(upbeat music) – Welcome to episode 152 in which we talk about our road trip (John laughs) – Yes exactly – Alright So I’m Paula Williams – I’m John Williams – And we are ABCI and ABCI’s mission is – To help all you ladies and gentlemen out there in the aviation world sell more products and services – Exactly and to that end, (Paula laughs) we undertook a massive road trip This is the first time we went to NBAA by automobile – And to the Salt Lake area – Exactly and we’re just looking at a map going a lot of our clients that we have been doing business with for a lot of years, we have never seen and for some reason we were gonna miss them again this year at NBAA They were coming before we were going or whatever was happening, and we said what the heck Let’s visit some of these folks right? – Well, let’s preface that with the fact that we wanted a road trip and thought this would be a good opportunity– – Yeah – And we’re gonna do some places and then we decided you know, we could do this– – Let’s just, visit these guys– – Figured, yeah exactly – on the way – So we did – And we had so much fun, and I think we’re gonna make this an annual thing when we go to NBAA Visit some clients on the way to make that work a little bit better So we’re gonna talk about what we did, what we learned and everything else today So this episode of course is brought to you by our Sales and Marketing Lab and that is where all of our clients get together and talk about things like client road trips (laughs) – [John] Yeah – [Paula] That was a little bit unexpected but we also do networking opportunities, we had our breakfast at NBAA, we have a private Facebook group where people get to hang out even if they are not geographically in the same place – [John] Yes – [Paula] Custom consulting their office hours and things like that, our book club, another opportunity to talk about stuff SEO reports which are really helpful for a lot of people to figure out what’s goin’ wrong and how to fix that And also monthly projects We do a different thing every month In October it is budgets and planning In November it’s gonna be sales and follow up So – [John] Exactly – [Paula] Right You tackle one project in a month and in a year you’ve got 12 things that are much better about your company, right? – [John] Yes – [Paula] And you’re not trying to do everything at once – Which is not a good thing – Right Okay – But people do it – People do it (laughs) Usually not well I think multitasking is highly overrated – We could talk about that but yes On the whole probably – Right Okay, so three reasons our road trip was great Number one is challenging assumptions We all make them even when we don’t know we’re making them Number two is business relationships, and number three was fun – [John] Yep – [Paula] Which was our reason for starting, for going to begin with This is one of my very favorite quotes from Mark Twain “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness “and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.” (John laughs) He could be talking today couldn’t he? – [John] Yes he could (Paula laughs) – “Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men “and things cannot be acquired by vegetating “in one little corner of the earth…” So, I love that and, there was some assumptions that I had about some places and things that turned out to be completely unfounded and I consider myself to be a fairly open minded person, right? – Tell me it isn’t so (Paula laughs) – Exactly (John laughs) Okay Another reason for our trip and a reason it was great was because it’s good business A study by the Harvard Business Review confirms that most leaders put great importance on doing business in person This is the whole reason for the No Plane No Gain thing from NBAA right? – That’s right – They link it directly to the bottom line The study shows that 87% of professionals think that face to face meetings are essential for sealing the deal while 95% say it’s the key to successful long lasting business relationships Now on this trip we were visiting our existing clients, and the complete opposite to all of that, fun right? – Yep – What was really interesting was I was talking to somebody at one of the networking events in NBAA and I talked about how he had gone to Disney World the night before and he was like, well your kids are grown up why did you do that? – Fun – Right (laughs) And I had had a glass of wine but the first thought that popped into my head was oh I’m so sorry that you feel that way Does your family know that you’re dead (laughs)? (Paula and John laughing) You know? And it’s really really sad that people are not having fun anymore that they get to be all business and what is wrong with going to an amusement park just for the purpose of having fun? I know it’s expensive and it’s a lot of money but it is so much fun – Well, and actually in this particular case the expense was actually nothing because of some other things that happened actually

– Right – And– – You can always make it work – Right – It’s just a question of are you willing and able to have fun and the whole trip was fun – And the reason for this slide is that she had checked out (laughs) on this animal (John and Paula laughing) – [Paula] If you’ve seen the movie Pandora you know exactly what we’re talking about This is an Ikran or a, Banshee right? – Banshee – [Paula] There’s a ride at Disney Land that we stood in line for three hours but more about that later, so It wasn’t three hours That’s what they said the line was gonna be – [John] No, they said it was gonna be and it was actually closer to one hour – [Paula] Exactly – [John] It’s a brand new ride so, it’s not that big a deal – So more on setting expectations and Disnifying your marketing, (John laughs) later in this podcast right? – Okay – Okay So this is where we went Started in Salt Lake City, went to Omaha, Nebraska, St Louis, Missouri, Terre Haute, Indiana, Charleston, South Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina, Orlando, Florida, New Orleans, Galveston, El Paso– – [John] And back – And home, right? So we were on the road for a total of, almost a week and a half – Two weeks and a half – Two and a half weeks exactly Time flies when you’re having fun – Mm hm – Most places we only spent one night except for Orlando of course – Right – where we spent pretty much the whole Cool, so, Omaha, Nebraska, right? – [John] Mm hm – I visited Omaha before and wasn’t a huge fan Of course it was December It was Christmas so last year, and we’ve got a kid that lives in Omaha, and it was like negative 17 degrees every day and so you walk outside and your face freezes It was no fun – It was minus 20 out – Oh man That was so not fun – Yeah – So it was good to go back to Omaha and realize that my assumptions about the fact that I hate that city were unfounded right? (John laughs) – It’s nice in the summer – It is nice in the summer And this is a very nice person in Nebraska This is how they welcome you to a hotel room in Nebraska Welcome home dear (laughs) I hope you have a great stay with us (Paula and John laughing) I was kinda taken aback by that but I thought it was really sweet And this is how they fold dish towels in Nebraska (John laughs) Who knew? But if you can, I’m not sure if this was the house keeping staff that just decided to do this or if this was the hotel that decided to do this– – [John] It was the house keeping staff – [Paula] Yeah, but we’re all in the hospitality industry in one way or another and, – Right – if you have fun and if you let your staff have fun it’s just so much nicer for everybody right? – Mm hm – Mm hm Okay Cool So, St Louis This is a lovely Italian restaurant called Bedo’s In The Valley, having lunch with Debbie Murphy and Jeremy Cox – [John] Yep – [Paula] From Jet Brokers and they recommended the place It’s absolutely fantastic The food is really good And we had such a great time with Jeremy and Debbie (laughs) The company was also fantastic and then we got to see their office, and Jeremy actually kinda gave us a tour of the airport He was introducing us to everybody at the Spirit of St Louis Airport and he knows everyone He’s such a great sales guy and he is always in receive mode I guess is what they call it in the sales text books So, I was actually really inspired by, anyway it was a great lunch and I learned a lot every time we visit one of our clients so – Yeah Yes we do – [Paula] That was fantastic and all of these airplanes and this is actually, up through 2008 when they discontinued these particular frames are aircraft that were sold by Jet Brokers and somehow we managed to let Debbie escape before we got the picture taken so, unfortunately she’s not in the photo but Jet Brokers was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it with Tom and Debbie and Jeremy right? – Yep – Okay Terre Haute, Indiana – [John] Mm hm – [Paula] Right (laughs)? Okay – [John] Nice place – [Paula] The crossroads of America Which is actually really cool and we were visiting a company called Turbans Incorporated They’re kinda a new client to us this year but we’ve spent a lot of time with them and have a lot of fun They do a lot of work in house and it’s an old fashioned family run, really amazing company where they put all of their time and money into doing good work and none of it into a nice waiting room right (laughs)? – [John] Right (laughs) – [Paula] So, they do have a really nice part of the office and this is the nicest part of the office is this wall with all of these certifications and awards and everything else that they have on the wall there It’s just really impressive – All their staff, right? – [Paula] But it’s interesting how you work with people for a long time and we’ve worked with these guys via Zoom teleconferencing, we talk on the phone with them, we go back and forth with emails, but there was a lot of stuff that they do

that we had no idea they did They built these custom filter boxes out of sheet metal for certain applications that they do and it’s just like well we didn’t know you did that Well you never asked Well, how would I know to ask? There’s a lot of things that you never really put together until you visit right? – Yeah they let us walk through their shop and sure brought back memories ’cause I used to run a maintenance shop in the Air Force and, used to stand around and think you know this would be fun to get back into again (Paula laughs) – Right and now you want a whole bunch of things for your workshop (John grunts) They have toys – Yes – Yes they do They also have donuts These are square donuts which are a Terre Haute exclusive apparently (John laughs) – [John] So we’re told – [Paula] Right So that was a lot of fun and these two ladies are taking over Terre Haute, Indiana Actually they’ve already taken over Terre Haute, Indiana I know Jane Santucci, she’s on the– – [John] Right – [Paula] Right, exactly She’s running for county government And, doing really well Doing a lot of great work in the community and she’s also working with Turbans Inc on their marketing – [John] Right – [Paula] And the lady on the left, that’s Peg Mills, she’s been running the company and several other enterprises in Terre Haute for a lot of years, – [John] Right – [Paula] and is running the city so (laughs), between the two of them they’ve got that place just hummin’ along in really good order so, it’s nice to meet a couple of women power houses of a Midwest city right? – [John] Mm hm – [Paula] Really a lot of fun So, Greenville This was cool for a whole bunch of reasons This is where we have a client that we’d been working with for nine years, and have never met in person – [John] Right – [Paula] On the way there we had a little bit of adventure So then of course we go on a road trip a few weeks later and we hear about Hurricane Michael on the news (John laughs) Which was coming ashore at Mexico City Beach in Florida on the Panhandle and then coming up toward where we were This is the closest we ever got to it We are the little blue dot here So we got a lot of rain This was more rain than I’ve ever seen Of course I grew up in Utah where we don’t get that much rain in five years right? – [John] Mm hm – [Paula] It was pretty good One day in Greenville so that was pretty cool That was kinda neat to see – And it was odd because the drops are like very small, not real large like New Orleans style rain But there was billions of them – The volume of water coming out of the sky was just phenomenal It was really amazing and in fact John pulled up, ’cause we were on our way to SSE’s office and we had a bunch of papers and things like that that we didn’t want to get wet So, they didn’t have an overhang– – Right – In the hotel were stayin’ at, so I backed up to the front door of the place – To the door right? – Blocked everybody while we loaded the trunk – Exactly So, that was– – But nobody complained because they knew what was going on (laughs) – Being resourceful, right? We got there reasonably dry and it all worked out So, very cool Alright So Special Services Corporation, they are a very cool company, and what they mean by Special Services is everyone of their customers, they created a separate plan for each of them that is custom Whether they’re doing management of their airplanes or maintenance or charter services or anything else that they do, each of their clients is handled differently depending on that owners preferences and their priorities and everything else so– – [John] Exactly – [Paula] Really amazing in a world where most things are very programmed and very, one size fits all They’re very cognisant of the fact that everyone of their clients has a different set of priorities in a different set of preferences This is some maintenance that they were doing and John once again got in and had some fun in the shop Took some pictures and things – [John] Having fun in the shop but I remembered things – [Paula] Right And these guys are so particular Every single nut or screw that they take out they put in a little baggy with it But they are incredibly detailed about the way that they do it Another thing in Greenville is the Greenville Downtown Airport park So the rain went away by the time we left SSC and we got to go play in the park and one of the really cool things that they did with this park is they worked with a bunch of sponsors to create an educational park So they’ve got these little things all over the place talking about spinners and cowlings and propellers and all of the things that kids ask about – [John] Right, you implied they as SSC They worked with them but it was Laura that did this – [Paula] Yeah, Laura Kaufman at the Greenville Downtown Airport, and the park association and all of the folks that have been involved with this A bunch of different sponsors and things

So, this is a project of the Greenville Downtown Airport – In an effort to get kids into the airport to be lookin’ at airplanes and have things to look at and learn – Mm hm You talk about the pilot shortage and the mechanic shortage and all of these things, how do you fix that when kids can’t come within miles of an airplane – Right – because of all the security and things What they’ve done is they’ve solved that problem by creating this park where they drop the kids off, and they can drop off an entire bus load of fourth graders and they can take six of them at a time and do tours of the tower or walk around an airplane or do other things with the individual companies and individual– – And they can watch airplanes land and take off because it’s right next to the runway – Right So it’s a really neat airport and a really neat park and I love the way they put this together They’ve used airplane parts whenever they can and airplane concepts whenever they can for the different parts of the park This is kinda a walkway that goes through the middle of the park and you can see it’s still wet from all that rain They have good drainage in Greenville, that’s one really good thing (Paula and John laughing) They’ve got an airplane on a pole that people can see They’ve got airplane parts as parts of the playground there They have, this playground has different things that kids can play with a crawl through and hang out in and– – [John] And all the signs are informative to your high level talk knowledge of what they are – [Paula] Exactly So even if you took a four year old to this park, you would have fun and they would learn something about airplanes Or we went to this park and had a good time too We had lunch at the runway cafe which is right there at the park So, fun stuff Okay Charleston, South Carolina Beautiful town Actually Greenville was beautiful too I was really amazed at how gorgeous it was with all the big trees and wide avenues and beautiful buildings and everything else This is something that we were dared to eat by Brian Chase – Anyone out there that suggested emphatically – [Paula] Exactly I would not from the description on the menus have ordered this for any amount of money It’s a piece of fried chicken on a biscuit with sausage gravy right? – [John] Sausage and cheese and I don’t know what all they put on it – [Paula] Right but, I have always thought and here’s a prejudice that sausage gravy was heavy, greasy, salty, nasty, horrible stuff right? – [John] Well they call it The Nasty but (laughs)– – [Paula] The Big Nasty That’s the name of this, – I think that was it – this meal and this breakfast And but this is fantastic (John laughs) I would do this again I would order this again tomorrow if we were in Charleston In fact we should go to Charleston to have this for breakfast again and to see Brian So, that was cool Brian Chase Chase Aviation invited us to breakfast at the Hominy Grill and we had a really great conversation and this was part of it The coffee was fantastic as well and the scenery and the conversation – Oh yeah – Had a great time So yeah this was the Hominy Grill and it’s in a really nice area near the Battery Park and waterfront in Charleston – And this restaurant has been here since– – [Paula] The beginning of time? – [John] Yeah Since God was a kid – [Paula] Right – [John] Long time – [Paula] And it’s in a beautiful part of town and just a really nice place to visit So, yeah Brian Chase, Chase Aviation in Charleston and great guy to work with for aircraft sales, acquisitions, other kinds of things I know he works with Piston Aircraft as well as the larger business jets and things like that So– – [John] So we, this picture’s of us taking, you can see the Hominy Grill sign and it’s, we’re standing in front of our Land Yacht – [Paula] Right Yeah that is the Land Yacht in which we did this whole episode and speaking of the Land Yacht it was getting pretty grubby by this time So we took it to the best car wash we have ever seen, also in Charleston You can’t really see in there but there are no machines in this place I mean there are a few machines but it’s mainly a human operated carwash – [John] Right – [Paula] You got people with brooms and rags and stuff doing all this stuff and one of the really interesting things is when you walk into the place this is on a wall that everybody sees and, would you even imagine that people would spend a year at a carwash or five years at a carwash or 36 years at a carwash or 56 years at a carwash? – [John] In fact the gentlemen that runs the place now has been there longer and he’s been there longer than the founder because the founder passed away a few years ago – [Paula] Exactly Yeah John had to ask him now how could you possibly have since the founder has 49 years of service and this guy has 56 years of service?

How did you do that? But the founder passed away So, Mr. McGinnis is the founder of this carwash and he obviously used it as a way to help people get where they want to go in life by working hard and doing what they’re supposed to be doing – [John] Yep – [Paula] And this is the guy that runs it, Perry Capers And you got to hang out with him a little bit and talk with him and I love this quote also “What you get by achieving yours goals “is not as important as what “you become by achieving your goals.” So – Exactly – It’s a Mr. McGinnis quote So really neat to see some of these businesses and how they work whether or not they’re in aviation There’s things that you can want to be when you grow up and we want to treat employees like this when we grow up, assuming we ever have employees that are with us for 36 years (laughs) – Right – Okay This is the the Land Yacht and that’s obviously the fantastic shiny job that they did on it so – [John] Yep – [Paula] Okay, Orlando which is our original destination We were in this room right there – [John] Yep – [Paula] It was a lot of fun, and really nice place to stay ’cause it’s nicely located and also a nice refuge from the craziness of the theme parks and the convention center and everything else so So, speaking of theme parks, this is the Valley of Moana, (John laughs) in the Hallelujah Mountains in the, on the planet of Pandora – [John] Yep And if you haven’t seen Avatar, when you, – Go see it – yeah go see it and you’ll recognize this – [Paula] Right So, what happened here is they have a line that they say is going to be three hours– – [John] 165 minutes – [Paula] for this ride Exactly and it’s on their little app so you can see how long it’s going to be It is also on a sign held by a person who is standing at the end of the line wherever that travels throughout the park, and they do really good line management They also do really good expectation setting – [John] The line winds in and around through all of these hills and mountains – [Paula] Yep – [John] ‘Til you end up in the inner sanctum – [Paula] Inside the ride which also winds around inside the mountain in a bunch of different places where you’re seeing the scientific stuff that they’re doing on this planet and all kinds of things – [John] But the ride is, you sit on a, – Motorcycle? – a vehicle, no, you sit on a device that’s got like a full motion sim Right? All degrees of freedom And then you put on your goggles so it’s AI augmented as well as, and you, it’s amazing ’cause once that thing starts, you’re not there anymore You’re on the back of one of those banshee’s – [Paula] Right, flying around these mountains and it’s really fantastic and I also love the way that they combined, vegetation in Florida is pretty awesome to begin with, but what they’ve done is they’ve taken these trees and ferns and other crazy things and then they have mixed it together so artfully with fake things (laughs), but you can’t tell where the artifous begins And this is, to me is really fantastic marketing to take something that already exists, and add the poetry and the art to it, so that it’s, there’s still elements of the reality there, but making it cooler and better and neater and you’re here for amusement so, that’s what you’re here for and they give you that in spades So– – [John] Yep – [Paula] Fantastic job by Disney as always The ride was very much worth it and even if it had been a three hour ride, or a three house wait, it would’ve been great right? – Yeah and now, – Okay – [John] we heard that the first day it opened the wait was an excess of nine hours – [Paula] Yeah I don’t even know if they’re open for nine hours at a time – [John] Yeah they are They’re open but– – [Paula] Oh man Yeah (Paula laughs) Make sure you go to the bathroom before you get in line for this ride – [John] Yeah because they even have signs at a certain point there are no bathrooms from here on – [Paula] Exactly and, if you cut out you’re out So they’re very good at law and order at Disney – [John] Yeah, right – [Paula] In the nicest possible way So there’s no cutting in line which also reduces the frustration of everybody in line ’cause they know they’re going to get their turn And things are managed – Yep – [Paula] really really well So, highlight of the trip, breakfast at NBAA This was a lot of fun – Yep – There’s Jeremy Cox from, and that’s Debbie Murphy over by me on the other side who we missed at the show And Robin Fraye from Aero Star and Biz Jet CPA, that is Laura Sandusky from Biz Jet CPA, and Laurie Knopper from LD Aviation met us for breakfast at the Marriott Grand Vista Grill, and we had a really great breakfast and has fantastic conversation and everybody had a good time talking with each other

and that’s one of the few times we get to see each other in person and of course we never get everybody there because it’s NBAA and everybody’s busy But we try to get everybody together at least once and see what we can do right? – Yep – Okay Press kits at NBAA, those are ours The coolest ones of course (John laughs) – [John] Of course – [Paula] We bait them with chocolate So, we put in press releases from all of our customers and make sure that those are really attractive so that we get good relationships with the media and so on And NBAA actually was a great show It seemed to be pretty large Had a good time Lots of shiny objects Always enjoy NBAA and it was a good show One thing that was different this year that I thought was really cool was NBAA TV So we’ve been talking a lot more about video In fact, in our content packages we’ve been allowing people to substitute one article for a short video because video’s being used everywhere And NBAA is following suit as well Even at the show you’re physically at the show, and still they’re showing you videos at these little kiosks So, there are people standing around watching TV when the real thing is right there just a few steps away But by the third day, a hundred steps is too far (Paula and John laughing) So you watch it on video instead of walking around But it just goes to show the video’s, is getting to be cheaper to use, easier to use, more prevalent in the aviation world and more effective or they wouldn’t be spending the time and money on it right? – Right – Okay Big screens everywhere And I think that’s probably going to be one of our biggest focuses into 2019 is building videos for people’s kiosks, building videos for peoples websites, videos for their YouTube All over the place there’s lots of ways to use– – Well you got big screens in the office – Video I have huge screens in the office (John laughs) Makes me very happy And yeah a lot of booths had screens at them where people were watchin videos and other things So product demos and other things that are really hard to do In a booth you can at least do on a screen behind you where you can point and explain and all those things Alright Robert DeLaurentis’s presentation in the Innovation Zone Robert DeLaurentis is piloting a turbo commander called Citizen of the World, and they are going from San Diego, to the South Pole to the North Pole and back to San Diego – [John] Right – [Paula] They call it a circumpolar navigation – [John] First time it’s been done – Exactly, so – It’s a highly modified commander hood It’s got, engines have been replaced with engines from a drone – Mm hm – The predator as a matter of fact, and the props have been designed six by tar – Mm hm – And he’d been authorized to add enough fuel tanks to get a 5,000 mile range with some extra out of it And if anybody knows the turbo commander you know that they don’t go that far (laughs) – Right Exactly So this was a really great opportunity and then Innovations and I thought was a really cool thing on NBAA’s part because it’s kind of a casual atmosphere It’s a little bit more interactive than a regular presentation And so people got to ask questions about the trip and about the airplane and about piloting solo that far and fatigue and temperature and all kinds of things that was a really interesting conversation so – [John] Yep – [Paula] And full disclosure, Robert is a client as well – [John] Yep – [Paula] We are helping him promote some of his products over the Christmas holidays So coloring books, books, challenge coins, compression socks, which are great for people that fly a lot and go on long trips and things Sunglasses, yeah sunglasses, white bags Really neat stuff So if you’re looking for gifts for the pilots in your life, that’s a really good place to look is the delaurentisfoundation.org right? – [John] Mm hm – [Paula] Okay Next was the infamous Big Easy right? (John laughs) New Orleans – [John] Yep – [Paula] And we had to look up why do they call it the Big Easy? What does that mean? And it was actually started by a newspaper writer who compared, The Big Apple which is New York to New Orleans which was the Big Easy so– – And it’s pronounced New Orleans – New Orleans – No, New Orleans – Okay (John laughs) John lived there for awhile so – Yep – I won’t even try (laughs) Alright So this is, I think this is Burban Street – No this is St Charles – [Paula] St Charles, right – [John] We just turned off Burban Street onto St Charles en route to the hotel – [Paula] Exactly French Quarter anyway Really cool area We’ve been there before We were, last time we were there it was before the flood so, this was really neat to see that everything has come back This is a steakhouse, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse

The best meal we had in the whole trip – [John] Maybe except for the breakfast – [Paula] Maybe except for breakfast in Charleston And so I apologize Brian, you had a close tie I think We’ll call this one the best dinner of the, – [John] Yeah – [Paula] the trip, so – [John] The steak was amazing – [Paula] Oh yeah Really really good food – [John] The service was amazing – [Paula] And they run this place the same as they have for hundreds of years They got the history on the menu – [John] Yeah, Dickie Brennan’s right? Or Dick Brennan’s? – Dickie Brennan’s – [John] Dick Brennan’s – [Paula] Mm hm Exactly We went to our hotel and we were unloading our stuff and the concierge asked us where we were going for dinner and we told him Morton’s I think – [John] Yeah I think so – [Paula] And he said, no you’re not (John and Paula laughing) You’re going to Dickie Brennan’s and here’s how you get there and here’s a map and I’m making a reservation for you and you tell me how it was when you get back And we did and it was really amazing and the bossy concierge really pulled it off this time – [John] Yeah We walked over there and said, they had said do you have a reservation? I said well, I don’t know, the concierge called And they had us – [Paula] Yep Yep – [John] So he got us in 10 minutes before we got there – [Paula] Exactly, so yeah and it was about a 10 minutes walk from the, – [John] Yeah – [Paula] hotel so – [John] It was good – [Paula] Right ‘Cause our feet still hurt from NBAA so, we weren’t gonna go very far And of course the next morning, had to have beignets and chicory coffee at the Cafe Du Monde right? – Yeah, Cafe Du Monde, yes It was quite interesting We walked, we (laughs) used a GPS It wanted us to park way away I said no, no, I know this town So we drove down to the street in front of Cafe Du Monde, and I pulled in to a parking place which said no parking – Mm hm – Except on Sunday – Except on Sunday, right So if we hadn’t read the sign, we’d still be looking for a parking place – And then we walked across the street and she wanted to go stand in line I said no, that’s not how you do this here So we walked in front of the line, right into this inner sanctum, sat down and were served within five minutes (laughs) – It’s good to go with a local so (John laughs) That’s fantastic Even though you haven’t been a local for a really long time Still– – No but I remember the place – Right Some things never change right? – [John] Yep – [Paula] Alright, Galveston, Texas was our next stop This was actually a really beautiful, beautiful little town They’ve had a lot of weather and you can tell that there are still some things that are not in the best shape But it’s still a charming place to visit – [John] Yep – [Paula] We took a ferry from – [John] Point Boulevard – [Paula] Point Boulevard to– – [John] No, Boulevard Peninsula sorry – [Paula] The Boulevard Peninsula, right, to Galveston and stayed with some friends there It was a lot of, a really nice stop on the trip and visited The Strand in Galveston This is one of the building there that was really amazing You can tell the architecture’s amazing and there is no paint used in any of this brick work It’s natural colors of the dirt in different places around Texas (laughs) And you can tell they’ve got a really wide variety of geography because, they make bricks out of this dirt, and they will never have to paint this building It’s just that color – [John] Yep – [Paula] Really cool And they, we visited this shop that has all the salvage from ships They’ve got sails, they’ve got lights, they’ve got sextants, they’ve got chests, they got spars and bits of– – [John] Captain’s logs, charts – [Paula] Yep, captain’s logs, flags, bit of paper from– – Yeah it’s just quite an interesting place to walk through – Oh yeah, this was so much fun I mean it’s just history all over the place And if you have an interest in boats and ships and a lot of aviation people do, this is the place to go right? Okay El Paso, if you want a pair of boots, (John laughs) let me tell you where to get boots (laughs) They got factory outlets up one side and down the other, and there are more cowboy boots within any square mile of area than anywhere on the planet I think in El Paso, Texas Is that true? – [John] I wouldn’t know but– – [Paula] I think that’s true – [John] You tried on boots ’til you were blue in the face until we found a pair and then we got ’em – [Paula] Exactly, right And it actually was like the second pair I tried on And tried on 100 more pairs and then I went back to the second one that I tried on so Three reasons that the road trip was great, challenging assumptions, business relationships and fun, right? Absolutely So once again this episode was brought to you by our Marketing Lab We’d love to have you join us and then you will be on our map – [John] On our list (laughs) – [Paula] Of places to visit and we’d love to sit down with you and talk about how we can help you sell more stuff – [John] Yeah, that’s right

– Okay So thanks for joining us If you’d like to sit down with us virtually, sometime before we’re in your neighborhood next, just click this button our website and set up a time that’s convenient for you Pick any open time from our calendar and we’d love to sit down with you and talk about what you’ve got goin’ on, what challenges you have and we’ll get goin’ on somethin’, make things better for ya Have a great afternoon, we’ll see ya next time – See ya next time Enjoy (upbeat music)

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