hold on tight 3 2 1 and now here’s your host happy Friday everybody my name is Josh quarry you’re listening to iron real media on flat earth Friday French cast TGIF thank God it’s flat today is July 28th 2017 you know we’ve had a bit of a revelation this week apparently we’ve been putting up videos on YouTube for quite a while now despite our low numbers uh it’s been a little over a year since the six of us have got together and started doing this thing bringing our Flat Earth knowledge together and sharing it with five or six people that listen so this is just a big shout out to all those people that have been tuning in for however long you’ve been tuning in again we do not have quantity and listeners but by god we cornered the market on the quality so thanks everybody out there that’s a solid listener to iron rail media we really appreciate your your loyalty so yeah it’s a normal week we’ve got a full house we got Rob John Walt Adam James and of course I’m Josh we’re all here just want to give a quick shout out to Rob I know he’s been feeling a little down so I just wanted to let him know that we’re all here for you buddy we love you and whatever we can to give you a little rub well I’ve been feeling down because I work so bloody much alright I never won but I do love you I love all these guys here we really have been together a long time and we’ve been doing a lot of things more than just putting out these videos on YouTube we get together throughout the week and we’ve been doing that for a long time so we’ve really formed a great bond even though we’ve never actually met so there really is genuine love and kinship amongst us all so that’s I think that’s what comes across the best over the air is just the fact that we all do have a genuine relationship with each other we’re not just here because we’re flat earthers but we’re here because we love each other anybody happened to be flat earthers know that guy you’re that guy I love that guy yes yes sir love that guy and we love you too you obviously haven’t seen me in the flesh then I’ve seen enough on a computer screen to deny that description yeah that’s it that’s it I’d still give you a hug broth if you’re feeling down Mike if you’re feeling down you makes areia offload I’ll tell you what there’s something about flat earth you know the there are ups and downs I don’t know I imagine almost everyone on on the panel is felt this that you know you get dry spots yet it’s it’s a roller coaster ride of emotions and you know revelations this week and bitching the next week you know I I’ve gone through the same sort of thing well you know he just can’t be asked anymore and yeah next week we’ll be doing what I did do what I did do yesterday was I saw a Ross for the first time in three weeks yesterday and he didn’t get any of the stuff that we wanted him to go do an ism South African South American thought you meant to sleep on one side and his bubble didn’t move that’s what didn’t happen he went over there and he’s bubble was exactly same spotless rose but he didn’t record it or anything like he said his bubbles in the same spot I asked him to start up a Facebook page for North Queensland for flatter if North Queensland and see if we can get any members there and maybe ever meet up there because it’ll be good too well I saw well this week in Oregon and with marble you know they did in a pump sitting in a pub with like-minded

people there wouldn’t be I couldn’t stand on the corner with someone not knowing me to get there now couldn’t say that’s what I’ve been trying to get Ross to open up a Facebook page Facebook North Queensland see if we can get some members and maybe do a meet-up right we don’t meet like-minded people with flat Facebook Rob that’s a great way I’ll tell you though Chris Cox the guy in Oregon who got that whole thing set up there’s some out it’s easily available on Android I’m not sure about iPhone but it’s called meet up and you just kind of go in there and search and you’ll see in pretty much every area I’ve searched other than Oregon that was not a flattered of community yet so you can pretty much start one there and be like you know kind of like Chris did started out with like six people saying they would show up and by the time des Marvel put a video up mark Sargent promoted it this carolling Guttman day promoted it on her channel there was twenty five twenty six people there at one point so it can be put in what you’re interested in photography the hiking in fact the first meetup they were doing when I got there the week I was there was going to be a hiking there somewhere in Seaside so it’s quite a distance from where I was staying with my brother so listens to this show in the future get in contact with me Rob under school Freddie Twitter and contact me you know we’ll try and do something something that some stage cuz I’ve already got Russ on board Russell meet any time better be good what’s the Facebook page gonna be cool you know I just told him to put Flat Earth with Queensland the cities are EDIUS how they’d be within where I live there would be three or four hundred thousand people within within two hours drive Westeros see I hear you yes or only I did try and set you up with a with a flat earther this week didn’t I would he said there are only about 10,000 miles away that’s yeah quite a same latitude though nearly yeah if he wasn’t married I need be down the right Africa really speckle T there all seem to be dance South Melbourne Sydney cos most of Australia’s population is from Brisbane downwards Brisbane being in Queensland where I live but but brisbin’s got a couple of million then you got Melbourne and Sydney got four million each but they’re all a long long long way away for me they’re all the unsafe so you were gonna go and go and hang around the originals camp I bet there’s a lot of them that know the earth is flat and stationery sorry Joe was that hanging around the originals not the aboriginals with the originals they wouldn’t have been fooled by the spinning earth ball something native Australians yes we’d call them Aboriginal it’s not that’s not original that’s aboriginals it’s yeah these originals in it hmm I think it’s just like Native Americans were called Indians cuz they fought that was India you ignorant port so Aboriginal Zeb the prefix meaning what like without to look it up can’t remember so we got a pretty big show today there’s a Facebook friend of mine that I saw made a post that he had a friend of his who was still living on a boat for a while you run into a lot of time wasters and basically these professional shields would like to sit there and ask pointless fallacious questions that’s going to ultimately go nowhere it’s just designed for you to waste an entire day playing with the trolls so that’s what they’re really good at so we decided to get Brian on because again we love to hear a good coming to Flat Earth story plus we wanted to sort of address some

of these questions because it’s not that there are hard questions because they’re not really about the Flat Earth and answering these questions isn’t about spreading some Flat Earth knowledge these questions are so fallacious I think that they deserved a bit of attention just to be able to point out the sort of the thought process it takes that’s going to help people come to Flat Earth because it really is so far from what we’ve been ingrained with and Anna doctrine aided with that it takes a little bit of practice so if you’re not used to it and you’re not gonna recognize it you’re gonna be forced to ask these kind of crazy off-the-wall fallacious questions that people are going to ignore because you haven’t approached it from the right angle because you’re still not thinking critically enough to formulate the questions properly so I thought this would be a good way to be able to do that so later it’s also coming from a position of a foundation a faulty foundation should I say you know like someone if they accidentally stumbled across the Flat Earth folly society then they would have these questions as well because the foundation of the propaganda they’re putting out in these these places is complete horseshit so of course their questions are going to be all [ __ ] too so yeah it’s a it’s a great example of coming from completely the wrong foundation in the first place because you can’t be asked to do some proper research just say I think we all kind of had a I don’t own Libyan our only jerk reaction to these questions and that we were just like really these are the questions and I mean they’re very basic so maybe we approach it that way these are like you say primer questions these are the the most basic of the basic questions that someone who has no knowledge of this would definitely be asking so those being said there are some questions in there that are quite unique I would say oh you know I’m not entirely seeing where the thought process is coming but you know some of the questions were quite bizarre aha it’s not ships over the horizon and Coriolis and pendulums and stuff it’s there’s just some amazing leaps of assumption and everything in there that’s exactly what I thought some huge jumps of logic that make no sense at all bizarre is a great word for them yes there’s some bizarre questions and there’s strawman is how I’d describe em guys the man with our brain in The Wizard of Oz just remember Flat Earth yet most people around right most people haven’t heard of Flat Earth yet so these are they’re still the burning questions in like one of my mates asked me the other day yes well how do had a time zones work you know and we’ve heard this a thousand times yeah so I explained into it you’ve got to explain it to them because most people haven’t heard so you’ve that’s probably the that’s probably one thing that’s been getting to me having to explain the same [ __ ] over and over and over again you know so it’s so obvious to us but I talk to people face-to-face John oh yeah go ahead Adam yeah on that point Rob that’s kind of a bit like my job mate and the one thing I would say to you is yeah you know what you know do you might at times I have to tell a woman how to use a pessary and a thrust cream and the kids have to take this and that and the patter that you develop eventually for the first year it gets a bit repetitive and eventually you develop into a patter that is robust enough that just rolls off the top yeah and it becomes solid in a phenomena I appreciate Lee said it’s boring now but but actually it in there was a path away a lot of city augments once you’ve got that solid pad maybe maybe if I didn’t get the role of the eyes and you know those those sorts of actions or reactions every time you might try and talk you know and and then thought but the biggest problem I’ve found is if you’re talking to one person then another person over here is and then it’s two on one or three on one and a group will always beat a single person every time doesn’t matter whether I’m right or wrong three or four people will come in there

being three or four people who who won’t listen but you know the earth is flat so you have never defeated and that’s not that’s not the point James that’s not the point when you when you continue to do this and you get four people rolling their eyes at you then then it’s pretty it I don’t know I’m gonna have to try it but I would think your confidence in it and your calmness and your patter that really is what happens you do develop a routine my don’t bother I don’t bother anymore I’ve haven’t even bothered with the go and the office anymore I don’t bother I don’t I haven’t spoken about it in got a number of weeks near my favorite you’ve been fighting on the front lines man I I’m proud of you brother for sure yeah that’s a different it’s one thing on the on Megan videos and blogs and typing but like face to face is another so I hear you people are energy beings and that does drain you when they’re just constantly attacking attacking attacking and yeah take a break Gordon talk to people on the street about this I wouldn’t I barely talk to people I know about this but yeah so for you to have everyone who works with you know this information is massive target on your back and top respect don’t respect that it would piss me off too yeah we’re almost done me you know I suppose for the last few weeks I just don’t bother anymore they bother with a it’s just unless they come if they come and ask me a question no lawyer I’ll answer it get a one sheep flyer and fill it out and if anyone just walks up to you again they’re there that you just shove this flyer in it like stick them up in the bogs stick em up all over the walls and everything just look these are your [ __ ] questions and these are the answers now go and do your own research well I say I send them because I’ve got you know most of the people in the office I got their phone number so I’ll send them a video what’s this now they don’t watch it then I watch I’m not watching it for any oh well tweeting 24 hours but didn’t have time to watch a 16 minute video it was just like well if you’re not gonna watch the video then don’t then this conversations over goodbye but that kind of relates to the questions in the way that we were sent there’s kind of a part of Italy if you could be asked to sit down and write those questions like that in half the time of title you could have found out off the answers yourself and that disappointed me with the questions because I’d love to help people along but those questions and it’s a bit like the guys in the office mate they’re not there for help maybe this is point where you take a bit at James’s biblical teaching and stop throwing your pearls at swine but what the challenge is so this Brian D Hall’s just cut and paste them from you know some [ __ ] forum like meta junk oh it’s probably good this we’ve seen this before you’re absolutely right we’ve seen that although saying that I did keyword search it a couple of sentences from the questions and didn’t come up with anything on Google so you know I mean I’ve seen people writing reams and reams of stuff in comments on on YouTube and things like this and it’s just like you say Adam they the time it took them to right then crab they could have gone and looked it up yeah so me demonstrate actually interested are they they’re interested in having an argument with you they’re not interested in even considering the fact that you might actually have a point and that they could find out at the trip laughter we didn’t disproving your point because their religion says what you always spouting is blasphemy to say that the other interesting in massaging their ego and they’re interested in a nice shootin fish in a barrel session but I think a lot of them go way with it tail between sand you know some of them actually become flat earthers no not many well not many of the dialogues that is keep in mind rub that sometimes all you need is a little bit of time you’ve been hammering these guys for almost a year with information now if you just let them sit they’re gonna think about it they’re gonna it’s gonna stew well we can it back a bit we’ll be able to hear from straight from the horse’s mouth we have Brian Acker with us he’s joined us so we’ll be able to find out exactly kind of what the story is with Ryan and where he’s coming from because as I understand it they are friends so he’ll be able to give us a bit more background Brian how are you doing oh you’re muted

you’re pretty quiet I can’t hear you so uh well Brian figures out that audio what’s been a little bit more time with Rob before he has to go out here and rap I’m just giving you a little trouble of earlier I know you’re not necessarily feeling down I just haven’t talked to you in a while you’ve been pretty quiet you’ve been busy doing other stuff so I just wanted to come in say hi and give you a little trouble just as I do love you yeah it’d work wise I’m busy yeah have me work doing much at all other than yesterday I watched a quick video on NASA and have the simulate the the Eclipse and the earth seems to be spinning the wrong way and all their simulation eclipses for the airs as they were unseen that I felt really fudging it with dr. Zack did a video actually a while ago months ago on the upcoming eclipse and that’s a neat one too and I do believe Antonio su Bharat’s and Flat Earth math are currently as we speak debating it out over the efficacy of dishonored yeah right of this upcoming eclipse so there’s only did a video today saying you know the heliocentric is whatever is going to be extinct in in August when the Eclipse comes and and I I agree I think when you analyze this and we’ve got the tools now to analyze it it’s gonna be really really difficult to have there west2east bumbling along moon casting a west to east shadow over the the spinning ball below I mean it’s gonna be hilarious to work not only that John apparently in dr. Zacks video he actually worked out with AutoCAD that it shouldn’t even be over if if everything was the way they said it would the eclipse would happen in the ocean just before that’s right yeah sounding stuff like mine laddering like how and have you seen the actual NASA animation I think that’s one Rob was talking about in ways that pour the questions that you had talked about earlier on to and we have the guy in chat growing hall didn’t chat ripping it up and chat it oh right well we sort out brains audio big yeah I think we got you now brain is okay that’s alright you may have to put on a set of headphones because I think your speakers are on so we’re gonna get some wicked feedback we maybe just turn this down here a little bit maybe you could go a little lower just to avoid that feedback so your speakers aren’t the to yourself I think that’s better yeah I think that’ll do so it’s nice to finally talk to you maybehe surgeon I think he’s going to go grab some headphones that would be even better oh great well we sort out Brian’s arty hey Joe um just on something in chat just just just made me think that Sigma oh okay tennis or dentists wanted me to check out is that supposed to be the center of the southern Southern Cross is it it’s meant to be the equivalent of your polaris everything rotates around something but there’s not a particular star that I can go out at nighttime and see it’s not there apparently I’ve talked to people down south I reckon they if they grab a telescope they can you know the most fantastic telescope ever they can they can see something there but with your naked eye I can’t see anything there I’ve done the time-lapse I’ve done the time-lapse without a moon which you can catch ocean or run stars and I can’t see it so this I’m doing yeah yeah yeah he’s talking about them that Sigma star mate I live down here I can’t see it no [ __ ] you won’t be able full [ __ ] Oh Rob I think you did sir okay thank you

excellent it’s nice to front well chance to talk to you hi brain okay so Randy Hall um me and Randy ha go back about 10 years actually when I first became involved with the troop movement he was one of the first fellows that I found on Facebook and you know I said hey this guy got some bang entrence seems teaching about her and i teaching about all kinds of other things but ever since then and he made a lot of sense up until you know a few years ago and then I got this post here the other day that he tagged me and I mean I could have went through each and every question and answer each and every single question but that is not what he’s interested in and so I don’t waste my time anymore so that we all hit the same opinion as the motivation of those questions they’re not there to be answered are there most definitely there to cause division there to distract and they’re there to divert you from you know what we’re trying to do you know I have a peaceful conversation amongst I mean I’ve met almost thousands of friends since I became a flat earther and I find the number one tactic the trolls try is division and diversion do you not think Brian though that when you’re in amongst good components it when you discuss the questions that their agenda becomes quite apparent and laughable almost is quite it’s no longer based on science it’s no longer based on facts it’s based on a premise to try and create an argument that you’re not making and dissuade that out you know disprove that argument at least I think we talked about a week after week in different form after form and the patheticness of the argument that’s against this that rather than engage in a proper scientific debate on the facts that we like that and you know be but as we say in the eclipse of comment you can’t argue that and I think it’s to what John said it’s just laziness and why I don’t know because their religion says they have to defend it so because literally the time they waste with the that they could learn everything anyways so yeah I guess we could read through some of these questions they are pretty laced with expletives so you’ll do my best to edit them out or we’ll just figure out how best to do this I can commit I can leave the expletive done to them I got them right here in front of me I’ve been through them so I know them quite well you do me a favor real quick before you start reading those out can you maybe unplug your mic and plug it back in or give it a little twist in the port and see it sounds like there’s a small shorten in it somewhere I’m getting a little bit of a crackle it’s silly where these plays quite those questions in it because we all know if we’re flat tardes we don’t need constantly reminding of how [ __ ] we are when you ask us a question so again is to me stuff like that mate just goes to the credence that you have no argument because you have to pad your argument with with this statement that my response is intellectually deficient in some way and now that is a sign of a wee argument in my book do not mean that if you engage in that kind of behavior in any other professional world you’ve already lost before you begin in reality so here’s what I’ve I just had it sort of had this revelation if you could take he uses the term flat-earthers a lot in here see flat-earthers say this and flat-earthers do that just replace that with your favorite derogatory term of any group of people use the n-word use whatever word you want and put it in there and see if that doesn’t come off like a super hyper judgmental person that’s just willing to make bleakman statements about anybody without having to look at the content of the character of an inn / 8 northerners as well – so yeah northerners are not really much of a surprise that he’s not getting answers to this I mean if he could actually phrase the questions in a polite intelligent way then he may find he gets answers to these things – to categorize everyone stereotyped everyone assumed that all threat others think the same thing you know it’s just you aren’t surprised you don’t get answers to it why would anyone bother talking to you if you can’t form a sentence without calling someone a name it’s like a survey script for Jerry Springer Show you guys are familiar with the Jerry Springer Show with just all about this bizarre over-the-top outrageous drama where everybody just says the most outlandish thing in the most outlandish situation they can and then try to break

out into a fistfight over it and that’s what this kind of that’s what this approach is we’re just gonna say these super outlandish things and attempt to hopefully trigger somebody and then we can just get into this big shoving match over whether what she put the earth is and I think he’s having a problem he’s running into these non-hostile flat-earthers and he’s just being ignored and I suggest suspect that it’s probably upsetting it maybe even more well he’s very used to being told off on a daily basis oh well I guess it’s good practice then so yeah go ahead Brian you want to start reading some of these questions well I’m just hoping that my microphone works so I’ll start off reading the questions I’ll start with first one and it says how can people on a flat disc see underneath that disc if nobody has been underneath that before okay so that’s the first question yet we somehow know of a soap star not just a North Star Sigma tan panties how the heck do we know the existence of the soap star if there is no soap bolts in the flat earth model all magnets apparently have only one pole nonsense so did you get all that yeah we got it yeah so even the first guy the first question how can people in a flat disc see underneath that disc if there’s nobody been underneath that disc before what does that have the fighters right who cares that’s our first point proven Josh isn’t it right have a conversation with this at least at least there was the courtesy of learning the basics about what you’re about to oppose I’m quite capable of opposing the heliocentric model because I understand it and if I was going as a heliocentric to engage with flat-earthers I would at least learn their model no and this is the disappointing thing about that first bit the question is right there’s not even a response to have because you may as we’ll talk about a piece or any others you know flat cyst thing that there’s nothing to do with our current understanding of models well find me a flat earther that thinks we live on a disk like a pizza floating through space that has an underside when you say flat earthers think this then you’re you are assuming propaganda that you’ve read is is correct you’ve done no research at all other than to go to the standard Google Flat Earth beliefs and taken that as gospel do some research III don’t know a single flat earth earth that thinks we live on a pizza disc no I’ve never spent the 1 and the 2 plus you who I’ve been doing this I haven’t spoken to a single one it’s all there’s been propaganda yeah the next thing is we don’t know the only the the deepest drill that’s gone down is 8 miles the Russian 8 mile drill and it couldn’t go any further because it was melting the beds done you know they describe it in meters so it sounds big they’re like 50 1000 meters below just think about this really in all the stages of working through this whole Flat Earth research that you did in the early days how long did it take you to find the infinite plane let’s be honest you didn’t jump on the infinite plane in the first couple of months even the first couple of six months some of the big quote-unquote big researchers in the field actually argued against Samphan plane theory quite a bit in the early days of their shows if you will remember so thing that not open floating disc in space might not exactly be true I think there actually are quite a few that are working their way through that even as we speak I’ve come back to that wall with the two things James and and John said they’re right and I don’t disagree with you first of all you’re right the the concept of things that work beyond what we first start to imagine is is very difficult but those the concept of trying to imagine something that does fit with reality is very different to recognizing the fact and this come back to the ballers and the description and the question is ghosts just given us that’s fine dude but the system’s you’re talking about don’t work on your model eva’s James said exact all on a flat plane he’s eight miles all right so stop pretending that the religion that you believe in is real science

admit it scientism and let’s meet in the middle with science and figure out what the Frick is going off pal but whilst ever we dealing with fundamental scientists yeah it’s like trying to argue with a jihadi with a bomb strapped to him you ain’t gonna get nowhere because they’re their religious beliefs are too entrenched for logical debate to be engaged blood a light bulb Adam you’re hitting the nail right on the head you can’t blow it a light bulb so moving on to the magnets Mary yeah let’s go ahead we don’t work we can start setting up some of these Sigma antennas questions later on we’ve sort of already dressed it a little bit let’s uh let’s get brain go and read that next question about the giant spinning magnet we know earth has a North Pole no so full this is idiocracy and ridiculous does not exist again sorry how many fat asses does he know that say the South Pole doesn’t exist or who’s in order sure let’s go ahead and let him go since he’s spoken for us for wanting to cut in so ed will go ahead sorry dude the first thing is there’s no physics science basic science there is no such thing as a North and South Pole there are two things yeah and they both rotate in the same way but if one’s heading at the top of an object and wanting at the bottom object they appear to rotate in the same way is the same thing heading in the same rotation from a different point of origin that we’re experiencing with magnetism is no such thing as a North and South Pole and again when we get arguments like this it’s like arguing with the blind about what they can see ken wheeler is what I’d say oh there you go there’s a great place to start to learn the basics of magnetic magnetics so there you go Ryan ken wheeler go and do a hundred hours research like most of us have done at least on ken wheeler but and I would just like to add your your point and you’re making a big fun about how it has a plus and a minus who’s to say that our plus and minus isn’t the Sun and Moon and that’s our battery so have an open mind as well well also we in you know we can manufacture a magnet here is a speaker magnet with the North Pole Center and the South Pole all the way around can you see my screen or not yeah that’s brilliant yeah there it is there’s a speaker magnet now what I’d like Ryan to show us is how we’re described here scientists think the electrical currents flowing in the liquid outer core so this liquid outer core here deep inside the earth that’s the true unit I’m sorry deep inside the earth generate the Earth’s magnetic field so you have a molten liquid core deep inside the earth that creates a generates the magnetic field although it’s liquid metal it moves around through okay so liquid metal would need to be at quite a quite a high temperature right so we’re we’re led to believe all we’re taught that this liquid metal is creating magnetism when you can go and look up Curie temperature see you are ie temperature what temperature does a magnet lose its magnetism it’s around let’s say 200 degrees Fahrenheit magnets will quickly lose their magnetic properties the magnet will become permanently demagnetized okay so you’re asking to believe things that you can’t create in in reality whereas we can quite happily create a speaker magnet you’ve got there just go back to the earth with the magnetic core this is a great point even even if you didn’t believe what Jon just explained to you about magnetism of the way in the gray temperature acceleration

there is the Earth’s core and we can see the top end of what Venezuela Nicaragua South America guys sorry is somebody hearing buzzing like as they’re buzzing or crickets or is it just you yeah it’s crickets and there’s nothing I can do about it I’m all exotic now a minute right so it is alright I thought I noticed the fire moving the legs together legs yeah there’s only Italian cricket yeah yeah so if you if you if you just look at the pitch of the John’s pot there and take your composite imagine you’re you’re you’re stood on the most northerly point of South America that you can see that which way they only mind that it’s the magnetic the MIT Moulton doesn’t make magnetic very much it wasn’t molten enough my point North if you’re stood on the north of time on the top of the magnet is pretty much what it’s close to 90 degrees parallel to you ain’t gonna port to North Pole now and you’d also expect it to reverse itself when you went south of the equator and headed towards the South Pole but not on the planet magnet no magnet on the planet no compass on the planet points anywhere other than North John can I just say me you’ve you’ve literally crashed him to the ground he’s literally done in the chat he said your answer was ridiculous this shows a joke so literally in your one point you have frickin destroyed the entire thing thank you sir that was unbelievably well done good and I mean this this chart here shows I love this they say it goes from ferromagnetic to paramagnetic so people are still claiming that above this temperature it’s still paramagnetic if you start looking into what paramagnetic means it just means it’s it’s it’s attracted to magnets but it doesn’t hold any magnetic force so it’s literally just become a piece of iron or water or you know it it’s attracted to magnets but have no magnetization of its of itself so yeah working through these go ahead next one yeah go ahead Brian I suspect Ryan can either catch us on the replay or we can cut sound bites for him to listen to if it’s a little too much trouble anyway he’s just in it to make fun into ridicule and anytime anybody calls on anything he freaks Oh curses and sweaters called all kinds of names basically what all the ballers do well we might as well go through some of these questions at least someone who won’t be interested if there’s any jump down we can help somebody amen and you’re killing it okay this is how science and research is actually done earthquakes are caused by the solar radiation from a giant distant Sun well how can they be caused by the Sun okay this is another famous hashtag know your myths sorry yeah you were breaking up a little bit there Bryan oh sorry with that I’m trying to speak clear here in Flat Earth theory but scientists only a tiny little object that barely hovers over the surface of the earth and is not a giant and is not distance so how are we not all dead the close proximity of the radiation from this tiny Sun so again he just took his great big son in an infinite universe and just made it smaller and stuck it over top of his pizza that he was thinking about an earlier question he still has not grasped the concept of what it is we’re talking about he’s still trying to muddle through his indoctrination I mean he’s sort of seeing this vague outline of what the Flat Earth is but he’s still seeing it through the lens of the baller so again I don’t know though he’s ever going to come to it until he’s genuinely ready to come to it I mean it’s just like somebody getting sober you know you can hope they get sober all you want but until it comes to until they hit rock bottom they’re never gonna come to Flat Earth so to speak well we covered the solar the earthquake thing yet Adam did you want to join it well only with I have no idea how earthquakes occur on a flat earth and they feel being perfectly and

scientifically honest we don’t really because we’ve only been eight miles down have any clue on a baller fever do we and so for somebody so arrogant plainly something to do with the Sun would that be gravity that’s doing those things pulling the tectonic plates is you can do that it can’t move it’s hard in for scientism I mean earthquakes tectonic plates moving so we’re told in in the baller things so why this guy is assuming it’s anything to do with the Sun even though it may well be something to do with the Sun but it’ll be far more likely to be something to do with a small closed Sun with huge electric potential than some eight hundred thousand mile wide Sun 93 million miles away just seems ridiculous to me well and that’s the suspicious observer was the guy and yeah I used to think he was fantastic I’d watch him every single day but now I just see that he’s selling baller science pseudoscience obviously the question away in all of your questions yeah because it’s so based in what can only be described as religion because there’s no facts pi2 postulate that question and then go to eat in front of us you have no ideal you can’t even explain earthquakes it’s clearly the effect of the Sun on tectonic plates as anyone knows it it has anyone got a sample of a tectonic plate of interest no I’ve got some China plates and some cheap play some paper plates but I’ve never seen the tectonic plate over what do we think earthquakes are caused by on Flat Earth that’s a great idea that’s a great question man that is awesome I think Josh was just gonna say well I was gonna say some of the best arguments I’ve heard for the ball earth have come from earthquake evidence that being said it’s the P waves and the S waves that they’re measuring and then running through a computer based on a spherical earth model I mean that’s another one that really hasn’t convinced because they’re showing them the animation of the primary waves and then the bouncing back of the secondary waves and they’re saying look see it’s mapping out the earth not realizing that it’s all being run through the computer model but it was still an interesting research nonetheless learning a little bit about p-waves and s-waves but what causes them it’s great question I don’t know I don’t know what causes a mono fighter but here we are on the flat earth and we have earthquakes why I don’t know so I’m happy to the things get hotter as you go down sorry and and that’s the beauty of it that’s the new frontier we’re at I mean these are things this is like everybody’s dream to actually do real science to have a real shot at figuring out where we are without the biases backs for crying out loud I think it’s it’s super positive that once we establish some major things and I’m looking forward to that Eclipse as well but after all the fallout and after everything settles think of the science that we’re gonna get to do the real science not the religion science not the real science that makes it math to fit what they needed to fit because that’s the language they talk that’s how their religion works they write formulas which is doctrine which then fits to the problem right where I just can’t wait to actually pick up like what Adam did make an experiment and like let’s figure out what earthquakes are for people to realize to start looking at things with it from a with a mindset of it being a flat stationary earth you know people like miles Matheson and some of the the brains of today I can’t wait until all came we live even you know until they the penny drops and then yeah you wait for the next scientific revolution it’s going to sweep so are there any other questions that jumped out at anybody I mean these are getting in little wearisome we can only come yeah I think better luck wait dry that was even more substance yeah I’m talking about so the mold but Ariel I’m just far more interested in hearing Brian’s fighter story these questions if

he had a Judas interject go ahead no let’s and you know well mostly earthquake thing the coriolis team and I’m just remember some of them offhand a lot of it can all be answered with electromagnetic Sun and Moon and the way they react to each other the way they react to the salt of the oceans the way they react to the metals and the different elements that make up the earth and these alleged tectonic plates I mean I think the craters on the moon are caused by electric sparks that have hit the moon and made those craters I mean we’ve talked about that as well that pretty much all comes back to electromagnetic platters to me yeah the actual mechanics will have to work out so you know that’ll be your next big one out of John get on there well let’s let’s hear a bit of Brian’s story and then I mean if you want to be quick and go through these quests but I think you know some people might want to actually hear the questions and I don’t know the answers just tell me new I’m so alright great I’m not used to coping with critic crickets Brian so apologies mate I’m gonna mute now shall I in my Priority Inbox I posted it on my wall and I it’s a both Lord of the Rings I’m gonna try and read it here it does that as an example have you ever watched Lord of the Rings and the hobbits were playing a giant bar Balrog made a fire and the whip Gandalf in the Hoffmans were in it deep my chasm well in real life many many many places many places like that exist in the earth today something is not just possible using the Flat Earth model I thought was quite hilarious that he had thought Lord of the Rings analogy to try to explain his his theory and he on the flat earth sky is over here working like dogs trying to do scientific research and trying to give some credibility to people that are working hired and got people like that bringing up that foolishness and this was he was I think referring to at a hydrosphere and the way that earth would actually be an equalized ball of water is that what I was am I remembering that correctly yes right in there to not be an awesome guy sorry I dropped out the call could you just recap Josh because I’m struggling to hear Brian anyway but could you just recap the point because yes so Ryan sent him a message telling him about these deep holes in the earth and that all over the earth there are these great big holes similar to the ones found in the Lord of the Rings when Gandalf had to fight the Balor off and fell down to become Gandalf the White so he’s basically saying that that type of situation exists where you can fall through days for four days and somehow end up falling I don’t know what the heck he’s on about but he’s saying they were places that’s that’s easier than in it that’s pspace because that can happen on a flat realm it cannot happen if you believe in wall and gravity because you get halfway and then you start falling the other way and you’ll just end up being in the middle he’s human you know that that would happen there would be a point of no gravity where the Pauli’s equivalent and you end up instead of going up and down relative you end up going left and right because the nearest pull of gravity unless you going straight through the center of the earth ends up pulling you when you get halfway down it ends up pulling you left or right depending on you position so they are the sort of things that cannot happen on a ball even with gravity they’re the only things that can happen on a realm and have a look at Lord of the Rings it’s a flat plane every bit of it’s flat great point but there’s a there’s a more fundamental floor in this again the it comes back to the foundations that he thinks we live or we’re saying that we live on a pizza you know a flat disc floating through space so on a you know on a on a on a stationary plane we have no idea how deep it goes there may well be chasms that you can fall for dazing there may

well be all this sort of [ __ ] it could be Hollow there’s no problem with Hollow Earth there’s no problem in aliens it’s it’s all quite you know explainable but if you think that the model is a thin crust Peter then of course you’re going to come out with questions that are just ludicrous through I’ve got one more thing there that says this is good you know every week right every week we go gets more pathetic don’t they deport that’s the get one and am I just hearing now that the validation for a ball earth is Lord of the Rings yes yep like my vote John is to move on like where we’re right now that we know the game plan like there was no questions this is all a farce and to game for him so I don’t think we should close there’s one here that I did want to address just purchased I hate I had the same question here this is in my research he says how on a flat earth model would water to drain counterclockwise and one Hemisphere and clockwise and the other hemisphere if the earth is flat oh my god it’s this is my point because when you are genuine when you have a genuine curiosity you go find out it’s that simple you’re not going to post a question and expect an entire group of people to come and weigh in on your question because you don’t want to take the time you need to go answer that’s not curiosity you don’t really want to know the answer to that question you’re just looking for some attention when you have genuine curiosity you shut your mouth wow that was really good you you be quiet and you research you go find out the question okay well is it is that true does water really drain only in one direction and one hemisphere and the other direction in the other is that true and you’ll go in Josh videos have you watched I’ve watched at least nine or ten videos on the water trading just to get that on my head yeah two years ago yep and that’s what you have to do because you that’s one of those things that I was indoctrinated with I mean I remember specifically my father telling me about it and that that’s it’s this proof of a spinning baller because of the way the water dreams and the different hemispheres so that was one of the things I had to address coming to the Flat Earth was this rotation this Coriolis the spinning in brawler how do I come to terms with that and I went and I researched because I had a genuine curiosity as to how that would work on a flat earth so I looked and guess what it it works just fine shape your sink however you want it’ll go down however whichever direction you want I do it at work all the time I’ll drain the sink and watch it go one direction I’ll put my hand and swirl the water and watch it go down in the opposite direction it’s real freakin simple it’s all about the shape of the sink it’s all about a number of factors but none of which can be proven to be the spin of the earth thank you Josh you’ve just smashed the point there and exemplified the point that we Alma yeah we all say air and like Rob’s doing you know like Rob’s banging his head against the wall going I know this model I did this model and they all kind of believe that we did understand basic physics at school yeah but what they don’t realize is that before we stick out there on YouTube or here there and everywhere we’ve done all of the basic science that they clearly haven’t even been asked to do questioning I remember that one that’s the lady at the equator who moves it ten inches either side of the equator and then throws it in and it gives it a little whiz either time and you can see the magic trick that’s going off it’s gentleman and that’s the point Josh you’ve exemplified mate we’ve done this you guys before you start arguing with us do it yourself and then come to us with something that can benefit as all not as just prove you wrong but you know I know them if they do that then they’re not a bother anymore that’s the consequence but that’s not my fault I can’t do that it’s like homophobia Blatter phobes they’re so scared of becoming another letter or they’re going to be bill with every ounce of their energy against it because I’ll be damned because they know deep down it’s flats a ball and they’re fighting it I’ve seen this on the choir I’ve seen this done and it was yeah I walked away oh wow yeah that’s really really cool how the hell does that do it you know just a couple of meters north of the quite a couple of meters SATs actually so accurate and everything and yeah I thought for a hook line sinker I was like 20 but they got but for for our friend Ryan yeah I mean I assume that he

agrees with every single thing the Mythbusters [ __ ] say so I shouldn’t be calling them now sugar but this is the official response on from the Mythbusters mainstream trans the another name look at that the truth is that while the Coriolis effect is real on a macroscopic scale as with hurricanes which is not actually and I can show that if you want it’s very weak on a small scale as in a sink or toilet bowl initial conditions especially the direction of the water entering the base and are more significant than the Coriolis effect and can easily overcome it in most cases so Mythbusters won’t even put their name to this one so that shows your level of research once again so I know we really want to address all these questions because it’s sort of a good idea because it will help other people sort of see the thought process that it’s gonna take to get through some of this research we are a little bit pressed for time I know Paul on the plane as a busy guy so he was sort of having to schedule his stuff around us so I wanna make sure we did let’s break them all up like we don’t have to do these all in one go let’s hear from everyone else who Paul on the plank the brain on now what’s wrong let’s save the rest of the questions and once a week have a let’s have a chuckle slot understand the level of the intellect that you’re actually arguing with is is so entrenched in religious belief that they stop being scientists many years ago you know that save one question a week mates it’s good fun in my book because all we’ve demonstrated tonight is that frankly the people we’re arguing with the people we used to be before we opened our eyes and start to investigate that’s and before we be prepared to honestly investigate not only be prepared to entrench our own previously held views all our tires I’d like to throughout this evening I’d like to tackle each of those questions as quickly as possible or as in-depth or whatever as possible but not necessarily all in the same go only because I’ve done some of the research and if I don’t get it out now it’s just gone yeah no that’s a great idea and I really want to hear what you have to say on this stuff so just do me a favor and either pop in with one of them or remind me that we’re going to need to do it because I really want to hear from Brian and hear his story and how he came to fight earth and we are already pushing coming up to an hour soon so probably an hour yeah okay well give them 30 minutes I want to hear his role as well maybe Paul can answer some of these questions – yep let’s crack on then something different excellent yes me and John will be quiet I’ve muted already perfect awesome so Brian let’s talk a little bit about yes I would love to hear how you came to flat earth where you came from sort of the conspiracies or if any that you were into before and some of the ones you may have found after just things like that okay can you hear me oh that is so much better I love it awesome I changed I changed computers so hopefully this works out better so my flatter story well it goes back maybe about three and a half years I would say I’m a Christian man I’ll just start off with that I stand on the Word of God so a lot of my latter refused well now I don’t necessarily try to use the Bible to prove Flat Earth because I know a lot of atheists and stuff that don’t like that but anyways so we’ll get that straight note um I used to listen to a fellow named Steven Anderson and he’s quite popular on YouTube amongst the the Christian crowd popular amongst some not so popular amongst others but he had some truths and so I tuned in every week and one week he had brought up in a sermon he said something about flat-earthers and he called the midi ‘it’s or something like that and I thought what what what what did he just say like Flat Earth really there’s people out there that believe in the Flat Earth and so I started out with the with the Flat Earth totally going into it to debunk it much like Ryan’s doing I was I was angry I couldn’t believe that people out there actually believed in this foolishness and it over time I investigated one thing after another basically everything that’s in Ryan’s post I investigated

myself me and my wife thoroughly and so we have the answers we just choose not to waste our time in the MOU two people that are going to how do you say you don’t give your pearls to swine right so anyways after a couple months to do in this research I kind of stepped away from the flat earth because I noticed a whole lot of drama was going on within the flat earth world and I didn’t really want anything to do with it so I just kind of sat back and researched and I watched the people that were doing actual you know good productive videos on Flat Earth like mr thrive and survive and a couple other people like I had a list wrote down but there’s so many flat earthers out there that are actually just sticking to the point and I like that mm-hm and so I did that for a few months and then I just had an awakening and I said one morning I woke up and I said do you know what the Earth’s flat there’s no denying it and I lived my day from that day forward with the thought that I now live on a on a stationary plane and so I’ve been just trying to build up YouTube channel and my facebook and trying to get this truth out there the best I can I quote in the public and I try to talk to everybody I can about it I at least try to drop hints to try to start discussions I find this topic very exciting and I’m thoroughly enjoying your guys’s discussion on Ryan the halls post because I think this is needed a lot of these people these ballers are coming at us with all this nonsense and they’re not actually ready to sit back and listen to an answer so my flatter stories that I started out to debunk it and I couldn’t and it just came to the point where I had to accept it and I’m at that point now i 100% believe the earth is flat so that’s my story tried to keep it short quick wow that surely was that’s awesome so uh-oh what I want you to do is go ahead and plug your YouTube channel for the simple reason that I love love of the name so go ahead and do it because I say it inside my head like five times a day I love it well my youtube channel is called the flat earth truth shall set you free and me and my wife also homeschool and so we also have a homeschooling channel called homeschool vlogs and we’re actually going to do a bunch of projects on probably both channels that we got from another youtuber who is going through projects you can do backyard science that you can do and so I think we’re going to try and get all the materials to do those projects on a flat earth through shall set you free and our homeschool vlog channel alright on are you Canadian right sure am yep he said about what what’s your what’s your homeschool channel sorry I’ll miss that it’s called homeschool vlogs brilliant Cheers yeah I’m not a great idea by the way well it’s time we get together and do some science right it’s time we stop looking so I mean I surf a lot of the the groups on Facebook and and I see a lot of them make us look like fools right cuz because we get arguing and we get insulting and and I would like to just produce some some Flat Earth experiments that prove it one way or another not just for them but also for me and for my family right because I got five kids and I want to raise my kids up in the truth and I don’t want to go on YouTube and preach lies I’m trying to keep the truth well as I can well Brian did you get a chance to go through some of our archives and see some of our other stuff that we’ve done oh yeah I’ve been slowly trying to watch bits and pieces here and there I’ve been fixing my van for the last few days since I found out I was coming on the show so I’ve been really really busy but yeah I’ve been I’ve been going through your your your videos on YouTube yeah well it just dawned on me what a perfect combination sort of this is because forth a very small investment for the very simple gyroscope or with a box of Legos and some thermometers I mean we we’ve set up experiments where we’ve done them yeah it’s so easy then to go ahead and take those and run and talk to you exact and see how your kids can improve them and what they would do differently and how much you do this to prove a ball or how much you do this to prove that the it’s sunlight or whatever it is I mean there’s all sorts of great stuff you can do with minimal investment coming up to the summer on the lake the Bedford that’s a great idea Josh and yeah if if you ever want to use any of my gyroscope videos or whatever then absolutely feel free stick it on your own schooling blog that everything gyroscope proof and we can buy him now though remember uh huh they’re all sold out by all the videos there the video evidence is a thank you for one thing I like about home school

and is is is me my wife actually have the choice we can teach we can teach the best of both worlds right like we’re no longer globe believers but I don’t believe in withholding any information for my kids all so we’re able to show them the ball and we’re able to show them the Flat Earth theory and we’re able to let them decide and we’ve actually done that with our oldest daughter and she’s a flat earther through and through man she’s right up there beside me wanting to make videos and I mean that’s what we need to do see because the elites that are teaching this baller theory they’re after our children oh yeah and everybody needs to know that and so we need to get it in our children’s head it’s knowledge out there on the internet that they better get into it and they better get at it and they better start researching before it’s gone because there’s people like us down big-time absolutely alright kids since the old days in the scriptures you know it it’s the same game Brian can I ask what age are your five kids from – my youngest is eight six five you know you’re like with all of his guys that we’re all here doing [ __ ] but the real power behind all of our families owners yes yeah that’s the truth you just said the truth come in young children young children we’re all doing our bit as well homes ruling is top top respect to you guys for there but I like to see it as you know my kids are in state school they they go and learn the indoctrination then they come home tell me and then we go and learn the the actual crew so I’m sort of the same you know I want them to know the heliocentric ball earth sun-worshipping model inside out otherwise they can’t you know they can’t reason or ration it out themselves without knowing the other side of it you know it’s just like Ryan Hall and his questions how can you possibly ask the right questions if you don’t understand the fundamentals of what they’re teaching so yeah hats off to you both well you know you’re blessed your children are blessed to have somebody like you to actually present them with the truth when they get home to unand our innate them after they have been indoctrinated it’s it’s it’s not really that that I worry about it’s the peer pressure from the other kids and the teachers that’s that’s my number-one concern it’s because we know how these ballers first think it’s you believe my way or no way at all right so but no I commend you for that because a lot of parents just leave their kids to the daycare in to the public system and they walk away well Brian I mean what were you like when you were ten oh you know I don’t know about you but me I had I’ve never ever had a problem being on the fringe or being slightly you know not thinking the norm and I think this probably comes through you know to to where we are now it’s never been a problem for me I mean that the had a football when when I was 10 you know everyone had football shirts and collected the football stickers and less than the other and I just declared that I hated football and looked at me nor looked at me like I had grown two heads but you know six months later there was sort of you know 10 or 12 other kids that were like yeah yeah actually football yeah I’m not into it either and yeah I know that goes against you at him and Robin and whoever else likes football but no but seriously John you you do one thing and I think Brian’s describing another thing there in terms of teaching our children and I kind of sit in the middle I don’t think I’m as militant as you would be in first hearing what your children have learned and sitting down and correcting them but I do engage with them and I’m the more important thing I’ve done with my kids is to say why have a dad’s learning he’s learning okay what have your being Torah school isn’t necessarily the truth but is she dad I want you to learn that and be able to recite it back doesn’t mean it’s true but it’s gonna be very useful in the society in which we live in that you’re able to recite that back however make

sure you listen to your dad and that’s kind of the situation where I sit now I agree I’m not correcting what my kids at all I mean they they’ve sat through me through the gyroscope experiments through the moon like experiments through you know seeing the Isle of Portland from Seaton 30 miles across the sea experiments there then they’re not being corrected but they are being shown scientific method gathered information that they did themselves you know to to sort of corroborate what they think the earth is you know I remember going and walk in the fields with them and you know just to stopping and saying right so which one of you thinks we’re spinning at 700 miles an hour and they’re like that every silly I said okay look around you which one of you thinks were on a ball and they’re like yeah we’re on a pool I’m like why do you think you’re on a ball and they’re like hmm I don’t know no probably not on a ball I don’t know and you know just little things like that it’s just interesting to be able to disprove what they’re being taught with everyday experiments and I think Brian’s well on the way with the homeschooling blocks that’s awesome idea and this is why I love that his the new of his YouTube channel so much because it really will set you free it’s that indoctrination that belief of this intermediary Authority that needs to come in step in on your behalf and take responsibility for you the state whatever it is that’s going to come in and do this and once you come to terms with sort of what the fighters really is and how to get there that you will be set free in the end you’re not going to be relying on all these false nannies that are here trying to do what is in quotes best in your best interest all right you actually get set free and it’s it’s amazing so we’re about to take a break here Brian um I really love to having you on and I hope we can have you back on you and your wife both because I believe that I’ll talk about your homeschooling vlog the Gulag channel some more so yeah let’s uh come and take this break everybody just go ahead and subscribe to both of their channels the flat earth truths else it shall set you free and homeschooling vlog yeah I think that is so super exciting because the flutters will certainly set you free Brian did you have something else yeah I just want to say thank you you guys because I’m getting kind of busy here so I might not be able to tune in for the second half but if I hope I can so if I don’t thank you for having me on and keep it real by preaching the truth guys absolutely and thanks for coming on good luck with your van and we really would love to have you both back on some time when you have a little bit more time to come in and totally hash all this out so yeah coming up in everywhere I have absolutely any time thanks Brian be good that’s fraud take care of my that is so great so yeah coming up in our – we’re gonna have Paul on the plane he started a new video series with German named Archer sage so we’re gonna have him on to talk about that so that being said I think it’s time for our weekly gravity break so we’re gonna go grab some coffee we are iron real media go ahead give us a thumbs up if you like it was thumbs if you don’t I don’t care we’re gonna be right back this is flatter Friday fringe cast are almost in the clouds and a change to the ground with their chains they’ve got a hold of me they won’t

[Applause] they say we are strong the body does gravity [Applause] yeah that got kind of intense I don’t need all that that’s a little much for me turn it off great awesome welcome back that was kind of a short break but I just ran upstairs grabbed coffee ran back down real quick put that on but maybe I shouldn’t have that’s a bit obnoxious I’m not necess that was the interesting segment guys that previously I really enjoyed that that’s a break my news coming out they’re doing that with these kids and doing all that stuff I thought respect to Brian I didn’t know who we were meeting tonight I thought that was a thoroughly progressive bloke we’ve just chatted with guys yeah I totally agree I think really good I’m gonna have to go look at his home screaming blogs and that right into that so while we’re waiting for Paul on the plane to join us I mentioned at the start of the show that we’ve been doing this for a year sex Rob couldn’t still be with us to join but yeah that is crazy I remember one hole or but one hole orbit that’s right we were trying to figure out if we should call it a season or what we should do it’s an orbit it’s the evolution revolution we Friday every Friday for a year like you said I don’t think anyone else done that possibly

congratulations place well well done gentlemen have they been every Friday did we used to do a different day no every Friday I’m not 100% no I did blow Buster’s not made even one Friday in Friday on a Sunday like but you know at least we’ve I think that’s impressive guys I mean I’m just so pleased to have been with you for what three quarters at that time and maybe a bit more but it’s yes sir and it’s impressive achievement we think he finishes start of nuisance since we started doing Friday’s regularly I don’t know how long ago that was but I can’t believe we’re even doing this a year ago when John le minou it was it was it was part of two years ago when we first met and we were just arguing via jaren I think we met Vai Jaron is erm and back in the day and we have a kid yeah curvature muffs indeed were me it was with with the say czar in Germany and I was doing that’s a long time see we’re joined by Paul on the play I know but hey you guys can hear me perfectly gray welcome nobody sound really good great yes oh shoot Paul you’ve got a standing invitation whenever whenever you want to come on just tell us essentially can you can expect one I really really appreciate that I’ve got a little bit of the show so far today and it was it was timely really with here and Brian there and his wife and that homeschooling blog channel immediately subscribe to that got a one-year-old my wife and I are planning on homeschooling so I mean I’m gonna start wanting to build a you know a library of projects and curriculums and all of that sort of thing and so just really really cool to hear his story and what his wife that’s brilliant that’s brilliant yeah I totally agree as well I wish I had this when my kids were one or two yeah yeah exactly can I just totally interject hey guys and don’t you always just give it a big Ed’s up to Brian and just put shout out that we’re all discussing this sauce though I’m a dad your dad Paul John’s about you know and we all have great in investiture in our children and we all invest in people we’ve never even met – when check out our children in a number of topics and I think if whoever looked at a flat earth project that’s outside of disproving the globe or proving the flat plane that we looked at ways of topics that we could put online to educate our children you know I’m I’m quite happy in my life I’ve got my wife who’s got an English degree I’ve got chemistry physics maths biology I can teach my kids but I don’t think necessarily everybody is lucky out there that we have the same mix in our family’s history I’m screwed on or you know I mean but though so but maybe that’s something that as we start to look moving forward it’s something we could do to support each other that we great yeah yeah for sure the community I think you know we all have our specialties and you’ve been hearing this I think from some other some other prominent content creators that you know hey we’re all good at something and horrible at others and you know in the community though there’s probably somebody that could provide some help and whatever that is whatever that area is and that’s why you know it’s so cool what we can do and we can keep in touch and we can talk to each other we can you know safe place you just go and ask questions and I think that’s what’s building I don’t think there’s any doubt that’s what’s it definitely that’s what’s building in the community a minute.i quality marble that the meetup in Oregon and just that me and face to face of people who are out there doing this the crew there in Oregon are just man they have Drive they’re doing the big billboard during the Eclipse it’s great to get out there with real people and see that you know it’s not just a bunch of morons idiotic people who just woke up with some crazy idea and have decided to dispense with all the education we all had growing up you know hopefully we can enhance what we would call dispense with some of the indoctrination and help our children move with actual knowledge yep precisely I

feel a little left out I’m real known without kids I think on the panel we’re hoping and Paul it’s so good to have you back then how are you brother Thanks great just been super busy I guess Scott I mean I’d launched another business but you know we’ve had you know winning anniversaries birthdays summer vacations we’ve been traveling and you know it’s just I mean I’m not good I’m not complaining I’m just standard you know that’s that’s the worst the way I like it but you know just gotta try and prioritize so I’ve been great I’ve been doing great families great how you guys all doing everybody everybody good you go massive energy levels there Paul you really have I can only guess that you don’t smoke weed actually don’t you can you can get into in most cities now I mean just walk in and and and get it within a certain amount with the marble though I’m not saying anything about it I’m just saying you know doesn’t mean just because you spoke her demeanor and your energy Scott and chance Josie Corie Corie very you what did you say to me I’m not admitting to [ __ ] by the qualified pharmacist just Corey what did you say to me the other day you don’t stop making when I would he caught me secretly building a rockery because I was a bit bored one afternoon so I leveled an area and start building a rockery you don’t stop making John I don’t think the two have any scientific relevance motivation is motivation if I had a spliff I don’t sit on the arse unless I’m on on on air mate yeah yeah I’m being harsh I might say in there I’ve had a week I’ve had a week alone in the house without the wife without the children and I could have sat there and watched you know endless repeats of the matrix and all sorts of other stuff but now I’ve been literally hoovering the house top to bottom I was painting the toilet earlier today I was cleaning the doors was that with the reserve the medication aisle with always admit John is is that kids that slow you down not anything else you may have just hit the nail on the head anyway Oh your your photo analysis series was absolutely awesome yeah really enjoying that bringing this back on track oh cool yeah I’m curious I’m looking for some feedback from you guys if you’ve had a chance to watch we’ve got we’ve got a total of four videos out I just I just uploaded episode three so we did an intro video where we just kind of walked through and talked a little about the tools that we use which is really cool in the fact that they are free to download online anybody could use them anybody can download them or one of them is web-based so you just you just point your web browser to that page and you’re you can pull in photos and then start using all of these you know all these functions that these tools have so that’s really what I think is the the big benefit and we try and remind folks that hey you know what don’t take our word for it we’re kind of showing you how we done it but do it yourself you know in photos in pull your pull some photos in that you’ve taken that you know are unmanipulated unedited you know and and play with some of these levels see how they react how light bounces off things and and how how edges work and the know in the photos that you get you know if it’s a dark background or shadows and and just see how it how it works in you know reality and then yeah and then and then go download some of these photos that were given that are told we’re told that are real and whether you can say they’re composites or not you know I mean we’ll talk about that in a minute but the point is is that when you pull in these other photos from these space agencies namely NASA that we’ve been you know that we’re starting with and you start doing the same analysis you’re gonna find some major inconsistencies and and some really weird stuff that’s going on with these photos and and that’s really the whole point and then when you start to and

this is kind of where this thing is going to go from here which is what I’m super excited about we kind of touched on it in Episode two you’re gonna start seeing a lot of overlap between these different images that we’re getting from this satellite in this satellite and what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be bringing all this together to show you that there’s really just one system they’re using to produce all of these different images from all these different distances from all these different satellites we’re gonna show that there are some common denominators which are very very interesting so I can’t wait for the reveal we’re kind of building towards that what did you complete the series out of necessity Paul like how did you guys come up with the idea of the series that you’re promoting it’s awesome well but yeah if you guys and I don’t know if you saw some of the work that Archer sage was doing beforehand so he’s you know he’s really the brains behind this because he’s got the photography background and you know he’s got really a good what I think is a real deep understanding of photography and how cameras work and lighting and noise and focal lengths and aperture and all of these different components that comes to capturing images and then he you know started to produce some content and you know he’s got some reasons you know that he had to kind of shut some things down and and decided not to produce content on YouTube anymore and and that sort of thing but I reached out to him when I saw that he was had stopped doing that and I said hey man you know what’s going on and and I said hey I would you know it teach me you know I think this is this work is so important and I think it’s such a you know it’s it’s just the awareness needs to be needs to be out there for folks that are because I think that’s one of the reasons and taking some of my personal views here but so one of the reasons that maybe some folks you know don’t even go down that path of the truth is because they’re just like well we got pictures from space you know I don’t need anything else so I think if we really spend some time analyzing these pictures that were given we can maybe get some folks to say okay I see there’s some problems there that gives me enough motivation to maybe look deeper and that that’s what our hope is you know as they go in their search for the truth and so Archer and I when we were talking about this and I basically said you know hey man I want to continue to work you know will you help me in the background when you have time can you kind of help me with some of the stuff and catch me up and show me what some of the work and I want to build on that and he was gracious enough to agree to do that so we decided to partner together and you know we’re on the phone or on skype you know here and there as our schedules allow and I’m taking notes and I’m learning and I’m and then and then turn around and kind of produce in some of this content so I want to make sure that he gets the credit because he’s the backbone of this and we’re just kind of using my channel as kind of a platform for that oh that’s good onion are you running forward with it and now Paul because I’ve watched it and you guys you know I’ll just say dribble watch four years and that so you all you are now gonna take this on you’re looking for help why is this something you’re gonna smash on your own because you got some great ideas or as he disappeared also shade algae sage so excuse me and just a bit Clarion those it was something I was looking at ready statements and they’re just a bit more is he okay yeah yeah no everything is great I think you know what he told me was that you know with the amount of time and and some of this other stuff that he’s going on he’s a younger guy than me and he’s just got a lot going on and so I approached him and you know I said hey we need your work is important and I you know if you if you’re willing to spend the time with me I’d love to continue it and we talked for a while and and he agreed that you know hey the works important and and there was a lot of great stuff we can learn and and work that we can do but he just didn’t have the time to produce the videos because they are I mean I’ve probably put in a hundred hours already between learning and and and you know and just producing the the handful of videos that we’ve done so far there’s just a lot of work and you know cuz we’re going through pages and pages and pages of videos there’s just a ton of stuff that we’re getting spoon-fed and so there’s a lot of stuff to go through and you got any you know you got to bring it all you know together and just you know a couple of minutes for this for this idea and a couple minutes for this idea you know to brew something that’s that’s I think worthwhile or irrelevant so he’s fine like I said we talk occasionally we chatting here and there and you know once in a while he he’ll ping me and say oh my gosh look at this what I found and then okay we got to talk about that and and that’s just how how how its evolved respect generally cuz I’m the only reason I

asked it like that Paul was excuse me or to say just stuff was deep you know it was intelligent it was well for how and it was thorough in the way of dealing with stuff so respect father for you to to pick that up a room with with that sort of stuff because it’s it’s ensuring that the detail you going into is going to be quality as well so I look forward to the fifth I’ve not a chance me I’ve seen one two three come in in the in the since I’ve been leaving for holiday and getting over here so I’ve got a beach day on Sunday so you know what I’m watching I’ve got big shoes to fill I don’t I don’t think and I watched you know after we hooked up and we talked a little bit I went back and watched some of his earlier stuff that some people had married some stuff because his channel was gone but there are some mirrors out there and he did some stuff with globe Buster’s and and I watched as much as I could and that’s what I saw is like wow I’m not no Archer stage I’m not you know I don’t have the you know the way that he presented it was was difficult I tried to emulate that and what I do and it takes me a lot more words I’m finding to accept my point across I’m finding that what he was able to do and and it seemed like you know 25% of the words so mine are probably going to be just more long and drawn-out because I take a long time sometimes to make a point and I probably repeat myself and I probably show more examples that I need to to drive a point home and that’s just a way of my brain works so you’ll have to bear with me I’m no Archer sage but I’m I’m hoping that the theme or however you speak rough you will appeal to people that understand and would speak like you and the way I speak is very different and to John and and everybody else on the panel and hopefully we all appeal to people of different assess your I mean but respect rough because if you’re and that’s that’s what I wanted to hear that you are taking me on and you’re moving it on and I say I’ve not watch the other vids but I’m looking forward to it and it’s not gonna be the artists nature is gonna be poor on the plane doing the things that artists a juror is looking at and and that to me excites me it’s not an excuse it’s a Paul’s doing it now and he’s looking at this from his perspective not artists perspective I I think they’re excellent I’ve been watching them today and I’ve learned an awful lot about image analysis and the thing about the shadows you know showing the noise levels and and then seeing these you know brought black outlines around the shadows it’s just amazing and I just can’t help thinking why on earth can they not just set up a mock moon as we know they’ve got and just take ordinary photos why do they have to dick about with everything that question I’m not gonna be able to answer the why because I think about that I think that all the time now having learned what I’ve learned and what I’ve already produced and the stuff that we’re planning you know and it just is I don’t know if you guys just just a quick plug on episode 2 what we found was the Blue Marble right everyone owes the Blue Marble and I think it was the next generation series that was that was released in June of 2004 Rob Simon was involved you know we’ve seen that and we are told that the Blue Marble image they’re the model that they created in 2004 was was from the Terra satellite and and the modus camera not though it was what it wasn’t a camera but it’s like a it’s a device that receives you know signals it’s called the modus table Mercer yeah and and so and it was in the in the satellite was 438 miles above the earth allegedly and then it does its orbit and they have these strips of data and we and you’ve seen that and that in still out of the videos that show hey there’s a gap in there and they had to kind of paint it in and then they had to put the clouds back in and they had to simulate the atmosphere and you know and they built this model is all in 2004 and it was from images from a satellite that was 438 miles away okay so that’s 2004 we fast forward to 2010 and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter this LRO that’s launched and is now orbiting the moon and and taking pictures of the moon surface and analyzing it every once a while gets this shot of the earth as there’s an earth rise now it experiences like 12 earth rises a day based on its orbit however it’s always pointed at the lunar surface but occasionally and what they use they say is they use a they pointed at the earth to calibrate it for

for their you know for their cameras and occasionally we’ll get a will get an image of earth so they sent this what’s called an Earth from the moon image and it was in June of 2010 so you’ve pulled that image you pull that image into your software program your photo program and then you take the blue marble that they released in 2004 and you lay them right on top of each other and you’re and you use your transparency and your slide it back and forth and the images are and act match pretty sight please only the same precisely so we’ve got we’ve got images taken from an image built from strip data from 438 miles away in 2004 and it creams a meet city fake yeah and it creates a mirror image from a shot from 239,000 miles away six years later and it’s exactly the same Paul anyway this video needs to go and watch it it’s very it’s really thorough it explains all this in very high detail I mean the thing is though problems probably Photoshop but not fake Photoshop because it it has to be yeah so that’s so that one kind of blew me away when we when we found that and we started doing it and there’s a lot more issues like that we’re gonna find and we’re gonna be going on from we kind of just wrapped up the lro series now which is this satellite that was been up there like seven or eight years now we’ve got a couple of earth images this episode 3 we just analyzed the pictures of the moon and originally in your video you tell us how long was it was it was launched in 2009 and it had it was supposed to be up there for a year and then the potential to extend it for up to I think three more years so here we are seven or was it eight years now hey and it’s supposedly still there gonna so it’s that fuel tank is is bottomless amazing some wicked batteries anything so now we’re moving on to the discover satellite so obviously the images from the LRO is 239,000 miles away so now we’re moving to the NOAA you know the National Oceanographic whatever that is that that operates this Discoverer satellite and it’s got this amazing camera called the epic camera and it’s taking and studying the earth from a million miles away this has to do with the you know that moon the moon passing in front of the earth that animation that’s from the discover and epic camera so we’ve got a handful of videos that we are going to be producing and releasing now analyzing little pictures that’s what we’re going next for where did the who was behind the LRO was it NASA or another agency I believe it’s NASA yeah it’s the stuff that I watched was the Goddard Space Center and I can’t wait until you analyze some you know jax-ur or raster or whatever yeah footage as well yeah we’ve got we are gonna be expanding to some of the other space agencies or all moon that’s that’s down the road a little bit they’ve got they’ve got their own issues I don’t want to I don’t want to spoil it on any of it yet but we are going to be touching on those as well there’s just a ton with NASA and a lot to go through and they all kind of tie back so we’re kind of building – like I mentioned in but we’re going to kind of build towards a reveal where we kind of tie all this together and and that’s what we’re gonna do with the discover we’re gonna be able to see that the discover which was just launched in 2015 has a lot of overlap with the LRO and which are interesting pretty look truly for that as it always anyone can do this for themselves so I want to pay you on your bum fire and no no and we’re clear on that in every video and the DES I’ve got links to all the tools and where the images that we captured you know where we download them from go go you know if you don’t believe me go try it yourself that’s the hash tag test it love it yep so anyway we’re really really excited about this and I hope it’s I hope it catches on I really think it’s important and I think it’s really good for folks that maybe are stumbling about or hesitating about maybe looking into the you know and going on a truth journey because of you know the stuff they’re seeing but I think if we can shed some just some doubt on some of this stuff that we’re getting from the space agencies hoping it pushes people over the edge so to speak – to go on that journey that we that we’ve all done it’s it’s a bit and out I would say it’s it’s

catastrophic evidence I think and I think I made the the mention in Episode two you know if these images were brought into as evidence in a court of law the same analysis would be done and they’re gonna find boxes around you know the earth and evidence of it being pasted onto a black background and no noise as NASA NASA would be throwing out the courtroom as an unreliable witness straight away you stated the African Court cases with this I’m what this week so there’s been some African Court cases where people have been talking about satellite images in a court of law and then some nice bad to be British space law isn’t in some [ __ ] way which is disappointing because it means Laura the see but even in those shonky circumstances of a legal core they’ve been talking about satellite images and within this court I don’t know which African country is that generally thought was oopall but they’ve thrown out of court that that image is not a real image and therefore really of law yeah you can find a link for that story please please send it now for cases that were thrown out carbon dating that was thrown out DNA that thrown out fingerprints they’ve had cool cases you know that had chucked all this stuff out yeah yeah that’s that’s the whole point you know this stuff is there’s enough problems that you could you know you can look at these images and run it through these tools and you if you’re honest with yourself you’re gonna you’re going to come to the conclusion that that these are heavily manipulated there’s a lot of post-production done and and and the point I made in that second episode was look we’re finding all this evidence of of the photos being manipulated what true scientific value do they hold for us as for Humanity if they’re all manipulated let’s say they are even real let’s say let’s say at some level there’s raw images out there and and these are real why what we are presented with has to be so doctored because in my opinion then the versions that we’re getting hold no scientific value because I thought science was the search for truth why aren’t we especially as the taxpayers for these damn getting anything out of the knowledge they’re giving us no real knowledge leads to truth in peace and they don’t exactly this is all and the conclusion I’ve come to and I hope that others do is that what we are being provided by the space agencies is space art that’s it it’s art picture role painting right it isn’t because it has to be because it has so that’s it well the videos are detailed but they don’t go on too long I think that the time you set for them it’s pretty good I mean good job man keep going I can’t wait for the next series for sure thank you looking forward to it I’m really enjoying it and hopefully we’ll keep turning heads so thanks for letting me come on and talk about it I really appreciate it and how can people get in touch with you what was your YouTube channel your Twitter address YouTube Paul on the plane and Twitter it’s flat folks I TS Fla T fo l KS so yeah hit me up best way to reach me and and the channels been you know and I’m tickled it’s been getting been giving a lot of subs and a lot of comments I have been able to keep up with the comments and both both good and bad but best way to reach me is to send me an email Paul on the plane at gmail.com and I promise to to reply there you go love it but what we’re giving you plugs Paul you got something else coming up tomorrow don’t you yeah Josh that’s right tomorrow we’re gonna have a polling the planes gonna join Billy Ray Valentine and I on the infinite Fringe podcast on the truth frequency network which can be heard on TFR live I Heart Radio all sorts of different places but uh yeah PRV saw him on our show a couple weeks ago and said you know what I want to have him on so uh I tried to make that happen and we’re gonna have Paul on the plane on tomorrow so stay tuned to a TFR check the show schedule I think it’s

1:00 p.m. on Saturdays and it’s only an hour show so it goes by really fast so you got to be sure you catch it yeah I look forward to it I look forward to it so thanks for uh thanks for putting me in touch Oh awesome happy to do it you’re doing some really good stuff the more I can promote other excellent flat-earthers the better that’s how we’re gonna make this paradigm shift is together that’s right that’s right hey guys I’m gonna run hopefully I’ll catch the rest of the show here I’m heading to the grocery store so thanks for letting me come on and keep it flattened anytime brother keep it flat thank you pull catch that what you see thank god bless Paul we must chat soon we’ve got so much I need to talk to you about perhaps of the Sun and I’ve took a shedload of readings brav you know as I suggested with the GPS and also the bubble level app and I’ve filmed it for three or four eight minute periods so and the next three weeks on it Oh is he gone well it’ll be listening you’re so mean Johnny oh I know the level of my crime and there you shattered me John unbroken yes but it was listening this was some of the stuff that when Paul was doing the accelerometer experiments there was just some of the things that me John and Paul chatted about privately what I’ve managed to do with on the plane over to Italy is take a number of readings my phone will only do eight minutes so I’ve got three or four eight minutes slots where actually one of the guys next to me I’d nodded off and he says you you camera stopped recording mate your camera stopped recorded so there might be a small gap between one of them but I reckon I’ve got about 25 minutes or so consistent recording where I can turn the angle of elevation that’s demonstrated on the bubble app multiply that by the time that the mobile app is demonstrating their consistent angle to produce a vector and over that 825 minutes of time translate those vectors in two directions above a plane and above a globe as well to be fair and hopefully then I are you alluding to the fact that you gathered some data that you can turn your vectorization z’ into visualizations yeah that’s basically what I’m trying to describe I’m not saying it means that yet I’ve gathered the day or and I’ve filmed it it was but I was really lucky we I got next I’ve got really I’m six foot two watt so I always get extra leg room on a ryanair flight otherwise I’ve got me knees in the nose and a real bonus I never end up sitting with my kids and the wife because it’s three which was good this time cuz my son’s filled a bag full of carry a bag on the way on the fly but in doing so Hugh who made that video out of that you went up and asked the pilot whether he knew about Flat Earth and he went yeah yeah was nothing that was mr. Walt wasn’t it that was doing that I tried to do it and I said to my wife and we’re gonna do this she says if you do that I’m gonna kill you hi MA this is Brett if oh if back in the day when we used to fly British Airways you’d do it wouldn’t ya Ryan a frankly you know you should have slipped them 50 quid and they let you fly the frickin plane oh yeah fair point in fact I reckon if you if you’re booking online you could probably for a hundred quid you probably could fly the plane with Ryanair discounts it says four anyway I kind of spent ages I’ve sent a link through I don’t know to the panel room if it’s if it’s viewable it’s of no interest for anybody to watch but it’s it’s a bubble app and you’ll see the bubble up not change for ages and ages and ages or fluctuate between two point eight and three degrees or three degrees and one degree it’s a very boring video but within that over the next few sort of three or four weeks I intend to turn that into vectors we

should demonstrate the flight plan of what the plane was doing between the UK and Italy the interesting thing is this this this flight from Nottingham seems to take between in the air and I don’t know what this means but I’m just suggesting the time differences that I give you give all sorts of possibilities for illusion collusion or whatever but I’ve taken three hours on this flight and I’ve taken the two hours ten minutes that it talked on Thursday night I don’t know why between Nottingham and Rome it would take 50 minutes difference maybe that’s the the winds that we’re experiencing I have no idea maybe it’s just that the the flight profs and that flight can’t land earlier but very strange that you get a 33% difference between this time last year and this time this year for a plane to fly the same distance I would say that I noticed on my flight that was really weird well it’s not weird now that I know what I know but so I was going west to east on my flight home and on the way back I was going east to west right yeah and the flight time because they’d like to trick you to thinking that when you fly what one way it’s faster because of the wind and the rotation right but I noticed that instead of doing the straight line shot like they did when I left and I departed from Edmonton on the way home they did a like they just wasted time it’s like an idiot move they just adjusted it so we flew over the US and that ate up the extra time that added the extra time so that’s a lame excuse for how they’re hiding the fact that shouldn’t take any longer to go from LA to Australia anytime or LA to wherever you know what I mean to LA to London should take this at the same time same speed speaking of that James do you remember that guy who I think he was on mark side or something he was the US Marine and he was talking about crossing the Atlantic and and coming up on Spain three days early and this sort of thing and saying he was describing how they they call it doing boxes in the Atlantic where they would literally do a left who were left do a left do a left and and do this endlessly for you know sort of days on end and then still turn up in Spain three days before they were meant to actually get there do you remember yeah and you know what I realized too they’ve really fool you on these flights like the one back in on these train Atlantic’s they time them at night the blinds are closed you’re in a box man you could literally get shuffled into a warehouse somewhere and with animatronics think you’re on a flight you mean most of the blind yeah you don’t know where the F you’re flying and you might as well be in one of those suspension chambers or something yeah yeah as long as it feels like a plane it moves a little bit like a plane and I mean just to touch on the gravity aspect of it our bodies I mean we’re using all these accelerometers and you know levels to test things but our bodies are ultra sensitive machines like the most sensitive and yet all we feel in the airplane with gravity is the takeoff and the landing and we can feel something for the rest it’s just we don’t feel any forces on us in the plane yeah I mean I think you’re in a pink you’re actually in a plane but I think like you say you know they could be going 300 miles now they could be going 1,300 miles now they could be doing but our bubble apps would would tell us about that that might come in the future 360 loop or even if they do 90 do 90-degree turn every hour you’d be like he’s doing the cube you you know what a geek I am and the rest of the guys know a geek I am no I can’t sit here and tell you that the bubble app demonstrated to me that you take off on a flat plane and you fly for a considerable amount of time and then you land now within that flight time the thing I noticed there was no sort of thing at a level flight however level

flight appears to fluctuate and this is part of the calculations because they’re paid to be about a degree you know one mean mean you were talking John to poor on the plane privately about setting the bubble up and checking the the actual level nurse of the plane wireless sat there while your load in put your bags in losing these calculation to me from what I observed that we went around a globe based on that bubble up is naive I watched the plane take off with the bubble app and even if I start with one degree those are slightly higher most of the time that plane is fluctuating between 1 and 3 degrees heading upwards okay pilot said today on the exactly as the pilot alludes you have to tip up because frankly you fight in your fighting in dense plane works yeah fine our winning word well a baller would say gravity but I think you’re fighting density and density always pulls you down okay now in doing so if you want to fly level you can angle your plane level and this is the soya stuff I want to look at is now to do those calculations about density flying on a flat plane and angry between one and three degrees which is what I’ve seen and density on a ball because that that angle drop is going to suddenly exponentially fall away at the rate that the ball falls away is not going to fall away the same rate that density is dropping your altitude but I would say what I’ve observed is highly unlikely that any of that data could ever prove a ball I think the reality is most of it will prove a flat plane where we have a lot more thinking to do about how we maintain altitude and how the effects of density and buoyancy really do affect us in significant ways and I mean someone to calibrate the bubble app in London and to fly several degrees around a spherical ball to Italy and to turn the machine back on again and it not to show a discrepancy is just a slap in the face for anyone who thinks we live in a ball I can be a [ __ ] even more so on this point okay now like I said the data I’ve got it doesn’t demonstrate anything that I’m would put my name to now but what I would say quite clearly from the dey’re of God is this – inference is actually either Paul’s data that we’ve all seen than the accelerometer doesn’t respond to gravity and based on that even the accelerometer is minutely adjusting itself based on gravity in an infinitesimal rate whilst you’re flying or it doesn’t have any effect by gravity whatsoever and I think most physicists would say an accelerometer is not affected by gravity and I would suggest the day that I’ve seen so far would suggest the same because the angle that I’ve measured over time not poor measuring it before and afterwards fly significant changes and the plane is maintaining the same altitude now Liza I’ve got to compare it against some of the a line I would use to compare my fly under stubble check that my int varying over the hour or half an hour between ridiculous altitudes that it was actually set path and it would have maintained the same altitude on the way to Rome or na by there any of that data could possibly be muggins taking off and flying from nottingham to Rome on a ball

that could only be explained on a flat plane with inseam density forcing the plane yeah in a slight way for you to have to keep gaining out in cracking up a little bit okay my last point can you say what you’re gonna say in a tweet yeah okay if my plane was was flying on a ball from Nottingham to London one two three degrees upwards would never occur there would be okay now that upwards motion no I can’t a condor in its wake John that’s why I don’t tweet I’m gonna say I’m surprised you tweeted oh I’ll try but it’s genuinely for good people like to Reiser John when we first met the only reason I ever tweeted was because I knew John was a good man I’m sorry I don’t tweet but I felt the need to tweet to him God speaks I’m not a Christian but God speaks boys anyway sure anyone want to round it up no I think it’s been a great show so far I think it’s about time we head to the fringe I think it’s about that time if not past that time so I’ll meant summarise what Adam would say because I’m sorry maybe you were bubbling in and out quite badly there for me and us summarise them because hopefully I made some good because the day I’ve collected there mate it is no oh way in the world it’s a ball yeah because the numbers have collected he can’t be a ball it can’t be a boy aeroplane is constantly falling through the ear air yeah which wouldn’t be possible on takeoff so either the actions of an aeroplane throughout steady fly are very different to when it’s on takeoff or your aeroplane would never ever ever take off but I will according to my data it’s not a ball I love the way of data that’s a really good tweet that’s a mouthful record that says a whole lot in the small amount of words to me from what I gather Adams got you know their data so it’s and he’s he’s saying it’s not a ball so yeah get it cool sorry oh dear I was just gonna say the fact that he has dated this isn’t at a ball implies that he’s done something to gather data so it’s not just he’s talking out of his rear end no oh well I did my I took my son’s mobile phone we said downloaded a bubble level app setec level on the airport floor this was level I’ll put it on the plane and there’s about one degree when I put it on the plane now pop the part of what we always get criticized for as flat earthers is we’re not scientific part of the conjecture that me John and Paul on the plane had discussed prior to all of the experience we’ve done is that the front of the plane when is sat on the airway will be slightly higher and my data proves that yeah outside of the relevancy of that fact one degree because I’m talking one point eight to three degrees is the variance I see so it’s a one point eight degree no two point two degree variants that we actually see on the bubble app an I film the bubble app for best part of half an hour continuously it’s in three or four parts can I just jump in yeah so are you saying that when you were on the tarmac you know you calibrated it on in the airport on the marble floor and all the rest of it when you were on the tarmac in the plane with the bubble app on the floor you were showing that the front was higher or lower hi hi hi Wow okay I would have said the opposite but ya know that’s interesting there one one degree it was about one degree from level

basically slightly and if you you know what get in the middle of the plane or get to the back of the plane as a human being right and look at the front of the plane and you’ll see the freaking things slightly elevated I used to have a caravan right before I was looking after to get away with my kids over to Italy we still got to Matlock and we bought a caravan yeah and dad had sit there for hours trying to level that bastard off excuse my friends with you know with a jack and a spirit level trying to get level I didn’t need the spirit level because I could always look from one window to other and go yeah that’s not level so as a human sentient human being you don’t need a spirit level look down the plane and does the top end of that plane look higher or lower than the feet that you’re you know your feet yeah of the bubble I’ve only said wait seconds because I thought I’d fill in oh I don’t that might be the right that was the eight seconds where and this guy was a legend he was from Clifton because he could talk I’ll give him that you know you think I’ve got her extra seat no kids and a wife I’ve set that film and I’ll go to sleep and this guy kept prodding me all the way through the flame and her hat you’re a legend may God bless you you might be from Clifton I don’t hold against against yeah but it was runway was the bubble going towards the cockpit yeah what about one one degree one point two degree the measurements of their mate but literally there was a million things I was dealing with the exact number I can quote to you right now but a bad decline yeah cool Wow mmm blimey but it fluctuated and this that’s why you only see the a degree because that’s he way he worked me up he said I said to me Oh you phone’s just run out mate so I set it again an eight seconds later because it’s wrong again I’ve realized that we’re not a de Romney phone so I deleted all of those pictures that we all we all delete because he’s filling up my phone for no reason you know I mean and then I know will me but you know thank goodness to him because I’d have been asleep and had a waste of the load of hours but no top lad in it as far as I can see mate he’s it’s level flight so what I want to do is calculate buoyancy drop you’ve said which is that say no because you are trying to fight against the force whether that forces gravity he is still a force scientifically you need to fight against okay now the significance I would suggest is is its enormous it’s more than the brain they if the effective gravity can pull the tides by more than a degree then I would suggest the plane have his angle to state maintain stable flight by the least the equivalence I mean what the earth which decides the plane every time because when the plane was behind him enough to slow down and it was in front it would have to speed up and that doesn’t happen so that in itself proves that without a doubt it’s a Paul I mean it’s a plane it’s not a bar but you go on any night that hold on that what that does James what that does James is destroy the idea of the Coriolis effect well he doesn’t do scientifically he’s destroy the idea that the earth is spinning beneath you but the planes angle on the plane always the same no the earth can catch you up that’s an irrelevant fact to this experiment yeah but what you do raise is that the Coriolis effect does have an effect in this now if it did no I’m speaking of gravity mate like gravity how can imply it behind and then forward I don’t I didn’t think it as Coriolis but I see what you’re saying well gravity pulls down he only ever pulls down right it would only this is this is the hard stuff isn’t it when you get to that point where you start to have to mitigate for things that don’t actually happen scientifically which is very scientific of you but actually not very scientific

because what you’re actually doing is mitigating for religion rather than observation and we’re speaking of that Adam and James this week I’ve been told by NASA scientists that the moon actually orbits the earth faster than the Earth spins now I’ve also been told that well I’ve been told since I was born that the moon takes 29 days to make a Sid rule notes sign-up synodic day around the earth so with talking about defending this is how I’m going to tie it in any way is is defending the ball earth model against a ball earther I’m being told this week by a baller that you know the the moon goes around the earth twice a day did you anyone see all of this yeah no you asked me a couple questions and try to get my perspective one what you’d been reading yeah I’ve sort of seen the same the same sort of nonsense being put out there but I think it’s a yeah I think it says a lot about the doublespeak in the muddying of the waters well I mean there is the this the video that is literally the NASA scientists they they introduced him this is the Huffington Post or the Washington Post or whatever and they introduced this guy from Goddard who’s a scientist his name is Neil Young maybe and he he says that the moon and this is a response to why the August Eclipse is going to go across the states from west to east and so he’s saying that the moon is actually orbiting faster than the earth is spinning when in all of our upbringing we’ve been taught that the moon is orbiting in 29 days 27:29 around the race adam west to east well 27 29 is the actual synodic day so that’s a real day of anything is [ __ ] Adam because no beers and balls rotating around each other the only reason I threw that and there was for sarcasm and to exemplify the point how we’re all mystified okay as we’ve look the numbers on this and it doesn’t mean anything unless you qualify it with the the exemplify that you use it so 27 27 days side the real day then in there it’s it’s it’s nonsense that is this your cameras on me yeah Ramazan I’ve switched my mic off of so bad it’s there it’s not there this specifically to confuse you okay just like meeting me Mike and the cameras which confusing did you get me is there to mix the number is 27 days in a lunar day so that none of you whenever you look at it briefly unless you’re actually believing that that everything is lying to you they’re perfectly reasonable to shut them down with cognitive dissonance as soon as clear by a mathematical application to it they become nonsense and that is this is clear deception they I mean in one breath you know he’ll say that the moon is it say the moon is orbiting almost twice as fast as the earth is spinning now what the NASA fangirls are going to say fanboys are gonna say is that what he’s talking about is that the earth is spinning at a thousand and forty miles an hour black give or take whatever nothing and the moon is traveling at two thousand two hundred and eighty miles an hour or whatever so that’s twice the speed of the spin of the earth but that not what

he’s showing with his hands it’s not even what they’re showing with the with the graphic then let me play it you guys got caught for a second oh I’ll bring up this but this clip is it’s unbelievable what do you think just you just sorry well I mean you’re the guy that knows this old school ways in terms of solar stuff in terms of planetary orbits in stuff in terms of now really understanding ya a UFO perspective yeah I mean it’s certainly godly good they’re trying to explain way this whole kink that the backward moon shadow is causing to their heliocentric model we all know what we’ve grown up observing anybody who watches the sky in any regularity can look up and see that the moon is obviously not orbiting us at twice the speed twice obey any of that madness that’s just it’s ludicrous it’s easily debug just by observing above us nice to par making your the X Bell because you’d have done the UFO stuff in each other and as I think we’ve alluded to earlier on um at least and we make these statements it means not quickly typing in UFOs in Google it means hours and hours on YouTube and make a statement yeah so when you see that well you’re the expert on this in terms of solar and lunar eclipses and movement of poetry stuff right what John’s right with the numbers let me in the 27 verses the 29 that is the sonata Christmas is Saturday and I mean to me that’s always been more of that whole trying to explain that wheeling across the sky that the moon does more than anything else you know in relation to any type of what we see quote/unquote as an orbit I mean John did that great video of the wheeling of the moon across the sky that I throw at people off time and they’re always like that’s not really happening that’s somebody’s spinning the camera and I’m like wow are you even looking up during the night do you not notice that the moon changes throughout the night I mean it’s so much basic observation they don’t even do and then they’ve got it all figured out because NASA said it or the book said it or science said it you know when we’re all doing the observation we’re all doing the actual like hmm this doesn’t add up let’s see what is actually going on here so it’s just this crazy letter if there’s doing that crazy science stuff not well scientism believers hey Adam can I jump in here knock before you before you continue we’re about to hit 2 hours and 30 minutes I really want to jump into the fringe because we don’t really have anything planned that’s what the fringe is although this week to research at and I would love to get a chance to talk to Theresa and some of the her theories and the things she’s been thinking about with the moon but I want to make sure Adam you’re able to stick around and join in that conversation so why don’t we take a little break and we will transition in and we can watch these videos that John’s got pulled up and we’ll get a chance to talk about more of this craziness this is so fun I love it we’ll continue on I think that’d be probably the best that way absolutely well if Teresa’s lying my little Whovian friend that I’ve met and that’d be fantastic if we could on that and the point all I want to say on this is there as I just did earlier there’s a point of concede Minh of superior knowledge and I think hopefully that’s what I demonstrated there to wall is that you know we are normal people doing normal jobs in our normal and if somebody wants to question me on pharmacy I’ll smash the [ __ ] out here mate yeah because I will take you to a level that degree level I’ve thought beyond okay and it’s a reason why I am what’s described as a friend of nothing University and that’s not because I want to work there it’s because I’m one of the guys that supplement their thinking okay but I can only supplement that thinking in my and what we tend to do is succeed our own mental thought processes to those that we are told have superior mental thought processes and since becoming on a level as I’ve described to

you a university level with the deans the doctorates and I’ll be honest with you twelve years ago I work for a company called as their you guys all know as Walmart and I only bring this up to give some quality to the statements that are made and I was I was paid by that company you’ve heard a Walmart Josh Josh yeah um yeah I’ve heard of them yeah so sponsored by that company to go and look actually uh this is the strange thing last i23 about how pharmacists could hand down their responsibilities to what’s called checking technicians to make sure that the physical accuracy ie the guy at the window there at McDonald’s is sort of two Big Macs yeah quart pounder with cheese fries and a strawberry shake and so to disseminate down the practical aspects of that in terms of pharmacy – so the pharmacists weren’t doing that that technicians were doing that so I was I was you know I was taught by these guys step two and it was there where I got involved with the university than that and it was there that when I was teaching in the universe is and I say this respectfully that I told those at the top of the university they didn’t know what they were doing and what they were doing was a great disservice to our profession and came in and and he was at that I’m not bringing myself up here the point I’m trying to make is is that it was that point that I realized that as he beyond your own intellect there isn’t anything better you might be told those things that are better but they’re not better they’re not necessarily bad they’re different and that you’re only powerful and off well sir yes sir very well said hit the free so yeah yeah good so what we’re gonna do I think is take what Walt and I have dubbed the YouTube heartbreak where we’re actually gonna go ahead and kill this feed so that it ends the video so we don’t end up with a super long video and we’ll just do like an after-show video afterwards so it takes a few minutes to reset and everything but once that happens we’re gonna come back and we’ll do the fringe the after show we’re gonna get Teresa on she’s gonna be on her phone she’s gonna join us to talk more about the moon and the eclipses and what in the world the moon could be so thanks everybody for tuning in thanks for listening I hope you stick around and join us in the fringe I will advise you it may get a little graphic we do gender I wouldn’t say graphic maybe that’s not the correct word what we do tend to use adult language so just keep that in mind catchy kids listen and go ahead and cover their ears so everybody be good we’ll see you on the backside to the press haha that was a false start turns out it’s still gonna connect so it’s still gonna be a long one so give me just a couple more minutes let me reset a few more things and hopefully it’ll stop trying to resume this damn stream I don’t want a six hour show

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