The Ghost Train of Manggarai It was the economy train, it was kind of creepy It was in the papers There was no engineer driving the train It was late night. After 12 It happened 2 or 3 years ago I heard the train was operating without anyone inside it and it was between 2 to 4 AM Heard about it, but never saw it We are now near the Depok railroad to meet Pak Memet, a guard at the railroad crossing We want to find out about the Ghost Train It was 11:30 PM, I saw that he looked disoriented He told me that he got off the train But he was in the middle of the tracks When I boarded the train, everything seemed normal There were many passengers Vendors selling food and cigarettes. Nothing unusual I sat next to an old man reading a newspaper I borrowed the paper. Here it is The newspaper was a 1953 edition 1953? -Yes That’s ancient I’m surprised myself The paper was fragile, filled with old print, it is not like our papers now After I explained to the student that there was no train operating at that hour, he fainted So it was the Ghost Train? Looks like that Believe it or not, it’s up to you Alright, Pak Memet, thank you so much How was it? Is it enough?

Yes Hello Not yet mom Mom, please don’t force me like that Emily always does this She switches off her phone Please stay calm I will let you know Stay calm, okay! That girl is so stubborn! Did you call your aunt in Bogor? Emily never reached Bogor It’s been a week and nobody knows where she is Ros, have you heard about the Ghost Train? Ghost Train? Why? What do you mean? I told my friend about your sister’s disappearance He is into the mystical world. His name is Bobby He thinks that Emily might have gone missing because of the Ghost Train What does that mean? I knew you wouldn’t believe it However, there is no harm in opening your mind to it This is nonsense I’m just trying to help you Come in. It’s okay. Come! Bob, this is Rossa, my friend Rossa, this is Bobby. He has a website about the mystical world and occult What kind of a website is this? I’ve never heard of it Like the name of the website itself we collect data about the supernatural, vampires, ghosts, haunted houses, deadly tunnels and others What’s wrong? Why did you bring me here? It is a waste of time Who knows, Bobby might be able to help you I’m better off with the police You have not heard anything from the police, right? My sister is missing not because of any ghost It’s true but I am almost certain that she is missing because she boarded the Ghost Train One minute, Dod. One more Bob, there are no pictures. Ki Anom said that the place was clean. Maybe he’s with the shrouded ghost In fact, Ki Anom recited the mantra to our camera Yes Dod, Peg, this is my friend Rossa Hi -Hi You have the interviews and testimonies from the witnesses right? Yes, we got them What about Mamet’s interview? Got it all here. But we have the 1953 newspaper. How? That’s alright. Write that Let’s draw the picture of the ghosts from Ki Anom’s description and put it on the website Bob, can you help my friend? I can’t promise Okay then, I’ll go first You are very stubborn

Stop interfering in my life Let me do what I want I don’t like you hanging out with Alex until morning How do you know this? What’s wrong? Why are you fighting? I came here to visit both of you and have a good time It’s Rossa’s fault I Just reached home and she starts with her lecture She’s impossible She’s out of control I was just trying to remind her Rossa, give her some space She just started college She has to make new friends I am sure she will be able to take care of herself You don’t know what she’s been doing this semester What do you mean? Can you take care of yourself? Give me that Mom, you should not pamper her too much She will feel that she can do anything she wants Ros, I had a hard time giving birth to Emily And you know after she was born she was very weak and thin It was difficult Poor Emily But you should not let her have her way all the time You were always jealous of her If she goes the wrong way, you just let her be? Keep quiet! Good job -It’s great

Nice title. Ghost Under The Bridge Yes You want to see something new? -What? This is the evidence from the people who have actually seen the Ghost Train Looks like an ordinary train Four compartments, just like Ki Anom said He said that initially, everything seems normal Nothing weird But when the train moved, he realised that he was trapped This must be the picture of the ghost When the train did not stop at any station, he saw that all the passengers were ghosts How did he escape? He kept running and running until he realised he was running on the tracks He fainted after that Do you know where he was after he woke up? He was in Bandung and he wanted to go to Bogor After that incident, for three days, he was confused and ill He kept seeing ghosts everywhere Just like Ririn And then, she died Bob, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to You’re so bad! I was thinking, from all the Ghost Trains we have compiled, most of them begin from Manggarai station 12 December 2003, at 3:50 AM, a train left from Bogor to Jakarta I heard the train moved without any electricity No engineer, no passengers I remember the train number, 469 And this train stopped at Manggarai station Oh! I see Ki Anom offered me to board the Ghost Train He has a way of calling the train. Are you interested? I don’t think so Same here Come on, we need this This will be good for our site Ki Anom promised to protect us as long as we follow his instructions Miss, one cappuchino, please Sorry, I’m late

I have to go back home I had a bad dream I saw this creepy looking girl inside the Ghost Train That is weird Of course it’s weird You just had a bad dream It’s not like that I don’t feel comfortable What is happening to my sister? Why did I dream of the train? I think your sister wants you to look for her Even though she’s not around, I’m still sick of her Why do you hate her so much? Thank you Bobby called me. Tonight they will start the ritual at Manggarai station Ki Anom will be there We are invited. Can you come? Your friends have gone crazy. Sick! Bobby wants you to see the paranormal No. You go ahead I want to look for my sister, not the Ghost Train Alright I wanted to help you out but I am scared Don’t fool me. Peggy is coming? I will inform you later Mom, what are you doing here in Jakarta? What’s wrong? You are not happy to see me? You’re not well. You should have called me to come and pick you up from the station That’s okay. I took a taxi Any news about your sister? I don’t know where to look for her Don’t stop. Keep looking I have looked everywhere Nobody knows where she is Even Aunt Maya is confused You can’t stop looking for her Can’t you take care of your sister? I am tired. I want to rest. Take my bag inside Mom

Mom, eat your dinner I prepared it for you Should I make you some tea? It’s after 10. Let’s begin now According to my vision, the Ghost Train that has gripped the public for the past 2 years, is the same train that was in a terrifying accident five years ago The train fell into a ravine There were no survivors A prankster had placed a steel plate in the middle of the track The train was derailed and it fell down a cliff 30 meters down We are here not to look for the extraordinary, but just to look into the mystical world beyond our realm Once again, we can only try I need your blood Why do you need our blood? No argument! A drop of your blood So how, Ki? The train will come from the north That’s the train you are waiting for When you are inside the train, do not speak, do not whisper No loud screams. Don’t do any of that See what is inside your mind Understand? Remember my words and you will be alright If you see something that you should not see, close your eyes tightly. Understand? What are you doing? Stop, stop, stop. The ghost in not there Bob, let’s leave now Why did you sceam? Me? Tari screamed The ghost was behind me Ki Anom told us not to scream What should we do now? We’re safe

Enough It’s not easy dealing with the spirits, right? You got out just in time No more, Ki Right Ki, I’m not married yet Bob, what do you think about the Ghost Train? You are crazy How can you do that? This is my first and my last That happens when you hang out with the wrong crowd According to Ki Anom, the train we boarded is the same train that your sister took Did you see my sister in there? Stop joking around You have to seek Ki Anom for advice. He’s nice Bring something that belongs to your sister, like an earring, necklace, anything Bullshit. I would rather believe in the missing person section of the newspaper Are you coming home? I still have some work to do with Bobby How about you? You should be okay, right? Alright. See you -Bye What’s up, Bob? Bob, Bob, I saw the ghost from the train

Are you kidding? I am not sure if it was a dream or real What’s wrong with you, Dod? What is this? Your tears It’s blood, Bob. It’s coming from my eyes Don’t panic! What’s happening to me? Maybe your tearducts tore Stop panicing Let me wash my face Dod, can you stop here? I need to get some medicine for my headache Wait for a second What a waste! Why is the tape empty?

Hello. What’s wrong Peg What? Doddy died? How did it happen? Okay, okay, I’ll go there now Emily Find me Rossa, find me Where are you? I hate you, I really hate you Emily Emily I just came back from the hospital They are going to bury Doddy today You know Ros, something is not right about the way Doddy died It was an accident It looks like that but I have been thinking Let him go in peace, I’m really sorry What were you saying? Forget it What’s wrong? Last night, I heard the sound of a train passing in my room The whole room began shaking But your house is not near the tracks I received a call from Emily Is she alright? I hope so. I don’t know her condition as of now Dead or alive

Whatever it is, you have to find her I don’t want to be part of this anymore I saw it myself What’s going on, Bob? Peggy wants to leave The ghost I saw in the compartment, she caused Doddy’s death I thought Ki Anom opened our sixth sense that night I’m confused. How can he see the spirits? This has something to do with the Ghost Train I regret listening to you This is all because of you Peg Peggy Peg What do you intend to get from all this? I just wanted people to know more about ghosts Feel the sensation. There are so many sites like this And I’m not that ambitious Are you sure? Why would you force all your friends to board the Ghost Train? Six months ago, I lost my girlfriend in the Ghost Train What’s wrong? Where are you? I’m getting down at the next station Why? The train is empty. The train did not stop at any station It’s late. Maybe it’s the last train I’m all alone. There should be other passengers here Bob, I’m getting off at the next station Wait for me there She was found in Surabaya She took the train from Manggarai to another area Another city? How did she end up there? She started acting crazy. Three days later, she committed suicide How’s Peggy? She is still traumatised Let her be Thank you for dropping me off You want to come in? Next time maybe. I have work to do I will go first -Okay You made a cake? I made this for Emily. We’ll eat together when she comes How do you know Emily is coming back? She called me. She wants me to make some tarts She’s on her way here now What? The number you have reached is inactive or outside the coverage area Hello -I need to talk to you

Sure -Can you take me to the paranormal guy? Ki Anom? Whatever his name is He’s out of town. He’ll be back late tonight That’s okay Alright. Do you want me to come and pick you up? If that’s alright with you Okay. I’ll call you before coming Okay, thanks From what you have told me, your mother is traumatised And, she loves Emily more I think she loves you Ros, however bad your relationship was with Emily, she is still your sister Bob, I can’t lie to myself I feel jealous, sick and hatred towards her. A lot of hatred I feel ingored among my family Time can change anything, Ros Thanks Bob for listening Ki Anom should be home now Your sister Emily is in a small house in a village Where is it? I’m not sure of the exact location But her condition is critical Her heart is beating but her soul is wandering elsewhere What? Medically, she is in a coma Coma. But is she alright? We have to go and find her Bob Sure, don’t panic Are you sure your sister took the train from Manggarai? Yes. Her friend told me that she was going to her aunt’s house She dropped Emily at the station Before Emily left, we had a big argument Leave me alone. I’m never going to ask help from you again Listen to me. I want you to leave that guy. He’s a drug addict I don’t care I want you to stop seeing him and I’m sure mom does too Mom will believe me. You know who is her favorite right? You are the oldest but she always prefers me I accept you in this house only because of mom Where are you going? -None of your business Alright, go I really hate you

If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have fought with her Yes. I’m concerned too But I’m sorry, this is as far as I can help you You too. You should be careful That lady ghost is very violent. You and your friends have entered their world I will protect you Which lady ghost is he talking about? Peggy saw the same ghost before Doddy died That is the ghost from the train But why? We were not supposed to come out alive from the Ghost Train So, she is after you now It looks like that When she was alive, she worshipped the dark side How did she die? She died together with the other passengers when the train fell off the cliff Weird. I am not getting any signal today Hello Hello. Where are you, Peg? I am near my house Can you come to my place now? Can we do it tomorrow? What’s wrong? You want to leave our website? Can we talk about this tomorrow when we meet? Bye What’s wrong with your car? I don’t know. This is the first time Bob, we are in the middle of the tracks I know Bob, a train is coming Get out, get out Open the door, open the door Ghost Train Look at this What is it? -Read the back page How is she?

She’s improving. But I’m not sure Call them now -Alright Hello. Yes, I put the ad in the paper Where is my sister? What is the address? And your name? Thank you very much, Arif I received a call from the person who found Emily She was found in the Bejong area What? You want to take me there? Thanks Arif? -Yes Can I help you? -They are from the city They are looking for the missing girl I am her sister. May I see her? Come to my house Come Come in Emily. Emily She is conscious but she is still very dazed Emily, sweetie You came right on time What happened? We found her unconscious in the middle of the tracks Nevertheless, she is willing to drink some of the herbs I have been giving her People here believe that she was taken by the Ghost Train Excuse me We have to take her to the hospital immediately Hello. Mom, it’s Rossa I have found Emily I’ll bring Emily home as soon as possible Bob, what’s wrong? Peggy died last night It’s only me an Tari now

Emily, what’s wrong? Calm down, I’m here now I feel the evil spirit around your sister It has spiritual contact with her Hope you are okay Thank you Here -What is it? A good luck charm to protect you Sorry, but I don’t believe in these things Just keep it Thank you Come Emily

What’s wrong? What’s wrong with her? Ros, what’s wrong with her? -I don’t know, Bob Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily -Emily Emily -Emily Emily -Emily where are you? Emily Emily Emily Emily -Emily, where are you? -Emily -Emily, where are you? Emily Emily -Emily Emily, where are you? Yes, I understand What’s wrong? Just a warning What warning? The ghost is after those who escaped from the train And you believe it? Doddy, Peggy, Tari and myself We made it out of the train because of Ki Anom But after that Emily Bob, you go that way, I will go this way Emily Emily, where are you? Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily, where are you? Rossa Bobby. Bobby Bobby Bobby! Bobby. Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby I promise to come back with help. Hold on Bob Emily, let’s go Quickly, Emily Quickly

Emily. Emily Hold on to this

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