This is Nashville, capital of the U.S state of Tennessee But what is it most famous for? Music Here, you’ll see the Grand Ole Opry House, home of the famous Grand Ole Opry stage and radio show in Music Valley. You’ll also see the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, as well as the historic Ryman Auditorium downtown And I’d like to tell you about a remarkable music story here Naomi Streimer began as a young pop star, she had every sign of rising up to the elite in those concerts all over America But something pushed her to a rather different career. A very special career. Yes it’s all about music, but it’s also about something that can lift us all up, even higher Here we are in the music centre of America: Nashville. And the most famous event and location here? The Grand Old Opry, this is actually Ryman Auditorium the original site of the Grand Ole Opry House. It was first open way back in 1892 as the Union Gospel Tabernacle. Yes, a church. Believe it or not it was built by a riverboat captain and Nashville businessman who owned several saloons Thomas Ryman. There was a famous revivalist back then, Samuel Porter Jones, who really impacted people and Thomas wanted a big tabernacle for him Hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world would come here to take it in After Thomas Ryman died, the tabernacle was renamed after him, Ryman Auditorium, and then it was used for Grand Old Opry broadcast from 1943 through to 1974 Those were weekly country music stage concerts and it presented the biggest stars of that genre and it went on the radio right across America. It was, in a sense, a one-hour radio barn dance and will become the longest-running radio broadcast in history. This Opry showcases a mix of legends and contemporary chart toppers. They perform country, bluegrass, folk, gospel and even comedy skits Today this Ryman Auditorium is a National Historic Landmark and because of its origin as a tabernacle it’s called the ‘mother church of country music’ It grew so much in fact, that in 1974 the Opry had to build a larger venue here Just outside of Nashville is the new location for the Grand Old Opry Country fans flood here to enjoy the concerts Well, the Grand Old Opry was just the beginning, now there are all kinds of places in this city where music flows out Yes where some of the most popular songs are first performed. This is Robert’s Western World, a honky-tonk in Nashville, it has hosted and continues to host many of the big-name country artists A band named BR549 used to do a four hour nightly gig here They went on to play for some of the great country singers: George Strait, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw. But this place also hosted some of the huge classic rock bands like Crosby, Stills and Nash Yes all kinds of people come to this city There’s so much music celebrated here Well I’ve come to Dark Horse Studios to meet a talented and popular singer who does perform a lot of music but it also has a remarkable story. Let’s go and meet Naomi Streimer ♪ I have seen a thousand roads, and some of them I’ve taken ♪ ♪ I’ve been lost so many times, forgotten or forsaken ♪ [GARY] Hi Naomi, it’s good to see you [NAOMI] So good to see you I guess seeing these gold and platinum records brings back some memories? -Oh yes, looks very familiar

So Naomi, tell us, what have been some of the highlights of your music career? -Well goodness you know I think the big highlight was signing the multi-million dollar recording contract when I was 18 Five albums five million dollars that was extraordinarily huge and it was followed by number one singles and accolades and press and people saying huge statements about my career and what it was going to be. But you know there’s always that point where you say is this really what I want? Is this, is my dream really everything that I thought it would be? What’s it like being a pop star? -Well we’re in a room that pop stars spend lots of time in, for me I remember you know, you can spend 12, 14 hours a day in here for weeks and and that is the life of it, you know you write the songs and you demo the songs and then you wait for the record company to choose the songs and you know it’s this whole process where pieces start to come together this big puzzle and you know and the surface is very glamorous there’s a lot of work and it’s not always exactly what we imagined it will be going in, you know, there’s there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye Tell us about the beginning How and when did you get involved in singing as a life goal? -Well I grew up in a musical family although we did not have any entertainment. So my musical entertainment was my parents writing songs and when I was six years old I decided I wanted to become a singer, which is interesting for someone who doesn’t listen to the radio and that was me and I became adamant about it and it was all I really wanted to do so when I did discover the radio at around ten I thought I have to I have to be on this thing and so continued working hard through my teen years and that really just led me to this career and for me I was so focused on the goal I never thought of failing, I never thought there was an opportunity to fail and so for me it was I’m just going to find a way to make this work and I was a bit of an odd child I would have rather work on my career than hang out with my peers and that’s what I did through my teens And you begin writing songs too didn’t you? -Yes and writing for me was not something I wanted to do I wanted to be a vocalist like my favorite singer Celine Dion and I thought I can just sing and I went into a studio and I was about 14 to make a demo and I went in and I said, ‘This is the this is the song I’m going to do’ and the producer looked at me and he said, ‘Well did you write it?’ and I said ‘No’ and he said, ‘Well we’re not recording it because it’s not you’ and I said, ‘Well many people sing songs that aren’t them’ and he said, ‘Well you’re never going to go anywhere unless you start writing songs’. And I was so upset with him saying that that I wasn’t good enough to do it just on my voice that I went home and I said I’m gonna prove him wrong I’m going to write songs, not because I have to but because I can, and then I’m going to say ‘I don’t need to’. I was very stubborn and so I that’s how I began writing songs, which ended up proving to be very useful to me You were 18 years old stepping into Sony records for a record deal worth millions of dollars what was that like? -Well to me this record deal meant the world It was all I had wanted for as long as I could remember and I had worked toward it sacrificing many other things and so and Sony in particular was the label I wanted to be with. I’d met with several that week and had callbacks and callbacks until I was with the president of Sony and to put things into perspective when I went on this trip to New York, my father had said, you know my dad was a literature man, he sold Bible books door-to-door and he said ‘We can’t afford this, we can’t afford to send you all over the world to make music, so this is it.’ And I remember I’ve made a promise to my dad when I got in the plane I said ‘Dad, I’m coming home with a record deal’ Which was ridiculous and if you you know if you’re in the industry you go that’s not gonna happen it’s gonna take months and showcases and going back and forth and that was it. In that moment, with that president, she said, do you want to sign with her company and I remember just being so overwhelmed I didn’t even say yes. I was just like *gasps*. And it was a Valentine’s Day and I I ran out of the office they pulled up in a limo, and there was flowers, and I called my dad and I said, ‘Dad guess what? I’m coming home with my record deal’ It’s pretty phenomenal Naomi you performed with some of the biggest names in pop music like Carlos Santana what was that like? -Well, you know, working with Carlos Santana, he’s one of the quietest, calmest, most humble people you’ll ever meet So getting together in the studio was a rather extraordinary situation and when he first hit the guitar, I remember immediately recognising that, just, so distinctive sound and I remember that moment in particular just being a couple

feet away from him and hearing that on something at a written and I remember that moment going this is this is the moment that I’m gonna remember forever And it was really wonderful, you know he’s a really good guy and we went on after that to shoot a music video together and and you know it was it was it was just extraordinary it was a wonderful situation Naomi you actually had a number one album and yet? -Well you know the number one hit it’s it’s funny because you go into the industry and you think it’s gonna be perfect and it’s gonna be just like what I see on TV and just like I imagined but it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors and you know it’s a it’s a lot of running through back doors and through kitchens to get to the stage and I mean it metaphorically and physically. Where you know, you it starts to unravel the truth behind the industry and it’s a lot of hard work and there’s a lot of politics and there’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes and even though we had we reached this number one status with the Carlos Santana song it just it just never really fulfilled in the way that I thought it would and it never came to this moment where I thought oh you know this is it For me it was always just lacking and the stuff was always going on behind the scenes that just didn’t quite feel right and like as though things were on the verge of falling apart and many times there had been ups and downs and ups and downs and you know I was a great rebounder in the industry, but it just never felt fully satisfying it wasn’t a feeling that you could relax in and go you know I got to where I was working hard to get for all these years that wasn’t, that wasn’t it It was, something is uneasy about this for me [GARY] Your career has taken many twists and turns in your book Backstage, you found yourself in hip-hop star Puff Daddy’s studio what happened there? Yeah I had never thought that I would end up in Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs’ hip-hop studio in New York City, because I wasn’t a hip-hop artist, I was a pop artist but in this journey that I was on you get this kind of pressure that you don’t want to miss your opportunity or you don’t want to get out of the game for even a moment because then someone else will come in and take your place and I knew it wasn’t for me I knew it wasn’t right and I felt as I was starting to compromise even my own dream and I found myself in this hallway and knowing I didn’t want to be there that evening knowing that I somehow was not feeling good about the situation and I had been picked up the night before by a chauffeur at the airport you know to take me to my hotel and to the studio, very lovely guy, and he started to come down the hallway and you know it was just this very unusual situation that took place, where he stopped I stopped we stared at each other he made this odd comment of having a dream about me the night before and something popped in my head cuz most people would have been like ‘I’m out of here, that was my cue to go’ and for me I had heard the night before that this man was a Christian and so for me I was a Christian and I thought there’s a connection and I’m just gonna see what this guy is trying to say and what he was trying to say was that you know the Holy Spirit had given him a message in this dream he’d had the night before with an angel, just you know this supernatural situation and at the beginning I really thought he was pulling my leg, I thought he was just taking me for to be like ‘funny joke’ at the end But it wasn’t, it was very serious, it was very real and he began to tell me the story of my life and at the end of that story of my life as I was listening to it he began to tell me my prayers that I’d had only with the Lord you know these were not the prayers I shared with other people and when it got to that point I knew this was something much bigger than the two of us, this was God intervening in my life and in a hip-hop studio, you know he had really, was making a huge effort to shake me and say, you know, ‘I’m on the verge of losing you but I want to send you this message to see if you’re going to listen’ and the message was you can continue to chase after your dreams and you can continue ending up at this road asking yourself what am I doing here? Why isn’t this working out the way I want it to? Or you can at this moment in your life, turn away from the dreams you’ve been chasing and pursuing and being so adamant about and you can pursue me and that message was you can pursue God and giving up everything else and if you just pursue him, Jesus, then at the end of that road all your dreams will come true and you know I think it’s

the message that comes to all of us at some point or maybe multiple points in our life and there it was for me being given to me in a hallway in a hip-hop studio in the heart of New York City and I remember I ran out of there shaking you know with the tail spine-tingling, and I remember thinking to myself no one’s ever gonna believe this happened and they’re gonna say I’m crazy and and I didn’t know who to tell her what to do but I knew God had just made a huge effort to get my attention and he had gotten my attention And then you meet Randy Jackson, American Idol, that must have seemed like a big move forward -Randy Jackson, I mean he is a household name, icon, from the American Idol franchise and there I run into him on an airplane and the the whole situation was so unusual and when he sat down next to me and said ‘You know, I’ve been thinking about you and there’s a project I want to work with you on’ You think, you take that and you go there has to be something behind me, like this is not real And so even though I had gotten that message in the studio from God you start to question, you go well maybe this is from God is this maybe God’s idea of my future and not my idea? And I did go down the road with Randy and you know we started working together in this project, songs began getting written, produced and I was getting the glimpse of that world again where every every day I would drive into the studio and I parked my little car between the Bentleys and you know, the Rolls Royces and and it’s just, it’s just like this is a little taste of what your future could be. But as this was happening and as I was going deeper into the project and was starting to feel the people that I was working with we’re pulling away saying ‘What are your priorities?’ And it became such a head point where it was, you know we know God is a thing in your life and is he “THE” thing or is he just kind of a side thing Because if you’re going to do this you have to be 100% in with no distractions This has to be your god and God, your God, will understand I remember that was a conversation, not with Randy, but with the people who were involved and at the same time I had found myself at It Is Written meetings that were happening every night, there was a evangelistic series going on, and for me I was hearing you know one side of the story of history, and the future, and what God is calling each of us to do and our role to play in what is taking place on earth. And then I was getting told during the day that you know ‘God will understand if you put him on the back burner’ and it just got to a point where I knew, I absolutely knew, I don’t want this anymore, you know, I don’t want what the world can offer me, I don’t want all the shine and the glamour -which really is just smoke and mirrors in the end I want what God is calling me to because the world just cannot compare and the world can’t fulfil what God can in your life and cannot give you that peace and cannot take you to places that that no one else can take you And finally I got to the point where I said, you know, God is the dream I’m chasing, because I know how that dream ends and that dream ends with eternity and that’s the one that I wanted, I want to hook my cart to, yeah And now you’ve committed your life to God, and you believe that he’s leading you He had some big surprises in store for you, didn’t he? -Well God kind of took over my career, because there was a point where I thought, I’m out, I’m just gonna live a nice little quiet life, and God started to open doors and close doors and he was calling me to this music ministry and that’s now what I do full-time and it has taken me around the world, singing and proclaiming God’s love not just for me, but for everyone, because I’m not the only one who has the story of God calling to each of us saying, I have a dream for you, I have a plan for you I feel like, I could, you know my purpose now is to share what God has done in my life to hopefully inspire others – they can do it too, because I’m not the only one and God has just been blessing and I look at things that I used to think were significant in my career and those things I couldn’t care less about now and for me it’s watching lives transformed and I get to see that now when I when I have concerts and when I go places to sing for the Lord I see lives changing, you know, I see people transformed, forever, and what really is happening is I’m meeting people that I’m going to see again one day, you know, and it’s just, it’s so wonderful, because you’re really just meeting family around the world and encouraging each other in strength that yes God is a great planner Naomi, what role does God play in your life today? -The role that God took over is really the role of everything and I know that

sounds really broad, but that is how I wake up, that is how I go to sleep, and it is simply: ‘Lord take me where I am to go next’ and take me as far as I can go’ And then when a door closes I know you’re gonna open one. They always say ‘You know, he might close the door, and open a window and it might be a couple minutes between’ You just have to trust the windows coming. But you know that God has something, always, and that is kind of where I’m at where I say this is exciting and this is fun and I’m going to enjoy this moment that you have given me because I have no idea where it’s going next. I’m an adventurous spirit so I love that, and that’s kind of the role my husband and I have taken with this entire thing, you know I remember we were making a move and we thought our move would be, okay we’re gonna pack up this house two months we’re gonna do a couple shows and then go get another house and unpack and we had no idea that God’s plan was; you’re gonna be on the road touring, going from church to church, and having concerts for a year and at the end of that we look back and we say you know God’s plans always way more fun So he really is, you know, the creator and the planner of my my dreams, that’s it ♪ But you knew this ♪ ♪ and everything that I know now ♪ ♪ oh you knew me when, I couldn’t find my faith, ♪ ♪ I couldn’t keep from falling down ♪ ♪ You knew then, everything that I know now ♪ ♪ Well, you knew me when I couldn’t find my faith ♪ ♪ I couldn’t keep from falling down ♪ ♪ I didn’t know I had, just waiting to be found ♪ ♪ You had my heart ♪ ♪ Cause you knew then ♪ ♪ everything that I know now ♪ ♪ You knew me well ♪ ♪ I didn’t know everything that I know now ♪ What a great story Naomi has to share What a great story about finding your purpose in life Do you ever wonder about that? Do you ever question if you really have a purpose? And if there’s a guide who can really guide you that well? That question is reflected on this Shelby Street pedestrian bridge in Nashville, goes over the Cumberland River, a lot of people walk here, from one big event to another Why? Because on one side is Nashville downtown, a lot of things happening there of course, and on the other side is a huge football stadium, this is where the Tennessee Titans play. Yes quite the scene here that pictures which way to go, which direction, which event, which place, do I really belong in? I’d like to show you something important about getting a good kind of guidance in your life, There are two basic mistakes that cause most of our problems when we seek guidance Some people tend to base major life decisions just on impulses, on urges, others are very cautious always waiting for guidance, seeking it but never quite getting a clear word, so here’s what we need to do, when seeking guidance when trying to get across the bridge to the right side. Take a good look at your personal style, do you run ahead of divine guidance or lag behind? Impulsive people can take a lesson from the life of Jesus, he once spent a whole night in prayer before making an important decision Yes we need to wait on the Lord, developing an ear for his voice Cautious people can take a lesson from Jesus too. His basic command was ‘follow me’ Jesus was always on the move and his disciples learned to find God’s plan for their lives while following him, while accepting new challenges Wait on the Lord and follow me, we need both of these things in our lives Reflection and action, listening and following, it’s only in that process, in

that trial and error, that we can get real guidance, find our real purpose Naomi did, yes after all her challenges, troubles, she feels she’s been led to such a wonderful fulfilling purpose in life, I believe you can too, I believe there’s a divine guidance out there that you can take in Why not ask for it right now as we pray? Dear father, thank you for caring about our direction, our lives. Thank you for having such good plans for us. We pray that we will become better in seeking guidance. Help us to see our tendencies, help us to both wait and follow Thank you for what you can lay out Thank you for taking us across the bridge In Jesus name, amen What a great story Naomi has to share What a great story about finding your best purpose in life If you’ve enjoyed our program Pop Star With A Purpose and would like to find the happiness and fulfilment that Naomi Streimer discovered, be sure to order the free gift we have for all our viewers today It’s a booklet entitled: Heaven is it for Real? This booklet is our gift to you and is absolutely free. There are no cost or obligations whatsoever. There are many lessons that can be learned from Naomi Streimer’s story. Lessons that can make a difference to our lives today So don’t miss this opportunity to obtain your free booklet Here’s the information you need Phone us now on: 0481 315 101 or text us on: 0491 222 999 or visit our website: theincrediblejourney.tv to request today’s free offer So don’t delay, contact us right now If you’ve enjoyed today’s journey be sure to join us again next week, when we will share another of life’s journeys together and experience another new and thought-provoking perspective on the peace, insight, understanding and hope that only the Bible can give us The Incredible Journey truly is television that changes lives Until next week remember the ultimate destination of life’s journey: “Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

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