Hi, guys! We bought a new camera You’ve been asking for it for a long time We used to have this camera Sony but once we lost it in America And I didn’t have time and opportunity to buy it and now we bought it I hope you will enjoy the quality I’m in the airport We fly to Stockholm after our vacation Well, first of all we didn’t practice a lot We practiced just one day, we played with one team You will ask how can it be so A force majeure happened with one of our players We could have flown without some teammates I can’t tell you what happened But may be you’ll find it out in the future So I hope that I don’t know how to hold it properly We had just one day of practice and about three weeks of vacations Of course we practiced our individual skills every day But not with the team It’s a secret Nobody can know about it Just you, my dear subscribers So, we fly to Stockholm After that we fly to Moscow We have a bootcamp in Moscow just for one time Bootcamp before major in London Then we fly to London After major in the end of September we fly to New York There we play a tournament in New York And after that we fly to LA due to work questions We have a month and a half’s trip We will be away from home for a long time I will make videos for you Write in the comments what you want to see and what you like I’ll talk with you and tell you all the news and what’s going on Keep in touch and thumbs up *Ads* We are leaving now to Stockholm I’m not joking, we are flying to Stockholm We are flying with Ukraine International Here’s Sasha s1mple To Stockholm Now we are on board We fly to Stockholm and we met there Amiran He is analyst of HellRaisers Here’s bondik as well It turns out that you have two coaches whereas we have just one Ami, tell me how it’s going on with visas, the fifth players and championships It’s all complicated with championships because Woxic can’t find his passport There is no information. We fly without him and we hope that he will clear everything up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow -And he had a ticked on this plane -Yes, he had to fly with us -And he isn’t on board, right? -Right All in all we will waste several days but the worst is that the passport is lost What are dreamhack rules? Dreamhack allowed us to invite anyone who doesn’t participate in the tournament It’s not ESL where Who do you have your eye on? We didn’t think about it because we hope to solve this matter So woxic applied for a visa in Ukraine and his documents were lost He should have got it in three days And it’s almost two weeks from now And what is the type of visa? Schengen He has a residence permit in Ukraine And he can apply in Ukraine

Got it How did you practice for dreamhack? Did you have vacations as the rest teams? We had a vacation after minor and played in Shanghai on the replacement – There we lost and – Against who? Virtus pro We played with fejtz, without woxic again Fejtz is Estonian, isn’t he? Yes, he is cool guy but He is known as a stand-in guy Yes, he played in CSI minor as a stand-in, I don’t remember for who He didn’t play well, you didn’t like his game, did you? He was a top fragger but it’s not the most important thing Our subscribers are of the different opinion. They want great statistics The problem is when the team is not sure He is our guy, may be he isn’t better He is in place of woxic One of your key players We hope to clear everything up in these several days. The most important thing is to find the passport How long did you practiced? Since the 10th of August…it’s two weeks We gained shape and I think we will show our best Have you heard that I’m writing a book? No Ive almost finished it It’s about my life, esports and other stuff It must be interesting, I know you are an old warrior I wrote about our beginning, parties and many other things I think it will be cool, I’ll definitely buy it Okay, cool. I wish you good luck Your dreamhack group is a difficult one Remind me your opponents We play against mibr bo1 and gambit and mouse as well it will be fun Okay. It was Amiran, you know him We’re taking off to Stockholm I’m filming videos We book must be great, we are working on it Guys, we are in Sweden We have arrived Everything is okay We flew on different planes I flew with s1mple and hellraisers Other guys flew separately I’ll show you Stockholm I have never played dreamhack Stockholm if I’m not mistaken I played in Norrkoping, it’s near Stockholm It’s 200 miles away And I don’t remember playing dreamhack Stockholm So it will be interesting, it’s a great city Clean and beautiful. You can drink tap water And it’s modern, clean and beautiful It’s so beautiful there, I can’t breathe. [Russian song] I will film everything Write in the comments what you want May be I will interview somebody At first we can speak with CSI teams like hellraisers, gambit and navi What’s the name of your youtube channel? Zeus cs:go Let me see Is it your first time in Sweden? No, I’ve been there many times But I haven’t been in Stockholm for ages -This one? -Yes Subscribe Yeah. See you later -What’s your name? -Sasha -Do you live here? -Yes, I’ve been living here for a long time We play cs professionally We are a team Cool Thank you We made a sticker A new one with molotov It must be a cool one but…I need to film it differently We made my new sticker We’re trying to make it accepted but there are some troubles If it’s accepted, you watch this video And now you see my new sticker It’s very cool, so I advise you to buy it And stick it on your guns

And sometimes on your forehead This is our hotel It’s so beautiful I’ll show it to you Let’s see what’s going on there What the fuck? It’s my white suitcase Wow, we have an escalator inside Do you know the name of this thing? Hotels like this one are rare Misha kane is living in our room And he’s sleeping He’ll enjoy this video We’re awake already Misha, do we have breakfast on the sixth floor? It doesn’t allow us to go there without cards I want to sleep so much Wow, we should go through this hall? Yes, a scary one, don’t stumble Seriously? It’s scary What’s that? Some super things oh shit, we’re going uphill, my blood pressure is rising I want to eat something delicious I can’t promise it’s delicious but it’s free There’s a watermelon Who’s there -The early bird catches the worm -Konstantin, what are you doing there? -How’s that? -They have a watermelon There are so many players There’s a watermelon, thin fruit jelly, it isn’t bad there Did you arrive with gambit? No, with navi Yeah, you just didn’t know it I know nothing -We had a vacation -It happens so How many tongue breakers Okay, I shall grab everuthing I’ve installed an app and now I can see what I’m filming I can film my leg And look through the phone Why the team has so short practice? Why did we have just one training day? We had more Somebody thinks that we had just one It’s due to traffic jams in Moscow People went there to get a passport. You have an appointment at 3 o’clock You arrive there You get documents and spend four more hours on the way back Big traffic jams What are our goals for this season? It’s only four months till New Year Today we’re at top-2 What are the plans and goals? We want to win some big tournaments.\ We want and we can Do you think the team still has the potential? Yes, if we don’t break apart too soon Why are there such chances? Why do the top-2 team with great number of points have a risk of splitting apart? I think it’s all because of fans Fans don’t accept anything but the first place And they’re always like “One more failure, you’re losers, you won’t win major, everything will be bad.” And you think that if not winning then splitting apart We need to break apart Danya, how did you train today? I played a lot We had several days for individual practice And we couldn’t find you anywhere I practiced individually I practiced hard I will support my shape during the tournament I plan so We’re waiting for the practice room to open to run there and play Fun is fun but we’re going to practice right now Support us, we’re in good mood Thumbs up Okay, guys -You must show a finger -Which one? The thumb What did you show? You should rewind it Thumbs up

Now we’re heading to the tenth floor, we have practice rooms there Hobbit is going to give an interview Hi guys To the left? We wil talk to guys as well Practice room zone I don’t know who’s there Here are all the teams. Hellraisers Astralis are already here Mibr Astralis are already practicing It’s only 11 am Edward is already here He’s playing What do you play? Match making? Faceit It’s time to go We have a photo shoot now I have my pictures taken already First individual photo, individual video and then team video Great, I’ve done everything Let me tell you everything in the order They will speak about you Cool *Danya can’t pronounce the word* So, first we had a plane Then we checked in Then a media day I just tell people who don’t know how it all works Have you heard the latest news about woxic? He came to the office. they found the passport but they didn’t make a visa He didn’t get visa? -And he won’t fly to major -Yes, he will He got a visa to London He has a year one And which visa is this one? To Stockholm? Yes He can’t get schengen Strange I’ve heard that there’s two types of passport in Turkey. Someone is lucky, someone is not There’s a photo shoot to the right Everyone has a photo shoot there Then they are going there There is a serious studio You see how everything works here Here are all the teams The crossed out ones have already taken photos And here’s navi Today I will talk with some players and interview them I just want to talk with them, to hear the news With gambit, our good guys and friends, first of all It’s a lifestyle So, what interests me and subscribers the most is Unlike other coaches you work with an English speaking team What are the differences, difficulties, advantages and disadvantages? [The full interview is in the description box below] The biggest difference is mentality We don’t have any organizational difficulties The guys are calm and hard working But csi guys has their own character If the team does comeback it’s all due to their calm CSI guys just push Here’s our fitness hall You can do fitness in hotels You can support your shape Especially after vacations when you lost your shape Every team were invited to welcome dinner It will be very cool I always post my videos in social networks Let’s keep in touch It’s very official Hi everyone I was sure they’ll feed us there A mayor is going to give his speech Hi. Are you drinking wine already? ’cause I can So do we But you’re playing tomorrow

Just one glass A healthy mind in a healthy body One glass of wine is said to be good For blood to run The queen of Sweden is coming Are you drinking?

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