good evening from the Gregory family theater in Manassas Virginia I’m Greta i’m martha maccallum and we’re on the eve of the biggest moment of the entire 2020 campaign so far you’ve got 14 states going to the polls tomorrow for Super Tuesday just over a third of all pledged delegates are on the line tomorrow our guest tonight is looking to shake up the Democratic race in a big way since announcing his candidacy in November Mike Bloomberg has spent more than five hundred million dollars of his own money bypassing the early voting States to instead focus on tomorrow’s huge bonanza of states flooding Super Tuesday states with ads and volunteers now we are about to learn if that unique strategy will pay off ladies and gentlemen please welcome the former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg thank you everybody thank you an enthusiastic crowd here well probably all friends my relatives our first question tonight comes from Olivia who actually likes the president also has considered mayor Pete who obviously is now out of the race Olivia hello mr. Bloomberg now that Pete Budaj and Amy Klobuchar are out of the race and both have endorsed Joe Biden what sets you apart from Biden that will convince someone like me or any voter for that matter that would have voted for Klobuchar or Amy or Pete that you have what it takes to beat Donald Trump well I think that the president’s job is a management job that you have four million employees you have 330 million people that you have to worry about we are the leader of the free world and so we have an awful lot of things to do elsewhere as well and that if you’re a legislator you know how to pass legislation but you don’t know how to run anything and I have been in training I guess for the job since January 1st 2002 when I took over as mayor in New York City I was mayor for 12 years I didn’t have 4 million employees to supervise but I had 300,000 and I didn’t have 330 million but I did have 8.4 million people to worry about and all of the things that I did are things that you would probably need on a national stage and legislators just don’t have those skills they have they do something else which I don’t do I don’t know how to pass legislation they know how to do that but I’ve always thought we need a manager for the president’s job the governor’s job the mayor’s job in the same ways you need somebody that to run your school doesn’t mean the teacher but you do need a manager there your hospital doesn’t have to be a doctor but somebody’s got to run the hospital so my skills are what I think is necessary for this job and also not to make light of it but I think I know how to campaign against Donald Trump and that I would be able to attract moderate Republicans who like some of trumps policies but don’t necessarily like him and if you’re gonna have a government and pull it together you have to have both the left and the right in the middle you have to draw what partially because you want all the good ideas but partially because I think you get saw in the last election the country is basically divided and you have to get reach out across the other side if you go into the Senate office building and you look at the dining room the Republicans and the Democrats don’t even have lunch together and we need to have people work together and we need to share ideas and we need enough votes to pass legislation but mr mayor let me ask you because you know you have said that beating president Trump is your number one priority but after that you said you do not want Bernie Sanders to be the Democrat nominee and both Klobuchar and Budaj got kudos today from the party they said you know what good for you you’re loyal you’re stepping aside and endorsing Joe Biden should you do the same thing well look they I haven’t even faced the voters once at a national level so tomorrow will be the first day they have been in a number of elections they competed in the four small states which I chose not to because by the time I

went in it was just too late to do that I do not think that Bernie Sanders has the right ideas for this country I don’t think that he can beat Donald Trump because I don’t think the country wants revolutionary change I think the country wants evolutionary change and Sanders is a very revolutionary council but what is your path mr. mayor what how do you do it which states tomorrow do you win you well keep in mind you don’t have to win States you have to win delegates and you can if you came in second in every state you would probably be you’d have a might even have a plurality probably not a majority the most likely scenario for the Democratic Party is that nobody has a majority and then it goes to a convention where there’s horse trading and everyone decides to compromise on doesn’t even have to be one of the two leading candidates it could be somebody that had only a small number do you know the Sanders people would say they’re trying to steal it the president tweets that out every day that they it’s a question it look if the rules say that you can swap votes or make deals then you can swap votes and make deals and if you don’t like those rules don’t play if your path looked like it wasn’t you bet you’re a big data guy if it looked like it wasn’t gonna work would you support Joe Biden well I’ll have to see at the time I’m in it to win it and you got to go into these thinking you can win you got to go in with with that mindset after all you’re asking people to support you you’re asking people to work for you and campaign for you we have people all over the country making phone calls on ringing doorbells and I think you owe it to them to really give it a hundred percent and then you see what happens one of the big issues right now is coronavirus and we have a question from the audience from Heather on that issue hi Heather hi welcome Mayor Bloomberg my question for you is how would you respond to the current coronavirus if you were president right now well first start we wouldn’t be in this situation what’s happened in the in this administration is 1,600 scientists have left the government in the last two years we need those people the president tried to defund defund Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health those are the people that we depend on for the science and the medicine they have not had to the best of my knowledge the kind of planning that you have to do you have to have a communication strategy if there’s a disaster and it doesn’t have to be something like the corona virus it could be an explosion it could be man-made things that’s just a whole bunch of things that you have to prepare for the swine flu and things like that what you should do is you should plan okay who’s going to do the communications who’s going to coordinate and get data from every state so we know what’s really going on who’s going to make sure that the all the hospitals have plans to get people out in the case of an emergency because it could be an emergency we had to have a key wait a small area and it sounds easy to do but then there are people in hospital beds that need their ventilators and other equipment there are seniors who are in homes and not very mobile it’s having those kinds of plans of knowing what to do and that’s what I would have done it and I just tell you we did that in New York City all the time and we practice what would happen if so we haven’t done that yeah second thing is what the president did this time is he appointed Mike Pence who I’ve shaken hands with once seems like a nice guy I have nothing bad to say about him but he did say that smoking doesn’t cause cancer and the president has been involved in trying to influence the reporting of what’s going on how many people have caught it how many people have died I don’t think you want to go to a doctor and ask the doctors political persuasion you might want to ask are they board certified and where they went to medical school and things like that so it’s that and incidently nobody knows what this virus is going to do it does seem to be spreading and once you get one case it does seem to get you more is it going to overtake the whole world some of these things could just all of a sudden die out and nobody knows why having a vaccine if we were to create one how do you administer a vaccine to people all over the world you couldn’t produce it you couldn’t distribute it and you couldn’t administer it very easily so there’s an awful lot of unknowns but the real thing that leaves me uncomfortable is we haven’t done the planning and don’t have the right people in place I think the president from what I saw on your program yet earlier is starting to lean more heavily on sunnahs for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health and that’s the right direction I hope he goes in that direction well to your point it was a proposal to cut funding it never got cut or AG that it was increased for NIH on the economic side the the Trump administration has talked about considering tax cuts or

some sort of stimulus and has also talked about the federal reserve and possible action the president’s talked about that what what about you you’ve called about rolling back the Trump tax cuts even in this crisis at this time for this crisis no but having said that what assume you lower interest rates and I’m gonna say okay frets lowered interest rates maybe I’ll take my kids to Disneyworld I don’t think so a lot of the stuff people it’s not the economics it’s the people that are afraid to go out go to Chinese restaurants all across the country here in America where there’s no reason to think whatsoever that you’re gonna catch a flu but people aren’t patronizing them and I thought to myself tonight I’m gonna go to a Chinese restaurant actually turns out I can’t but I will do it tomorrow night just to show the flag and to help them people have stopped flying they’ve stopped going out they don’t go to the stores anymore so we have that the economics are totally separate thing and the stock market went up today not because we’re curing the coronavirus or it’s spreading less rapidly the stock market went up 5% today because it had already gone down 10 or 15 percent whatever the number was and it looks like the central banks of the world are going to accommodate more what they cut the discount rate or pump more into the so you wouldn’t roll back the Trump tax cuts in the middle of today no of course yeah let’s get to our next question Andy Andy has a question yes sir mr. Boehner there’s a perception you’re buying the election how are you going to convince people that you’re going to be able to govern to the will of the people versus you’re imposing your own views well I ran for three three times from Mayor in New York City one all three times i financed the campaign totally myself I’ve been a very lucky guy I started out my father made six thousand dollars the best year of his life I worked myself through college I worked myself through graduate school I’ve worked for everything I have and I’ve been very lucky and so I can afford to finance my campaign myself and then I can look you in the eye and say nobody can buy me that I have no conflicts of interest nobody’s going to accuse me of having done something to get money to come in to me and in fact I’ve said I will sell my business put it in blind trust and sell it right away if and when I get elected president because I don’t want that kind of conflict as well but I understand I think people if you talked to New York City residents most of them maybe very close to a lot of them there’ll be a nice ways to phrase it would say there were 12 of the best years in New York City ever had that I was scrupulously honest that I really understood people that I reached out to people all around the city we had we did more I think for people who have different kinds of needs than any previous or administration that New York City has had programs for those who are less fortunate programs that those that have special needs programs that want to come to New York and enjoy culture and education and I was very popular in all the kinds of neighborhoods where you would think well maybe a billionaire wouldn’t understand but the bottom line is you know I’m just yeah even though I’ve made a lot of money I understand people I like people and I’ve worked very hard for those 12 years and I’ve done things after that in my foundation let’s talk about an area that has been a little bit difficult for you which is the stop and frisk policy daniel has a question that he wants to ask about that and I believe Daniel where are you you’re a trump supporter is that correct sir I am my name is Daniel Rivera I’m a retired service disabled veteran I was born and raised in Puerto Rico your stop-and-frisk heard a lot of minorities in New York a simple apology is not enough if it’s okay to call Donald Trump a racist because of his statements and I’ll give you an example great people on both sides would it be okay to call you a racist because of your actions as they relate to stop and frisk all right look stop and frisk is a technique for those who don’t know that police in all major cities use New York City’s used it for ever still uses it stop and frisk is when you at a crime scene there are people there and you think some of them might be carrying guns the police want to Pat you down and make sure you don’t have a gun remember cops want to go home at night too and crime scenes are dangerous so they really worry about this what happened is we were doing it for a long time the murder rate went from 650 murders a year down to 330 when we left which is so low there’s no other city that I know of that is as low as that so you know big city and what happened was about the third term it started to get out of hand and maybe I wasn’t paying attention but the number of stop and frisks went up dramatically and when I realized that I cut 95% of them out and I apologized for

it it was a mistake you know everybody makes mistakes I made mine I apologized for it but the intent was to stop the murders of young men and women who are carrying guns or have friends what carrying guns or neighbors were carrying guns were just strangers in the neighborhood carrying guns and there was nothing we didn’t pick on any particular ethnicity the cops always went to the high crime neighborhoods and particularly when a crime was reported that’s what police do and if they you see them on the side of the road they will stop somebody in a car and they ask him if they ask them to get out they always ask them to put the hands up that’s the way police do it I think I made a mistake I apologize for it but the mistake was we just did too many of them and people say oh well by the time you were doing all this they weren’t they weren’t getting any guns but the whole idea is to keep people from carrying guns so whether you could have done it in other ways I just don’t know this is not like a science experiment you can do it twice all I can tell you is we did it I apologize for it because we did too much of it but everybody can every big police department will continue to do this because you just have to make sure there’s no gun some in that african-american community felt that it was disproportionately amber thankfully and this weekend you were at Selma with all of the other Democrat candidates and there was a moment in the AME Baptist Church where about 10 not the whole church about 10 people stood up and they turned their backs to you and I’m just curious given the efforts that you have made how did you feel personally when that happened I give an enormous number of speeches not just when I’m campaigning but I’ve done it for a lot of years and you have protests not all the time but number of times there was a guy the other day outside across the street holding a sign guns and he had an ak-47 over his shoulder I did not go across the street to shake his hand what I thought about it actually but there was six people and the minister was on television today saying he had no idea who they were they weren’t from his congregation for all I know they was sent by some other candidates teams so come on so it didn’t bother you personally you know would you prefer normally and I wouldn’t do in a church cuz there’s no reason to have humor in a church but if it was at a campaign thing I would say when you were there and yelling at me and say thanks for making me feel at home and everybody laughs and it goes away if if you’re gonna worry about every time somebody protests and you press protests you you shouldn’t be in this business our next question comes from James McBride he is on the fence Maher between you and Vice President Biden he is a question about I have a soul I can tell you what to do there yeah Thank You Mayor Bloomberg Amazon is our new neighbor and they will create thousands of jobs here but will kill thousands more on Main streets all across the country would you consider a value-added tax so we can make sure Amazon is at least paying their fair share in federal taxes and would you use that money to give all of us more money in our pockets so we can afford to live in this changing economy well I think the economy is changing dramatically I amaz ons reported paying low taxes I don’t know why that is it may be that they just make big investments and they get some tax credits for that but regardless Amazon should be paying their taxes first step okay and if they’re not we should find out why second thing is what’s happening and I can only talk about in New York but in New York City awful lot of the streets have one or two empty stores in every single block and you can blame Amazon but what I think it is is it’s real real where people resell their own clothing and it is Rent the Runway I can just tell you in my company all the young women they don’t sell men’s clothing it’s only women’s clothing they pay eighty five bucks a month they get five outfits they wear them all week they don’t all the month they don’t bother to clean them and they mail them back that’s what’s hurting the retail business Amazon is part of it but not the only thing it’s all these other new ways of distributing information we’re doing different things young people don’t buy clothing with monograms on them as anyways near as much as they used to so it’s changing taste it’s changing technology it is Amazon and I think we should raise taxes on the wealthy because we need that money for infrastructure which you and I will all of us will benefit from we need it for better education one of the things I did in New York City is I raised teaches salaries by 43 percent and over 12 years and graduation rates went way up and the gap between the good school the wealthy

neighborhoods and the poor neighborhoods in terms of education got cut dramatically so you need more money if you’re gonna do these things and the place you get the money is from taxing people like me what about taxing Amazon to his question yeah I’m not I’m not opposed to taxing Amazon Amazon should pay their taxes like everybody else I said I’ve read where they seem to have a low tax rate and I don’t know why I can only tell you like in my company we don’t have any tax gimmicks or anything I give as much money as I can to charity and then I pay full taxes on everything else mayor looking back at your time as mayor of New York a lot of your policies did sound conservative take a listen to some we passed a health care bill that does absolutely nothing to fix the big health care problems in this country it is just a disgrace we can’t let politics drop public safety and for the next 320 days at least we won’t did I for example am not in favor I’ve never been in favor of raising the minimum wage job so what do you say to Democrat voters and opponents like Joe Biden who say that was edited incidentally because the second half of that statement I don’t like wanted to didn’t want to raise the minimum wage although I did in New York City to $15 it is because I think the Earned Income Tax Credit is a much better ways to do it because it cents companies to hire more workers since the federal government’s paying part of it whereas if you do it through the max suit through the minimum wage they have a tendency to cut back employment in our country we need more job fair enough there is a perception that from some Democrat voters and opponents like Joe Biden who say you’re not really a Democrat and why should you be the person to lead the Democratic Party well I am a registered Democrat and last time I checked you could change parties I was a Democrat in Massachusetts there are no Republicans and Massachusetts although we tend every publican governors and some good ones I came to New York City there are no Republicans and I was a Democrat for a long time when I wanted to run família the Democrats wouldn’t let me on their ballot but the Republicans said we don’t have a candidate would you like to run and I said sure why not and I won twice as a Republican and once it’s an independent but I think that real quick answer to your question is I am for what the Democrats would want in terms of tax policy and climate focus and focusing on background checks and guns and a lot of these things I am in sync with the kind of policies that most of the Democrats would want and number two I have helped the Democratic Party a lot in terms of funding I funded the races in Virginia where there was a background check issue for guns which is one of my real issues and it began when from red to blue I funded 24 house contests the last time in 2018 21 of them won and that flipped the house from red to blue and put Pelosi in charge so my credentials if you will for being a Democrat or certainly is good I’ve probably done a lot more for the Democratic Party than any other candidate forget about what the name is thank you ma’am so many more questions to come we’re gonna talk about foreign policy and health care and gun control so stay with us we’ll be right back with Mayor Bloomberg mayor bloomberg [Applause]

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