Jack isn’t coming, Bob He is still stuck to the game on his tablet It’s been a week since he has come out to play with us Let’s go get him Sorry guys for not coming to play but I can’t leave in the middle of this game You all go ahead without me Bob, we need to get Jack out of the house Do something! Jack doesn’t know what he is missing So, let’s make a game better than the one he is playing! What you want is there with me But to move ahead, reach the top of the tree! The next clue is in the book The title maybe, take a look That’s it, I have to go on top of the hill! Look into the box and find the odd one out Where it will take you…you will soon find out! Ah ha !It’s in the playground! Race you there! Oh oh! Are you ok Jack ? Thanks for joining us Jack Here is your tablet But we were wondering if you would like to play? Yes I would I realize now how important it is to be active I am sorry I wasn’t playing with you all But Hey, Let’s play! Hi kids, it’s important to go out and play It keeps you active and you get to meet your friends Plus, it’s loads of fun, isn’t it?

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