>> Today’s episode is brought to you by NordVPN >> Head on over to NordVPN.com/rogue and use promo code ROGUE at checkout, get 70% off, that’s three dollars and 49 cents, plus you get an extra month free Keep your private stuff private, NordVPN Every so often, man, you get to feel like a genie We’re granting wishes How many years have people been saying “Pipe smoking, pipe smoking.” >> I thought you were going to say there was a magic pipe, and I’m like “We’re going to take it to glory, “smoke our way to riches!” >> You’re thinking of the wrong type of pipes my friend You’ll see god [ominous tone] >> I’ll be back All right, we are here with Cale Bean at Pipe World Thank you for joining us >> Yeah man, this has been on the list for freaking ever, I got to tell you, cigar smoke I at least had tried a cigar at some point I’ve never even tried a single puff of tobacco from a pipe ever, but I’ve always loved the smell, it always makes me think of all my favorite old people, when I was young Does pipe smoking have a reputation as being something that is fringy, or where’s the popularity right now? >> Popularity’s going to be mostly in older, 50 plus, but it’s also in more the intellectual community So a lot of influential writers and thinkers have been pipe smokers throughout the years, and so you’ll see, especially in college communities, you’ll see somebody getting into J.R.R. Tolkien, and going “Oh, Tolkien smoked a pipe, “therefore I must smoke a pipe.” >> What if you’re going for the whole hipster look >> I don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s not like I got this trim and then decided to keep it specifically for this episode >> And then picked different glasses >> I don’t know what you’re talking about, I just have these other glasses >> Then you get a pipe that screams “Hipster.” >> Can I just say, “I’m sorry, you were saying?” Why are there so many different shapes to pipes? >> Good question, part of that is all the different types of tobacco that you are given to choose from, so you have what most people are familiar with, which is aromatic Which, as you were saying earlier, reminds you of all your old people >> It’s called Sherlock Holmes! >> It’s called Sherlock Holmes >> BRIAN: It’s laced with opium >> The game is afoot! Is it laced with opium? >> No, no opium today >> All right, I mean good, we don’t want that here >> And nothing anywhere close to what Sherlock Holmes would have smoked >> What would he have smoked? I mean, opium >> His enemies >> His enemies, the pure ashes of them, he would’ve smoked something that would’ve been more like that >> So are these fundamentally different types? Oh my gosh, yes they are! What type is that? >> This is going to be an English, and that’s going to be your smoky character The first one that we smelled was an aromatic >> It is a bit weird to say “A smoky character” to something that you’re going to set fire to >> Aren’t they all smoky? >> What’s the third type? >> And then the third one is the last category of broad tobaccos >> These are, this is beef jerky, they’re little beef jerky chips! >> Do not eat it, do not eat it >> Oh man, why did you say that, now I have to eat it >> Well, you can do that I guess >> Does a gentleman dip? >> Oh yeah, those are all distinctly different, but I never would’ve thought that you would’ve needed different types of pipes, for the different types of tobacco >> Yeah, walk me through that >> So yeah, when you’re talking on– >> Also, is there a trash can where I can? That was a no-no >> What typifies an aromatic is it’s going to have a sweeter room note to it, it’s going to smell aromatic for everybody else around you >> It’s a bit like personal incense? Can I confess something, I always love it when there’s one person and only one person at a party smoking cloves, because it’s like to me, it’s that burning leaves >> And most of the time if you have somebody in your past who smoked a pipe, that aromatic is probably what they smoked, because they smoked inside, and so it kept everybody else around them happy Unless you were my grandfather, and he just didn’t give a [bleep] >> So he was more of the boot leather? >> Boot leather, yep >> That’s actually my favorite So how do each of these correspond to different types of pipes? >> So when you’re talking different types of pipes, there’s 1000 different variations that you can run across And usually the shape determines what type of tobacco you smoke out of the pipe >> I was at a party and I saw somebody doing one of these, these giant Gandalf long stem things, and all I thought was “Pretention, pretention, pretention.” But then he explained “No no no, the long stem “allows the smoke to cool by the time it gets to you.” And then I was like “I bet there’s a reason “for the shapes of pipes.” So what are they? >> Yes there is

So aromatic is generally universal, there’s a specific shape of a pipe called a billiard, which is either straight like that, or can be bent, this is a bent, more of a brandy shape than a billiard, what a billiard is is a straight wall, and the chamber is about half as wide as it is tall After that you go to the opposite end of the spectrum on flavor, and that’s when you start talking about your Englishes, your Englishes, you typically want the chamber to be almost as wide as the depth of the pipe, you want a fairly wide and narrow chamber It doesn’t change the way that the heat of the smoke, but it allows more of the flavor of the tobacco to come through in the smoke >> That’s amazing, because I guess I would’ve assumed this thing’s already bubbling over with flavor, so I wouldn’t imagine that you want to enhance the amount of flavor, I would imagine it’s too much at some point >> You just want to get the most of it though, right? >> That specific smoky character you get up front in the nose of the tobacco, if you just smoke that and you smoke it really hard, that’s always going to come through, but depending on the blend there’s other things going on as well, so if you smoke it the way it’s intended, usually you’ll taste some of the other tobaccos that are blended in there with it >> And what type of pipe is that? >> So that is a prince >> Prince, English, English people have princes, I can remember that >> Where the term English comes from, or originates from, is England has always had very strict regulations on what you can do with your tobacco and what you can’t By adding some sort of cordial to your tobacco in England it is no longer classified as tobacco >> And a cordial is just, in this case the aromatics, the stuff that makes it pleasant for other people, they perceive it as you’re corrupting it and so it’s no longer English tobacco >> It’s no longer tobacco The English basically took straight tobacco and played with all of the different blends and curing processes and at one point they came across a fluke, it was an accident There was a surplus of crop in Syria, and so all of the farmers started housing their tobacco in their houses, they’re cooking their food in their house while the tobacco’s curing, and the tobacco ended up getting smoke cured, basically >> Oh, wow! >> Whether it’s true or not, it was camel dung originally >> I detected some notes of that, which not a bad thing, camels have very fragrant, alluring scents >> Absolutely, so that’s at least the urban myth is that it was originally cow dung, typically it’s done over wood and it’s now, because we don’t get things out of Syria anymore, out of cypress, so it’s typically Cyprian Latakia >> Aromatics, you want the bell end, what was it called? >> Billiard Aromatics, billiard, English and prince >> There it is, all right, so let’s talk about the– >> Bell end >> Thank you, I’m glad you finally got that >> It took me a second, it’s like Oh yeah, do you have a bell end pipe for him? >> So then when you talk Virginias, you want a very narrow chamber, and a very deep bowl >> Oh, this is what I think of as, what was it, Douglas MacArthur, a corncob pipe or something >> And if you need a corncob pipe, we can always issue a corncob pipe >> BRIAN: Look at that >> That’s an actual corncob >> Yeah, you can tell it’s been used, too What makes Virginia special? >> It’s a specific strain of tobacco, but it’s usually, when you’re referring to Virginias, it’s a blend, so it can be a blend of Virginia tobacco, Virginia and Burley, Virginia and Perique, or bunch of different things, but, Virginia specifically has the most naturally occurring sugar in it No sugar’s been added to it, but because there’s sugar in the tobacco, it wants to burn really hot Virginia tobacco typically is more like your light roast coffees, you’ve got to brew it right to get the flavor to come out and to be able to get all of the little nuanced notes of that blend So for whatever reason, a tall, narrow chamber allows you to keep the ember going, but it’s a much smaller ember, so you’re not overheating the rest of the tobacco, you’re not burning off some of the oils that are in the tobacco, and you get more flavor coming through because of that >> And one more time, the type of this was? >> That’s going to be called a poker >> A poker, all right, so for Virginia, you got a bunch of people playing poker Aromatic, billiards, you’ve got the English, you got the prince, got it, okay, so I’m going to guess that there’s a little bit more to learn about pipe smoke than what we just got >> As is often the case, I was surprised with the amount of science that was going into this episode I’m usually just adjacent to it myself, as is Brian >> All right, so at this point, I feel like we could walk in and buy a pipe and not insult ourselves by buying the wrong tobacco to go with it, but I’m going to guess that there’s no end to the specifics of the ritual What are the broadest of strokes, because I know a cigar, as long as you light it,

get it going, take a puff every few seconds, it’s going to stay alive Is that not the case? >> Not with a pipe Broad strokes that you’ll need to master, or at least get a good feel for, are going to be– >> Is it taking the pipe out and putting your hand on your chin? >> Yes, and pontificating appropriately >> I knew it >> So you need to know, basically with a cigar, somebody’s done all the work of preparing the tobacco in a way to get it to smoke correctly for you You get to be that person, so you need to learn how to load your pipe appropriately >> Oh, yeah, you want to make a guess, we’ll see how wrong, because what I would do is I would just put everything in, maybe just poke it a little bit, and then light it, and I don’t know what else to do >> Dump it, poke it, light it >> And that’s what most people assume, and it’s more akin to building a fire You want enough air flow going through it that everything burns well, but you want it tight enough that it’s going to stay burning, and not just go out after a couple– >> Do we need a striking rod, or? >> If I’m following your lead, I’m guessing, in a campfire what you want is you want kind of a little oven with tinder in the middle, but you also want to kind of seal, not really totally seal it, but essentially keep the heat in, so that the fire keeps going, so would that mean that somehow you want it loose at the base but more tightly packed on top? >> Correct, and you are absolutely right, so you do loosely packed at the bottom, and you progressively tighten it up as you go up >> It’s elementary, my dear Jason I just solved a crime >> Once on television I started a fire with my own urine You were there >> Quite right, quite right Broad strokes on how you actually smoke from a pipe >> Well before we get there, you want to actually know what your pipe is made out of, before we launch into how to smoke it >> It’s a good point, what if your pipe is made of more tobacco, you ever think of that? >> Do you have any made of bone? >> No, no bone pipes, but you will see sometimes where they use a decorative piece of bone in the stem material >> Do you need bones? We’ll talk about it, take it offline >> The most common material that is used for pipes now is briar, it comes out of the root ball of a heath shrub >> Man, that was a lot of words, I think some of them were English It’s hearthstone briar, prong shrimp, what? I don’t, say all that again >> Briar comes from the root ball, so instead of a branch of a tree, it’s actually what’s dug out of the ground, so it’s the root system, out of a heath shrub So it’s a shrub which is, go back to that shrubbery, we’re looking for a shrubbery Starting out looking for a pipe, you want to make sure that it’s at least made out of briar Other materials that are good for pipe making, corn cob, that’s been a universal for, at least in the Americas >> Why are these particularly better, do they not burn, or? >> They’re inexpensive, so it’s a good launching point, because it’s, instead of spending 50 plus, you’re spending 15 bucks It’s a disposable pipe, so it will burn out eventually, so if you’re out throwing axes or chopping down a tree, then it’s a good pipe to have with you in case it gets hit by the ax >> That’s interesting, it just now occurs to me that if you spend a lot of money on a pipe, weirdly, you’re going to want to use it sparingly, and pay an awful lot of attention to it while you’re smoking it, unlike if you’re distracted, working in the shop, and just want to be able to set one down >> Yes And then, even older than briar or even cob would be meerschaum Meerschaum is, they think it’s a crustacean >> Made of dogs You son of a [bleep] >> I knew it! >> They believe it’s a fossilized crustacean, it’s a similar material to soapstone, and the interesting thing is it only comes out of Turkey, at least in the pure white form And meerschaum is a German word that means sea foam >> It looks like a ceramic, almost >> It’s a stone material >> But you wouldn’t want actual ceramics, are those bad for some reason? >> Ceramics tend to burn very hot, and don’t breathe particularly well >> Oh, they’ll probably get hot in your hand, and yeah, that would be really uncomfortable >> That gets us to an old, old form of smoking, which is clay Clay works, two downsides to clay is one, that the bowl gets insanely hot, so you can’t actually hold it like this It’s going to be in the hand out here, you’re going to hold it by the stem rather than by the bowl The other is, you drop it, it’s going to go into 1000 pieces But in England, specifically, you see it everywhere,

why, because clay’s everywhere in England, so it’s very easy to manufacture, especially prior to a lot of trade happening and being able to export and import briar >> Okay, so let’s say we got a proper briar, and we’re matching it with the right tobacco, I guess we should just do this, right? Let’s learn by doing, okay, which tobacco do you want? >> I would like the English, so I will need a prince pipe >> I am a courteous pipe smoker, so I would like an aromatic, and if you don’t mind pairing me with a billiard pipe, I think that would do quite nicely >> I’ll give you an apple >> Yes, quite right All right, so now what? >> So from there, I will demonstrate how to do it, and then you guys will copy You’re trying to build a fire, so you want a couple of things happening, you want enough air flow through it that everything’s going to burn, but you don’t want so much that you’re, can’t get air going So how you create that, now everybody has their own opinion, what’s the best way to load a pipe When you’re first starting out, you want to minimize your variables So you always start with the same loading method, which is called the three pack method You grab a pinch of tobacco, and you gently do what’s called a gravity fill >> A gravity fill, just dropping it in, basically? >> You’re dropping it in, yep >> Okay, and you want it nice and loose, right? How much do we want, all the way up, or? >> CALE: Yeah, you’re going to fill it until the whole chamber is full So you’ll want more than that >> I guess you’re probably going to have spillage all the time doing this, huh? >> Yeah, I was making a mess So you want to get just to the lip, right? >> Correct, and then you are going to do a baby push, or a very gentle push So you basically push it down to about halfway >> BRIAN: With your pinkie, or I guess you could use an instrument >> You can use the instrument, there’s two different schools of thought, one is that if you use the tamper, it’ll give you a more even pack I personally like to use my finger because I like the feedback that I get, I know how much pressure I’m putting on it because it is a learned thing >> You can probably pack down a little bit, it felt like I was pushing too hard, so >> Yeah, you don’t want to push too hard >> Yeah, and I guess also you have a different bowl shape than I do, which will affect it >> And then we’re going to do the same thing again, where you do that gravity fill >> So at this point, I’m picturing we kind of have a medium packing on the bottom part >> CALE: I would say a light packing on the bottom, and we’re going to go medium in the middle >> So heavier on the middle, so the second time I’m going to give it a little bit of extra oomph, and that’s not just squishing down the stuff on the bottom? >> It will a little bit, and that’s part of the reason why we packed it loosely on the bottom, is so that as we put pressure on it, the whole pack evens out consistently >> Okay, I think I got it, does that look right? So about two thirds up? >> I’m already pretty, oh, wow, more, okay >> And then the last one, and hence the name, three pack method And then the last one you’ll do nice and firm >> JASON: Okay, but again a gravity fill first? >> Gravity fill >> Okay, got it >> And that’s not bad if it’s overflowing a little bit Last thing I do is push everything down just below the rim >> JASON: And get that nice and hard, though >> And you’re going to go nice and firm, so a good way to think about it is that first pack is a baby push, the second pack is a lady’s push, and the third is a man’s >> Hello, 19th century [all laugh] >> He’s not wrong >> All right, now what? >> So from there, the last thing you do before we even talk about fire, is >> Oh, you got to test if you’ve clogged it Now, we’re not inhaling, we’re puffing? >> Puffing, much like a cigar >> Mm, quite right >> Very, verily >> So you want it loose, but you don’t want it too loose, and it’s this fine balancing Personally my opinion, if you’re loading the pipe, and things are too loose, it’s fine to leave it there If it’s too tight, it’s much better to dump it out and start over Too tight, you can’t do a whole lot for Too loose, you can always tighten it back up >> Got it, so if it is too tight, do you find yourself just scrape it all out and go again? Wow, all right >> And usually you dump it back into the can that you were working from It’s not wasted because we haven’t put flame to it, yet, and that’s why you do that test draw, is so that you don’t waste the tobacco >> Okay, so if I’m not getting much resistance at all, when I’m puffing on there, does that mean we should tighten it up a bit, or? >> It’s not a bad idea, again, too loose is okay >> Yeah, that feels better >> Yeah >> And you’ll get there And this is where experience comes in,

you’ll learn as you smoke your pipe, “Okay, that was too loose and things burned too fast, “and so I will tighten it up the next time.” >> Okay, and now this is one of those things, I know in the cigar world, people’ve got strong opinions about what kind of fuel you use to light your tobacco >> I brought some magnesium strips, usually used for thermite >> And that’s typically a very very bad idea >> Oh, okay Well, agree to disagree, but continue >> The only really hard and fast rule with pipe smoking is do not, that wonderful torch you bought to smoke your cigars with, do not use that with your pipe And the reason for that is not so much about the tobacco as it is about you just spent $100 on your pipe, now you’re taking something that burns at about 1000 degrees, and you’re sticking, trying to take something burning really hot, flip it upside down, and at the same time, stick it into your pipe That can and will burn out the pipe >> Got it >> You don’t want to do that >> I guess a match is, I mean that’s what I see the most, right? >> Ideally you want to use matches, and you want to actually, when you’re first lighting, you want to take out three matches The other thing you can use is a pipe lighter The big thing a pipe lighter will always have in common is that it’s a soft flame, and that it’s at an angle If you notice, that flame is not pointing directly up, if you look at my pipe, my pipe is not pointing out like a cigar, so you need something that you can turn upside down and direct into the pipe >> It’s not going to burn your thumb >> And it’s not making that aggressive sound and pushing it directly out, okay >> Is the three matches just so you don’t look like a chump when the first one doesn’t work, is that so you don’t have to keep on pulling ’em out one at a time? >> So we’re doing the building a fire thing again, we’re back to that analogy You need to get the whole fire burning, just because you have smoke doesn’t mean the pipe is going One of the biggest things I see guys come back to me and say “Why isn’t my pipe working?” Well it’s because you haven’t lit it correctly You took a match and thought it was a cigarette and so you went “Puff puff puff, now I have smoke, “puff puff, oh, now it’s out, what the hell?” Okay, light another match, “Puff puff, I have smoke, “oh crap, it’s out again.” >> That’s going to happen >> It will happen, and that’s normal, when you’re first starting out But technique makes a world of difference >> I just realized, the lighter, you can hold the pipe and use just one-handed, you can’t do that with the matches, so I guess you have to what, bite down, or? >> Yeah, you usually typically hold the pipe in your teeth, and everybody’s different because their mouths are different, and that’s part of, also some of the variation you’ll see in pipes is different stem configurations because it’ll be more comfortable for one person and less comfortable for another Matches are great when you’re inside They suck when you’re on the back porch trying to light it and the wind is going and so it makes it harder, but, matches also burn at about the same temperature as your pipe tobacco, so that’s a good thing So, I will walk through, then I will demonstrate, and then you will do >> You got it >> So, you take your first two matches, and you’re going to do what’s called the char light As you draw on the pipe you’re going to run the matches back and forth over the surface of the pipe, what you’re doing is burning off that top layer of moisture And trying to create an ash layer that’ll help aerate the tobacco, so you get a nice, even airflow all the way through Then you’ll grab your tamper, which is basically anything that has a flat surface on it that’s not going to combust So you’ll grab your tamper, and then you’ll flatten everything out so you have that nice even flat surface Usually in that process of flattening everything out, you’ve put the whole pipe out, and now you’ve got to do your third match >> But you have warmed everything up, so that that single match is going to make everything start >> It’s going to make everything start, and then that’ll keep it going So you start with the two matches, burn off the sulfur >> So like a puff and a pass? >> Mm-hm And the key here is long, slow draws The other nice thing about matches is that it gives you a timeframe, if you haven’t burned through at least half your match, you haven’t charred it correctly >> Ah, so now you’re tamping down >> Now we grab the tamper And I’m not really putting any pressure on there, I’m just flattening out the top layer that has burned And I’m also drawing to give myself the feedback of what is my tamper doing, so at this point, if everything was a little bit on the looser side than what I like, I would also tighten it up to where I want, so I would again draw and tamp at the same time so I get that feedback of what’s happening in the pipe

>> So at this point, the top layer is kind of cooled off, but down in there are some embers just barely alive >> Yeah, and if you notice, you can see a little bit of smoke, and you can see that little white spot, and that’s where it’s burning, and kind of around the edges, that’s where it’s not burning so well So that’s what the final match is for, is to get that whole ember, you want, much like a cigar, you want that whole end of the cigar to burn all the way down, not just one little side of it >> That’s still a problem with cigars, I keep getting lopsided cigars >> Oh, and you do the pass on this as well >> A lot of that is to get that whole surface lit >> Yeah, see I would’ve thought you jam it in there, you take a few puffs, and you’re done >> That’s a great way for it to go out and to have a very bad experience, and usually you get tongue bite out of that, because you’re relighting and relighting and relighting and it– >> Tongue bite is where it gets hot on your tongue? >> Where it gets hot enough to actually give you a little bit of a burn on your tongue One of the weird things for cigar smokers coming into pipe tobacco is, in cigars, you can get a spicy kind of peppery sensation If you’re getting that out of your pipe, it’s because you’re actually burning your tongue >> Huh, all right, you feel like we’re ready? Can we do this? [mumbles around pipe] >> Take long, slow draws >> Aw, mine went out >> And that happens >> Yeah, at this point I’m afraid I’m overdoing it, I think I’ve got a slow-burning match or something >> It’s the match, it’s totally the match >> At this point I’d say you’re in good shape, so that’s when you grab the tamper >> Tamper, I’m going to flatten all the ash >> You want to draw on it while you’re tamping, so you can get, again, get that feedback >> Oh yeah, you can definitely see the reduction in the amount of smoke, and so now, I’ll get it going the rest of the way, all right, all right, I’m picking this up Man, I just realized we have to learn smoke tricks now Blowing smoke rings and all that stuff >> Oh, absolutely >> So once everything’s lit and everything’s going, that’s when you slow everything down One of the weirdest things for people to get used to is the amount of smoke coming off of a pipe The amount should be more of a wisp, rather than a billowing cloud We’re not vaporizing >> And it should continue to just wisp up whether I’m puffing on it or not? >> Yeah, if you’re not puffing on it, eventually it will go out You usually get about a minute before it does >> How’s it taste, smoky? >> Tastes smoky, yeah, yeah >> Are you regretting your decision? >> No, no I’m not, I’m fine It’s intense, it’s a lot >> Here’s the part that blows my mind, is I know we have just barely scratched the surface of all of the ritual and types of pipes, and types of tobaccos and stuff, and I’m sure we’ll be back again, but, what can we promote for your time, sir, because this is amazing >> So we’re Pipeworld, we’re here in Austin, Texas, we also have a location up in Round Rock Not a whole lot of online presence, but we do have a website >> For those who aren’t in the Austin area, just find your local pipe shop? >> Find your local pipe shop If you want to smoke a pipe, best advice I can give you is find that cigar shop, pipe shop, that actually does sell pipes and knows what they’re talking about >> And do it in person and find an expert to help guide you along >> Correct >> And also, hopefully on the way there, there’ll be an unsolved crime, and you can be like “This one’s very hard,” actually on the way out, that’s where you want the unsolved crime >> You guys wait here, I’m going to go commit a crime, and you got to figure it out >> They’re like “Officer, all I remember “is he was smoking a pipe and I said “”You’ve got it backwards! “”The other guys, the good guys.”” Murphy, I get these people all up in my YouTube feed saying “You don’t need a VPN.” That’s the way I talk, it’s me, another YouTuber who hates VPNs, explain one legitimate use for a VPN

>> There are a lot of old southern women commenting on your YouTube videos >> Oh, bless your heart, I say there’s no reason for a VPN It’s not like anyone has anything to hide at any given time from any person, I hate VPNs, it’s me, southern belle VPN hating lady >> Oh, southern belle VPN hating lady, that’s just the position of ignorance You don’t understand that there are forces out there who want to peek at all of your private internet business >> Oh, well if you want to peek at a little bit of this apple pie, you can have some of this apple pie, maybe I make you a little bit of lemonade I don’t understand why anybody would want to keep their identity private, or where they go on the internet, a secret from other people Also will you please tell me everywhere you go on the internet, I’d like to discuss it with all my ladies at the quilting bee >> I’m going to Nord you, because I think you, southern belle internet commenter, are a threat to my privacy >> Are you talking about your very peculiar list of searches that I’ve been looking at on your Googles, are you talking about the fact that I’m your IT person and I see every single website that you go to? Are you talking about the fact that sometimes you’re in a public place and that you have to go ahead and attach to an unfamiliar Wi-Fi, and you want the safety and security that comes from knowing that all of your stuff has military grade encryption, and that nobody knows what you’re up to because you’re on the internet? >> I don’t want to look at your stuff, I don’t want you to look at mine, I’m going to Nord it up, you should, too >> Oh my goodness, you’ve convinced me, you strapping young lad Where should I go to sign up for NordVPN? Go to NordVPN.com/rogue, use promo code ROGUE and get 70% off a three year plan Keep your searches safe >> Ooh, that sounds pretty good but I’m only going to do it if I also get one month free extra >> Well guess what lady, you’re getting it, on Nord How do you feel now? >> Oh my god, Nord gave it to me and I couldn’t be happier! I’m a convert, I love VPNs now I’m going to form a new YouTube channel >> I think I gave her the vapors, I think Nord gave her the vapors, that’s good >> My daughter, up until age six, was still kind of sucking on her thumb, and I was so jealous because she would sit there and watch thoughtfully, and then when she had a thought she would pop it out, and offer her business, then go back, and I just, I’d watch that and I’m like “I need to start smoking a pipe.” >> I thought you were going to say she needed to start smoking a pipe to wean her off of her thumb

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