We’re up in the air. Holy schnickeys How do you steer it? How do you turn? I have no control I don’t know where we are going Wait, say that again. It’s not gonna be a smooth landing, apparently, so just hold on tight We’re literally going into cactus We’re going down! GOING GLOBAL EDELMAN & AMENDOLA IN MEXICO CITY Scene two. Take one -Hey, Dola -What? What’s up, guys? The bad news is JULIAN EDELMAN DANNY AMENDOLA I will not be playing in Mexico because I was injured -We got your back, bro -Appreciate it But the good news, however, I had a lot more time to put into my own documentary Your documentary? I thought it was our documentary Why don’t you guys just sit back, relax, ’cause you’re about to relive an unbelievable adventure little Dola and I had in this wonderful place we call Mexico -Let’s hit play -Yeah, I wish I was playing, bro MEXICO CITY -I’m Danny Amendola. -And I’m Julian Edelman. -And the NFL sent us here… -To Mexico City. To check out the culture, meet the people, live like the people. And have the best four days, possibly, of our lives Suckers! I don’t know why the NFL sent us here Let’s go Let’s go! DAY 1 Does anyone else feel the altitude, though? Like, when they’re sleeping? I don’t feel it Maybe when I started running, every six breath of mine, I’d get a short breath Yo, yo, can you pull over here? Mexico City has some incredible sights and this is one of the most iconic. AZTECA STADIUM SITE OF PATRIOTS V RAIDERS La casa de futbol, Estadio Azteca. It’s a big stadium, bro -It’s massive -That’s a big stadium This is where it’s going down, huh? Next time we come back here, November 19, Patriots, the Raiders, it’s gonna be fun, man It’s gonna be on How do we get in? Hop the fence? Barb wire? Anyone got a blanket? Let’s look at what these kids are doing Let’s go try to play some football We should have been soccer players You know what? I don’t want the soccer scene Bro, the only reason you don’t want the soccer scene is because you got killed -The ground was slick -A win is a win What’s up, fellas? Can we play soccer? They didn’t speak English We didn’t speak Spanish, but It was cool to communicate through competition Everyone speaks winning, so… Let’s go Oh, yeah! Playing against these kids They were fast Let’s go, buddy We had an Eduardo out there and he was feeding me, and I was feeding him. We had a one-on-one connection. Jules somehow… Usually his shirt comes off. You know what? Wide 20, hut! Goal! He got a goal today, but that was pretty much it I shut him down You can’t do that Illegal. Illegal, illegal -Personal foul -Four down -Personal foul -Four down No, no, no, no Wasn’t that bad. You did pretty good You did pretty good But I do have to let you in on something -What? -I cut you out of scenes from the restaurant -You cut me out? -I cut you out a little bit -Why? -Artistic integrity, bro -“Artistic integrity”? -Spielberg -It was avocados and shrimp -Spielberg! -There was no artistic integrity -Spielberg! I’m just joking, bro. You’re in it MEDINA There’s an old saying, boys. The quickest way to a country’s heart is through its stomach. It’s not a real saying, but let’s eat anyways. We’re here. San Juan Market, Mexico’s finest market We’re gonna meet Josefina Santacruz, world-renowned chef. Hola, you finally made it You’ve been to a market before in Mexico? No? -No, this is beautiful -Okay To me, it’s one of the most amazing experiences ’cause you see, like, how the city bubbles here. On the weekend, it’s kind of a gathering place But then, this, I’m sure you’ve never seen Crickets It’s one of those things where you’re in Mexico City eating a cricket -Cheers, bub -One, two, three -Not bad -Tastes good So, you can make a taco or just, like, munching it while you’re watching the game paprika So, okay, ceviche You wanna make ceviche Josefina welcomed us to her restaurant, Paprika Show us the ropes -How do we do this? -Okay Rules, I’m gonna tell you For the contest between me and Julesy, ceviche cook-off challenge.

This is like an episode of Chopped. Bro, don’t sabotage me I think you cook a lot Do you live alone? -Depends what “alone” means -Well My observations of Jules was that he was basically just flirting with the head chef the whole time Was there flirting going on? I don’t know Dola was over there trying to cut a shrimp, has no clue. It’s one of those things where I took it serious Wait, wait, wait. Time out. Time out Eat a little jicama first, clean the palate My God! I don’t want it to stick while you’re chewing -Is he like this always? -Yeah If you ain’t first, you’re last What do you think? What do you think? Honest You can just tell by the “oh-ho’s.” No like But then watch. Take a bite of mine Tell from the “oh-ho’s.” Tell from the “oh-ho’s.” I really like the documentary so far We need to put the prank scene in, and What? You don’t like the prank scene? I don’t know if we had the camera guys there right I just don’t think it was That was four cameras there The prank scene’s going in DAY 2 I think it’s 4:02 We’re about to go wake up Dola with some mariachi Battery low. We found a Mexican dude that looks kind of like Danny Amendola He went down to the lobby, got the key. Not today, buddy Not today, buddy Hey, I’m locked out of my room now Try and get me. Let’s go So, it’s day two, and Danny No Fun-dola has already been hiding behind the chain lock like a coward. Let’s see how he handles stepping into the ring where there is no place to hide. Yo, what’s up? We’re here at Lucha Libre We’ve only been waiting for this our entire life Pretty much we grew up huge wrestling fans in America We heard, out here, that the wrestlers are essentially rock stars. Fantasma is a world-renowned second-generation wrestler He’s the guy right there with quads They call him the Chocolate Champ Why don’t you guys sit back, relax, get some popcorn? ‘Cause I’m gonna pop Dola’s head off Hell, yeah Lucha Libre’s been here for over 80 years. It got here in 1933. This is one of the moves that we do a lot in Mexico. It’s called tijera. -It’s very easy, you know? -So, you’re gonna do it to me? No, I’d like for you to do it Let’s see it one more time One more time -It’s a code word -Code word Jabroni! The first leg up, this one I’m gonna kick someone in the head or something -Let’s do it. Let’s do it -Let’s do it There you go Let’s go! I know you got moves, I know that now, but are you ready to wrestle for real? -Got it. Let’s get it over with -All right Let’s do it Wipe that out. Beep it out, NFL I have the match of the century tonight Julian “La Ardilla” Edelman. Yeah LA ARDILLA “THE SQUIRREL” El Zorro, he always talks about being the people’s champ He ain’t the people’s champ Against Danny “El Zorro” Amendola. EL ZORRO “THE FOX” I’m gonna rip his tail off, and I’m gonna beat him with it You’re gonna square off tonight I want the best match I’m not gonna lie. The juice has got a little bubbled in there Julian is the ultimate competitor I noticed he came out and he was a little bit ahead of the tag. I’m not gonna say he cheated but he definitely jumped the rope LUCHA LIBRE WORLD WIDE

I won, so it was good to get out there and get a victory today You gonna lose one sometimes, and I, personally, didn’t lose The guy got pinned, but I’m just a squirrel out there trying to find a nut. El Zorro You know, I let you win the wrestling -I personally gave you -You’re saying the wrestling was It was rigged, I gave you the better partner -But something’s been on my mind -What? You knew I didn’t want to go in the lion’s den It was a bucket list for me and you knew that I don’t think we should put it in You wanted danger, bro -I don’t like big cat -Let’s go, let’s continue DAY 3 You know what they say, you haven’t really experienced a foreign country until you’ve had a near-death experience there. So where do you get all these cats? We work hand in hand with the Mexican government We’re shutting down illegal and legal breeding facilities Has there ever been an instance where a cat has gotten loose? No. It’s like maximum security BLACK JAGUAR – WHITE TIGER RANCH Jurassic Park was maximum security as well So, welcome, guys We have two ranchers He goes and rescues abused or big cats that are treated in the wrong way This guy is basically the world’s most interesting man -Oh, my gosh -Eduardo is officially nuts to me Hola. Hola, Princesa My goal in life is to have enough success where you name a lion after me Don’t worry, trust me. I already had it in mind for the two of you You guys played the best Superbowl in the history of NFL, I think you’re qualified to be heroes So, this is Cielo And that’s Ma-Tzu -Could we pet him? -I’m not getting in there Of course. Trail me, guys They definitely, probably, sensed all the fear in my heart that was just bleeding out of my face. Why can’t we just go pet a little goat? Safe word is definitely giving me the beep out As soon as he started developing safe words, I could tell his head was always on the swivel -So, that’s the nice one? -No, that’s the crazy one Like, what do you mean by loco? -She’ll destroy you -Okay Hey, Mr. Kraft, Coach Belichick, I just want to let you know this is what your League is putting me through I’m going into, literally, a freaking lion’s den Leopard. Leopard’s den Just stay over here Here they come. Welcome Close the door He’s Ma-Tzu, don’t worry, he’s Ma-Tzu! Just grab him, he’s incredible Ma-Tzu I just wanted to get my hands on him, on the jaguar. And feel what it was like next to a beast like that Come on this side. Come behind me -I was told never to corner an animal -No, no, you come over here, trust me My palms were a little sweaty, not gonna lie Before he moves. So, come over here -Look, he’s now licking me. Come here -That’s me petting a leopard Come over here Got to face your fears, like Batman says. And I was scared of that big cat today, but I went in there and I had to Bruce Wayne it -We made it -That was unbelievable I was kinda comfortable, but I didn’t keep my guard down But you always were thinking about a way out of the cage. Hundred percent. Feeling the love. Feeling the love here in Mexico. LIVERPOOL INSURGENTES -We’re going to a signing right now -Yeah Patriot fans, Oakland fans, football fans Man. No, no, no, no Let’s roll! -I feel like a Beatle -You’re getting this? Which way are we going? -Hey, guys -Hey We’re about to get out there Watch this Let’s go! Look, we gotta go, we gotta go It feels good to be out here in Mexico City, to feel all the love from the fans. It was an unreal experience, and I didn’t think we would go down to Mexico City and they know who you are, it’s awesome. I want your tattoo I want your tattoo, please I love you, man! It was good to know that there’s people out there that love our squad like that. I think we’ve always been focused on the work, been focused on the art, and it’s never been about the pats on the back and the congratulations,

but once you get into this atmosphere, one, it’s a different country, two, the picture just got bigger for me. So, it’s cool Gracias, gracias for coming out We love you You guys have been awesome Tu casa is our casa. Let’s go! Thank you so much, thank you Let’s go! Our fans in Mexico along with our fans back East, we gotta go win for ’em. How amazing was it that those fans came out? How amazing was it, I almost died in a hot air balloon? DAY 4 No better way to cap a memorable trip than to see Mexico from the sky. How much trouble could we possibly get in several hundred feet off the ground? I’m seeing four men blow up this large balloon with fire. I’m just going over my physics and laws of gravity and stuff -Let’s go -Let’s go I’m feeling excited, and you have butterflies, thinking about, like, “I’m gonna get to see a beautiful land, pyramids. “This is gonna be awesome.” We’re up in the air. Holy shnickeys! The name of this city, we call it Teotihuacan Teotihuacan means “The city of the God.” It’s insane We have three different temples Sun Temple, Moon Temple and the Avenue of the Dead LUIS MARTINEZ TEOTIHUACAN GUIDE And the last temple, we call it the Temple of Quetzalcoatl It’s overwhelming to know that this place has been here since the start of Mexico. And it’s great to see where people have come from and gain that perspective. He said that now, we are, like, 50 meters away He can go a kilometer up How high is that? Like, I don’t know how many miles -“How many miles”? -Relax I think we got up to a kilometer high. Then you start thinking on the way down, you’re sitting there and you’re kinda like, “Sir, Captain, how do you…?” How do you steer it? -What? -Turn. How do you turn? I have no control I don’t know where we are going Wait, say that again Where does our van meet us? -We’re gonna hit a little hard -Yeah, okay It’s not gonna be a It’s not gonna be a smooth landing, apparently So just hold on tight We’re literally going into cactus We gotta get over here, bro Tree! Brace yourself We’re going down! Got it. They got it. They got it We’re good! We’re good! Back her up. Take her home -We’re there -Cut nice and tight Reminds me of Interstellar when they had to do it by hand -I’m McConaughey -You’re not McConaughey -I’m McConaughey -You’re not McConaughey I just steered us in without any power Dude, you were scared No, I really wasn’t. I just I’d just been thinking, how are we gonna transition this whole thing? We’re going from dangerous to emotional And we gotta get there How do we do this? -We just play -I don’t know. Play it After we thankfully came back to Earth, it was time to ruin our trip in another way. See what I did there? “Ruin”? “Ruins”? Get it? So, we just picked up some goods. ‘Cause I like going home always bearing couple of gifts for my little loved ones Decided to snag this roho, do a little customization on it That’s what we call the old B-game It’s the Belichick Do your job We’re going to the top of this, right? Yeah, 100% -Let’s hit it -Let’s go Feel like you’re on top of the world It’s nice up here I was sitting up there, and looking at the football, I sat back, and just was like, “Man, this was all because of a game that I love.” And it ultimately got me to get to explore Mexico.

This is a film about Mexico Just a couple bros Just exploring Teotihuacan, so who knows We’re gonna have some fun We’re gonna see a good tiger I’m gonna make him out to be a big ass liar I’m going to Mexico Gonna have some good time May wrestle a couple dudes I’m going to Mexico Mexico City, thank you so much We love you Let’s go! Take a left. Take a left Take a left. Take a left Take a right. That’s a wrap. What’d you think? I’m not gonna lie. I think we got a masterpiece on our hands

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