we are going from Bogota to Santa Marta on the motorbike we’ll make some stops between and we will take you with us shaky need a yoga mats good for bash out there or we should put it like it why just I will have a problem to get in on the bike but when I’m sitting I’ve seen protection we are ready to go dan is wearing the shoes maybe you don’t see because it’s super dark there but yeah it’s super light guys let me show you it’s almost 3 p.m. and we woke up around 8:30 we started to pack but we are not familiar with this equipment how to put it on this bike so it took us a lot of time yeah it’s late we will be probably in the evening in the night in villa de leyva now we are going for a lunch so the view of Cisco reserva is beautiful and Cisco River Bridge is a popular stop for drivers but we decided to keep going we’re on our way and I’m freezing it’s super cold it’s super windy when we are driving something it’s good just a little bit waiting but that’s how how far away are we from Vita the labor I did in one hour we go but we take and like a little bit the wrong way so we need to go back and we lost maybe ID 15 minutes of our way at least it’s ok part of the of the journey guys we thought we were on the wrong way but the truth is we just wanted to avoid traveling a bigger city like Pune ha this is why we turn and we choose away from summer camp if we would choose to go fruit on her probably we would have most of the time highway and we would be faster at our destination instead the road becomes small curved in Montana’s very difficult to drive we just arrived to be a laborer I think we spend is 6:30 we laugh at 333 hours we spend that was 160 something kilometers so three hours was good just on road was a little bit as small when we arrived but the rest was very easy it was really nice and the roads were good no big troubles we’re in the main plaza guys having breakfast here a really normal breakfast orange juice chocolate scrambled eggs here in bji labor is a really nice city is very beautiful it’s a small and it’s kind of traditional city yesterday now we find our plane we check up a few places but we find this because it was close to the main area and the price was good like around 60,000 but there is other places around seventy to eighty hundred thousand for single room but we have this for sixty thousand that don’t have a bathroom

inside is we have sure bathrooms they also include the breakfast so I think that is a good price you want to be like another room maybe 20,000 25,000 will be the aberrations I gonna keep eating I’m hungry I entire was alone arrived yesterday me too I need to it we spend just few hours in which a saliva already we could notice that it’s a small but very touristic town we’ve met her a couple from France who also traveled on the bike around Colombia they help us make some cute photos it’s again 3 p.m. around maybe a bit later and we our stay very short stay in vigil ava has finished now we will head we will go to the retiree Jericho palace but chairman difficulties to pronounce this leg and traveling but barichara ok we will see how long it will take for us we knew that the white body Sarah won’t be a highway but we didn’t expect and it wasn’t just one stop there were many of them and on top of that every few kilometers the road was broken just like the video is showing this is why it was impossible to speed up we had to drive very slow [Applause] this is gonna take more than we expected they wrote this totally broken in so fired some part that good only first horrible I got pretty beautiful and their views and everything I prefer this one than the yesterday Circle I have still two and a half hour to cook but each other how’s the road it’s not that easy but still and there is a lot of cars like highway but it’s not like a big highway European or big one so it’s only one go there other direction there so it’s only one way you need to and a lot of Tours if we are all the first engine on so we need to go out the Monaco down of the mountain out the mountain sometimes we see a river all this so like you cannot go very fast so it’s why sooner or later it’s raining guys it was right very slowly yes because it’s slippery for the way wait for the night stand here take a little stories hey guys it’s what time is it like 9 p.m. right now bye

we actually arrived at kind of a and we are already in body Chara I have already forgot name so we are in a really nice hotel it looks amazing I will show you tomorrow how it looks exactly dark and it’s called Hotel boutique event today see ok now we are going to eat we are very tired and hungry and but this place is so beautiful it’s amazing tomorrow see you later Hotel boutique banter is a place where you can relax in a nice and calm environment the name of this hotel describes the wind and it’s sound when it enters the house and all I came to meet you tensions are good why are you in this hood something bad me to feel astray there is more in your heart then I saw from the start maybe I feel like maybe you little wings on my back deep inside my mind with me we also record as few workouts during the time spent in hotel boutique pantry check them out the links are in the description below we’re happy to make a photo session in a back room with a French farmhouse look you got my heartstrings tangled up things are tried back in there like a truck I can’t get in gotta find another clever thing you show up at my apartment having a great time in the hotel Boutique venturi we also visited body chatter but it sara is a beautiful little town well known by travelers it’s a place where you can relax and slow down you will find here many restaurants adapted for vegetarians and vegans which in Colombia itself it’s a very unusual thing we decide to enter to a restaurant called body and I have this amazing a lentils vegetarian burger a long time I haven’t eat a vegetarian burger so I would try it and buy sure haha but arepa but this area is very traditional you know it’s like normally this is there a pelvis under but here they make all nice it’s like full of vegetables here and avocado my favorite I really like the Daniel’s bulgur lentil smooth finish yeah and I got it for me with my arepa woohoo lentil no meat is just length of this of course no meat I don’t eat me they are actually natural sank here anymore really nice high screams this is how to keep it this is sweet this is chocolate you know coffee it’s strawberry blackberry vanilla egg what now Anna this I don’t know that well maybe not a whole a whole lime coconut and passion fruit and like like red air fruits 5500 with ice cream is so good it’s been so long time very traditional and very if you visit barichara don’t forget to check cited amico jump of the monkey this view will blow your mind and shake your legs [Applause] hey guys it was our venture here in barichara I don’t know where is the next destination but we’re gonna take road to pokhara manga and after day we will see and this is was really nice place

the path we chose wasn’t the easiest to drive there were many trucks also the road was few times under construction we were happy to travel by motorbike we could take over the cars tracks and finish at the beginning of the waiting line ready to go the moment the stop was over as you can see the traffic was extending and extending and there was no end to it in some parts the edge of the road was just a deep slope into the cactus forest it was a bit scary when driving a motorbike but it was an incredible landscape that took our breath away we were getting closer to a beautiful Chickamauga National Park we didn’t enter to the park because we would have to arrive there much earlier and spend the whole day so it could pay but instead we stopped took a few deep breaths looking at the Chickamauga River and surrounding mountains and we kept going after a manga we try to find some Italian food nothing so we bought some banana well I needed to buy a piece of the Sun so he’ll Bucaramanga and we almost a right to airplay June we decide to stop because yesterday we went to bed very late and yeah it’s already I am feeling tired so it’s very to stop and don’t believe that you can drive for 10 hours and after the dark and so many big tractor to get to rest tomorrow morning we the place this is just a place in the middle of the road to stay here sick with a small bed for two people and the necessary guys from here been to Santa Marta directly it’s gonna be a long way but we need to return energy and I think that is gonna be easy the bike it’d be super nice we actually haven’t any big troubles it’s time to try to find some food around here maybe just with a girl right in this place we pay ten dollars thirty thousand Colombia page like tinder yes okay I don’t need to believe that I’m living you can lock me up before town keep sleeping and there are many of them along this road so be careful what are you driving a car or a motorbike it’s easy to overlook them actually was two hours the road is really nice like it’s almost two lines so it’s so nice you can go very fast we were like 120 and relaxed there was almost no car so you have salad is just like tomato onion but it’s very tasty and show that will never forget your baby there’s no shame so much weed you need to fight with the wind there is not many cars and so on big trucks but they won’t kill you you sometimes you need to put power there to this I am fight we do it but we are in five liters by hours to Santa Marta still a long way so many look at selling different fruits along the road

I think we are in the wrong place it transfers too close to us super warm even when we dig you to be my friend my fame for weeks what the endless and it’s around three hours from Santa Marta tiring very warm and so many tracks and the wind is super hard in some places but the road is just straight and I decide to put the jacket but a great thing about driving a motorbike around Colombia is that you don’t need to pay for highways and you save quite a bit of money we made a place gonna stay with my cousin we have happily reached our destination Santa Marta but the adventure haven’t finished what are in next videos minute rattling in Santa Marta and the travel to national tyrona Park during this journey we have recorded workouts and training videos go and train with us all the links are in the description below now let’s make a short summary of our expenses during that Bogota to Santa Marta trip the gasoline for the whole journey from Bogota to Santa Marta was around 46 dollars apart from that as I said before we didn’t have to pay for the highways we saved a lot of money for that the food we spend for the seven days 105 dollars and sometimes we had breakfast for free because it was included in the accommodation or the accommodation we spent for just two nights $28 free nights we had for free in barichara if you don’t have your motorbike you have to rent it we were lucky to rent it from our friend just for $35 a day in Colombia to be honest there are not many good places to rent this kind of big bikes they are very expensive around $75 and more add a plus you need to pay for additional equipment so together it’s very expensive we also heard from the other travelers that they rented a very small bike for around 20 dollars a day but I believe it wouldn’t match our long travel we spent around 22 hours on the motorbike that time includes stops for foot just driving it would be less than that and we drove 1110 kilometres through Colombia from Bogota to Santa Marta it was our first this kind of adventure on the big motorbike and it definitely woke up our dragon spirits remember keep your warrior and dragon spirits awake see you in the next video woman makes for a high-strung man

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