(cheerful guitar strumming) (cheerful guitar strumming) – Hi, guys, welcome back to – [All] ThatYoutub3Family! (laughs) – Alrighty, today we are in Paris and we are near the Louvre We are going to be playing Sardines in Paris, so the first round is at the Louvre The first two people to go hide is Audrey and Dad! – Oh! – I just named it! Then I’m going to be with Ty and Jordan’s going to be with Jake And you cannot cross the courtyard of where the Louvre is at, so you have to hide somewhere in the courtyard, so you’re gonna have to hide amongst people – Ooh okay! – That’s the trick! And this should be good, ’cause they both have hats – [Both] Aw! – Not anymore! – Well, your hair is still like Okay, you guys ready? – Let’s go! – [Mom] Okay, where do you think Dad and Audrey are hiding? – Um, they’re waiting in line to go in the Pyramid – [Mom] Jake, where do you think Dad and Audrey are hiding? – I don’t know! – [Mom] It’s hot out today, huh? – [Jordan] It’s very hot out – [Mom] Ty, where do you think Dad and Audrey are hiding? – I don’t know, I’m just waiting for candy – [Mom] Oh, you’re waiting for candy, that’s all that matters? – Okay, we’re hiding first Where do you wanna hide, Audrey? – Um, I don’t know, we should hide behind a pillar – Look, we got all this area here to hide in How ’bout this? How ’bout we hide right over there inside the walkway and come back down? Okay, so lets go down here and we’ll cut in and go around Here, lets go back and see if we can just slip in behind them ‘Cause if we can slip in behind them, they’ll never see us (distant chatter) Okay, so they’re right here on the other side, but they’re probably gonna take off running out Hopefully they won’t find us, what do you think? – They’re gonna find us – You think they’re gonna find us? – Yeah We’re right next to them – Go over the wall? – Ugh I don’t know, there’s a lot of people out here (both chuckle) – Alright, see what we can do – Okay, so I think that they’re probably hiding sitting somewhere close to the Louvre, so I say we go right next to the Louvre What do you think? – Um, I don’t know – [Mom] Dad has his backpack too, so look for a blue backpack – [Ty] A blue? – [Mom] Blue – [Ty] I thought it was black! – [Mom] Okay, so we are looking, and this is hard (water splashing) I don’t know, what do you think? So far, no signs around the Louvre – They’re really far There they are – [Audrey] Oh my gosh, they’re going to see us! – [Dad] Okay, so just be incognito, there’s Jordan and Jacob See, they didn’t think about looking right behind them It’s the best hiding spot ever Hiding in plain view – [Audrey] Who do you think’s gonna find us first? – [Dad] I don’t know Oh, they’re goin’ to the stairs! See, that’s where Audrey wanted to go Good thing we didn’t go there! They just climbed up those stairs over there They’re never gonna find us! – [Audrey] Jake’s lookin’ this way Oh, he didn’t see us! – [Dad] Comment down below if you can still see Jordan and Jacob They’re right there, they’re walkin’ across the thing, and I can’t see them now, they disappeared Alright, where do you think Mom went? – [Audrey] Over there somewhere – Mom and Ty went that way? I can’t see Mom and Ty See, Mom’s gonna finally find us and she’s gonna be like, “Really, you hid right next to us “and we had to run around this whole place “and you were sitting here the whole time?” – We get a good view, so – Yeah, buddy It’s called heightened smart – Yeah – See, we’re not gettin’ all tired right now, we’re just chillin’ out in the shade, enjoying the scenery Look at this, it’s so beautiful here! We get to enjoy it while everybody else is runnin’ around trying to find us! (chuckles) Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky – [Mom] Ah, where are they? They could be anywhere down here, and it’s very busy today Should we go up the steps and see if they’re up? Maybe we could go up that way – [Ty] Yeah, I just want shade now – [Mom] So Jake and Jordan went that way, we went towards the front, and hey, I just saw another beret, a hat! You see it? – [Ty] I see it! – [Mom] Right there? In the white? – [Ty] That’s three! – [Mom] Yep, that’s three of those hats Okay, so that is dining, so we won’t go that way, and that way’s gated off, so we have to go this way, Ty – No! – [Mom] No, back into the sun, no! Okay, either Jake and Jordan– – I saw a fourth, I saw a fourth! – [Mom] Hey, look, look, look! There’s Jake and Jo! – [Ty] I found a forth hat! – [Mom] You found another hat? Where? – [Ty] Right there! – [Mom] No, she’s got a baseball cap Oh, you did, with the blue dress, right?

– [Ty] Huh? – [Mom] She has a hat Do you remember what Dad was wearing today? – A backpack – [Mom] But what outfit? I know he had a baseball cap on – [Ty] I don’t know – Okay (distant chatter) So now we have to find amongst all these people where they are Ah! This is hard! That’s the entrance to the Louvre I don’t know if they would’ve come up around this way You see Dad? I don’t see ’em! – [Ty] Where is Dad? – We are walking everywhere – [Dad] Can you see Jordan and– Oh, there’s Jordan and Jake right there! They’re right there walkin’ across See how far they had to walk? Lemme see if I can zoom in on them I don’t think this camera can zoom that far, they’ve walked so far! – [Audrey] I don’t even see ’em – [Dad] They’re right in front of the steps right now Right in front of those steps right there – [Audrey] Oh! – [Dad] Jake’s got the blue shirt, Jordan’s got the light shirt – [Audrey] I bet they’re looking for my hat – [Dad] They cannot see us ’cause we blend in so well, we’re chameleons (Dad laughs) Look how awesome the scenery is though! – I don’t know where they could possibly be! Should we go see if the grandparents have clues? – Sure! – ‘Cause they were able to peek Okay, so we’re going to go cheat a little and see if the grandparents saw which direction they went Now we’ve made a complete lap all around the entire courtyard of the Louvre – Well, I think half a lap because we didn’t do that right side – [Mom] But Jake and Jo did Okay, ask the grandparents if they know – [Ty] Do you know where Dad and Audrey went? – [Mom] Do you have a hint? You didn’t see which direction? – [Off-Screen Grandparent] We didn’t see– – [Mom] Oh my gosh! (record scratch) – We spotted Mom! – We’ve been hiding here forever, but she’s comin’ back up, let’s see if we can catch her (cheerful drum beat) (Dad chuckles) (cheerful drum beat) – [Audrey] Did they see your camera? – [Dad] Yeah! – Come here! (Mom laughing) (Dad laughing) – [Mom] Were you guys here the entire time?! – Audrey and I sat right here, and you guys walked right past us – [Mom] Did you see them when we started running? – [Jordan] No, I didn’t see them! – [Mom] I thought you were running to them, that’s why I was like, come on! – [Jordan] I didn’t even see! – [Mom] I can’t believe we walked past you, I was like, they’re probably just sittin’ there making fun of us as we wander around – We weren’t making fun of you, but we knew that you guys had no clue where we were – I didn’t even know where they were, Jake and I just walked the entire premises because we had no idea – Alright, I think we won that round – [Jordan] Good job, guys – Okay, should we go to the next monument? – [Mom] Let’s go! – [Dad] Okay, this is round two of Sardines, we are at the– – [Mom] Eiffel Tower! – [Dad] Eiffel Tower! – Whoo! – Yes! – Okay, so I’m going to claim this one to hide even though it’s Audrey’s favorite place Ty is hiding with me – [Dad] Okay, so look for the blue shirt and the red and white stripe shirt – You better not hide up at the top because I’m not going all the way back up – [Dad] We just came from the top, if she comes back up there, she wins – With my shaky knees, I’m not goin’ too far – [Dad] Okay, so you can only hide between all four of the legs of the Eiffel Tower, which is still a pretty big footprint – So I guess if she really wanted to, she could go all the way back to the top – [Dad] I don’t think so Okay, you ready? We’re gonna go hide over here by the concessions You got two minutes! And, go! Let’s go, boys! – Okay so, Ty and my turn to hide We gotta figure out where we wanna go Where should we go here? – [Ty] I should pick because there’s no boys on this team – They’re going over there to hide, so now we gotta figure out where – [Ty] Let’s go in the crowd! – Where is the crowd? – [Ty] That is the crowd! – Or should we go over there by the crowd? Or should we just sit in the middle right here by other people that look kinda like us? Where should we hide? – In that crowd – Okay, so this is where we are going, right here in nowhere – It’s wide open – In plain open, and we’ll see how fast they can find us Who do you think’s gonna find us the first? – Audrey! – [Mom] You think Audrey? – It’s her favorite spot! – [Mom] Aw, because it’s her favorite? I guess it depends which direction they go in who will find us first So how do we do this, how are we gonna hide? – Stay in or behind the crowd – So we switched it up on this just to go finding It’s gonna be me and Jake goin’ to find Audrey and Jordan have the camera, they’re gonna be the commentators trying to find Mom and Ty In three, two, one, see ya! – [Audrey] Oh no, there go the boys! Okay – Alright, so Audrey and I are now on a team

just because this is a really busy area and there are a lot of people, and so we wanna make sure Jake’s with Dad – Yes – And I think Audrey and I, Audrey’s the navigator, she knows how to speak French a little bit So she can get me through everywhere – I need to find Mom’s striped shirt – Yeah, look for red stripes, look for Ty’s, like, blueish-green shirt – Um – Where are they?! I wonder if Dad and Jake has found them already – [Audrey] I can’t even find Dad and Jake! That’s how crowded it is! – Okay, so they are right behind me somewhere – [Ty] They passed us, and (voice drowned out by crowd) – Okay Oh no, Jake just found me, and Audrey and Jordan just walked past! – We get a bonus too because we found grandma – I think Jordan just walked past! So you found grandma? – Yep – [Mom] That’s funny Well, Jordan and Audrey were, like, right here, like where that person with the trainer, like the little kid – We were just scannin’ for stripes and blue, stripes and blue – [Mom] That’s a good method, ’cause Audrey and Jordan pretty much walked past us, even with a camera! – [Dad] Sometimes the best hiding spots are right out in the open – [Mom] That’s what we were thinkin’! – Because you don’t look for the open spots You look for, like, little hiding areas – [Mom] Yep! – And you walk right past the person who’s in the open – [Mom] And they totally did, they scanned right over our head They looked at us and I had the camera like this and walked right past! – Which direction did they go, this way? – [Mom] They went this way – Hi, vlog! (both laughing) – Hello! – We got photobombers! – Oh, yes! Okay guys, so we’ve been wandering for a solid 10 minutes and we have found all the grandparents, which I say we should get double points for that – I think we do – That was pretty tricky, and we found them from across the Eiffel Tower, which is crazy And, um It’s like Where’s Waldo, except Where’s Mom and Ty! – Mom’s wearing stripes too that are red! – It is Where’s Waldo Okay, I have no idea Where are they?! – [Dad] They have no clue where we are – [Mom] They have no clue, they turned off their camera! – [Dad] There they are – [Mom] They’re lookin’ up, they’re just sightseeing! – [Dad] Yeah, like, we’re back up inside the Tower – [Mom] What, don’t look up in the Tower! – [Dad] And there they go, they have no clue – [Mom] That we’re sitting here in the open! Wow! They’re right by us Jordan’s gonna run into us – [Dad] They have no clue where we are (Mom and Dad yelling) There, she saw us! – Are you kidding me, you all were here! – [Dad] It’s about time! – [Mom] You walked past us a couple times, it was so funny! – What? – [Jake] We got two points! – [Mom] We thought you were recoding it, you were wandering! – Well we found Grandma, and we found Nana and Grandpa – [Mom] Yeah, we saw you find both – [Dad] Alright, so the boys won this round – Yeah, the boys won – [Dad] Okay, so say goodbye to this monument, and onto the next round! – Bye! – [Mom] Okay, final hiding place, we are at a castle Huge castle here Oh, lots of birds And Jordan and Jake are going to go hide – Yep! – [Mom] Your turn first – Okay, lets go! – [Mom] This is one of the King’s castles along the river They had to make them along the river because they brought all their furniture down river to their different castles – Seriously, they have multiple castles? – [Mom] Multiple castles They’re gonna try to find a place to hide, I don’t know what its like in there Nobody’s been in this castle yet, this is our first time, so there may or may not be hiding places – We are in the castle and we do not have a map So this should be interesting navigating around this castle, ’cause this is pretty big Let me show you the little model that they have here So we’re somewhere in this castle, I have no idea where we are, but, y’know So this is outside–Where are we going? Ooh, those flowers are pretty (birds chirping) So Jake is looking for the hiding spots because he is really good at finding hiding spots I’m just gonna follow because I have no idea where I’m going in this castle – [Jake] Right here (gasps) – This is a good spot! So once you leave that room, you can come out here and there’s these flowers and, like, a balcony, and this leads over here and there’s a door Oh, we can hide right here, we can sit on the steps and watch and see Whoo, this is actually a really cool view too This is perfect, good hiding spot, Jake! – Okay, we gotta go We can’t be behind Mom and Ty the whole time! – [Dad] Oh, dang! Can’t go that way so I guess we’ll go this way You think they went down behind there? – [Audrey] I don’t think you can go behind the lines (distant chatter) Pillars (birds chirping) – They’re not–I would’ve hid right there, but – [Audrey] I heard mom just say, “Oh, I found them!” – You think they’re inside the knights armor? (birds chirping) Okay, we’ve all met up None of us can find We’re going back up the stairs again, ’cause this castles’ got many layers and levels I love these stairs though, I think they’re awesome

– [Ty] This is the only way to go up! – Oh man, they stop right here – [Audrey] Do they stop or do they keep going? – [Dad] They got a door there (wood squeaking) Balcony, alright (distant chatter) (distant chatter) Okay, so we’re up here on an other tower Still can’t find ’em Really good hiding spot Ooh, what is this? Is that a–nope, that’s just a metal grate Doesn’t do anything – I hear both groups like, right around the corner They’re really loud, but I think they left Oh, nope I hear Audrey and Mom and Ty – I thought they were going to come in, like – [Jordan] Yeah, they keep running by us really loudly What’d you just see? – I just saw Dad on the tower! – [Jordan] Oh my goodness, I just saw them too, let’s see That’s them Oh, they see us! No, they’re going! There they are, they know where we are! – [Dad] Look, there’s Jordan! – [Audrey] Where? – [Dad] She’s right there, right there! – [Audrey] I see her! – [Dad] Yes, she’s over there! Problem is, Mom and Ty are right there! – No! – [Dad] We gotta hurry! – [Audrey] We technically saw them first! – [Dad] Technically we saw them, but I think the rules state that you gotta be there, thus the name Sardines – [Audrey] We know they’re outside – What’d we give away? – [Jordan] I don’t know! Wait (voiced drowned out by camera rolling) Nobody was gonna find us, we had such a good spot! But then we looked up and they were on the tower and they found us, so now they’re probably just trying to figure out how to get down here – Yeah – Alright, so we saw where Jordan was hiding, but we can’t figure out how to get there (both chuckle) We feel like we’re just going in circles, check this out See how this is going in a big circle that way? And we came from this way – We keep going up and down – [Dad] Oh no! We get exited! – [Audrey] We’re what? – [Dad] How did we get kicked out? Are you kidding me? There’s Mom! Look, she’s right there There’s Mom, she hasn’t found them yet – [Jordan] Oh my goodness! There’s Audrey and Dad right there on the second floor of the tower! They can’t find us! – [Jake] No, he pointed at us (Jordan yelps) – [Jordan] No, they know that we’re here, they just can’t figure out how to get to us (Dad laughs) – There’s no way to get to ’em! We can see ’em, we just don’t know how to get there Wait, how did we get out here? We came out that door! No we didn’t, we came out this way Lets go back – [Audrey] I tried getting through that little gate – [Dad] This is the way that we came in, isn’t it? – [Audrey] Yeah This is the spindly staircase – Okay, good hiding spot because we can’t figure out how to get to them And we know Mom can’t get to them either because Mom’s walking out in the gardens now, and so she has no clue, but she doesn’t even see ’em yet, so she doesn’t know that they’re hiding over there in that spot – [Audrey] We have an advantage – We got a small advantage, but still – They had limited time to hide, so it couldn’t be that far – Alright, lets go see if we can find it back this other way Lets go back down this staircase Ready, here we go – [Jordan] Oh man, I see them! Oh no, they’re coming Jake! Jake ,I see them! Oh no! They know where we are, they’re gonna come – Yeah – [Jordan] We’re right by the entrance, I’m surprised they didn’t find us earlier – [Jake] I know, right? – [Jordan] It’s been awhile Are they comin’? – [Jake] It’s been a long while! – [Jordan] They still can’t figure out how to get to us! Oh, there they are Hello! – [Dad] How did you guys get back here? – All we did is we went through– – The building! – We went through the entrance and then we just walked right over here and sat! – [Dad] Well, Mom is totally not in the right area – Where is she? – I think we had the best hiding spot Jake, just saying – Oh, there she is, she’s right there She figured it out – [Jordan] Here comes Audrey! Fashionista walk! Yas queen! Go pixie queen – [Jake] So where is Mom then? – Mom left the castle – [Jordan] Mom left the castle? – Yeah, ’cause we went all the way through the castle lookin’ for you (Jordan laughs) We saw you when we were up there on top, but we couldn’t figure out how you got here Then we saw you over there, couldn’t figure out how We went down around the spiral staircase out the castle – [Jordan] Wow – And Mom and Ty kept walking, so they’re out on the grounds somewhere Okay, we’re gonna pause it and see if Mom ever finds us If not, we’re gonna go looking for her

– Okay guys, so we’ve been waiting for a while now, waiting for Mom, and we’re sitting here She still has not found us, but we have a time limit here because we’re on a tour right now with a tour guide, and so we only have like– – Oh! – They just found! – We would’ve never found you! (Jordan gasps) – [Jordan] Yeah we were talking kind of loud – We heard you talking and that’s when we ran in, we’re like, “ah, that’s Jordan!” – Good job, guys! – Alrighty, so that’s it for Sardines Tell us who had the best hiding spot – [Dad] This was Sardines in Paris! – ♪ Paris! ♪ – Alright, and tell us which location you liked the best, which was your favorite Thank you guys so much for watching Make sure to like, subscribe, and share, and – Hit the bow! – And to make today an adventure! We’ll see y’all next time – [All] Bye! (cheerful xylophone music) (cheerful xylophone music)

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