Todays episode we have Now the filming starts again?!?! Good morning Today we are going to Punkka off-road park Driving with 4×4 trucks Brutal driving coming soon We are driving to Riihimäki,Finland There is this off-road park called Punkka New place for both of us Fun to go check it out What kind of place it is It’s good that we have these places we you can go drive with small payment We have heard that this park has free roaming area. You can go everywhere Inside the gates of course We shal see what kind of problems we will find Let’s go see what kind of place Punkka is Some hitec parts Joni Yes hitec indeed 4wd on and let’s go First obstacle! Yes! I was just going to start talking

First time stuck on this trip and then Joni made it without help No. Not our little Jeep. Little Hulk Easy going We have been driving about 1 hour now Car is still in ok And it will be ok Joni drives so girly that he is stuck on downhill. 🙂 Now we go check how Jeep handles the hill I have to go outside film Joni don’t disappoint us I was going there. You are on the way! You should have run me through It has been fun place Here u can find driving for. Stock cars, Build cars and trucks also

Really?! Joni is going to try going from there Let’s check out is this even possible Easy. No problem Full speed Speed and correct line it should go Should we turn around before we brake something? Yes i think so It’s so close. It jumps in critical moment And then we true off-road cars here to show us the way Yes. Everything goes to video

Unsensored. Night also Tonight we go to sauna Then the real driving start. XD Don’t be dissappointed. 3 axle Volvo didn’t go here also Then it’s our turn. What route?

Is there deep hole in front? No Joni shows us how to operate Hi lift Was it just like that head in the middle of the lift? This is even better place Again we had to do small repairments We are not home yet I have taken this off so many times that i should move it to roof empty! (No it wasn’t) Look! He had the guts to go there My lifes drift king. What was the chinese drifter called? Yep same guy It tryes to go right different tire on the left side of the car Driving day is over and we are heading home Car didn’t brake. Ok 1 tire didn’t want to keep the air anymore That doesn’t matter. New tire under and trip continues We have to try go again in summer Film and drive What are Jonis thoughts about the trip? Good feeling from this trip There was one spot that i have to go test again in the summer It was so slippery now that we had no change going up

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