[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you my name is Kayla st. Clair and I serve as senior assistant director of Undergraduate Admissions at Virginia Tech I am a two-time alumna earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees there and I’ll be serving as your moderator tonight so I’m gonna go ahead and let our panelists introduce themselves starting with Lana Spinoza hey everyone Alana Espinosa the director of undergraduate admissions here at Virginia Tech really excited to welcome everyone here this evening we have representation from over 33 different states and seven countries that we have people who’ve chiming in from England South Korea Peru Jamaica Brazil India and Myanmar so we are so excited you’ve been able to join us here in Blacksburg although we’re in our homes we’re very very excited to be able to talk about some of the changes that are gonna be happening for this upcoming cycle and hopefully alleviate some of the anxiety and fears you have about this process next we have Janette Gomez beam welcome everybody thank you for bringing us into your home tonight my name is Janette Gomez beam I also am a two-time alum of Virginia Tech earning my masters in PhD and I’m a longtime employee and I’m excited to spend this time with you hopefully clarifying any questions you have getting you excited about becoming part of the Hokie Nation and really just being a part of your family tonight it is an honor to share this time with you in this space with you thanks for being with us and last but certainly not least we have Jared Delaney hi everyone I’m Jared Delaney I serve as assistant director of Undergraduate Admissions and I have the privilege of leading many of our efforts with transfer students so I’m here to talk with all you transfers out there who are thinking about transferring to Virginia Tech and contribute where I can elsewhere I’m very happy to be involved in this thanks for having us tonight I’m an alum as well at Virginia Tech so I’m happy to be a part of this and share I’ll share what I can to help you with your questions that you have all right now gonna go ahead and get started with our first question this was a pretty popular question and we’ve already seen it popping up in the live chat so I would like to direct this one to Juan and ask him if Virginia Tech is going to be test optional this year yes I am very excited to be able to answer that question and let all those students and their family members out there know that Virginia Tech will be tests optional for this upcoming cycle we did this because we saw how many test States were being canceled for both the SAT and a CT and again we were noticing the anxiety levels beginning to increase as we entered a very uncertain period please know that we’re gonna try everything from our vantage point to make this process as easy as possible for you to navigate and when it became clear that this could become a barrier we moved immediately as the university to be able to remove this as a requirement so the way it’s gonna work for tests optional is on the application for this upcoming cycle you will indicate if you would like your SAT scores to be part of the review process so you will be the decider on if it is

included in your application review if you’re pleased with the scores and you were able to get a test date in and you want that to be part of the review process you’ll be able to do just that if you were not able to get a test date in or you’re unhappy with the scores and we do like us to do a review without the scores you would indicate that and again we would make a decision without that portion of being included in review process in no way are you going to be penalized if you do sar the test optional format please be be aware that they will adjust our holistic review to make sure that we’re doing a fair and transparent process we regardless of what format that you decide to pursue in addition another thing that we’re going to be working closely with students and Families on will be the AP testing so we’ve gotten some guidance from College Board that they’ll be utilizing some modified testing for the different AP courses you’re currently enrolled in in which you might be able to take some of these exams at home so we will work with those modified testing and accept those scores to be able to give you credit for when you start as a freshman these aren’t the only changes these are just the changes that we’ve identified right now we’ll continue to monitor this process closely and if again if we identify an aspect of our review process that can become a barrier or hindrance for you to be here at Virginia Tech we’re gonna do everything possible to remove that or at least minimize that as a barrier biggest one for the next question I feel like this goes along really well as we’re seeing you know a lot of remote learning right now and so a lot of students are experiencing you know should I choose pass/fail grades should I do the a through F scale and so I’d really like it if that if you could talk about you know how grades the second semester of junior year or you know having a pass/fail semester when submitting grades to Virginia Tech how that will be evaluated in the admissions process sure it’s a great question Kayla and I want everyone to know that universities and colleges around the world are gonna be understanding of this particular season in your academic career so Virginia Tech hopefully is not an exception in that area we will be considering this spring 2020 as a unique time with that said everybody has a different situation and their school systems offer different things again our staff is highly trained to understand those nuances and with that said we’re gonna do our best to acknowledge what you decided to do in this very stressful situation if we were to make a recommendation that recommendation would be to stick to the A through F grading system only because it’s a data point for us to use as we see that you are completing progress towards your completion of grades the pass/fail is an option and it is one that you have the availability and at your fingertips as an opportunity but again for our review process if you do have the chance to do the A through F we do prefer that as a data point so again please understand that we know that one term is not going to dictate your entire academic career you have worked hard to choose your classes to pick your rigor to complete high school level and college level courses since eighth grade ninth grade tenth grade we have a lot of data points so don’t feel that that’s the single data point that will dictate your outcome but again if you do have the option we do recommend the A through F if possible thank you for that response now as we think about transfer students in this process many transfer students are also experiencing you know the same challenges and the same you know opportunities to choose between pass/fail or grading scale or the university may just be switching to a pass/fail format so Jared could you talk a little bit about what transfer students can expect out of their review process yes certainly it’s a great point Kayla and SSTO just indicated many universities colleges are transitioning to that pass/fail system for the remainder of the semester maybe looking forward in the summer as well for those taking summer classes important thing to keep in mind is asked Annette and Juan both indicated Virginia Tech is going to be as flexible as possible and thinking about these policies how they affect transfer students looking at this semester as very unique in the academic records that you might showcase to us when you apply as a transfer applicant there couple things to keep in mind when it comes to college credit and thinking about pass/fail does work a little bit differently than those high school courses and that’s because different universities and colleges have policies set up that how they evaluate pasts and fail so pass/fail passes at your college

if you’re at one institution might mean one thing might be evaluated as a different standard at another institution so my recommendation for you is to look and see has your institution that you’re currently studying and updated their policy have they looked at past fails and how do they approximate those past grades if the pass is evaluated as a see that like reddit the grade of C or higher then that would transfer to Virginia Tech grades of C or higher in A through F systems transferring therefore passes that are evaluated as C or better will transfer to Virginia Tech for instance if you’re at a Virginia Community College as I know many of you out there might be or might be planning to study at opportunity Community College they’ve adjusted their pass/fail policy to include what they call a P plus grade that ki plus grade is going to be evaluated as seer above and therefore recognized a successful completion by Virginia Tech and would be transferable so if your institution doesn’t have this policy or maybe they evaluate the pass as not C or higher it could be in your best interest just to ensure there are no problems with your credit transferring and to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward in the admissions process moving forward to stay in that A through F option or opt for that a through F option if you can’t great thank you for that Jared and so as we think about next year and applying for our rising seniors I know that there may be some questions and we got some questions submitted about what the deferral process is like this year and how that will impact our rising seniors who are applying for the fall of 2021 so I’ll pass that to one sure so we did relook at our deferral process and we have revamp that process because of the special situation that we are currently in we’re actually going to go live with this new deferral form for students to be able to pursue and fill out after seeking to defer admission and entry for up to two years and we removed the requirement or I guess the exception for where students wouldn’t be able to take courses at other institutions we’ve changed that and we’ve allowed students now that during their period of deferment that they can take courses at a local community college or a local institution the reason why we did that is we recognize that there are going to be some students that would like to stay closer to home during this time period and due to the uncertainty and we don’t want to stall their academic progress in any way but we do make clear to this group that these students their offer of admission can be impacted by their performance that during these courses that they take whether it’s a semester or a year and can also have bearing on their major status – but our hopes are that they’ll work closely with our admission staff to ensure that they’re in the best position possible from when they start their entry whether it’s semester a year up to two years later again this is just another example of us trying to remain as flexible as possible and meeting the needs of our students during this time thank you for that we also have several school counselors on this call so I really want to let you all know that we appreciate all the work that you’re doing and thank you for joining us tonight and making sure that you submitted some questions for us so this next one came from a school counselor and it says given the current climate many of our students can’t work they can’t volunteer and they can’t take part in their normal extracurricular activities how does this factor into your holistic review so Dannette could you explain a little bit about what that looks like for our rising seniors absolutely and hi fellow counselors I too am a counselor by training I’m I’m I like you just like you encourage our students to be their whole selves at all times even in this crisis our student athletes our artists our performers our volunteers everybody is struggling to find identity and understand what that means for them through their sophomore junior and senior years I have a daughter who is in 4h and all of her summer show season is canceled and so she’s having an identity crisis right now but she’s also shown that 4-h is part of her identity in the time that she’s been in middle school in high school and we can see that come through in the application when your students do apply so they haven’t lost any part of their identity and their passions it’s really just a pause and people are finding unique ways to share that I can tell you my daughter spent three hours this morning crafting of a Oh tutorial how she feeds her cows and so that was fun for her and and so again

people are inventive these students are impressive we at Virginia Tech are really fortunate that we get outstanding students with multiple talents and multiple interests and so what they’ve accomplished up into this point is already impressive what they’re doing in this isolation is even more impressive with their ingenuity and I’m certain that throughout their high school career we’ll continue to do that so I say that and that tell the students to keep being themselves do do them let them do them and we will see that come out in the application my other sons an athlete so he’s trying to figure out his identity as well and what that looks like when you’re home and not able to be part of a team but again those types of things I think students have a really great way of showing that on their application they can do that in multiple sections of their application we have extracurricular section leadership honors Awards also our essay questions so they will come out through those I don’t feel that anybody will be penalized for the time that they weren’t you know getting 600 volunteer hours this semester I just don’t see that being the case for any review team so just tell your students to be themselves to do what they love continue to find ways to be creative in their own worlds virtually or otherwise to continue to pursue those talents and those interests and share those with colleges and universities thank you so much for that response in it I think it is really important to recognize that students that are applying you’re not just students and you don’t just exist inside of a classroom so just know that we’re looking at you as an entire person in this process and really do encourage you to be yourselves now Juan talked a little bit about what ap credit looks like this year but I wanted Jared to elaborate a little bit more on this as far as you know um do we accept these modified test scores and do we even look at the test scores in our application review process that’s another great question and so why not already touched on that we are looking to be as flexible as when we’re thinking about these scores Virginia Tech will accept the modified ap IV processes that are put in place so we will accept those those formats and those scores there are a couple great resources that you can use to see about the scores needed on those tests and I’m sure that these will also be updated if there are any changes to thinking about scores or what scores are needed maybe to present transferable credit for particular classes at Virginia Tech those are available they’re linked through our admission site on the registrar’s transfer guide there’s a lot of really helpful information about AP scores IB scores CLEP credit all of these things that may be affected by the current situation when it comes to the review process so for our first-year freshman review process the AP scores are not actually considered in that process we want to see your success in the class so it’s very important for us to see that you’re challenging yourself in those upper-level classes like a be like IB may be dual enrollment may be its honors whatever type of curriculum that your school offers that you’re challenging yourself in that curriculum and hopefully doing well in the class without so much weight being placed on the exam score obviously that can help you when we’re talking about that transferable credit your progress at Virginia Tech your status and those types of things for transfer students it works a little bit differently and that that is a source of college credit maybe you had that in high school maybe dual enrollment as well you did that in high school but that’s college credit and that can actually work to satisfy certain degree requirements and therefore admissions requirements for individual programs so it is really important for you to report those scores as a transfer student when you apply for admission great thank you so much for that Jarod now as we think about what a review process might look like particularly for test optional you’re gonna hear holistic review when you look at various institutions but I wanted to take this time to have Wan explain what a whole list revue looks like at Virginia Tech in what the context of your high school means in this holistic review yeah this is a great question now I get that most colleges most universities use that term holistic review we actually do it here at Virginia Tech and we take a lot of pride in that we evaluate you not just as the student in the classroom which has been mentioned but also as an individual outside the classroom and within your community so let’s kind of go through this process step by step so when we begin a review process initially we focus on the academic side and when we look at your application and in your self-reported academic record what we’re scanning for is strength in your grades

but also that rigor that Jared was talking about we love to see those advanced level courses why it’s not because we’re mean but research has shown that the more advanced level coursework that you take the easier to transition is from high school to college the easier that transition is from high school to college the better you’re gonna do your courses freshman year the better you’re doing your courses freshman year the more likely you are to come back for your sophomore year that’s a big deal for colleges that’s called retention rate the percentage of students come back for their second year year after year after year after year at Virginia Tech we consistently bring well over ninety percent of our freshmen back for their sophomore year nationwide on average retention rates closer between 50 to 60 percent so we take a lot of pride and that the the process that we put in place is doing really well in identifying students that will be academically successful once they arrive here as far as the grades that we’re looking for looking for a strong mixture of A’s and B’s that’s very important and not say you can’t have any C’s but overall if something were to ask you what type of student you are you would answer at the very least an a/b student with testing again we are changing that format for this upcoming year but if you do decide to include testing as part of your review process that is something that we will include in the review process and review it accordingly now I do want to make a clarification or a test optional process it will apply to all majors and all applicants including homeschooled students and and students who might have narrative transcripts where they don’t get grades A through F but they get a narrative that we’ll have to evaluate so this policy will apply to to all of those students if you do have any questions about that again I really encourage you to reach out to our admissions staff so that’s that’s the academic side and then we evaluate you as a person we look at Awards achievements we look at legacy connections so if you have a family member who’s gone to Virginia Tech or is currently enrolled averaging attack that’s something we pay attention to we have over 250 thousand living alums that take a lot of pride in that connection to Virginia Tech and we want to keep some of those family traditions going we also pay attention to first-generation status so if neither parent finished a four-year degree in our eyes who considered first generation where land-grant institution were focused on accessibility we came into being to serve all Virginians regardless of their background so we’re very much access focus and first-generation will very much play a part in this review process the major the major you’re pursuing will have a huge impact on the criteria that you’re going to be evaluated with major matters and we cannot stress that enough realize that when we’re reviewing your application you’ll be reviewed with that set of criteria associated with the major that you’re pursuing so students who are pursuing our very high demand and highly ranked engineering program or architecture program we have a different set of criteria than some of the smaller programs that we offer here at Virginia Tech and that’s very important to know in this process we’ll look at the community service that you’re doing and again we get that your options are very limited now but realize that everyone in the pools options are very limited right now so you’re now going to be penalized based on a reduction of your extracurricular activity or community coursework during this time prozium is huge here at Virginia Tech that’s our motto it’s Latin for that I may serve so we’re constantly trying to find ways how students are giving back and I’m very pleased to get correspondence from prospective students or even students they’ve been offered for this current cycle that have been living up to that motto and they’re not even here yet doing some wonderful things their neighbors and their community this very very difficult time so be aware that there are still some opportunities but again we are not going to penalize you because of this current situation lastly we have our route frozen profile this is our attempt to to capture what we call some non-cognitive variables now a lot of people hear that term non-cognitive variable is wonder what the heck does that mean well just as your academics are a great predictor of how you’re going to do in college there are certain characteristics and experiences that you have had that also can be a great predictor of success not only in college but in life and so we have a series of question that you’ll be required to answer that also cover a lot of your extracurricular and different experiences that you might have had up to this point and our hope is to be able to evaluate that with an idea of how

likely you are succeed once you get here to Virginia Tech and how likely you are to succeed once you graduate from Virginia Tech it’s a great addition to our application process this will be the third cycle we’ll be moving in with it we’ve invited our faculty and staff and community members here on a Virginia Tech campus to read and review that portion of the application and so realize that it’s not just the admissions office that’s evaluating new for admission it’s truly our entire community and know that if you do end up getting offered it’s not for me it’s not from anyone on the screen it’s truly from our Virginia Tech community and I think that’s a really cool thing thank you so much for that I would say that for most of our staff we absolutely love getting to read those prose and profiles because it is our opportunity to get to know you in a different way and really kind of develop you further than just how you’re answering questions on an application so just make sure you take advantage of that new present profile if you can tweet I promise that you can answer those questions so please take advantage of it because we really like to get to know you in this process now as we think of things that you could be doing to make yourself more competitive you know as we move into this next process and move into the application process I think students want to know what can I be doing and I think then that will be a great person to answer that question sure so like I like to tell lots of families you’re already doing the work at this point in your career you have made good choices you have chosen good classes you have picked extracurriculars you have served your community you’ve done the work and we know that because of the more than 30,000 applications we get that is just the theme you are high achieving students and again you’ve done the work allow this time to be a unique time to reflect back on that work and then also challenge yourself to figure out what you want this next era to be for your your next steps so that can mean different things you may have had some time to really soul search and find out what you think you might want to do beyond your college education and figure out a major that’s one of the things I highly recommend doing and this may seem odd to maybe sit down and do at this stage if you’re a sophomore or a junior but definitely if you’re rising senior I would highly recommend sitting down with a mentor with a friend with a family member with somebody you trust and ask hard questions about why they chose what they did for their careers and why you think you think you’ll be good at something and so I actually did this exercise with my 17 year old who’s a rising senior and my 14 year old who’s a rising 8th grader a couple weeks ago and I said look we have some time let’s just do some soul searching together and ask ourselves some questions and I find that to be very centering for for people to be able to answer those questions for themselves and start thinking through why do I want to be what do I want to do at least some idea of a potential major as Juan mentioned at Virginia Tech major does matter and we cannot stress that enough I know that’s hard I know parents I know counselors developmentally it’s hard to say how can a 17 year old know what they want to do for the rest of their lives and that’s not what we’re asking what we’re really asking is for them to get an idea of what they want to do now and so I think in order to prepare for this season of application understanding a little bit more about yourself is a really great thing to be doing right now so if I can give a recommendation my number one recommendation would be for you students to ask questions and start doing some research and figuring out what is what am i who am i what do I want to be what’s gonna make me happy and see if Virginia Tech’s a good fit for you so that’s homework number one then after you kind of get an idea narrow it down a little bit then start figuring out how you’re gonna get there so does that mean that you’re gonna have to really work hard that senior year because your profile doesn’t maybe match the profile who you think you need to be or do you have it all under control and you you feel like you’ve done everything you need to do and you seen a state of course so again one kind of leads to the other but that’s what I would say again developmentally I think that’s the best thing for families to do together right now is just have those conversations start doing a little bit of the research start aligning who you are and what you are – a fit for your next steps get advice that’s what we get paid to help you figure out so we’re not going to tell you what to do but we’ll at least give you data points that we know from historical data and current data about higher education and about the workforce and so please reach out to us as resources and people in admissions

counts missions counselors as well as your high school counselors that’s kind of our thing so use your resources were available for you we want to help you get to your next steps and be successful that’s all great advice I think that all of us can practice a little more self-reflection especially at this time so as we think about the transfer population I know that we had a question here and it’s kind of a multi-step question but I know that Jared can handle it so if I were to go to a community college for two years and then transferred to Virginia Tech what will you look for in my transfer application are there specific courses that I need to take and do the community college credits transfer easily awesome all right well there’s a lot to unpack there so we’ll try to we’ll try to get through all those pieces the first thing that I will say is that many of you out there listening in right now when watching us at home you may already be thinking about a transfer you may be thinking about transferring from a community college close to home you may be thinking about transferring from another institution out there another four-year college or university that you’re currently attending you may be in high school right now and thinking about transfer as an option and I’ll just highlight that transferring to Virginia Tech is a great option for all of those situations no matter where you find yourself and we have a lot of great resources to help you navigate that transfer process and a lot of folks on our admissions team to help you with that as well so you have real people that can support you throughout it no matter where you are on AB what step um what I’ll say is that as has been indicated it just with our just like their first year process major does matter and so when you’re thinking about transferring a lot is gonna ride on the college work that you’ve done whether that’s at a community college whether that’s at a four-year institution dating back to what you did while you were in high school is dual enrollment credits those AP credits those types of things that’s all college preparation and so we want that to be very targeted because we expect that when we admit you as a transfer student we’re gonna admit you directly into the major that you want to come into and so the catch with that is you got to come and hit the ground running and be performing at a high level taking those upper-level classes that are specific to your major and we want you to be successful in those classes so that means that we do have some very specific guidelines to help you transfer into different majors now the best place to find these is on our transfer admissions and they’re called our admissions transfer roadmaps there’s a road map for every single major at Virginia Tech that you can transfer into and these roadmaps outline the course expectations the college-level courses that we hope you have some majors have requirements they have specific classes that are required for you to take in order to present a competitive application some will have combinations of required and recommended classes and some majors may just have recommended classes and we recommend you design your schedule around these whether you’re at a four-year college or university and trying to take these classes or whether you’re incorporating them say into a two-year associate degree plan those are both great strategies in terms of building a successful transfer profile and a transfer application so thus transfer roadmaps will be very useful for you those can be used in conjunction with some of the resources I’ve already mentioned so the registrar’s transfer guide which you can also find on our transfer admissions website will help you think about credit equivalencies there’s a lot of databases there that you can look up at your current institution maybe a none institution that you’re planning on attending before you transfer to Virginia Tech and see how do my courses transfer is this class going to transfer does this meet Virginia Tech’s expectation in terms of the types of coursework I need to prepare for my major so there are a lot of resources where you can do that work and you can really start to build those you know build your classes build your schedule and present that strong application but know that we’re here to help you with that so if you have questions at all about this not just the folks in the admissions office but froak folks from the individual departments across Virginia Tech’s campus will help you with that without will help you pick your classes help you present that strong application when you go to transfer I think the second part if I’m if I’m not forgetting it about that question was in terms of community college credits and kind of transfer there maybe versus credits from other institutions so a couple of things to think about there as I mentioned there’s some great databases where you can look at credit equivalency now if you’re at a Virginia Community College it’s very easy to follow along with credit transfer ability because every course that you can take at a Virginia Community College has been evaluated on whether it transfers to Virginia Tech and the vast majority do so there is a Virginia Community College VCCS Virginia Community College System database that you can look at on the transfer guide to see how your Virginia Community College courses are going to transfer and on those roadmaps it’s very easy to follow

along if you’re at a Virginia Community College if you’re not if you’re attending another two-year college another four-year institution whether it’s in the state of Virginia or out of state that those equivalency databases will help you on the transfer guide kind of matching up what types of courses are available at my institution what a what calculus class matches up with the expectations of Virginia Tech has for transfer admission into my major and those type of things um we do see that not all classes transfer and while we don’t have all the answers for every course out there that you might be able to take at every institution across the country those resources will help you with that and we can certainly advise and kind of give you our advice on how to proceed if you’re thinking about specific institutions if you’re thinking about specific classes we got a lot of resources that we can connect you with and we’re certainly willing to help you throughout that process thank you so much Jarod now as we think about the college admissions process I know that one of my favorite questions to ask when visiting high school is what kind of rumors myths do I need to dispel while I’m here so I’m gonna ask one if he will dispel a few different myths for us so we had some questions of let’s see is it tougher to get in from Northern Virginia what’s the Northern Virginia quota and how much tougher is it to get in as an out-of-state student so let us know those are some myths out there and folks I’m gonna be honest with you I grew up in Northern Virginia I grew up in Burke Virginia which is in Fairfax went to Bishop McConnell high school and there might have been a time when I I heard those things and believed them as well but now that I’m on the other side of the process I can say very bluntly they’re these myths are simply just that mist and they’re not true think about for a moment when you think about what Virginia Tech is most interested in it’s gonna be the brightest students out there why would we limit our pool in any way geographically when we’re in pursuit of trying to find the best minds out there so they can contribute to society and do well in life and have Virginia Tech be part of their journey so I assure you there’s simply no quotas and for the Northern Virginia people who are chiming in there are some great school systems there but guess what there are some great school systems elsewhere in the Commonwealth and around the country too so we’re pursuing students I’m making sure that everyone we select are the best the brightest and I’m going to do the best when it comes to the out-of-state question same same thinking as well you know when you look at our offer rates for both in-state and out-of-state they’re very close they’re nearly identical and you look at the statistics for our students both in-state and Alla state they are statistically identical so there you’re not at a disadvantage or an added advantage of your in-state or out-of-state again the process plays out pretty well and evenly for both groups thank you so much for that now since campus is closed we’re not really close but we’re not having visitors right now I know that students aren’t able to go on tours so one of the questions we received is what is the best way to show interest and do we look at demonstrated interest in the review process so Dannette could you answer those questions for us sure so Virginia Tech does not take demonstrated interest into consideration with the application review process so your ability to visit us in Southwest Virginia is not going to be an indicator of a data point in the way that we review so please keep that in mind however we’d love to host you and we want you on campus as soon as we’re able we don’t know what data’s yet but once we have it be sure that you will get notification from us to come and visit we are planning to open houses this fall actually there’s four days you can come but on two different weekends we want those to be filled up we want the energy back on our campus we want people here seeing how beautiful Virginia Tech is and the hokey stone and the fall leaves but at this moment we do have virtual options available for you and your families to begin to get a glimpse of what the magical space of Virginia Tech is here in Blacksburg Virginia so if you would like to go now we do have a virtual experience Kayla and her beautiful face is part of the information session that we offer if you’d like to click that link we also have it available in Spanish so if you would like to hear our information session in Spanish as well

we have a 360 degree on tour so we do have an ambassador who walks around campus with one of the GoPros that allows the 360 view so you can manipulate your vantage point while our student is talking so I encourage you to do that and starting May 11th we will have a director on duty who will actually be available in this type of a forum but a little more personalized where we can answer your individual questions we’ll keep these groups very small we’ll also do a tour that’s unique to your interest so again if you’re an athlete if you’re an engineer if you’re part of the Corps of Cadets we can show you those facilities through a virtual means this starting on May 11 so you’ll start getting invitations to sign up for one of those we hope to offer those for the interim until we are able to physically host you on campus in terms of hosting you on campus again once we get clearance for that and you get invitations we do offer daily sessions Monday through Friday three times a day so if your family has the opportunity and can’t come during our open house times please join us Monday through Friday again three times a day of directors available and a Hokie ambassador to host you around campus and we will tell you that the campus experience is like no other we do take lots of pride in the way that we host here in Southwest Virginia families that come from all over the world and show them our beautiful campus meet with faculty even our dining halls that are award-winning and really just get a piece of this magical space that we call Virginia Tech so again we don’t know what that date will be but we please plan to come this fall if able and begin our virtual interaction and visitation experience now yes we will be so excited to have you all back on campus and getting to greet you every single day so right now we do have to you know stay safe stay healthy as much as possible and socially distance ourselves from others but as soon as we’re back open like Jeanette said we will definitely let you know now one of the questions that came in through registration is is the admissions process different for the Corps of Cadets and what are we looking for with the Corps um so have Jared take that one away yeah so a great great question so just for some context of the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech is that full-time military lifestyle opportunity I has a rich history at Virginia Tech dating back to our founding as a military school back in 1872 it’s a tradition that continues on today and prepares prepares all of its participants for a number of career options whether that is in the military or maybe in the civilian world and so there are those options for you to choose and when you ask about applying for that there’s no separate application process no separate form that you need to fill out to apply to be a member of the Corps of Cadets simply in our admissions application there’s a box that asks would you like to enroll as a member of the Corps of Cadets if you’re ready to make that commitment you can check yes if you’re not ready to make that commitment but you’re interested you can also check out of the box that you’d like more information and then someone from the Corps of Cadets would reach out and send you some information that help you maybe make that decision it’s an important decision it definitely shapes the experience that you have at Virginia Tech so we would encourage you to check check out that opportunity as Danette and Kayla and mentioned we have this virtual visit page and there are a number of resources related to the course that’s on that page one of the coolest things that they do when everything is normal is have a a program called stay the night with the court and that’s a program for prospective students who are interested in the Corps of Cadets actually common spend a day with a member of the Corps of Virginia Tech’s Corps of Cadets and maybe try it out see see what that lifestyle looks like see what the day-to-day operations look like and make a decision on if that’s right for them and what they want to get out of their experience so we hope to be able to offer that again very soon once things get back to normal but you can actually participate in kind of a related virtual experience there on the visit page and a number of great resources on the quirky that’s available so I encourage you to reach out to those folks ask your questions they’re always happy to engage with prospective students with families with school counselors who are interested in that opportunity Thank You Jared now as we look to next year and for our rising seniors one of the questions that came up is will there be any new deadlines is early decision going to work the same and when should a student apply is there a difference between early action and Regular Decision so one if you could answer those for us yeah those are some great great questions there so for incoming freshmen let’s let’s talk about that group before I tackle transfer for incoming freshmen

you have three options and when it comes to submitting an application and you’ve got an early decision you get early action you get Regular Decision early decisions deadlines November 1 actions deadlines December 1st and Regular Decision January 15th now early decision is binding so do not do early decision unless you’re 110 percent sure you want to be a Virginia Tech cookie and finances aren’t a major part of your decision because essentially you’re telling us if offered a mission you promise to come to Virginia Tech we recognize that’s not for everyone a lot of people want to look at all the offers on the table before making a final decision but that’s why recently we introduced early action as an additional option for students and so under that so you submit your application and sooner than the Regular Decision deadline and you are notified much sooner than that Regular Decision pool however it’s not binding in any way now the notification date for early decision again that deadline is November 1 is December 15 the notification date for early actions in being round middle to late February a notification date for Regular Decision is going to be early the mid March we haven’t finalized those notification dates so check our website and continue to keep track on any changes that we might have with that group now this is very important if you’re really interested in Virginia Tech we highly recommend you do either early decision or early action again remember early action is not binding we view Regular Decision on the space availability process so it’s really important that if you’re interested get your materials in at the very latest for early action that Regular Decision pool unfortunately because of the high demand and interest in Virginia Tech there are scenarios where the program you might be interested in will be full by the time you submit your application for Regular Decision so we still keep it out there as an option for those where we might discover Virginia Tech a little bit later in the process or who might be pursuing one of our lower demand programs but for those who again are most interested in Virginia Tech you really should be looking at it early decision or early action for our transfer group your deadline is going to be March 1 and your notification day it’s going to be April 15 Jared did a fantastic job explaining our roadmaps really encourage you to be checking our website and to be following that roadmap to to a tee we put a lot of effort into making sure that that process is clear and concise and easy to follow so please don’t miss out on that very important step to ensure that you’re going to be the best position possible for for admissions here ok look I follow up on that one just one thing that Juan mentioned so another thing to think about for transfers and I get asked this question a lot is about spring about transferring in the spring many colleges and universities allow students to transfer in the spring Virginia Tech historically has not had an open access spring term for transfers though it is something that we’re actively exploring that we’re looking at because we want to make sure that we’re not placing any barriers for you to continue your education to stay on the path that you’re on and many of you some of you out there right now might be planning to complete say on a transferable associate degree and you’re going to be finishing up in the December time frame and so it does create that awkward that awkward lag before you might be able to enroll in that next fall so we’re looking at that looking at ways to maybe accommodate spring students in the admissions process for transfer we want you to check back on that so we’ll update as soon as we know information about spring transfer and what that could look like for next year maybe which programs will be participating that have the capacity to participate we’ll update all that information on the website as soon as we have it to make sure that you’re checking you’re checking back for that if we do move forward with a spring admissions process those deadlines are very likely in terms of the application to be in October and our application goes live I don’t think this was mentioned yet your application usually goes live at the beginning of August so that’s a really good time we’ll have everything updated over the summer and kind of the policies of what’s coming but the application itself usually goes like around August 1st thank you for that Jared um so we’ve talked a little bit about what the visits look like and what the fall semester looks like so we’ve had some questions about what campus life is like so could you explain a little bit about the campus climate is it collaborative or competitive what is there to do um what is Blacksburg like I think that this is a perfect question for maybe

Danette and Jared to tag-team here and even talk about fraternity and sorority life how many students are involved in that on campus because that is a question we received sure I’ll start us off so geographically you haven’t been to our campus we are again located in Southwest Virginia it’s nestled into in a beautiful place in this country of Blue Ridge Mountains that surround our campus we are a college town so you will feel you will feel the feeling of youth and excitement and scholarship and all the things that surround a college town you’ll see coffee houses and all kinds of places for students that just casually hang out throughout the day and throughout the evening weekends we are a campus of over 35,000 students and so you again you feel that energy the campus has won several awards and Virginia Tech does a fantastic job about student life in transition and ensuring that students are successful Juan mentioned academic retention rates and I think part of that is because we also understand that students are beyond the classroom we have experiential learning experiences study Abroad’s coops internships research opportunities that help students understand themselves in every way we have over 900 organizations to become a part of anything from cultural to language to dance troupes to singing groups spiritual organizations so anything that your heart desires you will have on our campus to explore we have one of the largest intramural systems so if you do have some interest and getting involved on a team you can do that in a fun way you can do it in a competitive way we also have varsity sports and club sports so again really all that you need is is at your fingertips Jared do you want to add to that well I think that was a really good summary of a lot of the things that I would highlight as well you did forget one thing that’s very important when you’re thinking about the campus and that’s gonna be my favorite aspect about Virginia Tech and that’s the food so we have top-rated dining in the nation you’re in and you’re out the food is fantastic it’s amazing so if you’re if you’re food-motivated like me and you’re thinking about that and it’s an important thing to think about you may not have thought about that much when you’re thinking about college where you want to attend think about the food that you’re gonna be eating for the next several years how that might affect your mood your happiness your satisfaction etc the food at Virginia Tech is again operated wide variety to fit everybody’s dietary preferences any dietary restrictions that you might have so it’s a fantastic part of student life the only other thing that I would add you the question asks about kind of a competitive or collaborative I think that if you ask any member of the Virginia Tech community you ask a student and a faculty member and other community member they would say it’s a very collaborative environment not competitive at all and that folks are really there to support one another we’re all united by this common identity by the colors of maroon and orange by being part of the Hokie Nation living out that motto of hood prose them that commitment to service all of those things are very important to every member of the Virginia Tech community we all support each other in our goals and everything that we have planned in any struggles that we have as a community collectively or individually so that’s that’s very much the feeling of campus one of inclusion one of welcoming and we hope that if you’re interested you get to be part of that thank you both for that response I will apologize for the Sun flare that is behind me unfortunately my desk is too heavy to move quickly during their responses but as we’re closing things down here in a little bit we want to wrap up right around seven o’clock I do want to ask a fun question especially since Jared mentioned the food so if each panelists would let us know their favorite meal on or even off campus you want me to go first since since I’m very excited about food well there’s so many to choose from it’s it’s hard to narrow it down but I will say that probably my favorite meal or maybe the meal that I ate most as a student at Virginia Tech was in West End one of our award-winning dining facilities at the fighting gobbler which serves lots of sports fair burgers and chicken and those types of things they have an Old Hickory burger which was my my kind of guilty pleasure as a student that’s you know a nice patio with ham and bacon and barbecue sauce and all kinds of healthy on it and I sometimes was known to get that even with an order of fresh mozzarella cheese sticks just to round out kind of the healthy so that’s my favorite meal on campus I will say that there are healthy options I did eat some salads too Wow is that Virginia Tech there’s a gourmet salad bar that I that I also enjoyed but the Old Hickory burger was

my favorite meal on campus I’ll go next you know I’m not sure if I mentioned this earlier but I am a graduate of Virginia Tech as well graduated back in 2004 and I still remember – today the fantastic lobster in London borough that served at West then more than a few places where if you want lobster every day hey you can make it happen some fantastic food and some great company here on campus so couple things one I would say I have been to several campuses I’ve been a recruiter for almost 15 years and I will say Virginia Tech hands-down has the best dining experience not only the quality of food and the variety of food but also the service it is unreal the talent that we have in our dining facilities that provide outstanding meals so again I would say I’m a big eater so I would say D choose my favorite and d2 is some alumni remember it as Dietrich but it’s now oh I would say almost a twenty thirty thousand foot space of just open buffet area and my favorite part of it is the dessert bar that spans I don’t know half a football field I might be exaggerating but how I view it and when I get walk in there but it’s really anything your heart desires but it’s not the type of buffet that you kind of struggle to find something it has ty infused foods Greek infused and Greek style foods a tex-mex area a vegetarian area I mean they’re just whatever you feel like that day you can definitely get your fill so when I’m really hungry and I want to walk across campus with us about the opposite side of campus for me that’s where I will get my steps in and I’ll go earn myself a really delicious gourmet buffet at d2 now those are all great options I have two seconds the London broil from West End so I enjoy the London broil mashed potatoes you have to get the seasonal veggie or the veggie of the day and if it’s mac and cheese day you were in luck I used to put calendar a little saver on my calendar for mac and cheese day at Westin it’s very serious you will not be disappointed in the food options that we have now I do want to be say what else getting hungry now and we have not had dinner yet if you could probably just keep talking about this for a little while longer um I want to be cognizant of time we’ve got about three minutes left so I would just like to hand this time over to want to give us any closing thoughts anything that he would like to wrap up with and then I’ll close us out for the evening Thank You Kayla and thank you everyone who’s on here and who’s tuned in today this evening I’ve really enjoyed this time with you please know as you move forward through this process we stand ready to help and guide you through it we are still answering the phone so if you do have any questions you can call us at five four zero two three one six two six seven that’s five four zero two three one six two six seven or email us at admissions at BC edu we recognize how difficult this situation is and we’re gonna do as Ben mentioned several times anything possible to make this as easy as possible for you to be able to navigate through please give us feedback if you come across a barrier and if we’re able to improve that process we want to do that know that we recognize how difficult this time is but we’re convinced that we’re gonna get through this together and we’re really excited to be able to see you here not this upcoming fall but hopefully for some of you the following fall so please again don’t hesitate to reach out we stand ready to help you out and don’t hesitate to call those phone calls they’re going to our home so who knows you may get one of us answering that on the other line on the other end so thank you thank you thank you for considering Virginia Tech we’re honored that you’re looking at us and there’s anything we can do to make the process a little bit better let us know thank you so much one I think that it’s really important to recognize that tonight’s Town Hall is meant for our prospective students families and counselors I know that we received many questions for students who have been offered admission for this coming fall so just be sure to tune in on Thursday same place same time 6:00 p.m. we will have another Town Hall for our students who were offered admission and this is going to include leadership from University scholarships and financial aid one will be there again

we’ve got folks from the Dean of Students office housing and Residence Life new student and family programs so we really hope to give you a good overview of what you might expect as someone coming in in fall of 2020 now for any questions we didn’t address I know that we had some really specific questions that students submitted during registration we are working with our colleges and our directors and counselors in the office to address those questions so just make sure that you check your email account pretty regularly the next couple weeks and we’ll be fielding those questions as much as possible and sending you a response so once again thank you so much for joining us we had a really great time tonight if you need anything else please reach out to us and go Hokies you

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