did I own flesh and thanks to venture Taranaki located here in the beautiful township of New Plymouth in the North Island of New Zealand welcome to another episode of classic restos this episode is encapsulated around the gorgeous region of the Taranaki and venture Taranaki is the place that you go to to find out more information before you plan your visit meet the region of Taranaki hosting a breathtaking backdrop its main geographical feature the stratovolcano of Mount Taranaki towering and intimidating 2500 18 metres tall it looks over the region as though it’s in charge the New Plymouth District has over 65% of the population and home to almost 120,000 people the people of the Taranaki region pride themselves on a legendary landscape an almost unbeatable lifestyle events of mammoth proportion and a culture of innovation it’s a place where words don’t give justice it’s a place that has to be visited to be truly appreciated find out everything you need to at Taranaki dot info every year around the Taranaki there is an amazing four day celebration of the American lifestyle of yesteryear here in New Zealand it’s an opportunity to show off just about every American car that’s ever been built well it certainly feels like that no other event in the world is quite like this one an event where thousands of locals get behind it and embrace it welcome to the 10th annual Americana celebrating USA culture at its finest okay here’s how it works hundreds of classics gather four mornings in a row then there are different cruise destinations each day at the end of each day everyone goes their own way next day off we all go again day one the official start of mainstream Americana 2017 this Cruise is an old favourite it’s off to open Aki Beach cruising surf highway 45 or entrance park up enjoy lunch and let the afternoon roll on by they won of Americana here at the beautiful Opunake Beach talk about a vehicle that sets a benchmark a 1934 Packard how you’re doing Grambling switch weight thanks for bringing this along it’s all right it is a beautiful day Graham where do we start with this vehicle we bought this vehicle in its present condition in 2007 but where do we start it was privately imported into Australia I believe it’s only lived 400 kilometers north of Sydney it was going to be restored for whatever reason it wasn’t and it was sold at Shannon’s auction house and the gentleman by the name of Steve trop brought it into New Plymouth and he knew he could get all the bits and pieces for it and it had a four year restoration by a gentleman by the name of Trevor Gordon and katie-cat north of Tirana and we bought it off Steve in 2007 talk about a notepad full of information this blake is grand that’s tremendous knowing that history of the vehicle we look at the restoration it is absolutely flawless it’s another example as to the calibre of vehicle that America as an event attracts yes that’s that’s right we’ve got such a range of cars from the old from the older than you and none of us are out of place okay engine up front Graham runs through what the specs are their specs a 6.3 straight-8 we’ve got three and a half inch bore and five and a half inch stroke and I think we’re somewhere around 145 horsepower so when you put the foot down like through the gears you can feel it it wants to go oh yeah once it goes only three speed you can actually on Richmond just start off and top gear it’s yeah it’s a real real slugger motor on a good like a three nine or a four one rear gear ratio or something

it’s um when you’re in Top Gear you can as I said you can take off in Top Gear start on top gear you can actually get out and walk beside the car just just that’s the thing and it’s a very said it’s a very sad story back pack out in other states they didn’t fail because they weren’t a good car they built an absolutely tremendous car didn’t they they did they certainly did and after the war they never really got back to where they were before you are watching the amazing Americana for 2017 and I know that you’re seeing it first on classic restos back with more right after this day two of the celebration of American culture like no other Americana 2017 behind me over 850 classic vehicles are filling up the paddock here at the gathering point for another picturesque cruise to the township of White Rock here we are parked up in the township here of White Rock just for some trivia back in 2006 6300 people lived here in this pretty little town and in 2017 6324 yes an increase of twenty four people over that time but today we’re adding a lot more to that the power of Americana the main street here has been blocked where over 800 American classics have parked up it’s time to get around now and have a look and see what americana is doing for white row and what wart row is putting on for Americana a regular here two American a year after year from Salt Lake City United States of America we have Willy the hillbilly hey you don’t really pay flex I’m doing great it’s good to see you back it’s good to be back a true American here celebrating Americana in New Zealand that’s pretty cool well it’s more American than the fourth of July is back home we don’t turn out like this for our holidays still think I still think there are tens of thousands of American enthusiasts that are unaware of what actually happens down here yeah true but I tell them about it I say this is the best car event I’ve ever been to in my life and I’d listen to you too Willy wouldn’t that somehow look at the way you dress and you got that I wanted to dress nice you know I don’t I want to fit in you know Willy you you always dress nice I thank you and you got your bottle of shine there I do good on you my will you get around and you enjoy this Americana Willy crying you know but the people here are so unfriendly of course I’m gonna take my picture let all stare at me it’s just yeah I mean you dressed you dressed perfectly normal aren’t you that’s right yeah no I I quite like it I know you’re trying you don’t get many – yeah much more trying than Willy yes right yeah all right buddy have a good one you too you want to drink before we go yeah we’ll go another sip ease supporting that genuine americarna shirt how you doing Mervyn really good Fletcher that’s the way mate beautiful 1931 Model A Ford yep what’s it mean to you yeah a lot of hard work now I believe you just finished restoring this yep okay four years Wow took me four years yeah yeah how was it when you got it bit of a basket case yeah it was a time through the project more than where you thought you know I might have to reassess this and give up or did you just you kept on persevering no we kept persevering three steps forward into backwards that’s the way anyway now tell us sir through your eyes here what do you think of this big park up here in white row that’s marvellous we’ve been doing it for the last ten years that’s been coming yeah well your car is certainly an integral part of the the lineup here in the main street what’s it like on the open road to drive is a good old girl it’s going fairly well at the moment we’re still trying to run the motor in and we’re having a few issues but it’s not doing too bad yeah you’ve done a lovely job on the outside but the cosmedix Mervyn yep yeah yeah no my son annoyed done most of the work on it apart from the paint all right Mervyn well look there’s a big line of cars here I mean you should see this I mean to block off any town and throw in over 800 classic American cars

he is quite spectacular enjoy the rest of the day moving yep yep thank you flesh and we always watch your show on TV and thank you very much thank you now there’s a lot of staunch supporters over here for classic rest days a year you’re a good bunch thank you thank you thank you thank you very much see buddy you’re watching the amazing Americana for 2017 stay right where you are there’s more classics coming your way right after this hey you know these woody wagons you know there were their Gordy to some but they’re so unique how you doing Doug I’m going well thank you for you’ve got yourself good made good now tell us about this it’s a 1973 and Ltd country squire right correct yeah it’s Factory 49 air-conditioned car it’s basically stock it’s had a couple of little updates on it for MSD and it’s now running fuel injection but other than that eight-track everything in there eight seats it’s all good Maggie’s got the hamburger with a lot in this big girl behind me here now the thing is this that there certainly you know in our past era these were the cars that ran the kids to school they went to the shopping malls they were the family tractors and well I guess as a consequence a lot were damaged a lot were trashed over the years there’s not a real lot of these left is there none I’ve seen one of an early model in here other than the 50s versions but it’s not a lot of them left and as you say they’re unloved because people think they’re ugly well I do too but I love it this is the thing because I mean they’ve all got their own beauty haven’t I yeah yeah as you can see it’s not pretty but it’s mine I love it absolutely and also adding to that as likely as some may think it is these cars were incredibly comfortable to drive weren’t they he had eats up road miles like crazy you jump in it like we’re saving up today and we’re just cruising it’s easy sitting back in the lap of luxury here in this old girl original car the 1973 Country Squire you know what Doug eight seats right yep correct eight seats nice and comfy got all the room in back you’re watching this and you’ve got a family just imagine the fun you can have driving around one of these that’s what we got up for we’re only five but like I said before we’re cruising seven up today so yeah just all that weight no long yeah well I believe it’s about 2.4 ton just cruising so and like you say the big lazy 429 they that’s lazy power they do an easy job don’t they yeah it’s nothing special but just cruises at 2,000 rpm and it’s great good on your dougie now a close friend of mine by the name of Mark beer we went to the United States last year and he picked up himself a 1978 Colony Park wagon and you can see that episode look at Shannon’s cantate you for the Shannons Club and search for episode it’s only a few episodes back have a look at that but you can certainly see the similarities from the 73 through to the 78 again it’s the end of an era for these types of wagons you have a change that shape not long after that one so here would be the last of that the Ltd Mercury shape yeah well good on your Doug and don’t forget to have a look at that episode because we went from Detroit to San Francisco in that car and that’s 78 and I never missed a beat yeah great cars love cruising on it yeah good on your Doug take care mate thank you very much sleeps with your wagon was certainly worthy for an interview thank you very much well here we go this is the park up in white row and the day isn’t over yet we’re still in day two we’re approaching later in the afternoon and we’re on our way now to Inglewood now the drive there is absolutely spectacular it’s a long Alto rower Road which is just down from do you think he did which is just across from dddd why did you do it which is just west of Tully Tully who you cocky McGee Tora it’s just so hard

well here we are we’ve just arrived in Englewood and how spectacular was the drive here rolling hill countryside winding roads dropped like a a ribbon over the landscape and that tunnel through the mountain well that made things even more unique you’re watching the largest event celebrating the American lifestyle outside of the United States of America it’s Americana 2017 and you’re seeing it first on classic restos back with more right after this how cool is this town of Englewood it has come alive here this afternoon for Americana usually hosting a population of around about three and a half thousand people this afternoon the cars are parked up we’ve got a live band playing over there out of the back of a semi-trailer this whole Englewood experience that’s a graceful little town and just something else for you to see when you experience Americana when it comes to very very cool things don’t get much better than a 1970 Plymouth Superbird how you doing Andrew I’m great thanks let’s that’s all I made thanks for bringing this along now you’re most welcome so do I have to disturb you there in the pub and get you out here for the interview but I just had to yeah yeah no that’s all right I’m just taking it easy they might tell us what’s the story behind this beautiful car my own story whether it was that about a year ago my father actually gave me a ring and said we need to have a family meeting and I thought the worst and turned up at the family meeting and this was rolled out of the garage and he turned it off and threw the keys to me and said happy birthday so it was quite an amazing built-in secret while my dad was worth going tere honor and you had no idea that he had the car and at the time I was the same guy and Terry was racing we were racing and he was building you’re working on the race car so whenever I turned up he had to hide the bid have you always been a Mopar family we have been dad’s got a barracuda with a him unit as well that he races and historic muscle but it’s probably been the last 10 years I guess there’s so many Camaros and and Mustangs around that we wanted something different and of course we love the Hemis I just love that story I think that’s beautiful ok we could talk about that for a long time let’s have a look at the car now these were very gimmicky back in the day they couldn’t sell them they were designed for one purpose and that was NASCAR these cars were good for over 200 miles an hour in these configurations we’re talking you work out the case on that 300 kilometers an hour steel wheels tires that back in the day were termed or looked upon as good but we look back now in today’s standards they weren’t that crash hot sure Richard Petty renowned for driving these cars yeah now when the car is at speed how good is the rear wing and how good is the nose cone it’s quite amazing really at speed the car settles right down and I don’t know whether it’s the front of the back of the car or both but it just settles right down the steering gets more positive it just feels a different car it’s amazing you know they run these things well they did at NASCAR for a purpose and they’re actually banned the Hemi cars well you’d know that the competitors they just they really gave the competitors a run for their money but by the same token when Ford built the 429 that kept the Hemi very honest yes absolutely it did him as a great hero wasn’t it you know from 68 onwards with the manufacturers all fighting spending money producing fantastic cars great cars iconic cars and we’ve we’ve been able to enjoy them now when you look at the history of the Americans they had they kind of had things back to front I mean you consider sports car from the European side of things there were smaller cars for tight racetracks the Americans they just used their passenger cars that were almost in some cases 20 feet long and yeah they used to race those put a big engine in it and go good old boys now we look at the interior of the car your father has done an incredible job he’s still with us right yes you know absolutely good I had to ask that he has done a wonderful job on this I mean the paint works almost flawless Andrew yeah no look I was amazed when you know looking around the car and spending time with the car near the job that all the guys have done helping to achieve that it’s fantastic I think the the parts cross-pollination amongst brands too I mean we’ve got a 1970 Plymouth Superbird here same very well same dashboard as a 1968 Dodge

Charger they that shape over the hips of the rear quarters the front fenders the the roofline just what an iconic shape yeah you know there’s absolutely hundred Bhasin I love it Andrew I really appreciate the the chat with you mate I love this car I mean what do you say about it is it’s just incredible might well well done awesome I’m a very very lucky person yeah great thanks Lich well how cool is this Americana for 2017 so cool that part two is going to be on next week’s episode of classic restos in the meantime no matter where you’re watching the show from please ride and drive safe I’m Fletch and I thank you very much for watching

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