♪ Oh, how I love Jesus ♪ Oh ♪ How I love Jesus ♪ Oh ♪ How I love Jesus ♪ Because he first ♪ Loved me – [Woman] You haven’t slept in three days You need to go to sleep, I can stay up – [Man] Okay, one hour Promise me you’ll wake me – Darius! (suspenseful music) – [Darius] Why do bad things always happen to good people? That’s me, Darius Blackmon I guess I need to take you to the beginning for you to truly understand (upbeat music) (cheers) ♪ Yeah, how I got over ♪ How I got over ♪ How I got over ♪ How I got over ♪ My soul look back and wonder how I got over ♪ How I got over ♪ How I got over ♪ How I got over ♪ How I got over ♪ My soul look back and wonder how I got over ♪ Just as soon as I see Jesus ♪ Oh, yes ♪ The man who made me free (laughing) – [Darius] That’s my grandmamma Ida, full of fire and fight She’s been the only mother I’ve known, and raised me since I was a little boy ♪ I wanna thank him because he brought me ♪ Oh, yes ♪ I wanna thank him because – [Darius] And that’s my beautiful wife Josey, and my two kids, Kendra and Michael There’s just something about being in church that seems to sooth the soul – Wee! (boy laughs) – Mr. Allen, what are you doing here? – [Allen] Marcus, you’ve missed a total of seven days of class – I know, Mr. Allen – Miss Dillard, I gave you a voucher to purchase a new pair of shoes for Marcus – I bought shoes with your little voucher – [Allen] Where are they? – Brian needed a pair, so I got him some – He’s four! So irresponsible – What? – You know what I went through to get that voucher? – Wait just one minute! How dare you come in here trying to front me out in front of my kids, and another thing Look, I know that boy needs an education, but I also know he needs to help me around the house I decide who gets what around here Now, if you’ll excuse me, we are late for church – Mr. Allen, I’ll try to come to school more– – [Miss Dillard] Come on, Marcus! – [Pastor] Give him some praise! Give him some praise up in here! (congregation applauds) Hallelujah! – That’s right Yes, praise the lord – Praise the Lord, praise the lord! Somebody over here give me a hallelujah Somebody over here give me a thank you, Jesus – Yes Yes, Pastor

– Amen – Amen, hallelujah! Hallelujah! As the deacons come, $500 from every man in the building I know you got it I saw you drive up in it Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, don’t stop it now, don’t stop it now We’ve had a wonderful time up till now, but we’re about to receive the word Amen! Give him some praise Give him some praise, oh, yeah, oh, yeah! Come on, Pastor, and get this mic – Why don’t we all say amen? – Amen – A good time we’re having Thank God for the testimonies and songs And then for the privilege to give in the offering Thank you, brothers, for the $500 each I think we have to understand how much love prevails – Tell them – It is the love of God that keeps us The love of God that holds us – Yes – That enables us To not only show love for ourselves, but love for others Something in the keeping power of God moves us in sacrificial ways that we might benefit others, so much so that we can say that not only does God’s love stand as a keeping force We ought to be able to say one to the other, nothing separates you from my love, or me from your love All because of the keeping power of God Is that enough to hold you? – Put your weight on it – Maybe I’ve got another old school number Help me where you can because the Lord keeps on blessing me and making the way for me – Hallelujah, Pastor – And so here as it is ♪ It’s another day’s journey ♪ And I’m glad about it ♪ I’m glad ♪ Oh, I’m Glad ♪ I’m glad about it – [Pastor] Y’all better stand to help me with ♪ Another day’s journey ♪ And I’m glad – What are you doing in my man cave? There’s a stiff penalty and payment is due immediately – How was your day? – Long You know, I don’t know why Marcus’s mother insists on being so stubborn You know what she did? – No, what? – She had the nerve– – You took money out of our bank account and brought shoes, clothes, food I could go on I see over $500 spent on these items Do you care to explain? – I have 10 businesses committed to the voucher program and the city is on board, but they’re slow about processing the paperwork – So you use our income to purchase items for your students? Kevin, you can’t save the world You’re not Superman – Well, actually, I think I favor Clark Kent What do you think? – I think this isn’t funny – Okay, it’s not funny And I don’t wanna make a big deal about this, either I just wanted to come home and spend a little time with my family without getting ambushed – Just tell me why this is so important to you? – [Daughter] Daddy! – What’s up, bed bug? – Nothing, can you read me a story? – Yes, I can What story would you like for me to read? – Cinderella – Okay, let’s go – Sister Ida, it’s always good to see you – It’s good to be seen, wonderful sermon – Good sermon, Pastor – Thank you so much I appreciate it – Thank you – You know, God is good – Yes, he is – All the time – And all the time? – God is good – Yes, he is – Bless you Brother Darius, good to see you – Oh, thank you, sir – Don’t forget the offering – I’m sorry?

– We’re asking every man to give $500 – Well, praise him, praise him, let’s go – Yes – Oh, $500? Oh, are you sure you don’t wanna do more? – We would appreciate more, but all we’re asking of every brother is $500 – All right, but we don’t have– – Well, my grandson has a good job He makes good money, and he loves to do for the church – We’re counting on you – Well, I sure am hungry Let’s go – Yes, sir Thanks, Pastor – Pastor, that was a good old sermon – [Pastor] Can the Lord count on you? – You can count on me, Pastor – Thank you, thank you – Bye, Pastor – Bye-bye – Good sermon – Go with God now – Yes, indeed Get your hands, we haven’t prayed over that yet, what’s wrong with you? – That’s pretty good – Look, how you gonna give our last bit in offering? You know we needed that for gas and food – God will provide, baby – Darius, he already had You had to go and tell him you’re gonna give $500 in offering, really, Darius? – Well, who’s hungry? – We’re starved, Mama – Ready to eat – I’m sorry this is the best I could whip up at the spur of the moment – Oh, that’s all right – Mama Ida, now you know you’re old school You whipped this up on Saturday night “Whipped up at the last minute.” – Aw, hush, boy Who’s gonna say the blessing? – Michael, baby, say the blessing – God is good, God is great, bless this food on my plate (Ida laughs) – Amen – You getting beside yourself, young man, you say that mess again and I’ll give you something to put on your plate – Oh, leave the child alone He’s just ready to eat, so am I – Yes, Lord – Dig in! – Praise the Lord, let’s eat – All right – I worked my butt off today for you guys I’ve got my kid over here, come on! Just do me a favor, don’t pick me up next time, huh? Thank you for nothing Hey, big guy, what are you doing, huh? What are you doing? – [Son] Nothing good – Nothing good? Hey, honey – How are you? – I’m good, what you cooking me? – Dinner will be ready in about five – Dinner, dinner (son laughs) Babe, why don’t you, uh, why don’t you throw some like 13 ounce steaks on there and some mashed potatoes loaded, oh – Yeah? – Oh, you know what else? How about a warm, juicy, great lemon pie! (father and son laugh) Oh, that would be so great All right, honey, I’m gonna go take a bubble bath – Now y’all come back to see me more often, okay? – Okay – We love you, grandma – I love you, too And Peanut – Yes, ma’am – “Peanut?” – Don’t stop trusting in God – Just like you taught me, mama Love you – Love you, too And you take good care of him – I will Thank you, thanks for the pie, love you – Okay – “Peanut.” – Hit the bricks, get to stepping! – Take good care of him – I will! – Take that one with you, Mama, we ain’t goin’ nowhere until you go inside the house, go on Go on with it Love you Make Sure You lock the door I wanna hear that bolt slide, close it Love you, mama I hate lying to mama Ida She has a saying “It’s hard being a man.” I think she’s right It’s hard looking someone you love and respect in the eye and tell them you lost everything It’s even harder to smile when the people you love the most know you’ve lost everything So it is hard being a man, and knowing the right thing to do I just don’t know what that is anymore – Oh, that is some good pecan pie Mmm! – My grandma Ida made it from scratch Picked the pecans her self – There is nothing like homemade pecan pie – You see your daughter over there doing her homework at the last minute? – I’ll go talk to her – You need to take it easy on her I mean, she’s probably got a lot on her mind – Whatever – God knows what they go through every day – She’s still got to get her education – [Man Eating] You gonna eat your pie? – Baby girl, what are you doing just now doing your homework? – I don’t know – Well, you can talk to me or you can talk to sierra Which is it gonna be? – Daddy, it’s hard, the kids at school always are making fun of me and they call me names I haven’t took a shower in months I don’t know the last time I’ve watched TV I haven’t listened to music– – Enough, enough Enough with the pity party That doesn’t excuse you for slacking on your homework I don’t wanna talk to you about this again, you understand?

– Yes, sir – I love you, baby girl, all right? But just because we’re living in our car, doesn’t change who we are, all right? You and your brother, you go to school, you do your chores, that’s what we expect from you Me and mommy will take care of everything else, okay? – Oh, he’s all bark, he ain’t gonna do nothin’ – Seriously, thank you for the pie – Gotta stick together I’ll go get Michael (talking over each other) Michael, let’s go! Round it up – How am I supposed to do homework? I don’t have a home to do it in – Just consider it car work, then Don’t get a big head now – Hey, everything okay? – Oh, it is now – Scott and Kathy said that they were gonna ahead and take watch, so we need to go ahead and get some sleep, babe – Okay – [Michael] Mommy, will you tell us a story later? – Babe, I’m too tired I’ll tell you tomorrow – [Daughter] What about a song? – Okay I’ll sing a song, but we need to pray first Michael? – Now I lay me down to sleep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take God, please look after daddy and make sure he’s safe – Watch over mommy, daddy, Michael, grandma and myself throughout the night, Amen – Amen – So I’m sorry about this morning I didn’t mean to question you, babe It’s just, I was freaking out – It’s okay – You’re my king, and I’ll always follow wherever you go – I appreciate that – I don’t know why I was so scared anyway I know God has never brought us anywhere to leave us – True that Uh, what was that word you used to describe me earlier? – What word? – You know the word, that pronoun – What, peanut? (laughs) ♪ Great is thy faithfulness ♪ Great is thy faithfulness ♪ Morning by morning (suspenseful music) ♪ New mercies I see ♪ All I have needed – Come on, baby. Let’s go ♪ Thy hand – Let him go ♪ Hath provided – Go on to bed I’ll see you in a minute – He’ll be okay – What is that look for? ♪ Great is thy faithfulness – You just never cease to amaze me – I know, so (car door closes) (laughs) – I, uh, I figured you’d be gone weeks ago, and look at you You’re still here, you’re toughing this out – Yeah, I think it’s like for better, for worse, or for richer, for poorer, something like that – I love you – I love you, more (both chuckle) – I do, you know that? I love you – Well, I love you more – Hey, do me a favor, tonight, I want you to go and get some rest, and I’ll take first watch, and I’ll wake Darius when it’s time – No, I’m good – Yes – You need to go get some rest, remember you’re the one that needs to go look for a job in the morning (Scott chuckles) – A job (Kathy giggles) All right, so then just go tuck in Taylor, and I’ll wake you up in a couple hours (car door closes) – Y’all wake up Got some cereal and some eggs and toast for breakfast – Hey, honey? Honey, you want some coffee? Morning – Good morning – Want some coffee? – Yeah

– Tell me when – Got it, I’m good – You know what I hate? – [Darius] What? – Waking up every morning sitting on that corner waiting for somebody to pick us up I hate it – I feel like I’m back on the block I bet when you graduated from the University of Texas, you didn’t have if your commencement speech that you’d be living on the street, did you? – Neither did you Yeah, what would you think Morehouse would say knowing that his star running back was living in his car? – You know, when I met Josey We were putting it on Clark Atlanta Let me just say it like this We must have ran for like 220 yards, three touchdowns – All right, whatever. (chuckles) – Anyway, as the bus was pulling away, I saw Josey sitting under this huge pecan tree I mean, she was just so beautiful, man I could just imagine myself kissing her, you know? And being happy She put me through it She wouldn’t even go out with me at first – Really? – Yeah Yeah, we had such big dreams Look at us now – All right, since we’re going down memory lane, I’ll share one – Okay – The first time I met Kathy, I forgot my own name Guess way called myself? – [Darius] What? – Matthew McConaughey (Darius laughs) All right, all right – No, you didn’t – Yeah, I swear I did That little girl gives me a purpose, though She just makes me She makes me wanna be a better man There’s got to be a law against keeping a southern bell on the streets, right? – I’d have to agree with you there – Aren’t you supposed to make me feel better? You know, I think there’s a code there somewhere Seriously, man, I gotta get her and Taylor off the streets I can’t do another day – Let’s go find some work today How about that? – [Scott] Let’s go make it a great day – Kenya, if you’re finished with your bowl, put it in the sink and go wake up your dad Hey – Good morning – Good morning We’re running late I’ll talk with you this evening, okay? – Can I get a kiss from my beautiful princess? – Oh, daddy – Can I get one from the queen? – We’re not finished with our conversation Love you – Love you, too (bell rings) – Isn’t that unconstitutional? Placing a hidden camera by the American flag? – Um, well I am following all the guidelines to the patriot act – Have we got a six-year-old terrorist in our school? – No, just several of the students’ lunches have repeatedly come up missing, and I wanted to Find the culprit – Well, no cameras You have to do it the old-fashioned way (bright electronic music) – I think we’re running low on food, man We reached our limit – Huh? – We reached our limit – You need anybody else? – That’s it – Sure You’re gonna get this one, you’re gonna get this one Can we offer you any more help? Hey we’re really good, we can pick up things, we’re strong We’re hard workers! – They’re not even looking at us anymore – This guy Got it, got it – Step up, don’t let these guys get it – Do any of you guys know how to run a back hoe? – Yeah and I’m ready to go to work – When do you release the moon locks? – Um Before the launch code starts – You, same question – After your stabilizer’s set – Close enough, let’s go – Come on! Hey, can we help you with anything else today? – [Man] Not today – Really, really? – What? – “Before the launch codes?” – First thing that came to mind, man What were you gonna say? – Not that, I mean, I don’t know You know, before the rockets land on the moon, or something I don’t know what to say to that – That’s stupid – We’re bankers, man You’re in IT, we shouldn’t be on the streets – Yeah – Come on, let’s go find something else – We are definitely fish out of water – Let’s get a job today ♪ New life, searching for new life

♪ Can we find it ♪ Are we blinded ♪ Walk through foreign lands ♪ Can we find it ♪ Looking for new life ♪ Legacy of my lifeline ♪ My blast all night to the knife (Josey sighs) – Hey – Hey – It is hot, girl I think I forgot how much I miss central air – I miss my summer clothes I mean, I could just take off these clothes, and just run around buck naked How did we get ourselves in this predicament anyway? I mean, we married smart men with goals, right? – Yeah Let’s just say when I looked in the crystal ball, I never saw this part – Me neither I took for granted home-cooked meals for my family and sleeping in my own bed and taking bubble baths – Stop it right now So how did it go at the work force today? – It was all right, I got an interview on Friday – Good – Yeah, when I was in that interview, you know how you wait in the waiting area? – Mm-hm – I saw all of these Candy bars in this jar I wanted to get those candy bars so bad, and just put them all in my purse But I saw the security camera looking dead at me I was like oh, well – Yeah, I can see it now Woman busted for stealing little candy bars – I’m going down for stealing candy bars The boys are late, aren’t they? – Yeah, hopefully that’s a good sign – Like they got a job or something? That would be nice (horn honks) – Oh, good timing – Hey! What’s going on? – How are you doing? – I’m good, babe, how are you? – Good to see you Good to see you – Yeah, you too (sighs) – So? How did it go? – It was all right, I got an interview on Friday – That’s good news, I’m proud of you – Yeah, I don’t know, I guess I’m just tired I went to the Salvation Army and they said they’re still processing our hotel vouchers, so it looks like we’re gonna be still here – Well, maybe next week – And the week after that – You know what I was thinking? Let’s just go pick up the kids from school – Thanks – Sorry it’s a bit big on you – It’s okay – [Teacher] What’s going on in here? – Nothing – Nothing – [Teacher] Are you two girls smoking? – No – No – [Teacher] I’m watching you two – I don’t like her, she’s always nosy – At least we don’t her class for another two years Let’s go before Miss Knight comes back – [Kendra] Thanks – [Friend] “What are you guys doing, are you smoking?” – Could I speak to Mr. Brown? Yes, he is expecting my call – Daddy! – Mr. Allen with George Henry high school Yes, this is he Is this John brown? Oh, good, Mr. Brown Listen, I’ve been trying to catch up with you to talk about the school prayer I’m starting to help keep students in school Yeah, I sent a package over to your office last week Yeah, okay, I can call you at the end of next week Okay, thank you – Dinner in 45 – Terri? I, uh, I wanna apologize for taking money out of the account and not discussing this with you first – Apology accepted Why is this so important to you? (phone rings) – Mr. Gomez, thank you for calling me back Yeah, I was hoping you could come in for a teacher-parent conference tomorrow Yeah, I understand you work Can you come in tomorrow at four? Okay, see you then (moody R&B music) ♪ Sometimes I feel like the world’s on my shoulders ♪ I think I better catch the bus ♪ ‘Cause today I can’t afford the gas

♪ Tossing and turning can’t get no sleep – I still got homework to do – Kendra, why are you just now doing your homework? – Because I forgot, I’m tired – See, I’m gonna have to let your daddy fool you too long This is ridiculous – Mommy, can you read us a story later? – Maybe later You know I’m gonna let your daddy handle that too, right? ♪ So woe ♪ So woe is the ghetto ♪ So woe – So she named me Josephine – That’s a good name – I think that was a mistake – I second that – Kathy is pretty ordinary – Hey, baby – Hey – How are you doing? – Good Still soup again today, but this time we have a real beef – What, did somebody win the lottery? – No, sir I went down to that construction site and I got picked up on the spot, and they paid me on the spot So I figured, you know, we deserve some meat Hey, how did it go today? – Same as always Everybody got picked except me – Hey guys, we’ll take first watch tonight, all right? – Okay – And um, thanks for the soup – Of course – Yeah, thanks – I’m gonna see about Kendra – Okay – You spilled some on me – [Josey] Hey – Hey – You all right? – I’m okay – Yeah? – Can I ask you something? – Yeah – Well, my best friend is having her birthday party Saturday Do you think I can go? – Let me think about it – Okay – I didn’t say yes – But you didn’t say no either (Josey laughs) (Scott yawns) – He’s asleep – Yep – You comfortable? – I am – Guess what I got? – You got a job We got meat for dinner, remember? – I got a hotel voucher – When did you get this? – I went by the Salvation Army just to see if it was there, and there it was, can you believe it? – Oh, my God, I have to go tell Josey – No, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, before we do this, please hear me out, just hear me out We need to discuss this, okay? – [Kathy] Discuss what? – My first priority is our family – No No! Josey and Darius took us in when no one else would and they showed us the ropes – I understand – Don’t you remember they kept us from getting robbed? – Honey, I understand we owe them a debt of gratitude I do, okay? But listen to me, my first priority is to make sure you and Taylor are safe, yes It’s okay – How could you turn your back on people like this? – I didn’t turn my back on them Darius would do the same thing to us! – No, he wouldn’t! – Yes, he would! – (grunts) This is so wrong! – You gotta trust me with this – No – Yes, you do! Whether you like it or not, you have to listen to me, and you have to trust me with this Do you think I don’t want them at the hotel? Is that what you think right now? I would love to have them at the hotel, but guess what? If we get caught, we all get on the streets, and I don’t do my job to save you and him (Kathy sobs) You two are my priority! That is it! I want off the streets! I’m sick and tired of sitting on the side of the road looking for a job and never getting one! You know how it makes me feel? I feel like a loser! Honey, honey, please, just, I’m sorry – It’s not right – Yes, it is You’ve gotta listen to me, you have to listen to me We have to make sure our family is safe I’ll tell them in the morning, okay? – [Kathy] Okay (suspenseful music) – I almost cracked my head on that dashboard last night trying to catch them Zs – Here, you want some coffee? Sorry I don’t have any cream or sugar

– It’s all good – That’s terrible – Oh, wake up Hey, we’re running late Here, take this Share this with your sister – When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? – I don’t know Two, three nights? I’m so tired, I’m starting to hear and see things Don’t tell Josey, she’s got enough to worry about I just need to find something steady – [Scott] But you know you can’t do that without a good night’s sleep Yeah, hey, make sure he eats something You feeling better buddy? – Yeah – [Scott] How is all the job hunting and everything going? – Not going bad She’s got an interview this morning – That’s good – Yeah, yeah I’m heading out to that T.I. construction site – You ready for your interview? – I’m ready as I’m gonna ever get It smells like gasoline and oil I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t even – You should, and I don’t wanna hear another word about it – Can you watch the house? – Is that what we’re calling it now, the house? – [Josey] Hey, babe, we’re gonna get cleaned up – Okay – “The house.” Yeah, I can watch the house – One more thing Can you stand guard tonight so I can get some sleep? – I meant to tell you We got a voucher Yeah I don’t know how we got it, but we got it I’ve just got to get the family somewhere safe You know that right? – Yeah – I’m hungry – Let me see if anybody’s in here You can go first I’ll just stay out here and watch the kids – No, you have interview today, you go I’ll stand guard – Thank you – Kendra, you can’t sleep out here – Look what I’m doing now – You cannot sleep out here – Shut up, Michael – Hey, Josey? – [Josey] Yeah? – [Kathy] There’s something I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you – What’s up? – That Scott and I, (clears throat) we got a hotel voucher And, um, we move in tonight – Well, that’s great Hey, if it was gonna happen, I’m glad it happened to you – Thank you – Okay, let’s go It’s great – [Kendra] It stinks in here! – I’m tired of going in the girl’s bathroom Why can’t I go in the boys? – If you don’t hush and wash your face, here You too, miss lady – Why do you always have to use the cold water? Oh, that’s why – ‘Cause it doesn’t work – Hurry it up Kendra, look at your hair, sweetie You are gonna have to start doing your own hair You’re old enough You can’t go to school like that All right So Mommy look ready for work? – Yep – Look like I’m gonna get a job? – You look beautiful, mommy – Thank you, little man All right! Let’s go get it Come on, get the stuff – Okay Go get it – Hey What is this? – Open it (Josey giggles) – That’s so cute, baby, thank you

– You’re welcome You have a good day today – [Josey] I will, you too – I’m gonna get them rug rats to school – Yes, do Bye, babies (sighs) Let’s go get a job (somber orchestral music) – Y’all go Go get momma, get momma – My kids need to go upstairs What? – I’m here to see Marcus – Marcus is busy Go on Go on! – I don’t think you understand how important it is for Marcus to get an education – You think I’m dumb, don’t you? Look, I may not live in some big fancy house, or drive some big expensive car, but I’ve got my pride, Mr. Allen Now, I want what’s best for all of my kids Not just for Marcus – It starts with him If he doesn’t graduate, why would his sisters, or his brother? – Go on Man, what do you want from me? I mean, I am doing the best I can here What? I don’t even understand why you care, why? – I really need your help to get him back in my class Let’s work together – Thanks for stopping by (Josey sobs) (dark orchestral music) – Come on, boy! (laughs) Hey, babe – Hey, hey, hey! Hey, kiddos You look all smiley today – You know me Just smiling to keep from crying – While you’re doing all that smiling, we’re down to our last bit – You know, I got picked for that job today Come to find out I need steel-toed boots! – Eat your food and finish your homework, all right? – [Michael] Will you tell us a story later? – Babe, it is Wednesday, okay? We’ve gotta go to church tonight Finish your food What’s going on? – It just burns me up that Scott and his family got vouchers and we didn’t We were on that list before them Why is– – Look You know what we tell those kids It is not the situation that defines them You’re gonna have to do better – How you react to it – That’s right, and you ain’t doing good in reacting – I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you, baby

– You’re my own personal James Evans – Nothing but good times – Good times, that’s right! That was a show – [Pastor] I think we have to understand how much love prevails, and what we do for others is born out of love And I’m mindful of what Paul says in his letter to the Church at Rome in Romans Eight, verse 38, verse 39 Listen to what it says He says, “for I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, “nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, “nor anything present, nor things to come, nor life, “nor death, nor any other creature shall be able “to separate us from the love of God, “which is in Christ Jesus.” I believe that that love that holds us is the love that moves us to give as you give us says that you are in possession and better yet, that love possesses you – [Kendra] Hey, dad – Hey, baby girl – The fire’s about to burn out – It’s all right – You all right, daddy? – I’m fine, buddy Thanks, little man – We prayed for you – We love you, daddy – Hey, kiddos Go wait by the car, let me talk to your daddy Pastor asked about you today – What’d you tell him? – The truth – And that is? – Sitting in front of a fire, mad at God (chuckles) – Funny – Yeah, but I get it I mean, there are so many times when I’m so mad I just wanna kick and scream and fight But, baby, we just can’t lose our faith – No, baby, I’m tired – Well, I’m tired too! The kids are tired But, baby, if we just lose our faith now in God, I just don’t know what’s gonna happen, we just have– – Josey, Josey You don’t get it I’m a man, and I’ve got one responsibility, and that’s providing to protect my family Look at us We’re living out here on the street So, I’m not doing too good, am I? I’m not just mad at God And here I am trying to do the right thing I’m mad at me too I’m gonna go load the car – Stay here with your father I’m gonna make a run real quick (car door closes) (car engine starts) – Now where is she going? – Just have a seat, y’all – Hey momma – Hey, baby Sit down (chuckles) Where’s Darius? – He ain’t gonna be here tonight – Well, I got plenty of food left over You know that child don’t miss no meals – Yeah – Okay, what’s up? Talk to me – Mama, I got something I need to tell you Darius and I both lost our jobs and, we’ve been living in the car – Say what? – We lost our jobs and we’re living in the car But don’t tell Darius I told you, ’cause you know he got a lot of pride – [Ida] How did this happen? – You remember when Darius got sick? He was sick, what, for about a year or so? My salary couldn’t hold us up, and the bills just kept coming in and coming in, mama And everything that wasn’t repossessed was being set on the curb Mama, at this point, I don’t really know what to do I mean, heck, I’m scared – Well, you are coming and living with me – No, ma’am, we are not coming and living with you ’cause you know you’ll get in trouble – I don’t care about that I can’t have my grand babies, and my great grand babies living on the street!

– Mama, look, I know you wanna help and everything but, we can’t come move in here And don’t be telling everybody our business either Especially Darius – What about friends? – Well, we stayed with friends for a while, and then my family even sent money but, my daddy even lost his job – No, I don’t like it, it just don’t seem right – Mama, they’ll take our kids I gotta go before my husband starts looking for me Love you, love you, love you – No, sit down Now listen, Darius has just got too much pride – You know– – He’s just like his daddy But the lord has a way of dealing with pride I mean, sometimes he’ll cut you so low till he’ll make you scream out – Amen to that – You can’t just come in and drop a bomb on somebody like that – I’m gonna go, mama I gotta go, I love you – Baby, you keep me posted – I will I’ll let you know what’s going on – I still think you all should come and live with me – Well, we ain’t coming to live with you I know you mean well, though, I love you, mama – I don’t like this – I know, I know (bright orchestral music) – Hey – Hi, Michael – Where is Mrs. Armstrong? – She went to the principal’s office (bell rings) – Michael Glad you could join us I wanted to recognize one of our students for an exemplary performance on his spelling test Michael, you got all of the words correct, including the bonus words (classmates applaud) We decided that you will be representing our school for the citywide spelling bee (classmates applaud) (laughs) Okay, okay Let’s get to today’s lesson plan Everyone get out a pencil and paper – Okay, class, time’s up Turn your papers over on your desk We only have a few minutes before the bell So everyone pick up one book from my desk on your way out This will be your new reading assignment, due by Monday Let’s go Exit quietly, please Kendra? – Yes, Mr. Allen? – Is everything okay? – Yes, Mr. Allen, why? – ‘Cause your grades are starting to slip If we don’t do something to get them under control, it’s gonna get out of hand – Okay – Kendra How do you think you did on your test? – I think I made an A – Good, that’s a good start Kendra Hurry up before you miss is your bus (bell rings) (knocks) Ah, Mr. Gomez Glad you could make it Come on – I had a long day I’m tired Can we get on with this? – Did you know your son’s missed a total of six days of school? – Yes, I’ve been taking him to work with me He broke his glasses for the third time I told him I wasn’t gonna buy him a new pair He’s gonna have to earn it – Mr. Gomez, listen If all your son needs is a new pair of glasses, then we can help – (chuckles) Thank you, but no We don’t take charity, Mr. Allen – Mr. Gomez, we’re not talking about charity Listen, your son needs an education to compete

Let me help you – Thank you, Mr. Allen, but my son, he needs to learn value as well When he has enough to buy new frames, then he can return to class if he wants to (Allen sighs) – [Terri] What’s all this? – Can’t a man do something beautiful for his wife? – Yes, you can Where is Kenya? – At my mother’s – What has gotten into you? – Tonight we are having chicken breast, on a bed of rice with honey duck sauce, with your personal favorite, sauteed zucchini and squash I also baked a sweet potato pie for desert – My favorite – Cheers – Cheers – Mmm My, this is good You know, I forgot what a great cook you are You know you missed your calling – Glad you’re enjoying it (suspenseful music) – Okay, spill the beans What is it you want, or are we celebrating? – Okay I need $300 dollars for a student – I knew this was too good to be true You know, you frustrate me – No – What do you mean no? It’s my money too – No It’s time for Kenya to come home – Terri Terri (siren wails) – Y’all know what to say All right? Just be cool (suspenseful music) – License and insurance? – [Darius] I got it – Mr. Blackmon, step out of the car – Why’d you pull us over? – Mr. Blackmon failed to signal 100 yards before his turn Mr. Blackmon? Where are you heading, Mr. Blackmon? – Um, home We’re in the process of moving, this is our last load – Can you take your hands off your gun? You’re scaring my children – Ma’am, where are you guys headed? – Going to our first house It’s the last load – Wait right here and I’ll be right back – [Male Officer] Do you have any alcohol in the car? – No, sir – How about any weapons? Any weapons in the car? – No – [Male Officer] Just hang tight, we’ll be right with you – [Josey] Ask me if I have weap, my kids are in this car – Is daddy goin’ to jail? – Michael, shut up! – Both of y’all be quiet! I gotta think! – Mr. Blackmon, your license is suspended, and your insurance is two days from being expired You’re under arrest – Oh, man Wait a minute, officer, come on now, wait a minute Officer, look, I’m the only one in our family that works Please, please If you take me to jail, we’ll lose everything We can lose everything, wait a minute! All right, now Have a heart If you let me go, I promise I’ll take care of everything I’ll get it all taken care of immediately, I promise – Mr. Blackmon Let your wife drive and get this taken care of If I see you driving, I will take you straight to jail

Consider this a warning – [Darius] Thank you – Hey No, no – Why is this happening, God? Why is this happening to us? We’ve been faithful, we’ve been more than faithful! I don’t know how much more of this I can take! – You know God won’t put too much on us that we can’t bear You know it – Stop it, Josey Don’t, okay? I know what the scripture says But right now I’m angry, all right? I’ve given our tithes, I’ve even given our last! – Darius! – Where’s our blessing? When is it gonna turn around for us? What? – Hush, baby You’re scaring the kids What is your problem? – I know my problem – They said that my license is expired and my insurance is gonna run out in two days Now how do we make it then, huh, how? – Darius! God can help us – No, no, no I am not going to the church – They can help us, the church can help us, Darius – No, I’m gonna get us out of this, I’ll get us out of this – See, it’s your pride – No – It’s your pride! – Do not preach to me right now, okay? Can I be mad one time? What about me getting upset? – All right! – What about me getting upset? – Okay, Darius, it’s okay! – I’m upset, I wanna be upset! I’m trying to do the right thing! – Let’s go! (Darius grunts) – Alright, so this book Cucumbers and watermelons (chuckles) How is that supposed to go in the book? (doorbell rings) I got it (piano music) David, what are you doing here? – Mr. Allen, I came to give you your book back from class I finished it and everything – (chuckles) You can keep it – [David] Oh, okay – How is the job coming? – It’s okay, I still miss your class and my friends – Your dad says when you earned enough money, you can come back, I hate that it has to be like that – Mr. Allen, he’s not letting me come back – What do you mean he’s not letting you come back? – He says that I’m trying to be better than him, that if we still lived in mexico, (horn honks) that I would have been working since the age of 10 Mr. Allen, he takes my money from my glasses and uses it to pay bills – Look, I don’t wanna get your dad in trouble – Can you please talk to him? I just wanna go back to class – My hands are tied – I remember Tonya saying something about (horn honks) you can probably get me some glasses? – Look, I wish I could I can’t anymore, I’m sorry – It’s okay, Mr. Allen (melancholic piano music) Thanks anyway I have to go – David? – I don’t need it anymore! – Now I understand (smooth R&B music) ♪ It’s so hard to maintain ♪ I still won’t complain ♪ ‘Cause hard times could be worse ♪ That’s why I keep God first ♪ I’m so tired of chasing wind

♪ It don’t prosper in the end ♪ Once I’m gone off to glory ♪ Tell my story, my story ♪ Just a check away from being on the street ♪ Trying to stay on my feet ♪ And keep something on the table for my kids to eat ♪ Trying to figure how these ends gonna meet ♪ Hustling and praying, the stress has got my goatee graying ♪ Just another statistic, I can’t be in a jail cell ♪ Leaving my girl in the free when it looks like to me ♪ That more brothers are struggling with this ♪ Then most of us are left raising the kids ♪ Okay it ain’t easy ♪ To keep a job when they’re laying off weekly ♪ You ain’t gotta believe me, just look at the times ♪ People robbing people for nickels and dimes ♪ But me, while I’m here I’m gonna stay on a mission ♪ Until my family’s in a better position ♪ Not to complain about the present condition ♪ But lord knows that we’ve seen some harder roads ♪ It’s so hard to maintain ♪ I still walk a plank ♪ ‘Cause hard times could be worse ♪ That’s why I keep God first ♪ I’m so tired of chasing wind ♪ It don’t prosper in the end ♪ Once I’m gone off to glory, tell my story – Mr. Allen You don’t give up, do you? – I need you back in my class – Why? Do you get some kind of raise if you have a full classroom? – No Marcus, you’re smart, articulate, and I’m always shocked when I don’t hear ebonics come out of your mouth – Why? Because his mother speaks bad english? – This has nothing to do with you and the mistakes you made This is about giving Marcus a chance to grow and reach his full potential – Help me understand why this is so important to you – I used to live in a place like this My dad got some money and moved us out of the hood My mom taught fifth grade english and she instilled in us that the only way change can happen is not to run, but by building it and cultivating it from within That’s always stuck with me – I like you, Mr. Allen (chuckles) I don’t know why, but I like you – I like you too, Miss Taylor – What’s say we get Marcus back in school together? – One better, let’s keep Marcus in school together – Thank you, thank you – See you in class – See ya ♪ Oh ♪ How I love Jesus ♪ Oh ♪ How I love Jesus – Woo! Oh, baby Yeah, one hour of sleep, okay? No more – You haven’t slept in three days, you need some sleep I can stay up – One hour of sleep Promise me – I told you, I got this One hour – Pinky swear (suspenseful music) (car creaks) – [Michael] What’s happening? – Y’all don’t feel that? – What’s happening, Mommy? – Darius? Darius, wake up! (loud thuds) (screeching) Darius, wake up! Darius! Darius! – [Kendra] Let me go! (screaming over each other) – Let them have it! – They’re taking our stuff! (screaming over each other) – [Darius] Get in the car, get in the car! – Lock the door! – Mommy, no! (screams) Daddy, daddy! (Michael sobs) (somber music)

– Come on Come on, I can’t do this by myself, come on I can’t do this by myself, Jesus, please – Mommy! – Mom! – They said I stink They said I didn’t get the job because I stunk – Baby, you are a strong, black, beautiful woman If they can’t see that, that’s their problem I love you (Josey sobs) – [Kenya] Daddy, daddy, wake up (laughs) – [Allen] Who’s ticklish now? – Mommy said wake up – [Allen] Tell mommy give daddy five more minutes – But she said wake up! Wake up! – [Allen] Five minutes – Wake up – Okay, okay, all right (groans) (grunts) (Kenya laughs) All right, what’s for breakfast? – I don’t know – All right, let’s go find out – I told you I could wake him – Yes, you did – Hello – Good morning – Good morning – Would you like cereal or a muffin? – Sweetheart, can you pass daddy a muffin? – Sure – How about some orange juice? – I’d love some, thank you – Hey, daddy? – Yes – Can you drive me to school? – What’s wrong with your bicycle? Okay, of course I can drive you to school – Right Silly You know, I was thinking, maybe I can help with you the voucher program – Seriously? What have you done with my wife? – Yes, seriously Starting with my firm – Really? All right then, well, thank you, yeah – You know, maybe after you give, what’s his name, David? Give him the glasses today, maybe we can go on a picnic or to the movies – Okay, (chuckles) sounds good to me It’s a date – [Terri] Okay, pass mommy a muffin – [Allen] Beautiful dress (bittersweet piano music) – How did you get this? – I’m James Evans, remember? – (chuckles) That you are Wake up, kiddos Hey Wake up – Thank you, baby – Eat up Sweetie, did you get this out the trashcan? – Just for you, baby – Let’s see what you got here What is this? – Smells good to me baby – Honey, it looks burned – Well, then eat the bread – It’s hard – (giggles) That’s okay – [Allen] Mr. Gomez (Gomez sighs) – Mr. Allen – Mr. Allen, what are you doing here?

(Gomez speaks Spanish) – I’m here to get you back in class – Thank you – I told you, man We can’t afford new frames Thanks for coming by, but we don’t take charity – Mr. Gomez (Gomez speaks Spanish) (Kevin speaks Spanish) Mr. Gomez, it’s not charity I got the voucher from City Hall – That sounds like charity to me – It’s not Your pride is misplaced I just wanna get your son back in class (Gomez speaks Spanish) (Kevin speaks Spanish) Isn’t that what we both want? (Kevin speaks Spanish) (upbeat piano music) See you in class ♪ As your voice cries out in the silence ♪ Searching for a heart that will love him ♪ Longing for a child – Hey, mama – [Ida] Come on in, sit down Are you hungry? – [Darius] No, I’ll just take some milk ♪ And there’s a God that walks all over the Earth ♪ He’s searching for a heart that – Did Josey already talk to you, Mom? – She told me something I need to hear it from you Drink your milk – Mom, I don’t know why God is punishing me I feel like I’m losing the respect of my family – That’s nonsense Drink your milk God loves you and so does your family – I don’t know what to do – (chuckles) It’s hard being a man, and knowing the right thing to do – So, what am I supposed to do? (Ida sighs) – That’s your problem You’re trying to fix things Let go and let God – I don’t even know what that means, mama I mean, I’m living on the street I can’t even take care of my family – You’re just like your father Too much pride So much pride till it’s blinding you Let go and let God means you just believe, and you walk in it every day until it happens – Wish it was that easy, mama – Oh, I didn’t say it was gonna be easy There’s no easy button You just have to believe and keep believing until it happens – I’d rather have the easy button – There is no easy button, co I have to come over there and knock some sense into your hard head? – No Where do I start? – [Ida] By apologizing to your family – I can do that ♪ More of you wants it all today ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ All of you, more of you ♪ Wants it all today, today, today ♪ He wants it all today ♪ He wants it all today ♪ So give it all ♪ There’s a voice that cries out in the silence ♪ Searching for a heart that will love him ♪ Longing for a child that will give him their all ♪ Give it all ♪ He wants it all – Hey I got something I need to say to everybody but, I don’t want you to say anything before I’m finished All right? – All right – First, this is from Mama Ida I love that smile Okay Kendra, I told you not to fall into a pity party, but then I fell into one myself If I wanna preach it, I gotta practice it, right? – Right – Well I’m very sorry for my behavior these past few days You know, if I got y’all beside me, I swear I’ll never Stop fighting – Baby, we’re not going anywhere – We love you, daddy – We love you, daddy – Thank you, I love you too – Welcome back, James Evans – Glad to be back (bell rings) (bell rings) – Don’t worry about them, they’re just mean Did you get a chance to read Rich Man/Poor Man last night?

– Yeah, why does Mr. Allen give us those books anyways? – Because he’s a nerd But he did give David his new glasses I think he really tries to help – I don’t think anyone can help me – Wait till I show you the Mindless Behavior video, and Diggy has a new song, it’s all right, but I know how much you like him – [Kendra] I think he’s cute – Oh, he’s fine (bell rings) (suspenseful piano music) – [Armstrong] Michael? What do you have to say for yourself? No, no You look at me I believed in you, and you’re the one that’s stealing the lunches Talk to me or we’re going straight to the principal Let’s go – No – [Armstrong] What’s gotten into you? Let’s go! – Please don’t take me! My mommy and daddy are gonna go to jail! – What did you say? – We are living in our car and we don’t have a lot to eat The police are gonna take them to jail – [Armstrong] Why would they take your mommy and daddy? – Because we are homeless and we don’t have a lot to eat – I have to tell the authorities – Please! – [Armstrong] Baby, I have to – [Principal] What’s going on here? I see you caught your culprit – No No, uh, he just fell – Well, get him to the nurse’s office, then – Thank you You can’t steal lunches anymore, okay? – [Michael] Okay – Promise? – Promise – I’ll bring you some snacks until your dad gets on his feet – Okay, thank you – Can anyone tell me the principle elements of the book, Rich Dad/Poor Dad? – No! (classmates laugh) – All right Miss Blackmon, you will stay after class (bell rings) Class dismissed (pencils clack) – I’m sorry – I’m not happy with you sleeping in my class What’s going on? – I don’t know – You were one of my smartest students And now your grades are starting to slip And to add insult to injury, you’re sleeping in my class – I’m sorry, Mr. Allen, I’ll do better, I promise – Okay, write a 150 word statement of why you will not sleep in my class After you finish, I’ll take you home I wanna speak to your parents – Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa Where’s Kendra? – I don’t know She wasn’t outside my school I thought she had came on – Maybe she’s at the car, man, come on – [Josey] Um, Darius, this is Mr. Allen, Kendra’s homeroom teacher – Call me Kevin – Is Kendra in trouble? – Can we talk in private? So, uh How long has your family been living in your car? – Six months Are you gonna turn us in? – By law, I’m obligated, but I really like Kendra She’s smart and was one of my prize students – [Darius] I don’t wanna lose my family, man – It’s funny We’re supposed to be in the land of milk and honey right? – Not from where I sit Man, I’m hiding in America just to keep my family together – All I have are vouchers for books, glasses, shoes, and some boots – Did you say boots? – I know, it’s like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound

– [Darius] You said, you said boots? – Yeah, yeah Boots Glasses Books Shoes – Oh, Jesus, thank you! Baby! Baby, we got boots! We got boots! My God, we got boots, we got boots! – We got boots? – We got boots! – We got boots? – We got boots! – Oh! – [Darius] Boots. (chuckles) It’s funny something so simple can mean so much Now I can finally get that job (warm piano music) I truly understand what let go and let God really means For me, it’s getting out of your own way, so good things can happen – Go, have fun! – [Darius] America, I think the Blackmon family is going to be all right ♪ Yeah ♪ Yeah, everything I need ♪ Let me hear you say hallelujah ♪ You are big in me ♪ Sing it again hallelujah ♪ Hallelujah ♪ Hallelujah ♪ You are big in me ♪ Sing this, say my identity is in you ♪ My identity is in you ♪ My identity is in you ♪ My identity is in you, oh, God ♪ Oh, who I really am ♪ Who I really am is in you ♪ Who I really am is in you ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ Who I really am is in you ♪ Yeah, yes it is ♪ Oh, hallelujah ♪ Everything I need is in you ♪ Everything I need is in you ♪ Everything I need is in you, oh, God ♪ Hallelujah, hallelujah ♪ Ha, oh hallelujah ♪ You are big in me ♪ Oh, hallelujah hallelujah, yeah ♪ Hallelujah ♪ Hallelujah ♪ You are big in me ♪ ‘Cause you are my source and my self esteem ♪ He’s my everything ♪ My everything ♪ Yeah, it’s all to you, oh, God ♪ Sing it again, you are my source ♪ I know my self esteem ♪ Oh, he’s my everything ♪ My everything ♪ So I’ll sing hallelujah ♪ Hallelujah ♪ You are big in me ♪ You’re big in me, yeah ♪ Hallelujah ♪ You are big in me ♪ This is my favorite part ♪ All my fears and inhibitions fade away ♪ When I recognize ♪ Sing it out ♪ All my fears and my inhibitions fade away ♪ They’re gonna fade away ♪ Yes, they are ♪ All my fears and inhibitions fade away ♪ Fade away ♪ Fade away ♪ They’re gonna fade away ♪ Fade away

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