AM 11:05 ——Departure—– 10mins Delay Flight hours will be 2h23m after takeoff t’way is better LCC of korea more than EASTER JET Runway 34L Line up and wait weather was fine but very cross wind condition Runway 34L Cleared for take off The plane was going left and right, left and right by rudder control due to cross wind my body was also going left and right,left and right widely The winglet shakes very much climbing on and crossing TokyoBay area

This is Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND) where Im working almost everyday hahaha This is Mt.Fuji…..she’s wearing snow on top After few minutes from takeoff, the cabin service gonna be start with small line up You can choose and buy from the list. And you know the prices of them are higher than buy on the ground There are some snacks and light meals also After you have something to eat and drink, Don’t forget to write the CIQ card :)) almost of case, the card is gonna be served by cabin crew, so please prepare your pen before it served Tokyo-Seoul route is shorter than Tokyo-Okinawa Domestic route I took a bit sleep after write the CIQ card coz there are no Wifi and IFE on board. coz that’s LCC haha when I got up, its already time to descend and approaching to Seoul Inchon Intl.Airport

Sky on Korea is always foggy and hazy effected by PM2.5 air pollution from China sometimes you can feel your eyes got dry and something strange while you walking around a Seoul If your eyes and nose has allergy or not strong, its better for you to bring masks and glasses OK guys, let’s see the approach and landing 🙂 I hope you enjoy it its seems like not cold day but on that day, Seoul was -2℃ at day time. -8℃ at night time PM2:28 =====Landing===== on time

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