All right continue s-continuing, good grief, I can’t talk anymore episode twelve Yeah, I don’t want to hear you jibber-jabber, shut up I know. I want to slap him so hard That would be you. You are the king of the rotten cores Shut up, dude. Bizui! No! I know he’s so far away. How can they hear him talking? “During this time” Be nice to Suibian! Comment: “Huaisang is the only happy one giving his sword away” I bet! He doesn’t ever seem to use his sword Oh, Bichen! Be gentle with it He can’t do much with the-is his legs still broken I take it? Here you go have my sword Does his sword have a name? Do you want to cause trouble for your clan? Give him the stupid-not stupid sword sorry, give him your sword Is he down the stairs yet? No, okay Don’t-you have no right to talk to him Song: “gwaenchanh-ayo” Song: “And I still want you” MianMian, calm him down, please I bow to MianMian. MianMian! That’s nothing to do about being cowards, it’s just being smart, okay, calm yourself… Peacock It seems like all the girls are really cool in this show. Normally I hate girl characters Ah! His demeanor definitely changed. Leave her alone, please! “How can this be for the greater good? The greater good.” Give him your sword, Zixuan Back up the stairs Why do you have to go up there to talk again? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you! MMMMM Seriously? *GASP* WEN NING! Hi sweet, it’s been so long. Oh! I haven’t seen him in so long! Song: “Bogo sipda. Bogo sipda” Oh! :3 Ohhhh! My heart is happy… for now Oh, she concerned. God, she has such big beautiful eyes Uh! Oh! Gotta protect your bro <3 Mmmmmmm I know, he's so cute! I just want to give him hugs all day. Just hug him forever in my arms Never let him go! Is he really looking at it? Holy cow! *GASP* Is that the comb he bought... Wen Qing? YEEEEES! Why didn't you give it to her yet?

Give her the dang comb! Tell her how you feel! Tell her your feels! Nightless City huh? That’s a cool name Yeah, what’s your point? Yeah………. you could say that NI! I’m gonna do that every time. I don’t care if it’s annoying Sorry, I gotta find my husband, hey! Y’all are prisoners here. Okay, isn’t it obvious? Oh, he’s thinking of something Now he has a chair (Charlie Brown: teacher talking) What? I still can’t hear you from down here! I think Wei Wu-Wei Wuxian was probably the only one who read the thing WEI WUXIAN! (CRICKETS) I know, they have to carry that stupid thing up and down the stairs Present! I wouldn’t think he’d want too, no I doubt he even looked at it Well, you know Peacock’s not going to do it. so leave it to Wei Wuxian Do it baby! *LAUGHS* He was entertained by that idea Song: “I’m married to-” *HAPPY NOISES* Yes, look at your husband that way! What is he doing? Stretches, it’s morning time got to do some stretches WEI WUXIAN! Let’s hear it, sweet boy! Isn’t that-this is the Lan Clan rules? Yeah? Song: “You attack my heart” *LAUGHS* His smile! Ohhhh, you little poop, I love you! Yeah! Thank you for clarifying As well Bizui! No, don’t stop talking You need to stop talking though! Yeah To pick vegetables? Okay. That seems nice WHAT?! Song: “So baby oooo, oh, I’m in trouble. Oh, I’m in trouble.” What kind of a punishment is-oh he’s so irritated Oh, you did it bad I know he’s like I’m sorry husband. I’m, sorry I did that *LAUGHS* What are they? *LAUGHS* Oh, my God, they look so dorky! Dude, I cannot imagine doing this with sleeves as big as theirs, except Wei Wuxian seems to be the only one who does not wear sleeves Like ever. Except for when they were in the… (Cloud Recesses) Gusu Hiiiii sweetie With white clothes? Yeah! How do you not manage to get poop on that? I have no idea He’s like “don’t talk to me” Oh, I love the extravagance of his robe, it’s so pretty *LAUGHS* I’m sure you could come up with something Just look at the detail of his robe I know, he’s so cute. Okay. Bye You gotta follow your husband Why is he not saying anything to him? *GASP* Why do you have to show up everywhere? *LAUGHS* Oh! *MUFFLED LAUGH* What are you doing? Leave him alone! *GASP* *SCREAMS* He’s trying to protect him! Ah! Even he’s concerned! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooooooh! He’s like “do not touch my man!”

Look at that face! You’d better put him down Oh! Ohhhhh! He’s grabbing his arm! His hair looks fabulous too Mmhmm Why would he have it? Uh ha! Dungeon? *GASP* Oh, look at that ssss-look at that look! Oh! Look at him, he’s worried about his husband! You’re taking him away! Bring him back! Come back! WEN NING! Ohhhhh, sweet boy! AH! Hey, I wasn’t doing anything sister Nothing He’s worried about his friends… c’moooooon Are these chains necessary? Come on! *GASP* Ohhhh! Baby’s scared! Why is he so scared? What is that? Other than a really bad puppet! Yeah, it’s okay-it’s forgiving Ohhhh sweet boy! Oh, he’s so scared! He’s afraid of dogs. That’s horrible! Oh, that door looks like it’s about to fall off AAAHHH! Ohhhh nooooo! *GASP* Hey, it’s your wifu! It’s Wen Qing, your wifu! Heeeeey! Comb? Comb? “I will try my best”, to do what? You can’t do much Ahhh! Ohhh! Oh sweet boy, oh look at him! He has like severe PTSD, with the stupid giant puppet dog Ew… (not ew to WY) Oh, he’s so sweaty. Someone wipe his face off Is it dead? It’s asleep? WEN NING! Oh, sweet boy! Oh, he is best boy! It’s fine, I’m just dying, you know Medicine? Ohhhh, sweet boy! Oooooo Ohhhhhh, my heart! Oh, you’re so considerate Wei Wuxian! Awww, it’s not your fault baby Yeah, he doesn’t know Mmmmm… Now he knows the truth! Thank you, sweet boy! Be careful! AH! It’s gonna make me cry again… stop it! UH! Okay, it’s just snoring… God, this show with the feels! Is he going to get some rest? Uh oh! Yeah, you got to take the needles out. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah take them out, take them out. Hurry, hurry, hurry I know, I know scary, baby Just do it. I know it’s scary Come on. There you go. Okay AH! I still have two That’s what you are dude, you’re a piece of trash Yipeeee Oh, baby! Look at him act all casual like it’s normal Ohhhhhhhh Mmm “He doesn’t make others worry”, Yeah Oh, don’t say those words! Ohhhhhhh! Oh, Lan Zhan Wen Qing… what are you doing with him?

I’m beyond done with this man Listen to Wen Qing DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH LOTUS PIER! Now back to the sweet boy She’s like “what did you do?” Cause they’re bros! I ate it Must protect the sweet boy Ew Ew EW! He’s not even looking at it. He’s like forget this. Forget everything, my life is ruined. At least I still have my husband Nie Huaisang, what’s wrong? OH?! Ohhhhhh! Song: “My baby, baby, baby, babaaaaay!” Yeah, right? It’s another field trip time, yeah Yeah, the old Cloud Recesses-that life is gone! Ew Heeeeey girl! Who’s this lady? I don’t care. I don’t care who she is She’s flirting with him. I… don’t care! Oh, sweet boy noooooo! Oh, his poor leg! What are they doing out here? Night hunt? Peacock Ew! I don’t want to hear that in the background! Ohhhhhhh, baby! Go to your husband! Help him! Come on Jiang Cheng! Ah! I would love to see him carry him! That would be so great! NI! No Song: “Love like this” Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! No, no, no! You (NI!)-why do you do this to me? *LAUGHS* Like yes, yes, yes! No, no no… the end *LAUGHS* Oh, good grief! Oh, that was so good. I’m glad things calmed down just a tiny bit here towards the end. I mean it’s still kind of a cliffhanger, but it’s not like intense thing happening cliffhanger Type thing that’s been happening the last few episodes Oh, that was so good So good Aw, you guys! I’m looking forward to all the episodes. It’s not just the next one. It’s gonna be then all of them in general The next two episodes. Yes! Yeah, you guys say 14-15 are good Yes, you guys have a good night, have a good day in whatever time zone/country you’re in! I know. I wish I could watch-I wish we didn’t have to sleep. Anyway, you guys have a good night! I’ll, see you guys later. Good night. Good morning, good day. Thank you. Bye. Bye Bye, Bye! WHAT?! Wei Wuxian AH! AH!!!!!! Oh, dear, oh dear! *LAUGHS* *LOUD GASP* Song: “Love like this” Oh, my God, that staaaaare!

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