We’ve got a lot stages to cover in this area. Luckily, most of the missing ranks are just going damageless, which is still fairly trivial with two Tyrants First off, ditching Guard Support from Rei, as it’s just not that useful on her, and Speed+, which has served its purpose and needs to go before Rei becomes completely uncontrollable I’m doing this stage first because I still need Titan for the score rank. I’ll swap back to something more generally useful afterwards Score on this stage is sort of hard to come by playing normally. It’s short, there aren’t that many enemies, and Second has so little health that she’s almost impossible to build chain against. Plus, she’s not worth many points herself Using Titan right off the bat means I’ll be getting five or six times the usual number of points off each enemy I kill while I can keep the chain up. That’ll be enough to snag the point rank That wraps up this level Having both Tyrants charged would make this stage a bit easier, but the first screen, at least, has a path where basically nothing can hit you if you keep moving Second screen means dodging flamethrowers, which I’m less consistent on. Worked out nicely on this attempt, though Having a Tyrant means the fight at the wall is a gimme. It’ll do to recharge them both for the next stage, as well No sweat The point rank on this stage comes down to killing enough enemies during the autoscroller. Since Tyrants pause said autoscroller, having one or two ready to go makes this fairly easy Gigafloats turn out to be worth a ton of points, they’re just tricky to kill with how briefly they’re normally on screen F-rect is not prepared for a Bursted M-Blaster. One shot burns away an entire health bar with power to spare She is, however, determined to give me a skill I don’t want I’m fairly sure Rei was supposed to learn S/T Auto earlier, but she didn’t have an open slot for it

Getting rid of Rect Shot M again This stage has the problem of all the enemies spawning on the same side of the screen. M-Blaster would make this a joke, anyways, but it’s also safe to Burst right at the start as long as you never take a hit Continuing the theme, Alsfiera just can’t handle Rei at full power I was trying to preempt his Tyrant here to give myself some protection during Acid Mist, but I jumped the gun a bit That puts me in the hole a bit as far as Tyrants go, but the next stage recharges them quickly Attack Support, because Rei needed more damage Getting the chain rank on this stage almost guarantees the score rank, and the chain rank itself can be trivialized by farming asteroids Except that’s boring, so let’s farm battleships instead Remarkably enough, the large enemies are by far the least threatening things in this screen, due to how easily they can be disarmed. You’re far more likely to be sucker punched by a small enemy…or just fly into an asteroid Alright, chain and score ranks secure. All that’s left is finishing the stage with appropriate timing Which means that taking damage is sort of a non-issue at this point. Good thing, considering that this party doesn’t really do precision maneuvering This stage really gives you a good appreciation for how sturdy Crystal Flowers are. Each one can eat basically the entirety of an M-Blaster shot before going down Burst Mode changes the game just a bit

Why would they make the very last enemy in the stage drop a health refill…? Ok, got it. I think there’s only two more of those HP total ranks left? I’ll be happy when they’re all behind me Lantern (G) picks up Scapegoat at max level. That’ll be handy for postgame A couple of consecutive boss fights? I suspect you can guess how this is going to turn out Yup, nothing to it. Wish I could say the same for the next stage Rei picks up Quick Charge at max level. She’s not at her peak of brokenness just yet, but she’s getting close Broken Record is the single most infuriating no damage rank in this area, strictly because of these flamethrowers And also because I have the least controllable party setup imaginable. I’m not sure why I thought this was a good plan

This flamethrower and the next one fire too fast for me to reliably evade. I’ll need a Tyrant for each That’s the worst of it. There’s a few more flamethrowers to get past, but they fire fairly slowly The more open screens here at the end of the stage are pretty easy to get through without taking damage, due in no small part to Rei being able to clear them out with one or two Charge shots I wish Rei could equip Howling The last stage will take a couple of passes. We’ll pick up the no damage rank first I’m pretty sure I just straight up forgot to Burst at the start of this stage. There’s no real reason to hold off on it A little bit of insurance there. There’s a fair few enemies in this first part of the stage Alsarifa is still…kind of a joke Removing Rei’s Charge and giving her Auto-Repair. I shouldn’t need it, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe The last rank requires clearing Free Fall without firing a Charge. I have no idea what the intended method is, but I sincerely hope this isn’t it First section of the stage will look pretty familiar, except Rei loses most of her killing power without a Charge. I’m going to have to hold the line for a bit here, but I do have a couple of spare lives if I need them Alsarifa’s barrier is basically impassable to me without the benefit of a Charge shot, but it doesn’t deal contact damage, which lets me do a really silly trick here

Rugitta’s Mark Petal does damage at a pretty decent clip. If you position yourself just right, some of the shots will spawn on top of Alsarifa, bypassing her barrier The positioning is significantly easier to get right if she’s on the ground, so I’m sort of shooting myself in the foot by trying to hit her without pushing her into a corner first That’ll do. Now I just need to get my horizontal spacing right, and Now I just need to survive Acid Mist for a full minute, which is relatively easy. I swap back to Rei just to reduce the chance I’ll accidentally fire a Charge shot and spoil the attempt And that’ll do for that. Just one order of business left for today And that would be getting the HP remaining rank on the way back to Eastside As a side note, the kills rank is significantly easier on the way back. I somehow managed to completely forget that the game does that with some stages Fortunately, Bursting on the first screen means Rei will have right around 100 life left when I reach the gate, so there’s less downtime on this stage That catches us up on ranks. Next time, we fight Rugitta and move forward with the story

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