(pumping techno music) – Sooner or later, every RVer has to hit the dump station No, I did not today wear gloves, but I did wash my hands real well There’s a bit of trash here Some people left a mess before me, don’t do that (leisurely keyboard music) ♪ [Singer] I’m riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding, in my RV, my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ You guys, I’m free in my RV ♪ – Hello everybody, I’m gonna make me a little breakfast here Check the expiration because Oh, January, so we’re fine Just gonna cut it into little pieces so it fits in our little skillet here But before we continue, before we continue, if you ever do this in an RV, I mean, it’s not the safest thing but disable your fire alarm because it will go off Just remember to re-enable it after you eat Yeah, this is done It’s diced onions and peppers, it’s like a sofrito mix and it works well, I like to use it a lot in my cooking I’ll put some of those there So right now, in the morning here in the RV, I don’t feel like dicing onions and dicing peppers, and a little garlic would have been good, though Put a little bit of salt on both the egg and the sofrito Gonna put some paprika, because I put paprika on everything, whoops, maybe too much And we’re gonna put some pepper here and some pepper on the egg And we’re gonna keep it simple, I don’t think I’m gonna put too much more, maybe I’ll add a slice of ham and a slice of cheese, because I’m gonna put this in a wrap And here we go That’s gonna be more like a scrambled egg, more than an omelet, in this case Which is totally fine Two slices We gotta melt there There I’m gonna put my Mission tortilla right here, and then I’m gonna stick my, I mean, that’s a little too much for this, but we’ll make it work somehow There you go, breakfast of champions I finally got to test out my WiFiRanger and it works It’s pulling a signal from where there’s barely no signal, so that’s great By the way, aside from, aside from some of the trash people left at the dump station, this has to be by far, top 10, one of my favorite camp grounds (pumping techno music) Here we are, going down that 25% grade, and I’m still having a bit of trouble finding the sweet spot with the engine braking But I will, at some point Here we are, back by Dahlonega, although this time, we’re not gonna do any sightseeing I’m coming to Walmart to resupply I needed some bubble envelopes to mail my CDs, among other things That’s a good-looking rig, isn’t it? (laid-back guitar music) And here’s Lake Zwerner, as we continue north towards Vogel State Park

It’s the Chattanoochee National Forest – [Sat-Nav] You’ve arrived – Wow, this is nice And here’s my pull-through site Well, here I am at Vogel State Park, this came highly recommended at some point, I don’t know by whom, don’t remember, but it’s very nice, it’s here on the top of this mountain The campground is a little crowded, not a whole lot of privacy, but that is fine I’m going to explore the area a little bit Unfortunately, I’m only for one night here (bright guitar music) Seeing as it is still early, first, let’s go to Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s tallest mountain Hmm, there’s an RV park It is such a beautiful drive There it is, that’s where we’re going Since today, it is Thanksgiving, there is no one at the gate, so it is basically free It does cost normally $5, and they do have a shuttle that goes to the top, but today, we are basically on our own, so we’re gonna have to hike all the way up there There’s the summit trail, it is just a little over half a mile, but it is up and up and up, about 400 feet elevation gain I’m telling you, if I start doing this more often, I’ll be in great shape in no time But this guy said, joking of course, that we only got five miles left Not used to the altitude and the uphill, and the fact that I did Amicalola Falls yesterday, I’m a little sore I’m still a little sore from Amicalola Gonna take a break right here There’s some people up there, so we’re not so close to the top after all All right, one more break is needed Almost there, I think This climb actually kind of reminds me of Clingmans Dome, okay, this is the highway So, guess you can come that way or you can continue up these stairs I’m gonna do the stairs Yeah, we made it Brasstown Bald There’s an elevator, they should have told me that Right, just kidding, let’s go up Since we are sort of trespassing here, the observation tower and the bathrooms, they’re all closed Unfortunately, everything is closed today, ’cause of the holiday, it’s 50, 55 degrees almost We are here on our own, unsupervised Let’s go to the upper platform We’ve made it to the top Breathtaking views from up here That’s where we’re parked, down there And here we are, looking towards the south Wonder if there’s any way to get up there? Just looking south – [Tourist On Phone] How are things in Jacksonville, warm and sunny? It’s a little breezy here, but believe it or not, the sun’s keeping it warm, so, think it’s in the 50s – Well, thank you very much for that weather report, lady on the phone Anyway, here we are looking towards the north We made it to the top, highest point in the state of Georgia In fact, most of what we see back there

is North Carolina Okay, so looking to the west (relaxing organ music) It almost looks like the Smoky Mountains from this angle, and actually, it is kind of the southern tip of the mountain range, right? (relaxing organ music) There’s Lake Chatuge in the distance, which actually straddles both Georgia and North Carolina It is so beautiful with the Smokies in the distance (relaxing organ and piano music) Well, what comes up must go down So must we They say it’s supposed to be easier on the way down Let’s see if it’s true Well, that was totally worth it, the steep climb If I do this at least once a week, I’ll get in tremendous shape Well, look at that view (relaxing synth music) It’s almost easier if you jog down a little bit I think we’re almost there All the way down Okay, let’s go, let’s hop in the Chameleon See? It looks kinda green now And as we move to the back, it starts to look darker and darker, yeah, it’s having a gray and green day Sometimes it looks blue (bright bass, drum and synth music) Well, we are back at Vogel State Park, and we might have time for another hike Okay, I am officially impressed This place is gorgeous I can not just stay one night here, right? By the way, this park is huge, but we’re just gonna go into the Trahlyta Lake Trail here, which goes around the lake and there’s a waterfall too Isn’t this gorgeous? I had no idea I was going to start heading out west, a little further west, tomorrow, but I’ve decided to stay in this area a little longer This is beautiful out here (relaxing synth music) There is supposed to be a waterfall

on the other side of the lake I think I’m starting to hear water, so we must be getting close I must hurry, the sun is about to set behind that mountain (running water roaring) And there it is, the sun is finally setting (gentle synth music) We’ll see the waterfall, even if we’re running out of light here real quick Yes, this is a short side trail here that leads to the waterfall’s viewpoint And here we are (running water roaring) Well, yeah, not the most impressive waterfall I’ve ever seen, but still, not bad, pretty cool Kind of anti-climatic after seeing Amicalola Falls yesterday, but still pretty cool And now I must go back to the campground before it gets any darker It’s on the other side of the lake, over there What a difference, huh? Between magic hour a couple of minutes ago and now It is now time for a Traveling Robert RV Cooking Show Coming to you today from Vogel State Park here in northern Georgia, beautiful place Just make sure nothing falls off here Perfect, so we’re gonna start by chopping some onions and garlic, and (jazzy walking bassline with piano) Why do I spend money on lighting equipment, huh? And now we have light (jazzy walking bassline with piano) They said there were bears in the vicinity Well, the bears smell this, they’re gonna come straight into the camp ground By the way, I’m making ground beef, my own recipe of Cuban style peccadillo, which, the recipe actually changes slightly every time I make it so let’s call it Robert-style peccadillo This is a beautiful celery They’re sweet peppers, they’re not hot I’ll put a little more salt, because we have a lot already Gonna put some pepper Gonna put some paprika, and I prefer the smoked paprika, but this is what they had, so Now I’m gonna add some cumin You see, I don’t measure, I just I just add it We were joking about it a couple of days ago, with family here in Georgia And you know, we have our own measurements We don’t measure in ounces or teaspoons, we say a chin or a chorrito, or a tin, or a, you know Okay, this is the secret ingredient, and this is cooking, this is dry cooking wine It’s what gives it a special flavor

Oh, but I do tend to put a lot of it, and I’m gonna show you now, especially for this type of dish, I try to cover everything with it Try to cover everything with that cooking wine And now we’re gonna add the meat and this ground beef is still, this is incerdible It’s still kinda frozen, and I took it out of the freezer hours, days ago, but I’m just gonna put it in there and cover it, and see if it defrosts You see, the core in the middle is still frozen, but not being able to start, you know, shaving off, and of course, we do need some, we have some, yes, here We’re gonna need some tomato sauce, I like this GreenWise Marinara, it’s all right I’m not gonna do the whole jar, just a little bit, just to give it that, mm Some manzanilla olives I can never find anything up here Maybe I left the raisins in Miami I’m gonna add a little bit of sriracha, just for kicks Although, in the classic sense, Cuban food would never have this Yeah, we still have some of that meat, right in the middle of that, that has not thawed Oh well, we’ll wait When I was at Walmart, I bought a bottle of wine because, you know, gotta celebrate each day Each day is a gift and we’re here in this idyllic place, and I’m able to take you with me Not the most environmentally friendly thing to do, but plastic cups are the way to go when you’re in an RV Although I wanna get me some nice reusable, non-breakable wine glasses, but anyways, cheers, salut Let me show you this There, we got all those flavors mixing together, I wish you were here to smell it This is actually harder than it looks, holding this camera and cooking at the same time Now let’s see if those potatoes are done If those potatoes are done, this meal is ready to eat And most people will eat it with white rice, I’m just gonna eat it by itself, as is Mm It’s really good, I turned off that light, it looks more natural this way The potatoes still need a couple of minutes but the sauce is like, mmm Let’s eat Mm, it’s too hot (bright piano music) Well, it is morning here at Vogel State Park, so good morning Check it out, these people have a hammock Very nice Very quiet, slept well last night And over here, it’s the tent section See some people have started fires, because it’s a chilly morning, it’s in the 30s Down here, we have a little creek I’m gonna go to Blairsville, I have to mail something else, buy some propane, and continue exploring the area (bright, upbeat guitar music) All right, let’s head towards Blairsville (bright, upbeat piano and guitar music)

Here we are, downtown Blairsville, just passing through right now We’ll be back later Came to Home Depot to see if I could get some propane, but it is Black Friday, and everybody everywhere is going nuts, it almost feels like Miami Here, people are still nice, though, but customers are hyper and abundant, and employees are half asleep, so I’ll get my propane later Let’s check out Blairsville This building here at the center of the traffic circle is the Union County Historical Courthouse, which dates back to 1899 and nowadays, it is a museum Let’s walk around downtown here a little bit It is very cold here this morning You know what, I could really use a hot coffee right now (customers chatting in background) I’m gonna have the rest of my coffee outside here Going around the downtown area, the historic courthouse back there, I tried to get propane today, but everywhere was kinda crazy, it is Black Friday after all, and it was like the employees were on slo-mo, and the customers were on fast motion So I can hold out without propane for one more day, so I’m gonna wait ’til tomorrow and get propane Very cute, quaint, small little downtown here, a lot of people, not a lot of people but some people had recommend that I come to Blairsville and check it out And the weather is changing, it’s pretty breezy this morning, and it’s barely reaching 40 degrees fahrenheit, so it feels pretty cold, so this coffee is very nice right now But that coffee shop was packed, so many people, guess it is the thing and the blueberry muffins were one of the top items, but I’m gonna have my lunch very soon in the RV Why am I going back to the RV, you might ask? Well, I decided to stay one extra day, but in order to do that, I must move sites, so let’s get that over with and continue exploring after (upbeat synth music) Quick dump, because why not, right? The sudden deterioration of the weather kind of makes me question my decision to stay an extra day, but hey, at least it’s not raining, right? Just cloudy and cold and gray (upbeat synth music) Quick visit to the office here to do my check out, and check in, and now on to my new site (upbeat synth music) That’s not my site, but here’s my new site, but I’ll show it to you later Well, off we go (upbeat synth music) Beautiful drive here as we go north, or north east, rather (upbeat synth music) I’m going to take a break here by the college town

of Young Harris, and I don’t see any flight restrictions on my app, so let’s do a quick drone flight here (laid-back synth music) Our next stop, Hiawassee, on the shores of Lake Chatuge (laid-back synth music) Here we are, Hiawassee Let’s see what it looks like from the air (laid-back synth and piano music) Let’s continue, might as well go all the way into North Carolina, seeing as we are so close (laid-back synth music) Look, made it to North Carolina (laid-back synth music) How about another quick flight here so I can show you Lake Chatuge I actually think that tall mountain towards the middle, that’s Brasstown Bald, where we were yesterday (laid-back synth music) Okay, there is one more thing I want to do today High Shoals Falls, so let’s do it! All right, 33 minutes to High Shoals Falls, let’s do it This is beautiful (laid-back guitar music) And back in Georgia we are Is that Brasstown Bald back there? Yep, that is definitely Brasstown Bald Very cool to see it from all the way from down here (laid-back guitar music) ♪ Riding, riding, ♪ ♪ My RV. ♪ – This road to the waterfalls is not very well marked, almost as if they want to deter you from doing this So when Google sends me through this dirt road, I was like, what have I gotten myself into? You even have to cross this little creek here

All right, let’s see where this leads (bright, upbeat synth music) Apparently, this is it We’ll look for the green blazes Coming for here Some folks just came back and said that the trail was okay, so I’m gonna go for it and assume that sign is outdated (slow synth music) Well, at least I am not completely by myself (rushing water roaring) This is the bridge that is broken Yep, this is what the sign was warning about (rushing water roaring) I’ve gotta attempt to cross it and I’ll confess, I’ve never done this before I’ll just cross the river through there, don’t tell my mom It’s really a shame I couldn’t show you my river crossing on camera This waterfall better be good Yep, both my hands were full while crossing the river, holding two big sticks and I forgot to bring my hat or my chest mount for the camera, but trust me, it was quite an adventure (roar of rushing water) Okay, here we go This is the first waterfall, but another hiker told me that there is a larger one further down, so let’s continue (roar of rushing water) I think there was another waterfall further down, so let’s go that one (tense synth music) (roar of rushing water) I’m going back It’s gonna be a rough hike, going back It’s almost up, up, up the whole way And even though the trail looks kind of desolate, there’s bunch of people going back and forth, so I don’t feel that isolated, if you will (rushing water roaring) Yeah, crossed the river again! I wish I could have shown you guys But my hands were busy Busy, busy Okay, let’s find the trail again Almost there

Well, I’m sweating in 40 degree weather, so that tells you something It’s getting kinda dark I hope I’m close to the trail head, there’s one of the vehicles parked, the trail head, you see it? We made it Well, that was the trail 1.2 miles, one way Is that true? Let’s see Well, yeah, 1.2 miles, it took me half an hour to get back (dramatic synth music) Well, it is Friday night, which means I have to do my customary livestream on YouTube Which means I have to find a spot with good internet, and I think downtown Blairsville is going to be it (dramatic synth music) Can you see me? I’ll be the first to admit that was a little more hardcore than I expected, but, you know what, you have to hike your own hike in the end, and the only thing, it got dark earlier than I expected – Take south west on Indian Grave Gap road toward Georgia 17, North Georgia 75 North – It’s 5:10, sunset isn’t supposed to be until 5:30, so yeah, definitely gonna have to do that live video today with this little light here Idea is to do it from Blairsville, sounds like the Blair Witch Project I’ll make it there in about half an hour, set up the internet, hopefully get a good signal Enjoy the ride Yeah, maybe I should slow down In any case, I’m glad I have a truck Here we go, non-stop Right, made it (up-beat techno music) I’m going to do my live video here, hopefully there’s enough light I’m at downtown Blairsville Let’s see, this is gonna be interesting (techno music with chilling piano) Good morning from Vogel State Park Let’s head down to the creek These sides down here are nice, because you have

the creek right behind your site (gently bubbling water) And there’s my tinny Did I mention how much I love this vegetation here in northern Georgia? I’m kind of saying goodbye, because today, we’re going to Alabama I drove just outside the park, so I could do a quick drone flight (slow, sparse synth music) There’s that waterfall from yesterday, no, the day before yesterday It actually looks more impressive from out here, from the road, than from inside the park It is time to go Whew, there is a long line at the dump station But eventually, someone figured out that there is a second dump station on the other side We’re on our way to Alabama! And for the first time in my life, I’m gonna spend more than a few hours in Alabama, which is the idea, to earn that sticker in my map, get back there (slow, sparse synth music) It is a beautiful drive, but I’m going to show you all that and more on the next video (upbeat synth music)

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