Destur Medet, ya Sahib al-Saif Let’s renew our shahadat saying, Ashadu an Lailaha ilAllah wa ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu wa Rasuluhu Salallahu alaihi wa Aleehi wa Ashabihi wa sallim alhamdulilah we are here with Allah SWT’s mercy on us, gathering us, giving us the honor of faith giving us the honor of Islam, giving us the honor of Tarikat giving us the honor of Jamaat, gathering us here on top of the mountain in the middle of winter where there is snow outside people coming form the cities from the comfort and the luxuries of their own homes to stay here what is the reason? ask yourself if we stop asking ourselves, if we stop questioning and asking to find the answer if we stop using our intelligence that is a time when our faith is going to go when there is no faith there is only ritual and that is what has become to this nation faith is gone, there is no system of faith there is no structure of faith there is no practice of faith there is only ritual we may say 1 billion Muslims, 2 billion Muslims we may say were praying, fasting, going to the hajj, giving zakat but it has become a ritual because man is no longer sitting down to think why am I here? What is the reason that I am put in this world what is the reason that im praying, fasting, giving zakat, going to the hajj? it has become just a ritual, a practice, because we see our parents doing it, our friends doing it and we’ve been doing it for so many years and because the community is doing it, you dont want to be outside of that community if you stop doing it your parents may not like, your support system may fail so you continue, but there is no faith it is only a ritual meaning if the community changes and the community becomes a community that does not pray, that does not fast it doesnt do the principles of Islam, then the ummat is going to change which we are seeing in these times everywhere in the West in also in Muslim countries it has become a ritual this is a dergah what is the function of a dergah? what is the meaning of a dergah? the dergah is the courtyard of the Divine when you leave everything and you are saying I am here for my Lord if I am here for my Lord I have to question myself why am I here for my Lord? what is it that my Lord wants from me? how do I have to live my life? how do I have to fulfil the promise that I made to my Lord in the day of promises if man is busy thinking, using his intelligence, not just for the dunya but for the ahirat he may reach to a station higher than the angels, definitely until Sidratul Muntaha he may reach but man is not even using that intelligence nowadays to sit down and to think why? because Islam becomes a ritual it is just a form, it is just a practice something that if we leave it we are going to feel uncomfortable

but it is also heavy, it is a burden atagfirullah, hasha astagfirullah that is how majority of the Muslims are saying and are thinking Islam is a burden how we are going to live Islam in this 21st century they are saying so difficult how are we going to live the sunnat of the Rasulallah ASWS it is an interference so Islam becomes an interference something heavy that doesn’t fit into the time and we are hearing this first from the non-muslims, it is their job to say that but now we are hearing it form the Muslims and we are hearing it form the Muslim scholars now they are suspending everything that is giving identity to Islam giving us identity to the Holy Prophet ASWS saying drop that identity and just become one of the unbelievers follow their lifestyle Islam is just ritual Islam is just saying shahadat, praying 5 times, giving zakat, fasting, going to hajj why are you making Islam to be so difficult brother? they are saying why you are coming to dergah? Why you are escaping from this world? Why you are escaping from yourself to come to the dergah to sit down to think, to meditate, to question, to ask, to put yourself under a microscope to analyze yourself, to judge yourself if you don’t judge yourself now, you are going to be heavily judged in the grave and in there hereafter there is no way out but in this world it is not even giving you time to think let alone to put yourself under that microscope and to judge yourself because this world has taken us hostage this materialistic world has taken us hostage and is saying no you have to work 9 to 5 you have to earn money, you have to provide for yourself for your kids, you have to be busy with this 90% of your life, and of the days, and of your time you have to be busy with this they are complaining, we are working we cannot pray they are not thinking there is something wrong with our lifestyle that prayer cannot be prayed but they’re saying there is something wrong with the prayer because it cannot fit into this egoistic life that we’ve chosen for ourselves, that we want since when Muslims have chosen this egoistic lifestyle that is busy with the dunya that is sunk in this ocean of being drunk with the hubb of dunya we’re looking, its not 500 years, it’s not 300 years, it is not even 200 years it is a little under 100 years since when? if Muslims sit down to think first as an individual, then as a community, then as an ummat then they will come to certain intelligent conclusions to know Islam needs a whole framework, it needs a whole system it is not something that is just personal, they are saying religion is personal religion is just something that you pray 5 times a day, don’t let it interfere into your life you life is something else, religion is something else seperate Allah and the world are we understanding this? and we are believing it Muslims are believing it so this world does not belong to Allah? hmm, you got another thing coming so a dergah is making man to sit down and to think then whatever that you are doing will not become a ritual – it will not become empty because every action that we do for the sake of Allah SWT every action that we do imitating the Holy Prophet ASWS is filled with oceans of meaning that if you start to enter into it, you will never come out but if the heart is busy with the love of the dunya, how are you going to put the love of Allah and ahirat in there? Impossible first you have to free yourself from this individually, community, and as an ummat as a whole global force

because Islam is not just personal, Islam has never just been personal Islam is also a state, a system, science, architectute, medicine, music Islam is everything that is in this dunya, and everything in the ahirat and Islam is everything that is in the seven skies, and the seven earths, and the seven seas and beyond that Islam is not just contained in 18,000 existences and worlds – it is beyond that where in creation Islam is not in? Inna dina indallahul Islam and now weak 21st century man putting Islam aside and saying this is the lifestyle we want to lead don’t let Islam to interfere to our lifestyle big mistake, wrong direction, and the people who are supposed to wake us up – they are themselves lost in it they are not waking up, they are not waking up the ummat to understand, come back to your senses how you are going to come back to your senses if you are going to be drugged 24 hours with the love of this dunya if you are going to be busy running around for the pleasures and the treasures of this dunya and the ego, and the desires of this world thats why the dergah has to be open for people to escape, to come to sit down, from themselves from their societies, to sit and to think and to meditate you cannot do that at home, you cannot you need a place where there is going to be heavenly support and you need a place where there is going to be spiritual support from the ground to be able to be in a correct situation to sit down and to understand, and to come back to your senses that is what the dergah is, thats why when those ones, those shaytans who brought down the Khilafat first thing that they did was to destroy the dergahs once you destroy the dergahs then man doesn’t have a place to go to find himself masjids is not a place to go find yourself masjid is for you to worship, it is an official place dergah is completely different yes they leave some dergahs open they leave only those dergahs open that is only continuing because their practices will not interfere into whatever the state is doing let them sing and dance, its okay because the singing and the dancing – they’re not waking up, they are just singing and dancing, it’s okay close the dergahs that makes people to think and to understand and to be intelligent to put two and two together, to put events of 100, 500, 800, 1400 years til the events that is happening today to see how Allah has put every knowledge there for us to take and for us to take lesson form it and to use it to bring us to higher stations here and hereafter the dergah is for that, they closed dergahs that are training people to do that but they have let the other dergahs that are open, that are only busy with singing and dancing or selling taweez, or being involved in this funny business with the other ones all of that is useless knowledge – malayani dergah does not need the mureeds, the mureeds need the dergah dergah does not need the believers, the believers need the dergah there is no way, nowhere, where you’ll be able to sit down, to understand and to think and to come into a conclusion that yes you are a servant to Allah this is how you are going to serve step by step before you serve Allah, before you serve the Prophet, before you serve his beloved ones, before you serve the Seyh serving the jammat, how are you going to serve? there is a system, there is a protocal, there is a way, there is a science – definitely because tarikat did not exist just yesterday randomly – 100 years ago just like that 1400 years of tradition, 1400 years of distilled, filtered tradition and knowledge that is pure and that is an essence we are nowhere close to those ones who are the real mureeds, who are real dervishes

of course we are not but atleast they are our role models, we believe in them, and we hope and we pray that we become like them one day our Seyh is, our Grandseyh is one of those ones but we are not under any delusion to think that we are faqir, or we are dervishes, or even that we are mureeds let alone the word sufi – it is shameful for us to even claim that because that is such a high station can you call yourself a sahabi? Impossible. Even the thought to call yourself a sahabi you say astagfirullah but there are some they say no we are sahabi and salafis we are like salafis – I follow as-salifiyyah mashallah, what kind of salafi you are? are you understanding? and they are claiming that we are making a bidat Oh empty head ones, wake up because Mahdi AS is just behind the curtain and he is going to come out to clean this world up and to bring back the Shariatullah He is not going to come to say oh my buddy, oh your majesty, come please, I love you he is not coming with love even the Christians they understand that Isa AS is going to come a second time with a sword Jesus coming with a sword to finish there is going to be a flood of red blood that is going to flow, to clean Mahdi AS is coming with that they are saying don’t scare people you should scare people if that is going to wake them up scare them to wake them up because the idea is for them to wake up, not to be drunk, not to be drugged by the treasures and pleasures of this world by the love of this world, by ghaflat new style Muslims, new style Sufis, new style mureeds not understanding, not having discipline, not loving the discipline, not loving the shariat everything they are dropping, mixing everything is weak, but claiming number one station in the spiritual world like Haztari Abu Bakr is saying to the Holy Prophet ASWS Holy Prophet ASWS – it’s a long story Holy Prophet was looking for him, something happened – an incident before that, they say Hazrati Abu Bakr is in the Kaba, he’s crying Holy Prophet found him and says ya Abu Bakr why are you crying? He says ya Rasulallah, I am worried for myself Hazrati Peygamber is saying you are Siddik al Ekber – you are my beloved one, you have no need to be worried he says ya Rasulallah, if Allah takes all my good deeds, all my actions, everything that I have done for the sake of Islam and He throws is away and He puts me to the Hellfire to punish me who is there that is going to stop Him? He is Allah and He has the right that made the Holy Prophet ASWS to cry, and both of them cried together so first thing that the dergah and the Seyh is going to teach you is arrogance your own arrogance and how to get rid of that arrogance because that arrogance made Shaytan to become Shaytan that arrogance is an idol that so many Muslims they place in their hearts to say we’re saying shahadat, we are praying – impossible for us to go to Hell, we are the best ones we look down on the others, we are saying to the others you are kafir, you are committing shirk, haram, bida, kufr first thing that the Seyh is going to take out from you is the hidden shirk and the hidden shirk, Holy Prophet ASWS is saying it is more difficult to find this hidden shirk than trying to find a black ant on a black rock in the middle of the night

and shirk is the most dangerous wrong action so what are we being busy with? finding this hidden shirk or are we busy with praising ourselves and everyhing is nice and easy because we are so filled with love and understanding while everything in the world right now burns and we know that Allah is not happy with the ummat of Muhammad ASWS that we are under heavy punishment so what kind of illusional and delusional world we are living in now yes, this is what the dergah must be busy with this is what the dergahs must bring people to understand to bring out all this hidden wrong characteristics of the ego, to get rid of it that time your faith will come back, that time your prayers will come back to life, your fasting will come back to life your own life will come back to life because there is a reason for that you’re thinking you’re using your intelligence you are not doing it like a robot, like a ritual then that is the time slowly you will start to understand what is it that your Lord wants from you this is just the beginning, to clean yourself up is just the beginning what to do after you clean up, we have a long journey ahead inshallah ar-Rahman, may Allah SWT forgive us, keep us clean, take away the confusion, fitna, and nazar from us for us to stay in this way and to continue in this mission because this mission is the mission of the Holy Prophet ASWS this is the work of the Prophet, yes, not everyone can carry it you want to sing and dance, go ahead but to sit down and to start cleaning, waiting for the light from our Seyh to come to us and to try to bring others to this way to make them understand, that is a job that was given to the holy Prophet ASWS, that the Naksibendi tarikat is holding onto and inshallah Rahman… yes we are no good for nothing, but that is our intention and if Allah is going to judge us according to our intention, may our intention be good Astagfirullah al-azim wa atubu ilayh wa min Allahu tawfiq, al-Fatiha this much is enough Salam aleykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu

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