[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so just before I returned to my church I would like to congratulate you personally is no more than the scum of the earth the ones who beat the hands that fit them therefore let this be a lesson to all these these miserable ones outside the walls not judge in unconsecrated God for them there is no salvation in Mexico only the poor well even this hair Sancho please [Applause]

wake up but Elvis whatever happens you do it by Americans say that they’re lost you can keep it thank you very much nothing the belt

that’s it justa piece of paper defecation paper nothing important [Applause] why don’t you answer your Bell priest really I said read it what are you doing here I asked you to read it priest bearer of this document is a serving officer in the United States Army on official business to the establish s establish the Mexican government they don’t like us they send soldiers here to try to kill it help let me welcome you to Western Bella come inna sleeve on garden bomba you disapprove a hard man and everyone deserves only for you priest the woman or maybe you don’t approve of the way Carmina and Bella give the last rites epic red jealous [Applause]

I wish to visit my husband’s grave very good you should have to remove her body without paying for it I can take blob I shut the lady to the cemetery all right priest and that is born of a woman in the midst of life we are in there we were then straight from thy ways like lost sheep we have left undone those things we should have done we have done those things which we ought not to have done there is no helping us please please wear therefore commit these bodies to the grave ashes to ashes dust to dust looking for the resurrection of the body when the earth shall give up the dead amen my husband how did he die I don’t even remember him it was not so long ago why would you think him up that’s not why I came though I did the senior account to give someone in this town $20,000 awareness tank would be so lucky I mean what would he have to do all he would have to do is say one word the name of the man who killed my husband you have the call with you I’m not so foolish the money will only be paid when the body of that man reaches El Paso across the American border I shall make if I can say bomba you take the Senora to the hotel and see that we see that she gets a nice clean hello friend here’s a deaf-mute [Applause] I say why do you hide from your good friend Don Carlo Santos a you’ve got new bottles Culebra who’s a bloodless party so terribly hot say nice so much drink I brought them with my

share of the money how much because they get third pesos sweat you down Carlos I found it under the table [Applause] okay now you will pay for those drinks shake him please don’t do this to me Culebra no bomba help me sure we have the truth you want to hang up there to just start stinking sister I puta sister La Perla she’s the one who gave them to me I don’t steal the money I tell you the truth now your money is all gone Bella take your money how about you angel what’s the hundred dollars in your room your dowry uh-huh nothing about my father he put it there Tito kid I saw her please let me down I don’t do anything remember that but godless returns we will heat Oh my favorite cutter back you tell this Indiana what you told me I will tell you dumb currents she will not speak even to save my life but I will tell you I will tell you everything Senora she kill your husband si si then you can prove it huh like kill me I just push 10 o’clock you kill him you pushy [Applause] [Applause] tell me Jose how many men have you killed ten maybe twelve I don’t remember I only obey orders color help your sister to give this you know husband if you say so god I don’t want you to say if I say so just say yes or no did you

help to kill him yes I kill him [Applause] our there’s listener satisfied they hate each other now you want the two buddies that will just one do for the coffee I know your husband our Gila there’s no such person that woman is crazy now you have to kill her first ago I haven’t seen any gold on your copy did you know my husband I know you we’ve never met the old woman said I’d love to be a revolutionary one must be prepared to be violent how do you know that dream was getting worse do you have a knife come into my room with a knife into my back comforts me why should I want to kill you it’s tough Cleveland I’m here you know why let your husband rest tell me how you sure it isn’t your own the other stranger who’s come to this town has ended up in the cemetery except you

[Applause] [Applause] well you waited too long a priest hey priest the Senora she is with you you gotta fight for her – bueno hey you’ll be at the door I said I fight for no one priest I was a mistake Bamba vidiian your friend Jimmy please I hear you now listen yeah blue water blue food few bullets right now he’s right we’re gonna do this in your office $20,000 in gold for a dead man right well for the same price very cheap I’m gonna give her her life all right all right just talk to her anytime gonna have a little truce Oh pacer idiot you what keep me covered

I thought I told you to stay outside watch idiot Francisco is watching now bombed by the 80s best are you doing now Senora tell us in order who is argue da da I cannot hear you Don Carlos whatever happened none else any till favorite so glad to see him at it all my life let me kiss with you first buy this either one night in a sense what passion makes history I’d make you lieutenant come on to my arm who years will be presidents ten years will or necks this elasticity very yes it what you’ve got to meet you yeah you recover I’ll never have a chance before

when I got the religion – oh yes you close together with a lot of rich you know my old friend so you are trying thrown back I’m a Oh so far from home so I know how to taught you what I know you but but but I know this would never break you after these and weathers very embarrassing and I will hang them in order to break you men and women young and old and you will watch me from your little window and you will be broken these are the goodbyes join me you can enjoy your supper Oh watch me forget moving down you’re looking older if the man excellent so what a mayor this time see Texas will I could do – it’s not official the mayor is here

see oh I’ll try you’re sure he’s Anna sure I no idea like you was my blood when you see excellency I’ve only been Mary how do you like to be whipped over her lashes you put the mayor how you like to be hung from the gallows like a common peasant Joey are gonna by tomorrow morning I defy key I mean whoa [Applause] [Applause] I’m your friend go back oh I’ve spoken with a girl he’s agreed to let the smoke go free only one must write our EULA we can all go free listen to me you must listen to me valued Oh Akito okeydoke this is that de caminha big right word for me – nakuru camina camina and whether you is they are watching us because they are jealous they hate us you have to say to their father Manuel Luis help me and we will go free all we have to do is to tell the channel who is Aguilar only one thing can save you let me hand over an argument to the turn-on one of you must know who he is hi MA the colonel has asked me to do him a service I should find a diva how can I fight him if I’m tied up I know

left again a step forward here’s a color it refuses and one of you must denounce him thudding tomorrow at 7:00 five of you will join your male of bomba and be hanged by the neck slowly until dead the same will happen every four hours until Oh stop here believe straight man like right men I need prevent would be wise to change masters Aguilar to respected brave ones over here this way this way it’s wife I don’t know one good lord holy IANA you tell me what it is I want to know your son’s name one words will cite some

chips real here tell me what you know about you know I was one of the first to join him over 15 years ago was a great fighter your face to know that at the same time I was one of these personal advisors was a great man if he had one there’d be no poor in this country I don’t care to know what he would have done only what you know about him now you see planning the uprising was very difficult pick up a mop force his head the spies everywhere he would not show themselves 21:40 I’ll be betrayed he could only try a few of us he would ride at night where he was called Angela like an eagle he would suit them and then be gonna get one oh but then later we were I was I do not see you like this very patient let my fingers touch the faces without you suspect and type integer if it is happier the old woman said argue la killed my husband the colonel says new yet the colonel says he did not know mine tell me what is true won’t you answer me no if you do not I will have the Colonel’s men drag you from your church and hang you everything is ready excellency speak and I will give the other which will for you

you think I should in the midst of life we are in death we have earned and strayed and I raised and I lost sheep we have left undone those things we should have done and we have done those things and he forgives us to trust us against him in 1840 we took a little trip mrs. Hill we took a little break and we took a little [Applause] we receive the latest oh I must have been a murder debate on the phone step so late [Applause] Oh [Applause] catchin we another round the patter of the time there was not yet once more they lost their pants like a bunch of biblical [Applause] we pretty close once more ladies baseball

I would do it all over again divide the chance it was worth it so you really lived in pack up yes maybe let’s all your life’s worth three nights ago puzzle so now I must die they need for peanuts we gave you money to buy guns not flying in Morse you’re a murderer you’re a fever this view from me my whole life I missed you three days [Applause] if I ever see you again I swear I will kill you [Applause] [Applause] is I’ve come to see the general you are late musician I am not truly a

musician no you look more like a bandit only one week ago I am an officer in the People’s Army what is the People’s Army the Revolution so you came here for us to shoot you no I think you make big mistake if you kill me before I speak with the general the general doesn’t speak to scum I think he will when he learns what I have come to talk about this man says he can deliver odd-even 41 all right captain take care of it says he will only talk to you excellency name is Maria captain get all the information know this very important information I tell it only to the general tell him talk if the general will look at me I am after all not a cockroach I am a man like other men angela is a man too the best one I ever know but he cannot help me now no one can to be poor in Mexico is to be dead Aguila where is he answer that general if he will look at me excellency let me take this one outside I will shoot him through the middle so here take a long time dying then you tell us about Aguilar go on kappa pan take me shoot me Oh leave us now where would I find argue that I will pay you the money you don’t have to find him he’s coming here tonight the raid is planned for many weeks for the night of your Fiesta he needs your guns and money for more guns he will be here tonight

[Applause] take him to the Pueblo get in there a while which way did they go in you know you know which way to go I said the Federalist adapt us such the heartbeat yeah there is no way out except by the door all right [Applause] don’t let you get away catch him catch him a kilo

I still don’t believe it it’s too I believe but then I’d never heard about it out till we find a company that’s one of the gym.again yes no wonder no one could find them they never was and argue that it was you all the time saying or writing with them or an Irish trick I don’t they take you to Mexico City you’ll be tried and shocked those are my orders Mexico City and dined and drank and had women that celebrated let’s get it over with why do you need a confession because I have our conscience this everything no I wouldn’t you like but he can’t s he is neither knighted I don’t believe you do not believe me so now I’m alive you are a fool how could you be sure I tended him when he had a head i touch his face many times there were two of them papa – are you dying his friend how do you know the wounded man was a dealer if I can only be have long the priest is not agonizing he has to be the other man a friend my place Betty sook you wouldn’t die for senior

drop me please help us sanctuary please there’s no such thing yes I remember you’re right got over what man can bear grateful on this thanks to the man we win you can still put on my uniform we win you can put on my rope what’s going on over there look no no I and I get much better here it’s cooler shall we be punished for our sins by them can we repent then they say it’s easy as a repent of those sins you’ve already committed them and know what you intend to commit if we have one I intend to commit a great many so it so we bit what so don’t like the odds

[Applause] you know as your husband couldn’t have gone on wouldn’t fight anymore man was crippled he could have come back to me that was not what he wanted that living died he said so dead live how do you know what he wanted but my body died you say so my spirit can live he pulled himself up onto his knees put his fist into my hand he shouted bail his brain he begged me firing that my name gone like the Eagle he said that every rich man in Mexico wake up screaming when the poor cried the terrible thing is that since I did it for him it’s all seemed to me quite useless I do I’m no longer being concerned with the just on the free simply and solely with this planet and this was all compass yeah the devil always wants to play God

[Laughter] you

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