speak with Garrity since there were stars around us maybe it’s just me okay because we know a lot of you guys love Bali they love to come to Bali and a lot of you will come to Bali we get a lot of messages every day we want to make a video about the seven or eight things that we think that you should be careful off when you come to Bali that you should take care of because they can be dangerous sometimes or expensive so let’s get started yeah point number one is food we want to talk about food because there’s one thing out there especially called dog meat and especially in Bali there’s a huge dog meat seemed and talked rate there are some areas that are really famous for it in restaurants that are famous for it even officially it’s forbidden in Indonesia to kill dogs for meat and eat them consume them there’s a there’s still a large society that eat dog meat yeah people from the other city or from that island yeah that live here and then they just because they use the normally it don’t mean and then oh maybe here a lot of dogs so maybe they can kill them and yeah it’s so sad and you please be careful if you buy like a satay satay I am or maybe me I don’t know I’m not really we don’t really know about a meat but yeah you should be careful because we don’t know it’s a really chicken or dog yeah so basically everything that is made with meat could be taught me so be careful with that and yeah a saver is to choose of course the vegan or vegetarian options it can be sure there’s no meat inside yeah and then that brings us also to the next thing because even when it’s vegitables it can cause yes sickness for you and you might get the famous what vally belly even you eat a healthy one but we don’t know about the process you should the border they use the water also because here in Bali we cannot drain water from the tap water yes because contain weed oh I don’t know yes bacteria and dirt inside so please don’t drink water or cook with the word from the time yes like that sickly and then also if you go to well traditional warm that local polina’s local people sell it you should be careful because ice cubes or something ice cube and then also how they cook sometimes not really good and not really clean so yes your tell me something have so much a or Polly belly like that yeah yeah last time I also so for Polly Polly because I eat nasi pgl it’s like a Chia salad with the coconut I’m sorry peanut sauce and then after after one day I suffer stomach is really yeah yeah yeah that’s all and yeah but and that’s what I want to just add there to use like we were just yesterday I think or two days ago it was a de la rúa again at a street stall and yeah there you could see the ants and the fly it’s just in the right she’s jumping around and walking around so that’s my that might be something where you should be careful and should be conscious of and we’re off you should just look at what the food they prepare and how they prepare it okay yeah and then also still food is party and alcohol and fruits yes party and I call a lot of Indonesian people make their own alcohol at home so they’re home yes you can see maybe on the street the ping one we call it I forget the name okay continue yeah yeah buddy is alcohol so yes do what we call it to uh maybe you can find but it’s not really clean or it’s not really a good alcohol we don’t know about how many percent of the alcohol inside yes so you should never be sure about that that’s true okay and yeah then we come from a quote to the party because at the party is often in the happy hours to save money they just

put the cheap alcohol that made from rice into the cocktails to save money so they can give the cocktails out for cheap and you can have the good deals to be careful rather go to somewhere where you can be sure they have good quality alcohol if you want to drink yeah so many organics market are organics dal or organic shop here but sometimes we cannot make sure that it’s really organic so we don’t know it’s a really from organic one or really from a good farmer yeah so please be careful about it because there’s no we don’t have the regulation the real regulation about it organic they don’t have a certificate or something or a company that tests everything yes okay like that and yes from the wedgie from the fruit right now you become our guy right to the to the market when you buy the wedgies excellent actually where our point number two scam so people especially at the market they will try to scam you when you are a tourist they will try to charge you double or triple the price from what the normal local people when you are a tourist in partly because a lot of Bolinas people will charge you more than the locals so maybe you can check the price first and the internet or maybe you can ask one that you really try yeah and then yes you know them you know the price and then you can pay if they give you more price you should you should you can do a negotiation or it is always my space there’s always something you negotiations please especially for taxi for food or maybe for the tourists take place and yeah yeah you’re right as the taxis another thing when you come from the airport right away you might just go to the taxi grab it and dry somewhere because you just want to go to beautiful Bali to a beautiful beach or to your hotel but actually you should not right away go into the first text you’ll find because they at the airport will actually charge you a high price to pick you up or you can take grab or go Jake yes that’s true so well and here we also have basically can say that but usually the normal price for for example from here from the airport to food might be around 300 thousand not more if you go from airport kuta maybe 150 thousand and then if you go maybe Chango area or assuming a car where maybe 200 and then if you lose the sender from airport maybe around 200 – so yeah it’s around that so maybe you can have choice when you yeah and things like that cannot have only happen at a taxi they can only have also happen at the tourist place as if you go to a twisted attraction or something it’s not some yeah it’s it’s it’s actually an official scamming so they make it officially they charge local people are really really low price and the tourists often a high price it’s not the double prices sometimes like five times the price of what the local people would pay yes it’s like a mini touristy place here in Pali charts double price are different for a local and for foreigner and then also maybe for at the food if you go to miss affinito or new Sunday moment you double prices yeah but if you have cute ass keep that you can have the price like a local yeah I assume most of you who watch it right now don’t have a key test though yeah but if it’s an opportunity sure yes yeah you go to buy before working or something you can have choice yes that’s true and from here we just want to finish the scamming number two right now is also included ATMs ATMs mites game you so local people or somewhere from other islands they might install cameras or something to scan actually your credit card and then take your numbers for foreigner or tourist but also for a locale like example my friend also have a specific ask coming to one year ago and he also has coming too right yeah I had a today actually I was here in March and then in April I think I saw on my account on my credit card account they booked a hundred and forty or hundred and fifty euros some board somewhere in Surabaya they took the money so they copied actually my credit card went to Surabaya and took

the money there so you can see how crazy go to a food bank go to that bank that has security yes don’t go to the as an industry that no us-korea and no yeah no people so so many people there yes that’s true so and then the last point for here SIM cards also easy at the airport they might charge your higher price then if you go to a local stall here somewhere in the street yes that’s true and I remember you and find the SIM card for the internet for the data for internet so it’s so expensive but if you go to the local will be a cheaper but yeah yeah we recommend Keogh – you can also go to the SIM card center maybe like Excel center or maybe I’m tree or telecom cell center that you can find in Bali in the pic Street we will share the link if you need and then or the address yeah it’s a cheaper and say yes and scamming can also happen souvenir so up close this and also if you’re in the motorbike always negotiate with them never take the first prize yes often ear maybe you it’s better if you go to the softener Center so finish up that have a fixed price then you go to the traditional market that maybe they will charge you more more and more expensive yeah maybe if you go to the normal market it might not be a problem for you if you’re good in negotiation then you might sorry but I already tried it at a normal traditional market I think when it was here the first time in November last year and then I there wasn’t they had a necklace and I wanted to buy it and I actually try to negotiate and the man was so angry then he was really angry and he was like sounding so we don’t know and then for the motorbike for the scooter that you want to wrinkle maybe you can check first in the internet the website their website usually they have a lot of website up button Renault scooter you can check how many days you want and which you want which one scooter that you want and then you can check that out fail ability and then yeah you can negotiation maybe if you want a longer time and yeah well basically you can say that I ignore the price that you can get per days as 60 or 70 thousand and for the month usually it’s it’s normally seven hundred thousand or something like that rupee of course not euro or dollar yeah so yeah okay from there we gonna go right on to traffic as we talked about scooters about taxis about everything that can happen with the scamming and the traffic can also be a part of scamming when the police stops you actually the police might stop you when you are tourists and take money from you because you don’t wear a helmet because they don’t wear a t-shirt because they just don’t like you there might be always a reason yeah I know why but mostly the police will will stop you and maybe yeah I can see I can see it’s in the end of the month I don’t know why but mostly like that and then after this they will try to remind me because maybe you don’t have a SIM card the license of your driving and then also you don’t have a helmet or maybe if you don’t wear your it isn’t for a man I mean okay or international license no international driving license don’t take just your normal driving license they will not accept it take your international driving license take the money it’s just I paid fifteen euros or so it’s not a lot so just take it it’s worth it and it’s gonna be I think five years or something like that you can use it for five years old yes don’t worry last year makes just pay homage I paid a lot I was stopped actually three times in one month I’m in one man and I had to pay so much the first one I had to pay two hundred thousand so it was my first experience with the Balinese police I was shocked in the first moment didn’t know what to do didn’t have any information about it how to behave how to negotiate or whatever so I just paid it you know and the the reason was that I didn’t wear a t-shirt and he called me it’s pornography because he doesn’t wear t-shirt yeah number yeah and I actually didn’t wear a helmet at the time too so there were two reasons so it charged me two hundred or three and the number two was actually here in shanku twice they stopped me here and actually the reason here was I was not wearing a helmet I didn’t have my international driving

license with me in the scooter I had it here in Bali but I didn’t have it in the scooter so I had it in the hostel because I wanted just to drive quickly to the fruit stall in the morning and then they stopped me and yeah I had first in the first place you wanted driving license no t-shirt no helmet so he wanted 1.5 million oh my god it’s like and then I said it was actually I think three days before I left body and then I said sorry I don’t have money anymore I need that money that I have right now to get from here to the airport and to pay my food on in these two or three days and then yeah he went down to 800,000 first so it’s already half the price like mine and use normally for a local VP maybe 50,000 if we don’t have a SIM card license or maybe we don’t wear helmet but mostly in Bali if you are funding this and then you are Bolinas custom- claudius or you are a Muslim and you where you will the police will not stop you because they yes the culture yeah yeah yeah yeah actually in the end from this 800,000 he went down to a 300,000 then because I just hit I don’t have money I cannot pay you at all and then it just took the 300,000 that I have actually had in my wallet yes okay I think we talked a lot about scamming now for 10 minutes or so yeah we are still in the traffic right now so we’re gonna go and tell you about some traffic rules or not traffic rules because basically there are no traffic rules are no rules in the traffic but it’s not really we do it not official no one takes care of the rules so basically you should be careful if you’re not used to a lot of traffic then you should drive slowly because people can come from behind from right even from the front they can break down quickly so if you drive too fast and you’re not used to this traffic it can accident can happen an accident can happen quickly if you’re if you’re comfortable with driving and you can already see what’s happening everywhere and you have this good view like I do for example half you can also drive faster it’s actually easy because you can just drive in like a snake you can just make your way through everywhere and there are no rules so you have also you’re not breaking any rules but by doing that so cool yeah and when there’s a traffic jam or something people might already drive on the sidewalk too right if you are walking side off the street be careful that maybe someone behind you or maybe someone from your back just driving and make a pin pin pin pin and then you cannot say anything you can say I guess walking no they will just driving yeah something like that I also oh my god it’s not easy if you are if you if you are walking here everywhere it’s not easy I love to walking but because not is it because the culture is actually already made up on driving scooters driving scooter is there walking here yeah like that yeah and then we the last point here in traffic is actually we want to talk about the go check and grab no-go zones so actually here in Bali they have some place areas like ubud and some places in Changu yes there are areas where you are not allowed to order a grab or a go check or Hubert so they want to do this because of course they want to make money of their own taxi so the local taxis and the prices of the local taxis are just way higher I come to I come to change I can be the crab and it’s just paid twenty thousand rupiah and then when I go back with my home with the same far and then the same way it’s that course 150 it’s crazy really crazy how many double yeah they just like that actually also a part of scamming I think actually because they just do it they forbid a there’s also the local people who do it you know yeah yeah yes that might have I don’t know let’s go on to the next point from the local people to the country culture is cool balling his country’s

diverse you have everything here different religions different people different habits different ways there’s different customs actually so you should also respect them yeah especially when they have ceremony yeah they’ll have ceremony almost every time everything yeah yeah in the morning and then in the afternoon and then in the night at night and maybe everywhere on the street in front of house maybe inside of house or maybe I yeah sure in the temple and then maybe in your in the scooter in the car yeah yeah you might see you might see like leaves societies offerings that they have in the car and in front of the houses yes we should we really we really really should respect them yes so yeah because of that you might also actually see closed roads and everything so you might actually take longer because there are a lot of weddings offerings prayers or whatever on this we said yes so yeah that’s right please be prepared that Assam someday sometime maybe a balance because I will close this rate for their ceremony yes and also when you visit a temple as a tourists please take the skirt they provide you and what for the girls don’t come to all the temple when you have menstruation period is not allowed to go there polite like that yes yeah you know they think that it’s like you’re dirty or whatever so only come there after all before your menstruation not why I having been yes respected for some people might not make sense because they just say how stupid but if their culture here so please yes you know I know the beautiful thing in the world yes then culture still here there might be like because it’s Hindu everything is here they have this so but there’s also like couple of days per year where you can say there’s like really something happening like the silent day maybe you can check when the silent day everywhere is different uh-huh maybe you can check what is it yes last year it was in March March 18th on something like that 17th and actually it could can cause a problem so really be careful because I was actually flying here one day before this silent day and and silent date I purchased clothes they have what closes and I was just like afraid that my flight will be delayed because I only had like one hour always between the flights and you know the airlines they are always late so I was actually a little late in the first flight and I was so afraid when I was in Singapore oh my gosh I’m not gonna make it I’m gonna have to I’m gonna have to wait for two days now to see her again and actually then I was on time I flew into Bali and I could amazing silently because actually decided nasals a beautiful because no electricity no Wi-Fi no no nothing no traffic yeah no internet is really good that’s something that really makes you call inside and on your side and yes that’s right and in Bali you should know guys that in Bali not only Hindus yeah most of these Hindus but also we have Muslim here Muslim people also Christian people and also put these people yeah so yeah I like that mostly it’s Hindus yes so I think that’s about all about culture right now all right let’s jump into the season yes actually number one two three four five yeah you should know that Bali is in Indonesia and Indonesia is tropical tropical country guys yes it’s a really a stroppy called country because you know where is Indonesia exactly in the middle of the earth yes the middle and later equator so it’s hot you might humid and yeah you should prepare for that and the season you should know when you will come oh why the season is and yes yeah actually we can say like when it’s actually the the tourist season is from June until August somewhere around that right and then again from when from December to January so it’s like when the holiday year so a lot of people come to Bali like that yes yes and then there’s other big season that has a big epics the rainy season actually which will then be from September until February and yes there you might just bring a raincoat

and yeah because actually without a raincoat you you’re not gonna get anywhere because it will rain it will you cannot see when it’s raining it just can’t stop and start in within five minutes [Applause] jessa4 maybe one over over and then we’ll stop and then maybe we’ll run again we’ll have a long yeah yeah I like that and also you should know that in Bali in Indonesia also have a lot of maybe like earthquake mm-hmm uh-huh and then what else – wait sometimes volcanoes go crazy like here last year or this year even right and last year because Indonesia in the Sierra color Ring of Fire yes so yeah you should know about it yes so yeah that’s it about the seasons right now you could talk about each of those points long already November here but I feel like no not a rainy day because it’s sunny it’s bright shiny every day chest maybe one hour and a night just rainy it’s so big and they need the mornings just booked so bright and so beautiful yes that’s true and yeah in the rainy season actually a lot of mosquitoes right shall be prepared it’s about animal all right yeah we gonna go to the animals now the animals mosquitoes rain teas and more mosquitoes and actually as you said it’s a tropical country so also be prepared for geckos for snakes for anything that might occur also yeah occur in in a tropical country right yes country you know we have a lot of mosquito here especially at the nine or maybe when you were in the nature when you were in maybe rice field they will there and maybe bye to you so please be careful about it because some of the most credo is a dangerous yes actually she just had thank you fever last year oh my god fever I I had God open for maybe two weeks because of the most Guido and yeah I almost died at the moment because my hammock loved in maybe around 20 oh god and then yeah also here we have like a snake if you go to the nature but not really maybe you can find it some time and then also Kiko you will find a lot of geek who at home everywhere also inside so don’t be afraid yeah they just print and then also a lot of ends here also Flyers so just be careful with your food so the flyer and also ants nights come to your flyers almost over after 30 minutes that with your step right now we’re gonna continue now I hope the better it’s gonna make through until the end of this very long monkey yes you can you can find monkey maybe in monkey forest one of the participating body and then also if you go to the parrot on Breton lake in the north in the north or maybe go to I know there is a lot of monkeys so please be careful if you take something like fun or maybe scent your sunglasses or maybe your yeah they will steal it food whatever you have if you have a plastic bag a water bottle or whatever they’re gonna jump and steal it and we just want to warn you from that because monkeys already stole from me not here but in Malaysia fruit actually in a plastic bag they gonna jump to the plastic bag and pulled it down until it tear open Toro play especially when you are with kids so let’s be careful yes yes yeah animals we’re gonna go to the hospital if you actually hurt Batman keep your head by the body belly if you go to the International Hospital or clinic that is really good standard not the clinic that you can find on street and just give you something that not not really stir I’m not really real one and make yourself worse they make even sicker than you are already okay that’s just a short one right and now we’re gonna go to the last one and also very important one for me and the reason the reason you have different options you have the one when you come from a European or US country or the US you have come from the country maybe it’s okay but for the other countries sometimes is a problem yeah so if you come from Europe or from the US or from Australia I think too you have

the one-month tourist visa that allows you to stay for free you don’t have to pay anything it’s for free to stay 30 days in Bali and only the 30 days if you if you overstay what I actually did implants or one or two days I don’t know because I booked my flight at the wrong time they would charge you money I think I don’t know remember I don’t remember how much per day that you overstates I think around 800,000 or something like that so I had to pay 1.6 million or something again at the airport so either if you are ready to pay that if you are okay or that over the money that you have to pay for the overstay then be prepared to take that money to pay at the airport and there’s also ATM at the airport so it might not be a problem if you overstay but people will be prepared to pay the money there you can stay in Bali in Indonesia for free I made hold on your face I can be and also yeah just be prepared for everything for if you want to stay longer here yes and the other thing is the second option that you actually have is the two-month visa that you have to pay them so it’s basically you go to the airport there’s a cash cashier that you can go to and you can tell them I wonder 60 days extendable visa and he’s gonna give you then this then you actually gonna get a paper into your passport not only these you’re gonna get the paper but you have to pay $25 I think so $25 for that paper and then you’re gonna had not to the normal tourist desk for the immigration but you’re gonna go to the kiosk desk so you’re gonna have the quick lane you don’t have to wait where the normal tourist way you can just go through Ueno usually there’s nobody or 1 or 2 persons you can actually go to where the local people are so it’s easy you don’t have to wait so long yes that’s actually if you have 40 for the 60 days visa after 30 days it’s actually I don’t know why they do it like that after 30 days so better 10 days before the 30 days you’re gonna go through the immigration here in Bali there are different immigrations so search for the one that is responsible for your area where you live for your hotel or Villa so you you don’t need to go there first and check everything you you can check in the website or some log and then you can get yes then you can call them as we’re writing units ago in Denpasar tamanna yes like our experience or we went to the campus sir but they said that they cannot do it and then yeah we went to down yeah actually I do actually actually it’s funny because the page says go to your closest to your closest immigration office and definitely when you come from here from the Loom the closest is Denpasar and not Nusa Dua so we went to Denpasar and then we had to drive to news or do it down there to chamber an area and which was like a lot of a lot of time wasted you know and then actually you extend there and you have to come there three times first time you’re gonna go there just to apply it second time gonna go there for taking our picture and third time you’re gonna pick up your passport finally so it’s a kind of stupid because why do you do not do all of this in one meeting they can take a picture of you and the first day and yeah I mean sure you have to pick it out it’s Pike pick it up at Sunday but yeah two dimes is even better than three times right yeah it’s all about a lot of talking already over I think almost forty minutes spent yes sorry but we just want to share our experience Bali because we live here you see little a long time already you since pretty a two and half yeah and I almost one year so yeah that’s our experience here in body I hope you like the video I hope you enjoyed our storytelling even if it was long if you have more questions let us know in the comments below maybe you can help you yes sure so like subscribe leave a comment below and yeah hope to see you here again on youtube or on our Instagram or Facebook page so bye guys


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