Wenhua Film Studio Presents Filmed at Chinese Diangong Studio Spring in a Small Town Scriptwriter: Li Tianji Photographer: Li Shengwei Audio Recording: Miao Zhenyu Set Designer: Chi Ning Music: Laohuang Yijun Editor: Xu Ming, Wei Shunbao Printing: Xu Hexiang, Du Zhenkun Director: Fei Mu I’m living in a small town, living a life where nothing ever changes Every day after buying groceries, I like to walk for a while along the top of the city wall It’s already become a habit with me Walking on the city wall, it’s just like I’m floating out of this world My eyes see nothing. My mind is empty If it weren’t for the vegetable basket on my arm and the medicine for my husband in my hand, I might not go home all day Zhou Yuwen ‘The Wife’ – Wei Wei In a small alleyway, across a small bridge, is the back gate of my house Now, there’s only one servant in the house Laohuang always dumps the medicine dregs out the back door This is Laohuang’s superstition Most of our home, the Dai Family house, was destroyed by the war No one can live in the main house any more I live with him in the garden courtyard We each have our own room Young Master Laohuang ‘The Servant’ – Cui Chaoming He’s gone out so early? Liyan doesn’t see me more than twice a day We never say more than a few words to each other I leave in the morning to buy groceries He goes into the garden where no one can find him He says he has tuberculosis, but I think it’s a neurosis I’m afraid to die He seems to be afraid to live Young Master You came into the garden early again Aren’t you cold without your scarf? It’s spring The mornings are still quite chilly Not so cold Now that it’s spring, your health should be improving I’m afraid my health is like this house, destroyed beyond repair You need to look after yourself and be more optimistic The house can slowly be rebuilt Don’t we have peace now, after those eight years of war? Peace? Is there a change in your prescription today? Dai Liyan ‘The Husband’ – Shi Yu No change I’m sure my wife will bring the medicine home Yes, she’s gone grocery shopping Has sis left for school yet? The young miss? No, not yet Sis lives on the other side of the flower garden

She’s totally unlike Liyan She’s in her own little world Brother! Brother! Dai Xiou ‘The Sister’ – Zhang Hongmei Brother! I made my own bonsai display last night What do you think? I’ll bring it down to show you Don’t come down here Go to school now! Her brother can never forget the splendour of the past, but his sister feels no nostalgia for the past The decline of the Dai Family means suffering and despair for Liyan, but his sister feels no sense of disappointment When I come home after buying groceries, I go into the kitchen Then I get the medicine I bought and bring it to Liyan When we see each other, maybe we won’t exchange a single word before parting again Yuwen! Now he calls to me – Back from buying groceries? – Yes From now on, I can have Laohuang go out shopping instead Isn’t he busy enough already? It’s my job anyway I’m worried about you going all alone What’s got into you? I’ve failed you No, you haven’t I can’t stand it, that you have accepted your fate as such Here’s your medicine It’s the same prescription Thank you. I don’t want to take it Then I’ll buy some other No, don’t go. Let’s talk Did you sleep well last night? Not too bad – It’s good that you are able to sleep – Only because of the sleeping pills Why are you acting like that, Liyan? Why so much anger all of a sudden? I don’t know why. I can’t help myself I’m a failure The family fortune handed down for generations disappeared on my watch That’s just one thing We’ve been married for eight years, six of which I’ve been sick And I’ve lived separate from you for two or three My little sister is still young, you’ve been the only one around to take care of her I don’t want to see you continue to suffer like this, spending your days doing needlework in little sister’s room Leading such a desolate life, day after day I don’t know if it’s better if you leave me or if I leave you Stop talking like that We can’t go on like this We need to have a real discussion What’s there to talk about? All you need to do is take good care of yourself Pushing open the door to my own room,

sitting down on my own bed, I don’t know how I can get through the days that lie ahead The days pass by, one just like the next, one after another I’ll take my needlework and go over to his sister’s room It seems the sun is especially nice sitting in this room I’ve long since forgotten the past I’ll never think about anything again Who could have known that someone would come? He came from the train station He walked through the city gate I had no idea that he would come How does he know I live here? Zhang Zhichen ‘The Guest’ – Li Wei He recognises the back gate to the house He stops He steps through the medicine dregs That’s right, he studied medicine He knocks on the door but no one hears him He knows his way around Liyan’s house so well He goes around the lane and into the back garden Liyan! Liyan! He even calls out Liyan’s name I didn’t know that Liyan was his friend as well He climbs through the wall of the flower garden Liyan! Liyan! Liyan recognises his voice Zhichen? It really is you! Surprised you, didn’t I? I knew it was you as soon as I heard someone call ‘Liyan’, Zhang Zhichen! I yelled for a while, when no one answered I just came through the garden wall What wind blows you here? The east, south, west and north winds! Let me take a look at you It’s you all right It’s me all right – It’s you – It’s me – Ten years – Ten years – Ten whole years since we saw each other last I had no idea Where have you been all these years? These last years? Hankou, Chongqing, Changsha, Hengyang, Guilin, Kunming, Guiyang You were moving along with the war You must have graduated? I’m already a doctor now Congratulations! What about you? Me? I was a refugee from the war When I came home and found the house destroyed, I just sat and waited for you to come back Oh, really? So no big changes in your life? One thing. I got married Oh! Congratulations to you! Young Master, there’s a guest come to visit – Laohuang – Oh, it’s Laohuang! – Oh! It’s Young Master Zhang – Yes, it’s me

You haven’t even gone grey yet, Laohuang Liyan, he watched us grow up since we were little kids Young Master Zhang, where have you been all these years? In the interior Laohuang, clean up the studio very nicely so that he can stay with us for a few days Tell Yuwen that we have a guest so that there will be an extra place set at dinner Let’s have a chicken – Yes – Don’t go to so much trouble You really must spend a few days with us Our young master has missed you so much OK, a few days – I’ll go and get your things – Don’t bother about that All right, then. I’ll go and tell madam first! I almost forgot to ask How’s your little sister? – She’s gone to school – I see – We really can have a long talk this time – Right Spanning 5,000 years and bridging 900 miles Madam! When Laohuang told me for the first time, I still couldn’t have known that it was him – Madam – What is it? We have a guest He’s come all the way from Shanghai The young master wants him to stay with us and for you to cook a chicken All right Madam, the young master wants the guest to stay in the studio rooms I’ve cleaned and arranged the rooms for him Does the guest have luggage? Yes, I’ve got everything ready and made the bed What’s the guest’s name? His last name is Zhang He was a classmate of the young master Young Master Zhang Now, he’s saying that the guest’s last name is Zhang Maybe it’s him, maybe not Madam, the young master wants you so he can introduce you to Young Master Zhang I feel flustered. I maintain my composure I don’t think it really could be him I change my clothes And fix my hair I’m sure it’s just an ordinary guest I stand in the covered veranda and look but I can’t tell for sure who it is Here she comes He couldn’t have known that I married Liyan Why did you come here? What point was there in coming? How can I face you now? This is my wife, Yuwen This is Mr Zhang Zhichen A classmate from long ago and a close friend Big Sister. So it’s you I’ve become his ‘Big Sister. ‘ You know each other? We’re from the same town We grew up as neighbours That’s great! Let’s go inside and sit down – Laohuang, where’s Big Sister? – In her room Big Sister! Big Sister! Why aren’t you in my room embroidering? Is Big Brother home? – Big Sister? – Sis, keep it down. There’s a guest – Who? – You guess – Doctor Guo? – No I’m going to peek Ha! It’s me! Still recognise me? Do you recognise him? Little Sis! You used to be just six years old and this high, and then whoo! Oh, Old Zhang. How did you get here? Hmm. How did I get here? What a lovely rose More beautiful than Maria What a lovely rose More beautiful than Maria I was riding and hunting on the mountain When you were singing down there lovely as the clouds Your voice made me lose my way I rolled down the mountain

Your voice was lovely as the clouds Young and strong Kazakh Ivan Doudard Young and strong Kazakh Ivan Doudard I invite you to come to my home across the river Feed your horse, bring your tamboura Wait for the moon to rise up Play the strings We lean on each other, sing under the tree Great! I sang you a song, now you have to tell a story like you promised – I can’t say a word now – Why? I’m stuffed full of the two lotus buns I ate! Here you are, Young Master Zhang These rooms are ready for you You probably remember them When the old master was still alive, he set them aside for the young master as a study – Young Master Zhang – OK No need to make tea, Laohuang I don’t want any tea You don’t want tea? I’m not going to wash You won’t even wash your face? You haven’t retired for the evening yet? What’s this? It’s a pot of orchids There’s no need to put out flowers at night The young madam told me to bring them for you I’ve been a lot of trouble for you today, Laohuang No, not any trouble at all Time for bed Please come in I had no idea it was you You brought water over here by yourself? He had me bring it over in case you get thirsty I don’t drink at night I’ll leave it just in case you need to wash Thank you Here are towels and a toothbrush for you Everything’s brand new I have my own. You’re too kind Keep them anyway It’s been ten years since we last saw each other Laohuang even found some candles for you After midnight the electricity goes off around here When the steam whistle in town goes off at midnight the electric lights go out I’ll be going to bed soon anyway, I don’t need the electric lights It’s terrible of us to make you sleep in this room Nothing here is as it ought to be No, I have everything I need I didn’t know that the guest was actually you Yes, it’s me Are you missing any bedding? I don’t need anything else You ought to have an extra sheet and a bedspread. It gets cold at night I’m not afraid of the cold – I’ll go and get them – No, there’s really no need I have to get them I’ll be back in a moment Back in a moment – Don’t bother on my account – I’ll only be a moment Yuwen Are you sick?

Do you have a fever? No, nothing like that I brought an extra sheet and bedspread Let me make your bed You’ve already gone to too much trouble – No problem at all – I’ll do it myself I’ll do it myself Thank you How is his illness after all? Not too bad He’s had tuberculosis for so long now, is he in any danger? No, there’s no danger Will he recover? Yes, he’ll recover Tell me the truth It’s just that his heart isn’t in very good shape I see But you mustn’t let him know OK Why don’t you give him a thorough check-up tomorrow? No problem See you tomorrow – Wait – What is it? – Is he already asleep now? – He’s asleep Let him enjoy the sunshine every morning OK These past few days the weather has been very nice Hmm. It’s been sunny every day It’ll be sunny and clear again tomorrow Yes, I think it will – See you tomorrow – See you What’s that? The electricity’s about to go off Sounds like an air raid siren So why are you turning the lights on? Because they are about to go off Why don’t you sit down for a bit That pot of orchids smells really sweet Oh, really? Please sit down – See you tomorrow – See you Thank you The next morning Brother Zhang! Come in, please So you change into a nice dress when you don’t have to go to school What’s that you’re holding behind your back?

I want to give you a present – What is it? – Guess! – Candy? – No. It’s this! Oh! Great! A bonsai display – There’s a hill and a tree – It’s a pine and a beautiful little meadow. Thank you Do you like it? Like it? I love it It’s been made entirely by me Then I like it even better Is your brother up? Yes, he’s basking in the sunshine outside I see Are you going out to make a house call? I’m going to examine your brother My brother’s not actually sick, is he? He’s a little ill I think he’s mentally ill Always in such a bad mood – Hey! Brother Zhang, you – Oh, so little sis is all grown up now Those orchids smell a little too sweet That’s no good Really? – How am I doing? – You just need to sit in the sun and rest – Good morning – Good morning How strange. Yuwen told me to sit in the sun today, too – Is it really good for me? – Yes Even better, you shouldn’t spend too much time just sitting at home Big Brother, today’s Sunday I want to go out and do something fun – Go where? – I want to go walking with Big Brother Zhang – What do you say? – Sure You really should go out and look around – You haven’t been back in ten years, after all – I had been wanting to anyway Big Sister! – Will you come along? – Me? You can go out with us? Can I go with you? Of course you can Great! All four of us can go together! Go and change your clothes, Big Sister Let’s all go together, Yuwen Yes, you two haven’t gone out together for a long time Let’s go together Let’s go! Hurry! Hurry! We wander around aimlessly We somehow end up on the city wall I walk behind the rest of them He… They stand and stop and wait for me We go rowing on the little river Little sister sings a song In a faraway place There’s a good girl When people pass her They will turn around and look at her She has a pink smiling face Like the sun Her eyes are beautiful Like the shining moon at night I would like to be a little lamb Following along beside her Let her keep swinging her whip Flipping tenderly on my body The third morning

– Good morning – Good morning After breakfast, make up some excuse so that we can take a walk together to talk things over Where to? The city wall A feeling of helplessness atop this broken-down and hollowed-out old city wall How long do you feel like spending up here? The way I feel now, I could spend all day here Would it be better if we walked somewhere else? Whatever you like How come you never have an opinion? You’re the one who asked me to go for a walk I’ll go wherever you say You’re not the same person you used to be Have I really changed? No Before the war, whenever I asked you to go with me, you’d say, ‘Whatever you like.’ And whenever I didn’t ask you, you’d still say, ‘Whatever you like.’ Isn’t that what I just said? But I didn’t wait for you I didn’t do ‘whatever you like.’ If I asked you to come away with me, would you still say ‘whatever you like’? Do you really mean that? How’s my pulse? Is it OK? It’s fine It’s fine Do you think I really can get better? Of course you can get better What kind of medicine do you think I should take? Rest and taking good care of yourself are the most important Medicine is secondary And you mustn’t get angry You mean, at her?

Not necessarily at her I don’t know why, but my temper has got worse and worse That’s because of your health My wife is as good a woman as you’ll ever find But all because of my health, our marriage has become abnormal There’s nothing abnormal about it You don’t know All the things a wife ought to do, she’s done Grocery shopping, cooking, taking care of the house, taking care of me I’m grateful but also ashamed Of course, I’m unable to cry. Nor can I laugh And she? She cries all alone in her room and never smiles in front of other people She just does her duty to me She’s cold. The kinder she is to me, the more I feel that she’s cold Do you understand what I mean? I understand But I disagree with you on one point What’s that? She’s not cold We’ve been friends for so many years now Can you talk to her for me? I had no idea that you two actually knew each other It would have been better if she had married you instead Don’t say such sad things I’m not this way with him because you came I know that Liyan is good to me That year we got married, I forced myself to like him Later, after he got sick, he became more and more eccentric, and I felt empty, at a loss All I could do was think of you After a year or two, Liyan became something like a responsibility that I had inherited He became my husband I serve him. I have to serve him faithfully My heart is yours But I feel sorry for Liyan What would you have me do? What would you have me do? What are we going to do? Unless we leave I leave Unless he dies I regret it I’ve never even thought that to myself, so how could I actually have said it? Big Brother Zhang! Big Brother Zhang! Big Brother Zhang! Big Brother Zhang! Big Brother Zhang! Big Brother Zhang! Another Sunday, the ninth day since he arrived Big Brother Zhang! – Sis – Brother What are you shouting for? It’s Sunday. I want to ask Big Brother Zhang to have some fun So, you like spending time with Big Brother Zhang? He’s inside Why are you shouting for him here? How should I know where he’s gone? Don’t shout so loud. It doesn’t sound proper Well, if you run into him, tell him I was looking for him – Sure – Thanks Liyan Oh, so you are out here after all Didn’t you hear my sister calling you? Liyan, I’m leaving You say you want to leave again? I’ve been here too long already It’s too much trouble for you No, that won’t do. You have to stay Come on inside. My sister’s looking for you Why don’t you take her out to have some fun?

OK, let’s begin One, two, three, four One, two, three, four One, two, three, four One, two, three, four Good, good Zhang, I can’t dance to this I had no idea you were so good at singing and dancing You don’t seem like a product of the Dai Family Does your brother approve? He doesn’t approve but he doesn’t disapprove either But I think he really wants me to be a bookworm, studying at home all day long It seems you all like to go walking on top of the city wall. Why? This is the only interesting place in town You can walk along the wall forever, and when you look so far into the distance that you can’t see anything at all you start to realise that the world isn’t so small after all You know, in a small town like this, and especially with a family like ours, you could suffocate to death When Big Sister is done with the grocery shopping, she walks on the city wall Maybe that’s the only way she can let go a little and find the courage to go on What are you thinking about? Did you hear a word I just said? – Yes, I heard – So what are you thinking about? I was just thinking that maybe you’ll become a poet or a philosopher when you grow up Nonsense! Who knows what you were really thinking about But I was thinking that after I graduate, I’d like to go to Shanghai and study in a high school there Could you help me find a school, Big Brother Zhang? – What? – Do you think you could help me? Oh, OK, OK – Let’s go back – Let’s go back We had a great time. I’m all sweaty – Really? – See you, Zhang You didn’t go out? No place to go Are you a little bit angry? No Let’s talk about it I’ll come tonight Promise me something Never come to see me again behind Liyan’s back OK? I have something to ask you – What? – Where did you two go today? To the top of the city wall Was it nice? You’re the one who showed it to me It seems that you and sis are getting very close I watched her grow up – She’s 16 this year – Still a child She’s a child and yet you take her with you to all sorts of places Do you two think you’re fooling anyone? What’s that supposed to mean? I don’t understand She’s Liyan’s little sister. I’m his wife I’m responsible for her Then I won’t take her out any more After I go back, I’ll tell Liyan that I came to talk with you

I wouldn’t want to do anything behind his back See you tomorrow I was just playing with you. Don’t be mad Sit down. We have to talk What do you have to say? What do you think of Zhang Zhichen? What do you mean by asking me that? Don’t ask questions Just tell me what you think of him Any friend of yours must be a good man Oh, no. He’s a much better man than I Why bring him up? Sis is 16 this year – I see – You understand? I want her to wait a couple of years for Zhichen You mean, you want to have Zhichen wait a couple of years for her Right. Let Zhichen wait a couple of years for sis But is sis willing? That’s why I wanted to ask you to talk it over with her I’m her big brother. It would be a little awkward for me to bring it up You mean, you want me to play matchmaker? Just talk it over with her first – What about Zhichen? – I think – Do you want me to – I’ll talk to him, of course Zhichen might not want to wait that long Does he have someone else in mind? He seems to get on very well with sis – This will be a good marriage – You think so? Your little sister is still young, though, still in school Do you really want to fill her head with this kind of notion now? I don’t want to talk to her about this Just test the waters There’s always time later All right It’s getting late. Go to bed You’re really not taking the sleeping pills any more? No, not any more Then I’ll see you tomorrow Please don’t go – Good morning – Good morning

When you finish breakfast, come up with an excuse so that you can meet me on the city wall What for? What do you mean? You You’re going grocery shopping now? Yes He wants me to play matchmaker for you Matchmaker? Don’t you get along quite nicely with his little sister? You’re very happy I’ve been assigned a task I’m going to do my best to carry it out I’ve told you the proposal, are you willing to go through with it? Think about it and let me know later You’re joking, right? – I’m perfectly serious – This whole thing is a joke Has Liyan considered just how young his little sister is? Today is her 16th birthday The year I left, weren’t you just 16 years old? But we didn’t have anyone to act as our matchmaker You seem to be implying a 16-year-old girl really is old enough to be engaged Are you willing? No, I’m not. I’m telling you that I am not willing. Are you satisfied now? Yuwen, I’m begging you. Stop pushing me, stop torturing me. I’ve had enough How I regret that back then I didn’t even know to arrange for a matchmaker Why didn’t you know? Weren’t you willing back then? Why didn’t you? – I was willing – Then why didn’t you? Wasn’t it that your mother disapproved? But she’s dead now But you already have a husband I suppose if Liyan gives you his sister, it’ll be the next best thing I have my own conflicts. I don’t know if I want to go away with you anyway Yuwen! It’s your sixteenth birthday You should drink some wine – You’re toasting me? – Yes, I’m toasting you, drink – I don’t want to drink. I’ll just eat more food – No Big Sister made so many nice dishes for me today What about playing guess-fingers? Big Brother tried to teach me but I still don’t know how – Go ahead, try it out – OK. I’ll play Ah, I lost – You lost, hurry up. Drink up – Brother! – OK, I’ll drink for you – No, you can’t drink I’ll drink it for you – Let’s play rock-paper-scissors instead – OK Rock, paper, scissors Ah, now you lose. You drink! Liyan, you’ve been to Sichuan Let’s play the game Sichuan style – You mean like this? – That’s it! Oh, I lost – I can’t drink – Oh, yes, I’ll drink I drink – Laohuang – Yes, Laohuang can drink for you, too Yes, pour some wine Laohuang, please drink this cup of wine instead of me The young miss knows how to drink – Can you drink? – Of course she can! Come on! Laohuang, let’s play – Are you sure? – Go on have a game! You are a fool, drink it all Laohuang wins! Laohuang wins! This is your birthday I should toast you properly too

Then I’ll have some too Big Brother I’ll play a game with you Not guess-fingers or rock-paper-scissors, but the one that goes like this, and this, and this – I know this game too! – We always played it back home Zhang loses again! Drink! Hold on. Let’s switch to bigger cups! Laohuang, bring bigger cups! Laohuang, bring bigger cups! This time we’ll play three rounds Whoever loses has to drink three cups Three big cups! You lose Let’s go again Zhang loses again! Drink up! What a lovely rose more beautiful than Maria What a lovely rose more beautiful than Maria I was riding and hunting on the mountain – Big Brother Zhang! You’re drunk – Laohuang, bring some more – Big Brother Zhang is getting drunk – I am OK Lovely as the clouds Big Brother Zhang is drunk! Big Sister! Big Brother Zhang is drunk! Your voice was lovely as the clouds Young and strong Kazakh Ivan Oh, so that’s where you are Young and strong Kazakh Ivan Doudard I invite you to come to my home across the river Big Brother Zhang! I invite you to come to my home across the river Wait for the moon to rise up then play the strings We lean on each other and sing under the tree As if drunk, as if in a dream Now the moon rises high in the sky and there’s a slight breeze Let me in

Go back Don’t go in there Thank you He needs to take a sleeping pill He’s thinking to himself that maybe I will commit suicide All I have is regret I want to die I can no longer face the world He remembers that Liyan has some sleeping pills Who’s there? It’s me! Zhichen! You’re still up? My head hurts You had too much to drink I can’t fall asleep I have some medicine over there There are still eight tablets left I only need one

Help yourself If you can’t see, I have some matches No need I found them I want to take another one Another one wouldn’t do you any more good How silly. You’re taking the whole bottle Don’t take too many! He pours out Liyan’s sleeping pills and replaces them with vitamins – Is that Zhichen? – No, it’s me Are you still up? What are you doing? What about your medicine? Zhichen took it You can’t sleep either? That’s strange None of us seems to be able to get to sleep Go to sleep Sit down. Sit down Please light the candle What for? I just want to see you The moonlight is nice Light a candle Yuwen! Come here! Come here! Do you know how much I envy Zhichen? He’s young, vital and healthy. Since he’s been here, the house has been full of life These last few years I’ve made life miserable for you, a life of despair But today, for once, I saw you happy I was watching you when you were drinking You’re still so young! I almost forgot that you are my wife and I thought I’m not fit to be your husband I have to get better! I have to keep living Otherwise, I might as well just go ahead and die early and stop making you suffer Tell me, are you still in love with Zhichen? Tell me the truth What happened with your hand? I burned it boiling water How could you be so careless? Why are you saying all these things to me?

Yuwen’s out Liyan, I’ve decided to leave today I was going to leave a letter for you last night But I couldn’t just leave without saying goodbye But why? I have to leave You can’t go! Last time you wanted to leave, I convinced you to stay I still need you here Your illness isn’t that serious Just make sure to take care of your heart I’m of no use to you here It’s not about me. It’s Yuwen If you’re here, she’ll be happier Yuwen… What Yuwen needs is you I almost did something truly inhuman But please trust her The responsibility for everything that happened is mine Thanks for the medicine I hope you’ll stay on with us one more day I need to change my life I won’t go over to little sister’s room He told me not to go once Master, will you take your meal? OK – Please close the door – Yes No, just leave it open Young Mistress, would you like your meal? I want to live I have to continue The first time he’s been inside my room in years

Young Master, would you like a snack? Young Master? Young Master? Young Mistress! Young Mistress, come quick! Something’s wrong with the master! – Go and get his sister! – Yes Liyan! Liyan! What on earth happened? Laohuang! – Go and find Young Master Zhang, quick! – Yes Liyan! Liyan! Zhang! Zhang! – The master has passed out – What? Come quick – Get me my doctor’s bag, quick – Yes – When did you find him like this? – Just now Was he lying on the bed at that time? Yes, Laohuang discovered him here when he came in to bring him a snack Is there hope?

You have to save him for me Thank you Young Master – Go and tell his little sister – Yes Brother! Brother! Brother! Is he Big Sister, what’s wrong with him? He was just fine What could have done this to him? You’re with him all day long. You should know what disease he’s suffering from Tell me! Tell me! Brother…. Brother It’s OK Big Brother Zhang, you’re a doctor You have to save him You can’t just let him die like this I won’t You’re his best friend. You have to save him I’ve already given him an injection What’s wrong with him? Brother! Brother! I never knew he was this ill Laohuang, what can I do now Why didn’t you come and get me sooner? Zhang! Liyan! We’re all here We’re here What were you thinking? What’s wrong? Why did you Don’t talk with him so much Let him rest quietly as much as possible Sister Big Sister How is he doing?

He wants to eat I already gave him something to eat Try not to worry so much Big Brother Zhang is leaving tomorrow – But when your summer vacation starts – No! Big Sister Big Sister Big Sister You and Big Brother Zhang are in love, no? Yes, we are Big Sister! All right, stop here Why don’t you two go back? I want to see you off It’s still a way to go Let us walk you to the train station That’s exactly what I meant, it’s too far for you Are you afraid we won’t make it? I can carry your luggage for you Oh no Still as mischievous as ever, eh? Try not to make your brother angry any more It wasn’t me who provoked him! Do you think the young master will recover? He’ll be fine Zhang, when will you come back to see him? Next spring No, come this summer vacation THE END

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