chip chip chip chip here’s your water thank you yeah let’s see what it goes so welcome to the van welcome to the van we don’t have a name for the van yet no it’s our home welcome welcome home but we should have a name for the van it will come and we want to talk about our experience of moving out into our van and how what we have learned on this journey thus far and hopefully help you and inspire you to to do the same if you want to and answer any questions you might have we have found some questions that might be of interest and we have learned a lot yes we’ve also noticed just telling our friends and our close community about what we’re doing there’s a lot of people getting interested and have a lot of questions about it so yeah kind of why we also wanted to do this because we have a lot of questions still and we realized that people are interested to know more it’s actually I was surprised by how much interest there is in what we’re doing we spent let’s tell some background info three four years ago I used to run a conference and work as a lifestyle coach and we were kind of working together we were kind of flirting big you know and you were in Australia and traveling around the world and I was also traveling doing my thing and at one point we ended up in Thailand working together but we were kind of half-assing the business and rather wanting to just be free and and party and yeah we thought we wanted to work with that specific thing but I think for me I actually just wanted the lifestyle but that product would I thought would bring me right so I kind of started in the wrong and I guess cool yeah so we had to kind of reset I came home to Norway I had a big pile of bills that I had to pay and I was in depth and then some unfortunate circumstances happened and I got depressed and yeah I took a 95 job at a traveling company which was interesting because I went down in salary a lot and my you know I bet I’d needed a stable income and safety in my life and I worked there for a year and then I got another job really good paid career counseling coaching job which I worked there as a year for a year as well and but I I always knew that a nine-to-five lifestyle working in the office and was never for me so I always had an exit strategy sometimes it was super difficult to get by and just day by day because it felt it felt so distant my dream of living this lifestyle this free freedom I think is a very valuable common value that we have and that free free lifestyle seemed so far away but I think during that period of working a traveling store and working as a career counsellor we got we constantly were looking at videos some other people living the hope what we like to call the home free lifestyle and either from a van from a boat or just being an online entrepreneur that has the possibility to be anywhere at any time so that really really resonated with us and we were inspired we watched videos of people what’s called renovating dinner their Sprinter vans or Volkswagen or even boats and small houses and alternative ways of living and to me it was during that time that was kind of like my a dream of mine but it seemed very far away and I also came to Norway believing that I could just from one day to the next become an online entrepreneur and make a

lot of money and travel all the time but that didn’t really happen and I took a job in several restaurants and just working and trying to save money but it was hard because if they wanted to do things when I had time off right and travel and stuff so but we always we connected in the way that we always had that same kind of bigger goal and bigger vision and started looking at the videos and just get inspired but to me was like I just need to do this first and then I can move into a van or I need to save up this amount of money but realizing that that wasn’t gonna happen everything one day just came into place and you just decided to buy it right by the van after you know the universe kind of set it up for us without us knowing it and then all of a sudden we yeah we bought it I think succeeding in this and life in general has a lot to do with being adaptable to what kind of opportunities shows up anytime anyplace you know being adaptable I think is so important and I was fortunate to be able to do to make an offer for this corner and at the time and and I had the money the opportunity was there I found the car went to the guy’s place fifty other people had looked at the car so I kind of like I put in my sales mentality and just went for it and it was outside my comfort zone but definitely something that I don’t regret I think another thing you said about expenses in Norway Norway is one of the richest countries in the world but it’s also one of the most expensive countries in the world so expenses I mean you can eat pretty easily make a lot of money in Norway but it’s very easy to get into a lifestyle where you have a lot of expenses but you make a lot of money but also you spend a lot of money very it’s so expensive here like if you want to go to a restaurant and two people eat you have if you eat if you have dessert maybe a drink and a coffee you spend at least a hundred dollars easy just for a meal there are cheaper options and we you know that’s also stuff that we’re learning to find reasonable ways of of living but that’s also one of the reasons why we kind of want to live in this car and be able to go somewhere else when we want to because we we might have time in our life when we want to focus on creating a product for example and don’t have to worry about if we should go to that restaurant or drive for half an hour to find a cheaper one right because it’s such a big part of our economy yeah that’s kind of also the reason to why we’re doing this I guess you don’t have to focus on that kind of stuff focus on the things that we actually want to do yeah I think we both don’t care too much for having the perfect soft bed with you know big house and my own room for my own stuff in your room for your hobbies and you know it stuff like that we really don’t care about that so that’s one thing that you have to ask yourself like how much how much are you willing to pay how much you’re willing to give away for comfort because this is not necessarily a comfortable way of living in the sense of what you might be used to it’s actually surprisingly comfortable just to live in this net and we’ll be talking about that many times like oh we’re sleeping so good and I think it has to do with just feeling the confidence of taking grabbing life you know and going for it and yeah and also knowing that when I wake up I can I just go outside straight away yeah I don’t wake up in a messy home that you know I need to do the laundry today and then I need to do this and that that’s the bills and you know you just wake up and you’re free and you can do whatever you want from the moment you wake up and that changes the whole day which changes the whole week we change us you know your whole energy after that’s a game-changer that’s a game change I don’t know if we are conscious of it but when you wake up in your house you have so many thoughts that are connected into the things and the rooms that you are always surrounded by so when you wake up and you go outside it’s like there’s complete abundance its nature you you don’t you know so few attachments that it’s not holding you back like the classic Fight Club quote the things you own end up owning you and it’s and you see that when you don’t have a lot of things yeah you really you really see that when you let go of the

stuff yeah that’s when you can like whoa realize the difference I think that transition is perfectly into so when we bought the car both car in winter time I just had the dream and I saw the opportunity and then that was the period we were looking at videos reading article and listening to podcast of people of you guys and in in the van life community and and other people who are living a free free life so to speak and and then it took a while until we there’s a lot to do with the van and we’re both working at the time we’ve been working full-time jobs and we had to plan our exit strategy and figure out how we were gonna get the finances in check and have control over that and and in general get accustomed to the idea you know it’s very comfortable we were living very comfortably there at at some point I made six thousand dollars a month and you made three two three two now and then that’s before taxes so after taxes let’s say we had four thousand dollars left and our rent is like was like one thousand and then we had maybe another thousand so we had like two three thousand two thousand say two thousand dollars a month to spend on anything we want with all the expenses paid so we were living very comfortable mmm so getting accustomed to the idea that we’re gonna completely change our lifestyle to a very simplistic one and and cut our income basically is a bit challenging we started planning it wasn’t like we were sitting down two hours every day to plan how we’re gonna do it it was more of just keep the momentum up in inspire ourselves and believing in the dream and believing that it was possible right so you know that was the kind of preparation that we did yeah and we didn’t start building on the car until it was like Springs and it could be outside and you know yeah do all these things so the winter time was more like okay we have the van so we can do whatever we want then what do we actually want to do with it now we want to live in it do we want to just travel with it when we want you know getting someone to live in our in our apartment while we were traveling yeah it all kind of fell into place after a while yes I think we just kept it so open and it wasn’t we didn’t have to have it a certain way either we were open to all possibilities and then opportunities show up you know when you open up a little bit then all of a sudden that sorts itself out and you know yeah I’m finding finding out how we wanted to do it it’s very true I think life is a feeling process and the actual know how the actual steps is very simple it’s like you know your own situation you know what you want your situation to be and then fill in the gap you know ask the questions watch these videos you know read the articles and think like what do I need in order to to get where I want to go like it’s but in order to think to have that thinking process I think you need clarity you need that kind of which you said to be inspired if you’re not inspired if you think it’s a huge problem it’s gonna be a huge problem because I think if you if you can see that the house you can you can find out you have Google you have all the answers to all the questions that you will ever have about living in a van but if you don’t have the Y in place that’s when you can create problems for yourself mmm unnecessary ones because if you know exactly why you want to do this then you know having that amount of clothes or that amount of clothes will not be an issue it’s not gonna be a question in royal right and you have to be able to like put the energy where where it’ll give you results don’t put the money where your mouth is if you if you’re constantly buying new clothes or spending like take a hard look at your expenses I had to learn this test is way better than me and money management and and I had to learn it firsthand I have to sit down and I hated to look at bills I you know I hated to go through my finances and we have managed to together make it an ongoing thing like every week or every other week we sit down we at least get the overview so that we feel in control and then we can take action of like where do we want to put our money or what kind of assets do we want to create learn the difference between liability and asset like having a house might be

the biggest liability in your life because you thought it was a good idea because think you thought it was a good investment and maybe the price of the house will go up in in a few years but is it really worth it like is it really an asset or are you spending all of your time making sure that the house runs smoothly so all of a sudden you have lost all your time and energy and energy yeah and you constantly just slowly becoming a slave a sheep in the herd of people who are just trading their time working for some guy you know so try to be smart with your time time is your most valuable assets I know you heard it before but really like think about what do I want what do I really want to spend my time on how do my perfect day look or on my perfect week or month or like how do I actually want to when I wake up do I want to do exactly and the things that I feel like doing in the moment or do I want to be committed to something so for me the waking up to go to work for someone else when I could do it myself just seemed counterintuitive and opposite stupid yeah but I mean it’s scary sometimes I can wake up and be like oh I don’t have enough money what am I gonna do I don’t know how how I’m gonna get the next I don’t know when I’m gonna get paid next time right and that can be scary but I also you have to believe in the trust of figuring like we now we have so much time we can figure out a way to make some money if we have to we have time to do that and we don’t have to worry about you know we don’t have any expenses except for the car well if we don’t have enough money for a month then we can stay in the car and yeah figure something out yeah survive that is super important to see the value of your time and and what you can do in a day if you have the time yeah you know I think when we had a 95 job we we didn’t have any energy left after getting home from work and thank you I think you can recognize this in your own life as well that when you get home from work you’re done like forget a side hustle that’s a myth I to me it’s a myth like I can’t when I want to do something I want to do it I want to go all-in I want to do it properly so I need my time my energy my resources you know the morning routine the the meals throughout the day just to balance everything you know I want have time to work out I want to have time in the evening you know it’s just you want to set up your life the way that you wanna you want to design your own lifestyle so that’s huge yeah and it’s scary especially if you’re used to getting that monthly paycheck and you can’t see how else you’re able to survive I think one of the biggest learning lessons you can do in your life and I really mean this if if you haven’t done this yet this will be the biggest learning point in your life is quit your job and see how you will thrive and survive if you have to it’s just a matter of putting yourself in the situation where you have to survive and your neurons and thoughts and your network and your ideas and everything will point in the direction that you need in order to make it work and that is how it is and it’s hard to believe if you have an experience right once you’ve experienced it you can’t look any other way true you know so you need a you need inspiration and then you need to you need the balls to actually jump in the cold water and when you’re in the water yeah you will yep like yeah so many things we’ve learned from this experience already like I don’t know how to fix a car or you know we took off the roofs and then we learned what’s inside to how to keep the temperature good and like we’ve learned stuff about gas yeah like electricity and about the oil different oils in the car and so many things like it’s so many things that we’ve learned that we’re connecting more and more dots and I knew nothing about it before we started it it’s awesome once you get going and build up momentum you start seeing it’s fun and then you start actually achieving small stuff whether it be just painting the roof and then putting the roof back in you have achieved something and then you build on that confidence and then you’re all of a sudden in the mastering process as if you keep going and gonna be become better and better and then you build more confidence and become this positive spiral and all of a sudden you’re inspiring other people to do the same and we inspire each other and it goes

from there but that’s kind of like the bigger picture why we’re doing this you know freedom and letting go of all the commitments and stuff yep we tried to get some find some questions that we wanted to answer in on Sunday was it if you’re gonna plug the live stream I think on Sunday we want to do a live stream Sunday we’re doing like are we on Sunday and my hair on Sunday okay cool um Sunday at 7:00 so on Sunday at 7:00 and we’re gonna do a live stream and try to answer all the questions that come up at that live stream okay so questions how to work in van life how do how do we support van life how do we support this lifestyle so for us it’s kind of a as I see it there’s two parts of this box called income and for us working on line before we have experience in coaching and content creation and marketing and sales and we have done a lot of different things online to making income not only selling other people’s stuff but actually creating products everything can be valuable to other people so we have that kind of like in our back pocket and that’s something that we want to continue to do yeah as for now we’ve also what do you call it we’ve applied for sponsorships yeah we are collaborating with a production company that wants to help us get this first part of the trip on TV as a television show and we might get some funding from there so we’re just basically reaching out to people that we think want to support this because it’s not only about us you know we want to make something bigger out of this and show people what we have been talking about a little bit right to live freely and from your own creation and in tune with nature and simple and what’s it called waste free or like minimalistic yeah and so we have the we we we know some about online marketing and entrepreneurship we have invested some funds and especially cryptocurrencies and for those who are skeptical read up on it peer-to-peer transactions and is the future whether it takes 2 months or 20 years we tried to find think what’s gonna happen in the future and then you invest in it it’s one of the best ways to to make a passive income I mean read Rich Dad Poor Dad to learn about investment and assets versus liabilities so investments and then we have I’m making websites for people which I love to do and I’m trying to get some clients here in there and then we also rent out a bungalow on Zanzibar my mom and stepdad lives they own the house on Sansa bar which I’m fortunate enough to be able to manage so I’m renting that out on Airbnb at least until fall and when I’m hopefully are able to buy the house if not I am yeah there’s other possibilities so Airbnb is a great way because we can work off the phone and rent out and then we have so that’s when are you coaching right life coaching so I think that’s like five or six different income possibilities and streams that are ongoing and then like we said before just having the time and the freedom and not going to job everyday I notice I get ideas every day oh maybe we can create doctor like maybe we can do that maybe that can you know it’s amazing how creativity has more room in our lives so yeah I’m not worried about that because I know I can go with that idea and try that out because I have the time right but I can also do that thing and that thing and that thing and I can get sponsors from there but if I don’t then I can actually do create the product that I’d be wanting to create right you know so the ideas that comes every day just gives me the confidence that it will work out yeah and we do have a backup and we have a backup yeah you know it’s so II like I remember when we had jobs the the false sense of security of having a job is that we’re buying into the idea that we need the job it’s it’s actually not true I’ve lived many years as a solo

entrepreneur with you know 15 different projects every year some of them working great some of them not working and I was always able I’m still alive and I’m thriving so the job is a myth like them don’t necessarily buy into it if you love your job awesome if you if that’s your style go rock it but it’s definitely not necessary how expensive is man life it’s a question we might not be able to answer 100% yet but I mean we pay for the car approximately 150 dollars a month for insurance and then 20 40 bucks for car tax it would it’s called I don’t know it’s called and the fuel is pretty expensive in Norway but we don’t have to drive around that much so when we are obviously that’s a lot we’re not it’s there’s nothing so hard to say the expenses of what run life because it’s very different if you are in one place a lot of the time of a month or if you’re travelling at all and where you’re doing it yeah and also we have this summer time in Norway everyone is on vacation so a lot of our friends have their apartments just standing there for us to borrow if we want so we have been doing that a bit and you know it’s just more like day by day I think a monthly budget will do it in one video for sure but it would almost make more sense to have a day by day or week by week margin because it’s so diverse like we could we could stop all our expenses almost almost not 100% but almost all our expenses and and and live super simple for a few weeks or we could like upgrade and live nice and travel around and do a lot of exciting stuff and and have a huge budget so but it’s for now we really don’t know we don’t know but it’s way cheaper than having a party oh yeah wait cheap way cheaper how to shower we have bought like a five dollar shower that’s like a black bag that gets hot in the Sun so we have it in this in the in the ski box mm-hmm on top of the car it works great it actually works great like it gets really warm so you have a warm it’s not a strong current we have thought about maybe buying another one with which pump it’s like a tiny little pump and it pumps up to a shower and you can just pump from the water its bottle we have hair super easy you can have a water dunk I don’t know I don’t know don’t have to say it like a big one and then you can buy like a pump with a showerhead for nothing nothing and then you have a shower like it’s super easy yeah and we chose this alternative and we’ll see if we stick with it or if we change but it does far we only use that once other times we either use showers at our friends houses that were borrowing or the we’ve used a gym gym and then we have taken we have we swim in the ocean like the last three years before doing this I can’t remember the last time I swam in the ocean I think it was with my sister in my hometown years ago and now we’re swimming off and it’s so awesome like I love it yeah girl I used to think that I needed to wash my hair like four times a week or every other day or every day but that’s not entirely true if you get used to like our body of that hmm and we don’t go around smell and you know smelling no just because we don’t take that hot shower and wash ourselves with so every day we’re more of like we just get naturally clean if that makes sense like swimming in the ocean the saltwater is perfect if you want like it’s good for your skin I feel much more I feel much more clean actually yeah it’s about giving the right kinds of fuck yeah if if you feel terrible and you need a shower we have the option mm-hmm but in general we haven’t really needed that a lot and especially because this is summertime and we one of the big reasons why we’re doing this is because we want to be in the Sun so we’re gonna drive when it gets colder in Norway we’re gonna drive down south to be in the Sun so we’re we will always have the ability to find somewhere to take a swim or will have the ability to to warm up the showers so there’s been like two two

mornings or something where like whoa I really need to go to the toilet and I don’t know where mm-hmm so that’s something you need to think about we have thought about getting like a port-a-potty thingy but I don’t think we’re gonna do it maybe maybe not usually it’s good and if we think about parking somewhere where we can get a toilet it’s good and yeah it’s nice to get up in the morning and just again be outside so and if we’re in nature then that’s not an issue at all it’s healthier it’s actually way more hygienic to do number one number two outside and it’s just you know it’s a part of nature anyways all right I think that that can be for some people they’re like oh I don’t know if I could handle that but it’s nothing to handle it’s just take a shit yeah you know it’s really that simple yeah don’t be a bitch about it yeah how do we do laundry thus far we have used when we have access to a house or apartment we just use that so we don’t have a good answer for that yeah and also we I you know we use our clothes longer before we wash them yeah yeah you know if it’s not dirty it’s not dirty right when you’re at home it’s so easy to use it for one day and put it in the basket yeah do the laundry on Sunday and it’s interesting how its it’s interesting how some stuff that seems so important just falls in priority when you when you do something that you love and you you focus on what’s important to you and you I’m Way more inspired now than I was just a couple months ago and I’m Way more in the moment and I’m having more fun and like I don’t care I couldn’t care less like if if my t-shirt is not perfectly clean yeah like look at the kids in Africa for example if look at the kids in Africa like if I told them oh you can’t go outside you’re sure it’s gonna be dirty they would they would laugh at me I mean like you don’t have your priorities straight all right so it’s just yeah but um I don’t know we’ll there’s there’s there are things you can buy that you can do the hand washing and with like a spinner that spins the clothes around and stuff but we haven’t thought about buying that yet because we were not sure we need it we have another need yet when we draw when I was 15 and my parents drove me and my sister we drove through Africa from Norway to Africa and we had this this big huge bottle type thing that where we put we’ve just took water from the river we had some hand wash and then we put it on the roof and we drove so it kind of washed it all the times we just washed it in the river and then dry it in the Sun and I guess bring some hand wash and you get mm-hmm you’re gonna have so much time that’s the cool part you’re not spending 8 9 10 11 hours a day commuting and working for someone else so you can spend so much time and washing the dishes and you actually gonna enjoy it because you’re just spending time you know you’re not stressing you’re not constantly running the hamster wheel so you’re gonna enjoy doing the dishes you’re gonna endure enjoy doing fixing the thing little things and spending time on and because you don’t have job job to go to on Monday you don’t have to do the laundry on Sunday so they were you can wait until you find that perfect river where you can do it or you can wait until you find a really cheap laundry yeah you know shop yeah travel insurance health insurance I mean it’s a health insurance that they I don’t know about that but uh travel insurance we have one called gaved ah it’s like think a hundred and sixty dollars for a year mm-hmm a full year or $200 or something and that’s also very difficult to say depending on where you’re from it’s different so much you know ten minutes on Google making some research and what what’s the best insurance for you you know you’ll figure it out shouldn’t be that expensive what kind of food do we make and we have casseroles and pans and dishes and stuff here and we have a small little kitchen that’s on gas that we can use inside we’re gonna buy one that we can use outside because I like to make food and I want to have some more I want to be able to stand up and yeah we have a small we have a small fridge but it’s small and we have the boxes under the bed where we can storage like and canned food and stuff so a lot of canned food I guess we’re going for you know oats and nuts and things that

you don’t have laying outside for a long time and oat milk yeah Haute milk is that a regular milk a lot longer it’s also a process and and I think if you think food is an issue then you know it’s just not yeah it’s just not an issue if you have for me storage what’s important if we have storage for food you would find a food that you can store yeah and and it’s just a few of the items that you need to have in the fridge yeah and that we prefer to have in the fridge wait so that’s that’s easy and I think also what’s called LEM tools and beans that you can just leave including water yeah so I think we’ll live thus far we have only made healthy food we are really healthy when it comes to food I think we’ll just keep that going and and you know we have time to make food we don’t need to buy fast food that’s you know just have time I saw a video people are talking about it’s so easy to go out and eat instead of cooking but I’m not worried that we’re gonna do that actually because we especially when we are on a limited budget sometimes it’s it’s cozy to cook in here and we do have the time and we need to be creative and we are being creative because you know we can spend the day figuring out what we’re gonna eat for the next week and make that into a fun thing you know yeah and plan it and have you know time and energy again it comes back to that all the time you have the time you have the energy and the inspiration will come to figure all these things out yeah day by day and that’s fun yeah super fun yeah and then there’s the electricity we found a secondhand solar panel with too bad a huge a hundred and five on pad batteries that we have in here our friend Tory has helped us tremendously in getting the car ready internal engine and in terms of the electricity and he’s just a super awesome multi-skilled guy who just he knows everything so if you know everyone anyone who are handy reach out to them because they might want to help you like they might actually enjoy helping you because he just thinks is awesome awesome that we’re doing this and he loves building cars and stuff so we spent two weeks working on his car and then another time another week and all the time and some here and there and just getting it ready so it built here power outlets and that goes the solar panel charges the two batteries that we have behind here and then they send the 12-volt to in two inverters that converts it to 240 or 230 volt and then we have you know a cigarette outlet car outlet and then obviously we have the storing battery in front that and when we drive there’s a switch that turns the Dynamo don’t move the none the charging the car charging the starting battery but also the these two batteries so these two batteries are charged both from the solar panel on the roof and when the car is driving that’s also and this for it works alright we’re getting used to to to how much power we can use but that’s far we’re good yeah so we have a lot of equipment you don’t you have cameras and laptops and we do both so we we try and like so what we have now is the solar panel and the battery and the gas for the fridge so you’re not using electricity for the fridge but the gas right but we have a lot of equipments that we try to be smart about it and charge them whenever we are around the phase-in apartments with family etc we bought a router actually I was given a router in Switzerland one point so we have the router we have a mobile router small router and then we pay like $100 a month to get unlimited mobile Wi-Fi hmm and it’s supposed to work in entire Europe it’s from the biggest Norwegian company telling me which has they have

I know they’re cooperating they’re huge so they’re cooperating with companies all over Europe hopefully it’s gonna work all right in Norway works amazing like it’s like ridiculously good so hopefully it’ll work good in other places as well it’s a hundred gigabytes download and then we can upgrade it to 200 for like 30 bucks mmm so it’s 200 gigabyte of download on a fast mobile the fastest mobile Wi-Fi that you can get and also what I think is important all of this is that you need to be adaptable like if we all of a sudden have run out of data or electricity then we’re gonna have to adapt right and but it’s easy to do that when you’re in a car and not only can you drive anywhere and actually change your setting but you can also you know just ok we have to go to the beach today then you know what I mean you just have to adapt your your days until like to where you are and what kind of possibilities you have very true so basically to me the biggest thing has been realizing what I do want to do which is not what someone else tells me to do at a job the job was great and everything and I’m happy that I’ve had jobs in my life but to me the freedom of waking up in the morning and do what I want is way it gives it just gives me more even if it’s just let’s say it’s just for one year and then I realize I want a job again I’m gonna learn so much and it’s gonna be worth it either way so that’s like you know just have the big Y while you’re doing it and then all of these details well you know we didn’t know how we didn’t know how the fridge worked before we we knew you know we didn’t know how to get electricity in we didn’t know how to find a solar panel we didn’t know how to storage the food but because we knew it was gonna be worth it because of the bigger picture we figured it out some details I forgot to mention the solar panel like if we were to buy all that new he would probably cost us $1,000 we found it secondhand for one hundred and fifty dollars yeah go go buy things secondhand reach out to the community let’s get growing by the day so exciting because not only the van lifer community but they’re kind of let’s call it hippie community or people that are looking to live a more free and alternative life it’s super huge and just you know Facebook even yeah mmm so many people want to help you so many cool tips and tricks and life hacks and car hacks and ways of doing this that we’re just getting started like we have a Volkswagen Transporter and it was already rebuilt I bought it from a surfer who had like the it’s like surfboard lengths under the bed so everything is like made for surfing here he was super cool he liked to work I were actually gonna use the car for this so he was more willing to sell it to us and so we were lucky when it comes to rebuilding we didn’t have to rebuild anything I’m if if this is really for if I fall in love with this lifestyle as much as it seems like I am I want to you know build one from scratch and then you know gonna learn so much you know that’s the coolest part that’s the coolest part and also if your Norwegian or Swedish we did a podcast a couple of weeks ago where we talk more about why we’re doing this and kind of a big why right so you can listen to it the link we put the link in the description yeah all right on Sunday I’m gonna do a live stream where we answer your questions and and interact live so please sign up for that or something if we’re gonna find a link or whatever just keep keep yourself posted with our material please contact us if you have any questions follow us follow us on social media and there will be content and videos yeah we’ll make videos we have a drawing we have cameras we are inspired we’re gonna travel a lot we hopefully are making this into a TV series I’m excited to show not only like today we went on a safari and today we went to the beach and today with all the fun things I want to show everything like even when we struggle because we’re gonna jump into challenges and adventures and unexpected events and I want to share it all right so yeah if you’re interested

just cries out okay we love you

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