*WHOOPSH* TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU LADDIES! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome BACK to Life is Strange This is the before the storm, uhh, Season This is- Everyone thinks that this is Life Strange 2 It’s not Life is Strange 2, It’s a prequel So this takes place before Max and Chloe’s adventure And the other season of it that I played Umm I think season 2 is still actually gonna be a thing that’s coming And sorry that I’m late to play this Uhh, By a few days This game came out the day I flew out to Seattle for PAX And I really wanted to get it before- Before that, I wanted to be part of the PAX prep But, I got the code at, like, midnight that night So, I- I couldn’t play it and I couldn’t record it and couldn’t get it up For when I was gone So that’s why it’s been a small bit of a delay, so, apologies on that front But we’re HERE! We’re finally here! Ummm, I think You control Chloe, in this game And I think it’s the story between Chloe and Rachel Amber…..? Is that her name? Might be wrong Uhhh, so, I’m excited to see what this is going to be like I don’t think there’s any time travel powers in this one Which is a little weird Because that was one of the cooler elements of The first season So I’m curious to see if it’s actually going to be- If it’s still gonna be good in that regard If it’s gonna have that heart and soul and the story Buuuuut, who knows? Let’s get in and play Episode 1: Awake There’s only 3 episodes in this as well By the way I think there’s like a special bonus fourth episode that might come out with Max Not sure Episode one, “Awake” Stay WOKE everybody [Suppressed inhale] And I think this I think Chloe and Rachel “Story based game that features player choice…” Same as always I think that they might’ve been more than just friends It seems like there was more to it that– When you were finding out stuff about Rachel so I’m not sure Oh hella yeah [Silence…] Oh shit! [Chuckle] It says 1337 on it, really? [Chuckle x2] Well THAT’S irresponsible! Of-fucking-course! [Laughter] [Sound of disappointment] Yeahh This– It’s a different voice actress for Chloe as well which makes me sad, because Ashly Burch did such a good job, in the first season Ahh that’s sad, I wanted it to be the same character Same voice, I mean “FENCE”, thank you Yeah– Did you see, the train had 1337 on it which is LEET uuuuugh it’s so bad Fuck yeah! [Laughter] Augh, this is so lame It– It’s lame in a good way though Cause the– Life is Strange has always been kind of cheesy with the teen culture Like the “Oh This is…hella…cool!” Kind of stuff Ahh, I miss this Who knows– Yo, what’s up? Dudes? [Chuckle] Hey! You there! Slap! Guy that got beaten up: I understand, I understand, really, and– and it won’t ever happen again I swear! You can trust me… I promise… I-I really get it now… I do The dude has EDGE written on his hand in a tattoo Ooo! Isn’t that like, uhh, thing? Didn’t you owe… Oh go- By the way It’s been a really long time since I’ve played Life is Strange Season 1 So I’m- I’m gonna miss, a lot of stuff I’m gonna miss like character names And I’m gonna miss, Some tiny little Details that harken back to the first season So, Apologies on that

Umm But doesn’t she owe the- the drug guy, money after awhile? Wait, Doesn’t he have an RV? Is this his? You also need spray paint Nnnah, Why would it be? Ahh~ Sit n ponder at the bon fire! Maybe Re- Refresh your est-as flasks [Moan…?] But that’s where the heart is! ‘kay… i think we’ve- I think we’ve pondered all the life that we can ponder Yeah and the dude in the RV had a dog That I, accidentally got killed I think HmhAww Okay, Let’s see wha- Let’s see what Bouncehr is gonna say to us Sick tats! Is it really that hard to make- Aye, It’s pretty big I wonder if it’s that hard to actually make fake IDs Although There must be a reason, Umm They probably have a like thing Cause I don’t know. I don’t know American IDs I’ve never sat and scrutinized one and being like, “DIS IS A FAKE!” I dunno if they have like a little… Bar codey… Holographic thingy I didn’t wanna do that! okay “BLOOD SPORT. Taste iron PUNK!” I’m missin’ the show okay There must be something back here that can help Haha! A door! I don’t need to go in! I gotta get in there and listen to some MEEEETAAAAAAL!!!!!! [Chuckle] Can I look in? Just open the fuckin’ thing You can do it, I believe in you You’re strong! Duhduhduhduh-du-duhduhduhduhduhduhduh-duhduhduh Woah-ho! Some Graffeye-ty Ah, I’d thought you’d have ahh, thing “Not a meth lab!” “Free candy!” “Not a meth lab!” Breaking bad reference! [Cringes] Ugggh, The sound of markers Rubbing on things like that, Uuuggh Makes me wanna grind my teeth Nice Some of my finest work Wait, Where the hell do I go? I didn’t see anything else I wonder if I can talk to the dudes and let them let me in Nope Yeah yeah yeah Can I find like a spare ticket? or spare ID? Or… SOMETHING around here that can help? Can I stop getting facial hairs in my mouth? There’s hardly anything back this way is there? No What do i do?! Everything else just says like “look” at it Maybe I can talk to him “Let me inside, now.” “The mill.” “Your bike.” Let’s see “You’ve started a backtalk challenge.” OoohoohoOO!~ Teenage angst ahoy! Let’s fuckin’ do this “In backtalk, you use arguments and-” Also teleport your face apparently

“-and insults to get someone to do what you want.” No Okay “To succeed, pay attention to what your opponent says.” [Laughter] This is so weird! This is what it’s like To have arguments with people. you’re like- “Okay, They said that okay…” Clever retort… Go Give me a solid… no bedtime YES!! SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! [reading] Okay “Again, listen to your opponent’s words.” I got it, dude [reading] “Cute is relative “I don’t do ‘cute’.” I only do, rock hard balls to the wall, METTAALL [reading] “This isn’t a playground.” He didn’t say anything about a playground Sometimes the right choices are more difficult to pick out Here, playground is good response to.. kid Ahhh that’s good Don’t need to protected I got some balls to the wall, puncharoos Agh! Uhh bosses suck! Nah! This is so cringey! Oh, my face it’s – it’s like a sucked a lemon before I recordered this video My face is gonna implode on itself Don’t care if you had a knife or a gun. Girls kick ass and I rule and bosses suck Then again, she is supposed to be a teenager, so Jesus! [mimics dog sounds] Are you the guy who owns the RV? [reading] Scream. Don’t touch my soul with dirty hands [laughter] [with laughter] Why?! It’s so cringey! Is this Life is Strange or Try not to Cringe Challenge? Yeahh… that’s – that’s the thing about Life is Strange games, They were always kind of self-aware about how cringey they were I don’t think she gives a fuck Darkness fills my soul! Heart on fire! Okay Am I supposed to do something with it? Hey! [laughter] Better Are we going to roll this car…down the hill? He’s not really being a dick He’s selling shirts And you need to pay for them And shirts at shows are always hire because that’s how bands actually make their money Parking brake Here we go.. criimes Stick it to the man, Chloe! I didn’t do it! I swear

Okay… I – I want a shirt now What’s Chloe, we’re not stealing! Yeah, exactly Even though… I fight guys If you had a knife, if you had a gun, I stick it to the man Guys are dicks I crash cars and I steal shirts! Society can’t control me Hey, meth! Then… embrace it Skeevy guys! Ooh, a knife! Take it! Knives are good! Knives are fun! We can go and stab the bouncer with hit and then show him what do Okay good chatting to you guys Fuck yeah it’s a beer! Hell to the yeezy Talk to yourself and drink some beer. [slight laughter] Ah, dude, look at how chill this girl is [laughter] Ah, Frank! That’s the dude Um, I say as I’m taking my time looking around the place Smart call Let’s talk to Frank He’s the one you end up owing money to in the other season, and, he owns the RV with the dog What? How ’bout some weed, dude? It’s cool, man! ‘You come in here often?’ Have to drink more, forget my feelings [laughter] Uah… spot me some? I wanna get fucked up! Dang Now I don’t [unintelligible] get my super high on! I wanted to take the super weed and get super off my face! Look at the stairs Sure does I love all the graffiti around the place as well It says like, ‘fuck power,’ ‘hard fuck core’ [laughter] So silly! I love it! Okay let’s look at the deer head Yeah! Which, by the way – let’s go listen Oh, fuck yes! Into the war zone! Ow! Uh oh Hey! Here we go, go upstairs

Watch out for the dice-dice! Don’t break ’em Yeahh.. light on your feet Oh I love this song! YEAH!! Fuck yeah! Whoo! Is this where I”m gonna reet – meet Rachel? Reet Machel? I’m just gonna sit here and rock out all day! YEAH kill it dude! Whoo! A’ight Can I – can I now? Ohh shit Heh, beetch Uuuahh Umm I have a beer! I can give him that. It’s in my inventory Beeetch [chuckle] Rachel? [reading] Choose carefully. This action will have consquences Ohh I do love to attack I think me and the other girl can take him! Or should I run and be safe? [thoughtful inhale] It might come back to bite me in the ass Ahh – attack! Oww Owww! It is Rachel! Time to get the fuck outta Dodge Later, Frank Aww Thanks, Frank Rock fuck! YEAHH! Look how much we rock out AHHH! [chuckle] [laughter] Oh, man. Oh, god The dialogue is so bad! [reading] Fat France I remember this bedroom [laughter] I have a – a multicolored finger going like this Beautiful [reading] Square Enix presents Life are disturnged There she is, lying on that bed we all know Okay – let’s get up and start the day Feeling nice and cannabis fresh Isn’t that kinda what you do all the time? Hey it’s Max!

Max Caulfield, from the first game [reading] I punched a guy’s face, almost got stabbed with a bottle, broke a dude’s car and stole a shirt [reading] It was a pretty good game Not the best game ever, but it was pretty good [reading] Hey I was just there. Yesterday. [chuckle] [reading] Plus I have a sweet ass… black eye for a souvenier [reading] ..Okay [reading] And that’s hard science! That’s just math ‘Cause Max left, and her dad died in a car crash I would love some eggs and bacon right now [repeating] That.. girl Rachel Amber, I was right! Dude is that Daenerys Targaryen? And her dragons look different Yeahh It’s just darkness IN MY SOULL in my head heart on firee [reading the options] Genius is – I want to see how you end this There’s that sound of markers again It’s not too bad on that God damn it they’re closing the doors? [reading] Genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent LSD My motto is genius is 1 percent inspiration, 120 percent masturbation Ohh, i’m trying, I’m really trying It’s ’cause your dad is a cutie! Yeah can’t you tell by the no-faces? Rachel Amber should be the last one Doesn’t look like the girl I saw last night, the girl I saw last night was blonde! Then again, people /can/ dye their hair Okay, you shut up We have the periodic table and I have the option to improve So – I’m about to improve upon.. science right now How am I improving this? Did I really just put ‘marijuana 420’ on it? [sigh] Ooh hoo oh boy we are in for a fucking ride with this game [laughter] [reading] ‘Why can’t you be more positive?’ You know, the unknown element in the periodic table Marijuana! Is that true? That’s pretty metal I mean that’s pretty – METALL! Pirate power Clever! That one I’ll give to you, that’s a good joke [reading] That’s cuute~

Okay – I need to change clothes – what am I doing? [gasp] Skateboard! [chuckle] Yeup, I don’t know how a big giant helicopter shaped like a middle finger would do the same Get dressed I need my eggs and bakey Ohh dude! Fire-butterfly-skeleton, Bonus outfits? A raven Bonus outfits or Firewalk I think bonus outfits are stuff that you get.. with the game Classic Chloe pre-order – okay [reading the options] I kinda want Classic Chloe Can I change them back – can I actually see what they all look like? Could I play dress up? There we go! That’s the Chloe I know and love – except you have normal hair – instead of blue hair Hmm Should I keep her like that or change her again? Ah I’ll keep her like that Oh, wait! Shit, I clicked change! Fack! Ok, let’s go with the raven I don’t want to have the exact same Chloe You know, it’s a new dawn. It’s a new day- That outfit sucks (inhales) WELP. Classic-Chloe it is! I kinda want to try some of the other ones Sorry now I’m just playing dress up Punk doe! As in like, punk deer Doe, a deer, a female- Thaat’s cute look at my little shorts Adorable! (claps) That’s how we’re going out today Ohoh yeah! (inhales) Righty Yeup How are you gonna hide the black-eye face? I’m not even drunk I only had one beer Come on, leave your mom alone, she’s a nice lady Now call your phone 1-800-HELLA Oh my shirt says “Jane Doe” That’s clever (Dial tone) (ringing) Do do do do doodledo do do ‘kay I got it I got it! One. From mom [Chuckles] Ah I have a message from Eliot Ooh Max Can I go to the top of this? Oh god [Reads the texts] Hey- I think I’m reading these backwards No [Reads texts] She not talkin’ Let’s talk to Frank [Reads texts] It sure is (4/20) [Reads texts] Aww here’s my sweetums My tasty, hunkalicious Eliot [Reads texts]

I dunno what “lo siento” means Ooh look at this punk rock down here Ummm [Reads texts] [Reads texts] Ohhhhhhh Yah YEET That would make sense MOM PURSE? No, not that one Hey, now come on Your mom is just being protective with her little Davey-Dave I always like the music in these games It’s very calm, quiet and sombre It really fits the mood of the- the type of game that it is Awright let’s take this purse and go on down to give it to Mom Oh gosh mom Why don’t I just give you my blood while I’m at it? Daad Ooh. We did it We solved the puzzle We solved the puzzle of where’s the missing phone Or…look at everything Hi mam! She didn’t move her mouth She’s a fucking doll Aww come on mom! I like bacon but I don’t like vomit for dinner! Breakfast! That’s words! Yeah, I want some “de confi” Well, you know, food is food Heh swear jar Just turn around and be like: “Hey mom. FUUUUCK!” “There’s ten.” [Chuckles] That’s a weird way of remembering your dead dad [Reads flyer, ending with “blah blah blah”] Yeah David was kind of an asshole in the first season [Chuckles] That’s sad Most of us do Chloe Most of us do That’s a cute picture [Reads writing]

YAAAAARRRRGHHH Allllllllright But she didn’t ask for anything! She just said to put the thing on the table And I’ve come back, MUUUUM! Hey mum! That’s a good point, let’s talk about pot roast!

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