All right so it looks like we’re ready to answer some questions. Here one of the first questions is come in is- What are the chances of losing our Second Amendment rights if you elect me. The chances are absolutely zero. The reason why is because I come from a hunting and fishing family. Growing up my dad was an oilfield worker and my mom was a school field, oh sorry, a school secretary and as such we had a gap in our income. My dad enjoyed hunting and Wyoming, where I spent my childhood, it was actually fairly easy and cheap to hunt, so many of our our supplemental meats came from my dad hunting . I grew up around guns we still have many, my husband and I still own guns. We are a hunting and fishing family still. What I believe in is that as gun owners we should be safe with those guns and responsible Like I said I grew up around guns we were taught, I was taught from a very early age of how to actually interact and behave around guns and I did hunter safety course, which basically taught us proper handling safety. How the safety features of a gun worked, actually tested our proficiency there and I really believe that all responsible gun owners believe that other gun owners should have that same respect and responsibility for their guns. That’s what I think. I don’t think we should be taking any one guns, anyone’s guns away. I just think that we should be more responsible with them. Is that going to affect the amount of shootings that we see in our schools or shootings that we see because of domestic violence or suicide rates? Well when you have responsible gun owners having these guns and they store them safely and they know how to operate them properly there’s less chance that they’ll end up in the hands of somebody who shouldn’t have them and that would greatly affect our suicide rate and some of our shootings that have occurred in high schools. It would have prevented those as well because they wouldn’t have been able to get the the weapons that were actually used. We also have, we have another societal problem we have to address and that’s gonna be mental illness and basically how people view each other and that comes down to addressing this in the schools with having more school counselors and having mental health professionals available. That also kind of comes back to our health care system Right so another question that’s been asked, sorry I had to kind of toggle back and forth, right so one of the questions was -How can you protect your children that are actually attending school? Hopefully most of the schools at this point have gone to online schooling or taking the kids out of school because we do need to do that. Social distancing and the reason why social distancing is important is not because we’re actually going to stop with this pandemic it is that we’re going to make it where we can treat those people who are actually affected. The other day I did a video that talked about the fact that we only have 362 ICU beds in Tarrant County And I think many of you have heard that children aren’t as susceptible to the more serious forms of this disease. Okay so what we need to do is stop those who are vulnerable those who have underlying conditions from getting the disease and all ending up in the ICU at one time. So protecting our children comes down to just educating them, we don’t want to panic, there’s no reason to panic our children, what we need to do is be teaching them the same things that they should have been all learning all along and that’s washing your hands. Washing your hands before you eat, trying to avoid touching your face constantly, which is a little bit tough for small children, and basically not touching a lot of surfaces and if you do touch the surfaces cleaning your hands Then right now we need to practice that social distancing so trying not to be right up against each other. So hopefully schools are going to help implement this if they go back or if they haven’t cancelled yet. So as a parent you can just educate your children on that proper hand-washing and procedures and something they should have been learning all along .Okay so one of the other questions that have been asked is -We already have a woman as our Congress person okay so what would make me better in that position as being a woman. In that field and the way I see it is that I’ve actually had a lot of mentors in my time, some women some men and sometimes actually some of the biggest blockades to my education or my career have been other women and that is because they basically start developing this mentality that it’s a man’s world

and to survive in it you have to function as a man. They’ve basically changed their belief systems over to more male oriented. they think that we should just be shifting and women who want to be successful should behave as men do in the workplace and in the education world and basically that means working those 60 hour weeks and leaving your kids at home with nannies and babysitters and that might not be exactly what we want to do as women It also means that as women sometimes we shun women who are staying at home with their kids and that’s not what we need to be doing either. As women we need to be supporting women and whatever choices women make whether that’s staying at home with kids, having no kids or having six kids and working. We just need to make sure we’re supporting them. I think basically our current representative has adopted that mentality of “it’s a man’s world” and that is how she’s gotten by , basically playing by male rules and we don’t need male rules anymore, we need rules that work for everyone. So let’s see I think Thomas addressed one of the other questions, was- How has this district changed that our opponent hasn’t noticed ? I do think that has to do with the number of jobs and what people are actually doing in our district .She spends a lot of time about the military industry and it is it’s still an important aspect of our district and we plan on supporting that, I plan on supporting that, but we also have to realize that we now have a huge epicenter of medical care. We have a huge number of medical providers in our area and that’s not just our hospital workers and our nurses, doctors, primary care physicians, our surgery centers, but it’s also pharmaceutical industry. We have some pharmaceutical industry located here. We have some research labs located in Texas 12. So we have that huge epicenter going on. We’re also very diverse, there’s a lot of construction going on in Texas 12. Texas 12 incorporates Parker County and part of Wise County and the west side of Tarrant and all of those areas are growing to a great extent and so there’s a large amount of construction and house building going on in those areas and so we have all of those workers coming in as well. We’re very diversified economically which is a great thing to have within our district but we need to recognize that, we need to recognize that we aren’t just a military centered district, we are now a very diverse center that embraces our medical professions. We have a huge cultural district, we have a large number, we have a large tourist industry and we have a large construction industry so we need to make sure that we’re recognizing all that and recognizing that we are a diverse population now and not just Lockheed Martin , while the Lockheed Martin plays a very important role in our district Another question is -What can we do for our health care workers during this time of the pandemic? The health care workers are going to be under a severe amount of stress and a lot of it has to do with our nurses, our respiratory therapists, and even the custodial staff within the hospital. A lot of those people are providing their own scrubs and so you may have seen some posts about nurses kind of stripping down at the door. So one of the things that we can do locally is help support them with their laundry service. They don’t get to change scrubs at the hospital like physicians do, physicians have an actual exchange program for their scrubs in the hospital and they don’t have to launder those at home, whereas all of your other health care providers within those settings are actually having to bring those scrubs home and it would be nice if we could set some kind of laundry service for those for those people. Another thing we can help with is meals. I’m sure they’re coming home exhausted and tired and not really thinking about what kind of meals the are going to have. So setting up some kind of meal service and then possibly being able to go through and drive and pick up meals would be very helpful. Anything that we can do to alleviate stress. I’m sure they’re also having a hard time with childcare since their kids are home from school while they’re working at the hospital and so if you’re a healthy individual and you can keep your house in a condition where you have less than 10 in there and follow our CDC guidelines I would suggest offering to help out with that child care. OK, question just came in about whether I believe that we should have a medicare-for-all a single-payer system and I do believe

that all Americans should have health care. I do think that eventually we will end up with some kind of system where we have Medicare for all or some kind of single-payer system but I do believe this is going to be a stepwise approach One of the reasons is many people actually do have great health insurance Now when people say you should be able to keep the health insurance you love, I honestly think that most people are not really in love with their health insurance They have co-pays and deductibles and what’s their insurance premium is is actually quite high but there are people who have these kind of really top of the line insurances that are really great and they want to keep those. As Americans we like to have choice and there’s a lot of countries that have ended up with systems that have allowed choice for their individuals while you’re required to have health insurance and you can actually transport that health insurance with you . You do have choices right now I believe England is the only system where they have a single-payer system within the European and Canadian systems A lot of them have some kind of other mixed system where there’s private insurance as well as government insurance and public options. So I think we’re gonna start there and as we develop a really good health insurance system where Medicare becomes a great thing for all then more and more people will actually choose that option and we will migrate there without any kind of force or pushing people to go that direction. One of the reasons it’s important for everyone to have health care is it actually helps diversify our economy. My husband owns a small business and I have literally worked some very strange odd jobs so that my family will have insurance I am the insurance provider so that said there’s a lot of times where I’ve made choices as far as jobs, where I’ve made choices not to basically work from home because I needed, that we needed to have health insurance. As a small business it was very difficult for him to have insurance or to provide insurance for employees. Basically if you have a large corporation that’s capable of offering health care then small businesses suffer because they can’t compete with those businesses. Also a lot of people are very afraid of starting a business because that means going without their health insurance to start that business and become an entrepreneur This frees up our society to do so many more things and to follow their dreams and fulfill and follow their their crafts and their talents .It actually would help our society and build a bigger, better diverse economy if we would offer this health insurance for everyone. Let’s look at some more questions- With the pandemic or the they’re asking the question was basically if the government can classify COVID19 as a pandemic how can they not be making testing mandatory or free, its life or death after all. iI is life or death and it’s not really funny. We have in the past actually made things free, when the polio vaccination became available it was free, when the small pox, vaccination became available it was free. It was seen as a public good iI was actually seen as saving US taxpayer money because we would offer these vaccinations and people wouldn’t get sick. Obviously when a COVID 19 vaccination comes out we need to do a broad vaccination and we need to allow it to be free . As far as testing ,one of the problems that we’re having with testing is the lack of test tests that are available and having people tested even though they have mild symptoms. iI is important and the reason it’s important to maintain the spread of the virus .If a person knows they have the virus then they’re more likely to self quarantine than if they think they have just a mild fever or cough. The other thing that testing does for us is it allows us to know who’s had the virus and who’s actually survived and gotten through the whole virus so they’re actually immune This would help us in figuring out basically putting teachers back to work and putting kids back in the classroom When you have a certain percent of your population that’s now immune it’s safe to go back to doing those things. Also we know that the plasma of individuals who survive this disease and have fought it off have immunoglobulins that can help others survive this disease. So having that testing available does a lot more for us than not testing and so it would help us basically contain the disease, it

would help us get us back to a normal environment faster, and would help us treat those who are very ill if we knew people, if we had that testing available, and knew who had had actually contracted and had the disease. So I do believe it should be free. I think woudl actually be a benefit and a cost savings to our taxpayers and a life saver if we would offer those free tests. Okay, the next question is -Should health care go back to a not-for-profit model? Yes, absolutely, immediately is the answer to that. The reason why that should be nonprofit is no one should profit off your health and literally they’re profiting off your life. If you’re healthy they’re profiting off the insurance that they’re selling you, if you’re sick they’re profittingoff the fact that you’re sick. People shouldn’t be making money on your life situation or your health situation Nonprofit doesn’t mean that you’re not actually incentivizing people, people can still be paid very well to research, to develop drugs. It just means that you’re not taking all that, your underlying drive isn’t to have a profit that you can pass on to shareholders. It means you’re going to take that money and you’re going reinvest into your company, reinvest in research, reinvest in new surgical procedures, reinvest in your hospitals if you’re making money off that. Going to a non profit model basically improves your healthcare and it stops this price gouging that we’re seeing particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. I believe I was asked to redress whether you’re going to lose your second Amendment rights if you elect me to Congress and the answer to that again is no you will not Okay so I’ll just go through the whole answer again. I grew up in a family that basically stretched the ends to meet and one of the ways that we got there was my dad was a hunter. Basically almost every every meet we had on our table, I literally can tell you that we probably had chicken or some kind of beef on our table maybe once a week, the rest of it was deer or elk or antelope or some type of fish. So I grew up in a hunting and fishing family, my husband is still a very avid sportsman and likes to hunt. We do own guns. I think that basically what needs to happen is by growing up around guns I was basically taught to be very responsible around guns I took a hunter safety class in high school that basically taught us proper handling safety, safety around weapons, we were actually tested on these things. We were tested on our accuracy I really think that any responsible gun owner will tell you that they would expect other gun owners to have the same respect for their weapons. It’s just not even logical to me to allow a person who knows absolutely nothing about a gun to walk into a gun store and purchase it and walk out. We should have some kind of belief system that they’re going to be responsible with those guns. Responsible gun ownership, what that does for you is knowing that guns are stored safely they’re stored in a place that people don’t have easy access to, that children don’t have access to access to, and what that prevents is some of the suicides were seeing amongst our teenagers because they got into their parents gun cabinet . I would prevent some of the accidents that we see happening, some of the mass shootings that we’ve seen in high schools were actually high school aged individuals who got weapons from their parents. So it would stop some of those things Obviously it doesn’t stop all of our gun violence and there are the issues and things that we need to address Okay, so the next question is -I’m new to North Texas. What are issues you wish to challenge Kay Granger on? Really the main thing I have to challenger her on is to have a town-hall meeting Meet with your constituents. We’re representing you, that’s our job. How can we represent you if we’re not meeting with you and finding out what it is that you’re concerned about, what you think we should be talking about in Washington? We’re supposed to represent you and to do that we have to communicate open and honestly with the constituents and

that’s probably one of my biggest problems with Kay Granger. The second problem is that she’s moved to a pro-life stance, a completely pro-life without any exceptions pro-life stance We cannot walk in another woman’s shoes, we don’t know what circumstances led her to make choices for abortion. I would say literally there isn’t anyone on earth that wants to see more abortions occur. What we want to see is for women to be able to make choices for their own bodies and to be responsible for their reproduction. tTe only thing that has ever worked in reducing the abortion rate has been comprehensive sex education and offering free, accessible, reliable birth control. Those are the only things that have only ever been shown to reduce the abortion rate. Having abortions being illegal just drives people, it makes the wealthy actually fly to a state they can have them, it doesn’t limit their access at all, and for people who can’t have that option it drives them to unsafe non-medical procedures for abortions. So I really have a problem with the pro-life stance that she has as well Okay -What will I do to ensure broadband internet for all and allow rural communities to have affordable internet and not be held hostage by the satellite companies? Oh this is a perfect question for me because I really, I live in a rural area out in Wise County and Internet is absolutely ridiculous out here. I have a 20 foot pole on the top of my house for us to have Internet and we put that pole up there because I literally could not function as a college professor without internet. I couldn’t communicate with my students. I couldn’t put lectures up in a timely fashion .I couldn’t do grades from home and so it was really affecting my life because I taught out in this rural area I also realized that many of my students didn’t have that access to internet either and it was very unpredictable which was basically making their education very difficult for them because they couldn’t access all the resources that are available online They couldn’t do their homework online and they were having great difficulty with that. I don’t think everybody realizes that the lack of internet impacts our life in so many ways. The ways that it impacts it is getting a job How do you get a job today? A lot of places don’t even take a paper application you have to apply online That requires you not only have internet access but that you have access to a computer and yes our public libraries do a fine job of that but not everybody can access that library in a timely fashion that they need to. Our school systems have become to rely much more on the internet system. There’s great access out there to so many resources that our children need and it basically makes their learning easier. iI makes it easier for their parents to help them at home with their homework. Okay and then when we talk about healthcare, telemedicine When we have these rural communities that have hospitals shutting down, that have one doctor, one provider, that needs to have a specialty consultation and we don’t want them having to drive a hundred, 120 miles or whatever, to get that specialty consultation. That could be done through telemedicine. Wo having that broadband access, a lot of insurance companies now allow access to the doctor through the online version. You noticed, if have you watched the White House update today, they’re freeing up a lot of the access there so you can have better access to telecommunication but to have that access you have to have internet. So it is becoming basically essential just like electricity, and running water, that everybody have access to the Internet. Okay- So currently you have to get a passport a child must have both parents present. Both parents aren’t always available to be present .What will you do to help change this law so caregivers, single parents can get children passports? Okay we actually did this because we got the for our children and at the time my husband was working distance so it took quite a bit of manipulation to get us all in one place at one time to get those passports. I understand the reasoning behind it because I’ve also been a foster parent and so and I’ve worked in, and when I worked in Haiti there were some cases with child custody and that kind of thing It can be very concerning that one parent could go get a passport and leave the country with a child. For single parents basically most of the time when this occurs you have a court order and if there’s a court order of a parent who has single custody or primary custody, that really should be all it takes to

get that passport ,so those court documents that are in hand. Also if you have a child with a birth certificate that has no second parent on there obviously there isn’t a second parent to ask to be present so that birth certificate that you have to present anyway should be enough to get that passport. There’s obviously things that we need to start considering as a modern society that we’re going to have to work around and we need to be thinking outside the box and beyond ourselves to come up with these solutions. Would you rally for stricter prosecution of sexual predators? Absolutely! I don’t even know where to go on that one, just absolutely. I’m going to stop there because that that’s just a definite yes. Okay, are you aware of what part of the federal budget the proposed individual and small business stimulus packages will come from? Actually I am not and I’ve seen a lot of discussion on where that’s going to come Basically there’s a lot of discussion of where are we going to pull these, there’s some small business loans or small business incentives, there’s that what we think are gonna come out to individuals and I don’t think there’s been a lot of discussion that I can find on where in the budget that actually comes from. I do know that there is emergency funding that we always hold back and so within our national budget we, and we should naturally assume that there’s always a possibility of a national emergency, that we’re going to have to respond to so we do hold back part of our budget for that purpose and we are now freeing up those funds to be used in this emergency response. Now if all that will be actually pushed towards these small business incentives if it’ll be pushed towards the individual paycheck money that’s supposed to be coming out I’m not actually sure about that. Okay and then, well I’m gonna do two last questions, one was -Do you favor term limits? Definitely Okay because I think one of the things I’m asked quite often is aren’t you worried about going to Washington and becoming part of the machine there and kind of losing your your way. And I think when we first go ,we all go to Washington, I think every person, I would hope every person, who runs, is going for a reason. They feel like they can make a change, that they feel like they can do something for the better, and it becomes such a cumbersome process to continually hold up and do what’s right and push against the norm and the flow and the money, the huge amount of money that comes towards these politicians. iI becomes very difficult to be that person who stands up for 24 years for what’s right. It also becomes difficult to stay in tune with your district as you’re spending more and more time in Washington. To stay in tune with your constituents and what’s going on and the further you move away from normal life and normal careers, the further you get away from what’s going to actually help your constituents So I think term limits are are a definite thing that we need to be moving towards Obviously if you’re very good at your job there are many other things you can do in the government to assist your politicians who get elected after your term is over. Now what I want to say about term limits is that for us to have term limits you have to vote for them first. Before I can vote for them you have to vote for them. We have to vote, we have to vote out the long term incumbents because they’re not going to vote to retire themselves. We’re going to have to retire them. So your vote in November is your vote for term limits. Oh here’s a good question so somebody asked me what I’m doing to kill the time to self quarantine. So while I’m self quarantining I’m actually staying pretty busy because we moved all of my classes online. So I’ve been doing a whole lot of this in front of the camera work for my students, as well putting lectures online, conversing with students trying to get them ready to go online. A lot of them did not anticipate having to take an online class so I’m actually doing a lot of Professor work from home I’m also been trying to stay healthy. I do my elliptical in the morning, walk the dogs in the afternoon. My husband on the other hand works in construction and he’s going a little bit stir-crazy and I don’t know if you can hear it but there’s some hammering and sawing going on in the background because he decided to rip out our carpet and replace it with hardwood floor. So that’s what’s going on at our house during self quarantine. Another question is do I

support the green New Deal. I do support the green New Deal. I think we need to make our environment a priority, I think we need to go through the new Green Deal and look at it for realistic scientifically provable things that we can actually do. Carbon emission is definitely something we can approach That comes through changing off fossil fuels, moving to electric vehicles where possible, driving less, having public transportation that is environmentally friendly which includes, we basically need to support our infrastructures and the development of infrastructure. People talk a lot about, I saw somebody complaining about the public transport system in this area and it wasn’t because of lack of public transport system it was actually because we are advocating for more public transport and then those buses and subs or trains are empty. Well when you make more of them and you basically show where it’s cost-effective to actually be using that transport and that it’s actually time effective, the things that you can do on your commute if you’re not having to concentrate on driving makes it much more efficient .So we could actually connect all of our rural communities through Fort, to Fort Worth through a train system .I mean I love, love the train systems in the East and in Europe and I think we should definitely promote that here. Moving away from those carbon emissions fossil fuels, they’ve responded in the past, they responded in the 70s, to removing subsidies and removing subsidies from them and pushing them towards renewable fuels, actually made all those large oil companies start pushing towards developing research and renewable energy So we need to push towards that as well One of the things I want to address environmentally though is our plastic usage and I don’t think we’re near where we need to be on that. We’re finding microplastics nearly in every single environment now. Plastics is literally something ,I mean we think we should be able to do without them, and I literally in January it was basically was my new year’s resolution to start doing without plastics doing without plastics and it’s just so It is so prevalent in our lives it’s everywhere and I thought you know I go to a restaurant I bring my own straw and the waitress sticks the straw on the table before I can say no thanks and I know that that straw is going to end up in the trash or that plastic lid or whatever. So we need to basically really concentrate as a population on getting rid of our plastics. So green New Deal we definitely be moving that way, we can do so much to save our planet right now and it just requires us to think new, it doesn’t even require us to sacrifice, it requires us to think in a new fashion, and we can do that. I told you two new questions but there’s there’s a lot of more all of a sudden coming in so so the question is- Technology is rapidly changing in many ways yet our schools that stayed relatively the same. What is your plan to modernize the school system. Ok so I think one of the things we’ve done is we’ve expected kids to actually kind of pick this up on their own as far as technology goes and one of those things comes when we start putting classes online and one of the things we saw with putting classes online was that we assumed because many of our students grew up with screens in their hands, okay they had the iPhones they were constantly on the computer, they were playing games, that they actually understood how technology functioned and worked. It’s not really the case. They know how to plug in the game and how to push the buttons but they don’t really understand the technology behind it. They don’t know how to develop some of the programs, they don’t know how to manipulate those programs. So while we’re putting technology in their hands we’re not really actually teaching them how to use that and more and more we’re moving to a more advanced technological society where a lot of our jobs are being automated. A lot of our jobs are very computer driven. My son is a diesel mechanic and it requires a lot of actual technology, the trucks have huge amounts of technology and computer systems in them that they have to learn So how we do this with our secondary with our school system is we start introducing not just screens, we’ve done a lot of putting textbooks online, but we need to actually challenge kids to program things to learn how to write that computer language. It’s learning a foreign language and they’re very good

at it, they’re very good at learning these languages and the skills and we basically put that through, and we push down this technology all the way through. Just because we don’t understand it doesn’t mean they’re not capable of learning it and so we just need to make sure we’re putting that in the school systems and learning it How do we do that? We subsidized and we offer grants for best practices. We give grants out to schools to try new things to see what works, to develop ideas that they’ll share out with other school districts and bring those into our school districts. All right, so now I guess we’re now ready for the last question. Our last question now is how do you contribute? That was literally a question that y’all asked, that I didn’t bring up and I really appreciate that question. Our campaign obviously needs funding as any campaign does. We really like to talk about how we want the money out of politics and yet there are still things that we have to do. We have to be able to communicate with you. We have to be able to get literature out, we need to be able to put yard sides out, so other people learn about our campaign, we need to be able to have a space where you can come and pick up those things, where you can interact with our team. So we do need funding. While we’re going to do our very best to stay economically responsible, we do need you to donate. You can donate through act blue, you can find that link on our Facebook page or Twitter page, you can find it on our web page , or you can also donate physically by writing us a check and that address is on the web page. The web page is LisaWelh.org Thank you thank you for attending. I hope to see you out there in the future

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