 girls will form our girl group will be completely decided by your votes Yes Before the show begins, I want to announce the latest real-time rating rankings No need to worry I’ve got good news Good news Good news is a good thing right now Then I will tell you the good news The first bit of good news is As of right now, who is temporarily in our top 11? Who exactly is in the top 11? We are about to announce the result But before that, I have to announce another important thing That is, as of noon on June 21 in first place on the OPPO Ranking List was Meng Meiqi She receives an extra of 10,000 votes Congratulations, Meiqi Next I will announce the names of the current top 11 As of 8:00 this evening when the live broadcast began, comparing the real time rankings and those from noon today, contestants whose rankings remain unchanged in top 11 are I’m nervous I’m nervous There are three contestants in total Their names are You three are in the top 11 and your rankings remain unchanged First girl with the same ranking: Yang Chaoyue Second girl with the same ranking:

Fu Jing Third girl with the same ranking Who is it? Duan Aojuan Keep it up We won’t know the final results until the end We also have another data, last collected at 8:00 tonight before the live show began, comparing the real time votes and those from noon today, the girls who have risen are Wu Xuanyi You’ve risen Rising is not easy Right now, moving up is very important Thank you all the audience, for all your efforts in voting for your favorite girls in such a short time The second rising contestant is She is Sunnee Next still, the third rising contestant is Lai Meiyun How exciting and nerve-wracking Of course, these aren’t the only rising contestants We’ve got more rising contestants So now let’s announce the next one The next rising contestant is Her name is Zining This is really good news. Really I hope to only tell you good news I don’t want to tell you other news Because nothing sounds better than good news And I tell you, good news never stops Good news never stops? There is more good news There are other contestants who are rising Then the next rising contestant here is Who is it? Her name is Chen Yihan How nice Although this isn’t the end yet, when hearing good news, they must find it boosts their confidence and encourages them The next contestant on the rise is The next girl goes by the name Gao Yingxi We can see there are lots of contestants on the rise

But of course, everyone knows that if some are rising, others are falling Wang Ju, in the front row, why didn’t her ranking rise? It’s weird We still aren’t finished yet Who knows? We still have good news Do we still? There’s more good news Oh, there is OK, then go on. There are more The next rising contestant is Wang Ju You scared her It’s really me? It’s really you There is one more One more rising contestant I am now going to announce our final rising contestant Her name is Lv Xiaoyu Among all of you, there’s one who’s seen the maximum increase The furthest movement It’s not easy making such a big leap in such a short time The best news that we have goes like this The contestant with the greatest progress in ranking It is What is her name? Chen Yihan Chen Yihan! Chen Yihan! Chen Yihan! In a bit we’ll announce the real time votes, and who is currently No. 11 Right, 11 is a sensitive position I never thought the number 11 could be such an important one Right, and later we will announce who is currently in 11th place But before that, let’s talk a bit with Chen Yihan I want to hear how she’s feeling now Hello everyone! I remember my fans once told me that “Though I’m not the Monkey King, I want to overturn Heaven for you.” Because you believe in me, I believe in myself Thank you all I love you I know all of you in front of me are very nervous today How could you not be nervous? After such a long struggle, and all the sweat and tears that only all of you can relate you? Then we will now announce which competitor currently stands in 11th place So nerve-wracking Here’s the name I got it from the headset Her name is Xu Mengjie Xu Mengjie, congratulations Come on Too exciting 11th place This is the critical position I can’t find the words right now to describe the mood at the moment So then, now we have the rising rankings, we will also have the falling rankings It’s natural I am already so nervous that I don’t know what to say That is to say, to the audience, this will be your final opportunity You still have a chance to vote for the competitors you like, and help them chase after their dreams After all this time, there must be a lot to say We have said a lot already So now we’re going to give each contestant a chance to speak Finally, what do you want to say to your supporters? Each of you will get 15 seconds to speak to the 101 audience

Not afraid of sadness Unyielding to fate Please light up for me tonight I am Meng Meiqi Thank you I am Wang Ju I won’t let those who vote for me down Thank you Hello everyone, I am Yamy How much do you like me? Please show me with your votes Thank you Dear supporters, hello! I am Wu Xuanyi from Yue Hua Entertainment The last battle is mine Please vote for me Thank you Hello everyone, I am Duan Aojuan Thank you all Thank you for voting for me With your support, nothing will stop me Thank you Dear audience, hello I am Mimi Lee, Li Ziting I hope everyone can feel my seriousness and work ethic So please be sure to vote for me Thank you Hello everyone, I am Yang Chaoyue I also want to turn things over But I’ve made a lot of mistakes and fallen many times But I will always get up And I’m eager to grow stronger Thank you for your support. Thank you I want to thank you all for supporting me along the way I will continue to fight And it is my fortune to sing for you Please continue to vote for me I am Zining from Mavericks Entertainment Hello, the audience of the girl group I am Lai Meiyun from Qigu Culture Try your best, and you’ll have no regrets Let’s end these last three months on a grand note Hello, I am Qi Yandi Thank you all for accompanying me This is our greatest moment Thank you all Hello, the 101 audience I am Gao Yingxi from SDT Entertainment Thank you for your votes, and that allows me to stand here Although I’m not the best girl here, I shine in my own unique way I hope you’ll vote for me And help me face the wind Hello everyone I am a trainee from ETM Skies, Liu Renyu I want to tell you all: choose me, you won’t regret it I, Liu Renyu, will not let you down So come and pick me up Hello everyone! I am a trainee from Banana Culture, Fu Jing I promise to enjoy myself tonight, and pursue my future I hope you’ll help me reverse my fortunes Thank you Hello, audience of 101 I’m from Comic & Lead Culture Media, Sunnee, Yang Yunqing I believe there will be many viewers watching our show today I also hope that my performance tonight will endear me to you all, and earn me your votes Because your votes may change my destiny and life Thank you Hello, audience of 101 I am Gao Qiuzi from the Jinhua Ham Lady Bees I want to say that with your love, I’m not afraid of anything So brothers, go for it Hello, audience of 101 I am Xu Mengjie, also from the Jinhua Ham Lady Bees One day, there will be colorful rainbows throughout every city Please believe in me Hello everyone, I am from OACA Entertainment, Li Zixuan

After today I will leave all my tears in the past, and strive for the sun Thank you for your votes Hello everyone I am Lv Xiaoyu from Mango Entertainment Thanks to you, I have the courage and the opportunity to stand here No matter what, I will always strive for the sun I hope we can work together and help me face the wind Vote for me. Thank you Hello, audience of 101 I am Wu Yingxiang from BeiLian Entertainment I hope my performance tonight can move you and earn me your favor But I want to say whether you vote for me or not I thank you all. I love you Hello everyone I am a trainee from Banana Culture, Qiang Dongyue Yes, I am the “twice-cooked pork” you spoke of But I believe that with time and dreams, “twice-cooked pork” can become something wonderful Thank you Hello everyone, I am Chen Yihan from Xinxi Culture I’m here tonight to keep challenging myself I hope that I won’t let you down I love you Please vote for me, thank you Hello everyone! I am Xu Jingyun from Emperor Entertainment Thank you for helping me face the wind And helping me make it this far Because of you all, tonight is already perfect I will try my best Thank you Everybody watching right now, can you hear the 101 girls? Girls, you are great Those currently ranked near the top, don’t let your guard down Those who are ranked near the bottom, don’t give up Who will be our final winners? We will wait and see The first round of the night is about to begin In fact, it has been more than three months Our audience may already feel that they’ve learned a lot about each of our girls But they haven’t Now it’s time to meet the real them Because in these three months, the contestants have often made some sacrifices, and have forgone of their strengths But coming up right now, it’s their chance to really show off for you their uniqueness Yes. Tonight’s performances are different Many people looked at the girls that they liked and complained it wasn’t enough Tonight, I promise everyone will be satisfied Because here for the final night, we want them to perform and show off all the charm they’ve got, and enjoy every second they spend on the stage So tonight, you will see all they’ve got The big moment is upon us Let us all watch Make sure you cheer Please welcome our first group of contestants today Welcome! Satisfying?

Too much

What I saw didn’t just shock me, it scared me Did you all just see cute little Zixuan? Was that her? So amazing Everyone just now showed a completely different side Absolutely right! Did you watch carefully? They gave it everything that they had Truth is previously, they haven’t always given their very best But just now you could see, Wow… I couldn’t take my eyes off them I almost forgot where I was Yes Every performance for our finale will be splendid These girls are going to thoroughly show themselves I’m suddenly in a mood now. Do you want to battle? You want to dance too, right? Forget it Sorry about that Forget it, just forget it OK In fact, our finale is already so fierce At this moment now, there are people who want to join -At this moment now? -Yes! People still want to join? That’s right They would have to be incredible to join in at this moment That’s right And they’re big They’re big, you say? Are they fat? No Somebody big wants to join now? Oh, I know I know Here comes somebody tough Because only someone tough would dare join now Because with these two, there’s righteousness and wickedness Do you know who they are? One is an international award-winning actor The other is a Prince Charming adored by girls everywhere Liao Fan and Eddie Peng from the film Hidden Man No wonder you’ve come at this moment Striking indeed Hidden Man Known far and wide I want to ask you who’s righteous and who’s wicked? Hello to the audience of Produce 101 Yeah, say hello to the audience We are the Hidden Man boy band On July 13th, we will be created by you You must have been watching our show

Seeing Liao Fan do this gesture here is beyond my wildest dreams You must have been watching the show Right That’s true So if I were to say, call my name aloud, what would you do? Call my name aloud You do know You really do That’s amazing Since you know this, why don’t you do our theme song’s dance? Come on ♪ Pick me, pick me up ♪ Just kidding I am really excited today You didn’t see it backstage The dance they gave I saw it. I saw it It’s just shocking That was amazing! Originally our boy band planned to show off our talents We rehearsed our song and dance But after watching from backstage, well, forget it Yeah Because we can’t compete with them It’s our debut and also our retirement It’s enough just to have made our debut here Yes, we’re good Right So now maybe you can let us know when Hidden Man will hit theaters July 13th We will be created by you Let’s have a hand for them In the film, Hidden Man, directed by Jiang Wen, I play the senior of Eddie Peng Yes Everyone in the movie is both righteous and wicked Righteous and wicked Shades of grey Perhaps, in your movie, you’re righteous and wicked But on this stage, you either win or you lose What can I say? Tonight on our stage, these girls are actually like your characters in the movie But the only difference is there are real people today on the stage Their stories are real, their struggles are real their sweat is real Let’s talk about them now Okay What are the 101 girls like in your minds? I don’t know if I can say But I think in my mind, the 101 girls are Beautiful? Independent Independent Independent Confident Confidence makes them more beautiful Brave Courageously chasing dreams Brave enough to express themselves Brave enough to express themselves What a great way to put it all That really is something The impressions are different Folks in the audience, don’t you think so? Do you? Yes! In their minds they see their perfect idols and performers Actually, since Eddie Peng is here today, let’s not focus on his muscles Today we want to ask, since this is a girl group, with men and women in the audience We also want to hear from Eddie Peng, the Prince Charming for thousands of girls, what are his standards for women in this new era? Recently I’ve been watching this show, I think independence, confidence, beauty born of confidence, bravery, the courage to pursue dreams Brave to express oneself Brave to express oneself Great That is to say, the same as the previous answer Comedy is to repeat I think that for woman in the new era, as for what standard to use, I think there is no standard Like the 101 girl group here, all members have their own unique personalities, and their own colors But they are the same in following their hearts And being brave Brave enough to express themselves The stage tonight belongs to them Come on, do your best All right Wait a minute, wait a minute I want to ask, since these are all young ladies, do you know how young ladies make the heart gesture? Like how you express your love for someone? Like this We will He’s doing it again Not the same one This On your own Can you do it? Everyone, show me your heart This is the heart gesture Correct I always thought that it meant Not counting money It’s a heart Yeah, a heart There is another way There is? Like this How to express my love? Like this? No no That is a big heart Like this Love you Today I’ve learned so much

Right. Let’s do this Love you Love you Come on Come on I really want to give these girls a big cheering-up Because today is the finale They must be incredibly nervous At this time, all our audience and you two together, let’s cheer for each of our contestants Everyone make some noise for Produce 101, OK? 1, 2, 3! Produce 101! Ok, thank you And don’t forget, during the summer holiday, an exciting new movie is waiting for you Its name is The Island No no Hidden Man Hidden Man The Island -Hidden Man is a good flick. -Yes I really appreciate our guests today for coming to cheer us on I believe next round of performances will be more splendid with their encouragement, because they’ll be less nervous Because the second round of performances is important This round will not be like the previous Because what they sing is something they want to tell the audience So I hope everyone pays attention Because every girl has something to tell you The next performance is about to begin Let us welcome our second performance! Welcome! Time moves so quickly ♪ Oh, I love you ♪ ♪ I miss and pray for the summer with you ♪ ♪ I want to ask if you remember ♪ ♪ The anonymous flowers you gave me ♪ ♪ I love you so much ♪ ♪ With silence, tears and the best times ♪ ♪ That evening of that day of that year ♪ ♪ I stood waiting for you ♪ ♪ Oh, I am going to see the farthest place ♪ ♪ Cheerfully talking to you about my dreams ♪ ♪ Like I’ve never lost hope ♪ ♪ Like I still believe that I can fly to the sky ♪ ♪ I want to be in the farthest place ♪ ♪ Covering my shoulders with the first light ♪ ♪ Having experienced icy raindrops and snowflakes ♪ ♪ Makes me want to smile and be warm like the sun ♪ ♪ We are the one for each other ♪ ♪ Never regret, never fall apart ♪ ♪ We are serious more than anyone else ♪ ♪ If I have only one day to love you ♪ ♪ I’ll let every moment go backwards ♪ ♪ Among all the possibilities in my life ♪ ♪ You are the special one I want ♪ ♪ The older, the lonelier ♪ ♪ The older, the more uneasy ♪ ♪ You have to watch the wings of the dream being broken ♪ ♪ You have to take back words and question yourself ♪

♪ Where are your pure eyes? ♪ ♪ The older, the lonelier ♪ ♪ The older, the more uneasy ♪ ♪ You have to release the parachute that protects you ♪ ♪ You suddenly understand that the future is not smooth ♪ ♪ Is this change inevitable? ♪ ♪ Say you’ll remember me ♪ ♪ Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset babe ♪ ♪ Red lips and rosy cheeks ♪ ♪ Say you’ll see me again ♪ ♪ Even if it’s just in your wildest dreams ♪ ♪ Wildest dreams ♪ ♪ You see me in hindsight ♪ ♪ Tangled up with you all night ♪ ♪ Burn it down ♪ ♪ Some day when you leave me ♪ ♪ I bet these memories follow you around ♪ ♪ Say you’ll remember me ♪ ♪ Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset babe ♪ ♪ Thank you, all those punishments of fate ♪ ♪ Thank you, all the concerns you gave ♪ ♪ Thank you ♪ ♪ Those scars whether healed or not ♪ ♪ They all remind me of the price of growth ♪ ♪ They all remind me of the price of growth ♪ ♪ I hope you are my exclusive memory ♪ ♪ Right here in my heart ♪ ♪ No matter what others are saying ♪ ♪ What I have now is ♪ ♪ You, the half of love you gave me ♪ ♪ I like you, you are my exclusive memory ♪ ♪ No one can take away you from me ♪ ♪ Right here with this blockade of feelings ♪ ♪ It’s okay not to think about you ♪ ♪ Who believes in the paling promise of forever? ♪ ♪ Here’s a song to makes millions of people cry ♪ ♪ I have never heard an oath like a ferris wheel ♪ ♪ That’s why I cry for you and love you so ♪ ♪ I have written 20 songs for you without regrets ♪ ♪ I also give you so much love ♪ ♪ I have sung 20 songs for you with all my heart ♪ ♪ Even Mother Nature is moved ♪ ♪ No one like me ♪ ♪ How can you say I’m the king of karaoke? ♪ ♪ And then a hero comes along ♪ ♪ With the strength to carry on ♪ ♪ And you cast your fears aside ♪ ♪ And you know you can survive ♪ ♪ So when you feel like hope is gone ♪ ♪ Look inside you and be strong ♪ ♪ And you’ll finally see the truth ♪ ♪ That a hero lies in you ♪ ♪ Lord knows ♪

♪ Dreams are hard to follow ♪ ♪ But don’t let anyone ♪ ♪ Tear them away ♪ ♪ Hold on ♪ ♪ There will be tomorrow ♪ ♪ In time you’ll find the way ♪ ♪ Who is that girl I see ♪ ♪ Staring straight back at me? ♪ ♪ Why is my reflection ♪ ♪ Someone I don’t know? ♪ ♪ Somehow I cannot hide ♪ ♪ Who I am though I’ve tried ♪ ♪ When will my reflection show ♪ ♪ Who I am inside? ♪ ♪ When will my reflection show ♪ ♪ Who I am inside? ♪ ♪ Give you all of me, no matter what happens tomorrow ♪ ♪ Become stronger for you, believe your adoring look ♪ ♪ I dare not to think, dare not to ask ♪ ♪ The possibility of bad things one day ♪ ♪ Give you all of me, giving up my own separate journey ♪ ♪ Become stronger for you, fear no sacrifice ♪ ♪ My soul is boiling ♪ ♪ For the one that I love ♪ ♪ I know the ups and downs of this road ♪ ♪ They always make people fall ♪ ♪ I also know the twists and turns of this road ♪ ♪ They will blur my dream ♪ ♪ The future may be vague ♪ ♪ My power may be little ♪ ♪ Let you know that persistence is my only pride ♪ ♪ I know the ups and downs of this road ♪ ♪ They always make people fall ♪ ♪ I also know the twists and turns of this road ♪ ♪ They will blur my dream ♪ ♪ The future may be vague ♪ ♪ My power may be little ♪ ♪ Let you know that persistence ♪ ♪ Let you know that persistence ♪ ♪ Let you know that persistence ♪ ♪ Is my only pride ♪ Welcome back!

This is the final night of Tencent Video’s Produce 101 Thank you for those great performances, girls I need to remind everyone that after the next performance, the voting will be closed During these final rounds of performances, the real-time vote rankings keep changing moment to moment Those in the top 11 will join the final group Let’s take a look at these key rankings, from 10th to the 13th place Which girls ended up is these four places? Over the last week, rankings near the 11th place have been in flux Let’s take a look Do you remember when the program aired on June 19th, when we released our third set of rankings, who ranked between 10 and 13? Let’s look back Please watch the screen On June 16th, in the fourth ranking, those who ranked from 10 and 13 were: No. 10, Gao Qiuzi No. 11, Yang Yunqing No. 12, Fu Jing No. 13, Liu Renyu Since voting began after the fourth ranking, it’s just been one week As of 12 a.m. today, the latest rankings are upon us The 4 contestants who ranked in this range are No. 10, Xu Mengjie No. 11, Yang Yunqing No. 12, Liu Renyu No. 13, Li Zixuan We’ve noticed that

over the last 7 days of intense competition, one contestant has always ranked within this range She is She is Being able to remain in this range is really not easy, right? Well, okay Her name is Xu Mengjie From the group battle to the test of professional competence and the set-topic based performance in the last round, every performance is like a test So today, the 22 of you are having your final exams Every one of you here deserves applause A round applause for them! The ranking of No. 11 is like the minimum passing score So I want to wish all the girls that your dreams can come true Next, we are going to announce that as of 9 o’clock tonight, who ranked near No. 11 and between No. 10 to No. 13? The data is fresh out the oven It’s still warm We’ve just counted it First to announce is No. 13 As of 9 o’clock tonight, No. 13 goes to Li Zixuan Li Zixuan! She’s got 72,000,082 votes No. 12, Liu Renyu She’s got 73,853,280 votes No. 11, Xu Mengjie She’s got 74,873,578 votes Very close Well, Ella keeps putting her hand on her chest She looks nervous OK, then No. 10 is Fu Jing She’ got 77,793,317 votes Wow, it’s intense Less than an hour remains before the voting is closed In these last moments, can you make it to the top 11? Pass this important test? And join the group? We’ll see There is an hour left Dear audience, their future is in your hands Let’s go ahead and continue Next, we are going to start the second round of performances OK Don’t forget what we just said In less than an hour, if you find out that your favorite contestants aren’t where they should be Give them a vote Vote! Please Then let’s welcome the first group Please This is our stage? Let’s take a photo, okay? OK. Let’s take a photo for memory. It’s on Face the wind! Wu Xuanyi You lose To be honest, there may be three or four of you in here that aren’t up to class A standards Why the big gap in skill? The lyrics today sounded like garbage I just couldn’t use them I am a little disappointed with myself It’s not acceptable in the middle of a rehearsal You didn’t have chrisma at all No confidence at all I don’t know what you were thinking The show was a disaster, really I think that I have done my best I know Don’t cry Why do you feel so stressed out? I wanna cry once I open my mouth So what now? What should you do? I don’t know Do you regret joining the program? I don’t regret it Since the first show, I have always been unyielding I have been strived for what I want Experiences keep life from getting boring

If the other girls can do the dance, there’s no way that I can’t It’s embarrassing I want to stay I want to perform on this stage I still have dreams I haven’t fulfilled I won’t be defeated I have to survive the competition I absolutely have to survive I want to grow, to make people see my efforts, to make them see my strength Fu Jing won’t give up I’ll work hard and become better I’ll make those who have faith in me proud It’s dawn The lyrics are finished Bang, bang, bang = The drum is beating, you’ll see a brand new group = ♪ Learning never ends ♪ ♪ I wander around the world ♪ ♪ Tie up my hair and practice ♪ They’ve really changed They are different now Congratulations to Lai Meiyun She’s become the favourite girl! Xu Jingyun just got 250 likes, and became the favorite girl The most popular girl this round is Liu Renyu Yamy, in 4th The second goes to Wang Ju No. 17 in class B, Li Zixuan Zixuan! Bravo! Produce 101 aims to tell us that as long as we grab the opportunities presented, we can always reverse our fate and stand where we belong Gao Qiuzi, you’re in tenth place I can’t let others to restrain me I want them to see that I can do anything I want to speak with strength Our whole group members all have a difficult road ♪ Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye ♪ It’s the last battle If we don’t try our best, then everything that came before will be wasted For my final performance, I will face the storms to reach the sun = Face the storms, pursue the heartfelt dreams = Making the top 11 is a recognition of your strength I want to tell you that I can also be the first I want to join the group = We’ll face the storms to reach the sun = ♪ There is a flame in my heart ♪ ♪ You won’t only see the smoke ♪ ♪ If you want to be seen ♪ ♪ You have to be competent ♪ ♪ Everyone is special, but I am unique ♪ ♪ Before confirming your dreams ♪ ♪ Knowing yourself first ♪ ♪ After the lonely battle, I still have you by my side ♪ ♪ Exhausted yet eager for another try ♪ ♪ Realizing landscapes are limited on easy roads ♪ ♪ The path to the glittering future is full of struggles ♪ ♪ Bye bye baby bye bye my friends ♪ ♪ In this battle against the headwinds ♪ ♪ Your votes make me braver ♪ ♪ So I can fight fearlessly ♪ ♪ It’s an exciting competition ♪ ♪ More romantic than love ♪ ♪ Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye never ends with you ♪ ♪ Just wait for me to turn the corner ♪ ♪ You’ll notice every merit and demerit of me ♪ ♪ Wash my face with tears ♪ ♪ Use my sweat as makeup ♪ ♪ Thank me for being what I am now ♪ ♪ Dreams last long, growth comes in a blink ♪ ♪ Exhausted yet sleepless ♪ ♪ One minute I’m indecisive ♪ ♪ The next minute I’m optimistic ♪ ♪ Knowing that pain ensures gain ♪ ♪ The best performance comes from standing tough ♪ ♪ Bye bye baby bye bye my friends ♪ ♪ In this battle against the headwinds ♪ ♪ Your votes make me braver ♪ ♪ So I can fight fearlessly ♪ ♪ It’s an exciting competition ♪ ♪ More romantic than love ♪ ♪ Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye never ends with you ♪ ♪ Just wait for me to turn the corner ♪ ♪ Only the spring knows the fear of the seeds ♪ ♪ Only you make the ordinary me dream of being extraordinary ♪ ♪ Bye bye baby bye bye ♪ ♪ Bye bye baby bye bye my friends ♪ ♪ It’s a battle against my youth ♪ ♪ Oh my friends ♪ ♪ The song is for us ♪

♪ The dance is for us ♪ ♪ Success or failure, whatever ♪ ♪ Shake it make it break it down ♪ ♪ The journey won’t be in vain, I will debut ♪ ♪ I hope we’ll stay together ♪ ♪ Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye never ends, love you ♪ ♪ Pray for me to turn the corner ♪ Awesome! Turning the Corner I feel so inspired I really do This will be a summer to remember Thanks to the audience here, the audience watching at home, and all 101 audience watching with anxiety This really isn’t a quiet summer The World Cup is also in full swing In another place with an intensity all its own Our 101 girls have seen the chances to reverse their fortunes and carried on their touching stories time and again Of course, we also hope that the Chinese football team can reverse their fortunes Every performance, every song, every melody, I believe for all these days, they have accompanied everyone As for melody, we are especially grateful for this season’s music director, Tiger Hu It wasn’t easy for him You’ve worked so hard We want to thank him along with his team Look All these musicians behind us There are a lot of folks off camera, who’ve worked hard They’ve all worked so hard for our program And our music director, I know a lot of his behind-the-scenes stories, staying up all night to produce music He’s really spared no effort to make 101 the show it is Thank you, Tiger Hu You’ve brought us so many beautiful and touching moments and memories Because he loves music Thank you All right, now I have to remind the audience of our girl group, by the end of the next round, our voting will be closed So if you want to vote to put your favorite girl at the top of the pyramid, don’t miss your last chance to give her a vote Time is limited As long as the voting is open, we’re all able to vote for our favorite girls Because this is exactly what our slogan is about Face the storms to reach the sun! Yes, we all just heard the inspiring song Turn the Corner So now we should hear about reaching the sun Let’s see how well these flowers under the sun are able to Blossom Welcome your next performance: Blossom This will be our last performance on 101 stage Let’s record this unforgettable journey with the OPPO R15 Why Blossom? Because this song can highlight every moment we’ve had in this show = Three months ago = First introduce yourself My name is Gao Yingxi When I came here, no one actually knew me I’m an average Jane Hello, everyone I am Qi Yandi Taurus, born in the Year of the Pig When I came here, my basic skills I had this much = Like a unfledged bird in the first show on Produce 101 = During my first show, I could hear the sound of my own beating heart Hello, everyone My name is Yang Chaoyue I’m 19 years old and 66 inches I’m fighting the urge to cry I can’t rely on my looks My name is Xu Mengjie Don’t give me a stage Because once you do, I won’t let it go In that moment, it belongs to me = The third performance: Look What You Made Me Do = The favorite girl is Xu Mengjie. Congratulations I haven’t showed you yet

But I promise you that from today on, I’ll give it my all I’ll be brave Nobody wants to stay in the corner, right? Nobody wants their efforts to go unnoticed Because I don’t want to yield Because I think I can make it No.5 on the list of diligence is Qiang Dongyue! I think I’m happier than if I’d got into class A The one moving up to class A is Gao Yingxi This pair of earphones will be with you for every performance You won’t take them back, will you? No At that moment, I was so sure I wanted to be a singer I want to be good enough to deserve these earphones I think the stage is very important to me Because it is where we can show our strength = The third performance: Marry You = Lv Xiaoyu has set a new record in the voting today! I feel very proud Acrobatics is not my burden but rather my means for being remembered by the public After several performances, I started to enjoy the stage I stopped feeling so nervous and started to enjoy it It’s like drawing a circle and circling back to the start The whole circle I’ve experienced has become my armor It makes it possible for me to move forward Sometimes I look out my dorm window I see all the cars passing by And I feel like that’s a different world I think in this world I want to sing, I want to dance, and I want to be on stage It’s that simple I think I am striving for what I want to do Maybe I am not that good, but I must go forward, and without ever stopping I am very grateful to Produce 101 for this opportunity It is like getting invited into Alice’s wonderland I think in my 18 years, this has been the most meaningful experience My goal’s been to get on stage and graduate I think Turn the Corner is the start and Blossom is the end When you have experienced all this, you’ll find yourself changed You will be stronger I think this is the most precious thing in this program = Full-fledged, time to Blossom = = We’ll face the storms to reach the sun = ♪ I used to be like a tiny seed ♪ ♪ Buried in the earth, waiting to bloom ♪ ♪ The spring gives me rain ♪ ♪ Dreams give me strength ♪ ♪ And you teach me to be strong ♪ ♪ I like to sing towards the sun ♪ ♪ To see stage lights light up one by one ♪ ♪ Nothing can stop the summer sun ♪ ♪ Let me fight against the wind ♪ ♪ I want to shine in the sky ♪ ♪ And sail to the sea ♪ ♪ When I look back ♪ ♪ I always remember why I got started ♪ ♪ During the long dark times ♪ ♪ You brought me sunshine ♪ ♪ Now let me blossom for you ♪ ♪ Never give in to sadness ♪ ♪ Never give in to fate ♪ ♪ With my tiny power ♪ ♪ Ambitions burning bright ♪ ♪ The world is still far away ♪ ♪ The future is still long ♪ ♪ Let me light up for you at this moment ♪ ♪ To bloom ♪ ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ I like to sing towards the crowd ♪ ♪ To see the unnoticed become shining ♪ ♪ Nothing can stop the power of dreams ♪ ♪ Then let me go up against difficulties ♪

♪ I want to shine in the sky ♪ ♪ And sail to the sea ♪ ♪ When I look back ♪ ♪ I always remember why I got started ♪ ♪ During the long dark times ♪ ♪ You brought me sunshine ♪ ♪ Now let me blossom for you ♪ ♪ To bloom ♪ ♪ Anonymous seeds, don’t be desperate ♪ ♪ Every flower was once buried ♪ ♪ In a lonely place ♪ ♪ After countless efforts ♪ ♪ Someday, there will be light on your face ♪ ♪ I want to shine in the sky ♪ ♪ And sail to the sea ♪ ♪ When I look back ♪ ♪ I always remember why I got started ♪ ♪ During the long dark times ♪ ♪ You brought me sunshine ♪ ♪ Now let me blossom for you ♪ ♪ Never give in to sadness ♪ ♪ Never give in to fate ♪ ♪ With my tiny power ♪ ♪ Ambitions burning bright ♪ ♪ The world is still so big ♪ ♪ The future is still so long ♪ ♪ Let me light up for you at this moment ♪ ♪ To bloom ♪ Welcome back to the finale of Tencent Video’s Produce 101

Welcome Li Yuchun ♪ The color is neither too hot nor too cold ♪ ♪ Sit tight while I open the gates of fashion ♪ ♪ Increased sense of existence, people are excited ♪ ♪ Male or female, the feedback pours in ♪ ♪ Rockers love entertainment news ♪ ♪ The center star waits for another show ♪ ♪ Superstar engagement, forget after reading ♪ ♪ Dang-di-li-dang-dang, di-li-dang-dang ♪ ♪ Coz baby I’m the boss ♪ ♪ Yeah baby I’m the boss ♪ ♪ You can’t brush it off ♪ ♪ Coz baby I’m the boss ♪ ♪ Be sincere, remain in formation ♪ ♪ Hold your phone tight, struggle to follow the trends ♪ ♪ Stay up to date, no thinking, no questioning ♪ ♪ Male or female, doubters don’t see eternity ♪ ♪ Pricing relationships, so obsessed ♪ ♪ Replacing the popular face, so hot ♪ ♪ Hands up high before the apocalypse ♪ ♪ Thumbs up ♪ ♪ Coz baby I’m the boss ♪ ♪ Boss ♪ ♪ You can’t brush it off ♪ ♪ Coz baby I’m the boss ♪ ♪ Let me grow ♪ ♪ Let me glow ♪ ♪ Let me grow ♪ ♪ Let me glow ♪ ♪ Eiffel Tower ♪ ♪ Empire State Building ♪ ♪ Thousands of shadows climb up at full speed ♪ ♪ Sorry I wasn’t constrained ♪ ♪ Too chic ♪ ♪ Hair flipped ♪ ♪ From Lhasa to Warsaw, Geneva ♪ ♪ From Manila bypassing Montana ♪ ♪ Crossing Eurasia and America ♪ ♪ Without a manicure ♪ ♪ Can’t you handle it? ♪ ♪ Getting startling ♪ ♪ Can’t you stand it? ♪ ♪ Then see it the next year ♪

♪ From bud to blossom ♪ ♪ Claws bared, teeth showing ♪ ♪ Spring is coming, summer is waiting ♪ ♪ Why so oppressed? ♪ ♪ Push down the highest wall ♪ ♪ Grow like a savage ♪ ♪ People all praise the rose ♪ ♪ I prefer the cactus instead ♪ ♪ Imagination beyond mediocrity ♪ ♪ Brightness without logic ♪ ♪ With my best appearance on the stage ♪ ♪ Let me grow ♪ ♪ Let me glow ♪ ♪ Let me grow ♪ ♪ Let me glow ♪ ♪ Fence at home ♪ ♪ Is more suitable for the Bonsai ♪ ♪ Dam on the other side ♪ ♪ Ready for me to climb ♪ ♪ From bud to blossom ♪ ♪ Claws bared, teeth showing ♪ ♪ Busy playing ♪ ♪ The world is grand ♪ ♪ Elegance is luxury ♪ ♪ Push down the highest wall ♪ ♪ Grow like a savage ♪ ♪ People all praise the rose ♪ ♪ I prefer the cactus instead ♪ ♪ Imagination beyond mediocrity ♪ ♪ Brightness without logics ♪ ♪ With my best appearance on the stage ♪ ♪ Let me grow ♪ ♪ Let me glow ♪ ♪ Let me grow ♪ ♪ Let me glow ♪ Welcome Li Yuchun to Produce 101 stage Welcome! In fact, for all these years, from time to time, on different stages, we’ve seen Yuchuan’s great talents Hello Welcome Li Yuchun Hello everyone Every performance I’ve seen has been different We often talk about fashion What is fashion? I think Yuchun is creating fashion And her concert tour is also in full swing But to be honest, I really hope if there is live show next time, for example, in Beijing, I hope to experience it myself I would be honored What’s in fashion this summer? I want to ask Li Yuchun, besides your concert tour, what else is there? I think what’s fashionable right now is Chirstiano Ronaldo, and the center spot here You really know the trends well Yeah Christiano and the center spot You must know our program well Right. I have been following the program Although because I’m busy with work, I can’t watch every episode But I’ve paid special attention In fact, there are so many music-related shows lately, but in recent years there haven’t many aimed at girls I think for female performers there are many different styles and ways for them to persevere They can change and grow through their own efforts So maybe this is what I’m most interested in In fact, I believe Li Yuchun is the role model for many people and an idol for us all I want to announce it to you that there will something very fashionable this summer As soon as Produce 101 is finished, the second season of The Coming One will start airing next Saturday, June 30th And Li Yuchun, after three years off, will be participating in this variety program as a mentor Could you please briefly introduce The Coming One to us now? The slogan of The Coming One 2 is “Pioneering, crashing and trendy” I think everyone is working hard this summer I hope we can lead the way and collide with fashion, and further diversify things, and affect the popular culture Speaking of The Coming One, the notion of “up and coming”, is especially important for our girls tonight We all know that many years ago, right here on this stage, billions of people witnessed how Yuchun, through her hard work set the stage ablaze, and become who she is today In fact, I noticed that during your performance, all the girls down here were thinking “Ah! This is my future!” “This is my future right here!” It’s great Having such wonderful dreams is splendid “One minute on stage requires ten years of practice”

There is no part of this that comes easily Since Li Yuchun is here today, can you say something to encourage our 101 girls? I think, what I want to say most is that over the past few months, everyone has been striving for the same goal, and the same dream This feeling should be remembered Because the program will end, but road will continue So this kind of feeling, the impulse to pursue your dreams, is worth being remembered You may encounter difficulties in the future, you may encounter setbacks I think you should use this feeling, to overcome difficulties and better yourself Yes, you should remember it In fact, pursuing your dreams is real blessing The road ahead is very long You have to continue fighting and to believe in yourself The 101 girls are actually very fortunate Here at the Produce 101, they’ve learned so much The most precious gift one can have is growing up Yes. Look at the girls in front of you Their eyes are shining All eyes are on Li Yuchun Your presence here helps them realize “Someday, I’ll be like you.” OK Now the most crucial moment has arrived Any growth occurs over a period We also said that three months of efforts will come to an end today Then all Wow, wow, wow Call the name aloud! Then for everyone and Li Yuchun, the moment is quickly upon us The voting is about to close Let’s welcome Li Yuchun to announce the end of voting Just about done Just about done Alright then. I’ll do the honors The date is June 23, 2018 The time is 10:10 p.m Yes, voting is still open now OK, voting is still not closed It’s not closed Because in the end, we’ll let the 101 girls decide on the closing time themselves But time is almost up This is the last call So hurry up and get those votes in OK So now, it’s time for the 101 girls to decide their own destiny Welcome Today is, as a participant on Produce 101’s 114th day You have been voting for us now for 1,536 hours Thank you to all the audience Because of your support, we’ll fight for our dreams and for you! Every vote which has been given me is a medal in my life Let me invite you to join us and pack up this glory 101 girls please get ready, the voting is about to close Wang Ju, ready Liu Renyu, ready Gao Yingxi, ready Yamy, ready Xu Jingyun, ready Sunnee, ready Qi Yandi, ready Lv Xiaoyu, ready Xu Mengjie, ready Zining, ready Meng Meiqi, ready Fu Jing, ready Gao Qiuzi, ready Wu Xuanyi, ready Qiang Dongyue, ready Chen Yihan, ready Duan Aojuan, ready Li Ziting, ready Lai Meiyun, ready Li Zixuan, ready Wu Yingxiang, ready Yang Chaoyue, ready We are ready Close the voting Time really flies The first day of joining 101 seems like it was yesterday On our first day here, we wrote letters to ourselves to ready in 100 days At that time, we said things like What will happen after three months? Will I let my supporters down? I hope not to lose myself and become another person

I’m looking forward to seeing the future you But I believe you won’t be any taller My first day here wasn’t exhausting, but I still cried During the first day of vocal lessons, the instructor played the song three times, my friends all wrote it down, but only I wrote in pinyin I have never experienced such a life I practice late every night For each dance, I try my very best Seeing everyone else dance so well, I keep thinking, “Am I here to make them laugh?” Everyone’s developing so quickly I want to relax But everyone’s really working hard I’m looking forward to changing But if I’m unable to change, um, then I guess I’m a pig This experience has been a gift from Heaven I’ve been able to see a life I’ve never imagined With so many incredible people around, I feel very fortunate You know, I was also you three months ago Write this letter now, I’m still not very confident I still question myself “Can I become stronger?” I believe in your ability to break through, right? You may have regrets in life You can’t change that Life will never be perfect You get hurt, so what? What doesn’t kill you in the end will only make you stronger You must stick to it No matter where you are now, don’t give up Because that is your dream Only when you let go of fear, and there’s no way to back down, can you really deserve the support from those who believe in you I believe that right now, whether you are still in the show or not, you have really learned a lot of things That’s what’s most important You finally made it You really are great If you can read this letter in 100 days, it means you’ve made it Whether 100 days from now, or 10,000 days, you are living the life that you want, and doing the things that you want Don’t forget your original passion and continue your journey Your life begins again Remember to bring your and other people’s dreams You have been pressing on for 100 days I am proud of these 101 girls Every one of you is incredible To pursue your dreams, you’re giving it all No matter how this ends, applaud for yourself Welcome the 101 girls and the Produce 101 mentors F doesn’t mean “Fail” but “Future” When I first joined class F, there was a sentence on the board, it said, “Don’t give up on yourselves.” Let your shades of gray become something more colorful In here, we understand that efforts will be noticed Two less minutes of daily training is enough to lose the center spot

A lot of sweat needs to be shed to make it to the top Our class color reminds us that we should be like the plant: keep growing, keep climbing Life is sometimes like being in class C Not too good, not too bad As you walk, you may find yourself weaker than before So you have to get back on stage, find out where you came from, and start again Later, many of us often thought about that moment If time could give us another chance, we would have no hesitation and shout out aloud that “I want to stay on this stage.” Class A is this stage’s highest glory, also the standard If you have no ups and downs, you’ll never know how far behind you are, and how courageous you can be No matter where you’re chasing your dreams, class A is ahead of you Tonight, as I look upon all 101 girls, I am very excited inside Being part of such an important graduation ceremony in your lives, my heart is filled with mixed feelings But the blessings prevail Once there was a time when I didn’t like pink at all Because I thought it was too soft It made me feel so fragile But now in my mind you’ve redefined the color You’ve shown your courage, strength, hard work and positivity Remember, I want to tell you the following two things They must be maintained You must always have a positive and healthy mindset And secondly, don’t stop improving yourself and progressing No matter what you may encounter in the future Open your arms, whether it’s good or bad, embrace it, and appreciate it Bless all of the 101 girls I love you all I am almost the same age as you With determination and invincibility, we came to Produce 101 I think when we first got here, there were concerns, questions, and expectations In the beginning, I was your instructor Later on, I was your co-performer Thank you for letting me grow with you In the future, when you leave here, we shall continue to strive as hardworking and enduring youths Come on You must be tired Dear 101 girls, first of all, congratulations I think time really flies I have tried my best to teach everything that I can to you all I’ve watched I’ve watched you get on this stage singing and dancing with confidence, and it makes me so proud Really proud You’ve let me see the possibilities for China’s strongest girl group Many people envy you I give you my blessings and some reminders Where everyone can see is where winds and tides are fiercest You have to bear the wind and rain, the thunder and lightning Those are the times when

it’s easy to be defeated But on the flipside, it’s also the easiest time to grow stronger Your choices are yours to make Remember that, come on, girls Girls Congratulations on graduating from the 101 school But I want to tell you all, the real difficulties and challenges have only just begun At the school of 101, we gave you tasks every week You used them to move up So you knew exactly what your goals were You knew what you needed to do But after today, there won’t always be someone to tell you what to do You’ll have to pressure yourself, and set goals for yourself Only then can you go further But no matter how far, don’t forget your original dreams No matter how difficult it gets, don’t be afraid Remember that you are from the 101 school I love you all I wish you a bright future Many people often ask me, “Why are you always so serious about this stage?” That’s because I value this stage very much I also value every single effort you’ve all made I hope that everyone will be able to see all that you’ve done That’s why, when any of you were voted the most popular girl, I would jump on the table and scream for you Today is your big day, and it’s a happy moment But I still have some serious things to say to you Produce 101 is a very wonderful school From skills to mentality, I believe that you have learned a lot You must know, this three-month crash-course can’t provide you a professional career alone There is no overnight fame Before that, have you ever asked yourself if you are ready? And maintaining success after blowing up is even harder I won’t be like other mentors and give you the answer But right now, I want to give you one last question And I hope you will continue looking for the answer The question is, how to do build a lasting career in this industry? Bless you all Happy graduation Thank you, mentors Welcome the producer of Produce 101 So cool! Show the flag

Rais the flag Wow! Congratulations on your graduation Alright, welcome back

This is the final night of Tencent Video’s Produce 101 What wonderful moment But that moment has passed I was so excited and moved But what I want to tell you now is just now at 10:14 pm, our 22 candidates shut off their voting channels The path to the finish line is open So, which 11 girls here will traverse this final stretch and rise to the top? This is an exciting moment More than three months ago, this pyramid appeared in front of us for the first time Its seats have been reduced from 101 to 11, from class F to class A Every time results have been released, another class would be dismissed Of our five classes, only class A remains With every step you’ve taken, the audiences have been there for the journey Thank you! Thank you all!! In these 100 days, you have shared the joys, the sorrows, the wins, the losses The pyramid we see here is the manifestation of your dreams It represents sweat, perseverance, and glory The results of today’s votes will be released in three rounds Your mentors will release the results of the first These are the fruits of their mentoring Like I said these three envelopes represent sweat, perseverance, and glory The theme of the first letter is perseverance, and contestants ranked 4th to 8th will be named Now let’s welcome the mentors to reveal the first round of results The results are in my hand Wow! The first contestant to make it, ranking at number eight, who the audience ended up giving 106,536,863 votes to, who was inspired by her idols, who planted the seeds in her heart, who is also eager to be the most powerful, the most touching artist on the stage, is Who is it? It is I’m going to have a heart attack I’ve always been very optimistic about her Yep, and I’m a heart specialist

Alright! Anyway, we must tell them Now Ella please, read her name! It is Sunnee, Yang Yunqing! Don’t cry, Sunnee! You’re the best! Don’t cry, Sunnee! Congratulations! Let’s all welcome our first winner, Sunnee It’s my first time seeing her standing on the stage like this This is really a big surprise for her Do you have anything to say? Hello, audience of 101 I am Sunnee from Comic & Lead Culture Media Honestly, in the last three days I haven’t rehearsed for this I don’t even know what to say I never expected to make it Thanks for your support and your love It’s wasn’t easy gaining your support The past seven years, I’ve been seeking the power of love, which I never had But since I joined Produce 101, I have felt so loved and cared for I want to thank all the staff, thank all the audience, thank all the mentors, and Produce 101 for the opportunity to be on this stage Thank you Congratulations Please follow the path before you to the seat that belongs to you Come on, Sunnee! Please have a seat That’s what I call a sigh of relief Actually, the moment I saw the name, I almost cried out, but I didn’t because of my duties Truth be told, I like this girl I was afraid that if I spoke her name, it would affect your judgement But I am really happy Awesome! Cool! Then, let’s welcome our second mentor, Jason, the next name The name of the member ranked seventh,

Jason, please read the name I will announce the next member The audience of our program awarded her with 107,630,613 votes Yeah! There are too many digits there It’s too hard to count them She I know her well Joining Produce 101 I know how ecstatic it was made her, because she’s followed her heart She loves singing And she can make her voice heard by those who’ve supported her and by her idols She Is her hair long, or is it short? She During the course of the show, I have seen her cry I’m pretty sure that could apply to any of those girls Don’t keep us in suspense. -But one thing is she has a connection with me She has a connection with me A connection? -You’re killing me All right Jason, please announce the name She is Zining Zining Zining Fighting, Zining! Zining, be brave! Zining, don’t cry Zining, go girl! Zining, we love you! Zining Hello everyone I am Zining from Mavericks Entertainment Thank you, mentors Thank you, audience Thank you all who’ve supported me I have grown from an ordinary, unknown nobody, who just took singing as a hobby to a singer on stage in front of so many people I am still not perfect, but I am willing to work hard In the future, I will Zining, come on! In the future, I will work as hard as I can for you Thank you, Mavericks Entertainment Thank you, my mentors I’ve learned a lot from you, really I’ve grown from an immature girl to who I am now I’ve learnt a lot

Thank you all I also want to thank my mom and dad Because they’ve always respected my decisions I want to say now I haven’t let you down, and in the future, I will only get better and better I will be your pride Then my two teammates here, I love you so much Finally, I reckon that I have improved, so, so, so, so, so much I don’t know how much Thanks to the staff here for waking us up every day Thanks to all the staff And finally, thank you, all the audience You’ve done too much Zining, don’t cry Congratulations, Zining All of this is because you made it possible Now go ahead and step down the path and find the seat that belongs to you Zining, come on! Zining! Zining, come on! Zining, go girl! Zining, come on! You are the best, Zining Zining, you are the best Zining! Zining! Zining! Zining! Thank you, Zining Next, welcome Show Lo to announce the next name The contestant who ranked sixth is I shall announce the sixth member of our group who our audience awarded with He is not so good at math Awarded with 107,771,558 votes. -Wow! So who is this girl? I can’t say too much, because this description will give it away I can only say that a few days ago from what I observed, she didn’t have much confidence She didn’t Really? She thought Have any of you girls ever had times when you felt you were doomed, but then the tides turned? The tides have turned We’re eager to hear her name now Can I announce it? You can! I’ll show you! Can you see it? Ready? She is She is Xiaoyu, are you nervous? Are you nervous? Are you all nervous?

Get ready! I’m gonna announce it She is Lai Meiyun! Lai Meiyun, don’t cry! Meiyun, be brave! Hello, audience of Produce 101 I am Lai Meiyun from Qigu Culture Thank you for your votes. Thank you! As I already said, I haven’t come in at the top before I didn’t think that I would Lai Meiyun, come on! I’m not the best singer, nor am I the best dancer I’m not even tall, and I’m average in looks, but Not to mention I made a big mistake this evening I really thought that this was going to be a night of regrets for me But you’re all so kind Thank you all for giving me more and more stages to stand on in the future Thank you all I am not perfect, but I belive that I, an ordinary girl, have lots of room for improvement And I’m going to show what I can do in the future I will continue to be kind and work hard I’ll keep going, and growing. Thank you! Congratulations, Lai Meiyun! Walk down the path Girls who are happy are girls who are lucky = Lai Meiyun, you can make it! = Congratulations! Lai Meiyun You’ve taken the position you dream of Now let’s continue I’ll go ahead and announce the fifth member of our group She was awarded by our audience 108,780,982 votes I believe that in the future she is going to shoulder many responsibililties I have a real connection with her She might not be what people consider a common girl But she is a very special one

She has big eyes She has charming eyes that captivate you All right That’s enough describing her We are eager to hear her name Congratulations, Yamy! Yamy! Yamy! Hello everyone I am Yamy Thank you to my company JC Universe for teaching me that only sincerity can touch people Thank you, Produce 101 for teaching me how to make use of my time Thank you, Tencent Video, for allowing more people to know me Thank you, mentors You’ve shown me an idol’s power Finally, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me You’ve given me this opportunity to be on this stage and bring more positive energy to you! Yamy! Yamy! Yamy, Yamy, you take my breath away! Thank you for your unique strength Walk down the path and find your seat Now I shall announce the fourth member of our group The audiences have seen fit to give her one thousand Oh sorry He’s too nervous One hundred and ten million, thirty-two thousand Three hundred and twenty-five thousand! 110,325,869 votes Well She is like a clean slate, but, but she’s a great dancer Yes Are you intentionally confusing us? A great dancer? A great dancer Has she attended our classes? Of course I know who she is I’ve praised her What? I’ve praised her Have I praised her? I have I have as well She’s a good dancer So who on earth is she? All the girls here are good dancers, actually She must be one of the best of the best Yes Is she fair-skinned, or dark-skinned? Dark A little dark, right? A little dark A little dark ♪ Dark, dark, dark. ♪ What are you talking about? These girls are extremely nervous Alright It’s killing me that I keep on having to point this out to them She’s lost a lot of weight A lot of weight? She’s lost a lot of weight Just cut the crap and tell us her name Just tell us her name. -Come on Her name is, Duan Aojuan! Duan Aojuan! Duan Aojuan! Duan Aojuan!

Thank you, mentors, for praising my dance moves First thing I want to say is right now it feels as if I’m dreaming Because the first day when I arrived, I was an ordinary trainee, but step by step, unbelievably, I’ve become one of the 11 Here am I now, having made it to the end Actually, I thought, initially I might be knocked out in the first round I never thought I’d go all the way Thank you to everybody that voted for me Duan Aojuan, come on! I will continue to work hard, I think I still have so much more that I’m capable of And going forward I’m going to show you that I hope you’ll all watch me grow step by step Thank you I also want to thank the mentors here I have learnd a lot from you To be honest, I have a major problem with singing, but the mentors have been so patient, never giving up on me Thank you Duan Aojuan! Duan Aojuan! Duan Aojuan! After this, we’ll get to hear more of her voice with the group It’s wonderful Please step forward and find your seat Congratulations Congratulations to Duan Aojuan! Congratulations! Congratulations! The dream we had 100 days ago is being realized now Some have already taken their seats It really is thrilling Incredibly thrilling I have an idea Let’s relax the atmosphere a little bit Why don’t we all just relax Us, our girls and our audience Let’s work out some of the nervousness here All right Thanks again to the mentors They’ve been great companions to these girls They’re all really lucky to have you Thank you, mentors Thank you You’ve worked so hard. -Thank you You guys go ahead and get some rest Thank you, mentors Good show! So thrilling Really thrilling I don’t usually find myself in situations like this, all nervous and on the verge of tears Same here. I’m not used to shading tears on stage But just now I find they just can’t hold back You five girls represent perseverance You did it We applaud you You’re really brave You’re really great OK, let’s move on As we can see some seats have already been taken Some still await their owners from over there

The second round of names will be read We’ve got a real heavyweight Somebody really important So now let’s welcome this heavyweight In my heart this next person, first off, he’s a director now But in my heart he’s been a heavyweight for a long time Let’s welcome our next guest, Jiang Wen Jiang Wen, the famous director Welcome, Jiang Wen Please stand center Okay It’s not common for you to attend an event like this But your timing is perfect today I didn’t know if you noticed from backstage How excited and nervous they are It’s very touching Really? I was trying to keep it together -Really? -Really It’s so exciting It’s very touching It really is touching This is a stage where dreams are realized A dream was realized when you walked from over there to here What’s touched me the most is their energy and their abilities, and their efforts Indeed I hear you can dance and sing too You know about this? A boy band? An idol boy band How long did you practice? For many months They’ve only been practicing for three And look at them now They’re amazing Do you feel ashamed? So I quit, and pursued acting instead -You sought refuge in our industry? -Yes, the film industry Sooner or later, you’ll go back I’ll resume practice after this Alright Look, before me are two excellent actors who turned directors He’s better than me, I can’t sing nor dance But I’m really touched I was wondering backstage if I could join the girls on 13th July, when Hidden Man is released to make the show Produce 102? Produce 102? Produce 101 plus me Plus you? I think it could work This idea is quite well courageous! Well, you don’t need to join them I think your presence alone matters a lot to the girls These girls are very nervous tonight Yes, I want them to relax Right, I can’t imagine what it’d be like if you were to What would that be like?! I think some words of encouragement from a famous director would be very profound I think whether they place at No. 100 or 101, or in the top 22, or top 11, you’re all better than me I can’t sing nor dance And I’d never make it through the training You’re better than me I envy them I’m telling you, this is actually a battlefield It’s different from what we used to experience We can feel the power of youth from Jiang Wen’s early works He put his youth toward doing what he loves In his film In the Heat of the Sun, you can see the vigor of youth These are memories we hold dear Actually, these girls on the stage today have written their own prelude and it will be even more thrilling Director, if you could be a young man again, looking at this pyramid, imagine it represents the film industry, and you had a chance to choose a seat, which would you choose? Huang Bo, little help? I think any of them would be great You could pick pick No. 1? No. 2 No. 2? I think I should leave them all for the girls If you picked second place, who would ever pick first? How about we put more of these girls in these seats? Yes, that’s why you are here at this important moment Alright And they’re relaxed now Time to liven things up again Right. They had their rest Jiang Wen was kind enough to give them a break But now Where should I start? The envelope you are holding represents sweat Sweat Sweat represents ninth to eleventh place Ninth to eleventh? Why am I revealing ninth to eleventh? Because this is important

Especially the 11th position -Because that’s the dividing point? -Yes! That’s exactly what it is Because you can see online, how fierce competition for the eleventh spot Because if you’re any lower, you won’t make it -It’s that serious? -What? -It’s that serious? -Of course Succeed or fail, it doesn’t matter very much, but the eleventh spot is really, really critical Okay. So where should we start? Open the envelope first, then let’s start with the 11th spot, okay? We’ll start with No. 11, okay? Starting from No. 11 No. ll Should I read them? Yes, start by reading some some details about this girl Hold on. Hold on How about this? How about this? Just one hour ago we announced four contenstants from 10th to the 13th place You don’t want that? You want to know the result now? Let’s see which girl among There are many names on this Many words How about this? I give you four names Fu Jing, Xu Mengjie, Liu Renyu, Li Zixuan Is this girl one of those four? Yes Yes? Yes Yes So thrilling So, I’ll be start with No. 11 Okay She received 83,772,825 votes in total Is that good? What do you think? -It is a huge number. -It isn’t easy to read it She, and her pursuit of her dream, just like how she performs on stage, has impressed many people Who is she? For her chasing her dream, is not only about taking care of herself, but also her beloved parents Wait a moment We have enough clues now She Hold on She is She is She is… Who do you think she is? Please read her name Can I announce it? Say it! Stop stalling! She is Xu Mengjie! Congratulations, Xu Mengjie! Hello everyone, I’m Xu Mengjie I’m a member of the Lady Bees Actually, I feel happiest when I’m doing what I love I love dancing, singing, and eating I love many things So I think getting to do what I love is a blessing And no matter where I may go, I will always remain true to my dreams Yeah And also, I want to say that over these three months, many audiences have gotten to know me, and that makes me happy Thanks to all the audiences And thank you, mentors Thank you to all of the staff Thank you, Produce 101 Thank you, directors Thank you everyone, thank you I am trying to be a better girl I will lose weight, and I’m always going to be happy Thank you Congratulations, Xu Mengjie

It’s not easy being 11th Go ahead Find the seat that belongs to you Alright, but the nervousness is not over yet Next, let’s have Jiang Wen read who’ll be No. 10 No. 10 She has received 84,523,609 votes and has previously sat in the top seat She understands the stress of high places And understands the dedication and strength needed to succeed In other words, she knows what it takes to remain at the top She’s dedicated So she I’ll tell you a secret She is…. What? I’ll tell you a secret Okay When I was backstage earlier, I saw the person You mean she was backstage? Back when they were getting ready, I saw her crying I didn’t know why Her name is Could I say it? Say it! Her name is Fu Jing! Fu Jing! Hello everyone, I am Fu Jing, with Banana Culture Thank you to all the audiences who have supported me Thank you for voting for me I appreciate it And thank you to the mentors for their support And thank you to the staff of Produce 101, thank you all I’m so grateful Thank you to the directors I appreciate it I also want to thank my mom and dad, big sister, little sister, little brother Thank you all for always supporting me on the road to my dream I didn’t let you down I’m worn out from crying My head hurts And, the one last person I want to thank is myself I thank myself for never giving up on myself on this journey, for never backing down, for remaining dedicated, for not letting myself down But I want to apologize for my performance today, I let you down

And I let myself down = Fu Jing, you’ll be one of 11 = I want to quote our director who said: “Our futures are in our hands.” What I want to say to myself is: Fu Jing, you did it I am finally one step closer to my dreams And I hope, I will always work hard, no matter where I may be, I’ll work just as hard I have here, I’ll show you what I’m capable of And, thank you very, very, very much I hope everyone To every girl chasing her dreams, you must not, you must not be afraid to do it Thank you everyone Congratulations, Fu Jing! Please step forward and find the seat belonging to you You go girl! Fu Jing! Fu Jing, come on! Fu Jing, come on! Fu Jing, go girl! Alright More and more people are moving into seats We can feel the emotions of those in front of us Let’s have director Jiang Wen to announce the next member What’s her ranking? No. 9 No. 9 She has earned a total of 86,063,212 votes Right? Wow! Right! She’s not had it easy Not easy at all She’s cried and laughed She is a girl Well there aren’t any boys She is a capable, energetic and strong girl That’s what it says She is I mean her name is Who could it be? Well I reckon Who could this girl be? I reckon the description matches many of them I’ll say it OK, stop tormenting them Go ahead and shout her name out She is Li Ziting Li Ziting! Hello, dear audience, I am Li Ziting Firstly I want to thank my mom and dad, for their support and companionship along the way They given me so much encouragement I heard that they are here tonight too I want to tell them your daughter made it, I love you Li Ziting, we’ll love you forever And the most importantly, I want to thank my friends

and my fans, for all of their votes I appreciate it! Thanks to Produce 101 for giving me this chance to let the world know me, understand me In fact, I started as a nobody And I Because of all you, I’ve made it this far Thank you all Thank you, mentors Thank you to all the staff I appreciate it Thank you! I am not good at delivering addresses There’s much more I want to say, but my Chinese is not very good, so I don’t know how to put it But I want to tell you I love you very much, thank you! Congratulations, Li Ziting, from Thailand Please head down the path and find the seat that belongs to you Chen Yihan! Don’t cry, girls Win or lose, you’re all adorable We are going to be announcing the top three First of all, thank you, director Jiang Wen for announcing the second round of group members for us Thank you for being here with us tonight Thank you There are three seats still not taken We will be revealing who’ll sit in the top three seats, including that most coveted of spots The center spot will be announced We’ll be back after a short break We’ll be back after this with our the top three Welcome back! This is the grand finale of Tencent Video’s Produce 101 The top three girls must be announced tonight by Zitao Welcome Taotao! As the man responsible for getting this all started, have you got anything to say before the final announcements?

Truth to told, over the past three months, I have criticized you because you shed tears But today, I am really touched by your tears Can you please stop the music? I was just backstage, holding the flag in my hands, hearing what the mentors had to say, unable to keep my emotions together You might think I’ve been really strict to you over the past three months, I would even scold you when I saw you But if we could do Produce 101 all over again, I would still treat you all the same way that I did the first time Because I see not just myself in you, but I can also see your original dreams Anyway, I think this glory is something you all should cherish I hope that this glory and the memories you take from this will be still there ten years from now when you go online and watch one of the videos from this show Ten years from now when you look at the 101 girls and relive this journey from episode 1 to episode 12, I mean to episode 10, forgive me You will still be able to carry this glory you’ve gained today, and look back on this and smile, and remember what this was all about I hope you girls will never forget every individual step you have taken And never forget where you started In fact, I want to say thank you I wasn’t around you everyday, like the other mentors, giving you lessons I really wanted to join you all for classes, but it wasn’t possible because of my busy schedule But, if you have any questions in the future, you can come to me I will help you And congratulations Thank you for your hard work To be completely honest, even we could give him another hour, he couldn’t finish his words From his expression and his words, I can feel the excitement in his heart So at this critical moment, welcome Huang Zitao to announce the final three seats Who are the three girls? Huang Zitao says that his hands are shaking First I will reveal the third place Yang Chaoyue! The competition for third place has been particularly fierce over the week since the last rankings were published The rankings for the final three have been tabulated So let’s accounce member No. 3 Member No. 3 has been blessed by the audience with 138,560,781 votes Yang Chaoyue! Who do you think it could be? Go ahead and shout your guesses Yang Chaoyue! Yang Chaoyue, congratulations on coming in third! Yang Chaoyue! Three months ago I never thought that I would make it on this stage and in this spot

Because I really can’t compare to the other girls here I feel like I’m the odd one out here But But this whole time in spite of all the stumbling, I never gave up on myself And I had some misgivings both toward the stage and toward leaving it The stage gives me so much pressure, but any pressure it gives me makes me braver and tougher And because of everybody’s support, I have a stronger connection to the stage now So much so that I can stand here now So thank you, all the audiences who have been supported me Thanks to my company for everything And thanks to my mentors I am especially grateful to the mentors Because I think you’ve left a deep impression on me For as long as I live, I will be grateful for the support you’ve all given me Thanks to the love you’ve shown, I’m not afraid of anything Thank you so much Thank you! Yang Chaoyue! Congratulations to Yao Chaoyue for coming in third Ok, still we have the first and second place to name And the center spot will be revealed So please, Huang Zitao, continue There are two girls only one step away from the Center Let’s welcome the two girls Wu Xuanyi and Meng Meiqi Please step forward So thrilling Do you have anything to say at this moment? I think this is in fate’s hands now I think both of us have worked hard Either way is OK Two good friends from the same company Now it’s time to face the results Sometimes I think each time I release the results, I find similarities in the top three spots The top-ranked girl received a total number of 185,244,357 votes So who is she? What is she like? She is Meng Meiqi Congratulations to Wu Xuanyi as well on coming in second place, you have received 181,533,349 votes First, Wu Xuanyi, please say something

Hello, audience of 101 I am Wu Xuanyi from Yue Hua Entertainment First of all, I want to thank my company, Yue Hua Entertainment for discovering me, and Ms. Du Without her, I might still be another ordinary girl And thank you Produce 101 for giving me such a big chance to be stand on such a big stage and show my features and talents And I am especially grateful to the mentors They helped me find my confidence Thank you And the producer, Mr. Huang Zitao, who has, through his harsh words, taught us the ways we should behave Thank you And also, I would also like to thank all the staff on Produce 101, they’ve worked really, really hard, they are as tired as the rest of us Thank you And also, thanks to everybody who cast votes Honestly, when I first got here, I was really afraid Because I wasn’t sure if I could survive, because I really doubted myself But, when I stepped on this stage for the first time in front of the audience, when we delivered our first public performance, hearing the audience shouting my name out, I said to myself there’s nothing to be scared of Because I’ve got you Now here I want to talk to anyone who is chasing their dreams Your dreams aren’t so far away They’ll always be there as long as you don’t give up I know many people were talking about me, saying that I have encountered unhappiness, tricky things, how can I always embrace them with a smile? Because I know even when things are bad, I don’t want to bring sorrow to anybody All I want to show you is my smile, because it’s the best thing I can do for you That’s the long and short of it I hope that in the future you can see more hard work from all of us Please believe me that we’ll only get better And thank you everyone, please keep supporting us Thank you Please make your way down the path Wu Xuanyi! So beautiful Meng Meiqi! At the center, will be the most shining person on this stage Meng Meiqi, you haven’t gotten to speak yet Wait a moment Meng Meiqi, congratulations I’ve got some more good news You’ve been voted the girl with the most beautiful smile, and have won your first endorsement as a member of 101, to endorse the Zhonghua White Now Toothpaste Congratulations again! Now it’s time for you to speak

Thank you Thank you all Thank you, to the audience for your three months of support, for encouraging me to keep trying I want to thank the mentors for recognizing my ability Thank you Thanks to all the girls of Produce 101, especially for their company for the past three months I’ve drawn so much strength from them I want to extend my special thanks to Yue Hua family Especially my friends from Yue Hua. I love you I love you Ms. Du Thanks to my parents for their support Although the show is over, but my passion for the stage is not over I hope that I can carry the confidence you given me with me as step into the center spot, at the top of the pyramid Thank you all Meng Meiqi! Congratulations, Meng Meiqi! Meng Meiqi! Meng Meiqi! Great. Congratulations to our top 11 After more than three months of hard work, we made it to today, and completed our glorious mission I hope that you will always keep moving forward, never forget your goal of becoming China’s greatest girl group Join me in making C-POP. Let’s go! Thank Zitao for his advice And I really want to pay high tribute to all the girls still standing here You are excellent! You are the best! Thank you for the excellent shows over the last three months Thanks to your efforts and hard work, nobody will forget you! Today is just the beginning This pyramid carries your glory and your dreams, and shines because of you, and for the perseverance of those who have left, and it is still attracting more girls who are chasing their dreams down the path to adventure Thank you all! Thank you! The 101 girls are the best! Fu Jing! Girls Wait a minute Yang Chaoyue! Girls Congratulations on graduating from Produce 101 Tell me, do you still remember what have I said before? Don’t remember?

Are you serious? Do you remember? Just think about it then I am leaving now Bye-bye. Good luck! Thank you, Zitao This is the greatest moment of the night here And a very memorable moment Let’s use the OPPO R15 to record the moment for all the girls Now that our girl group is formed, they need to have a proper name Now we are about to announce the name of our finished group Yeah, I just saw it Now we are going to announce our group’s name The Produce 101 girl group is officially named Rocket Girls 101 This name makes me think of speed, power, burning, rushing to the future Sure enough, it has a lot of implications On this occasion of the Rocket Girls’ debut, let’s get ready to see their very first performance! Girls, are you ready? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Show time! = Rocket Girls = ♪ I call attention ♪ ♪ You bring light to make me shine ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ I call for the breeze ♪ ♪ You push me to fly via love ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ I call for the rush ♪ ♪ You give me the strength ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ The sweetest sugar ♪ ♪ Makes the strongest heart ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ It’s me, it’s me ♪ ♪ The brave girl you love ♪ ♪ It’s me, it’s me ♪ ♪ More speed, more craze ♪ ♪ It’s me, it’s me ♪ ♪ The brave girl you love ♪ ♪ Rocket Girl go, never waste good times ♪ ♪ We are the Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ah ah ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ It is me ♪ ♪ It is me ♪ ♪ Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush onrush onrush ♪ ♪ I call for attention ♪ ♪ You bring light to make me shine ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ I call for the breeze ♪ ♪ You push me to fly via love ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪

♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ I call for the rush ♪ ♪ You give me the strength ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ The sweetest sugar ♪ ♪ Makes the strongest heart ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ It’s me, it’s me ♪ ♪ The brave girl you love ♪ ♪ It’s me, it’s me ♪ ♪ More speed, more craze ♪ ♪ It’s me, it’s me ♪ ♪ The brave girl you love ♪ ♪ Rocket Girl go, never waste good times ♪ ♪ We are the Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ah ah ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Rocket Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ It is me ♪ ♪ It is me ♪ ♪ Ah Rocket Girls ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Onrush onrush ♪ ♪ Ah Rocket Girls ♪ Distinguished guests, dear audiences, after more than three months, the summer of the 101 girls, this story we’ve enjoyed now comes to an end Thank you for your company Of course, now a new story begins These girls still need your attention and support The 101 girls will continue as always, chasing their dreams, and fighting for their honor Thank you for witnessing this ceremony Produce 101’s first season ends successfully! I would like to announce to you that tomorrow evening our Rocket Girls will perform on Hunan TV for their live graduation concert With the end of Produce 101 season one, the summer vacation is upon us I hope you all will continue to watch Tencent Video, and the upcoming musical program The Coming One 2 Every Saturday night at 8:00 starting June 30th, The Coming One will follow Produce 101 with a grand opening The live broadcast of Produce 101 ends here Thank you everyone! Thank you all! Goodbye! Hello, everyone

I am Sunnee, Yang Yunqing of Produce 101 Thank you for supporting me at the “The Ranking List of Produce 101” event on Weibo Thank you all for your support Yes, today is the last time for our 101 Seconds Let me wrap it Today? I am going to give you a big present, which is, revelations of Produce 101 What do you want to reveal most? Whoa, it’s too much Let me tell you later, okay Who’s the bummer of Produce 101? Miss Zining Because every time she tries to make us laugh, her jokes are never funny Who’s most different after you know them? Yamy Originally, I thought she was tough and dashing But actually, she is very ladylike I went to her room one day and I saw that she took a machine for steaming I asked what this was She said that she was old and needed skin care Who is the most idol-like? Meng Meiqi Every time she goes out, she must have makeup on and wear nice clothes What’s the nicest thing you’ve heard? That is from my fans They have said that no matter where you are, we will be there for you Who is your most favorite mentor? Huang Zitao! What’s the happiest thing that’s happened here? I met 100 competitors, who share the same dream that I do What else do you want to say? My heart just suddenly dropped Thanks to all the staff, and the audience, and all who’ve supported Produce 101 and me! Love you, guys 101 Seconds with Produce 101 ends here = 13778 trainees = If Produce 101 is going to make a girl group, = From 457 company’s = what is it like in your mind? = 101 trainees stood out = = 124 days left before the final result = I hope it could have its own style But I’m not sure what kind of style I’m expecting If our whole group is eliminated, our company can continue its work on training us, right? I really want to stand on the stage, I want to make my mom and dad proud When I arrived, I found you were all under a huge amount of pressure I believe you’ll go all out for it You lose -We’ll wear pink clothes next time. -Fighting! Fighting! 1, 2, 3 We’re rivals and friends We share the same goal, we share the same dream I want to shine on stage We should keep trying while we’re young, so I want to make my life an adventure The most popular girl tonight is Meng Meiqi! = 48 days left before the final result = This contest is like fighting a battle You kill your enemies, and you also need to save your soldiers I choose Wang Ju Some people say that I don’t suit a girl group What’s the criteria for a girl group anyway? You can decide whether to redefine China’s most popular girl group Congratulations on becoming most popular girl! = 31 days left before the final result = This time is different I will hold your hand No one is perfect Standing here, I will keep working hard Yang Chaoyue, you’re the leader, you know that? Don’t have enough time? That’s a lame excuse I might be eliminated, I might fail, but I think life is all about keeping trying I don’t want to disappoint my supporters There’s one stage that only belongs to dreamers This is a group of girls in full bloom This is your time! For a trainee and an artist, desire is a good thing I want to join the girl group I want to show you what a girl group should be like Dad, I won’t let you down! I need to keep trying I’ll work harder I will be the all-singing, all-dancing Yang Chaoyue From being number 90 in the first vote, you’ve shot up 88 places and entered class A! Congratulations, Wang Ju We’ll face the storms to reach the sun! So what I’m really hoping is that Produce 101 can produce a group that the girls will really like After watching them perform, I hope one day, I can be one of them I want to sing the last song with you

I want to be like them, making so many good friends Comrades and friends that will fight alongside me The girls move up to class A, Fu Jing, Wu Xuanyi I think it’s like a textbook which shows how young people in entertainment industry pursue their dreams Recording what they’ve experienced in this show can let us know how to better ourselves = Thank you for your company, 101 girls will always be with you =

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