Today’s visit to Malta is brought to you by CruiseLine.com where you can find reviews tips and photos from real everyday cruisers after sailing all night through the Sicilian channel we have arrived in Malta this morning we passed through the beautiful beautiful Maltese archipelago which is three islands Gozo camino and malta we are here now in Valletta Malta where we’re going to be spending the day this folks is an absolutely incredible morning sail in and again we have really really lucked out with the weather it is gorgeous it’s warm there’s no breeze I think that if we can get through this day without rain we’re just gonna be so thankful this will be day number two of absolute perfect weather alright so so much in store for today today we are going to be doing a really cool tour if you watched yesterday’s vlog you may remember us saying that we are touring today with rolling geeks rolling geeks is kind of like a GPS lead golf cart tour so we’re going to be taking a ferry to the rolling geeks head office I guess you could say and getting onboard our golf cart and we’re gonna be touring the three cities area this is a totally new experience for us we don’t know what to expect but as always when we were looking for excursions and for something to do here in Malta one of our subscribers you know who you are told us about this awesome tour and we jumped right on it we thought that is so perfect for our family so as always we love our community and we thank you all so much for helping us to plan this trip because really all of the inspiration for our daily activities has come from you guys so we’re gonna relax for the next little bit I don’t even think we’re gonna get off the ship until about eleven o’clock so it’s some bail can you time for us we’re going to enjoy this spectacular view and then head up to the Yacht Club for some breakfast and then a regroup pack our little shore day bag and head ashore we are enjoying breakfast with a beautiful view of Malta here in the Yacht Club restaurant which is on Dec 18 there is no Deck 17 on these ships just kind of a superstition I guess so I ordered eggs benedict and jr. ordered some beautiful french toast in the sight of whipped cream and fresh fruit so we’re dipping his blackberries in the whipped cream and eating that is absolutely lovely mr. cruise tips TV got his favorite meal a and we are going to go back to the room as I mentioned earlier we’re going ashore today so we have to pack our short a bag this morning we couldn’t decide where we wanted to eat we popped up to the pool deck to see if we wanted to eat at the buffet out there but it was a little bit chilly so we opted to settle in here and we’re glad we did it’s really peaceful and relaxing and of course hello this view is absolutely gorgeous all right we caught the ferry from Valletta to the three cities

you just walk until you see the signs that say ferry and then you pay when you get on we got two round-trip tickets for about six euro actually I’m sorry that was three round-trip tickets for six euro that’s two adults and one child and we’re off Wow what city is little Dubai but oh ok a little divine yeah it’s a historic place it’s more than okay after you go back to the same world until a pool there is a big pool you can see on the right of the world and it’s from a 13 Studios so the pool is empty because there is no film enough but oh you’re kidding you can’t tell the difference yes the peninsula was appropriated and turned into a fortified Citadel we are rollin rollin rollin Mr. CTTV a little heavy on the pedal there joking whoa all right well that was fast here we are in our rollin geeks golf cart so our guide is taking us for about a kilometer and then we’re on our own mr. CTTV it is driving and these things are zippy they’re really really fast we do have to remember to drive on the left side of the road right junior they’re like don’t forget you need to drive on the left side of the road so this adventure is officially underway chillin okay we’re gonna call that big brother for the day so that is our GPS navigation big brother so the manager at the rolling geeks office told us we needed to relax make lots of stops we have a full two and a half hours we don’t need to rush you don’t have anything to worry about so that’s exactly what we’ve done as you can see we have the ocean behind us we just passed some kind of a significant building but we’re we’re having a hard time absorbing all of it because it’s happening so fast I can’t remember the name of the building anyway this is a ton of fun the golf cart ran though is a little bit accelerator happy so when we first we first got in the thing just shot out of the little lot and we are just having a little bit of trouble figuring out how to stabilize the speed but it’s all good it’s all fun the brakes work just fine so not too worried about it if you’re coming to malta this is a really really fun thing to do very different very much off the beaten path so a little note about the weather today on the ferry over this morning I would actually have described the weather is hot it was bright and sunny the Sun was

beating down on us it was probably close to 80 degrees now there’s a bit of cloud cover and this breeze came in as soon as we as soon as our ferry parked it turned cold very very quickly so we’re super glad that we brought our jackets because we definitely need them especially when the cart gets rolling so let’s go to our next stop this is my speed baby this is my speed make a u-turn if possible immediately I haven’t driven on the left side of the road for over 20 years I feel like I picked it up like I’m riding the bike it’s not too bad the roundabouts can be a little bit hairy oh oh pardon me turn left right now and there’s cars like zooming around us I think it’s like speed controlled or something has to be the SMS and vintage other changes prisoners were members of the Turkish government responsible for the so we’re actually in the opposite side of the harbor from where we started from if we have enough time that we get to stop and get a drink we made about probably five totally wrong turns the cool thing about this excursion or this activity is that the rolling geeks office watches you Big Brother style the whole time and when you make a wrong turn they let you know so they call you and they turn you around and it’s pretty cool service I think it probably happens quite a lot because there’s a lot of very sharp turns and confusing terms and sometimes the the GPS seems to lose and lose its satellite connection so it’s just par for the course so if you do this tour and you get called by the Home Office don’t feel bad it’s totally normal but I would like to go on record officially saying that I, .. I reverse parallel parked a golf cart with one try oh that was a raindrop that just hit me in the head so ladies and gentlemen behold my parking job now we’re gonna go get a cocktail oh it’s raining you feel that let’s go get a drink this waterfront area is lined with cute little restaurants where you can stop and either get a drink or a drink and some snacks so we’ve actually decided to kind of settle in for a little lunch the name of the place that we’re eating at is called Debreeze the eating place it looks like if these casual little shacks but when you sit down they have full menus full wine list great selection of beer my son even got a hot chocolate you know it’s really good so we have ordered some fish and chips and a Maltese platter of no idea what a Maltese

platter is but it sounded like something that we needed to try and junior got chicken strips and chips chicken sticks and chips so we are going to fuel up we’re really really super hungry it’s way past lunchtime and then we’re gonna drive our little golf cart back to the rolling geeks headquarters and then head back to the ship well it’s 10 after 4:00 and when we stopped for lunch this way right here when we stopped for lunch we thought that our tour was basically over with rolling geek so we’re like taking our time and thought oh we’re just back you know golf cart and just roll back over to the office well we got back in our cart and they’re like oh no you have 35 minutes left on the tour well they all needed to use the restroom and we’re concerned about the all-important time because what happened is when we booked this tour MSC had said that the ship was going to be leaving port at 6 well somewhere along the line they changed it to 5 p.m. so all aboard time is it 4:30 which is in 20 minutes now we’re fine we just took the ferry back we have 20 minutes to do like a 10 minute walk so we’re gonna be ok but I want to say that is the closest would you say that’s the closest we’ve ever pushed it he’s nodding yeah that’s the closest we have ever pushed our all aboard time we were a little nervous there for a minute going ok well there’s no other option that you have to take a ferry from 3 cities back to Valletta so lesson to you guys be careful we’re okay but you got to be careful so anyway we’re headed back to the beautiful Meraviglia and believe do you have reservations tonight you guys for Cirque du Soleil for dinner and a show at 6:15 so we’re gonna go get ready and we’ll see you if there we’re at dinner in the Yacht Club restaurant we actually decided to postpone our Cirque de Soleil show because it was a long day today we just didn’t feel we had quite enough time to get ready for dinner and a show by 6:15 the sail away that we had in Malta was just so spectacular so it was very very kind of the yacht club director to reschedule that for us he was so sweet he overheard my son and I talking about it in the bar and he offered to get on the phone and reschedule for us definitely an example of the service that you get in the yacht club here on MSC Meraviglia it’s really above and beyond what you’re accustomed to on a cruise it’s just very special it’s hard to explain until you’re experiencing it for a little while getting to know the staff but it’s pretty incredible all right priorities priorities guys today’s drink of the day is the Aperol spritz this is another item from the Yacht Club drink menu I have seen this drink on Instagram several times and I thought I would never get that it’s a Aperol didn’t think I liked Aperol and what is the other what else is a the other, oh Aperol, Prosecco and club soda well I didn’t really think that I liked Prosecco or Aperol but this drink was served to us on embarkation day it was our welcome drink and I fell in love with it so cheers to you drink of the day today is the Aperol spritz and it is lovely after a long day of port port activity super refreshing kind of citrusy and fruity but the club soda gives it kind of just not sweet goes down easy and I’ll have another kind of effect on you so anyhow I’m not sure if we’re gonna make it past dinner tonight we are definitely on that West Coast schedule so it’s been difficult for us to rally after dinner but we’ll see what the night holds we’re going to be having a couple of courses here and then venturing off to see what’s going on in the ship tonight I heard that there is a white party but we didn’t exactly make it to the white party tonight again we’re on West Coast time you guys and it’s nine o’clock and we’re just about tuckered out here but this ship is alive people are walking around they’re dressed and why they’re ready to go there is no sign of winding down around here we’ve had an awesome night after dinner we just roamed around and took in all the energy of the gallery of

Meraviglia with one of the dome shows the little dance party off to the side there’s so many cute little kids tonight hanging out with their families and just enjoying being on vacation now we are probably gonna go hit the hay so we will see you all in Barcelona for a wonderful day we’re so excited to be back in Barcelona after gosh has it been so really been 20 years you guys it’s been 20 years since we’ve been to Spain if you don’t know our family story very well mr. CTTV and I actually lived in Madrid for six months back in the mid 90s before we settled down and got married and it was just such a fun time so it’s very sentimental experience for us to be going back to Barcelona so we’re gonna go get some rest to get geared up for an export day and until tomorrow folks we’ll see you on the high seas thanks so much for following along

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