(mellow music) What’s up family? This is the big Swagu, aka Marcus Spears, yeah, I start with my nickname first You are watching Fan About Town Run da damn bawl! I’m comedian Jermaine FunnyMaine Johnson, and if you know anything about me, you know I love college football But it’s not just what happens on the field that makes the game so exciting, it’s the lifestyle of the fan that has us all looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year You normally see me on the couch reacting to my favorite teams’ games, but I wanted to do something a little different this season so I can experience the food, fun and fandom around the game up close with the fans Just to experience the must-see sights and sounds of college football and kick back and of course watch some football This is Fan About Town The show for the college football junky, like me, who can’t get enough of that college football lifestyle (mellow music) For 364 days a year, the state of Alabama, all we do is talk about this particular game, between the Auburn Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide Well, that game is today, the Iron Bowl We are live on the Plains, Auburn University Campus, we’re gonna tailgate, we’re gonna talk to the fans, we’re gonna have some fun and we’re gonna enjoy the game This is Fan About Town Roll Tide! Roll Tide, roll Tide (mellow music) (drum cadence) War Eagle! Yeah, War Eagle! Always a good day when you run into college football royalty This guy right here, Mr. Ronnie Brown, it’s a pleasure What’s up man Respect what you do, respect what you did I appreciate it All of the headaches that you gave us over the years Well what was it like to put on that blue and orange and strap up and play in front of all these great fans back then? It was good You know, I was a Georgia kid, so I came over to Alabama, I ain’t understand like the rivalry, how important it was, but the first time I participated in it, it grew on me real quick You know, and to represent Auburn, to be able to go out be able to be a part of tradition with the running backs here, to be able to kind of extend that legacy for that, it just meant a lot Y’all have had some great running backs here You got it there I’m gonna put you on the spot Who’s on your Mount Rushmore of Auburn running backs? Bo Jackson, Cadillac Williams, Lionel James, All right William Andrews Ronnie Brown And I mean I put myself somewhere next in line, but those guys kind of, That’s modest, but you know you up there I mean, I’m glad to think so, but you know, those guys did it at a high level as well, so I was, it’s a lot of guys to choose from, but I think were really solidifying their space here How are you feeling about this game? Number Five Alabama is coming into town, they’re trying to make a playoff push Auburn is there, they’ve lost some close games this year But they’re survivors so you can throw all that out the window, how do you think it’s gonna end up? So when you look at this game I think you throw out everything that’s happened all the way through the season, the records don’t matter, and so when you look at that, you know there’s always a chance for the other team to win And when you look at what’s happened, Tua-less, Alabama team isn’t the same, but at the same time out of respect for Alabama, what they’ve been able to build, the brand that they have, I mean, Matt Jones is a highly recruited guy, the standard is the standard with them so you already know what you’re gonna get This guy’s capable of playing, so I would tell everybody not to take them lightly So I think it’s gonna be a good game The first team to 21 today I think wins this game So I think just being able to keep the guys in front of him, offense for Auburn, you just got to move the ball, you got to score Cannot lie, I’m so honored to meet this man right here I know all about him, I saw him on Saturdays long time, some heartache up in there, but Mr. Ronnie Brown, a pleasure to meet you Appreciate it God bless you and all that you do Best of all to you Can we get those two words for the camera? Two words that they say Oh, War damn (drum cadence) Roll Tide I’m here with my man, Brian, on the Plains, that’s what y’all call it, right? The Plains It definitely is the Plains man of Lee County That’s right I was born down in this area in Opelika so no hills, no mountains, nothing like that That’s how y’all like it? That’s right, no hills for when we go running, you know

Keep it easy on us What are your expectations of the uphill battle for this team though, how do you think Auburn is gonna be for the next two to three years? Which way do you see, the stock is up or the stock is down? I think the stock is up A lot of people are asking, I see all over Twitter, would you take an Auburn loss today if it means Malzahn is gone I can fortunately say most people are pretty much saying, no we’ll take the Auburn win even if it means Malzahn is staying I think people are rallying behind him He’s gonna go all out today, nothing to lose for us, only everything to gain, so we’ll see So right now, would you say the Auburn fan base is kind of 50-50 on Malzahn? Me personally, I’m happy with him, he’s a good guy But, you know, he does some stuff, missing time out calls, stuff like that, waste time outs early in the game, you kinda get upset about bad play calls, A lot of little technical stuff Yeah, but we still like him We still like him So for anybody who’s never, say you’re talking to somebody that’s never been on Auburn’s campus, never been to a tailgate experience here on the Plains, what are maybe the top one or two things that they have to do before they leave campus Okay, I think I know one, but I’ll see if you say it Well, the first one, I would say, Tiger Walk Okay So when the team shows up they’re gonna start right here, walk into the stadium, cheerleaders gonna be leading them out Obviously if we get that win, head to Toomer’s Corner There you go Those are the two best So y’all just feel good just wasting all that toilet paper that everybody could be using Well, you know You know, toilet paper serves a mighty job for some households Making Alabama fans upset is what it serves for us (drum cadence) What’s up, I’m John Parker Wilson Rashad Johnson Make sure you check out Fan About Town, my man FunnyMaine, Jermaine Johnson As good as it gets Yeah! Out here tailgating with my man Damian Represent man Who’s jersey is this? You already know, the one and only Cam Newton, baby The goal, aka, the goal The toughest episode I’ve ever had to do How long you been rockin’ with these Auburn Tigers? Since birth cuz, I had to make a decision, I came out the womb, they was like you either an Auburn or Alabama fan And everybody else in my family was Auburn fans, I guess I’m rollin’ with them cuz So, you rolled to the orange The crimson just wasn’t for you Naw, it just didn’t fit right You got to try it on again No I can’t do it, can’t do it Well, I tried, I tried What are your overall feelings about this year’s team Did they over-achieve, under-achieve, kind of neutral? The thing is, I think Tua Tagoviloa and Trevor Lawrence set the bar so high for freshmen quarterbacks, like Bo Nix is literally looking like a freshman quarterback, so it’s just like because the expectation level is that of Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagoviloa, they think like, oh man, he got to basically lead us to a national championship But like, there’s not many senior quarterbacks that can go to the Swamp, go down to Death Valley, and play and try to keep them in contentions, so I mean, what 18-year-old kid do you know that can go down there and play in that kind of environment and come out with a win That’s an interesting point I hadn’t heard anybody make yet Yeah, it’s the truth But with him being a legacy, does that help or hurt him with the fan base when they don’t get the win? Here’s my, like, I don’t think, even as Auburn don’t hold Patrick Nix at Cam Newton’s height, but it’s like one of those things like, oh your dad played quarterback, so we’re expecting you to come out here and lead us to a win But like, you got to understand, Patrick Nix didn’t have to go down to Death Valley as a freshman You have to understand, like he’s 18-years-old fresh out of high school, and I mean, Joey Gatewood, everybody was like, man, Joey should have been in, Joey should have been in, but like he had three springs, like two or three springs, so it’s like, what did he do or didn’t do to prove himself Separate himself Separate himself to be ahead of a freshman So, can’t really get mad at that It’s all about putting the best player on the ball You might have a future in broadcasting, man That’s what I graduated in man, I graduated in communications man I see it on you (drum cadence) What’s up? Robert and Josh from SEC Shorts On Fan About Town with your man, FunnyMaine Johnson Check it out Check it out YouTube and Facebook Hey y’all War Eagle! War Eagle, baby Still out here, tailgating at the Iron Bowl, found two big football fans Miguel, Anthony, how you guys feeling today man? Miguel, how are you? I’m mean, it’s cool I guess I didn’t even know there’s a game today I live in this ravine right here Right here? So I saw the truck pull up, I was trying to get them to get out of my yard, but So you’re not rootin’ for ‘Bama? Oh no, I found this hat This was in the garbage over there It’s where it belongs, yeah It’s where it belongs What about, are you an Auburn fan? Yeah, Miguel No, I’m a Miguel fan, well, it’s an A isn’t it His last name

Anderson, Miguel Anderson So y’all didn’t know it was a big football game going on today We have no idea why everybody’s here It’s a lot of traffic, the buses We actually don’t know who you are and why you’re talking to us We were just hanging out in his yard Well, I’m Jermaine, this is a show called Fan About Town Oh really There’s few thous…, a few million people are watching right now And it’s a big game going on between Auburn and Alabama Auburn wears Are they like hockey teams? No, it’s like 80 degrees today Lacrosse, I’m digging the lacrosse Lacrosse, we don’t do lacrosse down here You won’t even Duke kids No, no Duke Yeah, don’t play Duke, that wouldn’t help your schedule out (cheerleaders cheering) (drum cadence) Out here on the Plains of Auburn, still tailgating, got my lovely new friend here, Callie Are you feeling it? I’m doing pretty good She’s ready to get up in the game in a few She’s got the Aubie sticker going Yes, yes Is that a real tattoo? No, yeah, yeah, it is actually I just got it right before the game Uh-huh, I set you up, yeah, I set you up so you could lie and look a little more gangsta with it So everybody’s rockin’ a two man, do y’all have another hero that play for Auburn or is this the guy? I would say this is the guy Every time I look around, most people are normally wearing the two Yeah, you see a lot of two’s around here His merch is doing very, very well What has been your favorite tradition since you got on campus? Oooh, okay, well definitely obviously rolling Toomer’s Absolutely That’s gotta be one, and then I normally go to a family tailgate before, and that’s a tradition that me and my family do, because my mom is an Alabama fan, but my dad’s an Auburn fan, so we all hang out and do that And then, I’m trying to think what’s some big Auburn traditions would be So wait, so you say your dad is the ‘Bama guy, is he here today? No, my dad’s the Auburn guy Okay My mom’s a big ‘Bama fan though They’re both here, 100% Are they getting along though? You know, yes, yes, after the game, whenever Auburn wins, that means my dad’s happy which means my mom’s happy, so my mom’s normally happy either way If her team wins or if my dad’s really happy She’s a true Southern belle is what she is Yes, yes What’s your favorite tradition here when you do get to Auburn and hang out on the Plains, what’s your favorite like tailgating tradition, thing you like to do Just come out here and linking up with everybody, like the thing is, everybody, it’s truly an Auburn family You can walk out here, you can say War Eagle to anybody they like, come on over here have some good food, have some good time, and socialize with everybody So, I would say, and also, Toomer’s Corner, man, after a win you know it gets crazy out there So we’re hoping to see that after this win, everything, you know, so that’s probably the best tradition Now before you got to campus two years go, because you’re a sophomore, were you an Auburn fan then or did it just I was an Alabama fan Why did you leave us? What happened? Well, I was an Alabama fan, and then I got told that I could miss three days of school to tour three different colleges And my dad was a big Auburn fan, so I was like, I guess I’ll just tour there for him But then I came here and was like, oh my goodness, it is amazing Fell in love with it So here I am And I was like, I’m still gonna be an Alabama fan, but now I’ve seen the light I don’t know if they allow that, especially not on campus I think you’re an Auburn fan for good now Oh yeah What’s the feeling when you see your rivals having all that success, man, The added expectation level, like, everybody looks at Alabama as the gold standard, and it’s tough to be in the same state as Alabama and still hold yourself to a standard which they have set So, as an Auburn fan, we have to be realistic with our expectations You can’t get mad at a true freshman quarterback to go out there, lose in the Swamp, lose in Death Valley, like, we don’t have Tua Tagoviloa at quarterback, we have Bo Nix, we have to understand he’s not gonna go out here and put up 400 yard games, and you have to fit the system in which he’s playing in You have to understand that yeah, we may want to try to chase Alabama, but also, I don’t think the separation’s that far, but I do think Nick Saban has a big play in all of that Listen, Bo Nix, if you’re watching, and you need a PR agent, this is your guy right here, this is your publicist, he knows what to say on your behalf Absolutely man So after the game, win or lose, what do the sorority sisters have planned? How y’all plan to celebrate or try to turn a loss into some happiness? If we win, I’m gonna go roll Toomer’s of course,

brag to my mom, and then probably, just see what all my friends are up to, head downtown maybe, and then if we lose, big if, I will probably go to my room and eat Jimmy John’s and watch Netflix Callie, she loves her school, she loves her team, she definitely loves Jimmy John’s yes And I love her social butterfly earrings that I just saw Oh, thank you, thank you Can we get those two words on camera? War Eagle! Thank you Callie Of course, of course We got this segment on the show when we ask fans questions about their favorite team, it’s called Easy Tough Difficult Which one do you want first? I’m gonna go with difficult, hit me with the head buster, we can to from easy on that point so I can sound right All right Golly man, I don’t even know, what do you think? What you think? It’s Iron Bowl today, I wish all of them were difficult But we got a few easy ones on here Maybe we’ll start you off easy, okay? Who was the first head coach of the Auburn Tigers to win 100 games? Was it Pat Dye, Ralph Sug Jordan, Mike Donahue or Tommy Tuberville? Oh man I’m gonna go with Sug Jordan That’s crazy, the music started when you said that, because that is the wrong answer Dang Probably Mike Donahue leading the band telling you to In 2010, Auburn won BCS Bowl game, Championship Who was the head coach? Gene Chizik Malzahn was the offensive coordinator That is correct, I give you I just want to say Malzahn Yeah, you really do like Malzahn One of Auburn’s best linebackers ever was drafted as a 13th overall pick in 1998 NFL draft by the Cincinnati Bengals Who was that gentleman? ’98, you said linebacker, right? Linebacker I’m going with Spikes, Takeo Spikes, because I never got a chance to see him play, but I feel like he was like the first of the crew of the linebackers to make it out You’re absolutely correct Hey stay woke Baby that’s what I’m talking about In which year did the Auburn Tigers have their first undefeated 11-win season Wouldn’t have been ’57, let’s see, Like you were born this time No, it wasn’t ’04 was it? No Okay You were born in ’04? No, I just didn’t know if you thought I was super young In ’04 my cousin played, that’s when Tuberville took them undefeated, and they didn’t get to the championship game Would it have been ’94? Close, it was ’93 ’93, okay Yeah, 1993 You did okay on the easy, we’re gonna move it up to the tough All right Don’t hold your breath Which former Auburn linebacker served in the Cabinet of Alabama Governor Bob Riley? Was it Quentin Riggs, was it Karlos Dansby, Craig Ogletree, Wayne Grady, or Wayne Gamby? Ogletree Quinton Riggs It was Riggs? It was Riggs, I know I’m going with Riggs Final answer? Yeah It’s a good job, Riggs was on the cabinet One of Auburn’s all-time best linebackers was drafted in 1998 by the Cincinnati Bengals, who was that gentleman? ’98 by the Bengals It’s before my time Hold on I can’t tell you Oh, Mr. Takeo Spikes would love to have a word with you War F-ing Eagle to you There you go That was gonna be my hint Dang That’s his catch phrase now Auburn has had three Heisman Trophy winners Name those three gentlemen Pat Sullivan, Bo Jackson, and Cam Newton You love some Bo Nix man My man, you did all right, though, don’t worry I’m sorry, I’m sorry I let you guys down I’m not old enough, not wise enough, God bless guys You want to say those two words for the camera? That I cannot say? Hey War Eagle guys Y’all hold them up high Yeah, it’s a good job man Yes sir, yes sir Hey, good luck to y’all today Not too much luck Not too much, keep a homey, homey get hungry You want to say those two words for the camera? Yes sir War damn Eagle baby! I said two words I can’t be cussin’ out here, my momma might see this Just wrapped up the tailgate down here in Auburn and I was worried for a minute, but they actually liked me, okay? The tailgate was great, the food was great, the people were great And I’m expecting a great game We’re gonna get inside there If you want to know where we’ll be at next week and the rest of the season, follow me @FunnyMaine on social media This was Fan About Town (mellow music)

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