welcome back to our Fox News virtual town hall America together returning to work here tonight live from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC we are joined now by President Donald Trump good to see you sir well thank you both very much we never had a more beautiful set than this did we that’s right thanks for doing this this is a little different than our last Town Hall in Scranton Pennsylvania yeah that’s true it was a beauty questions from around the country but and a lot of great questions I want to start with this though mr. president there is a real split in the country there are folks out there becoming increasingly angry about the closures there are many Americans also who are angry about the reopening they’re fearful as many of these states are on the rise in their numbers there’s 66,000 deaths more than that now as president what do you say to the people who are scared to go back to work on one side and what do you say to the people who are really angry about these lingering closures well I think you can satisfy both have you scared you’re gonna stay back a little bit and you’re gonna watch it and I think anyone over 60 because we have pretty good we have a pretty good road map right now anybody over 60 you could say 65 but let’s make it 60 we have to protect those people and we have to watch it and maybe they stay back longer but no I think you can really have it both ways I think a lot of people want to go back they just want to go back you see it everyday you see demonstrations all over the country and those are meaningful demonstrations oh it’s big stuff but you also have some people that are very scared now probably everybody scared when you get right down to it it’s a terrible thing a terrible thing that happened to our country it came from China it should have been stopped it could have been stopped on the spot they chose not to do it or something happened either that was incompetence or they didn’t do it for some reason and we’re gonna have to find out what that reason was but people are absolutely scared but there are other people that are scared about being locked in a room and losing their job and not having any income and you know for the first time these are workers these are people that want to get back and work and make a living and they’re afraid their job is not going to be there and at a certain point if you keep it going too long that’s going to happen so I understand that very well on that note let’s hear from our first video questioner this is Shana crews from Coleman Alabama mr. president my name is Shana crews and I’m a single mother from Alabama I lived paycheck to paycheck before the virus but then I lost my job in March I haven’t received a stimulus payment or anything from unemployment I’m behind on every bill about to be evicted from my home and I’ve had to rely on donations in order to feed my children I’m feel frustrated and I feel scared not knowing where to turn or what to do what advice do you have for me and others in my situation is there more help coming number one there’s more help coming we have really no choice because incredible people like this are it’s not it’s not your fault I mean just remember that it’s not your fault and there is more help coming there has to be and we want to get it to a point when we open we’re not going to lose businesses and therefore more importantly frankly we’re not going to lose the jobs that run the businesses so a case like that is it exact you know it’s really that’s the reason why we have to do more and we’re going to do more and everybody wants to do more it’s really it’s actually on that aspect of it it’s very bipartisan so the answer is yes we’re going to do more and you’re gonna have your job you’re gonna get another job or you’re gonna get a better job you get a job where you make more money frankly and I think that’s going to happen I think we’re gonna have an incredible following year we’re gonna go into a transition in the third quarter and we’re gonna see things happening that look good I really believe that I have a a good feel for this stuff I’ve done it for a long time we built the greatest economy in the world the greatest economy frankly Brett and you can correct me if you’d like but you can’t because it’s in fact the greatest economy that the world has ever seen and then one day they said sir we’re gonna have to close it I said what are you talking about closing it nobody ever heard that we’re gonna have to close it and we did the right thing we saved I think we saved millions of lives but now we have to get it back open and we have to get it back open safely but as quickly as possible you know let me ask you about that because you’ve talked about that moment quite a bit with just this roaring economy and advisers saying to you we’ve got to shut it down at this point so when you look back on that moment and you see some other examples Japan for example did not do as broad a shutdown they’ve only lost 500 people out of newspaper hundred thirty million you’re right but now they’re doing a massive shutdown because they’ve been hit very hard and so you’re right about yeah that’s my question that moment in your on the Oval Office and say maybe we went too far no we did the right thing I do look back on it because my attitude was we’re not gonna shut it down look we’re gonna lose anywhere from 75 80 to a hundred thousand people it’s a horrible thing we shouldn’t lose one person over this they should have been stopped in China it should have been

stopped but if we didn’t do it the minimum we would have lost is a million to a million four million five that’s the minimum we would have lost probably higher than it’s possible higher than 2.2 you know the way you have to look at that I’ve never seen death like this I’ve never personally experienced anything like it and they talk about the flu and all of that well I’ve known people that had the flu all my life I see I was looking I never had the flu then I came here that want to give a flu shot and I said I don’t want a flu shot but they have to give it but you know what I’ve know people that had the flu all of my life I never nobody ever died I never had a friend he had the flu and he died I’ve lost three friends one of her a good friend a very successful man New York guy employed a lot of people they were all crying over his death Stanley Shera he went to the hospital calls me up because I tested positive I said well what are you gonna do he said I’m going to the hospital I’ll call you tomorrow he didn’t call I called the hospital he’s in a coma no I know a lot of people that had the flu they were never in a coma this is a very advanced visit a very horrible thing we’re fighting but with all of that said we still we’ve learned a lot about it it affects older people it affects if you have any problem heart diabetes even a little weak heart a little diabetes of this thing is vicious and it it can take you out and it can take you out very strongly but children do very well young children do better than you know teens so you think you’ve learned from this how you’ve dealt with it now yeah it comes up in the fall you’ll do something – yeah I will put out the embers will put out whatever it may be we may have to put out a fire I tell you one thing we did the right thing and I really believe we could have saved a million and a half and by the way just just to know what that means we’ve seen death like Elmhurst Hospital in Queens right where I grew up right near where I grew up note the building very well know the hospital they had body bags lined up in hallways they had body bags sitting out on sidewalks I’ve we’ve never seen that in this country you saw the mass grave it’s called Hearts Island they built a mass grave I’ve never seen anything like that when you look at that and look at and that’s with let’s say it’s a hundred thousand or ninety or ninety-five now multiply it out don’t go 2.2 or 2.5 million say it’s half of that so take the numbers that we looked at that nobody in this country has ever witnessed and now multiply at times 15 or 20 so instead of having ten or twelve body bags laying on a hallway you’d have 15 times more than that that’s the scary part for business owners who are getting ready to open up our next question comes from here in DC and it’s a topic we received a lot a question questions about and that is testing and what people have to do thank you very much look it depends on where you’re coming from New York is a very much different place than Montana or many other states really where it’s not you know really too bad it’s always bad they lose anybody it’s bad and every state has lost significant numbers of people I mean you know whether you’re talking about 20 people or 25 people that’s a significant number of people but it depends on when you come from certain states are gonna have to take a little more time in getting open and they’re doing that some states I think frankly aren’t going fast enough I mean you have some states that Virginia they want to close down to the mineral of middle of June and a lot of things that they’re doing I really believe you can go to ARC’s you can go to beaches you keep it you know you keep the spread you keep you stay away a certain amount and I really think the public has been incredible with what they that’s one of the reasons we’re successful that’s one of the review call losing eighty or ninety thousand people successful but it’s one of the reasons that we’re not at that high end of the plane as opposed to the low end of that number has changed mr. president you said it’s going up I used to say 65,000 and now I’m saying eighty or ninety and it goes up and it goes up rapidly but it’s still going to be no matter how you look at it at the very lower end of the plane if we did be shut down you you said that the governors would be kind of responsible for the testing and we just talked to Governor Hogan he says there is federal assistance coming to get specific large well not only coming we’ve given them a lot of assistance which is good so your son in law advisor Jared Kushner declared that it’s a great success story the federal response it is and that when you look at the other side that that

you’re on the other side medically or do you think that as debts are going up and cases are going up that we really are on the other side medically and that this is a great success story from the federal government well I can own well it’s too soon to say that really I guess because you know we’re still in the middle of something but certainly we would have lost a lot more people Brett if we would have done as an example you call it heard if we would have done hurt in other words everything’s wonderful let’s just keep going along per minute we were the last two and a half million people I think or a million and a half or two million people no I think we’ve done I think the American people have done a good job there’s a tragic situation everybody knows somebody that’s been affected that’s a very rare thing but everybody knows some states have done a better job than others I mean that’s the way it is but in some states you can do a lot less than in other states in in New York I think you’re gonna have to go around with masks for a while you’re gonna have to do you’re gonna have to do separation you want your distancing you’re gonna have to do that for a while but some states are doing so well and others are I have to tell you I got to know the governors and with a few exceptions be honest because they’re just political machines and anything you say it’s always going to be like what’s good politically because we shouldn’t be in that position I will say that they really have done a lot of them great job and we’ve worked with them we had no there were no ventilators we’re building with a king of I said with the king of ventilators you look at the testing we tested now six and a half million people the next highest is I think it’s two and a half million people either Germany or South Korea and South Korea thinks we’ve done an incredible job they’re saying the job he’s a friend of mine president mone he said the job you’ve done on testing and the job we’ve done on ventilators we have one of the it’s it’s one of the greatest build ups we’ve ever had in this country since certainly the Second World War about you know Gretchen Whitmer the governor in Michigan she’s saying this morning on TV we don’t have the reagents we need we don’t have the swabs we need she’s still saying that she can’t get the testing that she will look look we had a phone call five days ago with the governor’s I was on the call with Vice President Mike Pence who has done a great job he’s the head of the committee of the task force every governor there we asked him what do you need not one governor needed anything now all of a sudden you see her on the Sunday I watched it well we should get this and we should get that should he get back to running her state properly because she should have brought it up but a phone call I was on that call for an hour and a half the call I stayed right till the end and at the end I said does anybody need anything we had one Governor Inslee who’s always wanting something and frankly he didn’t do a very good job when nursing homes as far as I’m concerned state of Washington and he said we need swaps I said why don’t you get him yourself but if you can’t we’ll get him and I could say the same thing about her but here’s the thing why didn’t they why didn’t they bring this up I had a Brett you know about the call it was in every week or two weeks we’ll have a call all 50 governors I believe were on that call the last statement okay who needs something none of them many of them spoke nobody needed other than Washington wanted swabs which are easy to get so let me ask you that the man who you’re about to hear from was told he had a 20% chance to live he had Kovan 19 he was really about shape young I think he’s about 40 39 years old actually 39 years old but he did recover and here’s Danny lame-o’s from Grand Island Nebraska okay president Trump this is Danny again here grinning abrasca with the FDA approving reservoir as a drug of choice to help fight this which is drug I was on what do we get to do and put in place to make sure that there’s enough of this drug available for everybody so we’re doing that it’s a great question because it’s a very hard drug to make and it takes a period of time and is made by Gilead and I know that Danny gave that drug a lot of credit for saving his life I think that’s correct Danny but Danny I believe gave a lot of credit to that drug for saving his life we are pushing it really hard we’re also pushing something else the vaccines we are very confident we’re going to have a vaccine at the end of the year by the end of the year have a vaccine by the end of this we think we’re going to have a vaccine by the end of this year and we’re pushing very hard you know we’re building supply lines now we don’t even have the final vaccine Johnson & Johnson if you look at Johnson & Johnson is doing it we have many companies are I think close because I meet with the heads of them and I find it a very interesting subject because it’s so important but I think we’ll have a vaccine by the end of the year we’re also pushing it look we’re doing things at the FDA that’s never happened before

we’re getting approval so fast like as an example with Gilead on the new render server that’s gonna be that’s that’s a game-changer because it’s a 31% step it’s a step it’s a 31% step and then there’ll be at 50% like AIDS what’s happened with AIDS we had AIDS was a scourge all over the world it was you were dead it was a death certificate and then all of a sudden they came up with some camp and now we have we will be aids-free within eight years we started 10 years should have started in the previous administration they did nothing so mr. president at my administration 10 years to prove this from death severe yes he’s asking how do you get it are you gonna use the defense production act to get well he got it I’ll tell Danny got it fortunately and Danny is David Danny gave it credit for saving his life we are putting the full power and might behind this drug with that being said it’s a very hard drug there are others that are much easier to make it takes a little period of time to make it the company is a great company done incredible work over the years they are pushing absolutely as fast you know this isn’t something like let’s build machines or let’s this is a very delicate balance but we’re pushing very very hard on Brenda said we’re so our next question is from a teacher in Chesterfield Virginia hmm hi president Trump my name is Kristin Marie I’m an algebra teacher in Virginia we appreciate you and support you and all you’re doing I would like to see what your ideas are for getting us teachers back into our classrooms we don’t want to be our school teaching we want to be in the classrooms with our students so what’s your ideas for getting us back in our classrooms and getting the doors open well I would answer that mr. just one second a lot of questions tonight not only from teachers but also the other side from students talking about kovat 19 real quick put them together here Rebecca Johnson hi I’m Rebecca and I live in Minneapolis Minnesota I’m gonna be a freshman in high school next year and I worry that coronavirus is gonna come back how will they feel safe going back to school if a second wave hits so when you go back and you have one problem that is a bigger problem and that’s teachers over 60 or 65 years old the teachers because I think that Kristin or Rebecca got to be in great shape and they may weigh or mash for a while and they may be separated further than what they’re used to and I think they’re gonna be in great shape but we have to get our schools back this virtual teaching is wonderful and you know frankly it’s taking a very positive step I mean I could say I’ve had now essentially board meetings and meetings with governors and other people with you know using they call it Ella right Ella and it’s not bad but there’s nothing like having a meeting I still think you’re never going to replace that no they’re gonna go back we have to have our students go back to school my biggest thing because I really feel the students are a great shape they’re gonna be all of the things we have to do all of the things but I do worry about teachers at a certain age Rebecca’s young and she’s going to be fine the students are going to be fine but I really think that you know if you take a look Kristen is going to be fine but if you have a teacher that’s 65 or 70 years old and has diabetes that one I think they’re gonna have to sit it out for a little while mr.president less we come up with the vaccine sooner are you going to urge the nation’s universities and schools to go back in September I am I want him to go back we have to get our country back yeah I don’t want to do this forever I watched a very good government former governor of Indiana proceeding he preceded Mike Pence good governor and he’s the head of Purdue it’s a great school and I saw him the other day he wants to go back he’s going back Purdue big school fantastic they’re going back we have to go back we have to go back and whatever it is I would say with the exception of teachers at a certain age they may maybe they should wait till this thing passes it will pass you know it’s going to pass and a lot of people say we have to get the vaccine we’ll certainly would do and we have to get therapeutics I’d rather have right now therapeutics that make people better that’s where rendus Avars is really good you did talk a lot about hydroxy chlorinating and there were some studies that came out that questioned the the cardiac tie but when he got at one study but there were studies that came out that say it’s very good too and I’ll tell you what I’ve had three calls in the last three days four days of people that took it and they’re giving it credit for saving their lives and other state you know other countries are using into them they’re going they’re bragging about it you look at their numbers here’s what we’ve been reduced to in this country the Democrats the radical left whatever you would rather see people I’m gonna be very nice I’m not gonna say die I’m gonna say would rather

see people not get well because they think I’m gonna get credit if you know hydroxychloroquine works and I don’t want to cry don’t care about it I have nothing to do with it by the way everyone said I own the company I have nothing to do with hydroxychloroquine other than if it worked it would be great it would be so good for an ape because it would save people but you know we’ve had some very good you look at there are certain countries that swear by it they have a much lower number you know the countries I’m talking about you’re putting your real chips on the vaccine being fast well I think we’re gonna have a vaccine by the end of the and now the doctors would say well you shouldn’t say that I’ll say what I think I’ve met with the heads of the big companies these are great companies yeah I think we’re gonna have a vaccine much sooner rather than later I think it will be I think that will be done I would rather have frankly therapeutic meaning something to make people better if not a cure at least a therapeutic and you know that look we started the other day with Gilead I really think so but we’re gonna have other things and it could be that hydroxy is going to be we don’t lose anything with hydroxy it’s been out there bred it’s been out there for so many years then they start doing the false reports that’s making me it’s it’s been used for numerous things for many years people aren’t dying from it and but there and yeah they don’t want to see a good result and that’s there are some questions that deal with looking back Lesley is one of them Lesley Caulfield from New Jersey has our next question for the day’s President Trump it’s been widely reported that the threat of the corona virus was included in your daily intelligence briefings for weeks prior to the first confirmed case in the u.s. can you please explain to us why you did not act sooner to prepare this country for this pandemic okay I love the question actually because what I did is I wearily I closed our country to China Nancy Pelosi was a month later saying it’s gonna pass everybody even Tony ouchy was saying it’s gonna pass not going to be a big deal Schumer was talking about all sorts of that this is long after I close the country they called me a racist they said xenophobic Biden said he was xenophobic Biden has now written a letter of apology because I did the right thing I saved hundreds of thousands of lives okay she’s asking me the question about intelligence I have the head of the intelligence agencies here today and here’s the exact thing and we have it it’s going to be released tomorrow the next day but I released it today on January 23rd I was told that there could be a virus coming in but it was of no real import in other words it wasn’t all we got to do something we got to do something it was a brief conversation and it was only on January 23rd shortly thereafter I closed down the country to China and we had 20 people 21 people in the room I was the only one that wanted to close it down very good people in the room very well-meaning but take a look on I think it was February 26th Nancy Pelosi is let’s dance in the streets of Chinatown to show that it’s not gonna hurt us in other words I’m not blaming her for it but nobody thought this was going to happen but her in January it’s such an important question to me because they think that months earlier we were told about this that we should have done something about it China didn’t even know for a period of time it got out China should have stopped it but she I didn’t they didn’t know and they wouldn’t let us in we wanted to go into China they didn’t want us to go in because they didn’t want to have a see it maybe they were worried about competence maybe they were worried about something else but the question is good and here’s the final answer the intelligence agencies told me at the 23rd shortly thereafter I closed down the country but I didn’t do it because of what they said because they said it very matter-of-factly it was not a big deal and the intelligence agencies which have now now because before they weren’t which are now very competently run with some great people and some great people coming the intelligence agencies will tell you that tomorrow so when when you did stop traveling from China 40,000 people came back to this country you they were American citizens but you said they were tested who tested them and we were tested well the different states they were tested they were quarantined when they were sick and they came back I spoke with Ron DeSantis two days ago he called me he said you know the 40,000 people that came back the ones that went to Florida he said we put them through the grill we had people quarantined we had people tested you could ask the governor I’d you know there’s one example but other governors did the same thing if they were doing their job but I had to let them come back I actually said maybe we could keep him there for a while these are American citizens I had a letter come back Martha so he had 40,000 people now when the Democrat said it he said he closed the border but he let 40,000 they don’t say

there were American citizens I did the right thing but when they came back they were tested some were tested probably and not as good as they could have been I can tell you Florida tested the people very very well and look how low the numbers are in Florida they’ve done a great job President carved on the wall behind me is Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address and the quote with malice toward none with charity for all let us bind up the nation’s wounds words you know meant to heal a nation devastated by civil war we obviously live in a divided time as well you know that well your choice even of this hallowed place for this virtual Town Hall is creating controversy criticism what do you say to people who say this is not the right venue for this do you know I didn’t know that it was creating criticism and I did say this would be nice but I thought it was your choice not ours and I had not heard what can you criticize it’s I don’t think it’s ever been done what we’re doing tonight here and I think it’s great for the American people to see there’s a great work of art aside from the fact that that was a great man there’s a great work of art it’s one of the greatest sculptures one of the greatest statues to me anywhere in the world then you can go to Italy you can go anywhere that’s to me one of the greats and I didn’t know there was controversy why is there controversy some from Capitol Hill sent a letter that it’s not the right place they’re not not the right site but as far as bringing America together do you think you’re doing that I think we’re winning very big and then we had a horrible thing happened we’re winning bigger than we’ve ever won before right and I think that winning ultimately is going to bring this country together I’m shocked that during a crisis it would be so artisan you know when you see all these committees seven or eight committees we haven’t even started and they have all these committees looking for trouble just looking for trouble every enemy I have is put on a Democrat committee and I was surprised you know they did the impeachment hoax it was a total hoax over a phone call that was a perfect call and we had tremendous when you look at the house I think it was 196 to nothing the Republicans said there was great unity and the Senate the same thing with all of that unity we have in one sense we have great unity in another sense I think they’re gonna come along I mean you know I certainly hope so but the main thing I have to do is bring our country back and I want to get it back to where it was or maybe beyond where it was you know we have tremendous stimulus all the money we’ve been talking about so far tonight I think next year’s going to be a phenomenal economic year we can never forget all the people that have died the souls that have been lost in this horrible thing that shouldn’t shouldn’t have happened just shouldn’t have happened it’s such a horrible thing and there’s a lot what going on about finding out the answer to that because this is something that you’d never have happened it stretch you want to talk to you a little bit more about China in just a moment but I mentioned winning and there’s a race to win on the vaccine between countries in the world so pushing this vaccine development in order to get it to go faster leads to human trials people volunteering basically be injected with kovat 19 are you concerned about the optics where the risk of that in that push no because they’re volunteers they know what they’re getting into there in many cases very good people they want to help the process look a vaccine has never gone like it’s gone we’re so far ahead of any vaccine ever in history you know these things would take two four five six years ten years I think we’re gonna have a vaccine I’m telling you by the end of the week I think we’re going to have a very another country could beat us I’m gonna really say something that is not like me and it’s not like the two of you I know you and it’s not like you I don’t care I just want to get a vaccine that works I really don’t care if it’s another country I’ll take my hat off to them we have to come up with a vaccine we’re working with other countries we’re working with Australia we’re working with UK I spoke with the other day your prime minister of UK right it’s Boris he he’s a victim of what happened he thought it was over he thought it was over it was vicious and he made it he’s a great guy and he made it but he had first-hand experience the ultimate first-hand experience mr president next question there is Dina Rubio she’s the co manager of a restaurant down in West Palm Beach Florida and you know well here’s her question we’re facing the shortage of supplies due to the closure of chicken pork and beef plants prices are going up in the restaurant industry it’s finding even more obstacles to stay afloat my question is how could we manage to keep working with very slim profit margins to begin with and I’ve sort of shortage pricing Chris at this point and even when we do open our dining rooms we will be having limited sitting available right so the restaurant business is a tough business to start off with not an easy business we’re doing a number of things number one the supply chain is going to be in great shape I did the

production defense production Act we did things the problem with the supply chain is you have people that have gotten sick with the kovat 19 you’ve had the people and they’ve gotten sick they’re getting better and they’re all getting better and you can’t make them work I don’t want them to work frankly if they’re not feeling great but we did something the other day which you read about which was a great shock to the system in a positive way we have tremendous we have tremendous supply we have tremendous demand we have to get it from supply to the people to the restaurants and we’re doing that really very well two days ago I signed this it’s coming along really good they’ll have now the bigger problem is what’s going to happen with the restaurant so we’re not going to have any chain problem the bigger problem is what are you gonna do with a restaurant which was you know a nice little business but all of a sudden they have half the number of seats if they go eventually we’re gonna have all those seats back you’re gonna have all those seats I want to sit next to people I don’t want to have all this spread out like even the way we’re doing we’re doing this we’re doing this interview tonight look how far away you are look how far away you are you know normally we would be sitting together and would have a nice interview of course in this particular location this isn’t so bad but no we have to get our life back we have to get our country back we have to get the world back we want to have if we have a stadium in Alabama that holds a hundred and ten thousand people against LSU I went there we want to have a hundred and ten thousand we don’t want to have 25,000 people or 40,000 people and that’ll happen maybe it’s going to be a vaccine or maybe it’s going to be that this virus will pass it will go will it come back it might it could some people say yes but it will pass I want to go back to the meat processing plants because there’s some controversy surrounding that Danny lame-o’s who you saw before who had the REM disavow said it helped him survive his father worked in one of those in Nebraska in the meat plants and some people there say that they’re you know they have plastic between them but they’re too close together a lot of immigrants working there who are concerned but they can’t turn down a paycheck to go back there so they’re you know Smith the Smithfield plant and Crete wanted to shut down for two weeks and then the executive order change that so there’s some pushback on that decision by you what do you say to those people well the companies really wanted it and the employees have to want to work now if they don’t want to work that’s one thing but they are working and they need the money and the companies are doing they’re great companies you know these have been these are the biggest companies in the world in terms of delivery and in terms of all of the things they do to get it from literally the ranch of the farm into the hands of the consuming public but I think it’s all working out you know the the numbers are heading in the right direction the numbers look the biggest thing we can do to solve every problem is get rid of the plague I call it the plague if we get rid of the plague all these problems go away very quickly some of those meat processing areas are hotspots right now they’re hotspots and they’re moving them and they did put up plastic but now they’re going to move them in some cases further away and certain plants don’t have any problem at all you know you have plans with no problem at all then you have somewhere it was a hot spot those people are tending to get better very quickly I think you know Danny is an example I hope his father’s gonna be okay too but it’s all working out it’s all working out it’s horrible that we have to go through it but it’s all working on our next question is from Carol McNeil a retired teacher in Bluffton South Carolina a family member who lives in a very exclusive and expensive assisted living center in the Boston area was recently diagnosed with coronavirus what will be done both in the short term and in the long term to protect the vulnerable in nursing homes senior housing and assisted living centers so the nursing home problem that’s your Ground Zero it really is Ground Zero we first heard about it I did in Washington when so many people were in the state of Washington with so many people died in a single nursing home and you realized immediately there’s a vulnerability there what we’re doing is legislation immediately as to how many people can be in some people made some terrible mistakes they were putting other people into empty areas in nursing homes that were sick and that affected the people in the nursing homes because the one thing about this disease that everybody’s learned very easily and very quickly is the way it’s so contagious it is the most contagious thing people have seen so in 1917 we had a horrible in that case it was a flu right you remember the Spanish flu I’ve so much has been written about it now of course it’s the hottest everybody that writes a book about the Spanish from 1917 it killed between a hundred and I guess fifty to a hundred million people it probably ended the first world war because the soldiers were getting sick it was the worst the world has ever seen

that we know of we have something that’s different it’s not as powerful but it’s far more contagious with regard to the nursing homes one of the questions that came to my mind when I watched the comfort leaving Manhattan you know in the Javits Center why were these people next to each other like this in nursing homes when we had all this excess capacity and beds why weren’t they sent there so on that one you have to ask the governor and in the case the governor’s because all I can do is provide the space they’re running their state as you understand and that’s the way it should be they run their state through mayors and through this and that you know bring it down local and bring it down to a point but we provided 2,900 beds in the convention center on top of that we brought in the comfort they did a phenomenal job and the comfort wasn’t meant for the kovat 19 the comfort was meant for people that had car accidents everything else that we found out there were no accidents because nobody was driving we had very few accidents but it wasn’t meant for that what we did is we converted it to that but still they didn’t use it much and I think the number is now getting better we just moved the Comfort we’re going to move it someplace else probably perhaps for some other kind of problem but we had the comfort there and we built in the in the Javits Center we built over 2,000 beds and by the way built in like five days by the Army Corps of Engineers the Army Corps of Engineers have done one of the greatest jobs anyone’s ever seen including the fact that we happen to be building a wall on the southern border that’s now up to 172 miles likley how concerned are you about hospitals that are not dealing with Kovac 19 are primarily not and they’re letting people go now closing we have to get elective surgeries called and we have to let them come back it’s okay with us again that’s up to the governor’s you have some hospitals where they have almost no kovat and they have the hospital essentially you can’t go into elective surgery meaning a surgery well in some cases it’s cancer where they they’re waiting long that’s not a good thing to be waiting long so it’s such a they have to get back they have to let these hospitals because the hospitals are legitimately you know with you think they’re making a lot of money they’re losing a fortune they have to let those hospitals reopen and get back to elective surgery and there are many hospitals right now that could be doing that the gut that’s up to the governor’s that’s not up to me

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