Hi Guys welcome to another episode of Ultimate Bucket List and this is your all-encompassing guide to what to do when you’re here in Dubai – one of the most amazing places you’ll ever visit on earth now unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past ten years or so you’ve heard of Dubai the giant mega city thus arisen from the deserts and water city they’ve built some of the most or inspiring attractions that you’ll ever visit on earth but let me tell you about one thing Dubai is incredibly massive it’s about 30 miles from end to end and it keeps getting bigger every year most likely you’ll stop off here at Dubai International airports one of the most lavish airports that you’ll ever come across in your entire life I’m seriously not joking about that and the best way to get to your hotel from the airport is to use the metro system all the signs are in Arabic and English and they’re pretty easy to figure out to travel you’ll need an old car which is basically a prepaid card that you can get from any ticket booth simply get the card go to a turnstile press it against the turnstile and away you go it’s that simple the metros themselves are brand new they’re modern efficient always on time clean fast and basically the best way of getting around the city of Dubai you can alternatively use taxis and buses but they won’t get you there any faster or cheaper than the Metro and yes sometimes it can get a little crowded but most of the time it’s like this and it’s pretty manageable the first thing I’ll show you is where I stayed during my trip here in Dubai Dubai Marina as you can imagine it’s a marina and it’s full of tall rice skyscrapers that are effectively luxury residences that you can rent or buy here in Dubai they’re even building more of them as the days go by this is a very lovely area and there’s lots of water a bus because you know it’s a marina but overall this is a cool place to hang out it’s got lots of restaurants bars shops etc and this place is pretty damn stunning during the day and during the night but one of the cool things about the marina is his Beach yes the skin laws don’t generally apply here at Dubai Marina Beach and you can sunbathe and do everything else that you can do on a normal holiday right here in Dubai without fear of being prosecuted so it’s a lovely place to spend some time in the Sun if that’s what you’re after and the beaches here as you can imagine are pristine and perfect you’ll notice that about Dubai in general everything pretty much is perfect they even have a real Madrid bar for some reason so guys it’s sunset here in Dubai and I don’t know if you could see that behind me but that is what a sunset looks like here in Dubai I’m not making that up it doesn’t actually look like that yeah Dubai Marina is huge you’ve got to spend some time exploring this place because this place is seriously massive and the views are pretty immense now I highly recommend coming to Dubai Marina just as the Sun Goes Down like it is right now because you get some glorious photo opportunities and you get to watch the marina lights up like a Christmas tree just like this okay this isn’t my best video footage as this is basically on a mobile phone but you get the idea but let’s say you want to explore actual authentic Dubai so none of that touristy stuff you’ll need to go to an area called Dara and this is at the north end of the city where you’ll find stuff like this all Middle East and building’s ports lots of old rickety boats and to be honest this is what normal life is kind of like for the residents here in Dubai there’s a lot of historical things that you could see whilst you’re here and I highly recommend that you take a morning to at least explore all the buildings right next to Dara is Dubai Creek this is basically a creek that is inhabited on both sides now you can’t actually cross the creek directly by foot so you either gonna have to take the metro or you’re going to have to take one of the many boats that skip to and from each side and to be honest it’s the cheapest attraction you’ll ever do I think this cost the equivalents are about what 30 peds across the river highly recommend you do that because you get some nice video and photo opportunities when you do it’s really interesting to see what people actually live like in actual Dubai Dara is also

home to the famous soup if you don’t know what a souk is it’s basically a giant markets where you can barter with the locals for things like spices clothing souvenirs gold etc admittedly the way they do business here in the East is very different to how they do business there in the West and if you don’t like being hassled to come in and buy stuff then this is probably not for you if you’re an Asian like me you’re kind of used to barter in anyway so this didn’t really bother me as such but I know that it bothers quite a lot of my friends I personally didn’t feel the need to buy anything whilst I was here but it’s kind of nice to walk around and see some of the interesting things you can buy but bearing in mind if you do walk around these suits you’re probably going to get hassled one or another sub everyman that is not a completely perfect science whilst you’re here in Dara check out the various mosques and the Dubai Museum which has some very very cool artifacts here and I highly recommend that you at least spent a morning around Dara just to explore all of this because it’s all very very interesting but when you’re going around Dubai you’ll be absolutely impressed that a city like this that’s modern clean and efficient used to look like this which is basically a desert outpost so in 20 years it’s turned from that so this which is absolutely incredible and speaking of incredible let me show you this attraction that’s near Dara the Dubai frame if you’re thinking that it’s a giant picture frame in the middle of a desert you’d be right the best photo opportunities are from here the Lulu hypermarket right across the streets where you can get some pretty damn good pictures of it’s because quite frankly its massive and as you can imagine the queues to get in it can be quite lengthy and you might be waiting a while when you actually get in it spend some time to walk around the perimeter because you just can’t believe that this is a giant picture frame that is in the middle of the desert it’s absolutely stunning your entry ticket affords you entrance to the museum and exhibit but the best thing about it is actually the elevator ride that goes up and you could see out of the window if you’re petrified of heights obviously this is going to suck a little bit but other than that I found it to be pretty cool when you get to the top you get a short talk from this guide about the Dubai frame and then he lets you explore everything around the best thing to do is walk along the last floor which is this thing right here and you could see just how high you are and just how far you’ll fall if you plummet to your death from up here which is kind of crazy you also get some of the best views of Dubai whilst you’re up here so I highly recommend taking lots of pictures but bear in mind that this is a very busy attraction needless to say it can get quite busy and quite crowded here and the queue to get back down is well it’s that basically so yeah you might be up here for quite a while but overall I highly recommend that you at least spend some time to explore the park that’s around the frame it seems though you already paid for it but no attraction is bigger than the most famous building in all of Dubai the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world now Ashley came here when the Sun went down to try and get some nice sunset pictures and to wash the fountains go boom and boy does it go boom they’ve got fountains very similar to what you might find at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and as you can imagine you have to get that pretty early because there’s a whole crowd of people waiting for the show it goes off every half an hour from about 6 o’clock so if you miss a show you only have to wait about half an hour for another one to start and when it does start you get these magical musical fountains that do wonderful wonderful things to various Arabic or English music in the shadow of the biggest building in the world which they illuminate and project pretty cool things on honestly this is definitely worth the trip alone and to be honest this pot is free it doesn’t actually cost anything to do with any of this bin but as you can imagine if you want to watch multiple shows people just hang around so you’ll be having a hard time trying to jostle your way just for a decent view of the light show I highly recommend that if you do want a decent view try and get to higher ground I eat go to the Nike shop that’s in the mall to watch it or go to one of the restaurants above if you want to go into

the Burj Khalifa you’re going to have to book in advance because as you can imagine it’s very very busy and tickets on the day all very rare it takes a while to actually get to the lifts to get you up there but once you’re actually through all of the queues and boy there’s a lot of them you’ll get into the lifts where you get this cool light show to indicate just how high this building is compared to every other building in the world when you get to the top there’s plenty of photo opportunities that you could take with yourself but bearing in mind that the lighting situation especially at night isn’t particularly fantastic so you’re going to have to be a little bit creative with your lighting that said I know exactly what I’m doing and I managed to get some decent shots and video from all the way over here so it wasn’t too bad you can actually pay to go up various levels and obviously the higher you go the more expensive it gets I only went halfway up the Burj Khalifa and to be honest that was good enough for me you can see and photograph clutzy from here so if you’re on a budget just stick to the halfway point what’s overall I highly recommend that you do the Burj Khalifa once during the day and once during the night just so that you could compare the two side-by-side it really is a lovely place and definitely one of the highlights of your trip as with all attractions exiting the attraction can be just as painful as queuing for the attraction in the first place so bear that in mind that you will be queuing for quite some time for anything here in Dubai now the Burj Khalifa is attached to the Dubai Mall one of the biggest shopping malls in all of the free world and to be honest it’s a bit of a maze it’s very very easy to be lost in this place so I highly recommend that you consult the maps that are constantly nearby because you will get lost and even following the signs doesn’t necessarily help you because it can be quite disorientating the Moors hit are pretty palatial and you probably won’t find any nicer shopping malls anywhere else in the world the sheer amount of money it took to build this place must have been staggering especially some of the sculptures that are on display one of the cool things about Dubai more apart from its obvious attractions and it’s obvious size is this the Dubai ice rink which is slap-bang in the middle of the mall I mean a lot of rinks before and the rule of thumb is that if it’s warm that ice is generally gonna be rubbish but actually not bad it’s definitely skateable and the fact that not many people like ice ports here is what it means is quiet so you can actually do whatever the hell you really want to do with a reason of course but Dubai more is just one of several malls that’s worth visiting I highly recommend visiting just to do buy more and the mall of the emirates which you’ll find slap-bang in the middle of dubai now the mall of the emirates once again like dubai mall is very very palatial it’s very fancy and you’re probably going to need quite a bit of money to spend if you want to shop here and yes it’s fairly grand fairly lavishly decorated and you can spend at least a morning here if you are a shopper so don’t be surprised if you get lost follow the maps and you’re probably still get lost but in general it’s quite a nice mortal walk around but why am i spending so much time talking to you about another mall well the reason why is because of this place Ski Dubai yes you can actually ski right here in the shopping mall so yes guys you can actually ski here in the middle of the desert I can’t actually believe that there’s at the ski slope right here in the middle of a shopping mall but there is an it’s a hell of a lot of fun now I must admit I’ve not been skiing for quite some time but I managed to pick it up pretty quickly and my goodness this is actually an amazing indoor ski slope way better than the one I used in Manchester and if you are a skier or snowboarder I highly recommend that you actually pay the money to check this place out especially the black run it was actually quite challenging really really recommend skiing here in the middle of the deserts I can’t believe I actually just said that but yeah it’s true you can actually do this right here in the middle of the baking heat if you come during Ramadan just like I did they offer you three things like free food free access to the ice park etc and it’s all very very reasonably priced even though it’s still expensive compared to most things you actually get to do things like visit the Penguins yes you actually get to touch penguins which is quite cool so what about the other world famous building

this one right here the borscht al-arab well yes it is one of the most famous buildings in all of Dubai and probably all of the world but unless you’re staying here or unless you’ve got a dinner reservation they won’t let you anywhere near it the closest I got was this the beach right next to it yes they’re pretty security tight around the borscht al-arab so the closest I got with us at this public beach it’s a very lovely public beach don’t get me wrong and you get some great video and photo opportunities of the bush but if you do want to actually visit it bear in mind you either have to be a guest there or you either have to have a dinner reservation under several lines of security that will double check you every step of the way there’s chance of you sneaking up on the place and even though this is a very lovely beach at sundown I actually preferred the beach acted by marina who hello there at dubai marina because quite frankly it was a lot longer and it was a lot cleaner so yeah if you absolutely dying for a beach go to Dubai Marina whilst I speaking about Dubai Marina you might also want to visit that lovely thing over there the palm and the Atlantis now the Atlantis is this famous shaped hotel that’s right on the end of this famous shaped island the palm and you could spend some time exploring this place for sure and again unless you’re a guest here they don’t actually let you anywhere near the hotel grounds the best way of getting in if you’re not a guest is to actually go inside the aquarium where you have to pay an entrance fee of course but it’s still quite nice even though it’s an aquarium visit one of the beaches that’s near the Atlantis but not actually the Atlantis Beach itself or you can visit the nearby waterpark and boy that’s a lot of fun especially if you’re baking away in the desert heat and you want to cool down this is an awesome way to do it the water slides are a whole bunch of fun and I highly recommend that you actually spend some money to go to this waterpark because some of the rides are absolutely Savage totally totally a lot of fun but if you want the most extreme amount of fun you could see the palm by jumping out of a plane yes you can actually see the park from way up high by doing a skydive now I’m not going to go into too much detail because quite frankly I made a separate video about it here but suffice to say this is probably the best thing I did in Dubai it was also the most expensive but I highly recommend that if you want to jump out of a plane once in your life do here at skydive Dubai over the palm it doesn’t get much better than that if that sort of adrenaline isn’t your thing and you actually want to see the deserts I highly recommend that you take a tour bus through the middle of the deserts you can actually go on guided tours and they’ll actually take you into desert areas to do the desert kind of things so you can do things like dune bashing where you’re in a 4×4 and they basically thrash you around the dunes it can get quite aggressive but I actually enjoyed this you can do things like quad biking where you get four by fours and go around sand dunes you can ride camels which was actually kind of not at all like riding a horse and you can even do some sand boarding which I totally sucked at some of the tours also give you food and drink which is kind of a bit of a bonus enjoy the night show wash you’re having dinner sometimes they’ll actually entertain you with middle-eastern entertainment so that’s kind of cool go check out this guy if you’re willing to drive further afield I highly recommend that you drive to Abu Dhabi and go to Ferrari World and once again I made a separate video about this right here on my channel three shots check that out go to Ferrari World but make sure all the roller coasters are open before you actually set off the other thing that I highly recommend is you do in Abu Dhabi is visits here the Grand Mosque and I’m here at the Grand Mosque and I’m just come from Ferrari world that I’m decked out in Ferrari red so I stand out like a sore thumb but let’s see what’s got off if I can get anywhere near bit I know if you can hear that but this is what stress happened at sundown overall guys I highly recommend that you visit Dubai once in your life because it

is one of the most amazing places that you’ll ever see not just the architecture but the culture the things to do and honestly I know it’s going to be a little expensive but trust me spend the money and go because you won’t find any other place like this okay I’m salt what do I need to do well you need to come here to Dubai is located here in the United Arab Emirates and you’ll basically need flights under combination most likely you’ll fly into Dubai International Airport to get from the airport to your hotel you’ll need to use the metro system once again get a prepaid Noor card and basically use the metro system to get to where you want to go if you arrived in the middle of the morning like me and the metros were closed unfortunately this forces you to use the taxis and they are incredibly expensive so better in mind use the MetroCard it is easily the best way of getting around the city you can also hire a car but when I hide my car to go to Abu Dhabi the deposit was extremely high and they actually refused to return it so I had to call my credit card company and it was all a bit of pallava so honestly used the metro system it is your friend if you’re looking for a place to stay honestly stay next to a metro station you’ll thank me for where you’re not walking miles through the desert heat just to be able to get around places and to be honest anywhere is good I picked Dubai Marina but if I’m being brutally honest if you stay anywhere near the middle or the north end of the city I think you’ll be absolutely fine the cost to do the attractions as you can imagine Dubai is an expensive place and all of the attractions I did they weren’t exactly cheap some of them had decent deals on because it was Ramadan when I visited but in general Dubai is quite a pricey place food and drink especially when you’re out is quite pricey and I highly recommend that if you do come here to Dubai be prepared to spend money in terms of the actual attractions themselves I highly recommend that you do the action based ones such as the skydiving the indoor ski slope the indoor ice rink etc and also venturing out into the desert they were a whole bunch of fun and you’ll probably never do that again in your life so I highly recommend that you do just that is there anything else I need to know yes Dubai as you can imagine is a Middle Eastern country with very strict laws I actually made separate videos about what you can and can’t do when you’re here in Dubai and I highly recommend and check those out so bear in mind that the laws that you’re used to here in the West they don’t apply here in Dubai and at all times be respectful and always cover up skin just in case you offend somebody here remember we’re not in the West anymore we’re in somebody else’s country so I highly recommend that you learn the laws and obey the customs here in Dubai overall guys I think your gods have a wonderful time if you do come here to Dubai for a holiday or for a long stay if you have found this video helpful please be sure to like share and subscribe comments on the comments section below and let me know if you have any other bucket list suggestions by tweeting them at me forget enough suggestions I’ll go ahead and do that so guys thank you very much for watching and we’ll see you in the next episode literally thousands of them hundreds of thousands perhaps I don’t know this place is huge don’t get me wrong and not only is it huge there’s lots of people that come here and I need lots yea they had food on maps of stuff and I was invited to sit down but I didn’t feel right because obviously I’m non-muslim so I partly declined but I know what went on here but Ninh Ly – www.ninh.co.uk – @NinhLyUK

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