one of the loneliest corners of the earth where wilderness consumes all most people who travel to the northern Prefecture Japan experience this but for those seeking out the true soul of ancient civilization allow me to recommend this [Applause] come along as we experience the lesser-known landscapes in Japan during a week-long adventure on the road we are in search of the origins of what makes Shinto and the worship of nature such a powerful force within the Land of the Rising Sun this this this this this is wild Hokkaido we started off our trip at Haneda Airport destination the capital city of Sapporo a one and a half hour flight from Tokyo from there we picked up the RV or camping car as they called Japan our attend area was wide open there was no talent what we will find when rubber meets the road as we venture out into the unknown immensity of Hokkaido so that’ll do it for day one of this hokkaido trip picked up the car at the airport in sapporo we drove about seven hours today six seven hours today so we drove to central hokkaido to the national park so tomorrow we’ll go up to Asahi dot gate looks like a really great area but today this one to make it to central Hokkaido and a little swing back and head back west in the in the next couple days so we got the camping car it’s really nice set again a hotel if you like nature like the wilderness and you want to explore other parts of Kaido besides just Sapporo like everyone most people do which is which is fine I like Sapporo through I love it if you’re into the nature and you want to see that’s our parks and wildlife and the forests and learn about I knew this is the way I recommend to do travel hopefully enjoy the next couple days what we have in store I don’t know what’s this store my just wing it you see something beautiful on the side of the road you just stop shoot it look at it talk about it you soak it in no nowhere in particular that’s the end of night one day one I’ll catch you guys in the morning when I’m refreshed because right now I’m just I’m down so sayonara catch you tomorrow morning guys girls ladies man whoever it’s a morning or day to let me show you where I’m at so essentially I’m on a roadside station which they call me Chino a key sec just a regular rest stop but they have free Wi-Fi and drained some bathrooms 24 hours some of them have showers though there’s the captain car right here they got like drink machines and usually around eight nine o’clock they got food in this area so yeah these these rip these wrists stops are just a

nice place to come if you can’t make it to a campground or something but better than getting a hotel because it’s totally free that’s how we do this is there she no icky freshen up and brush teeth and get on the road and go to Asahi backe and see what’s at the top of the tallest mountain in Hokkaido akima show this is crazy I’ve traveled around the world this is one of the craziest sights I’ve ever seen nice be nice to actually hike this mouse button no time for love dr. Junger blue see everything you home about the RV I think we can find our own sandbox the high altitude it might take a shower I’ll move on we’re on to firaon o arian me alright here’s something you probably never did unless you’ve been to japan your retreat massage chair vanity but this is why we’re here first you take a shower and then but yeah that’s your hot spring and it’s good for you and after hiking especially after hiking good for your back we got you high you got high and then you take a long sand you come out feeling like a brand-new man so let me get naked you don’t want to see that at the end of the day but this is Dan today it’s actually around noon what she here’s good this is a private homes in regular own sense I can’t go in because uh you know Japan is still living in the 1800 for something but whatever I can’t complain about Japan that’s one of the only few things that I don’t like but their rules their country their rules but I mean here now so that was the own tan nice place let’s get back on the road and see what we can find in the firaon Oh area but I know let’s go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

let’s face it at the end of the second day just back on the road we spent most of the day by the asahi boggy area and went up the mountain took the road way to the top and walked around which was beautiful he ever come to hide oh you have to do that that’s one of the most you have to do that you can’t you can’t skip that at all I know people that came to Hokkaido and didn’t do that I feel sorry for them because that’s a I must do even though you have to come to central volcano it’s just you know most people stay around the Sapporo area it’s totally worth it I think so after that we went to the own sand that was good that was refreshing and then we drove down to the firaon toe area and along the way we’ve stopped you know you you see so many things on the side of the road like all that looks nice to stop and and take some pictures and fly the drone and it’s it’s hard you can’t you can’t see everything especially when your allowable you really need a month you need the ears you know to be honest though I’d even go across the whole thing we just went to central and there’s no way it’s impossible so we go heading back to the west side we just left Verano City we’re gonna head down and then tomorrow morning we’re gonna go to the hiding Museum that’s really the main reason I came here to find out about the I know and the indigenous culture of the I know people hunter-gatherer stuff so go to a museum hopefully there’s some actual I know people still around and they can teach us a few things of wood carvings and I don’t know I don’t know what’s gonna be there what to expect but we’re on our way to Mitch in alecky down south about an hour past Verano so we’ll see what the night brings brother Mitch in the Ikey edit some videos probably gets on the E and yeah catch you guys in the morning sayonara morning of day three made it to another Mitchie Nowacki this one is that the jukai hadaka for about 40 minutes from the High Noon Museum where we’re going as you can see it’s a rainy day today but that’s okay because we plan on doing some museums and some indoor stuff I mean I’d much prefer a sunny day but you can’t win them all so I’m gonna get ready and we’ll see what day three brings us from beautiful wet Hokkaido day three baby let’s go [Applause] as I said it’s a really rainy day but we’re heading south and south-central Connaught to find out about the indigenous people in Japan the high noon of the way they lived we like to play bushcraft we’d like to other words and build things but to them it was the way of life that’s how they lived obviously there was no bushcraft it was this light and hunter-gather inside the Ainu museum now man there’s so much to see here mr. means catch fish with this bow I’m not gonna show you everything because you probably wouldn’t find it interesting but I’ll find the highlights and I’ll show you what that’s like hopefully you find it interesting I knew garb they said they’d hunt the bear with this thing check it out it’s like a

crossbow and between them the wood fork I mean obviously you can see it it’s so crazy how’s the bear with that thing little crossbow I never thought about that people probably know but I didn’t know but so smart this one’s like the same thing but it looks like you can rotate it they built the peg into the wood so the control [Applause] [Applause] so we left the Ainu Museum then we’re gonna head all the way south to the ocean – Toma come wide something close enough probably get some seafood then hate head to Lake coach to the area we’re just heading into the western side of Hokkaido now so we’re gonna go to a Mushroom Kingdom see if they got some magic mushrooms probably they don’t but just get some mushroom for camping then go to another all ten as you can see it’s a ugly day I mean what can you do so we’ll look at the lake we’ll see some things but mainly we’ll just get some food then go to the Mushroom Kingdom and go to the old sin so commercial another own sand by lakes cooks I’m naked just got out of the own sentence about three o’clock that was amazing now we’re at the lake we’re gonna head down to Mushroom Kingdom but first let’s fly the drone here we go boom [Applause] lay your trash might hit the bear Mushroom Kingdom my soul [Applause] this place has everything mushroom a strange mushroom sausage it looks good though mushroom soup it tastes like miso soup good though mushroom hotdogs what are you that place is cool all right getting dark the end of day three let’s go to coil lake toya lake me Chino a key see with the rest of the night brings

then tomorrow day four we’ll head out to the toy LA and then probably up the coast and we’ll see some beautiful coastlines maybe we’ll go to our taru we’ll see alright catch you in a bit for so ND today we made it to the coast oh yeah put your lake this view is really nice I want to fly the drone of course but it’s so windy and so cold right now [Applause] that’s like prime drone flying should I take a chance take a chance now let’s just go back to the car and move on let’s head to the north west near the town of otaku it’s supposed to be good for seafood and it’s the ocean coast some beautiful views of the coast but we’re hoping the weather is gonna change this afternoon should be okay but the wind is a problem it’s so cold I mean don’t get me wrong I like the cold I’m happy it’s not summertime but the wind the wind is my problem right now paru here we come let’s check out the fish market over here I heard they got giant crabs so right secretly hold on the word sound Michael a rock star but robe now that was some fine sushi fine Japan dining we just let no powder and we’re heading more north to the Nica whiskey Factory oh she saw the color so much lighter 15

years is much darker brand-new clearance it’s like vodka I think I want this one I got these chocolates in the inside they only have one bland special that that they sell here but it was like 150 bucks Oh mmm man we ought to do it right now this is pretty much the end of day for tomorrow we turn the camping car back in Sapporo City and I’m gonna end this video and it’s probably a really long one one more than I usually like to do they just like to do 10 or 15 minutes but uh there’s no way I could fit all this you stuck around and watched it I greatly appreciate that that’s our tour of wildoe Kaido you need more time than just four or five days you need a couple weeks so we’ll come back in the spring and we’ll do the East Coast we’ll do a sheer a topo area that’s really wild Hokkaido and then we’ll do Lake akan and everything else in that area so yeah thanks for joining us on this central Hokkaido and the western part of Hokkaido I showed you what I could it’s it’s impossible there’s so much to see but you’ve got to travel far distances so you have to drive you can’t it’s you really need take it from me if you’re gonna do this trip you need it two weeks at least four or five days it’s just not enough so hopefully enjoyed that Oh tato starting off at die set Susanne going through going the firaon toe area going to Asahi Dhaka which was probably the best part of this whole trip besides the sushi today it was a good time unfortunately at rain the last two days it was really foggy today and rainy and cloudy we couldn’t see a lot but and yesterday was really windy and rainy so I couldn’t that much I couldn’t get much good footage but we did go to the hi new Museum so that’s a plus so thanks for joining in on this video and I’ll catch you guys on the next one a much shorter one we’ll do some hiking back in in Kanagawa so I appreciate everyone for watching and my name is rocky and this is rocky Smith outdoors Japan baby okay – okay tobei be hokkaido Synar

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