this is a UFO an unidentified flying object it was photographed at Santa Catalina Island in April of 1966 look at it again closely hundreds even thousands of witnesses have seen similar things appear in the sky persons living miles from others have testified independently that UFOs have appeared in a specific place at a specific time I looked up in the sky objects standing real still and it was going too slow to be a airplane or helicopter it was a large opaque light it had on a dull glow to it it was larger than a car flying at treetop level from here the official position is firm the evidence is erroneous illusory but if in 1000 reported sightings one tenth of one percent could be found then that is one real existing UFO morning Colonel Moore reporting on major Dunning said it means you have the flight line with 401 to early morning a summer day before it was over Colonel Pete Moore in five men of the 458 radar test unit knew they would never forget it it all began with a basically routine but crucial mission involving the alignment of sophisticated airborne radar systems is central to the ultimate defense of the nation the equipment had a recent history of unreliability this reflected on Pete Moore and on his men he was concerned okay Colonel you’ll hook up with Blanco Vista Marine Air at 1200 and once they got you it’ll be designated shadow Delta one now there any questions no sir we’ve got it anything that you’d like to add colonel I know I’ll be in touch with Colonel von de blanco’ business I’ll see you men back here at 1400 for debriefing 1400 there goes lunch guys [Applause] all right Pia flight inspection circuit breakers and what about the radar fix they pinpointed it last night we won’t have another abort I hope not and what about the general I covered us oh you did huh well how come he choose me out before breakfast well this time we got the first team up hey how about some lunch I’m meeting the wife say hello didn’t need it for me with it this mission is gonna put my knife to a writer well you know from self this man it’s gonna be more than your heart it’s gonna be put through a Regan no no airports 41 – this is what the air traffic control you’re cleared to taxi to runway six white ships the 92 is holding short clear this file clear to Blanco Vista maintain flight level three one zero hitting zero nine seven diverging frequency will be one to four point six walk out three one three eight before departure you’re clear for takeoff Roger Whitney squawk three one three eight we are cleared to take off monitor the throttle [Applause] v1 rotate as for one to climb gracefully to altitude at the beginning of the exercise Pete more arrived at the 458 headquarters his office morning colonel that was winged again they’re really starting to press on our roster update well I’ll have to wait well get me Colonel Barnes at Blanco Vista Marina

[Laughter] [Applause] hey freamon how’s it going well fine we’re right on schedule hey what am I gonna play a little golf no I’ll get done in one of these days I don’t let your guy slip up this time you’re here well you sound a little concerned well general Enright is on my tail this time we won’t let you down Pete okay thanks oh I’ll leave word were you can reach me keep me posted go with you right this is for one to verify were climbing on imagine Clarence climb and maintain flight level three seven zero engage the autopilot well 12 more days of this and we got 89 days in England in Ferguson you have been overseas Ferguson it’s not at all like England check hydraulic pressure 1500 psi Blanco Vista control this is there for us for one – commencing operation shadow Delta 1 this is Blanco Vista marine radar control we have you passing through our outboard markers flight 401 to easily assumed its new designation shadow Delta 1 as the routine exercise began shadow Delta 1 became something else the hunted hey Smitty check with NORAD on these shadow delta1 standby dr1 back to my Donuts activate all right overhead Ferguson because if you get here we got it I’m supposed to be a crown response test what’s going on shadow delta1 check your upper left quadrant like a vista shadow Delta one we see three blips at 11 o’clock unit 2 confirming to the experienced man at Blanco Vista marine radar the blips were real therefore what they represented was real lieutenant take a look at this we just checked with North American Air Defense Command there’s no plot on that not supposed to be any planes in that sector at all No hey what are those things I’ll tell you one thing guys ever they are they are pasting us shadow delta-1 as close as you can within your operational altitude we’re gonna scramble for luck Roger we’re going up to photo at pressurisation 42,000 pressurisation 42,000 the men of Blanco Vista were trained and ready it was their fastest scramble on record shado Delta on your blips and identify responder boys communication alright we’re leveling the prusik you give me an idea where these guys how I can’t see thing see things now at 41,000 targets at 75,000 you’re way up there way Gabreski I understand high speed 500 down to 240 mm then

holding tank of one passing through 25,000 tango 1 tango – we’re handing you over to radar control hey come the Marines Wow look at them halt [Applause] they go one tango to approaching 40 hey where’d they go Oh God your phones are gone nothing Jessica tell Roy those Justin never came through the cloud they’re gone what’d you say Rick said that they never came through the cloud Ranko what it started as simple routine had become the unbelievable the men were stunned shaken higher command was notified Oh Michael vistas coming of it shadow delta-1 u-haul 240 2008 and await further orders [Applause] Michael Vista is a shadow delta1 we have lost contact with your jets we see no shoots and no debris we are swinging back to search over well honey I’ve gotta go do you feel like barbecuing tonight oh sure why not register Bob for a change huh then I’ve got to get some tomatoes and onions and mushroom my family don’t excuse me Nina uh beat the balloons just gonna but our communications people are just monitored the damnedest crosstalk you ever heard quote this is shouted Delta one we have lost contact with your Jets we see no shoots in no debris swinging back to search unquote and what was the reply completely unintelligible nobody could dig it out well yeah I have to leave okay I’ll call you later his feet more left the comfortable surroundings of the base cafeteria shadow Delta one was about to chart of course for a strange and unknown destination [Applause] [Applause] uh-huh set zero seven four zero seven four set all right see if we can reach n right somewhere in trouble again I’ll raise uh or 12 Oh Mike listen uh get a hold of Freeman Barnes will get Blanco Vista have him call me what do I do about this transmission read it to the general [Applause] Sargent race for 12 for me William well Colonel I don’t think we can do that they’ve been handed off to the North American Air Defense Command NORAD when

just a few minutes ago we’ll try anyway yes sir shadow Delta one this is Whitney communications do you read me shadow delta1 this is Whitney calm whitney calm please respond all right if major Dunning shows I’ll tell him I’m in base operations okay right sir [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay before 12 has been diverted to Halliwell Air Force Base why only mr Devere this is right then this gate from NORAD listen anything else I can do for you sir operation [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Pete I couldn’t get anywhere near it right you know for something that’s so hot we sure seem to be getting shoved on the back burner Oh what about Barnes something’s cockeyed a Blanco Vista 2 can’t get through then we’d better patch it in or add [Applause] there we go for one dude there’s a deer control

mr. pressurization 450 feet 150 as a matter of procedure Witney radar tracked shadow delta1 until it disappeared yeah I put it on the speaker uh yeah do you have a plot on air force for twelve out of Whitney being diverted from Blanco Vista to Holly will know who authorized that diversion I suggest you contact well I’ll do that look we picked up part of a transmission something about 4:12 losing contact with some marine Jets have you got anything on that very well look if you get anything on that plane you holler for me before you holler for anyone else you hear yes sir Oh in the contact caller won’t have bishop call me just soon as you get in okay where do I find you in my office I got to get all the barns or 1/2 this is digger control you at 2 miles from touchdown hey Roy listen I don’t show anything on my charts at all just one country range about a hundred miles east of here well there’s something down there repeat 1:05 beyond your final touchdown on one way one zero take my hand dirt in the end of the runway that’s the post-fight generators alternators inverters off-off-off battery switch off let’s find out what this is all about [Applause] my name is Trotman will you come with me wait a minute wait a minute for these guys follow away my aircraft I wanna know who’s doing it I am that’s ID special intelligence detachment detached from what work for the same people you do just a tip and division let’s get the truck Bishop and his men did not question their surroundings nor the orders given them they had been trained to obey training they would find difficult to contradict [Applause]

but it’s all about time that’s what we intend to find up rigs produced you in here Ferguson bishop in there Oh what the heck is this very shabby officer’s club they got air-conditioned I got that’s what I hope they turn it on yeah but I’m swept through about 15 minutes think oh yeah hey Freeman yeah you got a hell of a food situation down there I’ve been trying to reach you all afternoon well your plane’s okay yeah well we’ve had quite a morning down here just getting the pieces sorted out we had a radio transmission that the well there might have been some kind of midair Khalif it’s those radar systems we’ve been tinkering with all week just had a complete failure of all ground and air units and their backups all of them the same time well it’s the way it appears actually your plane has been rerouted to Halliwell but our people definitely says something about debris in a search well we had two planes up there too they’ve also been rerouted to Halliwell I see okay you bet come in well that does it Halliwell has absolutely no word at all on four one two what I mean they’re not expecting our plane no time know how well I just got confirmation from Barnes you know what are you getting we saw it on the board base operations somebody didn’t get the word do I owe me rage on why didn’t we go there in the first place come on 1:58 starting fierce come on sir yeah they stopped to palaver on the line it’s Colonel Moore well I see well have the captain Bishop call me as soon as he gets you come on time you know how I will just confirm that 4:12 is doing at 14:30 he’s the middle of summer and here we are in a snowstorm you don’t think the plane went down d oh no no nobody would try to cover a thing like that up but somebody is up to something and I am going to find out what it is [Applause] this is a preliminary investigation nothing you say will be held against you or used as evidence connection in any way whatsoever you will now be interrogated by the SI D Ferguson who made the original sighting Marines at Blanco Vista sir no wait look you don’t have to call me sir they asked us to activate our radar and to look in a certain sector of the sky what did you see well petritsky reported three dots at 11 o’clock and I confirmed is that what Blanco Vista saw oh yeah they gave us the coordinate that’s what you reported but they never said they saw it did they

well they must have seen something you see there’s no confirmation on that something appeared and then it disappeared maybe it wasn’t even there at all they want to know everything you thought you saw we didn’t vomit we’re getting reports in from the Marines checking their equipment for misalignment mr. Lyon what do you mean this alignment everything their radar people in to go over the big dish they’re sort of steamed they don’t much like it when things go wrong yeah well I can understand that I wouldn’t either if I just lost two Jet’s and those mark 9 radar sets if stories all the time about malfunctions you know what do you mean malfunction now something snatched two Jet’s right out of the damn sky we agree three blips appeared and then disappeared and so did the two marine Jets and they’re not supposed to you saw them disappear on the radar scope get rigs in here he saw them go well let me tell you something about the reliability my daughter look the facts are simple Blanco Vista saw three blips we saw the blips they scrambled two Jets that just disappeared the blips disappeared now what are you gonna do about it now let’s go back over some of the details are we gonna tell Enright I don’t know Oh sergeant yes sir I understand you are tracking 412 this morning did you track it as far up as high well no they went east east yes sir nor handed them off to somebody called digger control and what is digger control I don’t know Colonel but Noren handled it and did you track him after that yes sir they turned the course Oh 74 and took off in the desert due east until I lost them what do you mean you lost him well they dropped off the scope when they got near the mountains you’ve lost radar contact and you didn’t tell anybody major digger control had four one two I only tracked them because they’re heading what do you mean curiosity I’ve been stationed here 14 months and I’ve never seen anything flown through that area I can you pinpoint it for me sure can colonel okay so what are you talking Briggs is standing right here now he saw the Jets disappear what are you asking huh we’re talking about blitz no Billy Boy you guys you’re really up television don’t go huh you really do okay okay I’ll tell you how we can settle this whole thing how all right do you bring in an expert on radar and an expert on aeronautics and you let us talk to them what would you tell them well aside from the most important part Nina that rigs got a visual on chew-een jets just snapping right out of the sky I saw three radar blips make a right angle turn in midair and move off the scope at about 5,000 miles per hour now those experts could tell you that no known flying machine or any sort can make such a turn that nothing no this science can accelerate from 500 to 5,000 in one second flat now that is what I saw you can ask rings what he saw ok Clifford what did you see I saw two Marine interceptors climbing forward of us now they flew into a cloud and I never came out okay how thick was a cloud seven eight hundred feet okay we have two marine Jets moving it better than nine hundred plus they should have punched through that cloud less than three or four seconds did they I just told you they didn’t what did your scope show exactly what he saw it Jets disappeared and so did those other things they just but you didn’t see that you won’t we saw your scopes blips on and off so me this is sounding more and more like electronic malfunction that’s exactly what you were sent up there to check out well then blanco mr. musta had to say malfunction we did yeah and they’re checking that out well they better take a knows kind of digest because they are gonna come up to shore we have no report of two Jets missing I’ll be very happy to make one look cliff you suffered a trick of the eyes now if two Jet’s went down in that area we’d

know about it and we don’t they didn’t go down they just went nothing does that well that’s what I’m trying to tell you and I’m trying to tell you that we don’t deal in science fiction of course oh seven four would have put them on this heading right here that means they would have gone in here popped over these mouths and back on the radar yes but they didn’t so they must be here somewhere but you know something they wouldn’t travel low altitudes for very long they must have landed not on sand there’s got to be a base there stripling oh my son there’s dirt roads here we got a gunnery range here right for the nursery no they didn’t get that for not over these mountains there are no symbols you got a base director yes it’s on the Shelf there it’s Carl Moore it’s Raymond Barnes how’s it going maybe if you’re open tomorrow we could have lunch just the two of us a little chat yeah well I’m not gonna be free well then tonight baby I’m very sorry no look Pete they’ve sealed up Blanco Vista a security alert your kind of thief pulled my radar people off the line why got your people back you know Freeman did the alert have anything to do with that radio transmission we picked up about losing contact with your jets we’ve lost them they disappeared vanished what Oh scoffs not a trace is that why they pulled your radar people paid I suppose you know there’s a standard procedure for UFO sightings why didn’t you tell me about this before Pete I couldn’t speak freely before yeah well what is the connection between that and 4:12 I don’t know that determination is another hands [Applause] special intelligence when I you know that’s very strange everybody’s operating well I need to know more than that I don’t know how you’re going to handle this but I never what do you mean to operate our people look we’re we’re just trying to find out man right well I’ve done this yeah Pullman Marine Air Station deactivated 1954 didn’t even on the map anymore okay that’s my contribution and tell me what Barnes said no later how are you a desert survival we’re going out there well what are we gonna tell the general well if we do find our people I’m gonna tell him plenty [Applause] I don’t know what we’re gonna do when we get there we’re gonna get our men out if they’re there you think we can just walk in – excuse me these are mine and walk out again eat somebody went to a lot of trouble to keep this secret that’s for sure who’s Barnes talking about Oh seems that 4:12 tangled with a UFO yeah beep hmm let’s go back the men are ok I know they are how do you know that because I was involved in something like this two years ago UFO situation what happened all they really raped us over the coals they convinced us that we didn’t see a thing and they made it perfectly clear we were involved in the national security smog come on look I know how you feel about the men I respect you for that but I’ve tell him to back off now for my own good I can’t back off now so when Blanca vista told you to check that sector you didn’t question them at all no my job to do that but you could have asked them hey fellas what are we looking for it’s obvious they wanted an independent observation obvious to you is that right well you guys gonna feed us we’ll get

around to Ferguson how did you get into the Air Force Academy what’s the point congressman you like what you do sure is he any good at it he’s excellent and how do you think he achieved this level of excellence my training the United States government laid out a lot of money for that training I appreciate it that’s good I guess when you got through the Academy Ferguson amongst other things you became an officer in the gentlemen yes he did come where’s always leading to you’re told and it’s the truth that you’re the best this country has to offer all that’s required is that you measure up for what the primary obligation of a military officer which is we should put it your law he’s like you questioning my integrity not at all just your level of cooperation with what or am I supposed to cooperate with why don’t you get to the point can’t he’s not questioning our integrity he’s asking us to dispense with it aren’t you all right bishop how did you get into the Academy hey fellas look coffee sandwich help yourself nothing cheers here hey listen listen I’ll trade you my hello T Fritz yeah please fresh okay who’s taught the flying saucers well I saw them what oh no I know I didn’t Johnny I I just have some lips good yeah then we can dispense with that huh what about the Jets that were just fenced with ah I’m confirmed hey how come you guys will buy our story how come because it sounds just like a story we’ve dealt with these things before qualified people making unqualified statements and what you thought you saw couldn’t happen there’s no evidence to make us believe that it could so you didn’t see why don’t you finish that sentence we don’t get out of here until we swallow that right buster the only thing I’m going to swallow this coffee [Applause] how much longer do we have to put up with this I don’t know maybe we don’t have to I like to think about it this is a restricted area you get that light out of my face sorry sir this is a restricted area I’m Colonel Moore these major Dunning the four five eight I suggest that you called whoever’s in charge here and tell them if he has two additional guests you’ll understand what I mean [Applause]

I’ve got a kernel more and a major Dunning here at the main gate sir send a man how about function yeah just say that just write it down now function uh I don’t care okay that’s pretty generous no the whole thing was enough function the time we left Whitney the time we got here it’s just one great big malfunction [Applause] I’ve droplet I’d like to see some ID well we’d like to see some of yours what can I do for you Carl you’re holding four of my men so brings home this this whole act here wouldn’t be because of a UFO sighting now would it it’s a UFO situation colonel when these things occur its policy to check out all the personnel involved what do you mean check out peace the whole thing together oh I see you’re you’re investigating it is that it we’re talking to your men I see them not just yet when Colonel this is a matter of national security I’ll come on that’s getting to be a very thin umbrella no I know about national security mister but you can’t put that label on everything we get these assignments all the time it’s routine routine or not I’m not leaving here without my men well in that case one of the two you make yourselves comfortable I’ll have some coffee sending one of your men out soon as possible and how long will that be as long as it takes [Applause] those were the guys that I was involved with two years ago si D what a pair of clowns we are if you need me I’m gonna function all I have to do is to get to the aircraft race Whitney on the radio the colonel can do the rest someone comes don’t rock the boat don’t make waves you figure that’s the way that majors get to be Colonels a certain lieutenant I knew stuck his nose in two years ago where it didn’t belong the lieutenant is now a shoe salesman in Cincinnati that kind of advancement in life I don’t need you’re concerned about your position that’s right well I’m concerned about more than that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] comes out of this addictive control this is Trotman patch me through to take a command hello yes you ordered this well yes sir the circumstances dictated it if I had refused the metronome you have gone to another authority yes I see well then you did well cropland how are things going with that crew well we’re just about finished with the men and we should have all of the contradictory evidence we need by tomorrow morning you’re very efficient problem just

remember no violence I wouldn’t remove it sir you hear anything [Applause] at least one of them has some guts I’ll tell trauma this should be interesting [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] – minecraft did you hear me I have a right to go to my aircraft I don’t make you call my commanding officer tell them what’s going on my man and I are being held against their will debriefing yes No all right you may go to your aircraft but if you choose to do that it’s going to be hard on your men much more I don’t want that you don’t know you want to do is get out of here there’s only one way you can do it don’t make up your mind [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

we’re gonna forget it Hey look we just want to the hell out here okay is the hell out whatever you want to say do right whatever it we’ll do it all right anything you would you want to sign anything anything record anything we’ll agree to anything what do you want now we’re getting somewhere [Applause] [Applause] okay Roy let’s change the subject shall we if you’ve got an order with the proper channels prohibiting you from discussing matters pertaining to national security would you obey it of course what is your attitude about such an order or is there orders we know that I want an opinion I would think that the Air Force would have a pretty good reason a practical reason why don’t you just just give me an order what’s that I’m Air Force I’m not some wild-eyed kook looking to get out of 6 o’clock news do you understand you don’t have to try to convince me let’s give me an order something on paper something I just told my men we’re speaking hypothetically no you weren’t you want me to shut up give me an order no that’s not it at all I want an order now sit down sit down now tell Colonel Mordecai was meant back now [Applause] you can have your man now right in there as soon as they’re cleaned up girl hold it I want them as is you’re being a little dramatic no not really Trotman you had my men for 18 hours now they’re mine Danny and I are gonna fly them out of here no that’ll be fine I’ll see that your car gets back to Whitney [Applause] bigger control disappeared as easily as it had come into existence

leaving Pete more a choice he didn’t hesitate well we tell general M right I don’t worry about not going in with them feet I wish you drop it for your sake now don’t throw away a career for some lousy you f Holmes that’s not what it’s about no and what Oh for one thing I’d say I’d say sanctions sanctions yeah thank ya this this whole setup here now those men were ordered to work my people over and I’m gonna find out and why look colonel I I’m not gonna see anybody about anything you just give the gentle my regards all right I [Applause] general Colonel more to see you sir hi Pete over here how you feeling I’m tired yeah what’s all this at ease men well general I’m gonna tell you the wildest story you’ve ever heard I’ve just read it now Pete I knew you had initiative but you fellas look like you’ve been pulled through a winepress is that Trotman report yes it is what do you think well very thorough quite an investigation oh yes it was thorough but there was no investigation it’s all here yeah the men are here 412 is here the report is here but where are the two marine jets he’ll walk Marine jets the ones I saw disappear sir you are captain Riggs sir oh yeah [Applause] well I see nothing here about two Jet’s and sir you’re right in the middle of a con job I see captain you did mentioned this during the investigation at least once every half hour sir excuse me gentlemen will you wait inside dissident [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you know cuddle more in these men yes sir colonel is this report complete yes sir not one detail has been left out no sir I see no mention here of a visual sighting on the disappearance of two marine jets scrambled by black au Vista what about that Colonel those are uh reports are under a separate cover sir you mean to say you couldn’t connect one with the other of course I did yeah why didn’t you do something about it that’s not my job oh wait a minute those two missing Jets they are confirmed yes sir when

yesterday about 12:45 yesterday then why did you hold my men all that time you know those reports were probably written one hour after you started questioning my orders dictate my methods bull when I get my orders captain I follow them the last time I heard that it came from the docket at Nuremberg I wouldn’t make hasty comparisons just what are your orders gun to intimidate to bend to distort the truth says nobody would recognize it after you’re finished with it general what you know the policy I don’t what is the policy to investigate any sightings of unidentified flying objects by Air Force personnel and determine the accuracy of those sightings yes and what do you do about it the reports are sent up sent up to who that’s classified you know I’m not a scientist and neither are you but it seems to me that you got a sort of take a scientific approach to this either you prove these things exist or you prove they don’t exist but you don’t pretend they’re not there who sees these reports hate you’re entering an area that just concern you oh yeah I’m drawing a line here and you don’t cross over it what line policy Colonel we don’t set the policy we act on it we make our reports and that’s it and the action have you taken comes from somewhere else where well you men please wait outside [Applause] sit down frankly Pete the air force doesn’t have the time or the funds for tracking down flying saucers yes but they do have the funds to maintain places like digger base look sir my men told their story as straight as they could based on what they saw or thought they saw it doesn’t make any difference really of course how you get a directive that tells you what to do gives you no latitude at all and you know what you are you’re nothing but a laundry processor Pete we don’t need any of that general what this man does is pointless by instinct I know that his attitude doesn’t serve the interests of this country its people or its government colonel officers are not supposed to act on instinct they act on orders and yours are to lay off [Applause] thank you really you’re gonna be noble why don’t you do it over something worthwhile well now don’t misunderstand me I’m just as concerned over this as you are yeah more so but I’m gonna show you now is strictly off the record it is not to leave this room this is all we found of a missing marine Jets but where was this about 80 miles east of La Vista well where the crews were still looking did Trotman know about this he didn’t need to it has nothing to do with his job general does this sort of cover up going all the time aide I’ll look at that picture that’s the only piece of wreckage we’ve got that’s it that’s all there is there’s no way in the world we can explain this and it’s not the policy the military to create panic general what are we creating trying to keep you fellas waiting hungry no thanks colonel we’re sorry that we made things rough for you for me yeah we’ve talked it over sir this whole thing it just isn’t worth it

look drop it if you say so sir no don’t do that remember policies change yeah yeah but not attitudes but they don’t last forever only as long as they’re expedient eight more would have pursued the disappearance of flight 401 – if he could have found someplace to pursue it no one cared and the only reason he could ever find why they didn’t care was because they were afraid to cope with it even when it happened again four months later a similar exercise this time everyone was there from the top down plane scrambled objects were sighted everyone was a witness it made no difference everyone was debriefed the file closed the incident forgotten lunch as was flight 4-1 to the fate of the men concerned with for one – has been curious indeed major Dunning was promoted to Colonel lieutenant pod risky in return for his cooperation was advanced to captain and is presently serving a three-year tour in the Pentagon captain Bishop Estella captain and is serving a two-year tour in the Canal Zone Pete Moore was passed over three times for promotion and retired at minimum age [Applause] you

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