Okay so I am at Seljalandsfoss I don’t know how to pronounce it, again I got here right on time, like these tourists, I mean this group of tourists just came in So I’m just trying to get the best angle It’s so rainy I’m going to be soaking wet after this Okay I should get back now

Okay so I am now way closer to the waterfall It’s really wet So as you can see, I am soaking wet I spent way too long outside and nearby that huge waterfall But it’s so worth it It’s my first stop of the day and I’m already soaking wet It’s okay, this will dry off You literally have to walk a thousand steps in order to get there Which is the top of the waterfall I’m coming back now, that’s my car, it’s over there So yeah it’s not too bad but, I think there’s at least a thousand steps I don’t know, I didn’t count Okay so this is the condition of my car after the storm I’ve tried throwing away (some of) the parts *mic is failing me* Hey guys, so it’s 11:26 am and I’ve decided to finish the day early

because someone told me there’s a storm coming in the afternoon and actually in my itinerary I don’t have a lot to do today so I only visited Skaftafell Look at how majestic the waterfall is

It’s freezing cold, but it’s awesome (it’s basically impossible to take good selfies/videos here because of the lighting and the steam?!)

(still trying…) So I was trying to find the lake, and I just found that it’s frozen That’s why I didn’t see it in the first place (I was looking for the bar Walter Mitty went to before he jumped on the helicopter. I was probably on the wrong block) So foggy though, so can’t really see anything Still pretty cool I’ll probably come back tomorrow morning, see if the weather gets better

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