For the second consecutive year, the European Truck Trial Championship took place in Italy, in Oleggio About thirty crews came from Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic who battled for two days on eight tracks The 8×8 4-axle trucks like the Man TGS 35.480 and the Mercedes-Benz SK 3553 are very spectacular Great variety with the 6×6 3-axle truck categories, many in the 2-axle group, a good number of 4×4 Mercedes-Unimog and a lot 2 and 3 axles prototypes

all with traction whole wheat We have to thank the organisation for bringing this show in our country still little known but that deserves to be followed for the exciting and challenging competitions of skills on routes and very challenging passages Excellent and technical the Oleggio tracks I show you this highlights video/compilation with some of the best moments of the 2018 edition. Enjoy! πŸ˜‰ βœ”οΈ Follow me: http://bit.ly/ISCVideo

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