RKSS_TWR, Good evening, KAL711 at Gate 35, Radio check? KAL711, Good evening Gimpo TWR, Loud and Clear Also Loud and Clear, KAL711 Request IFR Clearance to Tokyo In’l airport FL330 KAL711, Stand by for your clearance Standing by, KAL711

Station calling, Say again your callsign AAR8012 AAR8012, Good evening,Gimpo TWR 마이크가 좀 음질이 안 좋으신데 가능하면 확인 부탁드립니다 KAL711, Clearance for you, Ready to copy? Go ahead sir KAL711, Cleared to Tokyo Haneda, Off RWY32R via EGOBA1J departure EGOBA Y697 then as filed maintain FL330, Squawk 2501 Readback Cleared to Tokyo Int’l airport, RWY32R, via EGOBA1J dep EGOBA Y697, maintain FL330 SQ2501 KAL711 KAL711, Readback is correct. report when ready for pushback Report when ready, We have information ATIS correction, We have information from ATIS, KAL711 KAL711, Roger Tower, KAL711, Request Pushback, Gate 35 KAL711, Pushback and engine start approved, face South QNH1016 QNH1016, Face south, Pushback approved, KAL711

Tower, KAL711, Ready to taxi, RWY32R KAL711, Taxi to holding point RWY32R via P4 P Taxi to holding point RWY32R via taxiway P4 P, Hold short of RWY32R, KAL711

KAL711, Wind 270 @ 7knots, RWY32R, Cleared for Take-off RWY32R, Cleared for Take-off, KAL711 KAL711, Monitor UNICOM 122.8, Good day! Monitor UNICOM 122.8, KAL711 감사합니다!

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