we are saturday we have to take the plane tomorrow and now i’m going to pick up my mom so uh crazy today it’s a busy day let me show you so now we are going to pick up my mom like this is mission service mission every time when we have a trip with my mom come on we gotta we gotta do some crazy stuff man right on left right and left oh hello guys so we are actually the day of the trip retrieved my birth and this is the first time my dad is he forgot something but even if he didn’t forget something that’s crazy i’m just just waiting to see how never make it this far undeniable we see the promise left from above hello guys i hope you guys turn well actually we are here we just arrived we just arrived there’s so many well not many people in this room but it’s actually compressed it’s small it seems like the oil room let me show you a little bit i’m here with mr solomon with my mom and my dad and hopefully this is going to be a good trip because you guys know as if you watched my last videos I hate planes that’s crazy nothing whatever it takes legendary feet already

okay now and so yeah guys my bad there’s so many people telling me how himself i hope this is the car well this is the car man i remember this so yeah i like the way you dress i like the way you go down and i don’t know what’s going on right now yes so every day she calling me my brain do it do it again foreign

this come in the vlog we can maybe yes i don’t know if you can see all right so now oh because it’s my first time you know east africa is very very nice the weather is nice the neighborhood is nice the city is nice it’s clean we’re clean and here man this is funny you know what so the mom is the little one and this is actually her son hey stop bro stop eating your mom this is funny man okay okay they’re getting the vlog and the dogs are fine yes so here we go guys you’re actually we home actually home right now well there’s so many people right there as you can see there’s many people right now yeah this is our home and east and this is the second part of the whole house so well this is my room but i hope it’s gonna be my roommate so now i’m actually exhausted and my shoes were actually very tight

so this was my the twins room yeah i guess i’m gonna show you around if i have some time but right now i gotta do something else this is you later every single place right now are actually getting serious right now i feel great and hopefully my new vlog well this is youtube though well the next we’re gonna be gonna come soon should we restaurants and stuff i can show you my guy hey guys and this is actually the well the servant i told you there are women when we’re young and stuff that’s sonia do you want to introduce yourself in there you want to say something i know you speak english she does but she don’t want to well she don’t want to talk let me show you my guys when i used to drive bikes no bikes the last part of this vlog this is the the first wrong thing around just showing you a quick view this is there it’s a good and well i’m gonna cut this and show you what i’m gonna be upstairs because i can’t actually show everything because yeah this is how you go all these things upstairs we have another another one here playing there video games in my bedroom because i can play anytime but this is actually the room and upstairs you can see actually and there’s a bathroom outside

because i i really really work this okay do you want a quick review of my room yep and this is not holly and outside i like this room because i can see everybody who’s coming so if there is a guest i know who’s inside you can see everything you can see the house back there when my grandma used to leave this was a really really long day and guys i hope you like this video um thank you again and see you very very soon please like and subscribe if you like it if you don’t like it my

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